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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 22, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00 developing story tonight. with his arms in the air freedom sure felt good to dante rollins earlier today after spending a decade in prison, he's now a free man. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. rollins was once accused of shooting a little boy but a surprising development changed all of that. fox 29's chris o'connell is in center city tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: iain, a very emotional night for dante rollins who tonight is getting rei acquainted with his family and his friends. getting the best christmas present he could ever get tonight, his freedom. >> it was hell. like hell on earth. you can describe it hell on earth that's what jail is for me any way because i didn't belong there. so being there -- i didn't
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belong there made my days extremely wrong. rollins is now a free man released from his 62 to 125 year prison sentence hours after 2006 attempted murder charge was dropped. >> overtime i'll get over it but right now i'm still a little upset because it should have never happened. >> reporter: rollins who spent most of his time at graterford prison in montgomery county was freed after new evidence was presented to the district attorney by the innocence project. evidence showing rollins was somewhere else at the time of the shooting his mother who spent years trying to free her son says it's about time. >> what's this christmas going to be like at home, ava? >> probably tiring. because got to do a lot of things we haven't done in years. a lot of catching up to do. >> reporter: 29-year-old says he still bitter but plans some day to help other inmates in his same situation. he also plans to spend a lot of time with mom. >> i'm going show and prove when i get home open my life for my
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mother. i'll live for her. whatever she wants me to do. i'm going to do it. >> reporter: what do you do after spending a decade in prison. well the first thing he wanted to do is go home v a meal with his mother and a hot bath and he said he wants to eat that meal with a fork, because he's been using a spoon for the last decade in prison, iain. >> incredible. what christmas it will be for him. chris, thank you. prosecutors say killing was a sport foreman charged with brutal slashing death of delaware county woman. prosecutors charged 37-year-old byron allen in the murder of natasha gibson in september. they say he randomly pick the 32-year-old victim she was going family friend's house. slashed her throat and then stabbed her more than 20 times. investigators say he left a blood trail from yeadon all the way into philadelphia. police followed that trail to a steak knife dumped in a storm drain. the victim's family says they have a mixed feelings as they reactioned to the charges. >> this is what i wanted for
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christmas, and, um, i'm getting it. we're going to find justice. >> it's an unfortunate situation. we're going through mixed emotions like we're happy, then at the same time we're sad. >> investigators say allen was already facing charges for at least three sexual assaults of women in kensington. he's the prime suspect in the rape and murder of another wom woman. in germany the hunt for the driver of a truck that rammed into christmas market crowd is expanding. we learned today the main suspect is a tunisian man with ties to islamic extremists who was already on the radar of law enforcement. his name is anisamri24-year-old tunisian who came to germany and in last year's massive refugee wave he was turned down for asylum this year remained because of a paper work mix up. he was arrested for forged documents and then released. authorities say he was known to have contacts with germany's chief isis recruiter. he was under covert surveillance for several months. the only way police suspected him was because he left his
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wallet with id papers in the truck he suspected of using to run down dozens of people on monday. 12 people died in that attack. in mexico the death toll is now at 32 after a fireworks market exploded yesterday. charred rubble all that's left. nearly 50 people are still in the hospital after the blasts. officials say five of them are fighting for their lives. most have severe burns. what set everything off is still under investigation. on your radar tonight the warmup begins. meteorologist kathy orr a s here with your first forecast at 11. >> not so bad right now, iain. temperatures in the 30s. that's pretty where they'll stay overnight because of the cloud cover. take a look at ultimate doppler. they can thicken tomorrow morning. you wake up it will be cloudy by the afternoon the sun will be back and it will be pretty decent out there. in old city deck out for the holiday season the temperature 31. the high today 45 was actually above normal and winds are calm. so that light whipped we're not going to be anticipating any type of wind chill so it will be
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comfortable in the morning. 35 degrees in upstate new york and rochester, williamsport 31 the same in philadelphia. ocean city, married, at 27. lock at new york. not so bad at 41 degrees. so pretty much everyone enjoying a milder december evening for the first day of winter. temperatures are pretty mild the wind relatively light. so comfortable overnight and even during the day tomorrow. we'll watch has high pressure builds off off the coast. cold front will approach. not so cold. clearing skies but some gusty winds for tomorrow afternoon and high temperatures bumping into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. on the future cast you can see the clouds thickening overnight and tomorrow morning. maybe even a few sprinkles through the poconos and north jersey or few flurries. by the afternoon, clear skies, and a pretty sunset. but breezy conditions. and that will lead to another type day for our friday. so overnight, 31 in the city. suburbs 26 degrees. mostly cloudy. not quite as chilly as it's
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been. so you don't have to get out there and warm the car up all that long tomorrow morning the kids will be comfortable at the bus stop waking up to temperatures in the wednesday and the 30s. millville waking up to 28. trenton 28. philadelphia 31. as we look ahead during the day increasing sunshine, 48 degrees, becoming breezy that northwesterly wind will create a little bit of a cool down in the afternoon. it will gust to about 20, 25 miles an hour. as you look ahead on the seven day forecast, from your weather authority, great travel day for your friday and of course we can't forget the birds tomorrow evening. it will be breezy so bundle up if you're heading to the game. by saturday, we have the rain throughout the afternoon. about a quarter of an inch or so. we should be drying it out by the evening when hanukkah begins and looking really good for christmas day. temperature 50 degrees. kwanzaa on monday increasing clouds, tuesday looks good, ia iain, even next wednesday we're talking about sunshine, cooler temperatures but 43 is actually seasonal for this time of year. no major winter chill or biting wind chills in the seven day.
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>> i love it. thanks kathy. >> you bet. now to story you'll only see on fox tonight. three counties, multiple crimes and there's one man police are after police say the suspect has been breaking into businesses in bucks county. philadelphia and the mainline and now detectives all over the area are investigating fox 29's dave schratwieser has the latest from port richmond. >> reporter: workers cared away broken glass from the break in at this phone store in overbrook wednesday night. one of nine burglaries now being tied to the driver of this mer sid december get away vehicle. >> he's calculated and he's going from place to place, town to town and just wreaking a lot of sock. >> reporter: with a crowbar or law hammer in hasn't this thief has broken into businesses from bucks county to philadelphia counsel and on out to the mainline where he was caught on camera dragging a safe from this store in radnor to his mercedes get away car tuesday morning. >> he seems to come in and go straight for the safe. >> in and out, you know, no time at all. so, um, he seems to be a
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professional. he's not leaving much behind. >> reporter: the radnor heist comes after bensalem police put out this video of the suspect behind the wheel of an older model e class mercedes as he busted into five businesses including a food mart where he stole a thousand dollars in cigarettes. he also hit a nail salon and a paint store. those five burglaries took place in the early morning hours over two-day period. >> at this point we just need to get him off the street. >> reporter: southwest detectives say the same suspect driving the mercedes struck three times monday breaking in the front door at shalom pizza in overbrook park, them neck door at this t mobile store. >> it seems odd just going for cash registers and money much thinking maybe he's addicted looking for quick money. >> reporter: detectives are trying to determine if this might be the same bandit caught on camera breaking into nine businesses mostly along aramingo avenue back in november. >> there's a male looks similar to this male driving a town and can you tree breaks into three businesses up there and takes money. >> reporter: detectives
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recovered surveillance video from several on the stores. they're now trying to determine if this suspect could have been involved in as many as 15 burglaries in the try county area. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. family staying in east germantown shelter were surprised holiday celebration tonight nicole cooper and her children are one of 129 families living at zen ton family manor right now a shelter for families who are homeless and waiting for housing. members of the true bayou you'll empowerment foundation provide thed party which included music, dancing, snacks and activities fort kids many of the families did not want to be shown on camera understandably they are struggling to get back on their feet. cooper says the holiday party mean the world to her and her two daughters. >> a lot of kids out here that's not enjoying they selves right and not looking forward to any toys. not looking for santa coming to visit them. so i think it's pretty cool. >> last year the true way youth
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empowerment foundation provided gloves, hats and scarves for the families. it's been almost five years since young philadelphia woman witnessed her family robbed and murdered in cold blood. tonight there's finally justice. how she's thriving after the tragedy. how many drug recoveries halfway houses can you fit into one what would they do to the town's fabric? fox 29's hank flynn takes look at one community's relationship with the heroin epidemic. in your health tonight, regularly eating cured meats may aggravate your asthma. researchers look at close to thousand people with asthma and they found out those had a ate the most processed and cured meats were more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen overtime. they don't know why yet it's something to keep in hyped if you or someone you love has asthma.
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♪ happening now a jury has convicted two men in a 2011 robbery and triple murder in west philadelphia corner store. abrahim muhammed and malik scott found guilty of first degree murder. they walk into the grocery store
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on the 800 block of north 50th street robbed the place and gunned down the husband and wife owners of the store and the husband's sister. jessica nunez was a teenager at the time and witnessed her parents murder. she turned to music to try and ease the pain and appeared today on fox 29's "the q" with her r and b group aviance. >> been involved in music since i was seven so i think it was my way to grieve and like move on to come back to music and doing that for my family especially my dad who loved music. >> jessica's testimony in the case helped convict her parents killers. on friday night her group will be headliners at philadelphia's tla theater. ♪ hangs toes take tonight perot win is all over the place dozens of overdoses, scores of arrests in the area, all in just the past week or two. fox 29's hank nine went up to levittown where there's an entire market based simply on
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recovery. halfway houses to see how the epidemic looks from there. ♪ >> reporter: tell me your name. >> kelly. >> kelly what, hummer. >> georgia. >> what. >> glover. i met two young women in levittown both recovering heroin another tickets as you can probably guess recovery is a tough process. >> you just got to take it day at a time. i mean you hear that every day and it gets annoying but it's the truth. >> i came to levittown because of the recovery. >> okay. >> there's strong recovery it's a struggle every day. >> levittown has scores of recovery houses halfway houses for recovering addicts and there are many more in bristol and other neighbors towns. unregulated and vary in quality some get complaints from neighbors but the one where the girls stay gets better reviews. as far as the homeowner is concerned, he's a scum bag.
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but edit that if you want. >> the girls themselves -- >> the girls themselves are not bad girls. >> fair enough. >> okay. i would stick up for them. heroin has has been having a field. despite arrests like the massive take down philly police announced yesterday, the supply seems to be unshakeable and the drug has never been so cheap. the levittown fairless hills rescue squad keeps a running tally on the sign out front and the chief says maybe instead of supply we shall look at demand. >> we had so many -- big deal. >> reporter: right. >> reporter: kelly and georgia are working on eliminating their demand and again it's tough what but they're doing it good god
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bless you and good luck to you. >> thank you. >> go get them. >> reporter: strong, strong women. love them. >> so heroin it's just as real a disease in our world as cancer is. and while many of the people in levittown halfway houses are from elsewhere, the fact that they're a hundred or so of those houses in the area should tell you all you need to know about how widespread the problem is. so get used to the conversation. it ain't going anywhere. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in your own neighborhood. dawn, what's happening tonight? >> well iain, two families are out of their homes to night after two alarm fire broke out in pottstown. fresco user sheena powell son takes to us east third street as crews were on the scene there. the flames ripped through the apartments just before 8:00 this morning it was quickly placed under control. luckily no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. a huge gathering outside philadelphia city hall tonight
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fresco user arlene lee sent us this video. hundreds lit candles to remember the homeless philadelphians who lost their lives over this past year part of homeless memorial day. similar ceremonies were held throughout other cities all around the country. and take a look at this. mayfair doesn't mess around when it comes to christmas lights. wow. the residents along the 4200 block of held their annual winter wonderland rally. salvation army was there as well to collect donations and holiday gifts. big thanks to fresco user kayla cayed for giving us a look at this pretty neat event. when you see news happening, pull out your phone and use it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. >> iain. >> congratulations! >> they've been together for 11 years. they had both battled cancer and now they won't need to worry about paying for a wedding.
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adelphia events men's warehouse, david's bridal awarded south jersey couple kevin and ashley wood an all expenses paid wedding everything is covered. now as for a date -- >> i'm kind of thinking of february 11th because it falls on saturday this year and it's our anniversary -- it's been our anniversary since 2006 he proposal in 2015 on 2/11. so why not keep the tradition of the anniversary. so that way he doesn't forget the date either. [ laughter ] >> february 11th it is. prize includes 125 guests it will be held adelphia restaurant and events in deptford, n. all right. sean, what's coming up in spor sports? >> grayson allen is at it again. people hate duke for at love reasons. why now allen is the biggest one. check outweigh did and how he's adding to the duke hate next in
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♪ sean bell takes on grayson
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allen and his allegedly dirty tactics. his commentary in just 15 seconds. ♪ it's always easy to hate duke. it really is they just keep ma making it easier. they have a long line of players that are just really annoying. from christian latener to jj reading but now it's grayson allen holding that flag and he's earn every bit of it allen was caught tripping a player tonig tonight. look at this kicks his leg out and then after that he passes out on the bench. look at this right here. he starts crying and yelling and slamming things as if that karate sweep wasn't obvious. mind you they're playing eli. why in the world would you ever
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have to play dirty against eli. allen got technical foul and the coach said it was unacceptable but at the same time he said if you want to take shots at duke, then go for it. i'll go for it he's dirty he's cheap and he should be suspended in he was another athlete that played for another school people would be calling for his head. he's a dre mon green of college basketball and he's not good enough for us to let that slide. >> sean, thanks. accolades keep rolling in for hamilton writer and composer lin-manuel miranda. miranda name the associated press entertainer of the year among the things miranda this year asking congress to help dig puerto rico out of dead crisis, getting honoree dock rat from u penn and lobbying to stop gun villians in america. hamilton won allege tony awards back in june. nellie bringing the heat this new year's eve in miami. rapper joining the list of formers at pitbull's new year's eve revolution.
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also performing coolio, salt and pepper, queen latifah, snoop dog and plenty more. the third annual new year's party broadcast live from miami. tune into pitbull's revolution this new year's eve 11:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. >> 1999? >> i like salt and pe p. pa. >> fire in '97. >> that's in my wheel house. >> i know what you're saying though. we'll see if we can get some more. >> he hasn't seen mary poppins. >> old school for suss 2009. >> more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. tmz and dish nation and then chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". scott williams and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered all morning long. have a great night. than
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>> a very good morning, happening right now on fox 29 morning news. free at last. after a decade in prison there is local man waking up at home. >> it was hell. like hell on earth. if you can describe hell on earth that's what jail is to me. >> those days now behind him, new evidence proving his innocence. not valid for travel. why your pennsylvania drivers license could eventually keep you grounded if you try to use it to board a flight. plus, there is a warning this morning about a popular snack, her's recalling some of is potato chips from store shelves. great to have you with this thursday, inning closer to the weekend. i'm thomas drayton. >> good morning, everybody. we're getting there. >> getting there slowly, right? >> getting there slowly but
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