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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we asked woman to smell two body washes andi prefer b. favorite. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. good morning, breaking news right now on fox 29 morning news a deadly fire rips through self apartments, just days before the holidays, and the challenge emergency crews faced while battling those flames. and are you heading to the airport? well, you are not alone, this is live look, lines already forming at this hour, it is 5:00 o'clock. what you need to remember before check helping in for your flight and before you head out, we have you covered. >> intercepted, malcolm jenkins, taking it the all the way for an eagles touchdown.
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>> what a thrill, giant upset, eagles play spoiler in the last night win for philadelphia fans. and this local girl is waging a fierce battle with cancer but while she's in the hospital the people who have love her have been spreading holiday cheer. the surprise, that she will never forget. that is obviously the wrong video but we will have it coming up. i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp has the morning off hi there, bob. >> good morning, it is friday. >> a lot of people heading out >> jammo at airport this morning. >> yes. >> but otherwise i think it will be one of those upside down kind of days, we are leaving town early. >> pack patients and make some friend in line, right. >> yes, thankfully weather is cooperating on the east coast but we will have some problems , of our own, to deal with weather-wise, tomorrow morning but enjoy today, because it is looking like a nice friday. weather by numbers on a scale of one to ten. it is a cold start on this friday, 34 degrees in
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philadelphia wind west at 10 miles an hour. we will keep more westerly wind for today, it is not as blustery as it was yesterday evening. thirty-three in dover. thirty-four in atlantic city along with trenton 34. we have 31 right now in pottstown and 30 in mount pocono. planning your day hour by hour once again not as cold as 8:00 s by lunch, looking good-bye noon, above average temperatures upper 40's to around 50 degrees this afternoon. so dry, quiet right now on ultimate doppler for us but look off to the west, that is the rain that will head in our direction tomorrow. once again travel up and down eastern seaboard looking good. north texas, moving into parts of the midwest, unsettled, maybe some snow in iowa and also minnesota, unsettled out the in the pacific northwest today as well. and then tomorrow look at all of the green toward part of the northeast and new england. more on the entire holiday forecast, bob kelly evening coming up. good morning, 5:02 on this friday morning, as we get
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ready for holiday. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all, kind of quiet, today could be an upside down kind of a day, everybody changing up their plans, maybe half day, moving out of town early, no problems on the vine street expressway. they have finished up construction and they are ready for their holiday that brand new pattern on i-95, we will be traveling through this holiday weekend we have got four lanes back to normal between cottman down to bridge but then kickback into that construction zone from the betsy in through center city. they will start at one hour, along columbus boulevard, they will shut it down from 95 to washington and then hopefully make a final repair to that water main break and with that we will see closure of the off ramps from i-95 to columbus boulevard. as we saw from our live camera jammed up in the lines, the check in counters at philly international, get down there two hours in advance, check with the airline and do not wrap the presents, save yourself the trip, of un wrapping them once you get
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there get some rapping paper and role of scotch tape when you get to your destination and wrap them up. septa says no delays, and operating on a regular schedule this morning. thomas, back to you. time right now 5:04. we are following breaking news , one person has died in an apartment fire in pottstown our jenny joyce is on the scene and still a very active scene, jenny? >> reporter: it is an active scene here, i'm with one of the fire victims. this is carlos, who has lived in the building for about a year. you had to evacuate overnight with your girlfriend and two young children. >> yeah. >> reporter: take us through what happened a two and four years old got out safe liz thank goodness but one person did die in this fire. >> yes. >> reporter: tell us, it happened just after 1:30 this morning. >> yeah, i was just opening up windows and i got a smell of just smoke. my girl friend she went to go to the bathroom and the whole entire bathroom was just smoke
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all over, it was coming in the kitchen. a little bit after that a lot thump, sounded like banging doors and we grabbed little ones and we got right out of there. that was it. >> reporter: what floor do you live on. >> the second floor. >> reporter: is that where the fire started on the second floor. you said one of your neighbors tried to break into the apartment where the fire started. >> yeah, yeah, there was a man sleeping in the one apartment, sadly didn't make it the out but they did try their hard test to knock down the door and try to get him out of there as fast as possible. we wished we got him out but sadly that couldn't happen. >> reporter: you said in addition to the two children you had a dog, you didn't know if the dog was going to be able to make it out. >> obviously, i love my dog to death but i got to take the little ones first.
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she did make it the out okay. she's in pain though. >> you said six apartment in here. >> yes. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. take care, good luck to you. we know red cross is assisting carlos ortiz as well as other victims here about six apartments, several people, again everybody else was able to evacuate, and except for the man who did pass away in this fire, according to the fire chief, at this point, that man has in the yet been identified, thomas? >> investigation continues, it is a long difficult morning. jenny, thank you. breaking this morning in kensington a woman is in the hospital shot during a home invasion, this happened on the 500 block of allegheny avenue around 11:00 last night. twenty year-old answered a knock at front door when two men forced their way inside, she tried fighting them off but she said one of them pulled out a gun and shot her in the arm. >> you can tell there was a violent struggle, there was blood, on the the floors and on the walls and the hallway, the kitchen, and the living
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room. and that is what our 20 year-old victim stated to us that she was, trying to force them back out the front door. when she was shot, in the arm. >> the men then took off, victim tells detectives she doesn't know who they are, police say several neighbors reported getting strange incomes on their doors as well last night, but they did not answer. many of you are waking up this morning getting a head start on the holiday travel season. we saw it, about to take you to the airport. this is a live look the at the roads. it pick up a bit the in the past hour. triple a says it is a busy one today through january 2nd more than 103 million americans are expected to travel, 50 miles, or more and bob has you covered. if not by cara lot of you will be heading to the airport. we will take you inn identify in just a moment. live look at philadelphia international, scott says weather will cooperate until about tomorrow morning when the rain comes in, so this is a look inside, do you see
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those lines? yeah, packed plenty of patients it will be a long one this morning. you have to contend with those lines and you may have un expect delays. the it is always best to check ahead and, of course, live early. with the holiday travel season officially underway it is not just this area travelers have to worry about. what is happening in other parts of the country could very well play a factor in your travel lance. in fact high wind and rains out west caused major delays and cancellations at los angeles international airport. the grounding many of those plains heading to terminal nationwide. up to 400 flights in and out of lax are delayed until noon time today. the passengers, they are not too happy. >> it is like 30 or 40 minutes just to get in and out. >> we got off the plane at 6:37. we were on the tarmac for two and a half hours. >> you also need to be very careful what you are trying to carry on board. tsa telling passengers to check items like wine, syrup,
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jam, lot of you still trying to get those items through. it will delay things. you cannot take them through. if you are packing presents the tsa says keep them un wrapped, so they can check them out. talk about good news here at 5:09. philly fans are grateful this morning the losing streak is finally over. >> thirteen seconds left, manning put it up for grabs but intercepted, and terence brooks and the eagles will upset the giants and playoff birth. >> eagles fans, eagles give their fans an early christmas present beating giants at the link ending a five game losing streak, it is also their first win against a division opponent this year. doug pederson talked about what this mean for the players >> for us it was a chance to win a division game number one and, you know, erase sort of that negative feeling we have
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had these last couple of weeks and to do it in front of our crowd i thought was awesome. >> last night's win snapped a five game losing streak for eagles and it also means dallas cowboys are 2016 nfc east champions and will get a first round bye in the the playoffs. coming up at this hour big daddy graham will break down those highlights. president obama is scrapping a post 9/11 registry that targeted muslim immigrants. it required them to register with the federal government. u.s. has in the used the program in five years, aclu challenge the registry calling it a failed counter terrorism tool and massive row filing programming. a day after, meeting with the pentagon's top brass donald trump is calling for a major nuclear upgrade. naming a new role for woman credited getting him to the white house. our dawn timmeney has the latest on the trump transition
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on the day that mr. trump received his second consecutive presidential daily briefing, he also tweeted this , quote, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nooks. the end quote. mr. trump was tweeting from maralogo in florida and his daughter's vanka heading that way. she and her family were harassed by a passenger who disagrees by her father's politics. passenger reportedly tweeted his intention to confront mrs. o aggressive he was removed. president-elect is forming a new white house national trade council and has asked well known china critic doctor peter navarro to head it up. while giving kelly ann conway title of counselor to the president, making her the highest ranking woman in his white house. >> i think that when you have this opportunity, it is an honor certainly but it is very hum blink. >> once again that was our dawn timmeney reporting. trump announced his pick for
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press secretary, former rnc communications director sean spicer. campaign spokeswoman hope hicks will stay on as director of strategic communications and jason miller will be director of communications and scan salve convenient owe director of, social media. next month's inaugural ceremony is taking shape, he says he doesn't want a bunch of celebrities to attend but rather the vote hours supported him. trump taking to twitter tweet ing so-called a list celebrities all wanting tickets to the inauguration but look what they did for hillary, nothing. i want the people. some entertainment has been revealed for january 20th events, we have learn that the mormon tabernacle choir and radio city rock kits will be performing, at the ceremony. of course, more acts are to be named, shortly. simon is in the city, she's coming to philadelphia where you can take your very own selfie with simon biles. and those prenup
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we're taking a live look right now at 30th street to station, fairly quiet right now but i can tell what you things will be picking up
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later on this morning as folks head toward their holiday destinations for upcoming holiday weekend. we have you cover planes, trains, automobiles here at fox 29 with the weather forecast and what you need to know. live look at philadelphia international airport we saw a live shot inside the airport earlier, things are very busy there but thankfully the weather is cooperating, at least on the east coast, for weather and travel plans. as far as what is happening right now 34 degrees. wind west at 10 miles an hour. not quite as cold as it has been but it is chilly 34 atlantic city. we have 31 pottstown. thirty-two still in wilmington we will go hour by hour, temperatures by 8:00 a.m. in the upper 30's, mid 40's by noon so great for the lunch hour. by 3:00 we are looking at temperatures around 50. i suppose folks will sneak out of work after the lunch hour and take a half take or a personal day, if that. as far as is what happening in
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the area 50 in center city. forty's in the shore. mid 40's for lehigh valley. look at ultimate doppler. we are looking good along the eastern seaboard but look towards the midwest. this is our system that will bring rain our way for your christmas eve. so travel plans up and down i-95 corridor looking good down in the carolinas, golf coast in florida okay but towards st. louis, dallas showers, clouds and then very active pattern out toward the west. and then by tomorrow, for your christmas eve, we're dealing with the wet scenario up and down that i-95 corridor. so tomorrow's system is still out to the west but you can see as we move towards tomorrow we are looking at those clouds for east coast and staying pretty active as we move out west. we will have much more on that holiday weekend forecast, bob kelly, coming up. >> you got it, good morning. 5:17. tgif, lets getting going and started for weekend. live look at i-95 in south philadelphia, hold on to your coffee cup, wind shaking your
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camera at tasker avenue. i-95 in the northeast we have four lanes, no construction at all until you hit betsy ross bridge interchange and that construction continues on all the way into center city. that is something different you'll encounter fuzz are traveling for the holidays via car, no problems there on the freeway for gang coming in from wilmington, north on i-95 construction at route 141. septa so far so good, they say they will operate on a regular weekday schedule, that is good news, keep in mind heading to the airport get down there two hours in advance. check in with the airline but we don't have any problems here in philadelphia, weather delays from l.a., to chicago, scottie just mentioned delays in other parts of the country will have a come minute necessity effect here in philadelphia and save yourself trouble and did not wrap presents. you will only see security un wrap them for you when you go through the checkpoints. save yourself, the trouble and until you get to your destination. my destination last night was cherry hill, new jersey. our final stop on our very
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kelly christmas tour. we set up on deer road, junior got it all started, he said close to 35, 40 years ago decorating his house, and then sprinkled across the street to maryann's house and then her son got involved two doors away. bottom line is three super decorated hems to the hilton deer road last night in cherry hill. we had a fantastic time. thanks for everyone who sent us pictures throughout the month. catch pictures and videos from our very kelly christmas tours up on my facebook page at bob kelly fox 29, thomas, back over to you. good time, bob, thank you. we want to get to this breaking news we are following on the deadly christmas market attack in berlin. an italian news agency is reporting a man killed in the milan is suspect anis amri, the 24 year-old tunisian national the has been subject of an intense manhunt since that attack. twelve people were killed and 48 others were wounded when a truck was driven into the crowded marketplace, earlier
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this week. once again italian news agency reporting a man killed in milan is suspect anis amri. we will have more throughout the morning here on good day. cheering crowd, spill in the streets of the aleppo where years of bloody fighting appear to be over. >> that is the scene now that syrian officials say they have regain full control of the city. government announced yesterday that its troops forced last remember tolls flee this brings to an end four years of fighting. you saw people chanted, held up pictures of syrian president assod. aleppo has been divided between government forces and opposition groups since 2012. a major terror plot foiled in australia, authorities there say they have detained five suspects, who are planning to bomb several locations on christmas day. they were preparing to set off bombs in the the train station , a public square and st. paul's cathedral. police believe suspects were
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inspired by isis. a developing story this morning a local young mother who starred on the mtv show 16 and pregnant has tied. according to the chester county coroner's office valerie fairman passed away wednesday. she appeared on the second season of the show when she gave birth to her daughter now seven years old police in coatsville say in recent years she was arrested on theft charges in order to go to rehab after violating parole. and officials at mtv released a statement saying they were saddened by the news. the philadelphia head of the naacp is laying out the organization's 2017 agenda. president rodney mohammad says the organization will work hard to bring an end to the school reform commission and restore local control over city schools. tackling fair living wages is also in next years agenda. meanwhile the naacp leaders there in north caroline air threatening an economic boycott of the state
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because the state's general assembly failed to repeal the controversial house bill two, that requires people to use the bathroom that alliance with their gender on their birth certificate. it led to protests all across the country from transgender rights groups and several organizations, and entertainment pulling business from the state. >> this is the new south rising. this is the south that extremist who only get elect by using the strategies of southern strategy, they are afraid, of this kind of diversity. >> leaders on both side of the aisle say this issue is far from over. time is 5:22. star bucks is hoping to spread some holiday cheer. starting to day star bucks is offering free espresso every day for the next ten days, but it is only at select stores. star bucks is hosting it called pop up cheer parties.
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customers can get anything from mock a to lattes all for free. so once again it is happening at over 100 star bucks stores a day from one to 2:00 in the afternoon. prenup agreement are more popular then ever, surprising thing couples want to protect american just money.
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just one day away, are you heading to the airport? no big secret here in a live look you are not alone. this is a live look inside of philly international, and get this, an estimated 2.4 million americans will take to the skies to go see their loved ones for the holidays, so if you are heading out there arrive early and pack plenty of patients just in case we run into any delays. get this a growing number of couples are protecting more than just their money before tying the knot, many are getting prenups to protect their ideas. new survey find prenup agreements are five times more popular today then they were 20 years ago. the most of the couples are millennials but not everyone agrees they are best way to a lifetime of love and happiness >> from a business standpoint
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i think we both agree it makes sense. there relationship standpoint i'm sure that puts a little bit of a grind on every take aspects. >> if i was in the lab putting this all together by myself and enjoy earnings by myself and if you are leaving then you cannot have a part of it. >> once you are in a marriage, you have an idea, it is your idea, part of that couples, if i'm about to collect. >> some couples disagree. if i have a great idea during marriage and i make money off of it, i want to keep that money. attorneys we spoke to say prenup to protect money, ideas , intellectual property is always wise. this local girl you where to see is waging a fierce battle with cancer but while she's in the hospital people who love her have been working hard to create some holiday cheer. the surprise, she will never forget.
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good morning. we are following breaking news at this hour a deadly fire rips through several apartments, just days before the holidays. and, who is watching your loved ones while you are away? new program to give you a peace of mine. simon in the city, gold medalist is coming to philadelphia where you can
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take your very own selfie with simon biles. once again, great to have you here on this friday, it is busy out there. >> three guys here on the desk talking about all of the shopping we still need to do today. >> waiting until the last minute. >> i was doing some last minute shopping, last night, the lines were crazy, parking was crazy, so my best advice keep you are cool and just kind of be kind. >> what do you expect when you wait until the last minute. >> right. >> i will getting a lot of gift card. the lets talk about this weather. not that bad on your friday, live look, at that busy philadelphia international airport. 34 degrees right now. wind west at 10 miles an hour. lets look at temperatures area wide we have 34 atlantic city. thirty-four in trenton, and lower 30's currently in reading. once again not as arctic of a blast as we saw earlier in the week. so today's high, what about 50 in philadelphia, mid to upper 40's elsewhere and then by tonight the those clouds
5:32 am
thicken up and the showers will be rolling in for the first part of your christmas eve. we are dry right the now but off to the west that is the system that will bring us that rainfall in our area, by tomorrow morning. about 24 hours from now look at future fox cast we are talking about temperatures in the 30's and cold rain to start on your christmas eve, bob kelly, more on the timing of the system coming up. >> hey scottie, good morning, 5:32 on this try morning. elf still with us, someone sent me this pick with the elf with is his tongue stuck to the pole from the christmas story. move that if you are out and about this morning, moving cones ape setting up work crew s. this is live look at boulevard bus boulevard, southbound between i-95 and washington they are trying to finally get this water main break fixed. problem, it is so close to the delaware river that the high tides continue to fill up the hole they are trying to work in. so they are out there this
5:33 am
morning, off ramps will be closed as well there 95 to columbus boulevard. expect delays during the day, in south philadelphia. we have got four lanes opened on i-95 from cot the man to bridge. keep in mind traveling through the holiday weekend you'll encounter construction zones and maybe a new traffic pattern in some areas since last time you went to visit family for the holiday. the northbound i-95 construction in wilmington near route 141, septa will operate on a regular schedule get down to the airport early, two hours in advance is what they suggest, check with the airlines because weather and other parts of the country this weekend could impact philadelphia, and don't wrap those presents, save the chore for when you get there, and no problems at the moment at least on arrivals and departures but we have lines down at the checkpoints, thomas, back over to you. 5:33. we are following breaking news one person killed in an apartment fire in pottstown. officials say it started shortly after 1:00 on the 400 block of east high street,
5:34 am
crew is a arrived to heavy fire on the second floor of that building, they found one person dead in an upstairs bedroom. >> report initially oven trap. also, and effort was made to gain entry to the building, with a fire fighting line, we knocked the fire town fairly quickly, and then one deceased subject in one of the bedrooms all of the other tenants selfie vac waited safely. >> once again it is an active scene. red cross is assisting those resident now displaced. the mother of an abington township girl whose poddy was found dismembered has been named a person of interest in her murder. hunters found 14 year-old grace packer in the woods in luzerne county on halloween. her mother sarah parker reported her missing in july. she has been charged with child endangerment and obstruction. prosecutors say she lied and necessary more about her daughter's murder then she's revealing. friend and family of the miss mag reen aren't giving up
5:35 am
hope that he will soon be found. twenty-nine year-old lance james has been missing for several weeks now. our cameras were out in clementon early in the week as new jersey state police marine units searched for him. crews have also used drones in the search effort. james was last seen december 2nd when he left hide away tavern after an altercation. there is $5,000 reward for information that helps find james. if you live in new jersey and you believe a home health care worker is abusing your family member you can receive a surveillance camera from the state. attorney general christopher perino unveiled details of the new safe care cam program yesterday. it allows to you bureau a tiny camera for three days to keep an eye on things. prosecutors say that this year alone nearly 300 certified home health aid were disciplined for crimes on and off the job. >> you really don't have any idea how they are going to behave when no one is watching
5:36 am
they can have all of the necessary credentials, they can be great on a interview but they can also be an abuser >> more information on how to pick up one of those cameras, order reports of suspect abuse just go to our web site at fox promising news in the fight against ebola final test results are coming in confirming a experimental vaccine is highly effective. that is word from health experts working to combat the deadly virus. u.s. based merck is expect to seek approval of the vaccine in the new year. final test results were published in the journal lance t. ebola out break has been mostly confined to west africa how is this for generous someone has put a lot of green into one of those little red kettles. salvation army workers near pittsburgh were checking donation from his one kettle and they found a $10,000 check salvation army says it could not have come at a better time because they have been struggling to reach their goals. person who made donation want to least main anonymous.
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olympic gold medalist, is coming to philadelphia and you can get a chance to meet her. biles will be in town to promote her new book called courage to sore, body in motion, life of balance. in the book simon talks about the trials she faced from childhood to becoming an olympic star. the event will be held at free library of philadelphia on friday january 6th at 7:30. library officials say fans will be able to take selfies with simone during the book signing. still ahead this morning time now 5:37, later on good day, happy ending to a story we first brought you early this month. see the moment a woman is re united with a sentimental item that she thought she had lost forever.
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eagles have lost every game this year, decided by seven-point or less, against the giants, they had a chance to change all of that. first quarter, eagles came out on fire, up seven to nothing, malcolm jenkins jumps route and takes this to the the house. jenkins had two picks in the game, eagles went up 14 to nothing. this game came down to the final seconds eli manning taking a shot down the field, and terence brooks getting the interception. eagles win, 24-19. to the flyers and devils, they followed up their pregame against capitols with the stinker. first period after turn over miles wood with the goal, steve mason was yanked after
5:41 am
that, the flyers lose, four- nothing. temple football squad is trying to make history. they will spend christmas in in annapolis, maryland to get ready for military bowl against wake forest. they can give this team the most w's in the program's history. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. 5:41. big daddy graham is joining us to talk about the eagles in just a moment and bob's going to have your travel forecast, hitting the roads, heading to the airport this is a live look at philly international. the line, yes, they have started to form shortly after 4:00 o'clock getting ready for those early morning flights. if you are heading there, pack plenty of patients and you'll make some friend in line. get a check of you have travel forecast and weather forecast coming seven in just a moment.
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a live look at route 309 northbound, near highland avenue. we have a disabled off, this could be an accident here because we have two cars with their blinkers on. the thinks 309, near highland avenue. so look out this morning. columbus boulevard, southbound lanes closed between 95 and washington. they said they weren't going to start until 6:00.
5:45 am
they want to get this done. they have been playing around for a couple taste now. problem is high tide off river keeps filling up the hole they dug in order to make repairs to the water main break. so expect delays there, through the day, four lanes opened for you on i-95 between cottman and bridge street but that construction kicks in again at betsy ross into center city. as you travel through this holiday weekend you will not see workers but you'll see traffic pattern shuffles like 95, 422, portions of the turnpike so beware of that. septa's airport regional rail checking with delays, rest of the septa system operating on a regular schedule today. down at the airport a jammo in the security checkpoint so get down there early, two hours in advance they suggest. check with the airline, through the the weekend, weather in other parts of the country as scott will tell us in a moment will impact us here in philadelphia and don't wrap those presents because security guys will only unwrap
5:46 am
them when you go through checkpoints. we had a big present last night. we took decorated news van and went to cherry hill, new jersey for final segment of the very kelly christmas tour and we have had three homes on this street, junior here, got started about 40 years ago, with some decorations. that spilled across the street to annmarie's house, she got things going and then her son got involved, he moved up the street right there gary the whole entire street, lit up, and some fun last night in cherry hill, new jersey. all of the pictures from all of the homes we visited and pictures that you center up on on my facebook page at bob kelly fox 29. what is forecast like for santa's visit, scottie's got tonight 15 seconds.
5:47 am
temperatures on this friday morning in the 30's, so a cold start out there but by this afternoon upper 40's, to right around 50 in philadelphia. forty-nine down the shore, 46 above average temperatures in the lehigh valley, ultimate doppler for us right new dry and quiet on the east coast but off to the west that is the rain that will move in for your christmas eve. so travel weather, up and down , once again i-95 corridor , parts of the south east looking good, clouds, showers, minneapolis, along with st. louis, and as we move toward tomorrow that is when that rainfall will impact your travel plans up and down that i-95 corridor, thomas, over to you. once again we are following breaking news this morning this is deadly christmas market attack in berlin we are learning suspect has been killed in the shoot-out with police in milan lets get to fox's gary penny joining us from washington this morning. what more do we know, gary. >> reporter: thomas, italy's interior minister said in a press conference they have no doubt that this is their man anis amri 24 years old, 600
5:48 am
miles from where it began in berlin. he made his way to milan, italy and around 3:00 a.m. it ended in a shoot-out. one police officers were on patrol in the milan neighborhood. they say a man looking suspicious. they asked him for his id. reached in his backpack and pulled out a gun and opening fire on the officers. one of them was shot, other one returned fire, and hit anis amri and killed him. they say that both of those officers should be all right. but they say no doubt they have their man here, thomas. >> do we understand authorities are looking for any additional suspects this morning. >> reporter: well, that is the big question, in italy we know anis amri has history there he served four years in prison after going there as an illegal immigrant from tunisia in 2011. he has connections there. they have raided a mosque he attended in berlin. he was seen there both before and after the attack. they are looking to see if this truly was a lone wolf attack as they appear to
5:49 am
believe at this point or he was part of the small or larger cell have of some sort, that was planning something larger. >> once again they are questioning his friend and tam ly, that is correct trying to gather more information. >> reporter: absolutely they are looking at friend, family members. his family back in tunisia and they have been spoken to, they were shocked that this happened and they say that, really, disa vowed this happening. he should turn himself in. his father described his son as a trouble headachier, do no gooder, his son was into drugs , weapons, was always causing trouble and really seemed that there wasn't a lot of connection there in the family as far as recently at least. >> once again finally this morning with this latest development, security is still high, correct. >> all across europe particularly in berlin at christmas market where the attack took place it has been reopened, although security guards are positioned throughout that market as well
5:50 am
as at other markets all across germany, europe and home as well. >> all this developing, garrett tenney joining us from washington. thank you. >> you got it. lets talk about the eagles here. are you ready? that is right, streak is over, eagles give their fans an early christmas present beating giants at the link ending a five fame losing -- game losing streak. i'm so excited. i'm losing my voice. >> good morning. you are santa claus this morning. >> i am, as you said, came the to the link a couple taste early last night. hey, it is a win. i forgot how good it feels. >> it has been a while. >> been a long time and i get it, they are not laying for anything technically, maybe a craft choice here or there or whatever but you beat giants, always a great feeling. giants/cowboys. >> hottest teams coming to philly and they did it. it was a good defensive
5:51 am
performance particularly in the red zone. they held giants, great red zone defense all night. lane johnson, made a difference. it did. carson wentz, stat that won't show, he had a nice game. >> good question on that one. a lot of discussion, of course , wip about him coming back into that game. originally people thought he was going out for shoulder. it had nothing to do with it. they thought he had a concussion. there is an independent party back at the locker room who decides whether or in the somebody with concussion is allowed to go back in. >> it was decided he didn't have a concussion. at that point i see no problem with putting him back in the game. then bring him back in then. good thing that they did.
5:52 am
good performance by wentz. i don't know what to make of the win but i'll tell you this much, since they were humiliated by bengals; they have had one, two, three, straight solid outings. there was a chance they were going to go way down after that loss, they did the exact opposite. >> you don't know what to make of this. do you think it is just sloppy giants. >> no, it is a great win. as far as the future of the eagles is concern, i don't know exactly what to make of that but i will tell you this much, for people out there and there were many who had trouble with doug pederson, i think you have to go here's a guy who looked like the team was going to pull an old foldo and he did not allow to happen >> when lou at pederson to wentz up until now, progress. >> progress, looking forward to next year, still another game. >> still another game. >> that is right.
5:53 am
>> what do you got coming up. >> new years eve at the lobster loft, sea isle city, small little will room, perfect for comedy, starts at 8:00 do whatever you want afterward. i will see through. >> happy who will taste. >> same to you. >> love the hat. bring it new years eve. still ahead this local girl is waging a fierce battle with cancer but while she's in the hospital people who love her have been working hard to create holiday cheer, surprise she will never forget we will be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
welcome back, would be of the santa's helpers made a very special early stop in chester county. he visited home of the young girl who is putting up one tough fight against cancer. >> sirens blared as big guy made his way to the west chester home of charlotte rag live, her family calls her charlie, the three-year oldies at chop fighting a congenital form of cancer. neighbors you see there surprised the family decorating their home with lights for the holidays. they face timed event so charlie could watch from the hospital. >> she has been laying in the hospital bed for months now, so there is a santa at chop but yeah, she clapped and she cheers when she saw this. it is really, really a hazing. people are incredible.
5:57 am
>> that they are. after all of the fun at the house santa made a special trip down to chop to deliver some presents to charlie. 5:55. coming up next on good day another busy day at the airport and the on the roads, it that is time, live look at 30th street station, people will be boarding trains there. millions expected to leave for their holiday destination is today, what the tsa wants you to know before getting to the airport, bob has you covered on the roads and scott has your latest weather forecast, yep, it is holiday travel here at 5:57. also ahead on good day a sad scene just before the holidays, fire rips through montgomery county apartment building with deadly results.
5:58 am
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breaking news in the hunt for suspect in the berlin christmas market attack. how police, found anis amri this morning. and a sad scene, just before the holidays, fire ripped through a montgomery county apartment building, with deadly result. plus another busy day at the airport and on the roads, millions expected to leave for their holiday destinations today. what the tsa wants you to know before getting to the airport. >> that is a live shot. >> live look. >> oh, boy, here's a shot


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