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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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answer them live on the show. >> um-hmm. >> that is my favorite part of that movie elf, i know him. >> that is a good one. >> it is friday before christmas december 23rd, 2016. >> well, stop stalking your x on line right now, how lurking on social media can effect your well-being. what you need to do right now, just to be happy. >> that is right, very good piece of advice right there. we have a band of kindness rolling through, mo'ne davis joins us live in the studio how she with yas the greatest and other local celebrities, are making this holiday, un forgettable, for people around this city, to get to meet them. >> such a big event last year, so glad they are doing it again. >> lets get back to santa please. >> do you have another question for sanity. we do. >> this one says, chip monk wants to know what does santa want for christmas. >> oh, okay.
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>> thanks for your question. i would like some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk, chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies that is all i want from you. >> so i have always wanted to ask you, you get a lot of milk and cookies. >> true. >> be honest with me, do you get tired of them? like halfway around the world would you like something else, like a brisket sandwich or something. >> no, you don't get tired of chocolate chip cookies and milk. you go from house to house. always on the move. you burn off the energy. you need more energy. >> i can absolutely see your energy has been burned up. would you ever want one of those energy bars, what do they call that red bull. >> the drink or energy shots. >> that you can get. >> how about a six pack of red bull. >> a little tangaray would be
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nice. >> i had a feeling that is what you were mixing it with. >> okay. >> keep the questions coming for santa. >> yes, use #so we can see it fox 29 santa. >> yeah. >> today some people because of the seinfeld episode about festivus actually like to pre tend it is festi thevus for the rest of us, today a couple days before christmas. you know what i'm talking about, did you watch sign fell george's dad invented a holiday called festivus. >> what is this. >> nothing, card for my dad. >> what is it. >> dear son, happy festivus. what is that. >> it is nothing. >> when george was growing up, his father, hated all commercial and religious aspects of christmas. he made up his idea, his father put up a aluminum pole,
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and it always ended up with you crying. >> happy festivus. >> is that the pole. >> yes. >> george, it is your heritage it is part of who you are. >> i find your belief system fast that iting. >> hey, happy festivus everyone. >> tradition of festivus begins with the airing of grievances. i have a lot of problems with you people, so you are going to hear about them. >> so, it is time for us, to air our grievances. >> scott, be ready over there. bob kelly is still on the run. >> okay. >> alex, why don't we start with you. >> you know about this holiday , you should start, in the right direction and then we will follow suit. >> all right. this is stuff you want to get off your chest. grievance about this. milky way, could you punch up
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your camera. >> yes, there is my grievance right there. >> she's not even paying attention. >> no. >> that is part of it. >> she doesn't listen. >> her influence inn and she's talking to the other culprit tori not listening to the show at all. >> now she knows. >> yes. >> she's my grievance. >> alex. >> feeling's mutually can't follow that. >> i have another one. >> okay. >> i brought this, this was a christmas gift from last year from my children. it is the alexa thing, you bark out commands. you will say alexa play brown sugar and it will play it i have seen commercials, it can answer questions, give you recipes and everything else. >> i gave that to kitkat kline , i would say, six weeks, to two months ago, to install here on the set, so we could
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just ask it questions. how much does the earth weigh, stuff like that. so i wouldn't always to have ask sue to look it up. >> sue google. >> eight weeks later, it is still not plugged in. >> um-hmm. that is a grievance. >> about two months later, nothing. >> nothing. >> yeah. >> nothing. >> do you think she heard your request. >> i have talk to her about once a week how is that alexa thing coming along. >> what do they say. >> you can't set it up your self if you set it up in your own home. >> you have to get wifi guy to figure it out. >> bobbies ready for his grievance. >> is what your grievance. >> where do you want me to go. >> come join us. >> yes, my grievance is the security door. >> that is a good one. >> front of the building. >> yes. >> you open up the door, and it closes before you the next door will open.
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>> and door alert, door alert, violation, violation, door alert. >> yes. >> it is just giving you a wave. hit it again. >> that is annoying. >> we have been stuck in that thing for tenbefore. >> these chairs, are annoying. they slide around too much, and there is five balls on the bottom of each chair. >> yes. >> and for some reason my ball always collide with your ball. >> it is so true. >> we're trying to get to the right spot and we will just impossible to see it. >> you cannot the see it. >> there is the ball. >> we keep knocking each other >> 95 percent of the chair basis not ball but for some reasons or balls collide every time we sit next to each other >> i have to be in a certain spot where we are at the desk. would i move over, and i move
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over. >> then i move over. >> i'm knocking him. >> i hate these chairs. >> i would like different chairs, okay. >> okay. >> you are enjoying this holiday should i stop now or keep going. >> let's ask santa, do you have any grievance or are you jolly. when you run out of the tanga ray. >> first of all i'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your balls. i have no grievances. >> that is how you are supposed to be. i'm always jolly. >> except on the 23rd of every month, he takes one day off. >> do you have a good ho, ho, ho maybe that will chair us up >> ho, ho, ho. >> yeah. >> do you have a cold. >> i do. >> okay. >> flying back and forth. >> sure. >> plus you have a christmas village too and kid cane them there. i'm sure sitting outside in the cold, poor santa.
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>> do you have your mouth opened while flying. >> no, can't do that. >> no. >> bugs and stuff will get in your teeth. >> okay. the things we wondered, seriously. >> are you hairy all over because you have a lot of hair do you have hair on your back. >> no, i do not the. >> do you get it waxed. >> no. >> it doesn't grow there normally. >> okay. >> someone asked do you go on vacation after christmas because it is all this work. >> we enjoy, mrs. clause and i enjoy going down to the caribbean. >> that is nice. >> it is nice. >> what about the elves do they get a vacation too. >> no, not at all. as soon as they are done making toys this year they have to start for next year. >> a lot of toys they have to make. >> sure is, a lot have of toys >> someone should alert child protective services i think
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they cover he will vest. >> they might be small but they are old. >> like nomes. >> days off, no days off. >> that is weird. >> i'm sure they get a day here and there. >> the nomes they keep an eye on the children all summer also, and they do come out and keep an eye on the children. >> this is big, i thought it was elf on the shelf keeping track. i knew there was a reason watching as you come home from school. >> it must be nice year round, you cannot be good closer to christmas. when you you are down in saint bart's, saint martin down in the caribbean do you take the suit off. >> yes. >> i do wear my hat. >> just your hat. >> now, clothing optional beaches. >> sure, okay, interesting. >> i have a suggestion and i'm going to do that this year. thanks, santa we will get back to you.
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keep questions coming. >> is what your suggestion. >> if you just broken up with somebody and announce it will be a really hard time of the year, holidays. >> it can be difficult. >> this is what you do, you want to remove that person from all of your social media so you won't be seeing them standing around the tree or under the missle toe with somebody else. >> you mean block them. >> obliterate them. >> i don't know about that. i would just mute them, that way, if you block them they will know. >> you don't want to be bitter >> if you mute them you won't see what they are posting or see their tweets, but they won't know want to follow them >> and that way on your profile they can still follow you. you are not seeing anything that they are to go. >> i want them to see what i'm going to be doing because i'm going to have a blast this week. >> where are you going. >> i'm going down to the baha
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peninsula. >> that sound like a lot of fun. >> on the beach. >> yeah. >> what will you bewaring on the beach? i'm going to be wearing a santa outfit, it the is a full outfit, it is christmas week. >> that is true. i'm sure teddy will like that. >> there is the outside, i will be down there were four grandchildren. >> that is what makes it special. >> do you understand what i'm saying, i found this study that you lurk through news feed on taste book it can make you, make you miserable, because users get depressed and experience anxiety when they see t holiday photos. >> good idea to take on line breaks especially week around christmas, this way, just like some celebrities have been doing recently. so just take a break. if you are dealing with the break up sometimes if it is a comment trying to keep up with the jones, see what they got for christmas, someone got
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proposed too and you are sick of being single just take a break, don't be worried, have your own happiness. >> i know a celebrity doing it , amber rose. >> she's taking a break. >> here's what she said. >> i just want to let everyone know i'm taking rest of the year off social media so i will have joe my assistant post cool stuff for me and i will see you in the new year. >> that is not judges amber rose, gigi haddid said she will not be doing any social media. >> she's a good follow-up. >> yes, for holidays. the last post two weeks ago. she's dealing with other stuff , assaulted by a man during milan fashion week and also same man who harassed kim kardashian. she talk about some of the trolls on twitter and social media and how they say mean things. she's like i will just take a break, be done until 2017. >> okay. >> do you think you can be off until 2017 on social media. >> i have so much to share, i
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don't think so. >> also, we have to. >> it is true. >> are you okay. >> somebody asked me on twit ter, are you all right. you seem off today. >> are you all right. >> i have been hanging out with santa too long. >> is that what it is. >> that explains everything. >> he and i were out last night, late. christmas weekend is the perfect weekend, to see a film with the family. so why not check out, a film called passenger. >> with jennifer lawrence and chris pratt. >> yes. >> it is getting mixed reviews here's a preview. >> hello, is anybody here. >> do you know what is going on. >> we woke up too soon. ninety years too soon. >> that can't be happening. >> we need to go back to sleep
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>> we can't. >> something is wrong, something big. >> do you trust me. >> first of all, you get the eye new bartender, kevin mccarthey, our film critic, is all dressed up to tell but this movie. i don't know what is going on here where were they headed. >> mike and alex, good morning to you. happy holidays. so the idea behind the movies is that their characters on a massive spacecraft that has thousands of thousands oz have people going from earth to a new plan tote live and it is 120 year journey and they wake up 90 years too soon and they have to find out why they have woke up so early and they are in hibernation pods. so it the becomes a question of, the thing is what i just
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explained is different from what the movie is about. i can't say what it business because it is a spoiler but it has a very similar vibe to what i just said but a big twist on it. i gave it three out of five. beginning and middle are fantastic. they are great in the movie together. jennifer lawrence and chris rat but as you said there is mixed reviews. the ending stinks. the ending just goes off the rails, makes no sense to be in that position doing the things they are doing. that to me was way too much of a suspension and leap. i gave it three out of five. beginning and middle are very solid. ending i didn't care for. matinee viewing at best. >> the plot sound like it is a good one. >> well, cool plot. >> they are stuck on this stinking thing for 90 years. would you take a tuxedo if you were going to be hibernating. >> once you get out you never know what the party should be. >> gets all dressed up. >> exactly. >> what about assassin's creed >> yeah, assassin's creed,
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very famous video game franchise. if you didn't understand what passenger is about, this one i still don't understand. idea behind this film thinks character michael fassbender plays is able to connect with the ancestor in the the 1400's and fight with him. for me, i didn't play assassin 's creed video game. i will put that out there right now. i had a hard time following story line, very convoluted movie. if you are making a movie for general audience it should trans send to all audiences not just video game player. i gave it two and a half out of five. he is great the but overall, i didn't care for the film. >> what about fences. >> people are raving about fences. >> denzel washington. >> fences is amazing. the this is denzel washington, viola davis. i will tell you right the now i think denzel washington delivers the best performance of the year. he played this character, and viola davis played her character on broadway and bringing august wilson's famous play to the big screen.
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denzel washington plays a father struggling to keep his family together, roving for the family, and it is a really interesting film, with regard to life lessons. i think denzel just destroys its. he direct the movie as well. viola davis wait until you see her sequence in 18 years. she will win oscar this year at the academy award for supporting actor no question whatsoever. i gave it 4.5, i highly recommend it. >> is that where she has not coming out that they keep showing on trailers. >> you know, it is interesting , when she did the movie doubt, she had similar things when she cries, she really cries. it is like, it is like she really gets into it. i don't know how she does those scenes multiple times especially on stage when she was doing it on broadway. how do you go in and out of that mind set. it is very crazy. >> when i cry i don't usually have is not coming out. >> are you sure. >> 90 percent of my christ are all just tears, of the my eyes
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>> okay. >> i got some is not sometimes >> you may think it is phlegm but it is not. >> why him it looks like it could could be funny. >> brian cranston, this is movie i needed at even of the year after this crazy movie we had. r raided comedy. i was laughing. idea that is brian cranston plays a father, his daughter is dating james franco's character. he doesn't like this gentlemen it becomes this idea of him trying to approve him of tait ing his daughter but way more than that. it sound like a simplistic way but plot line doesn't matter he because it is all about r rated jokes. it is continuing to be continue i. director also did a long came poly which is a funny film and i love you, man. i love this hoff i. if you want to get away take your brain away from the world for hour and a half or two hours and just laugh this is what you want to see. not for kid. very r rated. i gave it four out of five.
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>> nice. >> i love, i love you, man, that is a good movie. >> yes, hidden figures really good one that people are raving about, octavius spencer and taraji p henson. >> this is most important of the year, important film of the year, alex, and this weekend it is only opening up in select theaters on sunday, christmas day, and then goes every where, january 6th, but this is about three african-american women who work for nasa and their story was never told. they were the ones, the brains behind the mission that got us to space successfully the first time with john glenn. it is amazing what these women did but no one ever talks about them which is why it is called hidden figures. movie's coming out. you have to see this film. inspiring, beautiful, emotional, cried at the end. even the actors who played this movie didn't know story to begin with either. it is a really powerful film. highly recommend seeing it. i gave it four and a half out of five. >> did not come out.
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>> no, happy laugh. >> no snot the in this one. >> thank you, kevin. >> happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays. >> i love it. >> yes. i love the suit. first christmas with his wife. >> yes, that is right. >> first christmas together the as a married couple. >> oh, lovely. >> 9:20. heart warming song, some nurse s they are truly in the christmas spirit, they have a touching tune that they sing, just to some special premature babies. >> can we just play it. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. well, unfortunately not everyone will get to spend the holidays at home. >> yes. >> but nurses at one hospital they are trying to make christmas special for their most tiny patients. >> well, this little thing is on. well... >> well, there is a premature baby, little anya is being
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treated in the neonatal intensive care unit. >> it is on. >> yes. >> at sonny brooke hospital. so listen as a couple of the nurses in the unit softly sing her a holiday classic. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart be light ♪ from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ through the years. ♪ we all will be together ♪ if the fates allow >> these two can really sing. >> they can. >> oh, high gosh, that is beautiful that they are doing that. >> they say the baby's love singing it calms them i odn't and destresses them and they say human touch is the best
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medicine, for babies. >> that is so sweet. >> yes. ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now. ♪ >> let me just tell you one thing, we need to keep one person out of that neonatal unit. >> who is that. >> she's our assistant news director and her that i am is maryann vaughn because she has a horrible singing voice. >> why cow say that. >> but bad thing about it is, she loves to sing, in the meetings. so she sings every song. so about six or seven years ago we started to call her mar yioak because she sang these songs. look what we found there is a gift out there entitled mari oak, for merry christmas. >> that is cute. >> but when you sing, it changes your voice. >> you can make it sound like you. let me turn it on. it can sound like you. >> an elf. >> that must be the l
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>> hi santa, hi santa. >> say i know him. >> i necessity him. >> and then the music. >> yes. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes. >> wow, that is a gift all on my vacation. >> i'm sure, your four grand kid they will have a great time. >> love it. >> you will love it too. >> i love these two people cross the studio there me right now caravan of kindness is what we're calling this, mo'ne davis is in the studio right now, yas the greatest is here, and bunch of celebrities who will be spreading their cheer, a caravan of kindness we will
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tell you when, why, how, when we come back next.
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>> i don't do dress up news, right, guys? >> hanks takes, we go there. "fox 29 news". ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a question for saint a sarah thinks she's on the good list but wants to know for sure. do you remember, sarah, santa? >> sarah, yes, you are you are on the good list. you've been a very good girl. >> trust me, that was santa talking. >> yes. >> it is the third annual caravan of kindness and the carolling for a cause event. >> philly born and raised celebrities and influences, they get together for the city-wide charity tour, they go all overdoing great things,
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that's why we love this event. >> joining us now is little league baseball's mvp, and the new york times best selling author, mo'ne davis. and along with her founder of kindness foundation, creator of this event, amber. >> amber! >> and ya, the greatest is here. >> empire new addition, so many things. so, first, let's talk to amber, because you created? event. we love it. what made you want to do this and bring everyone back to philly to do great things? >> well, for many years i've worked in the music industry. >> she is losing her voice. >> losing my voice. >> were you singing all night last night? >> exactly, screaming at people. so but i work in radio here at wdas. i worked at radio one, and i also worked at high level in marketing, and so what i wanted to do was utilize my access, my resources, my relationships to come back to the place that helped build my
9:32 am
character right and to put a focus on people who often get left out, specifically, disabled seniors, like my father, who was an amputee before he died. >> my caught here has developmental disability, haw autism, children with disability get pegged as either being bad kids or just misunderstood. >> what's the caravan every kindness. >> so the caravan of kindness is our way of going around to disable seniors, to surprising some teens, which talk about at the middle school, and to also throwing this wonderful dinner for us, homeless teenagers, to let them know that just because you're disable or at a disadvantage, doesn't mean that you don't count. >> it is today? >> it is today all day long, a day of service, all over the city of philadelphia. >> so how does it work? rest your voice. >> yaz, you said you'll surprise some kids? what are you doing? >> surprise a loft kids. they deserve t i just remember me just walking around the
9:33 am
street, around this time, you know, just thinking about ideas how i can further my career and just to get outside of philly. i just feel like a lot of people don't make it out. and you got to get discouraged, they get into things where they feel like they can't make it, it is impossible, and i show you, it is possible within two years. that you just got to stay on the path. >> so you will give them a burst of inspiration? >> burst of inspiration and a lot more. >> yes. and i've seen him speak to kids. and when they see you walk in, oh, my gosh, because you know -- >> i performed out on the street not have nothing to making a lot is inspiring. and i'm only 23. so i'm still learning, ya. >> i want that jacket. >> i want your jacket. >> is that right? >> ya. >> i'll trade. >> yours more authentic than mine, you know what i mean? >> i need more zipper. >> anyway, mo'ne, how is this for you being a part of this event?
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>> it is just helping, like for me, because i'm still young, and what i have accomplished is just showing kids that no matter what age you are, you can still give back to where you came from, and, like my parents raised me to always give back, no matter what, like, where you are in life, to just give back, and to be grateful for what you have. >> mo'ne, just had couple of good years. cover of sports illustrated, what other magazines have you been on? >> i've done team vogue, harper's bazaare. >> really? what do you want to do next? you have book. so many great things here, watches, what do you want to do next? >> hopefully to get a scholarship to a good basketball college. >> oh, you want to play b ball? >> yes. >> you're 15? >> yes. >> ever see that show pitch, that's on fox? >> kind of. i heard of it. >> you have heard of it, the people say it is about your life story. >> i have no clue. >> but it is pretty cool, because it is about a female
9:35 am
pitcher, first in the major leaks. >> yes. >> i like your elf sweater, too. >> thank you. >> so cute. >> yaz, we're ready for this new addition movie. we're ready to see it. >> oh, goodness. >> are you ready for us to see it? >> yes. took a while, took a while to get prepared for the role. and i'm excited ac part of history blessing. >> can't wait for it. okay, the kindness event, it starts when, now? >> it is starting now, as soon as we leave here we'll go see seniors. >> how do we know where to meet up with you? >> here is the thing. >> should go meet us at the senior citizens -- >> that's really funny. >> go to the caravan every and if they're interested in meeting up with us, it tells them what to do right there. >> okay. >> because we would have a stampede of people. we will tell that you there is a middle school, school district of philadelphia, and they're going to get their socks knocked off. because we're showing up and they have no idea? >> in about an hour. >> and last year meek mills surprised some people.
9:36 am
>> caravan every>. >> thank you, guys. happy holidays. pretty great what you are doing. >> we have another special story. local teen uses music to cope with a painful loss of her parent. how miss j from the group and beyonce, is following her passion. to heal herself. she saw her parents murdered. >> ♪
9:37 am
my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> okay, we have one more final question for santa. this is big. this one is from sean. it says my daughter's want to know how many elves are at the north pole, santa?
9:40 am
>> how many elves are at the north pole. right now there is approximately 50. and they're working 24/7 to get all of the gifts done. >> well no wonder they have to work 24/7. >> yes. >> probably should call the humane society about that, too. >> oh, stop it. well, santa, best of luck to you. i know you have busy day tomorrow. >> i will. and i will be very busy. >> well tell all of the elves we said hello, too. >> ill. thank you. >> thanks, santa. hope you get lots of gook cookies. >> by the way, there is a great bar across the street, what's it called? what's the one? >> commonwealth. >> yes, and they're open early. santa, thank you have, a great christmas. >> thank you, too. >> you can see this santa, christmas village, too, before he goes off and starts delivering all of the toys. >> okay, yes, over at city hall. >> yes. >> megan, i'm sending you something. >> there is megan there.
9:41 am
all right. >> a guy just sent me -- trying to play cupid. >> oh, with who? >> with me. >> oh. well, you know, someone did just sends me a message, you should ask santa to find michael's wife. santa gives those kind of wishes, do you, santa? >> what did you want me to find? >> a wife for mike. >> a wife? >> ya? >> well, we could work on that for you. >> okay. >> i'll pass. >> so this chevy know says that he was at a party the other night, and they were upset that they didn't show up, that it was busy, because this one woman wanted to meet me. the woman on the right. and he thinks that she would be perfect for me. >> oh, okay. >> her name is, i can't remember. >> well, look, we might have this solved already, santa. may not even need -- >> so i won't be able to be with jill my daughter, so sent me whole thing of gift.
9:42 am
>> oh, open them up. >> no, i think i will ' take them to mexico, because they are small things. but i got you something, too. >> you got me something? this box? oh, sorry, sorry. >> this is so nice. >> no now, the number one item for this year, is a choker. >> a choker? look at that. >> odd looking one, just little tie. >> ya, it is different. thank you though mike. >> from that store you told me to go to. >> yes, gacia house. >> because you said you wanted stuff for your daughter. so sweet, my goodness, see, when i gave you a gift last year were you very upset. >> i was? >> were you like oh, this means i have to get you something. that's literally what you said to me. so we didn't discuss it this year. >> you know, i don't need anything. >> so sweet. >> i just want your love and support. >> oh, you know you have that. >> okay, we got to get to this. this, i'm so inspired by this girl group, especially, jay. a local teen uses music to cope with painful lost in her
9:43 am
life, a few years ago, how miss jay, from this group, is using her passion for music to help her heal. you'll meet the group next. and they're going to sing and dance.
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>> welcome back to "good day" philadelphia on a friday morning, nine # will, we've advanced the clock to tomorrow morning. that's when i expect some rain to overtake the area, hour by hour, by 9:00 a.m., looking at clouds, showers, a cold rain across the delaware valley. that will rain will link near the afternoon, then it will get out of here in time for your christmas eve evening plans, into christmas day. fifty today, upper 40's tomorrow, and 50 on christmas. over to you. >> all right, you're about to meet some special people here. a local young woman, uses music to help her cope with after watching her parents brutally murdered right in front of her. this is back in 2011. she was seven years old. bruce gordon is going to tell the story. >> back in september of 2011, jessica nunez watched pair of gunmen rob her parents' west philadelphia grocery store, and shoot her mother, father
9:47 am
and aunt to death. exhausted police investigation would lead months later to the arrest of two men, inch re him muhammad, malik scott, and several more years before the two would go to trial. >> it has been difficult. we've been waiting for justice. we've done a lot of things to, you know, catch this guy, through the process of healing. >> that process aided by community that rallied around jessica and the rest of the surviving family members. >> our neighbors are family members, people that don't even know us at all. they were about to help and that's the most amazing thing to us. so we will forever be grateful to that. >> unbelievable. well, music has been a big help for her and it is a past she shared with your father, and joined by the girl group, ambience, so domenique, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> domenique and nicole.
9:48 am
>> yes. >> and you're miss jay. sorry what you have had to go through, especially, this week. you've been in court. >> yes, i've been in court for three weeks now. >> and were the people, the men who killed your mom and dad, aunt in the room with you? >> every day. >> you had to go through that ordeal? >> every single day. >> and so you had to look at them while were you talking? >> yes. >> wow. so it was in 2011? >> it was in 2011. >> has it gotten any easier specially around the holidays? >> no. >> no. but music helps? >> definitely. it is something that stays with me all the time, and my father. >> and your dad is always with you. >> he is a big fan of r&b, right? >> yes, yes, he loves music. >> and i know you two support her fully. >> oh, man, she has been a part of my life for the past three years, and, you know, just looking back, she entered
9:49 am
the group, and it was just two years, you know, after the death of her parents. you know, it was a shocker to both me and dom. just like yo, we would have never known. >> we would have never known. >> her spirit is so beautiful that in her light shines so bright it is something so devastate to go happen, like wow. >> so music helps you get through this? >> definitely they're my sisters, it is amazing. >> i almost hesitate to ask, but could we take a break, because i think everybody would like to see you perform. so we will take a quick break and come back. ambience is the name of the group. what's the name mean? >> dom likes to talk about it. >> go dom, go dom. >> it comes from the word ambience, which, you know, means to create beautiful atmosphere, we switched the m and and a b for a v. >> performs after the break. >> yes. >> thank you.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
so they gave us a cd and they gave me a poster tonight they'll be at the tla. >> and it is sold out? >> it looks like it is sold out. i still call tla, listen to some good r&b, see if they have any extra tickets. our studio kind of small up here, so they've gone up to the q show studio, that's expansive. because they move around a little bit. >> yes, and they have some dances, too. >> you want to see it? here they are! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right! >> that's really good. so ambience. >> congratulations, you'll be hearing from them. okay, what do you want to wrap this thing up with. >> it seems like -- >> one-ish. >> every every show we have to have a couple kardashian
9:57 am
story, right? so have you heard about this latest snuff. >> what's the latest? >> let's go ahead, put it up, put it up. this was something everyone is talking about. >> it rhymes with kim. >> uh-huh. >> and his name is tim. and he's been directing this show for quite a while. that is not tim. >> no, that's not. he is playing with us, he doesn't want to show himself. but tim, it is his last day directing this show. >> i will tell a secret about you if you don't punch yourself up. >> tim, show yourself. >> and i'm going to do it in three, two, and one. >> there he is. >> here is the first solution. >> okay, now, try drinking lemon juice. >> oh,. >> seal this with a kiss? >> oh. >> so, that's tim. he's leaving for a station in new york city to be a director up there, he's always wanted to live in manhattan, he will do, that follow his dream. he has been great director for us. >> i'm sure he'll always
9:58 am
remember that kiss you guys shared, mike. >> i can't forget it. >> great working with you, merry christmas.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: time to wind it up! [ cheers and applause ]


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