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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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kids exposed to lead. what does the city land of plan to do to keep its youngest citizens safe from harmful led exposure? >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fo fox 29 s at 6:00. back to feeling like winter, isn't it? struggled to get out of the 20s in some places today. my goodness, in the poconos the wind chill is in the single digits. are they making snow? it look like they're making snow right about now. it is dry out for the evening rush home. around here and right now things are moving pretty well across the ben franklin bridge. >> if you walk out there tonig tonight, you'll going need to bundle up the script says it's chilly but it's cold out there. flat out cold. >> it's not just chilly. >> roller coaster of a forecast the last few days. it was 60 on sunday. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm luc lucy noland. >> let's get trait to
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meteorologist kathy orr. >> we're crashing. >> iain yesterday it was 60. feels like so long ago. much colder area in moving in and it was snow. why not make snow the temperature in the poconos is in the teens. great packed powder last year at this time, it was a dud at the sleeps but not this year it's going to be great. take look at airport where the temperature right now is 29 degrees. the wind chill is 21. winds out of the normal northeast at just 8 miles an hour. elsewhere around the delaware valley temperatures are pretty cold. in the 20's. 14 in the poconos. 26 in reading. 26 in pottstown and 28 degrees in millville. i want to show you this because you referenced how warm it was yesterday. this is how much colder it is right now than it was yesterday at this type. in atlantic city it's 18 degrees colder. in pottstown it's 12 degrees colder. in philadelphia it's 14 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. temperatures will be falling through the 20s so, yes, bum up if you're heading out this evening to the mall or perhaps going out to dinner. we're talking about temperatures around 27 degrees by
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11:00 o'clock tonight. coming up we'll talk about when those temperatures will be on the rise and the next chance of snow and looking ahead toward hanukkah and christmas. not many shopping days left. i'll see you laterred in broadcast. >> kathy, thanks. we are following breaking news out of germany tonight. a truck plowed into christmas village killing nine people. 50 others were injured. the crash happened about 8:00 p.m. berlin time. police believe right now it was a deliberate attack. they have arrested one person and the passenger in the truck was found dead. it's not clear at this time how he died. witnesses say the truck crashed into tables and wooden stands going about 100 yards at 40 miles an hour. many of the victims who have survived have broken bones. federal prosecutors who specialize in terrorism cases are handling the investigation. you decide 2016. the electoral college makes it official today. republican donald trump will fact be the nation's 45th president come january. >> members of the electoral college are meeting throughout the land and state capitols like
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harrisburg. that where our bruce gordon spent the day. bruce, lots of noise but really no surprises. >> reporter: that's right, iain. election tours have been meeting throughout the day republicans or democrats depending on the winner of the popular vote in each state. in pennsylvania of course that was donald trump over hillary clinton. so far no word of any defections that despite angry protests like the one with saw at the pennsylvania state capitol. >> call it the last gasp of the dump trump movement. 200 protesters bracing subfreezing weather at the capitol to blast the president-elect as unfit for office and to call on pennsylvania's 20 republican election tours to choose someone anyone else. >> he's tolll tollly irrational. a narcissist. he's manipulative. he's a liar. >> i don't believe for a second that pennsylvania went from blue to red for this guy. so i don't believe -- >> you don't believe the vote total. >> i don't no i don't. >> reporter: behind the heavily guarded doors the state house chamber the lectors
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convened under heavy pressure from democrats to break ranks. they were chosen by trauma and the gop. >> you never considered changing your view as a trump election in the face of all that? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> reporter: vote full of pomp and ceremony took less than an hour included gop calls for unity after the nasty yesterday presidential cam main in memory. >> now as we cast these votes, our country takes one more step toward a new era. it will be an area filled with possibility and opportunity for all americans. >> honorable robert asher. >> the formal votes purr president and vice-president taken separately with each lector stepping forward to place their paper ballot into a smallwood den box to be carefully counted by team of five. in the end, there were no surprises. >> the vote for president of the united states was 20 votes for donald j. trauma and the vote for vice-president fort united
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states 20 votes for mychal r. pence. >> when the applause died down a handful of protesters shouted their displeasure from the gallery. >> shame on you! >> shame on you! >> shame on you! d. >> reporter: afterward lectors say said they listened to protesters but sided with vote voters. >> more people in the commonwealth voted for donald trump than they did for secretary clinton. so i think the decision was very easy quiet honestly. >> reporter: for the record new jersey 14 electoral votes will go to hillary clinton as will delaware's three votes no apparent diss infections. mr. trump push back the 270 needed he will sworn in as our 45 many president january 20t january 20th. lucy? >> thank you bruce. big blow tonight for the beverage industry here in philadelphia. judge just dismissed a lawsuit against the controversial philadelphia soda tax. it take effect in january. one of the plaintiffs in the suit the american beverage association argued the tax is unfair in paw because the state
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has attacks on sugary drinks. mayor kenney pushed for his tax will fund pre k, community schools and other public servi services. >> we're moving forward. our kids can't wait. they've waited too many generations for this. i would hope that the soda folks would understand how important this is to our children's future and our city's future and not proceed. we'll see what they're going to do. >> if you're planning on buy sugary drinks in philly expect to pay one and a half cents an ounce more in taxes starting in january. that's about 18 cents more on a 12-ounce can of soda beverage industry vows to appeal to the 78 supreme court. tonight it is taking septa commuters longer to get home because of a handful of delays and cancellations. a power problem this morning in jenkintown is what officials czar saying to blame for all the frustration on regional rail. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from jefferson station in center city.
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brad, is most service been restored? >> reporter: well most of it has. there are a lot of trains that are on time but the problems do continue. as you mentioned jenkintown the problem this morning taking a look down below here at regional rail. things looked like normal but we do know there are cancellations trains to norristown the airport malvern inbound from wilmington all canceled tonight. the problem, that downed power line in jenkintown tack a look from skyfox capturing crews working on it this morning of the the cause of the downed line is not known at this point but did it cause massive delays to the system. people are barely moving train for as we mentioned two hours because the same conductors and engineers worked both the morning and evening rush hours, the delays didn't give enough rest between shifts which as a result is now throwing off this evening commute leading to cancellations and delays. the bigger problem here is manpower shortage. there are 194 septa engineers, a shortage of 19 and riders will tell you delays are not uncomm
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uncommon. >> east train is late every today from three minutes to eight minutes to 10 minutes sometimes 20 minutes until the next train comes. >> reporter: how often. >> daily. either going or coming or both. >> we have a lot of our people in training right now. so we're hoping that in the next few months we're going to see a big difference with being able to graduate those engineers and conductors so that they can start working the rail lines. people should start to know that they're going to see improvements. >> reporter: now one of the complaints a lack of communication when there are delays. septa is s telling us tonight they have been tweeting in real time. you can follow them on twitter. you can go on to train view. that's where we get a lot of our up to date information so there are ways you can stay on top of it. but again the problems continue not nearly as bad as they were this morning. but there are still some delays and cancellations tonight. iain and lucy.
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>> all right, brad, thank you very much. developing right now terrifying moments for a couple who had just returned home from work. police say these men robbed them at their home in olney. police say they broke in around 3:30 in the morning and they made off with thousands. >> tonight the search is on for at least four men involved. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at northwest detectives in ogontz and dave you spoke to the couple's son. >> reporter: that's right. the son was inside the house when all of this happened. we also spoke with investigators who say this is yet again another case of asian business owners being held up. 3:30am house call from three gunmen scene on home surveillance video forcing a 64-year-old man into his olney house on the 100 block of godfrey avenue. his 63-year-old wife already inside. >> they're shaken up. they're shaken up. >> reporter: michael says he was sleeping upstairs when his parents returned from their asian restaurant business in west philadelphia. his dad had just brought his mom inside and dropped off his backpack and gun when he went
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back out to park the car but got ambush instead. the victims forced him to the noor in frightening struggle. >> my mom and dad were still trying to fight them off. they're yelling out my name. i came down. they grabbed my dad s bag and begun and ran out the house. another case of asian business owners getting held up in the city. they swipe the victim's swiss army backpack with $3,000 inside, some paper work and the hasn't gun. >> really scary. worried because my parents they're very close to retiring, they want to retire and like stuff like this happens just puts them -- puts retirement on backtrack. >> michael thinks his parents were cased for some time. >> they had to have been alley for some time. knew they were going to be home at that specific time and then attacked. >> reporter: he has seen increase in police patrols after recent crimes but wants more. >> still not enough. still a lot of stuffing happening he is special toll asian business owners.
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>> reporter: michael says his parents were back at work today determined not to let this get them down. also, we're told there were no shots fired and at least no physical injuries here. if you recognize those suspects call police. back to you. >> thank you very much, dave. police vent identified two people killed in a car crash in bustleton police say 32-year-old rah roane rodriguez camacho was driving with 38-year-old lorraine rivera when their car rear end add schoolbus. it burst into flames at rose vessel boulevard and woodward street last night. they both died at the scene. the school driver was not hurt. she had just unloaded children minutes before that collision. >> lead is a growing concern across the country and here in philadelphia it's no different. what city leaders are planning to keep kids safe from lead exposure. >> reverend al sharpton is calling on all atlantic city residents to head to the nation's capitol for donald trump's inauguration. he says. ac is reflection of what this nation could look like during
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his presidency. >> sean brace. lucy the eagles are dealing with all sorts of injuries on the offensive line. so with the return of rape johnson is no brainer to put him back out there, right? not so fast. more on the mess known as the eagles later in sports.
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♪ new jersey governor chris christie could cash in on book deal before his term is up. >> legislative staff, judges and other officials could get some extra money. democratic led assembly and senate are meetings and could vote on the bill today before it heads to the governor. the controversial plan would give raises to high ranking government employees in exchange for a laying christie profit from a book deal. opponents say the bill will burden taxpayers. >> double the double in atlantic city. to men who are twins face shoplifting charges to night. absecon police say kenny and lenny stuart tried to steal 180 bars of soap from a supermarket but no clean get away here.
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police say after the twins dumped dove soap into a large bag and tried to bolt they ran smack dab into a police officer who happened to be investigating an accident in the parking lot. reverend al sharpton has message for atlantic city residents he wants them to march on washington next month to protest president-elect donald trump. civil rights advocate made the comments at a rally last night and says the state takeover in trump's business dealings in the resort are a couple of reasons they should march. the city of philadelphia is taking action tonight against lead poisoning. >> the big focus is to prevent it in children. mayor kenney released a childhood led poisoning prevention plan he says the city is going to strengthen enforcement of 2012 law requiring landlords to certify that homes of children are either lead safe or lead free. the city will also go into areas with high levels of lead paint and stream line the process to get rid of it. >> it's one -- thon list of things that mayor and council and government is responsible
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for. but didn't cause. and it's very expensive, i mean, estimate of 26,000 homes that would need to be inspected. >> the city says last year 369 children in philly had problematic levels of lead in their blood which experts say could lead to life long learning and behavioral problems. all right. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. coming into work today i saw people bundled up. >> yeah. >> you could see their breath because it was just that out there. >> tis the season though. what happens. then it goes away. we've been on this roller coaster ride. good thing i like them. >> guess what will happen again tomorrow morning? same thing. >> cold, you'll be able to see your breath. good news temperatures will be warping. we'll be at night but we will be moderating during the day. tomorrow warmer than today for sure. atlantic city wilmington philadelphia mid 30s. lower 30s in trenton. reading and allentown. temperatures about 10 degrees below normal today. tomorrow at least we'll be
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closer to that average of 44. right now in philadelphia 29. 26 in allentown. 14 in the poconos. cold enough to make really great snow with these temperatures. when you look up into new york and into new england it's cold. burlington 14 degrees. bangor maine only two. ottawa one. ski resort in new york and new england looking really good and much better shape this winter than last year at this time. cold air over us tonight but light winds so we don't have worry about wind chills during the day tomorrow high pressure builds in. we get into the southwesterly wind and temperatures allowed to boost with those winds and also a lot of sunshine. philadelphia's high tomorrow up to 40 degrees. each day temperatures will be warming. tomorrow below average. wednesday 2 degrees above average. thursday 4 degrees by friday 5 degrees above that norm of 44. so pushing 50 by the end of the week. much more comfortable. 22 overnight in the city. 17 in the suburbs. mainly clear not much wind. tomorrow that wind will go
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southwesterly but for tonight the big chill is on with temperatures mainly in the teens to the north and west. for philadelphia wilmington and most of our area south and east in the 20s but look at millvil millville. waking up to 19 in the morning. wrightstown waking up to 19. and wilmington waking up to 21 degrees. so cold again at that bus stop bundle the kids up. 40 degrees tomorrow for your high temperature on the seven day forecast from your weather authority, wednesday winter begins but it will be a little above average. 46 sunshine i gave that a nine. could be a 10 to some people. thursday a chance of a shower. 48. friday looks good a quiet day to travel if you're going to be moving or going out of town. saturday hanukkah begins in the evening. it will be partly sunny during the day. 55. pleasant at night. a chance of a shower for your christmas day on sunday but if those showers hold off could be even warmer than 50. look at monday the day after christmas if few showers, 62 degrees? wow! >> that's crazy. >> warm last year, remember? i
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think iain was playing golf. >> i did i played golf christmas day. 71 degrees. >> crazy good. >> merry christmas. >> i need some of that. >> i know, right. >> you know what else we need? >> what. >> a win. a long time. >> flyers. >> one thing that might help that out, lane johnson the eagles welcome an old friend back to practice today only 10 games too late. head coach doug pederson explains why lane johnson is starting on thursday night. and old friend is giving us one more shot. jimmy rollins innings a new deal. we'll tell where you next in sports. my guest list just tripled.
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♪ it sure has been tough season for the eagles to say the least. after yesterday's loss ball more ravens eagles are now officially eliminated from post season play. with only two games left the focus needs to be on rookie quarterback carson wentz getting valuable reps and of course keeping him healthy. which brings us to the return of right tackle lane johnson. johnson was suspended for 10 games due to failing his second drug test earlier this season. before he started serving the suspension lane was one best tackles which all of football it's no brain we are to put the big man back out there you would think. >> i know something isaac is hurt and bd is coming off a knee injury and alan barbour is injured. rape, you're the guy. i don't care if you're, you know, ex weight you got to play. >> no, not alarming at all. good luck carson. speaking of wentz he looked good got in the officer -- guiding the offense down the field with
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a little over a minute left. keeper for six and the play that everybody is talking about of course the two-point conversion which was tipped at the line. yeah, tough one right there but got it over it might have have work. tough loss for the birds but wentz retaking a positive from yesterday's game. >> seems like we've always been one, two plays whether it be in the third quarter, fourth quarter, um, there's always just those few play that is really kind of decide the game and this one just happened to be the final one, um, it's tough. it's tough without a doubt but again good to see us finally get do down there and finish the drive. >> eagles and giants they play thursday night so we're moving things around here. be sure to join us for special "game day live" on saturday at 10am. sean bell, g. cobb, howard he is quinn and dave spadaro will recount the eagles and giants game. finally former phillies great jimmy roll vince not done yet 38-year-old short stop wants to give it another shot come
6:26 pm
this february. he signed my nor league deal with the san francisco giants rollins played 41 games last year before released by the white sox. so i'm guessing this might be it for jimmy rollins. >> but you got to love it. he's trying to tack up those hits. head to the hall of fame i guess. >> exactly good luck to him. >> sean, thank you. >> join us tonight at 10:00. only five vice-presidents lived in many house in d.c. but they've made that time count. what goes into planning a party here and what vice-president joe biden asked official party planner to do you'll never gue guess. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. are we going out for frozen yogurt tonight. it's a little cold. we always do. >> maybe soup. >> i like that idea. >> what do you think iain. >> i'm in. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. good we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next.
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highway emergency. >> what the (bleep)! >> the runaway car. nothing will stop it. >> what are you doing? wedding day disaster. >> they're just running for their life. >> a giant tree slams into a wedding party. >> and it's happened before. and the final days of hollywood legend zsa zsa gabor. her husband speaks. >> she was slowly slipping away, peacefully, without pain. plus -- >> out of the way, out of the way. >> first sighting of kim and kanye since his meltdown. then, the college football star who sucker punched a coed. >> some girl just got clocked in the face. >> should he play in the billing game? growing pains reunion at alan


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