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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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haven't finish your holiday shopping, time is running out. good friday evening everybody i'm jeff cole i'm in tonight for chris o'connell much he's off. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the big question tonight is, how is the weather going to shape up for your holiday plans. for that we turn to meteorologist mike masco who is live outside our studios in old city. mike, probably not too bad out there right now. >> it's not bad it's a little chilly though out there. light jacket certainly needed as we go to the overnight hours it's 30s and 40s not talking about the teens and 20s. let's take look in philadelphia international airport we go. if you're getting out of town, go now, because things are going to change pretty quickly at least into tomorrow morning. we're expecting a cold rain in philadelphia. 41 degrees as we talk together at 6:00 o'clock and these numbers are into the 30 as you get up towards the north and west. 43 in cherry hill as you get up north levittown at 43 degrees also being shared in moorestown. so if you're heading out for little dinner or the last minute shopping, we're into the 40s. just cloudy sky not a big deal. but it's out to the west we go
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ultimate doppler lit up showing snow and some ice out there. that looks really good. up towards north and west we're looking at a freezing rain advisory. be careful tonight. because we are vicing you that precipitation is going to roll in say around five, 6:00 o'clock in the wee hour morning of christmas eve. and just know that we can could be dealing with an icy mix. we'll walk back inside. we'll tie out this icy mix and talk about when all this rain clears out. that's coming up in just a little bit. guys? >> all right, mike. well cup. hitting the road for the holidays you may want to give yourself extra time. >> yeah, record number of people are expected to travel through the new year. as they make their way to all their different holiday destinations. fox 29 bosfox 29's joanne pilege at 30th street station in the middle of the holiday rush. doesn't look too crowded there, joanne. >> that's right, dawn, planes, trains autos the way to make it to your holiday destination. here at 30th street station it's not that hectic, not that crazy at least not right now any way.
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amtrak may have been the best choice for a lot of people. getting home or going to relatives are friends for the holiday. there were lines but they moved quickly and this couple from virginia traveled with their four month old and they say it was easy. they got lucky. >> he slept through half the trip, too. that's always good. >> cool for you and cool for the other passengers. >> absolutely. fantastic n coming up here to surprise her mom for christmas. her mom is working. baby's first christmas and we're from virginia. and we knew that she wouldn't be able to see the baby for the first christmas we decided why not, let's surprise her and come up for hanukkah. >> i thought there would be a lot more people here. i'm waiting for my daughter to come home. she's been away in the service and come home for visit for christmas. >> reporter: now 90% of those traveling for the holiday are going by car and depending on what time you leave, the weather conditions, your trip may take much longer. otherwise there's of course air travel and according to aaa 2,016 was the busiest year for
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air travel ever. and this is peak travel time you can expect longer weights at the airport. again, leave yourself some extra time if you are traveling. know one needs extra stress any time of year but especially right now. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks very much joanne. listen, we are learning new details about that breaking news los angeles california tmz is reporting actress cary fisher has suffered massive heart attack on board a flight from london to lax. she is of course nope for playing princess lea in star wars. tmz now says the flight crew asked for any emergency personnel and emt went to first class and started cpr according to tmz. again the united airlines crew reported fisher was unresponsive when the plane landed paramedic rushed her to the nearby hospital as we get more details updates we'll certainly get them to you. developing to night a busy ups driver making holiday deliveries finds himself in the middle of gunfire.
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police say as he was driving along delaware county street someone shot him film wow. the good news here, doctors expect him to be okay. let's get out to fox 29's shawnette wilson live tonight near the scene in chester, delaware county. shawnette. >> reporter: well there is some good news tonight, jeff. spoke person for ups says that driver was lucky. he suffered only graze wound. so he was not seriously hurt. and there was a helper also with him. that person was not hurt. behind me is the dealership where the driver managed to continue driving towards to get help. >> apparently there's a shooting down on tenth street at the rite aid and the guy got hit in the shoulder. >> reporter: ups driver new exactly where to go after he was shot while driving in his delivery truck this afternoon. the man was reportedly in the area of tenth and high land street in chester when he was hit by a bullet. the driver managed to keep going about three to four blocks to murphy's ford dealership and collision center on township line road. he pulled in asking for help.
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>> he came in and sure enough there was a paramedic here with... took him right up and took him up to the hospital. >> reporter: the owner dan murphy says the driver was familiar with the dealership because they service most emergency vehicles in the area. he believes the driver knew it was a safe place and the closest he would be sure to get help. >> almost always a paramedic here or police or something because we take care of all their vehicles through the whole area. it's not unlikely there would be someone here. >> reporter: and we did call police. we are waiting to hear whether the driver was hit by a stray bullet or whether he was the intented target. dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. devastation in pottstown nearly 20 people have found themselves homeless ahead of of the christmas and hanukkah weekend. nine families affected after a fire ripped through an apartment building. >> tonight fire officials confirm that one man has in fact lost his life. dave kinchen is live tonight at the scene of the fire. dave, lots of heartbreak unfortunately tonight in pottstown.
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>> reporter: absolutely, always tragic especially during this time of year. so close to christmas. you may not see a lot of damage when you look at the first floor but as we pan up you can see the fire was largely confine to the second floor area. and many people are homeless tonight. >> i feel blessed. >> reporter: vince rogers has lot to be thankful for this holiday season. he and his girlfriend survived a two alarm fire in their apartment building on the 400 block of east high street in pottstown. the drama unfolding after 1:00 a.m. >> we looked out the window and seen the lights off the walls. she ran out and seen smoke. we ran out. all that was happening. >> reporter: everyone made it out except for one man on the second floor where firefighters first saw flames as they pulled up. neighbors tried to make a resc rescue. >> they did try their hardest to knock down the door and try to get him out of there as fast as possible. >> 55-year-old david, did not survive. the red cross says nine families with several kids are also displaced just two days before
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christmas. >> i feel for him, man. for the kids, the families, the moms, you know, his family, the guy that passed away. >> the whole entire bathroom was just like smoked all up. it was coming in the kitchen. >> reporter: carlos ortiz lived on the second floor with his girlfriend and two young kids. >> we just grabbed the little ones and we just got right out of there. >> reporter: their home is gone but vince says he can go back to his apartment. ironically vince survived a fire two years ago and made it through quadruple bypass surgery back in september. another blessing to count this time, too. >> i'm alive, my girlfriend, everybody is alive, you know, god rest his soul except dave. >> reporter: officials say careless smoking may be a factor but the investigation is still on going. we're told nine families are being helped by the red cross that breaks down to 21 people being assisted. back to you, dawn. >> all right. thank you, dave. very tragic. now to latest on the berlin
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attack. the manhunt for the suspect wanted in the christmas market attack is over. anise amri died way shootout with police in italy when two officers stopped him outside a train station in milan. the 24-year-old to you kneeing had no id or phone on him but he was carrying a pocketknife and a loaded 22 caliber pistol. police say he traveled from germany to france and then to italy before police found him. he pledged allegiance to isis to isis leader before he died according to video posted on the islamic state's news website. moving now to malta a large scale investigation continues into the highjacking of a commercial jetliner. authorities say two highjackers bordered a flight in libya and threatened to blow it up following hours of intention negotiations. security forces stormed the plane aft the aisle hackers freed all hostages. they forced the pilot to land in the island after threatening to detonate grenades now in fact
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believed to have been bogus. tonight nuclear weapons experts sunning at alarm after a provocative tweet by the president-elect mr. donald tru trump. trump tweeted that the us must quote strengthen and spoon its nuclear capability. it comes right as mr. trump released what he calls a very nice letter from russian president vladimir putin. in that letter released today putin expressed hope that president-elect would quote take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation. meantime trauma pops incoming white house press secretary spicer says trump tweet should not be way scene as instigating a new arms race. >> police are on the hunt for this man behind a string of break ins throughout the area watch investigators say all these crimes have in common. sean? dawn, the eagles finally tasted victory last night. sure has been a little while. how about november 13th.
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coming up in sports, hear from eagles safety malcolm jenkins and why he believes last night's win will carry over till next season. and we all have that favorite place we like to go when we want suites and for a lot of people it's apparently isgro' in south philadelphia. take look at all of the people who lined up today to get their canolis cookies and cakes for holiday. wish they picked up some for me. >> maybe they did. >> you never know. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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philadelphia police want to you take a good look at this surveillance video they just released today. they say the person right here is behind a string of commercial burglaries throughout our area. now, we told you about this crime spree earlier in the week. investigators say this man here struck in philadelphia, bensalem and in radnor. in all of the burglaries investigators say the guy broke through the front glass door with a hammer. if you recognize him, call
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police. brand new puppy can sure bring smiles to the faces of little boys and girls at christmastime. especially one of those children is going through, f1 is going through a particularly rough time. >> yeah like a life threatening medical emergency. bruce gordon spent this day at a philadelphia firehouse to find the kindness of strangers at work on behalf of a very sick little boy and bruce joins us in studio with quite a story, bruce. >> reporter: dawn, boy gets puppy for christmas. you've seen the story before. but not this boy. not this puppy. most of all, not the circumstances that brought the two together. for a four-year-old boy battling brain cancer, ben is having a very good day. he and his big brother nathan just met the cute as button cavalier king charles spaniel his name is bentley who just might change their lives. >> talk right into that and tell mow was think about your new doggie. >> a dog. >> reporter: the story actually began several weeks ago when a stray dog was dropped off
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at this minute airy firehouse roaming around in traffic. firefighters quickly took a shine to the pooch named her squirt but knew they had to find a foster family while they searched for the rightful owne owners. you guessed it. ben and his family took the dog. fell in love with her then were devastated to learn the rightful owners had come forward. >> it was the most bittersweet day. it was because i know i was taking a dog away from the family that was watching it for eight days but i knew it was going back to the owners. >> reporter: firefighters had no up tension of letting this story of puppy love end with a broken heart. so they reach out to the folks at justice rescue where russ harper had just the replacement abandoned pup they had just taken in. >> i believe that during those hard times that this little boy and his family is going to face moving forward i think that this puppy will add a lot of love and compassion and to me animals can fix anything. >> reporter: firefighters all packed into the firehouse kitchen alongside ben's family a ranged for santa claus himself
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to present ben, nathan and little brother joseph with their brand new puppy. >> this is a puppy. >> the firefighters went one further. donating a small mountain of toys to ben and his brothers. they were a big hit. but before long, bentley was back in their arms bringing comfort to a very sick little boy. ben's dad was overcome by the generosity shown by strangers. >> no one had to do this, but it's just spirit of season and, you know, we're just grateful for everything. we're very fortunate. >> reporter: mom, well, she looked at her brave little boy and wiped away tears. >> it's a christmas miracle. yes. i'm just overwhelmed and so thankful. >> reporter: ben's mom and dad tell me their son's brain tumor had been robbing him of his sight but that situation they
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say is actually improving much he's got a rough road ahead but now he's got great doctors at the hospital and very special very cuddly nurse back at home. dawn? >> yeah. working wonders. thanks, bruce. great story. back to for fox 29 weather authority now looking live at the ben franklin parkway. it wasn't too bad out there today. not too cold. but unfortunately you may want to keep that umbrella nearby. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco here now. you are the man of the hour, mike. everyone wants to know the holiday forecast. make it a good one. >> i'm going to try with that one. it's unfortunately tomorrow morning is not going to look pretty not going to feel pretty we will see late day clearing which is good news. if you're heading out this evening we look type. what you see what you get. 41 degrees with a southwest win coming in at six. little bit of a chill in the air. not really arctic air on top of us. seasonal chill in the region. ultimate doppler not showing any overhead. temperatures that will speak of which are into the 30s north and west. 41 here in philadelphia. but these are areas as you get
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outside of town where we'll see the possibility of freezing rain for the overnight hours. now the national weather service has put out a freezing rain advisory so in allentown you're in the mix on that, reading as well. this is going to go into effect 3am through at least 9:00 o'clock in the morning. this is tomorrow morning. because of this system out to the west. producing some snows from chicago and then it's plane rain from cincinnati points south. now that system will run into the cooler air on top of us a allow for a wintry mick. out west if you're traveling from salt lake city points west know that you are in for a bit of a headache with this major storm sit aig cross the west coast but that system as it pushes towards the east not going to encounter the frigid air that's why we're not forecasting any wintry weather this go around. 30s and four this time of the year we'll take it. the coldest air though up towards the northern canada, you know, russia region, that may come in by later next week i'll show that you in the seven day forecast. let's look at fox future cast together because by around 5:00 o'clock in the morning it's a snowy scenario as you get from
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allentown up towards the pocon poconos. this is north of 78. and then as we go into the evening as we go into the morning hours a cold rain from philadelphia points south and eve. the good news is, everything is out of here by 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. so be very careful i78, i80 these are big roadways that are going to be traveled tomorrow you might encounter a thin glaze of some ice which could be very very dangerous. 36 in town for tonight. 30s though well to the north as you get up towards mount pocono an area we'll have to watch for slick roads in spots. 49 for tomorrow afternoon with rain endin ending around 2:00 o. here's your fox seven day forecast but let's look at this together. it's early rain as we get into saturday by christmas day 48 degrees. yes, mild christmas day. cloudy skies for monday. some late rain pushing 55 degrees by tuesday. and then things really start to change around by later next week. this is where we're headlining highlighting the idea avenue rain/snow mix by next week and then maybe another arctic
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outbreak so we'll talk more about that coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock. guys? >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks, mike. well, sean brace here we're talking eagles. >> that's right. much needed victory last night. >> yes, sir. >> november 13th was the a long time ago. >> it sure was. >> lifetime ago man. >> with a giants play off berth on the line, eagles played the role of spoiler to perfect last night. hear from eagles safety malcolm jenkins while he feels the young guys had most to gain from last night's victory next in sports.
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beat the eagles and we're in. that's what the giants were saying before last night's game at the linc. of course, the visiting games are never easy but the challenge was laid in front of the eagles in a season which has basically over, nothing would be sweeter than delaying a new york playoff appearance. the giants came in hot. winners of two straight over playoff bound opponents. if there's always a sheer fire way to defeat them making the giants quarterback eli manning. he struggled last night throwing three inceptions. when he had a chance to drive his team down to the final minute in the fourth clinch a play off personal he cannot get it done. here's eagles safety malcolm jenkins talking about a much needed win. >> within these type of games this late in the year, you know, although anything is -- for us nothing coun counted. it sure had that feel with all the young players that we have
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that experience, um, carries over. that opportunity for the team to gross closer together and, you know, adverse times and in challenging games to find a way to come out and win is lessons that, you know, everybody needs to learn. >> i agree with all of that malcolm. manning final under exception picked off by terrence brooks. never heard of him? yeah, there's a reason for that. brooks is a special teamer who because of safety jahlil watkins getting injured was called upon to step up and make a play and brooks did exactly that. >> i was only in for two plays actually. go out there and, oh, god, i never do anything on defense. they train us to go out there and make plays. just a blessing really just go out there and have the interception. >> second play of the game. because of eagles playing last night, you get a special fox "game day live" 10am tomorrow morning sean bell, g. cobb, bill anderson and howard eskin look back at the eagles big win from last night and get you all caught up every play off
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scenario right here on fox 29. >> all right. >> nice to see a win. you know. >> it was packed house. everybody was excited. except for the giants. >> yeah. >> the kid through the ball okay. >> carson wentz look good. little thing right now. >> be sure to join us tonight for more on fox 29 news at 10: 10:00. if you ever watched seinfeld you're probably familiar with the made up holiday known as fests have. it turns out one florida town has been celebrating the fake holiday for years but this year apparently there's controversy surrounding fests have we'll tell you all about it coming up at 10:00. >> that's unfortunate. we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock tonight. >> have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanthanks for watching.
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