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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening now at 11:00 baffling mystery started as a search for missing girl but tonight it's a homicide investigation. authorities found 14-year-old grace parker's body luzerne county and now her own mother is a person of interest in the investigation. good evening, i'm iain page. investigators from three different counties are now working the case tonight. let's get out to our chris o'connell at the abington township police department with new information. chris? >> reporter: iain, nearly two months after her dismembered body was found in a rural wooded area luzerne county about 100 miles from here, tonight the mother of 14-year-old grace packer remains in the montgomery county jail tonight. she is charged in connection
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with her daughter's disappearance. prosecutors from three counties say 41-year-old sarah packer to investigators in the days after her daughter went missing in july. so uncooperative they charged her with child endangerment and obstruct of justice. it wasn't until halloween when the body of 14-year-old grace packer was found by hunters in a remote section of luzerne coun county. >> how did this young girl disappear from her home in abington township and end up in a remote area of luzerne county? >> reporter: calling her a person of interest in the case prosecutors say very packer became uncooperative and withheld information during her daughter's disappearance. at the same time spending more than $3,000 in disability payments meant for grace's care. neighbors who live right across the street from the abington where grace went missing said they've never even heard about a missing person until police arrived. >> like i said i never seep the
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mom or the daughter, there were no missing person's signs, no search parties. >> reporter: prosecutors now think the public can help. >> we're especially interested in speaking to anyone who might have seen sarah and her daughter grace together or individually from june onward. >> reporter: now czar today packer being hell in the montgomery county jail after failing to post $10,000 bail. so far investigators are not releasing the cause of grace's death. iain? >> chris, thank you. search continues in camden county for a missing marine. emergency crews used a drone today to try to find 29-year-old lance james but they still confined him. on tuesday, our cameras were out in clementon as crews searched for him. james has been missing since back december 2nd. he left the hide away tavern after having an al indication. the family of tunisian man
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accused of driving a truck into a christmas market in berlin is talking. anisamri family members are shocked to learn she's the prime suspect in the truck attack that killed 12 people. his mother says his family is against terrorism and they condemn any acts of violence. today german officials confirmed that his fingerprints were found in the cab of the truck the manhunt for the 24-year-old continues across europe. president-elect donald trump announced his communications team hours after making headlines again via twitter. today the president election tweeted it's time for major nuclear upgrade. trump was tweeting from florida and his daughter you have can van today heade headed that waym new york her she and her family were harassed by a passenger who disagrees with her father's politic. the passenger twee tweeted his p tension to confront. he had to be removed from the plane. he named sean spicer as press secretary and gave kellyanne
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conway the tile of counselor to the president make herring the highest ranking woman in his white house. on your radar tonight, you won't need that heavy coat. things are heating up for the holidays. here's meteorologist kathy orr. >> we're looking a fine night iain. there's a win out there. temperatures very comfortable in old city we're still at 40 degrees. height today 53. winds out of the west northwest at 10 miles an hour. improve film earlier this evening. as we look at the temperatures a whole not big contrast from north and south. poconos at freezing. allentown 39. wilmington and dover upper 30s. it's about the wind. when the wind is light it feels much more comfortable than we have sustained wind quite mile. 10 miles an hour wind in philadelphia. breeze in reading. allentown and and pots noun not seeing much of a win right now. clear sky courtesy of high pressure that high moves towards the south and toward the east we get into what we call return flow. the flow around this is clockwise. on the back side you get a
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southwesterly flow and that means milder temperatures. so today temperatures in the lower 50s tomorrow at least 50 degrees, again, with plenty of sunshine. the clouds will roll in late in the day as that high moves offshore. it will allow a front to get close we see the clouds tomorrow night and rain by early saturday morning. so if you have any travel plans, nearly delaware valley, we'll be seeing the rain along i-95 corridor if you're heading west toward harrisburg, right through the early afternoon and then heavy rain down the shore between one, 2:00 o'clock and then it's out of here any festivities hanukkah begins saturday evening or christmas eve mass or dinner, you should be okay after the 7:00 o'clock hour we clear it out and skies should be clear with some light winds. overnight in the city we're at 31 in the suburbs 26. mainly clear. the high tomorrow 50 just great day to be outside with plenty of sun and light winds. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority there's your rain for saturday. sunday christmas day looks mild again. last year in philadelphia we
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were in the upper 60s. 50s still not so bad normal high is 42. kwanzaa arrives on monday. pleasant day. tuesday looks good. wednesday movely sunny 44. by thursday a chance of a shower the high 52. but all indications are, iain as we even get toward the new year and the beginning of 2017, temperatures still will be above average in the 40s maybe even a few more 50's. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, thanks, kathy. police need help find the man accused of swiping demo phones from local cell phone store. investigators say this video caught a pretty good shot the man he walk into the at&t on south street and while worker was busy with customers he snatched up some of the phones on display and ran off. police are not sure which way he took i was along south street. philadelphia head of the naacp laying out the organization's 2017 agenda. president minister rodney muhammed spoke to the media today from the local naacp headquarters in north
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philadelphia. he says the organization will work hard to bring an end to the school reform commission and restore local controls over city schools. tackling fair living wages also on next year' as jenn today he also says the naacp local branch is concerned about the incoming trump administration based on his campaign rhetoric. >> we do believe that the government we see shaping up in washington, d.c. will present us for the first time with no recourse to go to the federal government for intervention. >> muhammed added it doesn't appear the federal government will quote have any friends in trump administration. in chester police were out in full force today look to pull over drivers it's not what you think. in the spirit of holiday season the officers rewarded drivers who obeyed the law with free turkeys. they gave out 100 turkey citations to people across the city. officers say this is just the way to give back to the
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community and also improve relations. >> we believe every encounter with law enforcement doesn't have to be a negative end counter we're trying to show that, hey, sometimes we're up to good deeds not just harassment as some people would terment that. >> he pulled me over. okay, i didn't do nothing. i was just trying to go home. >> the officers pulled people over for driving with a seat belt, using appropriate turn signals and driving within the speed limit. good stuff there. now to a story you'll see only on fox 29. we first told you about it earlier this month. a new jersey woman got a big surprise tonight. she thought her mother's wedding dress was lost forever. it had been auction off when it was left at a storage unit but tonight our shawnette wilson delivered quite the surprise. she's live at philadelphia city hall where that dress turn up. shawnette. >> reporter: well iain so we still don't know who return this dress, but they drop it off to officials here at city hall. and tonight we surprised the woman at herman that was what
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home. she was brought to tears. >> there's quite a few people that had said that i needed to get over it. >> reporter: roses land plum was still heart broken two week after we first interviewed her. we stopped by herman chew what home tonight to ask if she had received any leads on her missing wedding dress. >> i had given hope up. >> she reach out to fox 292 weeks ago. she showed us these pictures of her wedding dress which will been storage unit that was auctioned after she says she fell on hard times and couldn't afford to keep it. what made the dress even more special, are the memories it held of her mother who passed away three years ago one year after the wedding. >> it was so special because my momma got to go with me dress shopping to begin with it was something that she wasn't able to do with her own mother because my momma was 16 years old when her mom passed, and she -- she bought it for me with the help of some family members. >> reporter: what rows land didn't know that someone saw our
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story and dropped off her dress to philadelphia's city council woman blondel reynolds brown's office at city hall. they didn't want to leave any information but asked we be contacted to return the dress to rows land. during the interview we pretended to have a prob with the microphone and stopped the interview i went outside prete pretending to get another one. >> one works, three, four, five. >> i returned with the dress. >> is that my dress? >> this is your dress. >> is that my dress? >> yes. yes. >> are you serious? >> she open the box which also had her mother's name on it. her mother had it cleaned and wrapped before put knit storage. >> oh, thank god. >> the dress couldn't have come at a better time. >> it's like the perfect christmas present. >> reporter: rose thanked
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whoever return the dress. iain she says it's like getting a peace of her mother back. a great ending an great time of year. >> absolutely, shawnette. great story. thank you. this local girl's waging a fierce battle with cancer but while she's in the hospital, people who love her have been working hard to create some holiday cheer. the surprise she'll never forg forget. plus -- >> reporter: it's hank. what's the matter it's getting late and you're still undecided on gifts. that's okay. i got you. there's great gifts everywhere. i'll take you out to gloucester county and show i mean in just a minute. >> this may or may not come as a surprise lurking on social media is making people miserable. regular use of social media can harm your emotional well-being as long as you're overall satisfaction with life. because you're always comparing yourself to those people. guess what the same researchers found taking a break from social media can cure those symptoms. so what better time than the holidays to give taking a break a shot. ♪
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time is running out if you haven't mailed your gifts yet you want them to arrive in time for christmas. today was the busiest delivery day of the year for the us post office. following monday's busiest shipping day. carrier paul usually walks his 12-mile route in north philadelphia but so many deliveries today forced him to drive. he hasn't had a day off in two and a half week. he works out of the spring garden station handling up to 4,000 packages a day. that's double the average. >> does today feel like it's the busiest delivery day of the year. >> yeah it d it's a lot of work. that's what's all about. we're almost at the home stret stretch. >> today we found father and step daughter failing mailing a package to mexico probably won't make it there till christmas the post office says there's still a your package could get there in time depending on where it's going. ♪ >> hank's take tonight the holidays all about joy, family, food and sometimes stress. did you get the right gift for the right person? are you a
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procrastinator who still has something to do. >> hank flynn tells to us rest easy good gifts are everywhere you look. ♪ >> reporter: pizza really good christmas. (. christmas shopping bogging you down can't figure out what to get that special someone. it's okay uncle hank is here with little advice. open your eyes! there's great gifts everywhere. bang. like route 130 down near gloucester city home of the famous king of pizza. good place for lunch. great place for gift shopping. >> bang. >> suppose is a good thing for any occasion. you want to buy some as gift it's a good thing. you give what you can give. >> yes. they have gift cards and look it's pizza. you can't lose you can get good gifts almost any w look around. >> don't forget you can always give the extra special gift of
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bowling. bang. oh, yeah, look at that form. two kinds of people, you either like bowling or you lie and saw you don't. stacey at westbrook lanes says bowling gift card is a guaranteed strike. >> it makes an excellent gift. they come in and buy the games or go into the pro shop and buy bowling ball or shoes. >> the card won't work in the bar but it will for pretty much anything else and they're open 24 hours. >> you could give the gift of -- bank. >> the year has been good to you spend a little money on that special someone. why don't you buy them a mobile home. quit looking at me like that. these are good ideas. the mobile home park was having a nice gift day for the kids this afternoon and yes there is a home for sale. >> bang. >> three bedroom one bath mobile home with a porch and deck in
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the front. beautiful home. >> at about $25,000 not bad for a place to live and there's no property tax but you will shell out $490 a month for the space. look forget the details, it's the spirit we're talking about. as far as christmas is concerned it's not about what you get. the about the thought. you know what i mean. >> i do. funny thing whatever you buy the people closest to you he is special physical you work a lot like i do, what they really want is just a little more of your time. took me a long time to learn that. maybe i'm still working on it. bang. i'm hank and that's my take. merry christmas. ♪ you see it you shoot it our fresco users always help us show what's happening in your neighbor. dawn what's going on to tonight. >> dozens of children in philadelphia now have shiny new bicycles to ride around and it's all thanks to state representative jordan harris much fresco user arlene lee takes us to the grand ye is a
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ballroom in south philadelphia harris handed out the bikes today. he says this bike give away is to inspire children to engage in physical activity and to spend less time looking at tv and computer screens. it's all part of his yearly tradition. if this display didn't get you into the holiday spirit then i don't know what will. thanks to fresco user clifford tour giving us a look at the tropicana beautiful light display in atlantic city. this is right inside the quarter part of the casino. very cool. when you see news happening be sure to pull out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. ♪ sirens blared as santa made his way to west chester home of charlotte radcliffe tonight. thee-year-old girl her family calls her charley is at hospital fighting a cancer she was born with. her neighbors surprised her family and decorated the famili' house with lutes foyer the holiday. charlie watched the whole thing live from her hospital bed.
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>> she's been laying in a hospital bed for months now, so, you know, there's a santa at chop, but, yeah, she does -- she collapsed and cheers when she saw this. so it's really rea really reallg people are incredible. >> santa made a trip down to chop where he deliver presents to charlie. all right. sean what you got in sports? >> i ya and a couple big time college players will not play in their bowl games. i'll trend what he said and why i 100% agree with him in my sports commentary.
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with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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♪ >> sean bell takes on college football players skipping out on bowl games. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ nick hates this new bowl system and surprisingly sides with the players when it comes to sitting out a bowl games. you know what i 100% agree. he basically said when you created a million bowl games and created this playoff system you devalued these bowl games and you know what he's right. there's a cure bowl, famous aid hoe bowl. saint peter's burg bowl. no one cares about any of these. why should players risk playing in bowl games that can't help their stock when coaches don't have to either. matt ruhle left temple and won't coach in the military bowl because he got a better opportunity a good career move. that's the same thing these
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players are doing. making a decision for the betterment of their careers. leonard burnett and christian mccaffery can gain nothing for playing in these bowls. the value just isn't there any more. >> all right sean. a court in a argentina indicted justin beiber for zenning his bodyguards to beat up his photographer and taking his camera. there's no arrest warrant. he can appeal the decision if he chooses. he is has not returned to answer questions about that alleged attack. his tour goes to latin america in 2017 no dates publish for argentina. >> hollywood is jumping on the emoji band wagon. oh me joe movie will be released next summer. full leapt movie about emojis. >> oh, my gosh. >> is that too much? >> too far.
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>> the main character gene emoji who can't seem to fit in because he's got way too many emotions. got time to get excited for that one coming up. >> oh, my gosh. he does. that's the face that's everything right the happy, the sad, the mad. i know too much. >> i can relate too much. >> come on really? >> i know. >> really? >> he's cute does we're all about emojis now. you got the -- >> is that in your dictionary. >> i just mater up. >> i think that work. >> lexicon man. >> you better patent that quick glamor enter tape many news with tmz, dish nation then of course stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox morning news and "good day philadelphia". scott williams and bob kelly got your weather and traffic covered all morning long as well as all your emojis. ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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harvey: so ivanka trump got accosted on a jetblue flight. get this -- she was flying coach. >> a guy starts yelling at abankia that her dad is ruining the country. the guy also says, why is she not flying private. harvey: what a weird thing to say. >> no, it's just weird she's flying commercial. i agree with that. harvey: there's a difference. ying private! y is she not >> richard marx after his harrowing experience on that korean airlines flight. >> we know airline security needs to be improved. especially korea. >> do you think it's a korean thing? >> i don't know. but you know what i do know for sure though? this was the best thing that happened to marx in at least 15 years. >> we mott -- got milo ventimiglia on "this is us."


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