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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> plus: suing social media. the families of some of the victims of the pulse night club shooting are filing a lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google. why? >> and would you go? president-elect trump's name is slowly being remove from the atlantic city skyline. but is the city the place for a donald trump museum? >> trump museum. hey, good day everybody, it is the first day of winter. so in honor of that we brought over a hot tub for our guests today. >> this is a sauna right there. >> look how hot it is. >> is that 102? >> 102 inside the sauna? >> oh, that looks like a conventional. >> it kind of does. >> i tell you, that's what it reminded me of. >> and then there hot tub. >> thank you to all season pool and spa for sending over this zaun.
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>> and the hot tub for the hot tub. now i'm a little concerned. because the idea, 79 now, last check at 77, that we get in this hot tub, first day every winter, we want to warm ourselves up. bob kelly who recently bought a hot tub, you're new to the club, you say no way it will be hot -- >> it will get warm couple of degrees an hour, but -- >> oh, that's it. >> i don't think we will get up to 104 like we would like it. >> so this may backfire on us? we thought it would warm us up? >> well, i didn't go to the meeting yesterday. >> oh, the good day way. >> polar plunge. >> your fox 29 speed snow. >> the 29 degrees right now, right? >> it is. and it will warm up though later today. so it is actually going to be pretty nice start to winter. we give today a eight, weather by the numbers on scale of one to ten, but it is clear, it is cold. we dropped now to 28 degrees. wind out of the southwest 6 miles per hour, sun comes up in 18 minute. it is 26 in trenton, 26
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atlantic city, 20 right now in allentown, along with reading. as we take a lock at bus stop buddy, bundled up for the first day of winter, it is cold, temperatures this morning in the 20's. high pressure, though, will be in control. and winds will shift more out of the west southwest. so by this afternoon, look for above average temperatures, 45 degrees in philadelphia, elsewhere, across the area, down the shore, 46. forty-two in the lehigh valley. coming up we will talk more about the temperatures above average and what to expect for the holiday weekend. bob kelly? >> scotty, 7:02. good morning to you on a wednesday. here is a live look at the water main break from yesterday here along columbus boulevard between queen and christian. let's roll video from our skyfox. buckle your seatbelt. we were live over it yesterday morning when it errupted here along the columbus boulevard southbound lanes between queen and christian. now, they had to shut water off to some of the townhomes there. they did make repairs overnight, they put down some salt. right now, only the left lane
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open. and they are allowing the cars, as you see right there, coming out from the side streets, folks that live in that townhome development. but, as we come back to my maps here, at 9:00 a.m., we are going to go into shutdown mode again. they'll close columbus boulevard in that area, also, going to shut down the 95 off-ramps to columbus boulevard, again, at 9:00 a.m. we got a scheduled opening any minute now, set for 7:00. probably going up as we speak, the burlington bristol bridge. so either wait it out, grab jumbo coffee or head for the talcony palmyra. speaking of coffee, coffee being delivered as we speak. 309 northbound, accident at perkasie for the gang up near quakertown, been rough week on the rails, the buses with the cold temps, paoli thorndale line had some delays right out of the gate. the atlantic city line, from fill toy ac, running with some delays this morning. and just watch for some icy conditions in the neighborhoods. even the kelly drive, headed home yesterday, that right lane, by boathouse row, all iced over. use some caution this morning, mike and alex back over to
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you. >> 7:03. here we go again, violent night in west philly. >> two men are killed in separate shootings, and they were located just about ten blocks away from each other. steve keeley is at the scene. one of those shootings in west philadelphia. steve? >> reporter: well, from this corner you can see the beauty and the uglies necessary of philadelphia all in one picture, all from one spot here at the corner of 51st and market. sunrise and good thing the sun has come up. while it was still dark, it was still violent on the streets here. you can see in the foreground, of the sunrise, one of the police, philadelphia, real time crime cameras here at the corner of 51st and market, right under the market frank for the he will train, and they're wonder if it captured the killer as he came or went this way just ten car lengths away. we go to the video, you will see the killer first opened the passenger door of this toyota camry, just 50 feet from the corner, then opened fire as a young man who had no id on him at the time, was sitting in the drivers seat with the engine running.
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>> there is one bullet hole on the top of the door frame. so it appears that the shooter was firing from outside in to the car. we also found a projectile, an actual bullet, a spent bullet, on the floorboards by the feet of the victim. so it, appears at this time that the shooter was standing right next to the passenger side open door of the vehicle that the victim was sitting in, and firing shots into the car and we know that this victim was struck at least two times in the head. >> reporter: the car registered to a woman who lives 2 miles away from here, not reported stolen by her. so police were going to her house to talk to her to find out who she let use the car to find out who the man was to help find who wanted him dead and why. it does not appear to be a robbery. but that does appear to be the motive in the first murder just nine blocks away and ten minutes before this after
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1:00 a.m. at 60th and almond streets. >> upon arrival they did locate one male. he shot multiple times throughout the chest and the abdomen. police transported him to presbyterian hospital, where he was pronounced deceased at 1:40 this morning, we believe at this time that the motive may have been robbery. but we're not 100% sure. >> so, both men shot and killed and pronounced dead within the same half hour between 1:00 and 1:30 this morning, as this bitter cold continues to not stop anyone from cold calculated killing here in christmas week as we see the sunrise on another deadly day in philadelphia. alex, mike? >> oh, man. 7:06. >> investigators in cumberland county they want to know why a home went up in flames overnight. the fire sent three people including a child to the hospital. all three have suffered burns. blaze broke out at home in fair ton. all right, just who carried out this deadly attack in berlin?
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cops are still trying to figure this out. isis was claiming responsibility. but the us state department says they're not sure about that at all. >> so thomas drayton has the latest when it comes to what german media is reporting this morning. >> reporter: they are reporting investigators are looking for tan ocean man, whose document were found, that plowed in killing four people, injuring 48 other. police in berlin had suspect in custody, reported this, 23 year old, pakistani asylum seeker. but that man turns out has been set free, because they simply can't proof that's the attacker. as intense manhunt continues, germany remains on high alert. meanwhile, german chancellor angle american he will, coming un fire, some critics blaming her for allowing refugees and asylum seekers into the country. she said she will now bow to any pressure. flags in germany lowered to half staff. i mentioned this in the last half hour here, as a child
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when i heard about this news, alex, mike, heart breaking. as a child, my dad was stationed in germany, and we would go to the markets in frankford as well as the market there in berlin. we would pay our mark back in the day about 53 sent, and run around the christmas market, get our like german gingerbread, and, you know, it wasn't uncommon for schools to hold field trips there, even in the evening. it was just a safe environment. we would run around as children without parental supervision. but we felt safe there. so when i heard about this tragedy, just had to wonder how many children were in the way and how many, you know, parents were looking for their children, and vice versa. it is just heart breaking. >> wow. so, for those of us then who have not been, how does it compare to christmas village here? is it kind of similar set up? >> smaller version. the chris kindle market which in germany is the christmas village. much smaller version here. very similar. but you know you have hundreds and hundreds of vendors out
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there. you can get your gingerbread, your little arts and crafts, the cuckoo clocks, the mugs that you hold, so very similar. i think they have now about 600,000 people who visit the market. >> wow, i'm sure it is probably a loft families, too, like yours? >> a loft field trips as i mention, schools, kind of tradition, parents would sign off on the permission slip, would you board the buses and go out there. >> to the christmas market. >> thank you for sharing that, thomas. >> all right, how about this? people getting ready for the upcoming holiday festivities in mexico, struggling with tragedy, this is just outside of mexico city. listen to this. >> (explosions heard). >> thousands and thousands of fireworks exploding at this fireworks market. people were shopping for fireworks. twenty-nine people are dead,
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72 at least treated at hospitals for severe burns. the country's most popular fireworks market in the suburbs of mexico city, pack with people buying their fireworks to celebrate christmas and new years eve. investigators are looking into what started this thing. what sparked the original fireworks to go off. >> well the scottsdale police department has released body cam video of the dui aris of michael. >> he was arrested on december the 12th, police found him passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. >> scottsdale police. put your car in park. >> police say he went through two cycles of traffic lights, when officers tapped on the window of his escalade. at that point officers forced to help him out of the vehicle they said. after he was out of the vehicle he didn't seem to understand what was going on.
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>> why are you like this? >> you can't listen, that's the problem. >> what? >> sit down. sit down. sit. sit. i'm not going to ask you again. sit on the curb. >> why you guys be like this. >> do you have any idea why we're contacting you or why we're talking like this. >> yes, sir. >> why are we doing in. >> , i don't know why. >> he was asleep in the car. that's what was happening. now, he's told the police officers he had only one drink. must have been a big one. he's then given the field sobriety test, right there on the street, but refuse as breathalyzer test. that's when they took him into custody. after the arrest he was cut from the team. but days later, he was pick up by the new england patriots. floyd is charged with 2dui's, failing to obey a police officer, and obstructing a public road. he was just idle, sleeping at the intersection. >> so he didn't go through
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them? >> the car just sitting there idol as he slept. >> and the patriots of all teams pick him up? bill belichick, he'll keep an eye on him. 7:12. >> just about everyone talks about heading home for the holidays. will this and year when many would just rather skip out? new fox news poll shows just how politically divided we've become, and, it could extract a heavy toll over christmas. >> well, if you don't want to get into an argument with your loved ones, and your family members, maybe just stay home. >> or don't bring up politics? >> no wine. >> except it just keeps coming up. doesn't it? >> it does. >> people have couple of drinks, all the sudden that's what they want to talk b obviously still fresh in people's minted, i think all familiar with people that have deep friended someone, based on their political views. over the holidays, people like that all come together under the same roof, and sometimes, it isn't pretty.
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>> you could be this woman over christmas. stale harbor genuine anger after a bruising election. even if you don't go that far you would be in plenty of company in you're that unhappy and showing it new fox news poll shows exactly half of us, 51%, report having had arguments with friends and family over the result of last month's elections. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. so merry christmas. >> the president-elect, donald trump, railing against holiday correctness, emphasizing christmas, but probably won't be enough to bring us together. there are plenty of trump and clinton voters who still seem to be angry toward one another. about a third of trump voters say no, they do not respect clinton voters. and clinton voters are even less for giving, 45% say they don't respect trump voters. so how will that translate over christmas weekend get together? only 18% of voters describe america as a tight-knit family.
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77% say they were a dysfunctional family. conversations over the coming days turn to politics consider this advice. >> if among the families things get little out of control, it is very easy to switch gears. hey, guys, it is time for some pie. let's move onto dessert. >> is there nothing that pie can't fix? just go easy on the humble pie. back to you guys. >> exactly, i'll wear a donald trump mask to christmas dinner. >> i'm sure that will go over well. >> we'll see what happens. doug, see you tomorrow. >> thank you, doug. eagles fan scored big, winning several free ticket give aways over the past few years. >> yes. and he says it is just good luck. not cheating that helped him win. the eagles fan friday promotion works like this. a few days before each home game, the team post as random location where the team mascot swoop will be waiting. the first person to high five
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swoop at the designated place, and time, wins ticket to that week's game. so, kyle lloyd has won 13 of the last 20 give aways. >> what? >> yes. billy penn. com reached out to him on twitter. he says there is no cheating involved. it is just determination. he listens closely to the clues and he's found it 13 times. >> so how do you win the tickets? you get clues? >> clues, go meet at the time and place and swoop be there there, give you the ticket. >> even weekday? i don't understand. thirteen out of 20? >> man, this guy, we should hire him. to do what i don't know. >> bring him in. >> man, wow. >> determined. >> i guess they don't have a thing where if you win once, you're ineligible. >> my friend kyle doesn't have a job. >> he does? oh, okay. >> oh,. >> he's been taking lunch. that's when he does it.
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>> oh, lengthy lunch breaks. okay. >> basically a season ticket holder if you ask me. >> for free. >> my gosh. >> all right, scott, let's do some weather. >> we have to talk about this beautiful sunrise behind me here in old city. take a look at this, it is picture postcard worthy. on this first day of winter, a nice sunrise. but there is a chill in the air. look at the temperatures. 28 degrees right now. below freezing. temperatures by this afternoon, few degrees above average. top out low to mid 40's. twenty-six atlantic city, mid 20's wilmington, 20 in allentown along with reading on this wednesday morning. high pressure off to our south. so, dry, quiet. looking at once again a seasonable chill by noon, up to 40, 45 degrees, at 3:00. so across the area, for today, you can see temperatures, reading 42, 42 lancaster for your high temperature, 42 allentown. mid 40's in atlantic city along with dover. with a about christmas eve and hand kay? talking mostly cloudy.
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there could be a spotty shower or a wet snowflake early in the day. otherwise, upper 40's for high temperatures. 50 degrees on christmas day. that is above the normal for christmas day which is 42 degrees. remember last year, bob kelly, it was almost 70 degrees on christmas day. so, temperatures in that seven day forecast, above average, as we flirt with the 60 degrees mark, on monday. >> i talked to saint a he's going put the training wheels on the slay. so then in case we don't have the snow, we will still be able to get there. good morning, everybody, 7:17. live look here, westbound schuylkill expressway, south philly, right at vare avenue. two car accident. they just pushed these guys off to the shoulder to get them out of the travel lanes. downtown we go, red christmas light. no brake lights. heading across town, trying to exit there at 30th street station. we're ready for business for rush hour, columbus boulevard, going to go into shutdown mode again. come on, burke he will your seatbelt. let's go for aeried skyfox over the scene yesterday, right after this water main
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break burst here along columbus boulevard. they did restore water to some of the townhomes there. but, they're coming back. right after the rush hour to shut down columbus boulevard again, starting at 9:00 a.m. so, let's go back to the maps. 9:00 columbus boulevard will be closed and the off-ramps from 95 will also be closed, burlington bristol bridge, just completed an opening, so we're still heavy on both sides of the river. accident along route 309. up there, in perkasie. delays this morning on the paoli line, first train out of the gate, was slow going, because of the cold temps. the ac river line, running with 30 minute delays. some icy conditions, stenton and whitemarsh, and the blue route looking good if you are headed to or from the airport. maybe going all the way up to reading. good morning to joey, lights all lit up on the front lawn, right there in front. pizza joint there in readingment come on, snap a picture of your christmas lights. and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox29lights contest, so we can show the photos here
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on tv and maybe come visit you live tomorrow night on our 5:00 newscast. mike and alex back to you. >> bob, be careful. >> oh, oh? >> new list out of jobs that won't be around probably five years from now. >> oh, oh? >> so will your career exist in a few years? this new list will tell us which jobs are on the endangered list,. >> bobby would listen closely and get a resume out. >> oh, no. >> and she back. this mom danced at the warriors game made her ain't net sensation. there she is. oh, ya. last night she was part of the half time show. they took her out of the audience, put her on the court. we'll show that you video. >> and it is the first day of winter. we are warming up. just basically trying to trunk out brains. into thinking that it is spring. so we brought in a sauna. >> and it looks like our photographer tom beck is already trying it out. take it off.
7:20 am
look out. >> oh, ya, we also have a hot tub that he may slip into. >> is he supposed to be working? >> that is work. >> oh, okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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(in about five years some of you will be out after job because your job will become obsolete. hillary has a list. can i start off the list? >> hey, mike, ya, go right ahead. >> okay, at number ten, computer programer. i figure that's pretty safe. but no? >> no. so there is increasing amounts of exporting of jobs overseas, and a lot of that computer programming is happening overseas. but it is also becoming a lot more automated. actually generating programs that actually do the programming it self. so little bit smaller demand for that job.
7:24 am
>> i thought that would be something that you would be really safe. >> now the next couple, i guess, newspaper reporter, i hate to say it because we know a lot of newspaper reporters here in philadelphia. >> yes, increasingly shrinking asomugha an industry, a lot of people getting their newspapers on lynam lot of newspapers are adapting have platforms on line. but a lot of news is free, they get it from twitter, facebook, from youtube, google. so a little bit after lesser demand and not as much revenue coming in for those newspaper print companies. >> hold everything. number eight on this list, is a broadcaster? >> that's us. >> i know. we may be out of jobs soon. it is just because people in general are getting their news on variety of platforms, a lot of it son line. so your traditional newscasts not as many people are sitting and watching it. v. but that's why we're all adapting have, our live shows
7:25 am
on line. >> right. >> so i think we're thinking of creative ways to make sure we're not all out of jobs. i don't know, brush up on that resume in case. i know i am. >> my gosh. >> that's disheartening, let's just not talk to you any more. see you tomorrow. no, number seven, seamstress, six, insurance under writer. five, jeweler. >> what? >> i don't know. i mean, i'm not -- i don't know how this is going out of business. i think really the best explanation is a lot of this is going on line, so your traditional small shops jewelers are going out of business and in favor of, you know, the bigger stores, and a lot of it is on line. >> what about dj that's i guess because of music streaming and stuff, people just put on the spotify and call it a day? >> exactly. spotify now essentially has a dj app integrate today it. you can select whatever genre
7:26 am
you want. they mix it, you can select songs in order, and it is just a one time price. yes, that's going out, as well. >> now there is next one i feel like never in danger at least in philly anyway. meter riders? >> i think what they're talking about is the meter, people use today come behind your house, and read how much electricity and water you use. >> don't you have someone do that? you think there is a way to do it remotely? >> yes, i think like cable. >> what? >> is that what they mean? >> yes, they have smart meters now as well, everything is just transmitted automatically. >> at first i thought it was like parking meters, because that will never go out here. >> word processer. >> i think that's one job we want to go extinct, avoid the parking ticket. >> i hate to say number one, mail carrier. >> awe. >> ya. >> i love my mail carrier, we talk every time i see him. >> hillary when was the last time you licked a stamp? >> you know? i get -- no, i haven't.
7:27 am
i mean, honestly i don't know if i have in my life. they have the stickers now. you don't have to lick them. >> that's true. >> little sticklers some people use little sponge if they don't want to do the licking. >> true. >> ya, exactly. one thing i would add about all of this, they're saying these jobs aren't going to completely go away. but they're just going to become little bit more competitive because there will be fewer positions available. >> yes. good. >> so don't fear if you're one of us. >> we just have to adaptment. >> and be more competitive. >> yes. >> hillary, sigh you tomorrow. >> thanks, guys. >> so that means we have to be competitive against each other, for the top spot? >> dog eat dog. >> grr. >> real quickly here. >> what? >> hillary has never licked a stamp. >> that does seem interesting, doesn't it? >> that seems, what is she, 12? >> stop it. you know, sometimes i like the taste. when i was like younger? it is not horrible. it is like an interesting taste to it.
7:28 am
>> ew. >> i'm not say i lick it for a snack, but i didn't mind it. >> like get whole roll at the post office and just -- okay. learn something new every day. >> i mean, it is not horrible. >> it is not horrible. but i prefer the peel-off now. >> oh, ya. plus, it is just, ya. it saves you time. >> plus when is the last time i mailed a letter. >> when is the last time you licked a stamp? >> i believe the reagan administration. i don't know. i don't know. this woman is back. i love this woman. she dances at the warriors games up in the stand, right? they had her as part of the half time show yesterday. or last night. we will show that you performance. how did she do? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> president-elect trump's name is slowly being removed from the atlantic city skyline. but, is the city the right spot for a museum dedicated to the president-elect? >> meet the man who says, it would help the struggling gambling resort, imagine, a trump museum in atlantic city. >> and it is the first day every winter. so, we are warming up. all season pool and spa, well, the sauna, but his is the hot tub, working on this hot tub, trying to get it nice and hot, because, i mean, that's a great way to celebrate the first day of winter right?
7:32 am
just going to hop on in, scott. you want to join us? >> think warm thoughts. i'll think about joining you, i have to see. we have to wait. >> i mean, it is cold out there. >> if that water temperatures warm up enough. right now coal. talking about beautiful sunrise across the delaware valley. temperatures, this morning, though, it is cold, definitely feels like winter. 28 degrees right now. but by this afternoon, seasonable afternoon with high temperatures topping out in the 40's. we have 20 right now, 26 atlantic city, 20 in allentown, 25 right now in wilmington. so, high pressure, still in control. off to our south. we will see mixture of sun and clouds, more of westerly win, with that clockwise flow around that area of high pressure, so, by this afternoon, looking at temperatures in philadelphia, right around 45 degrees, the average for this time of year is in the low 40's, so hour by hour, seasonable chill, 40 at noon, 45 this afternoon, then turning cold again by 7:00 temperatures dipping into the upper 30's. coming up we will talk about
7:33 am
the holiday forecast. right now here's bob kelly. >> you got it, coming up on 7:33 exactly right now. here is a live look at the 42 freeway. jammo coming in toward philadelphia. that's because we have three accidents on 295 working right now. so we go for a fly. it begins right here at the freeway, three separate accidents north of the freeway. one at 561, one at woodcrest, another one at route 30. that's having a domino effect back onto 42. here is a live look at the water main break from yesterday. columbus boulevard only one lane squeezing on through. okay now but at 9:00 they're coming back. the work crews will close columbus boulevard again today from christian down to queen. the off-ramps from 95 will also close at columbus boulevard. that's going to be the biggest problem. because everybody on 95 confused yesterday as to what was going on, they'll have to go up, exit at girard, or south, and exit near front street, and some delays this morning on the regional rails,
7:34 am
both the paoli, cynwyd line posting delays this morning, alex, over to you. >> 7:34, families of the victims of the orlando night club shooting, they've filed a federal civil lawsuit. they're suing twitter, facebook, and google, and the suit claims the site provided material support for the islamic state and help radicalize shooter omar martin. without the three platforms isis would not be able to spread its propaganda. pledged allegiance to isis, then opened fire inside the night club killing 49 people. so we bring in ken rotweiler right now, because of course, this is horrible situation, and we feel for the families and all of the victims, one who we know personally, patience carter intern here. do these families do, they have a case against facebook, google and twitter? >> well, it is kind of interesting legal theory when i first red about this. i was little bit surprised they actually would sue these internet provider. when i look into it, it is
7:35 am
going to be a hard hurdle. there is actual federal legislation, section 230 what's called the communications decency act of 1996. what that act basically did, alex it, provided immunity from liability for providers of internet computer services who publish information provided by other. so what that act is basically saying is if you're an internet company, and you basically have a platform, and you allow others to speak on your platform, you as a company are not responsible for what other people say. so in this particular case, and the judge could rule, as such, that, you know, facebook, twitter, google, not responsible. because they just provided the platform. they're not responsible to isis or anything else uses their platform to do bad things. >> interesting. but it seems like, though, when it comes to facebook, twitter, still certain things you can't do. you can't threaten people. sometimes you can flag certain things. >> right. >> can't they do the same thing then with some isis related? >> i took a look at. that will out of the three,
7:36 am
facebook doing that, facebook actually goes through, makes sure there is nothing threatening or nothing potentially threatening, anywhere on their platform. twitter and google, i couldn't find anything quite frankly. i'm sure they're in the process of doing that, if a lawsuit like this exceeds, obvious they'll all be mandated to do it. >> maybe not such a bad idea. by the way the lawyer, i rid some articles when he was interviewed, not doing this for money purposes. they are doing this to try to protect other families from going through what they've gone through. i mean, there is some validity. let's face t isis doesn't use these platforms to communicate their message and basically inspire other people. they radicalize other people to dot type of things that happens in the pulse night club. forty-nine people killed. fifty-three injured. it was the worse mass shooting in the united state history. >> yet even though this happened, and you mention how facebook has some methods, twitter, google, little different. twitter recently, i wouldn't say they won, but a lawsuit like this happened against them. and it was dismissed. >> very good.
7:37 am
twitter defeated lawsuit last month, just last month. basically siting that act, section 230 of the communications decency act, with federal legislation, so they won based on. that that's why i started offer saying i don't think this lawsuit will be successful either for the same reasons the lawsuit against twitter wasn't successful. they'll site that federal legislation. and that will preempt any lawsuit from going forward. >> so then just to be clear then, what's the difference if you were going facebook, using profanity, nudity that type of thing versus isis propaganda. >> obviously big distinction between the two. think of it, you can't say any indecent words on facebook, they'll kick you right off. trying to dot same thing, and they really are doing the same thing. you can't go on facebook and basically promote violence. if you do, you will be shutdown. i think pretty quickly. so look, this is all new stuff. the internet, you know, basically, a new medium. and terrorist groups like this, they're doing what they can to try to curtail this. a lawsuit, basically, put the whole thing, sheds light on
7:38 am
the whole thing. i think the lawsuit is a good thing, now we are talking about it, see what happens. >> facebook has released a statement that said our community standards make clear there is no place on facebook for groups that engage in terrorist activity or for content that expresses support for such activity. and we take swift action to remove this content when it is reported to us. i questions it kind of answers mygale it does. can i say one other thing? >> merry christmas. i won't see you between now and christmas. >> happy holidays to you, we love when you come in, ken. 7:38. is your cookware dangerous for your kids? well before you saute or work on the next meal, hear how your pots and pans could actually be affecting your baby's health. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago.
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>> sweater mom is back, goal end state warriors fans famous more or less, they went viral, back in november, for this dance right here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> former teacher robin
7:42 am
shriver, she wrote the fame shortly after a clip of her dancing in the crowd during a warriors game went viral. tweet add clip of her moves with a message whose mom is this? seen more than 54,000 re tweets, and more than 93,000 likes. and so, what happens next? well, last night, she was asked to perp form, not in the stands, but right on the court at half time. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, now. >> i love it! >> those are the goal end state warriors dance team there, during the break. wow. warriors versus utah jazz. she got that signature sweater
7:43 am
on. that's for sure. >> i love this. that mama has got skills. she dear serves to be out there. go girl. it kind of remind me when you go to the sixers game, sixers senior dancers, oh, my gosh, ryan, could you google the sixers senior dancers. they'll do it to music out, like panda, that kind of thing. >> she -- you know how many times they've asked her to come back now to do there? >> how many? >> zero. >> oh, so it was a one time thing? >> one time thing. >> i think it is cute e-mail she should form a squad, and they should go out and dance, just like the sixers senior cancer? dancing moms. >> like the talk of the town, when every economy out there the crowd goes wild. yeah. >> ryan? >> oh, okay. because ya, i have it here. i guess if we need to show it on my phone here, i had them ready to go. because i'm that much of a fan. >> you actually have that ready to go on your phone? >> yup. >> all right.
7:44 am
>> oh, there is an ad of course, hole on. yep. let's see, race to who gets it first. >> don't you feel good when it says skip. >> i know, your alike yes, you press the skip button and go right to it. >> skip the ad. >> here they are being introduced, christian crosby, all right. >> look at them go! >> oh, i've seen them. >> yes, they are great. they are great. wait until they start moving. >> i don't know what kind of music it is, though. >> ♪ >> ♪ then it will breakdown, they just really get to it. >> aren't they cute? i love it. i love it. >> sugar pie. >> oh, there they go, right now. >> ♪ >> is that amazing? >> wow. >> i'm a big fan. a big fan. i wonder if they have
7:45 am
auditions, how that works? look at them. there, getting it. >> well now. maybe i'll call them up. have them join me in the hot tub. >> ya, you should join them. you got to do little shoulders move. >> okay, we are taking a break seriously, i'll warm up my coffee and be better when i come back. >> all right.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> 7:47, good morning, live look right now, this is, looks like, an accident on 202, up near allendale, right just north of the king of prussia mall. kind of folks scooting around it there. so look out on 202, jammed up, on 42, coming in toward philadelphia. mainly because of three separate accidents, on 295. we are bumper to bumper from south of the freeway, through bellmawr, all the way up into woodcrest station. there is your three accident, and that's having domino effect back onto the 42 freeway. also, looking at delays on some of the regional rail lines because of the temps, the paoli and the cynwyd regional rail line. what's the forecast like for today and the holiday weekend? scotty's dot it in 15 seconds.
7:49 am
>> time is 7:48, colon this first official day every winter. twenty-six right now in atlantic city, mid 20's in wilmington, 20 in allentown, so bus stop buddy is bundled up for cold start, but high pressure will be in control. more of a westerly wind, and look at temperatures, by this afternoon, ya, mid #'s, in philadelphia, what about the holiday weekend? we'll talk about that with the seven day forecast coming upment back over to you. >> as you know the trump casinos in atlantic city are closed, will the trump name soon shine on the skyline of ac? >> may soon be trump museum down the shore. >> steve, really? >> reporter: well, mike, here we are on the ben franklin parkway, where philadelphia has it famous museum of art. and essentially museum row here on the parkway. but down the shore, there is no museum of art. soon maybe a museum of trump. >> would you go? >> i would go. >> reporter: i take it you wouldn't go on your next trip
7:50 am
to atlantic city? >> i would not, no. >> reporter: despite now more than ever, the trump name no longer as prominent as it was here in atlantic city. do you have peer through the long look doors at hirst first casino here to see the name trump plaza on crumbled buffer a ad. trump taj mahal still has the name in neon, but is no longer the flashy place it used to be as it was one of them 46 year old donald trump opened the place in 1990. before mike pence was at his side, it was a different mike here, that it was his runningmate trying to get through the casino crowd. >> i think initially maybe short-term there will be a glitch, but midterm, long-term, a very positive thing for atlantic sit. >> i so with the trump named mostly history now, with the trump name now being added to america's future history books as the next president, what better time and better place levi fox says for trump museum but here on the boardwalk. >> the and the, artifact, images, pictures, stories, things we talk becomes material culture can tell the
7:51 am
narrative of mr. trump's career in atlantic city and atlantic city in that period. >> what do you think of the idea of donald trump museum in atlantic city? >> a donald trump trump museum? >> that's awful. >> it sounds like a terrible idea. >> do you think they should put a trump museum here? >> no. >> we don't want this museum to be something that really speaks from one voice from one audience. >> i see a lot of fight happening there between the pro and anti. >> so they they would need like bouncers? >> security. >> first museum with bouncers? >> yes. >> being he's had four if not more casinos in atlantic city, so should be plenty of substance to it. >> with a would be in a donald trump museum in atlantic city do youy? >> probably like a lunch of photos of himself, like -- >> various pictures of various casinos, that he has owned. i think that would attract a
7:52 am
lot of people. >> what else? >> tanning bed? maybe? >> the type of activity, something that could bring many different people from various backgrounds, from different generations, to the shore. >> would you go to museum dedicate today donald trump here in atlantic city? >> no. >> do you think it would be popular museum here? >> i think would be popular to some people, maybe not as popular as others. >> maybe if it was free. i wouldn't pay. >> he's a figure in the city, you know, just shouldn't be deserve a museum? >> deserves a museum. >> i think people would come if nothing else to make fun of who ever is there. >> atlantic sit becomes known in my heart town every museums just as much as town every museums. doesn't that just, you know, double the potential market share, and double the potential enjoyment for any individual here? >> with the remaining casinos begging for visitors, will anyone even want to visit museum on the boardwalk we
7:53 am
wondered? specially since the only other museum here, shutdown mid summer, and it was free to get in. >> i hope it could be something that bridges public interest to atlantic city, bridges toward them to the city, bridges tourism to the sit. >> i if anybody does, donald does. >> bottom line even though i have not a fan of it, it might not go it, does have possibilities? >> for sure. >> well, so many still have trouble just believing atlantic city's former casino king will be the next leader of the free world. they say the perfect place for a trump exhibit already exists, and the perfect name for one already exists, too. but it is taken. alex, mike? >> believe it or not. >> you know what? i think it is a good idea. >> and he's going get a library anyway after he becomes president, right? >> the presidential library, ya. every president get one. >> all right, why not atlantic city? >> i dove believe one of the guys, the gentleman, steve has
7:54 am
talk to, he works at temple. and they're asking people if you have any artifact of the trump taj mahal when it opened, even napkins, all kinds of things related to that so they can put in the museum. asking for your help, too. >> cones? >> just anything related to it, that can go in a museum. think about it. >> put hair salon in there? okay, so, jen, you know she lovers to snow board. she is a shredder. she is in the poconos already. jen? >> reporter: you know, i've never snow tube ever, because i'm terrified of it? all right, drew, let her rip. here i go. ahh, don't go that fast. my gosh, i'm backward. this is not going to end well. this is not cool. i'm not into this. high guys, we will be right back. it was okay. i'm pretty good. i guess i'm good.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> this is camelback. >> and jen, first day of winter, at camelback herself. hey, jen? >> reporter: so, you guys know i'm really afraid of snow tubing. afraid of three things. treadmills, snow tubing and meatloaf. >> what's meatloaf? >> i don't even want to eat. that will drew is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> so you know we call it like we see it, we go thereon fox. >> with the coal temperature, we've been able to pump up our snow guns, up to 17 i, pretty stoked with the amount of snow we have. >> we say this, even though your backyard is green in philadelphia, delaware, up here it is pretty white? >> we have our own kind of system of weather so we can create it ourselves. >> tonight at 5:00 you guys are unveiling is it club galactic snow tubing?
7:59 am
>> it is out of this world. what else will we call it? >> so what happens. >> so sun goes down. we kick on the lights, like techno dance party. we have lights, flashing all over, we got dance music. we'll have lazers shooting off and people snow tubing. >> really? >> it is pretty cool. >> we've seen some video of it, i assume only better than what we've seen in the video? >> absolutely the video you guys saw, still trying to build it. >> okay. >> so tonight's the night. >> we talk about this off camera. bears repeating lot of people that they haven't really invest in the skiing, or snow boarding. sadly. you say you get like 120,000 people snow tubing up here? >> yes. it is something that anybody can do. anybody can jump on our little magic carpet, takes you to the top. even hike to the top like we did. >> wait a minute. there is a magic carpet? kidding. >> anybody, you can sit in the tube, shoot on down, fun for the whole family. >> so when it is like 50 degrees-ish on christmas eve, this saturday, in philadelphia, it will be about 30-ish here? >> yes.
8:00 am
>> then you will, i assume, have all kind of crazy amazing stuff happening all week long? >> absolutely, yes. >> you guys have to be happy. you have to be happy with the fox 29 weather department. >> yes, finally getting it right. >> no, no, no, they always get it right. but to look at the snow, one thing did you say, because the snow is not just here, it is in ideal condition, we can do some tricks at 8:45? >> we'll see what we can put together. >> what? >> true. remember, over or under promise over deliver. you're lying doing the opposite here. thank you for being with me on my first ever snow tubing. i think i could go all the way to the top some day. >> you might be able to handle t always have your first. >> so alex have you been snow tubing? >> no, and i would like to go. >> ya, that looks like fun actually, please. >> you want to be snow tubing before skiing? we will talk about all of it soon. >> whatever would warm me up to it, whatever is easier. >> snow tubing seems much
8:01 am
easier than skiing. >> all do you is ride? >> you sit, you sit. good day everybody, it is wednesday. >> it is wednesday. >> december the 21. 2016. from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> deadly fireworks explosion, a loft explosions they rocks mexican marketplace where they sell fireworks. >> at least 07 others injured, burned badly. an update on this investigation. cookware controversy. before you saute your next meal, how your pots and pans could be affecting your baby's health. >> ♪ >> they did not stop believing. now, journey will be inducted into the rock-and-roll hall of fame. the ballot are in. what other artists in music
8:02 am
excellence made the cut? >> most irritating christmas song. >> ♪ >> the christmas song, voted number five, you may be surprised by the holiday classic, that's taking the top spot. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so sad. >> my god. i can't go on. >> are you going to be all right? >> it will be fine. >> that's okay. >> supposed to be happy. >> happy. >> good lord. >> hit tub. >> go get the hot tub.
8:03 am
>> scott williams, you brought this up. >> uh-huh. >> eddie murphy impersonating james brown, getting in the hot tub. >> oh. is that going to be you, mike? >> oh, ya. >> with your gold pant? >> you said were you wearing a speedo. >> ya. no? it is lamb a, gold lamb a. first day of winter, been winter since about 5:44. if you happen to swing by, you know, we should have put ken rot while nerve that hot tub. they say keep the lid on it, may get into the 90s or 100 degrees. >> i hope soap. we have to warm up. >> ya. cold right now. still below freezing. temperatures have been in the upper 20's. by this afternoon, some recovery. temperatures will go above average. weather by the numbers for your wednesday, first, day of winter, not bad. we will give it a eight.
8:04 am
but live look outside of the studios right now show it is cold, 29 degrees. so hopefully that hot tub is warming up. we're looking at 28 atlantic city, 26 in allentown, mid 20's right now as we move into wilmington and trenton. so high off to the south, will move further to the east. westerly winds, what about 45 degrees, in philadelphia, 46, the high temperature down the shore, and low 40's, in the lehigh valley. coming up: your entire holiday forecast, when temperatures could potentially flirt with 60 degrees, across our area, as those temperatures continue to rise for the latter part of the weekends. bob kelly how are the roads. >> sound good. santa has thinks training wheels ready to go. 8:04. accident, westbound schuylkill expressway out near the gulf minute ills change. trying to put the car up on the flatbed. jammo, coming in toward philadelphia, all balls of three separate accidents on 295, just north of 42. you got crash at 561.
8:05 am
one at woodcrest, another one at route 30. that's causing a hot mess, not only heading north, but also on the 42 freeway, coming in toward philly and radnor, we have police activity, saw mill road, earls lane. i'm hearing on the scan area car into the water. so watch for local detours there in radnor. and paoli thorndale and the cynwyd line both running with some delays this morning. mike and alex back over to you. >> 8:05. >> police are investigating the shooting death after man if west philadelphia. he was sitting in a car along the 5100 block of market street, around 1:30 this morning, when a gunman walked up, opened the passenger side door, and started shooting. the victim hit several tips in the head and so far no arrest haves been made. and then in southwest philadelphia, another man was shot and killed overnight. police say it happened along 60th and almond street. forty-nine year old was shot multiple times in the chest, rushed to presbyterian medical center where he was pronounced dead. could have been the victim of
8:06 am
attempted robbery. instead of celebrating upcoming holiday people in mexico will be in mourning. >> probably seen this video by now. explosion, huge one, at crowded fireworks market. ignited hundreds of blasts, probably thousands. >> then the whole place went up in flames. >> at least 72 people are being treated for severe burns, by the way, the country's most popular fireworks market in the suburbs of mexico city. >> pack with people trying to by their fireworks for christmas and new years eve. who knows what made it spark and then blow up the entire market?
8:07 am
wow. >> fawn the truck that plowed into the market, killing 12, wounding 48. listen when mile released an identification after man they thought might be responsible. now learning more about the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's emails, according to an unsealed search warrant. >> found containing classified information on laptop, used by the former -- by the former congressman anthony weiner. remember that, and his estranged wife, umah. the warrant also reveals the laptop was never authorized to be used for classified or national defense information in the first place. >> all right, 8:07. >> music legends, will have the privilege of being inch duct in the next year's rock-and-roll hall of fame. >> class of 2017 was
8:08 am
announced. six new inductees. >> so, who made the cut, thomas? anybody you listen to? >> couple of names, ya. a lot of great names to choose from. but first of all let me go over the rules here, to even be considered, alex, mike, mirs have released first single oral bumm 25 years prior to the date of nomination. do i have favorites? tupac shakur is being honored. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> littles end to the song every day before exams, along with popular band pearl jam the first art toys join the institution, who started the career back in the 90's. >> that's right, the band from seattle washington with their first albumn ten, back in
8:09 am
1991. big congratulates toss legendary bands, journey. >> such a classic song. journal i formed in san francisco back in 1973 and they received the most votes this year also to be inducted joan by ass, great folk singer there, electric light orchestra, yes, all in the unductees by the way first time nominees, except for yes. out of 19 nominees, group was selected by more than 900 voters of the rock-and-roll hall of fame foundation, by the way, if you want to come along, mike and alex, the ceremony april seventh at the barkley center. i'm trying to use my connection. >> oh,. >> short answer, i probably won't go. >> we'll see. if i get a couple do you want to come? >> let's do it. >> oh, ya. >> great is her moan. >> i is it? >> i'll tell you this people
8:10 am
on twitter, for some reason it erased my twitter, i can't find twitter on my phone. >> we'll re download t. >> people are saying you probably should have used older footage of journey with the original lead singer, and not the new guy. >> steve perry, the original guy, steve perry? >> will steve be there to sing? i would think so. >> performances in. >> maybe have the hologram there? possibly so. >> all right, let's goat this news just learning about, from bob kelly. this is out of delaware county. skyfox, now over a water rescue in radnor. this is the area of saw mill road. we just lost the signal from skyfox. try to get it back up. it is right there, saw mill
8:11 am
road at earls lane. we're getting words a car maybe left the road, gone into the water. that's what bob was reporting earlier. we'll get the skyfox shot back up and bring it to you after the break. >> okay. pea past pace past
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> updating breaking news we just told but a few moments ago in radnor. police are responding to water rescue, now, right at the intersection of saw mill road and earls lane. now, our shot from skyfox, is a little if-ee, if it pops up good, gang, take it. otherwise what we're hearing right now is that a person in a vehicle left the roadway. that's the darby creek that runs all the way up in you there radnor right here, and earls lane, little bridge, that goes over the creek, and then you come to quick stop sign at saw mill road. there you go. we are peaking through the trees here. this looks like the vehicle, not sure if that's off, off into the -- oops okay. so we will again just watch for some local detours, as soon as we get words on the status of the person or persons in the vehicle, we will of course come back in and pass it along. south 95, little fenner bender at girard avenue.
8:15 am
just turned him off to the ramp there. already jammed up from cottman avenue in to downtown, jammo on the freeway, as you work your way in toward philadelphia. that's because of three separate accidents on 295, all in the northbound direction, just having that domino effect back on to the freeway. delays on the regional rails this morning, these two lines, we also had some crews shortages last night which canceled some trains. again, been rough week here for septa. blue route looking good as we head northbound. who would like to check it out, little gingerbread house. real live gingerbread house, sent to us by one of the viewers. all decorated for the holidays. got the lights all strung up. nice and perfect along the roof line. come on, snap a picture, put it up on facebook, twitter, instagram. it is a very kelly christmas, show the pictures for the rest of the week here, on fox 29. post that picture, use the #fox29lights contest, and we will hit the road tomorrow night, and broadcast from somebody's front lawn, where
8:16 am
we're going to go, nobody knows, but scotty knows the forecast, he'll have it in 15 seconds. >> time now 8: 16. it is a cold start to this first day of winter. 29 degrees, right now, in philadelphia. elsewhere across the area, it is cold. twenty-two in millville. twenty-eight right now in atlantic city, trenton, 25, and 25 in wilmington. north and west, waking to up 19 in phoenixville, 26 right now in willow grove. so, bus stop buddy is bundled up for temperatures in the 20's this morning. with high pressure off to the south, we will continue to move on off to the east. winds will be more out of the west. so that will actually warm those temperatures into the mid 40's, several degrees above average for this time of year. down the shore, 46 degrees, low 40's in the lehigh valley.
8:17 am
and then, miler air continues as we approach hanukkah, christmas eve and christmas day. bottom line, talking about numbers on christmas eve. 49 degrees, and then, as we move toward christmas day, high temperature of 50 degrees, it does not look like there will be any snow for santa. back to you. >> all right, here's an interesting story for you. they may clean up easy, but there is alarming news about cookware, and the health of your baby. >> we are talking about those convenient non-stick pans. well, apparently they could have -- >> the story is teflon makes it easier to cook, so frequently we do it, they can be problems, before we new they could be too low birth weight babies. now, also high birth weight babies because the chemicals that are in the non-sticky substance, so this is a problem. go through the reserve. previously associated these chemicals with women giving birth to the smaller babies.
8:18 am
new research found that the related chemicals, pfaa chemical, which actually associd with higher birth weight babies. so, the issue whether either of those cases, it gives you a increased chance of developing chronic diseases later in life. and it also can change your baby's rate of metabolic, and also diabetes and heart disease -- disease. >> i would not use these pans. >> so what do you do? ceramic pans, just switched some of mine over, start to sell ceramic, what am i going to do? stainless steel can be good. glass can be good, usually for baking, bake it evenly, and they also say that cast iron. >> big old cast iron skillet. >> to get the iron that can leach in, good thing, especially if you have like anemia. ya, good thing. >> listen to that. >> how about that?
8:19 am
>> i just wouldn't use those pans if i had a kid. >> you don't think, they're cheaper and easier. >> i know. >> get them anywhere too. >> karen, see you at 9:00. >> thanks, karen. >> talk radio meets social ned working facebook is expanding its life platform to include just audio. >> opened to pre selected, like the bbc, but will open to up more publishers and all of you guys next year, facebook says it live audio feature good for authors, interviewers, who they don't want to broadcast live using video. and once it is brought out to everyone, a lot of people dot facebook live thing, right? but think about it, think of the possibility here, let's say you're at home, maybe not doing anything in your pj's, maybe no make up on, that casino every thing, could you pull out this facebook audio and start talking to people, and they don't even see what you look like. >> many times. a lot of times people face time you, and you're make or
8:20 am
whatever, or you look really crumby? >> so you don't do it? >> ya. >> you decline? >> i decline. >> well, this, could you just do audio. >> audio. >> and nobody has to know what you've got going on. >> that's right. >> but see, there is also face tike audio. >> i still can't figure out the purpose of it. >> you sometimes face time audio me, if you're going to face time audio, isn't that basically a phonecall. >> phonecall. >> why don't you call me? >> mike is the worse when it comes to face timing. it is mike whenever he face times, right? can't just, this is mike. >> and he's alex, can you hurry up? >> you don't have to do that to face tike. >> why do you do it. >> photograph letters tell you you look better if the camera is above your eye line. >> but just me. >> but -- >> why are you trying to look good? >> i try to look my best. >> again, like this. >> let me put a hat on real quick. >> he's going to be using facebook audio, trust me. >> for sure. you know i like this instagram
8:21 am
live stuff too. >> do you? >> now my dad asked me what was it last week should i get on periscope? i was like dad, who is on periscope? you got your facebook live. you got your stain gram live. there are so many options now, which one do you use? >> i have to admit when i get bored i would periscope, look at people's periscopes from around the wormed, just random people, in the middle east, australia. >> you get bored a lot? >> pretty much. >> instagram, i don't like the fact it disappears, but in some people it disappears in your favor, but facebook, you can post it. >> you can go back and look at that time. >> people can catch up from they missed. >> jennifer lopez might be real. but is her new relationship? >> oh, i heard about this. >> the hot young artist she is being linked to now. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:22 am
>> my face time? >> hi, alex, what are you doing? >> ♪ >> ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> more than 3,000 voters entered the people, the most irritating christmas song, tack the the number four spot, dominick the donkey. >> oh, people don't like dominick? >> i guess the donkey noise. we just, working cameras, editing, he is says it is great for international calls and also whether you don't want to use minutes, because you just use wifi. >> makes sense. >> also, patrick tweeted that great for international
8:26 am
phonecalls. thank you. >> nice job. >> there could be a new celebrity couple. >> j-lo might have newman. >> drake. >> yep. >> he gets around. >> they've been spending a lot of time together lately. sources were around both of them tell us, you know what, only matter of time, reportedly draining rented out fancy restaurant west hollywood. j-lo was his guest, all close friends. >> what? >> yes. so we hear 20 other joined the party but the couple only had eyes for each other. and even have video, "tmz" of them leaving together, in an s.u.v. ya. and, j-lo recently posted picture of the two of them together because he went to her show in vegas. >> okay? >> and he's been, twice, actually. two of her shows. and they're both on the rebound, both had recent break ups. and sources close to them "tmz" was talking about this on "tmz" live yesterday, saying that's kind of how j-lo works, like working on project together supposedly, that's why they're spending so much time. you know how this goes, you
8:27 am
spend a lot of time with someone, laughing, he he, and next thing you oh, he looks kind of good, oh, he is so talented, then answer mwua, just like that. >> that's right. >> that's how it happens. >> we know. i'm not j-lo, you ain't dray. >> i know. >> but -- >> it can all be that simple? really? >> ya. >> you love drake. wouldn't you be happy for them for him? >> i like this couple. she can team him to dance. >> maybe trying to stick it to ditty because a feud, maybe -- >> you know, that's in the past. so maybe it is not anything. we have to see. maybe they'll have song together. i would like a j-lo and drake song. >> trying to stick it to somebody. all right, 8:27. it is this time of year, we should do this every christmas, and we do. we salute some of our military members, in fact, we will salute a soldier this morning. and there he is. we are honoring one of our local servicemen. just in time for christmas. and look at that cute family.
8:28 am
come back and meet them. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
8:31 am
>> cuteness alert. so, christmas there is weekend, we want to honor one of our servicemen, local hero for this holiday season, staff sergeant anthony toney conally, grew upright here in philadelphia, grad ever graduated from father judge. he enlisted in the army in 2,000 right after graduation, inspired by his grandfather, a world war ii vet. after serving in oklahoma, as an unit supply clerk, or something very important happened to him, he was honorably discharged from active duty in 2002. listen to there is went onto lenny -- enlist in the pa pennsylvania national guard
8:32 am
followed by year deposition employment in support of operation iraqi freedom. sergeant tony conally, continues to be active, a member in the pa guard and plans to finish out his 20 year career with them when he's not serving. you can find him, spending time with his wife victoria who is here, and the three kids who are so cute. we have five year old nora, and 17 month old twins, charles and clairea. you can also find this guy, sergeant conally, many, many times, high five. >> oh. >> good job. >> big phyllis fan. huge, huge, since childhood, yes. >> always been a fan. >> that's great. first of all, welcome. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you for your service. >> my pleasure. >> where do you all live snow. >> live in northeast philadelphia, somerton air. >> i mentioned something important, hold on, look at her. so cute. >> this is just ridiculous.
8:33 am
what happened to you in oklahoma that changed your life? >> well, i was in my barracks room. a friend of mine called me, his truck had broken down, small town called chickashea, about 40 miles where i was stationed. he needed a ride. so man, that's 40 miles, i'm not trying to make that trip. >> sure. >> he goes well i'll have her bring my girlfriend bring a friend for you. women were scares. >> oh, women were scarce back then. >> so i decided to give it a. who took a drive to pick him up. i met my wife that night. >> then from then on? >> december of 2001, we met. >> so you grew up in chickashea? >> ya. >> around thatter? >> yes. >> what's it like living in a big city like filly? >> very different, very different. >> do you like it? >> dow. it was a culture shock at first, i will admit. but after the initial shock, there is just so much, there is so much to do and see. >> yes. >> and experience. it is nice. >> are you a baseball fan,
8:34 am
too, now? >> i am. oklahoma doesn't have a professional baseball team. so different coming to a state that had a had that. pretty much from the time i moved here in 2004 we were philly fans and going to games. >> tell us about this guy. >> oh, gosh. he is an amazing father, first of all, a wonderful, wonderful partner. he kind of fills in the gaps that i have, you know, you want somebody who balances you out, and is strong where you're week, he's that for me, the perfect person for me. >> how long have you been married? >> married since 2009. >> so over the years, he's told you of his love of the phillies, i guess? >> oh, yes. >> i mean -- >> many times. >> many, many times? >> many times. >> all right, what was the first game you ever saw? >> first game i can remember seeing my dad surprised my, my dad was a philadelphia police officer. so, he worked a lot. and he surprised me with tickets one day to go see the pirate. and at the vet. >> oh, that would be the vet, ya. >> so we went down.
8:35 am
>> i don't know why but he bought me a pirates hat. >> what? >> i think somebody in us have laid it on him. >> free? >> ya. >> so and i remember i lost the hat years later but it was our first game. after the game we stayed and waited for players to come out. i vividly remember reaching through the fence, players exiting, mickey morandini took a baseball and signed it for me. >> oh, my gosh. so where is that ball today? >> ya, i was ten, so i probably took it down the street and played with it or my dog ate it or something. but i remember getting it signed. >> so oh, man. >> but i do remember that night, it was very special for me. >> well, it is special a player will come over to the fence or whatever and sign the ball for you. >> awesome. >> i wish you still had t i would like to see it. >> i wish i did, too. >> well, let's get another one signed. what do you say? hey, mickey come on out. let's sign another ball. >> no way! >> yes. if. >> mickey morandini, welcome. >> oh, wow, nice to meet you
8:36 am
again, i guess. >> how are you? you. >> heard about this ball fiasco? >> i d i heard a rumor he threw it in the bar badge. >> no, that would have never happened. >> so let's sign the ball right away. >> all right. >> you want sergeant? >> no, no, no, tony is fine. >> when were you ten? >> yes. >> look. >> your mother will go nuts. >> big morandini fan. >> is that right. >> oh, my mother. >> my mom, ya. >> oh, yes? >> so, unbelievable. >> that's not all we will do. >> oh? >> mickey, do you want to tell him? he's got an uniform here with your name on the back of it. >> first i want to thank you for your service, we appreciate what you do. on behalf of liberty uso, the philadelphia philly fancy camp we're going to gave you a trip to the philly fancy calm coming up here. >> are you kidding me? >> you get to hang out with all of us philly legends. >> that will be awesome. >> have fun, play ball. >> what players would be there? >> kruky, luzinski, bob boone,
8:37 am
a lot of guys from the 93 team, ricky jordan, kevin stocker, danny jackson. there is about 20 legend down there, i know steve carlton coming in to put on a clinic. >> how many days is this. >> it is five days january 18th to january 22. >> in clear water? >> in clearwater. >> and we have a blast down there. we have a blast. you will enjoy. >> thank you very much. >> grab that uniform. >> so they actually suit up, the whole bit? >> they play games against each other. and we have bull sessions where we talk about, you know, they ask questions all of the ledge end. >> beer drinking? >> oh, ya, some that far going on. >> certainly. >> i'm looking forward to hanging with you down there, having some fun. here is a jersey for you. >> i'm shaking. >> we have some goodies for the kids. >> oh, that's great. >> oh,. >> so i know you love to watch baseball. can you play baseball? >> little bit. i play on my softball team we have for the national guard at the armory. i am not the greatest, you know.
8:38 am
>> morandini choke up. >> there go. >> can you pitch? because we need some pitchers. >> uh, no. maybe a little. maybe carlton can teach me a thing or two. >> you deserve it, you have a wonderful family, 20 years of service. >> i'm honored. >> thank you. >> mickey, thank you. >> awesome. >> one more? >> what? >> oh! >> quick break. coming right back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> one of my favorite songs for christmas time. >> on the most annoying list for christmas songs? >> because i believe they play it too much. >> not the song that's annoying, it is how many times they play t you know, how she spends, mariah carey, her
8:42 am
christmas in aspen in they showed video of her arriving in aspen, a she comes out of her private plane, they play that song, her own music. when artists are relaxing do they listen to their own songs? do you think she's tired of perform that song? every year? >> yes. >> but it is bringing in the money. she probably makes a lot every year around this time, the checks start coming in. >> oh, ya. >> it is a cute song, though. >> i really like it. kind of it is weird to see santa, you know, kind of cuddling with her, though. >> oh, in the video? what are you talking about? when you sit on his lap -- lap, isn't that a form of cuddle? >> i don't know, is that a form of cuddling? here, sit on my lab lap. >> no. just saying, i think cuddling, all right, i will just let it go. >> ya, i understand what cuddling is. >> here is the thing, what's your favorite color. >> purple. >> eating purple food is good for you. >> is it? >> yes. new health study says that
8:43 am
consuming purple food has numerous health benefits. >> so according to the annual trend advisory from whole foods, purple feeds are really surging in popularity. the color means ingredient contain a strong level of anti, i don't even know how to say this. and fight cancer, inflammation, aging, key foods you can try like purple sweet potatoes. >> i've had those. >> i've had them. potatoes from okiinawa. >> a restaurant in east passyunk, fond, they have it. >> i do know that, yes, considered one of the best restaurant in the city few years back. still is. >> so good, yes. >> i've had purple carrot, you can get that in stores now. >> beats, i love beat salad. >> beat salad. >> and purpose epp cabbage. >> and i like the purple.
8:44 am
no idea where the camera is. purple potatoes, big fan. >> i think they're called okinawa potatoes. >> candice, would you mind google that so we can show? it is like this pot belly dish. they put it up. my first time seeing it at fond. oh, my gosh, i'm obsessed. the question is will your also be? >> will your poo. >> oh, you put it out there like that. >> that's what you are asking. >> well, without asking. >> by the way, i found a game for my five and a half year old granddaughter ted. >> i what's this? >> it is like uno, but do you have say the word poop. >> ya? >> ya, i don't know exactly how it is played. >> why would you do that? >> because she will think it is funny. so you yell out poop instead of uno. is that what you are looking at? >> isn't that beautiful? is that one of those potatoes, candice? >> she talks so fast. >> i didn't hear her. >> wait. so are those? >> those are the okinawa?
8:45 am
>> anyway, i'll bring this whole thing together, put it in a nice purple bo. mariah carey, back to her, right, backs this so-called purple diet. she claims it helped her shed her baby weight after giving birth to more okay and and -- moracan and monroe. that was back five, six years ago. >> ♪ >> she eats purple food. >> purple food, all right. i'll look into that. more beats for me. >> let's get to the slopes with jen, she in the poconos, camelback. >> ♪ >> okay, i found yet another fire pit. okay? this is trails end. making it happen. drew's on his way. it is beautiful here in the pocono mountains many come on down, or up. or over. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
8:46 am
we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:47 am
8:48 am
mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> welcome back to good day on this first official day of winter. it is a cold morning, 29 right now in philadelphia, 28 atlantic city, mid 20's in pottstown, over to trenton. but hang in there. because temperatures will recover this afternoon, high pressure shifts little further off to the east, winds more
8:49 am
out of the wets with the clockwise wind, around that high. so 45 for the high. hour by hour, showing you, by noon, 40 degrees. mid 40's at 3:00. then turning cold again later tonight. what about the weather authority p day forecast? forty's tomorrow. turning blustery. look at hanukkah and christmas day, high temperatures right around 50. back to you. >> been very cold early earl ths snow season, thank you for that, scott. so the snow is super fluffy, which is perfect for tricks. and jen is live at camelback, now, so we'll see some tricks now, jen? we're ready. >> reporter: i'm hoping so. here is the thing. i made the publicist spokesperson guy that works here come on down. so he's going to come on down. this is drew. he is first. we'll see if he has any tricks. i doubt it. but at least he's up on the board. and like we talk about. this snow is so fluffy because it has been super super cold, which makes it awesome for snow boarding. what is up? all right, i don't see any
8:50 am
tricks so far. are they going to do some tricks for us? >> by the way, live on tv. hi, how are you? >> good morning. >> hi, guys. >> hi,. >> everyone ready to dom some tricks. it is hard because this slope just opened? >> in the midst of opening it right now. talk to me about the snow conditions. they're mazing? >> great. cold temps being able lay down quite a bit of base. and we're looking pretty good right now. >> so people who don't speak snow, you want it really really cold why? >> the colder the air, you can -- there are different teens of snow. so weather, warmer, makes it hard to pack. >> knock. >> when it is colder, lighter and fluffier, it gives you a lot more visibility to move it around, impact it. >> so this is the most you've had open this early in the season, in a long time, right? >> yes. >> we have 13 trails open right now. have over 20 this weekend, for the holidays, that's pretty big for us. >> getting ready to start build the terrain park? >> opens this weekend. >> that's all the kids want it
8:51 am
do? i mean, come on, you though this? >> i'm the old guy in the terrain park. i see it every day. >> great for those conditions. again, it is december 20th, 21st, what day is it? >> twenty-first. >> yes, first day of winter. high five. did you great. >> thank you. >> you're not even that winded. >> i only had to run up the hill a couple of times. >> i've surprised you put us outside another bar with a fire pit. >> got to keep you warm. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is the best beginning of the season in the pocono mountains, forever. >> look that the. >> that's amazing stuff. >> it is great. >> that's what you want. >> you want it nice and fluff. >> i feels like we won the lottery a little bit. >> we're pretty excited. >> talking lottery numbers. ladies and jep, these are your lottery numbers. ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy!
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8:55 am
>> oh, grand ma got run over by a reindeer, you know how the chorus goes, more than 3,000 voters enters a pole, most irritating christmas song, this is the number two spot. yep. grandma got run over by a reindeer. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> never seen the video for this. this is interesting. >> so is that one every theme? was actually sing that this weekend. my dad said he never heard that song. i said wow. that's interesting one. can you guess what the number one song is? number one most irritating
8:56 am
christmas song. we will reveal that in just a little bit. but the first day of winter, we decided we need a way to warm upright? how about we start with the sauna? then we move to the hot tub. oh, ya. so thanks to all season's pool and spa, and also, spring dance hot tubs, because oh, look at that scene, baby. it is ready. yes, we are going to get into the hot tub, in this 29 degrees weather, you don't want to miss this, okay? >> ♪ >> ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see.
8:59 am
♪ all right, ladies and gentlemen, here is the concept, standing between two eggplants. >> i've been complaining about the countdown to the first day every winter which happened today, 5:44 a.m. so it is now officially winter. i believe you can do mind over
9:00 am
matt err. i put on white clothing, white shorts, bear legged, i have area got wrinkled linen shirt on. and we've brought out a zaun a i believe i can make myself feel better that i am missing spring and summer. just think warm thoughts and have a portable sauna. >> it is only the first day, mike. >> one way to do it, it is 102 degrees in here, that's always nice. >> i'm getting moist all right. >> oh, stop it. >> this is really cool, i would like to have this in my house. my goodness. it is cold out here. but we also have this. you do? >> this feels good. >> feeling pretty good. >> it does. >> could be little warmer, to tell you the truth. okay there is mine over matter thing is wearing off on my legs, let's go back inside. okay, coming up in this hour besides the sauna and


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