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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stranged wife in their cumberland county home. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in cedarville tonight. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, iain and lucy. there's been a swarm of police activity both in the air and on the ground searching for murder suspect jeremiah mownel within the last hour and a half. new jersey state police announced they found the suspe suspect's truck we shot video of the vehicle sitting back off of factory and saw mill road roadsn cedarville, new jersey state police set up perimeter around this area as they search for the 32-year-old man. mownel is wanted for the murder of his estranged wife tara o'shea watson of commercial township comer land county. the victim was found dead inside a home yesterday morning and since then, police have been searching for mownel he's been charged with murder. back out here live again we are seeing state troopers on foot in patrol cars cruising around and guarding this area. you're taking a live look at the
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chopper threes chopper in the air just moments ago we did see it shining a flashlight down on the ground down into this dark wooded area. again, off saw mill and factory roads in cedarville, new jersey. still searching for the suspect. if you have any information, any concerns, give police a call. lucy, iain. >> all right jennifer, thank y you. took three days and dozens of philadelphia police officers but cops say it all paid off. investigators say they have snatched a whole lot of potentially deadly drugs off the street and only fox 29 was there during this massive bust. the crack down comes after a stripping of dea deadly overdoss through parts of the city. this wound up with will save lives. dave schratwieser live at police headquarters and dave, cops got their hands on a lot more than illegal drug. >> reporter: yes, they did, lucy. 176 arrests, 21 guns seized and $50,000 in cash also collected that's drug money. they tell us tonight that while this was a very successful raid,
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even they admit there's a lot more to do. >> when they see a big operation like this it gives them hope. >> reporter: only fox 29 cameras were there as philadelphia police and sheriff's officers wound wounded up dozens of suspects last week in the latest sweep to get violent offenders, drug dealers and wanted suspects off the streets. big take away from this, it kind of makes the bad guys keep their heads down and it gives the good people hope. >> reporter: this was the scene on day one of a three hiv day sweep through the east police division. these are the guns, drugs and cash seized by police in federal agents as investigators targeted the drug trade and violent crime. it was the third in series citywide initiatives spearhead d by the narcotics unit. >> it's been successful. we're taking real bad people off the street. we're developing intelligent information leading us to larger organization we can target. >> police showed off 21 games including ar15. close to $50,000 in cash and over 200 ground in heroin,
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cocaine and assorted other drugs. there were hundreds of packets of heroin which came on the heels of drug overdoses and deaths this month linked to de deadly fentanyl laced heroin. we were specifically with the drug organizations looking at the ones that were selling the dope killing people out there. the round up will put a department in crime in the affected areas. but they admit with the high demand for drugs, it won't take long for new dealers to take over the corners. >> usually win that week, we don't stop. >> reporter: warning from police tonight. they also arrested some gang members and 36 violent criminals who had outstanding warrants. police are hoping the information they gathered during these raids will lead them to bigger drug organizations and bigger busts like this. iain? >> dave, thank you. let's check in with fox 29 weather authority as we take a live look at allentown right n now. no matter where you are out there in the delaware valley it's pretty cold tonight.
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meteorologist kathy orr is here now. >> kathy, the official start of winter just hours away. >> um-hmm. >> feels like it. >> it's about 12 hours away at about 5:44 in the morning winter will be bursting in with sunny skies and cold temperatures. but it's not going to stay like that. that's what's different about the way winter will begin tomorrow. right now in old city philadelphia a little bit of a hustle and bustle busy just a couple days before the holiday weekend. right now it's pretty cold out there mount pocono 22. philadelphia 32. 25 in millville. 29 in atlantic city. and in dover it's 29 degrees. overnight tonight, here's a look the your overnight lows your morning lows. temperatures basically in the 20s for the most part. wildwood at 30. 21 in the poconos. 23 in pottstown. waking up to 25 in wilmington waking up to only 21 degrees in allentown and temperatures will be rising really quickly tomorrow. so temperatures climb over the next couple of days as winter gets underway. the holiday travel will be looking good in philadelphia.
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but going elsewhere could be troublesome. take look at that and also, in that seven day forecast, flirting with 60 degrees most unusual as we end the month of december. we'll talk more about that with your seven day forecast a little bit later on in the broadcast. for now we'll zen it back to y you. >> all right, thank you very much, kathy. new developments in yesterday's deadly truck attack in beryl lip germany islamic state has claimed responsibility for the crash into a christmas shopping village. it cold 12 people, injured 48 more. this is the first mass casualty attack by islamic extremists on german soil. german police and security forces are still hunting for the man who was behind the wheel of the truck. police and several u.s. cities including here in philadelphia have stepped up patrols at popular events and that includes christmas village next to city hall. one delaware family is out of their home after a fire broke out in their townhome in newark. skyfox was over the scene on sham boyd drive around 11:30 this morning.
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crews got the fire under control in about 45 minutes. two homes were damaged. but luckily nobody was hurt. the state fire marshal is still investigating how the fire started. happening right now, a lot of questions tonight about a murder in the city's fair hill section. police found a woman lying in the road unconscious and she died just hours later. police are not trying -- you now trying to fine person who committed this brutal crime. >> also still working on identifying the victim. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in fair hill with more information. dave? >> reporter: these are kinds of crimes that will take a little while to solve. right now the only clue here left is the crime tape here that police put here overnight when the body was found. we can also tell you that they're still work to go department if i this who did not have any id on the body. >> jose, runs part-time auto repair shop in philadelphia's fair hill section. across from his business leftover police tape marks the
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area where a badly injured woman was found last night. she died this morning. >> makes no sense. >> makes no sense to you. >> crazy. people nuts. >> reporter: police say the unconscious woman was found on the 2700 block of north third street with a trace amount of blood at the scene and one of her boots in the street. initially investigators said she was shot but now they say the cause of her severe head and body trauma is not clear. she also did not have any id. >> problems all over. who did he ever that ain't got no mind. report roar discovery reportedly made by a passing driver also happened near a school. kids getting out of classes today likely confused and scared. meantime jose says it's only the latest blow to a neighborhood that has changed dramatically. >> i think the neighborhood has gone bad somehow. the neighborhood is in bad sha shape. >> reporter: police also say there were injuries consistent with possibly sexual assault. still trying to sort that part of it out as well. if you have any information give
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philadelphia police a call. back to you. >> all right. thank you much, dave. trump transition more clues about the president-elect's next cabinet picks. >> today trump meeting with candidates for some of his unfilled positions. florida estate trump slated to meet with louis quinones who runs a company with military and health care interests he's under consideration for the veterans affairs secretary. trump is also considering carranza as choice for us trade rep. she worked in president george w. bush's administration. in philadelphia a day for thinking and giving back to important members of our community. state senator anthony williams and fresh grocer organized this meal for philadelphia firefighters. santa and mrs. claus also came along. it's part of a thanks to the city's first responders who put their lives on the line for their community every single d day. and fresh grocer helping victims of the recent fires in our community. >> our hearts go out to them.
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right there on the streets of our community here, and so we donated $10,000 to the red cross today for all those families so they can have groceries during the holiday of one of them will get a thousand dollars check from the fresh grocer. >> fantastic. an added bonus today the group also gave out new bikes to children in need. christmas parties almost always a good time but nothing compares to the smiles they can put on kids faces today the officers of philadelphia's 24th police district along with the police add advisory council gave about 40 kids with disabilitdisabilities a reason . they didn't do it alone. santa and mrs. claus were there as well to hear the kids holiday wish lists. so next if you're about to head out to walk your dog, you better not leave your house without a certain item in your hand. which town is cracking down on dogs on the loose. bruce? >> reporter: how would you like to see this mountain of mess right next door to your home? >> who wants to come out every day like today i got to come out and look at this stuff.
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>> reporter: i'm bruce gordon and i'm getting the results in the case of the debris debockle much the story straight ahead. >> it may be football season but the phillies making big moves. they get a guy that can help them out from the first day he shows up. find out who coming up later in sports.
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♪ in dover, delaware government officials want to you make sure your dog stays on leash. the city council has passed an ordinance making it illegal for unleashed dogs to run around win city limit. city law now fall into accordance with delaware state law that dogs have to be licensed and leashed. if you let your furry friend run around on a leash you get a 50 fine and loose dogs could even be impounded. >> we are getting results
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tonight in philadelphia's olney neighborhood residents wanted a clean neighborhood but instead of watched a pile of debris get bigger and bigger. the community turned to fox 29 after they got nowhere fast with everyone else isn't fox 29's bruce gordon talked to some residents and reports on how the city is responding. >> damn. isn't you know. valerie bogs remembers her reaction when she stepped out the back door of her long-time home on the 200 block of sparks street. laid eyes on the mess next door. >> very frustrating. you know who wants to come out every day -- like today i got to come out and look at this stuff. >> reporter: valerie says the mattress and box springs have been outside since the latest tenant moved out of 207 sparks back in late october. then at least two weeks ago demolish kitchen flooring, walls and cabinet tree were added to the pile. >> what goes through your mind as property owner. you lived in this neighborhood 20 years. we assume if you're a landlord you supposed to come clean up your mess. >> reporter: here it sits a magnet for rodents, a signal to squatter that is the home is
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empty. neighbors reached out to me with a simple wish. >> christmas is sunday. i doubt very arroyo'sly if anything happens until after the holiday. i real dollar. >> reporter: christmas present for you would be get this mess out of here. >> exactly. >> reporter: i quickly snapped in photos and sent them to philadelphia's clip community live improvement program make sure owners keep their properties neat and clean. no time flat i had a response and an inspector will be out here wednesday morning to issue citations. owner will have two weeks to clean it up. i went one better. if you're a neighbor two weeks that kind of stuff sitting that not something you want to be dealing with tracking down the own are in michael vaco of southampton he told me vandalism forced him to rip out of the. house and that the resulting debris just hadn't been carted away when i laid out the neighbors concerns he made me a promise. >> you expect to have all that stuff out there by the end of the week, by friday? okay. >> reporter: he later reached out to say he might be able to get this mess out of here by as
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early as thursday. we'll be watching and so will the city. merry christmas, valerie. in olney, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ all right. your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take life look at trenton. it is gorgeous out there. it is might nippy, though. however all things you know how life is everything changes that's wrapping. death and taxes about the on constant. was ben franklin our neck door neighbor here. >> i think so. >> kathy, winter rye in our doorstep feels like it today. >> it certainly does. something i always say nature always seeks a balance when it gets too warm, then it gets cold. when it gets too cold it evens back out and we're on warm turn. temperatures actually warming as winter begins. you can see a few clouds out there to the north and west of the city but all of the precipitation staying to the north a typical la nina pattern we talked about this with our winter forecast last month. for the beginning of winter everything will be riding to the north. that's been the case. so storminess moving toward chicago christmas night and we'll miss out that no white
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christmas unfortunately for the delaware valley. today temperatures only in the 30s atlantic city one the only spots making it into the 40s. 41. 36 in wilmington. 34 in philadelphia. 33 in trenton. 34 in reading. allentown only 33 degrees. 10 degrees below average in most locations. so a big range here as well 22 in the poconos. 32 in philadelphia. it's 30 in wilmington and only 29 degrees in dover. not a huge difference from north to south through now he know upstate new york, pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware with temperatures mainly in the 20s and the 30s. wind speeds on the light side and that will allow these temperatures to fall very quickly but at least we don't have deal with a wind chill much that's got news. cold overnight tonight. lows in the 20 and teens. high pressure building down to the south and east. we get into what we call a return flow on the back side of this high you have a nice southwesterly breeze will pick pump milder air. tomorrow going for a high of frick. some 2 degrees above normal for
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a change which is nice way to head toward the end of the month. 27 overnight in the city. 19 in the suburbs. mainly clear. another cold night but temperatures rebound rather quickly. here's look at your overnight low temperatures mainly in the 20s. so cold everywhere as we wake up for the start of winter. tomorrow the temperature 46 for the high. mostly sunny. more comfortable. and tomorrow as winter begins, of course it will be the shortest day of the year. but it happens when the earth's axis is tilted farthest away from the sun the lowest sun position in the sky but the good news is, longer days are coming. tomorrow the shortest day with each day will get progressively longer. of course, 5:54 is the beginning of winter. we have nine hours and 20 minutes of daylight and this is about four hours less than the beginning of summer. isn't that a huge difference? take look at your seven day forecast. thursday 48 degrees. we have the birds playing that night. friday 52. nice day to travel throughout the northeast. and even through the mid
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atlantic. saturday partly sunny. we have hanukkah beginning in the evening it will be dry and pleasant. christmas day looks great the high around 50 degrees. last year at this time we were talking 60s and 70s for christmas eve and christmas day but this not so bad it will be dry, monday a chance of a shower flirting with 60. even the following tuesday stays mild the temperature 54 degrees. that's a look at your seven day forecast. not so shabby hopefully this weather good luck for the birds. what do you think, guys? >> let's hope so. >> yeah. >> how about the flyers, too. players of the flyers made their way to the children's hospital of philadelphia today to put a smile on kids faces. players came dressed in santa hats and they brought holiday gifts to surprise the kids. the group played games and arts and crafts and lifted their superiority. >> sean. >> phillies making a bold move in december. one that should pay off right away. plus lane johnson is back. he spoke about the frustration of being out and what he needs to do to earn the respect and trust from his teammates.
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that's coming up next in sports. my guest list just tripled.
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♪ the phillies may have just found their opening day starter. today the phils traded for red sox starting pitcher clay buchholz. the phillies gave up josh to bias a minor league second baseman nothing big. buchholz has the chance to be the immediate best arm in a
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phillies rotation that's been little bit suspect. buchholz won two world series with the red sox in 2007 and 2013 but declined a little bit over the last couple of years. 2016, he went eight and 10 with a 4.78 era. but again he brings leadership, another arm to again sub par rotation, and he has the best year in 2013 when he went 13-one. that help the red sox to world series. hopefully we get that guy. the eagles doug pederson has gotten most of the blame for the eagles collapse. really it should go on lane johnson when johnson out of the lineup they went two and eight. when he was in the line up three-one the team hasn't been the same since johnson was suspended especially thon offensive line. now he's back but unfortunately it's way too late. johnson was back at practice today for the first time and doug pederson said yesterday he would be the starter. johnson said he feels good. he's ready to go and doesn't think he'll miss a beat. during the suspension johnson wasn't allowed at the practice
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facility and couldn't communicate with the team. today he talk about how frustrating that was. >> we should have been four and zero after the detroit game. it's all on me. all i can do is go play. i can talk all day about it it's going to be showing and proving through the rest of my crack. >> temple a lot going on over the last couple of weeks. matt ruhle gone. jeff collins in. a lot of moving parts and that overshadowed the fact that the team can still within the most games in program history. that's the focus for the players especially the seniors. >> for the older guys we want to go off as winners. we got a chance of doing something that's never been done here before. our mind says to go and within the games. >> seniors and guys that have been here for while we want to go out victorious.
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>> for those guys it doesn't matter who is the head coach. at this point they won't be here from here on. again, program only won 10 games that is the most they've ever gotten to. they have a chance to get to 11 make historic for those guys. >> good luck to them. >> tonight at 10:00 a group of good samaritans risk their own lives to pull an injured man from a burning car. you can watch this whole thing play out and if this wasn't heroic enough wait until you hear what some of those rescuers did next. anybody wanting to ice skating? >> no. it's too cold. >> hot chocolate. >> i'll go for hot chocolate. i will with marshmallows melted in. look at that. isn't it beautiful. >> put full. >> there are people right now ice skating. skyfox live catching the hearty souls at penn's landing they have good hot chocolate there. >> too cold for all that. >> kathy and i will go out there and brave this elements. >> take pictures. >> lucy can skate, too.
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only from fios. christmas shopping jitters. >> the nation is on edge after a terror attack at a christmas market in germany. >> what you need to know to stay safe. >> you need an exit strategy. >> then, andrea bocelli boycott? >> why the famed singer backed out of trump's even inauguration. recreating trump's double hair by hair. >> inside the bedroom where zsa zsa gabor spent her final hours. >> this is where she slept and you slept here? >> then, sherri papini shocker. >> what do you think sherri knows that she is not


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