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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we can do it without biblowing our budget.s. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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welcome back at 9:00 o'clock. good day to you, everybody. it is december 20th, 2016. karen joins us now. >> karen, looking lovely in red. >> enjoying christmas seasony can't believe it is already 20th. >> i know it, i'm disgusted. >> happily ever after, apart why one couple is choose to go mark the end of their marriage by throwing a divorce party, these are cropping up from time to time now. >> millennials being blamed for down fall yet another rod you can why some say they are responsible for declining sales of the fabric softener. >> um-hmm.
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>> and if you still have not gotten through that holiday gift list there is jen on the road on the way to someplace, what is going on, jen. >> we're going to king of prussia people take one or two days off, moms, we're not talking to guys. we try to get guys, they never listen anyway but there is good stuff for woman overstressed, over gifted, over it, so you have to get your stuff done. >> perfect. >> all right. let's wrap this up now. i need some answers. >> okay. >> if you are engaged, god help you. now if you are engaged, and it doesn't work out, should you keep the engagement ring or give it back? now, reason we will bring this up, mariah carey decided to keep hers, karen. >> so singer broke up with her fiance james packer months ago and now, this is big news, on this, huge ice skating rink on her hand. she's admitting she's keeping it.
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she's not giving up that beautiful engagement ring. he gave it the to her. it is worth ten million-dollar but there are specific rules on this one. should you be able to keep it or do you have to give it back >> i think maybe it goes stayed by stayed. i wish we had an attorney here to help us out with that. is there is one right now, heather hanson. >> ding, ding, ding. >> so, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> so lets get down to business. if you are engaged, do you legally really to have give that ring back. >> here in pennsylvania and in delaware, and in new jersey, the answer, it is yes. the it is a conditional gift, the condition is that you get married. so if you don't meet that condition you have to give the ring back. there are exceptions, if it is a family hair loom, there are different ways you can make an argument you should get the ring back but if you got engaged in one of these three states you have to give that
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ring back. >> in your expertise because you go through a lot of this, divorce, marriage stuff, is the guy sometimes feel too embarrassed to ask. >> that is probably what mariah carey is counting on, they feel too bad or it ended and guy's fault it ended. sometimes they are reluctant to push for it back. but it is meant to be in exchange forgetting married. so once you are married you get to keep it. if you get divorced you don't to have give it back. but when it comes to the engagement you have to give that back. >> you fulfilled the agreement by getting married. >> yes, a lot of states are that way. in california, which is where mariah carry got engaged would i assume, you have to prove whose fault it was. jury may have to deciding whether or not he should get the ring back. >> so let me get this straight again, in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, even if i broke it off i get it back.
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>> what happens. >> let me make sure i got that right. >> engaged in any other state. >> wow, wow, wow. >> i'm not positive about new york. >> but i think in new york it the might be different. >> here's the thing, mike if you get engaged, do some research, before you do it, in the state in whiz you get engaged. if you go to aruba you better consult with an attorney before you do it. >> forget legal stuff isn't that kind of bad, you gave her the ring, you wanted her to have it. you cannot ask for it back, can you. >> if you are the woman you got that ring as a symbol of your love. she's wearing it out on other dates. i think that is a little. >> they sell it is what end up happening. >> you give back the ring but keep the stone. >> you need to research new york city, manhattan. >> i will look into new york city, because it is a place where people get engaged. >> would it be tacky to get it back and give it to somebody
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else. >> same ring. >> little bit tacky. >> you can return it. >> that is when they sell it to you, jewelers will say they have a money back, she has some say yes. what happens if you have been together for a while. >> if it has been five years. >> you can be engaged for 20 years. most people these days are coming up with an agreement similar to the prenup. if you have that discussion when you get engaged, we break that off, i get this back you have a different argument but if you are worried about it, first of all maybe you should think about whether you sheet get engaged but you need to look in the law in the state in whiz you are doing it to be entitled to get that ring back you break up with a different person then you start with. >> say that again. >> what? >> you break up with a different person then you harry. person you think was all love, rainbow, often times at the end turns out to be not the so good. so you want to make sure you are anticipating that situation, unfortunately.
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>> um-hmm. >> that is why a prenup is nice. >> deep in throughout. >> you are way too interest row expectative right new. >> i have to say, your hair, you look so silky, doesn't it. >> swing it a little bit girl. >> look at that. >> it is water flow at 19th and chestnut. >> it is nice to be able to do work, while some are blow drying their hair. >> yes. >> they open up at 7:00. >> that is early. >> it does look fabulous. it it was my number one break ing story thanks forgetting there, the hair. >> yes. >> wow, i'm listening to what you are saying but that hair. >> well, thank you. i'll let them know. >> i'm still stunned, own a business where i come in and i blow-dry your hair. >> dry bar here in philadelphia. >> yes. >> it is quite the rage. they are always pack. it is not like i'm only person in there.
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it is always pack. >> i cannot plow dry your only hair. >> that is fun part, but the drying parties tiring, and it takes a long time. >> you just can't get the back >> yes. >> before you go could you research manhattan. >> absolutely. >> run back in here and tell he. >> okay, thank you. >> i have been so nice, christmas gift. so what do you do have after you have been married for 25 years abe then it falls apart? that is what one couple did, these are some of the pictures showing up on twitter, they call it, a joint divorce party so, it is one by the name of michelle and jeff. they are both 48 years old. they say they wanted to make their divorce less awkward for their friend and family and it work. michelle says their friends seem okay with it. everybody is okay.
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this couple slit up. so they added a joint party would you ever do that. >> and kid were there. >> yes. >> yes. >> at first i thought it was paul but then when you look and think about your friend you may know that have gone through things, they had this on the day of their divorce was final. that is a really emotional day whether you wanted it or folks you knew you were ready, sometimes when you have to choose sides with your friend, her husband's friend with the guy, girl and you cannot see them. >> can i invite them, invite her. >> that is kind of neat. >> yes. >> if you can get to the place where you are all okay that is awesome. >> yes. >> have you heard about this. >> it is nice for the kid. if everybody gets along well enough to have a party to say we had a great thing now it is over, that is not so bad. >> where do you think she met her boy friend. >> who? >> really. >> that is not the true.
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>> is that new. >> no, we have talked about this. it is over a year-old. >> yes. >> he lives in connecticut, i live here. >> it will never work. >> complicated. >> listen to this, i watched this show, cristina and tyrick musea have one of the most popular home ren racials show on tv but they announced last week that they are ending their seven year marriage. i admit i watch this show, guys. i started watching it because she's fairly attractive. >> yes, i'm so shallow. >> they even have a child, do you see. after the split from his wife, cristina "fox news" is reporting that he started dating the children's 23 year-old nanny. they are reportly in longer together though. >> to be fair she's dating the
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contractor who is working on the show with them. >> see, there you go. >> i wanted to put that out there too. >> even though the flip or flop couple separated they are still working together on the hgtv network show. they didn't want to throw the show away. >> but everybody is talking about this because it seems like than i's are a problem, here we go, another nanny getting in the the way because others in hollywood have been accused of hook up with the nanny, ben affleck announced divorce from actress jennifer garner. denied reports that he cheated with his wife. jude law publicly apologized after he was caught with his nanny while engaged. let's see, jen fred would be good on this one. can you think of anybody else. >> me? people that ran off with nann ies. >> you cannot blame the nanny. i told you this a thousand times, okay. it is the dude that you are married to.
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the nanny is in the house all the time but so are a lot of people. let's face it, they are in the house. forget about when the guy goes on the sales conference, lunch es, in his office with the secretary and the assistants and all these people. the nanny is the last person they will probably sleep with and nanny gets the blame. that being said, i always have attractive nannies. why? because they are always smart, they are always cute. we don't have nanny's but baby-sitters and stuff. when kid were little and they would take kid to the pool. people would be like why do you have the cutest baby-sitters or whatever. they are also really smart. you want your kid around short , beautiful people because they can't be around one that is not but you cannot blame the husband, when he takes off with the nanny. you cannot blame nanny because husband is already a jerk. >> i disagree with all that. >> i don't think you put an attractive woman you don't put
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them in your house when you are not around. i would purposely never hire a particularly, opposite of jen, i just wouldn't do that. i would make good effort to not do that. that is an important thing. when you look at that it is just too much right under your nose. >> plus you don't trust your husband. >> i can trust my husband but i don't want to say being reckless with your husband. it is making it too easy. it is too reckless. >> karen, real quickly. >> joe piscopo, ran off with his baby-sitter. he was 16, she was 21. >> jen has a response, i want to hear her response. >> here's my thing if you cannot control all of the attractive people that are around your husband. so you cannot control what the people look like at work unless he owns his own business. you cannot control soccer coach, you cannot control this least amount of time in my opinion that your person is around, like if you have the
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nanny in the house typically mom and dad aren't in the house, right. i worry about the other people and so if you have a guy that will cheat, in my opinion, last place they will cheat is in the house right under their those. >> i don't know there air lot of bedrooms. >> maybe in karen's house. >> not in my house. >> and in this case, by the way, about this people he hired nanny. it wasn't nanny for kid when they were together keeping the show. it is after the split it was his own nanny. he hired this really cute girl separate thely and she was watching the kid. >> thanks, jen. >> someone brought up arnold schwartsenager who had a babe which his nanny. >> no, cleaning lady. >> i'm sure she also helped out.
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>> jen's on her way to king of prussia to do some shopping. >> help us with that last minute stuff. let me get back into this because we had a interesting discussion about dryer sheets. the people who make downey, the fabric softener say their sales are down because people in their 20's and 30's don't for some reason use fabric softener. wall street journal report. >> we don't use it that much at our own house but proctor and gamble saw fabric softener sales get down by 26 percent on this one and that they said , it is young people behind this thing because they don't know what the product is for so now they are trying to rebrand it and make it more fabric conditioner. that makes sense. maybe that will work. and, you pour that on there and it softens.
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>> and, dryer sheets that is a day to day base business thaw doesn't happen. >> is what a dry sheer for, what is it purpose. >> to make my sheets smell good. >> is that the only purpose. >> it is to make it softer and whatever. >> it is to prevent static cling. >> that is not good enough reason. >> and it softens. >> what about your cashmere sweaters, you don't dry them in the sweater. >> i don't have too much of those. >> what is woolite for. >> that is for your wool sweaters and cashmere sweaters >> what is bounce for. >> that is your fabric softener, the sheets. >> yes, the question is then if fabric soft they are softens fabric and dryer sheets help soften the fabric do you use both or one or the other. >> they are the same thing. >> if you use both could it make it super soft, double soft. >> it makes it like too much on it. >> i don't think dryer sheets
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is a softener. >> it is the same thing. >> it is static cling. >> it is the same thing. >> no, it is the same thing. you could use as a liquid or you could do the sheets, it is like your dishwasher which i'm sure you are not familiar with , you have the the pods nowadays you can put in the liquid detergent which is old school or the powder. >> i put the pod in. >> or the pods. >> they are all the same thing but they come in different forms. it is like water and ice. >> attorney heather. >> you are in trouble. >> if i put that engagement ring on her finger at grand central station in midtown manhattan, what happens. >> unaudible. >> no. >> it changes the law but same as here. if you gave it to her as a conditional gift and --
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>> she should give it back. >> christmas came early. >> well, thank you, heather. >> merry chris mass. >> you do not even -- >> what is that? no, no way. >> if that were the case you to not ask for it back. you do not. if there was enough time in on a relationship and you just don't. you just let that be. >> that is what i say. >> really. >> you are not being serious. >> about asking? >> i have no words. >> i have no word. >> i'm not in this. >> use your words. >> families across the country are gearing up for christmas dinner, as you know in the business insider, is taking a look at which recipes people are searching and googling,
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more than any other in certain parts of the country. so business insider is a magazine. >> this is pretty interesting, not what everybody is making but what everybody is googling for us we're still on thanksgiving. >> turkey stuffing. >> i have made it, at christmas. >> i look forward to stuffing. >> isn't it dressing. >> it is dressing also this you stick it in the bird and then carcus it is stuffing. >> okay. >> so it is not. >> that is how i always heard. >> okay. >> it looks like stuffing. >> yes, get it from a box. >> it goes faster. >> people are googleing stuffed crab it is a popular dish at christmas. >> really. >> never had it. >> you never had stuffed crab. >> i had stuffed crab but not in a new jersey home for christmas. >> have you ever been in new jersey for christmas. >> one time. >> what did you eat. >> i don't remember. >> it was probably 16 years
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ago. >> okay. >> a lot of italian folks they do night of the seven dishes, side dish good christmas eve. >> first state delaware a lot of people are googling, peach cobbler as we learned just last week that peaches are very popular in the state of delaware. >> it used to be the nation's leading provider of peaches. >> in the 19th century. >> for a little bit. >> then it went to georgia. >> but is what official part of the delaware. >> it is peach pie but a lot of people like people custard pie. >> everyone we all agreed peach custard, yes. >> we would rank above the a actual peach pie. you know santa may be busy but we have his crew live on "good day philadelphia", it wouldn't be christmas without some actual reindeer. i will go out there and ask this guy.
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>> dancer. >> that could be dancer. >> prancer. >> that looks like a blitzon to me. what is difference between the deer and a reindeer. >> turf bring up this one tweet from kerry rodgers re giving back engagement rings you are supposed to say i'm asking for a trend. you forgot that part. >> i'm asking for a friend. i like to keep my friend. i will go out and ride a reindeer.
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well, christmas, just isn't christmas without seeing at least, one reindeer. i mean a real reindeer. >> it is so cool when you see live reindeer. lets go outside with mike and see one right now. >> yes, the reindeer his name is tray, and dave woodies here , hi there dave. >> hi, how are you mike. >> from the elmwood park zoo. >> correct. >> which is where. >> it is in norristown, a few miles from the king of prussia
9:25 am
mall. >> your your last name is wood , is that part of the elmwood. >> no, not quite. >> nothing to do with it. >> i'm looking, is tray the reindeer a female. >> yes, tray and her partner who is at the zoo claireise are both female and reindeer and carobou are both male and female have have antlers. >> is that right. >> correct. >> so maybe you just answered me what is difference between a deer and a reindeer. >> well, they are all the same , they all are in the deer species family just as moose, elk, and white tail deer, they are all in the same family. >> okay. >> okay. >> those antlers look like they can do some damage. >> yeah, females hold their antlers holder then heals because they use it to dig through snow to find vegetation under snow. >> what do they eat. >> likings. >> what is that. >> it is a funk thaws grows on
9:26 am
rocks. >> delicious. >> in captivity the at the zoo they eat a deer pellet, you can see, their feet are very wide, not only snow shoes but they use that to see. >> for scratching. >> digging down in the snow to find the likings and small veg station -- vegetation. >> do any of red noses. >> i have not seen any but santa has that special reindeer we heard about. >> do your reindeer fly. >> no, but that takes special dust that santa has to make them fly. >> they are in the north pole. >> correct. >> it looks like someone has been chewing on his or her ears. >> they get snicks and scratches on her ears so we put a little medication on it to keep it from getting worse. >> is there a meaning to the word rain. >> not that i'm aware of, reindeer, yeah, reindeer are actually, centered around the whole culture in scandinavia and their life is based around
9:27 am
reindeer. they use them for transportation, they used them for food, clothing. >> okay. >> i think i got it all right. >> thank you. >> don't you have an event on christmas eve. >> we have our new years eve for children it is earlier in the day, and also, up until the new year both, tray and claire are available for photos at soot. >> kids can come take pictures >> have picture taken. >> okay. thanks, dave, good to see you. >> take care. >> see you new years eve. >> bye, tray. >> i love it. >> bye, tray. >> cute. >> so cool. >> we have more guests just in time for holidays, why a few of mike's most special people are going to be joining thus morning for a special christmas surprise.
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everybody, could you hear me now? for the past several years i've been invited to the st. christopher's hospital oncology prom, sometimes they just call it the cancer prom. where i've met some very special people along the way, and karen, you as well. >> i first met lane i two and a half years ago, just three years old at the time, already had a big personality. she was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 22 months old. she's been in and out of the hospital, since, for treatment. >> it is a barbie dream house. >> every now and then she stops by good day philadelphia to sigh high. >> , or i'll catch up with her. with her friend, like five year old nicholas by her side, nicholas diagnosed with cancer
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inside his spinal cord when he was just one. he has just had his third surgery, which has left him in a wheelchair, and will start another round of chemo after christmas. then, there is 18 year old mc kia like the big sister to the other two. diagnosed when a rare disease, when she was just 14 years old. she will start another round of chemotherapy right after this show. mc kia says the worse part how dehumanizing it all is, but through it all never lets it get in her way of her fighting spirit, and her dreams of becoming a oncology nurse herself, always with her best friends, by her side. >> she is like my own sister. >> so again, this year, we've dean sided to invite nicholas and laney and mc kia to come into our studio. do we have our favorite elf? is our favorite elf leading
9:33 am
the kids? here we go. hello. >> hello. >> hello, laney. there is laney. here comes nicholas. mc kia is here. and so, welcome to "good day" philadelphia again. so what should we do? >> hi, mc kia. >> hi,. >> haven't seen in you a while. lou things going? >> good. >> alex, karen? >> so, little katie the elf, which gift do you think we should start with? >> well -- >> the little ones or the big one? >> what santa told me these are laney's. >> okay, laney, go ahead, hop down, open those gifts. >> ready? nicholas, the blue and white ones. >> blue and white for the boy. >> mc kia. >> thank you. >> there you go.
9:34 am
>> what's under here? >> you got it? >> you don't need my help. >> yes. >> it's all right. >> open this? >> go ahead. >> this is -- oh, so cool. >> pour ranger? >> did you get a nurse bag? >> does that shoot stuff? >> ya? >> ready? >> oh,. >> what's that? >> wow. >> mc kia, what is it?
9:35 am
>> oh! is that a computer? >> ya. >> oh, my goodness. and yours is an amazing look, mike it, has a moveable mermaid pool. >> i have more barbies at home. >> well, now you have another barbie. >> oh! >> yeah! >> oh. >> and nicholas got a nurf gun? >> that's pretty cool, nicholas. >> it will take me about an hour to open that, but -- >> well, kids continue to open your gift, you can take all the time you need. >> are you ready for another one, nicholas? >> i can't believe it. don't believe it. >> oh, my gosh. i love it. >> thank you. >> laney, here is one for you. >> here!
9:36 am
>> you got it? >> oh! >> should we save the big one? >> okay, save the big one for now, yes. >> okay. bob, christmas has gun. >> i would. >> good morning, i'm coming to you from the visitation school here in the neighborhood, where we're practicing jingle bells, on our kazzoo. and we're helping out 18 families celebrate christmas. wait until you see the whole gang from visitation when we come right back.
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so what is this? >> let me see. >> barbie mermaid. >> this one i think is supposed to light up. does it light up? >> yes. >> push that. >> oh, that's cool. >> that will be one to remember. >> now, mc kia, you have opened your box, so you can really see what you've got here. >> what are these, more clothes? >> cool. >> how many barbie's do you have? >> lots. >> okay. so you got a lot of clothes now. >> and then, over here, mike, nicholas, look who we turned into. >> super ranger. >> spiderman. >> hi, so cool. >> oh, that computer is nice. beautiful. >> all right, i want to say open up the big cape over
9:41 am
here. >> okay? >> after we talk to bob a little bit. bob, do your thing, then we'll come back. >> bob's at school. >> you got it. hey gang, good morning, everybody, you're opening up present, there are a lot of families this year that wouldn't have presents if it wasn't for the gang from vizio. i'm here visitation bvm par irk, my buddy manual here, he made his sign back in the day growing up. we called it viso. everybody give a wave, vet takes parish, just off the lehigh avenue in the neighborhood. 460 student here, pre k, all the way up through eighth grade. i'm with ed coleman the principal who, by the way, is a fellow north catholic graduate. now, ed on thanksgiving, you collected 800 cans for families. what was the idea for christmas? >> the idea for christmas, we have visitation homes, next to the home, they have 18 families in a build that are -- that have women and children there that are less
9:42 am
fortunate than us. so many people are good to us, over the course of the holiday season, so many people are in punishes, organizations, really good to us. >> so did you ask them to gave you a list of -- >> yes. >> in doing there is i mean, been doing this for a few years, that so many people are good to us, and we need to show the children that we have here that, you know, giving is a great thing. >> i'm going to come down here to our student owes honor student, first of all, how did this make you feel when were you collecting the toys? >> it makes me feel good. our school has been helped out in the past. we just like to give back. >> what about yourself? was the importance of giving back? >> i think the point of giving back is that one of the point of christmas to honor of joy and helping others little less fortunate than us. >> great job watch are some of the other things that visitation has done throughout the years? >> some of the things that visitation has done throughout the years is they collected 800 cans for the pantry, we've collected socks for homeless veterans, we've made pea nut
9:43 am
butter and jelly sandwiches for a nearby shelter. >> yum. >> and we are looking forward to doing more things in the spring like a dance a thon. >> you are a very great talker young lady, you're doing a great job. visitation parish here in the neighborhood just off lehigh avenue. look at all of the toys and items, just a sample of what these grade schoolers and their families were able to bring in to collect for the families right here in the neighborhood so that they have a great christmas. so, from all of us here, at the visitation parish school, to all of you at home. >> merry christmas. >> back to you guys. >> bob, we just talked to the big guy, as you can see,'s little busy right now, so he knows how it feels these last couple of days of getting ready before christmas. alycia is here to save the day. maybe we'll have an audience with the big guy.
9:44 am
crazy great ideas for last minute shopping for mom.
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>> welcome back, 9:46. sunshine out there, once again, it is very cold. bundle up. looking at temperatures right now, 24 in philadelphia, but
9:47 am
it feels like 18 degrees on this tuesday morning. across the region right now, it is 18 in allentown, 24 atlantic city and 25 in wilmington. so, across the region for today it, stays below average. thirty-nine center city, 40 down the shore, 36 in the lehigh valley, and that will do it for the high temperatures today. by tomorrow, winter officially arrives in the morning, 45 degrees, the high temperature. 47 degrees thursday, saturday, sunday, right around 50, nearing 60 of monday next week, guys, back to you. >> i want this one. >> what are you two doing? >> look at this thing. >> i can do it. >> what is this, do you think? laney, what's that? >> mermaid tail. >> i know it is a mermaid tail. what are you supposed to do with it? is it a blanket? >> no. >> i think it is. >> it is a costume.
9:48 am
>> what, you put it over your head? >> ya. >> i don't know if that's the right way, is it? that's one way. >> i can't tell heads from tails. >> i think it is a blanket. >> that's pretty cool. so when you put it on you look like a mermaid, laney. >> oh, laney, look, he's going to use your blanket. >> see, this is what you do. >> oh, don't stretch it out now. let me get your fin going. >> i guess it's for kids? >> oh, my goodness. >> this is blanket, laney. that's what it is. no? we'll figure out something, maybe it is address? >> we'll work it out. >> you think it is address? >> yes, we put it on, then we hop along. >> let me see? >> no. >> it does casino every look like address. >> king of prussia mall? >> might be, might be good gift. i like it, jen. >> that's really cool. there is a little guy behind me that feels the same way as many women right now, totally
9:49 am
stressed out, not feeling it, not happy. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have a big fat smile on your face, because you have plan? >> got a plan. got a plan to get through the holiday crunch time. >> i have to say i took last friday off to do some school stuff with my daughter, and then i was going to go shopping. i came here to the king of prussia mall. and i had lunch. so, i'm so behind. okay, so that's the number one thing you say, get organized, make a list? >> make a list. east years thing to do when in crunch time first of all go over your budget. most important thing is make a list, by person, i would even note down what you want to spend on that person by amount. >> okay. >> stick to your list. >> okay. >> and only have one list. i have like five different lists going. >> no, compile it into one list, what happens is you lose one, one in your pocket, one in your purse, you never get through it, make one list of all of your shopping. >> my daughter asked for hatchamole from santa for christmas, i know a loft people, the husbands are asking, you say, make sure to have a back up plan? >> you need a back up plan.
9:50 am
we are five days out until christmas, you only have five days left until christmas, you need plan b and plan c. limited inventory is the reality of the situation, but you are going to find something here for sure. >> okay. stay calm. and organized, like santa is totally chill. he is not worried about this. >> he has the easy job. he knows his naughty, he knows his nice, so for moms out there, stay calm, breathe, people, king of prussia has 450 stores, you are not leaving here without a gift for someone. i promise you. >> and those amenities, the vallet, the wrapping, now is the time to give them the stuff and let them do it? >> absolutely take advantage of king of prussia amenities, this place is not just a mall, it is a lifestyle center. really is. >> cool aid. >> i sleep here basically. >> okay. so many, let's talk about what we have here. gift sets are our friends, okay. >> gift sets are amazing, such easy way to pick up present for somebody without having to think. most of them are already wrapped and ready to go for you. but everybody loves a gift set.
9:51 am
and these gift sets are amazing, this is the only us store that's here in the king of prussia mall, all natural, amazing beauty products. >> these feel kinds of fancy pants. >> yes, so this is shineola. this is usa made, which is fabulous, all super amazing craftmanship quality, all leather collection, great journals, some little gifts for the women, back packs, awesome watches. >> okay, i have to say, there are couple of guys at work like oh, i forgot to get a present. we like that identify me? >> so, santa, couple of photographers, matt the person who is with us today, they've said i totally forgot about the wife. i'll go jewelry. youy? >> jewelry. >> he says it works. >> really does, such easy thing, what woman doesn't love to get a piece of jewelry? these david year man clubbings cents, super nova, actually gorgeous, do you see this necklace right here? who doesn't want to own that? stunning. >> lastly, i do like there is because i have a ton of hard to purchase people on my gift list. >> my husband, this is him. like to the fullest, the hardest person. what do you get the person who
9:52 am
has everything? coffee such a trends right now, the pour-over method. why not go with really great coffee idea from surla table. little monogram, i love this, this is like so amazing. pour it out. yes, sorry. >> you don't get stressed snout. >> absolutely not. >> you're fine? >> i'm fine. >> you've got every everybody's presents? >> yes. >> you know who is on what list? >> absolutely. >> stay chill. >> okay. i sure will. >> he is so chill. if i was santa i would be breaking out right now, but i'm not. you know why, i might win the lottery. here are your lottery numbers.
9:53 am
hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> should we keep it in there until you get home? it is basically a closet, flight. >> yes. and this is addressing room. >> oh. she keeps clothes over here, and then the dresses? i got you. >> i got you. >> should we go for the big gift? >> i think it is time for the big gift. are you ready for this big gift? ya? >> i know what it is. >> you do? how did you finds out? okay, ready? should i do the reveal? all right. here we go. oh, look! >> look at that! >> it is a kitchen.
9:57 am
>> awe. >> look at the elephant. >> dinosaur. >> laney, do you know how to cook? >> it is a kitchen. >> that's nice. >> i'm coming to your house. >> we got some pots and pans here. >> want to come over for dinner one day? >> let's do it. >> nice. >> you're making it? mc kia said she will make dinner for you. is that good, nicholas? >> you want to she me again? shoot mike. >> oh! >> what a location. >> nice. >> good aim. >> good one, nicholas. >> pretty cool.
9:58 am
>> thanks for coming to celebrate with us, guys. >> say hello to everybody.
9:59 am
my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? i have a great show for you! we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ cheers ] ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: okay, okay. thank you very much for watching


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