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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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matt err. i put on white clothing, white shorts, bear legged, i have area got wrinkled linen shirt on. and we've brought out a zaun a i believe i can make myself feel better that i am missing spring and summer. just think warm thoughts and have a portable sauna. >> it is only the first day, mike. >> one way to do it, it is 102 degrees in here, that's always nice. >> i'm getting moist all right. >> oh, stop it. >> this is really cool, i would like to have this in my house. my goodness. it is cold out here. but we also have this. you do? >> this feels good. >> feeling pretty good. >> it does. >> could be little warmer, to tell you the truth. okay there is mine over matter thing is wearing off on my legs, let's go back inside. okay, coming up in this hour besides the sauna and the hot
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tub, i believe i have found the perfect christmas gift for your friends and family. that's what i believe. >> there is one thing you should do before you purchase it. >> yes? one thing. one thing you got to do before you buy it. >> okay, have you guys heard about amy schumer? you know the best things in life are free. but she proving that being rich, that's not so bad either. she is giving a grand gift to her dad. >> we got a mike over here. >> and very special meaning behind it. >> jen? >> it melts. >> ya. >> high! ♪ i don't need a lot for christmas ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ seriously, we haven't had this kind of snow this time of year in a very long time, so i'm very happy about the whole situation. and a lot of people will bring their families up to the pocono mountains for the winter break, or at least maybe for new years, so coming up in a few minutes, talk
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about that, seriously, look at that trail. alex, i know that you don't know this. but that's a good looking trail. that's the kind of place you want to ski. we're at camelback. >> that's the kind of place you want to skill. >> it does look nice. >> actually it looks like horrible place to ski for me, but that's fine. now, i don't have an ear piece. >> okay? >> so you guys have to be my ears. >> that's fine. >> i don't know what happened. >> oh, just not working? maybe the battery went snout. >> maybe so. hey jacky, do you want to change the battery on this? here you go, brother. thank you. >> that didn't go very far, did it? >> candice is talking to us in the control room. then let me know. >> i'll relay the message. >> all morning long, we've been going over the most irritating christmas songs, not our opinion, this is the opinion about 3,000 people that were surveyed. so here's a reminder. the christmas shoes by new
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song is number five. number four spot, dominick the dong. >> i got that one. >> all i want for christmas is number three. that's the mariah carey that we all love the reason why the 3,000 people said it it was annoying to them, or irritating, was the fact that they play it so much on the radio. >> that's also number one on a list for being good. >> number one on my list is number two on their list, grandma got run over by a, well, reindeer, right? i think we're missing the word reason dear. >> the original. >> and then? number one. is this. >> ♪ >> ♪ wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time. ♪
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>> simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ >> i don't mind that one so much. >> i think it is the ee-ee-ee part of it. paul mccartney, considered one of the most irritating songs. >> interesting. >> i got to go back to the one, grand ma got run over by a reindeer. i metal mow and patsy. they voted and performed, i met them in los angeles one time, coy not admit to them that i thought it was horrible. >> so what did you tell them? >> in fact, it was up in new york, they were on the show, they performed it. >> i think it is casino every funny. grand ma got run over by a reason dear. >> do we have that? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> well you have the chorus. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ grandma got run over wine a reindeer. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i think, i mean, it is different. >> it is way different. >> yes. >> right after we finish this up, we should name our favorite christmas song. >> oh, there are so many. for me, it is like are there any songs that are real that i an annoying when you think about it, only listen to them for couple of month out of the year. >> true. >> like two. can they be that annoying if you only listen a few times? >> some make me sad. >> true. >> but if i had to pick one,
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it would have to be the 12 days of christmas. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now, what is your problem with that? >> the first day, second day, like, when i listen to it, like already put to go, but when people are trying to sing it, they never get it right, it is like ah, ah, ah. >> lords of leaping. >> exact lip. five golden rings. someone always does it at the wrong time. people just can't get it together. but i like it when it is already put together by professional. this one we try to sing it, it never goes well. >> i see. >> who remembers all of them really? >> and destiny child did a re mix? >> they did. you want to hear it? >> yes. >> okay. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> destiny's child. >> would you rub her feet? >> oh, i've never seen her feet. >> he doesn't like feet. >> not a big fan of feet. >> even beyonce's feet? >> i'd take a look at them first. all right, karen, what's your annoying pick? >> i love christmas, i love to read the 12 days of christmas book with my kids. mine, movie cannot stands to watch. alvin and the chipmunks, the christmas song. >> not a fan. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that was my favorite part. the hoola hoop ♪ >> you know what, karen, i
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used to have a cd, one of the chipmunk cd's, i would lies end to it, i mean, all the time. my parent, i'm sure they loved it, but it was like a hot pink cd. >> every everybody knows that you're here, no hiding. >> we all know the technical people at a tv studio. >> karen, i also agree with you, it was so hard when they say okay, alex, pick your most annoying christmas song. i had to google, oh, i like that one. oh, that looks good too. good to hear this time of year, gets you in the spirit, i promise you whenever i listen on the radio, you have them constant lip, i know, i get warm and fuzzy inside. not lying. >> so what's your favorite? >> farm riff. >> warm and foussas your favorite? >> no, i feel warm and fuzzy when i listen. >> what's that feel like, fuzzy. >> just saying, it just feels good. talking about that feeling. >> it makes you feel like home. when you're a kid, growing up. >> exactly. >> one of my favorites, written by a guy by the name of mel tore may. i think it is called just the
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christmas song. but it is chestnuts roasting. >> oh, one of my favorites. >> ♪ >> i like the nat king cole version. oh, classic. >> okay. i told you i found something for you. still looking to get the perfect gift for your loved ones, or friends? more than likely, the person you are getting the gift for will return it. did you know that? here is a question. did you get them a gift you knew they would return? >> oh. according to the new research the answer is yes. >> yes. >> here are five categories premeditated present selection, that resulted in bad gift giving. one, perhaps the self con secretary. >> this someone buys a gift trying to change someone, like a gym membership or something. >> a treadmill. >> ya. or even sometimes clothes that they wouldn't normally wear, like getting gift like there is what's wrong, you don't like me for me? >> true. two, when -- to you for me. so this is when your husband
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buys a bing screen tv, honey this is for you. you know he is the one watching it. >> to you for me. that could be lingerie, that could be a big screen tv, like you said? >> the gift that just keeps giving. for you. >> then there is the aggression gift, karen? >> that's when you just plane buy a gift that you know the person is just not going to like. you don't know what else to get them, so you get something they won't like. >> an obligation, ritual and obligation. that's when there was no thought behind the gift at all. there is no thought. >> here is a gift card, mike. >> come on, leave my alone. >> you do it? >> or a personal check from your husband. >> that's a gift i can get whatever i want. >> trowel. better than a gift card. >> starting to feel bad about these gift cards now. >> you should. >> at this point, seriously, go into a whatever, wallgreen's, or cvs, and there is giant wall of gift cards,
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and your shopping is done in one minute! >> just go up to century two; i'm sure you can find lovely things, nice table, gift under $25, just wonderful and you can pretend that you can put some thought into it. >> or go to the mall. at least you have options. >> by the way the last option was the bragging gift, gift that -- >> to show move. >> to show off. >> i normally give one of those a year. >> what was the one you gave last year? that was a show off one? >> i think i gave my daughters the trendy handbag, but i don't remember what it was. >> couple thousand dollars one? >> you should share that one with your co-workers. >> ya? >> plows? i would love that. >> okay. skyfox is now live over logan township in gloucester county, new jersey. wow. oh, my god. look at this accident. that's the southbound lanes of us130 near route 44. >> multiple cars.
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looks like at least three cars involved with this tractor trailer. >> three and the tractor-trailer. >> oh, look at that one over to the right. my goodness. >> so it could be four, right? five? >> i think it looks like three, i think alex got it right, at least three cars, and the one big truck, then it looks like first respond tears me probably showed up. oh, maybe the white car at the bottom of the screen? >> is that one near the water? >> that's a vehicle almost into the water, then there is the tanker truck, then the silver suv. you have got the suv that is sitting in front of the firetruck, you got car smashed up in the median. and i don't know what this white car up with a hood up with. that's a mess. another one down in the median, too? maybe just somebody stopped to help? oh, looks like it spun out. >> certainly have some sort of hazardous chemicals fuel, throwing sand down on the ground, clearly one of the vehicles they used the jaws of life in order to cut the doors off, that black sedan, so this
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is really serious scene, they'll be out there for long time on this one. >> okay. well, we will keep an eye on it, 9:13. he lost his mother when he was just 12 years old, now prince harry is speaking out about it nearly 20 years later. he hasn't really talked much about it. >> he admit he took the lots real hard. he had trouble coping with his emotions. now he says he's proud to carry on his mom's charity work, fighting hiv and i am proving conditions in africa. princess diana died in a car crash in 1997. harry spokes during a i tv documentary that was made to honor her. >> maybe tomorrow we can find a piece that far documentary and play what he had to say. >> he talks a lot about grief and the struggles, how he didn't have any time to come to gripes with it, so many people don't. so he was working on the same charity of his mom and children, he start todd ziele their experiences and start today deal with it himself a lot of people that go through that don't talk openly.
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i think the first time we've ever heard him talk about that situation. >> and the holidays of course are a time when people, straw loved one, who is lost, you start to think of that, because family gets together, so you can always be thinking about what he is thinking about. >> i know the joy the mother of my daughters at christmas was her favorite time. her name was joy. so she had about well 200 joy signs that she put up all over the house. the people would send her as gifts, you know? so, certainly miss her. >> oh. high. >> look who is here? >> who are you? >> high! >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> what are you dressed as? >> who are you? >> i'm the mayor of munchkin land. >> oh, very cool. and how old are you? >> i'm 11 years old. >> this is probably the youngest mayor ever. >> i think so. with you already from? >> from the south streets of fill. >> i that includes a large area. >> ya. >> i mean, i'm like malvern. >> oh, sure. >> i know where malvern is. >> very nice. >> what school?
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>> charlestown. >> i grew up that way. >> middle school. >> okay. >> charlestown? >> yes. >> space the smallest school in the planet, where i went, we had maybe i had seven kids in my class, 20 in my whole grade. >> yes, i had 325 kids in my school, at charlestown, and the middle school, that's my grade. so much bigger. crazy. >> big now? >> what's one of the main lines that you would say? aren't you the one that welcomes? >> yes. i say as mayor of the munchkin city, in the county of the lands of oz, i welcome you most -- then the coroner says we got to verify it legally. to see, to see, if she, if she, is morally ethically physically positively undeniably and reliably dead.
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>> nice. >> thank you. >> you know he knows his lines and he knows other people's lines, too. >> right. now, would that be the wick witch of the -- which one was dead? >> the wick witch of the east is dead. >> the east is dead. >> and there you are. looking at you right now? >> yes. >> very cool. >> so not only are you the mayor, also a winner, aren't you? >> yes. >> you won, our weather contest. >> you won a contest to dot weather scott. >> yes. >> do you want to go do it? >> sure. >> i don't -- these chairs are kind of difficult here. >> scott is his outfit have any green in it? i think he'll be all right. >> okay? >> all right, i'm going to give him the clicker. >> kind of turquoise. >> here is the clicker. and you'll talk a little about the forecast. here is our green screen, right here, just stand right in front. we put you right here. see yourself right here. then once again see yourself on this television, and you can see yourself on that television, as women. so go ahead. take over! >> high. today's weather, or yes,
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today's weather. >> the other way. >> is 32 degrees. , in this area. it is -- >> how cold is it in millville? >> in millville it is here. >> everything's backward. >> in millville, it is, let's see. >> got you. >> let's see, newtown square, 30 degrees. in malvern, it is 27 degrees. and in phoenixville it is 24 degrees. and in downingtown, it is 32 degrees. and bethlehem, it is 31. and in -- >> okay, that's cool. it is cold. >> cold everywhere. >> great job. see you at the walnut st. theater, oldest theater in america, matter of fact. when is the next show?
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>> next show, i have a show tonight. >> okay. >> oh, fun! >> great job. >> thank you. >> good job. nicely done. >> first day of winter too. >> on the first day of winter ♪ >> we wish to welcome you to mon every kin land. we've been in a zaun a see the idea of the linen shift and the white shorts. >> what is the purpose here? >> mind over matter. >> okay? >> i'm missing summer. so if i just think warm thoughts, like think of being in a hot tub, that's -- i learned this from kramer on seinfeld. he put a hot tub in his own apartment, in new york. >> you put a hot tub in your living room? >> high volume jets, awesome, soothing your every aching muscle. going to get over 120 degrees. >> is that tolerable? >> i'm not taking a soak in that human bacteria frat you
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got going there. >> it is great. i opened up all the windows, the air is cold, the tub is boiling hot. it is like sweetness. >> ahh. >> oh, ya. ahh. >> so he blew out the circuit breaker in the whole apartment building, and freeze to go death when he wakes up. so, this hot tub thing, you got to be little careful with it, that's a live shot outside on our pad -- patio. the temperature now into the 80s, i'm hearing, in this hot tub. >> okay? >> what is it snow. >> ninety-two. >> yeah! >> that will feel good. >> the hotter the better. my legs are freezing right now
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by the way. >> and we are all going to go in? >> well, we'll see. amy assume is her using her money to make her family proud. the special gift she is giving her daddy.
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>> ♪ >> can you keep them like christmas gift to the whole station? >> oh, that's a given, ya, karen. >> a way to relax after the show! >> i'll talk to the guys that brought it over for us. and they're donating it to the show. >> oh, how nice! >> thanks, for making it all possible. >> all of our guests, if you come by, as the winter progresses, get in the hot tub, sit in the sauna. >> or the guests waiting for
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"the q", go, warm up in the hot tub. >> amy schumer gives her dad a fantastic gift, kind of tribute to her dad, sentimental certainly, porche, of dish nation, what is it? >> yes! so, amy schumer decided to go back and buy the family's farm. what happened when she was younger, ya, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. and her family went bankrupt. they lost the farm and everything else back then. and she posted this home video, showing her when she was a little girl, walking in the cornfield, you know, just a place where, you know, the whole family loved to be. and she went back and bought the farm, posted a face time with her dad on instagram, too. and just shared that with everybody, which is amazing, because a lot of people when they get money opportunity buy your parent something, and to buy the family's farm, something that they can keep in the family forever is just wonderful. >> most times when you say i
9:25 am
bought the farm, to make it -- this is a positive thing. >> exactly. >> uh-huh. >> very nice. okay. >> next topic, rob kardashian and black china, now, see, we thought this was publicity stunt. seems like they are really fighting? >> right. ya. i mean, it is to the physical level. it is being said that after black china phone was hacked, all of the text messages put on her instagram, that her and rob got into a physical altercation. they said that black china was drunk, she was beating him to a pulp, and that chris jenner and her boyfriends had to come over to the house and literally rip her off of rob. and that after that later on in the night, the sisters came over to comfort their brother. by then black china had already left. so it is a little wild. it is hard to understand if she left after beating him, in such confusion, how the heck
9:26 am
did she clean those rooms up and move all of that furniture that fast? these stories don't really match. i think it is a publicity stunt. not at all. how do you run out, ran out, vacuumed, hurried up and left? >> maybe she is just a really clean person? >> i don't know. >> strong, too. and strong, too. >> it is taking a bad, bad turn. anybody know where this baby is? >> ya, the baby is with black china. you know rob is still on instagram saying he hasn't seen the baby. black china is continually going under the comment saying yes, i am telling you, you can see her, and i am sending you pictures so stop lying to everybody. so it is a big back and forth battle. so with the holidays coming up, i don't think they're going to all be together taking that christmas picture any more. >> it is hard it keep up. >> yikes, see you later today. >> i love this look, porche. >> i like the new hair. >> oh, thank you. holiday hair. >> on instagram you posted do you do your own make up?
9:27 am
>> go girl. >> yes, i started, i started doing my own make up. so, you know, i hope it is blended well today. >> it looks good. hey, if you have some tips, share them with me, honey, i need some work. >> oh, i will, i will, keep following me. >> we will see you later on dish nation, thank you. time to deck the halls. we will deck the table full of delights. >> food, treats. things you want to make with your kids. off with the kids for a long time. good stuff. >> what i was going say was you can telly don't talk like that. when is the last time i used the word delight? >> maybe you should start? >> you're delight. >> that woman is a delight. >> i like that word! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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one of our favorite people is here roberta papito is here >> good morning. >> she's just said she wants to get in the hot tub. >> really. >> yes. >> it is fantastic. >> it is interesting. >> we cannery create famous hot tub scenes from the to it show from way back in the day johnny carson want getting a rub down and don rickles came on to surprise him but then don got a surprise. >> we want to to something like that. >> yeah, i don't think so. >> we've got the christmas coming up, what is it sunday. >> we need to you get in the christmas spirit. so put these on. so, another fun treats.
9:32 am
>> fun treats to do for the family. usually we have pretzels sticks dipped in chocolate. you can make little wreathing out of it. you go around with your chocolate and your sprinkles and make a little wreath out of it. >> above camera. >> . >> well, not today. >> you can actually pick this one up. >> you can pick this one up. >> okay. >> what? >> these are kind of hanging somewhere. >> yes, you dip it in icing and sprinkles and roll it. you just go around once, twice , whatever you want. >> how do you get to it stick together. the chocolate hardens up. >> yes. >> what is this supposed to be >> these are melted little snow hen. >> oh, adorable. >> so cute. >> so you take white chocolate , you will melt it, spread out a thin sheet and place your little -- >> hold up one. >> yes, you can hold up one. >> yes. >> look at that. >> sorry. >> put it in the fridge and harden up for you. >> adorable. >> break them up and eat them like a bark.
9:33 am
>> this is the cutest thing you have ever done. >> hot chocolate mugs. >> it has your little names on there. we have one for fox as well with marshmallows, a browny, right here. you can, of course, eat it, and stack them on. >> yes. >> i have my glasses on. >> this is what i really like. >> this is a late that you can eat. >> what is this. >> yep. >> i don't want to break it. >> take these little guys off. >> some day we will have a real tv studio. >> yes. >> show what it looks like. you want me to break it. >> break it. >> just break it. >> wow. >> look at that. >> i didn't want that to happen. >> how did you do that. >> okay. >> you just take your baking sheet. >> right. >> you take all of the little peppermints, go around and put tonight 350-degree oven for five to six minutes. >> and they just held. >> take them out, put them together and it becomes your
9:34 am
plate. you can put your cookies, whatever you want on there and it smells great. >> what is that. >> santa hats the. >> i see. >> so, come here. >> you can do it. >> so, you take a little browny bite. take your frosting already opened for you. >> yes. >> and go ahead. >> all the way around. >> okay. >> take your straw bring, right there and make a little tip for the santa hat. >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> there you go. >> these are simple. >> these are simple. we don't have a piping bag just use a zip-lock bag just as a helpful tip. >> can we make more of these plates so we can slash them. >> you might enjoy that. >> i thought mike would be one to break a place. >> it is like a greek restaurant opa, break the plate. really cool. bob kelly is hanging out at philadelphia academy charter school. hi there, bob.
9:35 am
>> hey gang, good morning. door number one, two or three. it is in the let's make a deal we will be back and with a special addition of classroom, next up.
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it is kind of a special addition of kelly's classroom. >> when bob heard about what one school is doing for the holidays this year he had to go check it out himself. he is at philadelphia academy charter school, hi there, bob.
9:39 am
>> exactly. i heard about this. i had to come here. check this out. tour of the doors. they decorated every door in the school with a different theme. look at this, kids pictures with their tongs out catching the snow flakes. we're up here at philadelphia academy charter school, here, maybe christmas doesn't come from a store. check out the snow globe. so every single classroom, um-hmm, every single classroom the door was decorated by the students and the teachers, dab bing around the christmas tree. this one around here is check this out, who let the deer out and it is all part of the program, just to have the kid have fun and also get them in the christmas spirit. now we will walk around the hallway here, ready, come on, let's go inside and say good morning, everybody. >> applause. >> 700 kids, kindergarten through eighth grade, here in the gym and...
9:40 am
>> unaudible. >> it is so much fun. >> let's role the video of the other hallways. >> in the beginning of the early days, and they said they would make a perfect time for it. it brought out competitive nature this everybody, holiday spirit and it was just fun. >> i saw snow globe out in the hallway. who let deer out. >> yes. >> was there a contest or anything. >> there was a contest. we had winners k to two, three to five and six to eight. >> my gosh, you decorated. we were actually, when you sent me the video, come after the holidays but we thought we have to come here and get this on tape. >> thank you. >> kids are fired up. tell us about the school k through eight. >> k through eight, we have three to four class necessary each school. it is an amazing group of parents, teachers, and the student are amazing. we just, have some fun. >> you know what, i can see it in the kid face and their
9:41 am
smile, even before we turned the tv camera light on, it is a great idea and it definitely brightens up the entire hallway at philadelphia academy charter school up here in northeast philadelphia the kid are all fired up. i get them fired up and then go home. but from all of us here in northeast philadelphia to all of you at home, what do we want to say. >> merry christmas everybody. >> so from northeast philadelphia, lets go to the poconos, with jen. >> hi, bob. pocono mountains are looking good, and, it is so nice out, we have the cammal, we will talk about new years, christmas, beautiful. great kid too. >> ♪
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all right. time is 9:44 on this first day of winter, it is a cold morning across the delaware valley. thirty-two. still freezing right now in philadelphia. thirty-two in atlantic city. thirty-two in dover. but high pressure is off to our south and will shift farther off east. wind will be out of the west so milder temperatures mid 40 's, actually a few degrees above average. 40 degrees by noon.
9:45 am
upper 30's, turning chilly again later on this evening so you will still need that winter gear and what about the holiday forecast? christmas eve, hanukkah, mostly cloudy, spotty shower, 49 degrees for the high, then partly sunny, staying mild, 50 . weather authority seven day forecast showing friday looking good for travel up and down eastern seaboard, 49 the high on saturday, 50 degrees on sunday and then look at early next week temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, so staying above average the entire seven day forecast. look the at the current snow pack across the country and you can see north and west toward pocono mountains, good coat of snow out there higher amounts moving toward parts of new england. speaking of snow lets check with jen fred in the poke knows. >> hey scoot, okay, we are having a great time. cam allies here. i never had an audience with the the cammal, brian. >> no, i have. >> i know you have.
9:46 am
>> this really scary mascot i have ever seen, kid are into this, seriously. they are not the afraid of you cammal. that is what you want people to know about the pocono mountains this time of the year. we are looking at kid, families and everybody is ready to go. >> we're having fun. all of our ski runs are opened we are at cammal back today. we have fun things going on, you know, we have a lot of fun things this winter. so we have some creative events over the holidays. we have concert, coming in the area. >> that is awesome. where is that. >> that is at sherman theater. >> okay. >> then we have pocono manor, shawne they are all doing holiday dinners or events. >> new years eve. >> new years eve we have events in mt. airy, fernwood, quick rock, pocono manor. >> if people haven't made plans in new jersey, pennsylvania or delaware, these resorts have openings and they do make it family
9:47 am
friendly where you can have a nice dinner, activities the for the kid. >> go to the pocono mountains .com and search around a few places to stay and different events we are doing for holidays and new year eve, it is great. >> if people weren't mere at 7:45 they don't know tonight the here at cammal back they are opening this galactic snow tubing, and he vice excited bit. are you going to snow tube? yes. and it is basically like a later light show with snow tubing combine. >> it is like the best experience you can have. is there only two others in the country that have it. it will be fun. the laser light show, music, party on the snow. >> i love it. >> january 6th is. >> it is national -- well, world ski and snow board lessons. >> trying to beat it. >> so all of the ski areas are participating. my staff in the pocono mountains we will all participate in a ski lesson as well. it will be a fun day. >> love the cammal. >> everybody is having fun,
9:48 am
alex, i don't know if you are there. >> i'm here. >> they are ready to teach you to ski in the pocono mountains i will do it in 2017, you are ready to rock this, correct. >> i will be ready. >> maybe january 6th. >> join the book of world record. >> yes. >> i will not rest will him on camera because that is not good but if you are going down you are going down. >> just give her a hug. >> one hump or two. >> 9:48. oh, lord. like she hasn't done that before. she rarely falls. you know how good a snow border jen freddie's. >> awesome. >> she's awesome. >> she will be the one to teach me. >> yesy don't know what i'm doing. >> you know how to snow board or ski. >> which one should you do
9:49 am
first, ski or snow board. >> a the lieutenant of times i will say get right to the ski and go to the board. >> what would you do. >> skiing first. >> we can get you skiing. >> baby steps. >> it is easier when you are younger, little kid boarding and they are off, you refer ski. >> my five-year old granddaughter can do it. >> we have not seen new skis in 20 years. >> that is probably true. >> why don't you join me. >> yeah, yeah. >> i can snowplow, isn't that what they call it. >> pizza pie. >> this will be interesting, because i literally know nothing, nothing about skiing. it looks like people -- >> do you want to know how i learn, i was in college and my college roommate kent nelson took me to breakingridge, took me to a double black diamond, i didn't know what that meant. you want to do double black diamond? okay. it is the most difficult. it looks like a cliff.
9:50 am
you could not see the slope it was so steep. >> he said i'll see you at bottom for your first lesson. i tum also all the way down. >> isn't that going to happen to me. >> no. >> he never should have done that. >> no. >> you want to have a positive good experience. >> jimmy fallon, paul mccartney and bunch of other stars teamed up for epic sing along do you want to hear it? i hope you do. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
>> how ironic we said it was most annoying that song was most annoying christmas song that was voted on but they made it sound nice. >> i like it. all right. candace in the control room, punch yourself up. >> she doesn't like that. >> she hates that. >> see, look at her. >> you just gave her a migraine, blocking the face. >> how do you think i feel every day on the show. >> look at them trying to catch her. >> all right. >> how much time do we have. >> we can go to break now and we will have two minutes. >> we will go to break. >> it is time to do some but my legs are freezing for an hour, lets get this over with. >> get the hot tub.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
merry christmas, happy holidays, 2016 is ending 2017 is coming up. it was a potentially difficult year. let's get it together, you know, lets get some love going for 2017. >> ninety-three is all we're going to get. come on out. >> it is so cold. >> it is a lovely day. >> whose idea was this. >> i was than the at the meet ago parentally, my legs are freezing. >> i can't take it anymore. how is it, nice. >> it is good. >> how high can the temperature go in this thing. >> i will just do my.
9:56 am
>> this feels amazing. >> karen hepp. >> i don't have a bathing suit on. >> i don't even feel the cold anymore. >> how high will it go. >> 104. >> no way. >> even joy this is the life. >> isn't it life. >> oh, my goodness.
9:57 am
>> how will you doing. >> people walking by wondering what is going on. >> q can do the whole show in here. >> yes. >> he already was in a champagne glass. >> oh, god. >> thank you for bringing this over. >> thank you. >> what is the name of your company again? >> where are you located. >> marlton, exton, and jamison , pennsylvania. >> it is a great gift. >> bye guys, happy first day of winter. >> wow. where things come from?
9:58 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle.
9:59 am
[vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
10:00 am
city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? [ applause ] >> wendy: we don't judge but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: enough with that. [ applause ] >> wendy: no, no, enough. [ applause ] >> wendy: gh


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