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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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breaking at 11:00 staggering devastation in mexico. >> utter chaos and destruction near mexico city. you're looking at the massive explosion that rock a crowded fireworks market this evening. so far authorities have confirm at least 29 people are dead. scores more hurt. the explosion happened while the market was full of people buying firework for holidays. rescue crews are on the seep tonight they're looking for survivors. no word yet on what set off that blast and we'll have much more as it continues to come in tonight. meanwhile, happening right now in comer land county, new jersey, the search for a man accused of murdering his wife. things heated up this evening with the discovery of his truck. good evening, i'm lucy noland. it's the murder and the manhunt that has rocked a community. fox 29's jenn for joyce is live at the new jersey state police port norris staying. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening,
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lucy. well state police tell thus they did suspend the search for jeremiah monelle a few hours ago. they'll pick it back up in the morning. in the meantime friends of the victim tara o'shea watson tell thus this woman endured years of abuse. >> tara was such a sweet girl, um, outgoing, loved her kids. she lived for jeremiah and her daughter sarah. >> reporter: shelby shepherd says she has been friends with tara o'shea watson for the last several years. their children went to school together. after hearing that o'shea watson was found dead inside her comer land county home monday morning, shepherd says she immediately new her estranged husband was to blame. a devastating end to years of abuse. police have charged 32-year-old jeremiah monell with murder but he are mains on the run. earlier tonight investigators recovered a his pickup truck off of saw hill road in cedarville.
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friends like shepherd say they want the man caught. they want justice for a woman who they say would give anyone the shirt off her back. >> when you get to know someone, you can tell something not right, um, visible black and blue mark, um, she just bluntly come out and tell me that there was problems. >> reporter: and shepherd says that friends are organizing a vigil to honor the life of tara o'shea watson. it will be held on thursday night 7:00 o'clock at raymond drive. that's where the victim was living, and they're asking people to wear purple for domestic violence awareness. luce gee. >> thank you very much, jennifer. tonight police are trying to catch the killer of a woman found unconscious in the city's fair hill section. police found the woman in her 40s with severe head trauma on the 2700 block of north third street last night. now, police first say that she showed signs of being shot, but
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later updated the assess many after new report from medic. and they had rushed her to temple hospital in critical condition. she died this morning. now, this crime happened in an area where parents pick up their children from school and residents are shocked. >> made makes no sense to me. crazy. people nuts. problems all over. whoever did that ain't got no mind. no love. >> police also say the woman had injuries that could be consistent with sexual assault. they have not identified her as of yet. in croydon bucks county the cleanup continues from his fatal car crash. one person died and another was injured when two cars crashed into each on the. skyfox over the scene right around 8:00 tonight on river road. the road is closed from third to phyllis of a knowledge word tonight on what went wrong there. now on your radar, one more cold night before all a warmup begi begins.
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meteorologist scott williams is here to to warm your hearts and your toes. isn't i'll tell you, lucy, winter is going to start off just the way we expected it with temperatures in the 20s but not doing stay that way. right now 30 degrees in philadelphia. the high 34. winds are light and temperatures are going to fall quickly. it's already 23 in the poconos. 23 in allentown. wilmington 27. but the coldest temperature on this map is millville only 20 degrees going down into the teens overnight tonight. high pressure will build in during the day tomorrow with a southwesterly wind. temperatures will kick about 2 degrees above normal for a change with high of 46. as winter begins during the day tomorrow. overnight, 27 in the city. 19 in the suburb. southwest winds becoming westerly but no big wind to speak of during the afternoon high 46 in the city much more comfortable. it will be mostly sunny with a few high cirrus clouds kaying thursday will be even warmer w we look at the past five years of christmas day, look at these numbers. only 42 that was the temperature
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on christmas day 2012. the defendant in the past five years 2013. the past couple of years in the 60s. the forecast high for christmas day is 50 degrees. so when you look at this three out past five years on the warm side and snow less. seven day forecast from your weather authority, shows thursday's high 48 good for tailgators for the eagle game that evening. friday good travel weather. saturday a chance of a shower during the afternoon. both of our long range computer models are showing that. of course, we have hasn't now caging saturday evening there could be a few showers. christmas day look pleasant. monday 58 with a chance of a shower. so flirting with 60. and tuesday, 54 degrees as we look i don't know the seven day look at this lucy temperatures above average for the whole eastern half of the nation as we go into the new year. not much like december, is it. >> which is all good. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. >> to the latest now on the attack in berlin. german chap tal on high alert tonight as a manhunt continues for the killer who plowed a big
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rig into a christmas market. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack. that killed 12 people and left nearly 50 others hurt. however, u.s. officials say they do not have enough information to back up terror groups claim. german investigators have also row leased 23-year-old pakistani as sigh column seeker they originally thought was suspect because they say insufficient evidence but let me expand upon that for a quick second here. for instance there was absolutely no evidence of any of this man's dna inside the truck. that is one of the reasons they released him. all right. turkish official is now shining spotlight on muslim cleric from the poconos area. as the investigation continues into the assassination of russian ambassador to turkey he says the cleric ghoul land is behind the government leading to such violence. he released a statement condemning the murder. russian investigators still want to know if andre calf love's killing was the work of just one
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person or part of a larger conspiracy officials have identified the shooter as a 22-year-old member of ankara's riot police squad. russia and tougher occur back opposing sides of the syrian war but say they will not let this assassination stand in the wave their relationship. tonight investigators are ramping up their search for a missing military veteran from south jersey. the last time lance james friends or family saw him was december 2nd and today 18 days later, the new jersey state police marine unit was out in silver lake water way in clementon looking for the 29-year-old. the night he disappeared he led the hide away tavern after an altercation some sort. family members are putting together $5,000 reward for information leading to him. developing right now, dozens and dozens of people including some underaged folks are behind bars tonight. police spent three days cracking down on illegal drugs in philadelphia and it paid off. among the busts nearly $130,000
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worth of cocaine. police say this round up will save lives. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story from police headquarters. when testify see a big operation like this it guess them hope. >> reporter: only fox 29 cameras were there as philadelphia police and sheriff's offices wounded up dozens suspects last week in the latest sweep to get violent offenders drug dealers and wanted suspects off the streets. >> big take away there this it kind of makes the bad guys keep their heads down and give the good people hope. >> reporter: this was the scene on day one of three-day sweep through the east provision diss vision much these the drugs, guns and cash seized by police as they target the the drug trade and violent crime. it was the third in in series of citywide initiative spearheaded by the narcotics unit. >> it's been successful. we're take something real bad people off the street and developing intelligence information led leading to us larger organization. >> police showed off someone guns including ar15s close to
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$50,000 in cash and over 200 grand in heroin cocaine and assorted other drugs. there were hundreds of packets of heroin which came on the heels of drug overdoses and deaths this month linked to de deadly fentanyl laced heroin. >> we were specifically with the drug organization's look at the ones selling the dope that was killing people out there. >> nothing is going to stop the drug sales in this neighborhood because this is the drug capital of the united states. >> reporter: police also arrested several gang members and 36 violent criminals with out staning warrants they're still testing the heroin they seized to to see if it matches the heroin that caused so many overdoses here in the city in recent weeks. at meeks, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. it has been eye sore for weeks and one philadelphia neighborhood. piles of debris left behind. neighbors say they couldn't get any help to get rid of the stu stuff. so we sent out bruce gordon much he's getting results next.
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all these folks are used to dealing with animal rescue and a malls keeping them healthy and safe. they had no idea their holiday season would be spent trying to keep up a family together. we have their story coming up next for goodness sake. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> fox 29 getting results for homeowners in olney. pile of demolition rubble appeared backyard of this rem home on the 200 block of spark street after a tenant moved out several weeks ago. neighbors say it's become a magnet for rodents and a signal that the home is empty. >> christmas is sunday. i doubt very seriously if anything happens until after -- after the holiday. i real dollar. >> reporter: crest mass present for you would be to debt this mess out of here. >> exactly. >> merry christmas. bruce gordon made some phone calls and now city inspectors will visit the home tomorrow morning to issue citations and require a cleanup but they do have two weeks. bruce reached the property owner. michael vacca of southampton he says vandalism forced him to tear away some of the front but he promised he'll have the mess cleared away bite end of this week. so we shall see. fox 29 getting results. ♪
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tonight light finds a local family who has been in a dark place. not long before christmas they found themselves homeless. but just as they thought they hit bottom, having to give up their beloved pets the very animal rescues they turned to ended up not only saving their animals but them as well for goodness sake. here's fox 29's bill anderson. >> reporter: nearly 65% of americans are less than one paycheck away from homelessness. to most those are just numbers emotion less statistic but a group of animal rescue workers found themselves dealing with a family in that very situation right as we head into the holiday season. ♪ >> there's family that needs to surrender their dog. okay, i called them. i realized this was -- this wasn't just a dog that needed to be saved it was the whole family she was loading -- they lost their home. they were homeless. exactly what she said. and just broke down.
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>> days before christmas they found out ortiz family a couple and their five children will be on the streets. i met a group of animal rescue workers who for now are focused on helping these people. >> holiday spirit people do love miracles then want to do good. me dealing with animals but it's very, um, humbling to see everybody do what they're doing for this familiarly. >> they posted the story on facebook started a gofundme account and another person animal rescue community saw it. she's now donating her services to care for the family pets and also shared why animal rescue workers rallying for a family there really isn't that unusual. >> we understand people go through who are times. this family is going through a hard time. it doesn't mean they don't have a good, um -- you know, human animal bond still going on. sometimes you need notes get through that ortiz family is both proud and private they didn't really want to talk about this situation. but once i explained to them
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that other families needed to hear about this, they agreed to let me come by and speak to th them. >> it was up to the point where you didn't know what the next step was. >> yup. >> and just like that,/just like that. >> it was literal al miracle. >> the her raquel was a friend who saw the post and invited all seven ortiz family members to come stay in her house with her husband and her two children. >> if it were my family, i would hope that somebody would be gracious enough to open their home to my children. >> it may not be a big deal to roxanne but it was to donna. >> i told the kids that angels are here on earth. they're everywhere. when you think that people don't like people any more see all they've done for my familiar and
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they don't even know us it's amaze. >> ortiz family still needs steady employment and permanent house in one of the dark kev moment imageable a community rallied and showed the ortiz nam family the light for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> amazing the power of good, isn't it full disclosure those rescues are good friends of mine rescue dogs. you can find the gofundme link they set up for ortiz family on also my facebook page, of course. this basketball game is about more than winning on the court. it's helping these guys continue succeeding on their path to recovery. they're part of what's called sober sports a sports league dedicated to helping those battling substance addictions. two young men who are in recovery worked together at the outpatient facility called humble beginnings. they have office offices in chel and willow grove. it was there they came up with the idea of a sober league.
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>> we brand what recovery locks like my first impression recovery was looking like was going to meetings, aa, na, bringing up what -- when we take sports it tears down a lot of walls what recovery looks like. we can have fun. go bowling. go to the diners after meeting. >> more information on the sober league and future games go to you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is happening in your neighborhood. iain what is going on tonight. >> lucy in south physical groups gathered for the philly set go conference organizers described the event as a 21st century urban salon. sol out event took place in old ski convert nod a space for artists and designers. event organizers say they hope to promote a dialogue among the next generation of policy lead leaders to discuss issues and most important in the city's diverse and growing millennial population. people entering the spring
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garden station in northern liberties now have a much prettier and brighter sight to see. fresco user arlene lee takes us to the brand new lighting display at second and spring garden the connector takes residents from northern liberties to the waterfront in addition to the lights crews also put in some new sidewalks and trees. remember when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. got a question. recognize the allison green. that would be the mayor jim kenney. santa mark swill la and christmas council had the honor of honor the franklin square electrical spectacle. very nice stuff. >> there's been a lot of blame to go around when it comes to why the eagles season has ended up how it has. i'm going to tell you one thing. there's one guy you have to be -- has to be the biggest
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reason why the eagles are downhill. i'll tell hugh and why in my sports commentary. ♪ my family really needs to be wowed this year.
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♪ sean bell tonight on who deserves the blame for the eagles did he mice this season. we have to blame somebody. all right. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ lane johnson is the reason the eagles can't make the playoffs. let's be blunt. let's be straight forward. doug pederson howie roseman and the lack of player maker have been getting all the blame to me it's all about lane johnson. he was suspended 10 games for taking illegal substance and the team hasn't been the same ever since. they went three-one with lane. two-eight without him. with lane carson wentz threw seven touchdowns.
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just one pick. without him, carson threw 6td's and 12 interceptions. johnson being out of the lineup set up a chain reaction doomed this team from the get go. offensive linemen playing hurt, out of positions rookies being forced to take on too much too soon. you can blame doug pederson and play makers all you want but carson wentz not having time to throw and the running back not being consistent all comes back to lane johnson. i'm not saying the eagles are world beaters with him, but lane johnson meant everything to the eagles success. lucy? >> all right, thanks much sean bell. rock and roll hall of fame las of 2176 new inductees. we learned they're names today. tupac shakor the sixth hiphop artist inducted. pearl jam, joan byes, rock bands yes and electric light orchestra otherwise known as elo. the induction ceremony is in new
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york city next april. i am an old rocker at heart. all right. it's official. dick van dyke heading back to the banks household 91-year-old acting icon confirm he's joined the cast of upcoming mary poppins sequel how cool is that. >> my gosh. >> i cannot wait. he said quote i got to be a part of it. maryland streep and colin fourth will be a part of it too. and starring as ms. poppins herself emily blunt. did you ever see the original mary poppins sean bell. >> the whole thing new york ci city. >> really? >> i'm sorry. >> i don't even remember what it's really about. >> oh they need add bitter nanny. >> the woman with the umbrella. >> going up -- yeah. the lance that comes out of the big bag. don't you think it will be awesome. >> it will be great and we're taking you. >> we'll take you to see mary poppins. >> we're going to go out. >> okay. unr: today on "tmz" --
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harvey: richard marx is on a plane with daisy fuentes, his wife, and this passenger is hitting flight attendants. >> you can tell he's in the fray. like he was helping these flight attendants out. >> if you get restrained by richard marx, man. >> he can be like all intimidating to the guy, like wherever you go, whatever you do, i will be here for you. it's creepy when you do it that way. >> justin bieber leaving hyde in a crazy fur jacket. we get him driving out. >> the jacket real? >> it's [bleep] real. >> his history of randomly handing pets to people. >> what happened to that puppy he bought? >> he married it. >> and if he went up on different views and maybe they can change your mind. >> if the ku klux klan wanted to rent out the "tmz" tour, would you rent the bus? harvey: no, i think it's over


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