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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00 the pressure is on for thousands of shoppers who still have not crossed everything off their christmas lists just yet. just about anyone who wasn't out shopping tonight was probably taking a plane, train or packing up the car to head out for the holiday weekend. and the timing for those who have already left well it couldn't have been better as approaching storm could make for
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a sloppy christmas eve traveli traveling. for now it was beautiful night to get out and take in the sights and sounds of the holiday in the city. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. if you're planning to head to christmas eve services or do any last minute shopping you may want to keep the umbrella handy. it look like instead of a white christmas eve we can be in for a wet one. let's get right over to meteorologist mike masco for more on exactly what we can expect and when, mike. >> well, yeah, it's a complex forecast especially to the north and west. we'll get into that one second. a chilly evening, though. nothing falling from the sky. 39 degrees that's the big number at 10:00 o'clock in at philadelphia international airport. most of our temperatures uniformly into the upper 30s. however, we have to go north and west to find some of these numbers now falling into the low 30s. you can see right around phoen phoenixville up towards doylestown 34 degrees at 10:00 o'clock. watch those numbers closely because all this precipitation back to the south and west as it slams into the cold air up towards the lehigh valley it will precipitate in the form of
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some freezing rain unfortunately. for that reason the national weather service has put out freezing rain advisory this is right along 78 as you get up towards i-80 some major roadways if you will be traveling towards the west or even traveling out towards the hudson val until lower, new york city new york. look at fox future cast. i want to show you the lehigh valley the ground temperatures around 32, 34 degrees. and look how we'll be seeing a burst of some snow as early as five or 6:00 o'clock in the morning. and then a plane cold rain for the rest of the delaware valley when i come back in a little bit we'll talk about which areas may see this freezing rain and how long it's going stay a frozen variety precipitation. we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. dawn? >> sounds good, thanks, mike. countdown is on to christmas and hanukkah that means last minute shoppers hitting the ground running. if you drove anywhere near a mall or a shopping center today you know everyone was out on the hunt for the perfect gift or gifts. fox 29 passes brad sattin joins us live from where else the king of prussia mall and quite a
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spectacle i'm sure, brad. >> reporter: well, you know this because you were here i saw you here when was it last sund sunday. so you are not among the procrastinators but certainly there are a lot of them here. the mall here king of prussia open until 11:00 o'clock just boated hour, and people are still coming in believe it or not. they also have hours tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to sick p.m. national retail federation says one in eight consumers will be shopping right up until the very end. it's christmas eve eve and here we go again. >> why do you want to be here out here this late in the game? >> i don't. i don't want to be out here this late in the game at all but i have to be. >> reporter: natalie shopping at the king of prussia mall with wave. not that wave is actually shopping. >> i'm walking around holding everything. >> who did all of this damage? >> this one right here. >> reporter: is there anything in here for him? >> no. >> reporter: you're doing all the work here and there's nothing here for you. >> not at this time, no. >> reporter: is that going to change? hopefully. >> is that going to change. >> maybe. >> reporter: just to be
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clear -- >> i know the answer to this. but why do you want to be out here this late in the game? >> i don't. >> reporter: some however actually do. >> i love it. it makes me more in the spirit of christmas spirit of giving is alive and well. >> have newlywed. i current val a baby. and i'm trying to do the best i can to please her and make her happy. my grandfather nice bones say tree. >> really interesting guy. walked by an interesting store and thought that's what i'll get my brand pa. >> with every purchase is sensation of a accomplishment. >> i work here in the mall. and this is like my day off and i was like i'm getting it all done and i did. >> reporter: what were you doing as she was shopping? were you watching. >> watching in awe. watching her walk her magic throughout the stores. >> i bought all of this win like an hour and a half. >> reporter: you're feeling pretty good about yourself. >> i feel mazing yeah. >> reporter: that feeling you get when the shopping is done. who hasn't done that dance, right? now earlier i said one
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in eight consumers will be shopping right up until the very end. that is leading into christmas. after christmas, according to the national real tail federation, fief did he% us will be outlooking for those deals. so, dawn, i imagine i'll see that you sunday after christmas as well. >> probably. probably, brad. i still am not quite done so i'll be at the mall tomorrow as well. >> reporter: i might see you in the morning. the holiday travel rush is underway. millions of americans across the country hitting the road to get their christmas or hanukkah celebration. record number of people expected to travel so you may want to give yourself a little extra time. let's get right out to fox 29's joanne pileggi. she's live outside 30th street station in the middle of it all. joanne? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. still a lot of volume out here by the schuylkill expressway on this very busy travel day. from the roads to the rails to the airport there were a few bumps in the road it didn't derail all that holiday spirit. end of a long day of travel and a terminal d passengers were
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waiting for bags. and talking about a bumpy landing as they completed their holiday travel by air. >> they've been here for over an hour waiting for grandma. grandma finally got here safe and sound thanks to the delta pilots but it was little scary. >> rough landing. just a little faster than what most people anticipated. but these things happen and aviation industry. >> reporter: those who night during this busy time of year recognize it's likely going to take extra time and they deal with it. happy to make it to their destination. >> oh, no, it was easy. it was great. i didn't have any problem at all. i was enjoying it. >> reporter: at 30th street station, amtrak passengers we talked to say they had no problems. and were happy to leave the driving to someone else. >> it was full train but it was actually real fun. >> pleasant. >> smooth. a lot better than sitting in traffic for six, seven hours. >> reporter: the clarks traveling with their infant son
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feel lucky. >> he slept half the trip, too. that's always good. >> cool for you and cool for the other passengers. >> absolutely. fantastic. >> reporter: the clarks had the right idea staying out of the car and taking the train and missing all of that traffic. triple a says 90% of people traveling during this holiday go by car and there were certainly a lot of extra volume out there today especially if you were by the malls as brad said. dawn, back to you. >> joanne, thank you. as we take live look at reading remember you can get read for any type of weather by downloading the fox 29 app. weather alerts and live radar sent right to your phone. it's available for apple and android devices. >> sky fox over a shooting in oxford circle neighborhood of philadelphia earlier today it happened just before 4:00 o'clock this afternoon in the 6500 block of somerdale avenue. police say a 44-year-old man was shot in the face. officers rushed him to einstein hospital where he is listed in critical condition tonight. police are still looking for the gunman. no weapon was recovered.
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in delaware county, a ups truck driver is lucky to be a life tonight. the driver wound up getting caught in gunfire and was grazed by a bullet. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been on this story all day. she's life tonight in chester. shawnette? >> reporter: well dawn according to a witness the driver suffered a graze wound to the shoulder. we tried contacting chester police for most of the evening. we are still waiting to hear how and why this hammed. >> apparently a shooting down tenth street at the rite aid and guy got hit in the shoulder. >> reporter: ups driver new exactly where to go after he was shot while driving in his delivery truck this afternoon. the man was reportedly in the area of tenth and high land street in chester when he was hit by bullet. the driver managed to keep going about three to four blocks to murphy's ford dealership and collision center on township line road. he pulled in asking for help. >> he came in, and sure enough there was paramedic here with -- took him right up and took him
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to the hospital. >> reporter: owner dan murphy says the driver was familiar with the dealership she service most vehicles in the area. he believe the driver knew it was safe place and the closest he would be sure to get help. >> almost always a paramedic here or police or something because we take care of all their vehicles through the whole area. so it's not unlikely there would be someone here. >> reporter: spokesperson for ups tells us a delivery helper was also in that truck. that person was not hurt. no word on any suspects tonight. dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. developing right now actress cary fisher is in stable condition after roared suffering a heart tack. fisher on board a flight from london to lax when she suffered a medical emergency. an emt on the plane performed cpr. paramedics were able to treat her immediately when she landed. she was rushed to nearby hospital. her brother says she is stabilized at a los angeles
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hospital. police are looking for this man after they say he broke into a car but this wasn't just anyone's car it happened to be a police officer's. what they say the suspect took once he got inside. and he's a brave little boy fighting cancer, and santa just gave him a very special early christmas present. yes, little puppy but wait until you hear the chain of events that led up to this heart-warming moment. but first, lots of holiday magic in old city tonight. many families kicked off the holiday weekend at franklin square festival. guests enjoyed making gingerbread houses, playing dradle games and other kind of fess viv activities. families gathered around the fire and watched the festival spectacle light show. it runs through new year's eve. ♪
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♪ nine pottstown families spending tonight in temporary shelters after fire rips threw an apartment building. but the story gets even more tragic. tonight montgomery county authorities say one man did not make it out alive. the coroner's office says 55-year-old dave did not survive the fire it broke out 1:00 o'clock this morning hitting two alarms. the red cross says 21 people in all including several children are displaced just two days before christmas. >> i feel for him, man. for the kids, the families, the moms, you know, his family, the guy that passed away. frightening real frightening. >> frightening and sad. the cause of that fire could be
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related to careless smoking. but they are still looking into it. in kensington the search is on for a car burglar who stole from a philadelphia police officer. investigators say the suspect broke in to the officer's parked car on the 2300 block of coral street overnight broke a window and stole a riot helmet and other police gear issued by the city. he also took some of the officer's personal items and some cash. if you recognize this guy, give police a call. more than 100 children in west philadelphia getting ready to open these gifts tonight organizers from stay cool host add toy and coat drive at episcopal community services saint barnabas it benefits the women and children who are staying at the shelter. it's the third year stay cool collected and donated toys and clothing to the organization. a heart-warming story out of mt. airy. firefighters come to the rescue of a young boy battling cancer. but saving this little boy had nothing to do with fighting a fire. instead it involves an adorable puppy.
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fox 29's bruce gordon has more. >> reporter: for a four-year-old boy battling brain cancer, days don't get much better than this. ben and his big brother nathan have just met the best friend they may have impossibly cute cavalier king charles spaniel puppy named bent. >> talk right into and tell me what you think about your new doggie. >> a dog. >> this tale began back on december 5th a man walk into this mt. airy firehouse carrying a straw dog roaming germantown avenue. they fostered her out to benss mom and dad. just a week or so later, the rightful owners came forward. they wanted their dog back. >> that was a tough day because i had to go up the family and pick up the dog and take it away from them. >> reporter: lot of tears? i had to choke them all back. >> reporter: firefighters were not about to let this story end that way. so they reached out to justice rescue where russ harper found them replacement in need of a
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good home and a little boy to cuddle with. >> only 11 week old but he's already been rescued from abuse. he was actually abandoned and dropped off. >> reporter: then the firefighters organized a special surprise for ben nathan and little brother joseph. a visit with santa claus himself. >> would you like to come and say hi. >> say hi. >> hi, buddy. >> say hi santa. >> right there in a philly firehouse with family and firefighters crowderred around very sick little boy got brand new best friend. >> it's a puppy. >> firefighters presented ben and his brothers with a mountain of toys. they were a big hit. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but before long, ben and nathan were back lavishing attention on their new pup. as for mom and dad, they hope a brain tumor is no match for strangers with big hearts. >> i'm just overwhelmed.
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i'm very overwhelmed. >> what does this mean to your little boy? >> the world. >> ben's brain tumor had been robbing him of his sight but mom and dad say that situation is actually improving. ben has long way torque but now he'll have a special nurse by his side, one with four legs, big floppy ears and a cold wet knows. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. no better medicine. that's for sure op your radar tonight. not bad out there right now. but that is about to change. mike masco. >> unfortunately it's not going to be the white type of christmas more of a wet christmas eve expected by tomorrow. take look the ultimate doppler nothing going on across town you see this falling over south central pennsylvania this is not reaching the ground, however, we are expecting that the change as we go into the overnight hours he is special fool tomorrow here's the shot in old city towards market street it's 39 degrees with a southwesterly win coming at five. feels like temperature coming at
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36. bar row row metric pressure starting to drop an indication of a storm about to moving in our direct. 3 degrees above average this afternoon. made it to 46 at philadelphia international airport. again, normally should be 43. last year 70 degrees. wow that felt great. here's what's going on right n now. we are watching that south wind with temperatures that are into the 30s. though i wanting to north and west because this is going to be the focus like a doylestown, a phoenixville, as you get north of feasterville these are the areas you get up towards lehigh county northampton county for the possibility of frozen precipitation now for that reason the national weather service has put out a freezing rain advisory this is along i i-78, i80 if you have travel plans tomorrow morning heading to grandma's house or uncle and i wasn't's house just know we have some frozen precipitation expected to move n delay your travels to around one or 2:00 o'clock probably the better advisement because as this rain moves out of the ohio valley it will start to fall into the colder surfaces and unfortunately freeze things up.
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also, take notice of this blizzard warning being issue up towards the northern planes they'll get rocked with about a foot of snow with 60 miles an hour winds. so there's lost weather going on the next 24 hours. here back closer to philadelphia, not really dealing with more wintry weather because of these mild temperatures. it's near 60 degrees right now in nashville. southwest wind that's bringing in the mild conditions. let's look at fox future cast together by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, we're going to see some maybe snow coming down in allentown for brief period of time. eventually the rain winds out with the colder surfaces up towards the north into the upper lehigh valley lit precipitate in the form of some frozen drizzle i think everything is out of here by 2:00 o'clock and we are game on for some great festivities for hanukkah and christmas eve. i78, i80 this is where the possibility of a light coating of ice for the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. 30 in the poconos. an area that could see some snow to 36 here in philadelphia. just a plane cold rain.
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tomorrow afternoon here we go. close to 50 degrees for your afternoon highs tomorrow rising temperatures. the rain is out of here by around 2:00 o'clock. so that's good news maybe the jersey shore hangs on to some rain after 3:00 but no big deal if you are making the plans for christmas eve. let's look at the seven day forecast. yeah, i mean mild 48 for christmas day. we'll go 50 on monday. let's go 55 on tuesday. threat for some wet weather much that's not bad. i will be watching a storm thursday snow rain weather fans out there possibility of a rain/snow mixture and maybe a coastal by thursday. that's like fantasy land outweigh out there, but we'll watch that, and another arctic outbreak possible by tail end of next weekend. lots of weather to watch but really benign past this rain expected for tomorrow morning. >> i know the ski areas are hoping for snow. >> oh yeah in big-time for skiers. >> blue mountain absolutely. >> thanks, mike. >> talking eagles sean brace. >> just wonder where mike's
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green is. >> i'd disappear if i was on the wall. >> we'll give you a break. he could be wearing red. >> speaking of green, how about those eagles? let's go there. eagles now need to start thinking about off season moves and one player that is under contract for next year might not be back due to an injury he suffered in last night's game. who we'll tell you coming up next in sports of course sixers are back in action. joel embiid, we need you healthy here. we got your sixers highlights next.
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♪ the sixers find themselves in a new process. only this process happens to be on the court.
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what to do with center nerlens knoll. one player in favor of knoll getting more truck joel embiid. he said if and noel would get a chance defensively they would be something to reckon with. dr. brett brown agree? sixers in phoenix taking on the suns. second quarter rodriguez gets a pick from embiid. he gets the easy layup. covington drives to the bucket. mc com open for three. sixers get largest lead of the game up by 13. currently up 60-53 at the half. more of that later. with only one game left in 2016 season, it's a losing season. that's right. eagles now need to focus on who will be back if uniform next year. one player that was a question mark no matter the out come of yesterday' game was running back ryan matthews. that decision mitt have been made easier for the eagles during last night's win over the giants.
10:25 pm
matthews suffered a herniated disc in his neck while plunging for the end zone third and goal now scheduled to have surgery to repair the disc obviously he'll be out for the final game versus the cowboys. doug pederson addressed the injury and the season that matthews had. >> obviously got off to a good start and there was a little bit of a lull in the middle and he finish up strong. that's kind of been the nature of the season for him, and he's really -- these last couple of weeks kind of been our work hours hour at the running back position didn't really good things for us. this obviously is unfortunate now that he can't finish the season for us. >> speaking of last night's within the giants they came in hot winners of two straight over playoff bound opponents inn clueing dallas but if there's always a sheer fire way to defeat them, it's making giants quarterback eli manning beat y you. eli struggled last night throwing three interceptions including a back breaking pick six to malcolm jenkins who believes last in it's win was big for the youth movement. >> winning these type of games this late in the year, you know,
10:26 pm
although, you know, anything for us nothing counted, upping, it sure had that feel with all the young players that we have, that experience, um, carries over. that opportunity for the team to grow closer together in adverse times and in challeng challengis to find a way to come out and win is lessons that, you know, everybody needs to learn. >> sure it's saturday but we have a big day of nfl coverage tomorrow starting at 10:00 a.m. special fox "game day live" sean bell, g. cobb, bill anderson and howard eskin look back at the eagles big win and discuss all the off season moves followed by nfl vikings and packers and bucks and saints right here on fox 29. >> all right. talking football. >> looking forward it to. >> final check on the weather when exactly in this precip going to start n good day to watch football. let's take look ultimate doppler lined up. we got snow towards the upper midwest rain in the ohio valley. the deal is though the rain will come in, the surfaces are cold especially i78, i80. and for that reason we do have
10:27 pm
an advisory a freezing rain advisory. that's not, you know a big event, but it only takes a thin glaze of ice to really snarl things up and we'll break down the timing i have new model data coming out. we'll share that with you at 11:00 o'clock. tune back in. >> all right. sounds good. that's our news for 10:00 o'clock. coming up next fox 29 special making miracles happen is followed by your knife mega million drawing and we'll see you back here for fox 29 news at 11:00. thanks for watching. ♪
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♪ >> a little boy has a potentia potentially deadly heart condition. his parents faced three options. including death. but then a life-saving treatment right here in philadelphia. >> plus little bake sale that could. sweet treats raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight a rare childhood disease. >> good evening thanks for joining us for make miracles happen special. i'm iain page. >> loom i'm lucy noland. one of the most touching stories focuses on a local couple accident happening their already large family by adopting children from overseas. >> special program at chop is helping ensure their children get the medical help they need. fox 29's karen hepp has the story. just your average family, playing kick ball, riding bikes, shooting hoops, strategizing
10:31 pm
chess. >> we have 13 children. 11 of them are biological and two are adopted. we adopted from ethiopia. >> for the shaeffers children are their vocation. watch little gracelyn today. the way she laughs and plays it's hard to believe this active happy hill girl was once this very sickly little baby so tiny and weak she could barely move. >> at 13 months old she was in three month clothes. she couldn't sustain a crawl. she could keep no food down. >> come to mommy. >> the shaeffers new gracie had medical needs and started working with the expert from the children's hospital of philadelphia's international adoption program to prepare. >> so before she ever came home we had a plan of action of what to do with her. >> eight different specialists helped gracie physically and emotionally through eye surgery and therapists she learned to walk, and most of all laugh.
10:32 pm
>> with all of the love that gracie brought the shaeffers knew they still had no more to give and decided to adopt an older child just last year. 11-year-old biniyam. >> i'm glad? >> why? >> because i have a big family. >> here's bini's business day home meeting all of his new brothers and sisters. bin knee is used to lot of kids he grew up in an orphanage much he's not used to so much attention. he's had lots of first times. first trip to the ocean. he loved it. here's bini's first smo. sledding and even snowboardin s. >> they've changed us i think than we've changed them. >> the shaeffers deeply believe in giving back and helping to raise kind kids. >> we didn't think we should go to work every day and come home and redo our house and buy new cars and take vacations.
10:33 pm
>> consuming everything just for ourselves when there's so many opportunities that we can help. >> changing futures one child at a time. bini also had health issues that need the help of chop's international adoption team. i surgery and experts on early childhood traumas. >> happy birthday to you! >> in less than year the boy who was smaller than an eight-year-old when he arrived is now a large 12-year-old. >> all right. >> good job. >> bin knee's wish has already come true a home an familiar who'll loves him. >> before i was adopt it's easy to pretend these kids don't exist. but once you actually see them we've been in these orphanages these held these kids in our lapse. we've hug them. how do you turn your back? >> if you see someone that needs food, would you not feed them. if you see someone that needs clothes, would you not clothe them. you see someone that needs a familiar, would you not bring them in, would you not -- can you not be a parent to these kids? and now we have seen
10:34 pm
that. our radar is kind of up. >> 13 kids and counting. >> we need to catch our breath. we really do. but there's some really cute kids out there in the china program we're looking at. maybe one more. >> to find out more about the international adoption program at the children's hospital of philadelphia just come to our website i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> such an inspiring family. you know this little guy looks like any normal boy but in his young life he's already overcome a lot as baby doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening heart condition at first the family's options did not look good. >> but they found a life-saving procedure right here in philadelphia at chop. karen hepp has their story. >> biennales so likes to tackle the world climbing rocks, trees, walls, he's all heart.
10:35 pm
even though he only has a small one. >> the left ventricle is too small and unable to pump blood effectively to the rest of his body. >> ben was board with hypo plastic left heart system a rare and deadly heart defect. his mom will never forget when she went up for a regular trawl sound and got the devastating news. >> we see there's problem with his heart. we're sending you for stage two ultrasound to hershey medical center. so i told my husband, this is really bad. >> it was really bad. the family was faced with terrifying options they're baby's live hung in the balance. >> kind of explained it to us. told us we had three choices. we could do nothing and he would die shortly after he was born. we could put him on list for a transplant or we could do the three-stage surgery. essentially allow him to live with the heart he has. >> reporter: the day ben was born he was emergency airlifted to chop for the first of three
10:36 pm
surgeries at just three days o old. >> a heart disorder that babies born having -- instead of having four good sized chambers they you willy have three chambers to the heart. two pumping chambers but one of the chambers very small and that's the left side. basically what happens use the right side, the right ventricle to pump the flow to the entire body instead of having two chambers to do it. >> reporter: the doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia are experts at treating this rare disease but for parents it's an enormous roller coaster. handing your tiny baby over for complicated procedures at just three days. at six months and finally again at two and a half. ellen voweed to everything she could to make ben's journey a success. >> it becomes your reality and you just -- you put 1 foot in in front of the other and you just live. you know, but i -- i now appreciate every single day with my child.
10:37 pm
♪ >> i'm a teacher and i resigned so i can home school my kids because i just want to be with my kids every day. i don't want to miss even an hour. >> reporter: she doesn't. ellen, her husband, big sister amanda and cousin allen take on the world today home schooling through adventure learning history where it was made. they celebrate every holiday, every milestone, playing violin for the reading phillies, simple stuff like snuggling grammy to riding a camel every day a blessing. >> he's a miracle. he's doing awesome. >> reporter: how awesome? >> i told him to do his best. >> reporter: ben is taking part in the stud to help other kids during this recent stress test he rocked it. >> did he better than most kids who actually are seven years of age who don't have heart disease. he excelled. >> i still really don't know the future. i have a lot more hope now. >> the doctors here are so amazing. they're doing studies all the time, and you know on the cutting edge of technology here.
10:38 pm
>> reporter: ellen's dreams for ben are as big as the moon and inspiration for us all. >> just something great the gift of life that he's been given. really makes the most of every day. ♪ >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. he was a normal six-year-old boy until a mystery left him unconscious. hit like a lightning strike. what doctors blame. >> fighting a rare childhood disease. how one little girl's battle inspired the sweet idea. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!!
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i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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♪ bryan was a typical active six-year-old boy until doctors at chop told his parents the little boy had an extremely rare stroke. but bryan did not take the set back lying down. >> not at all. as fox 29's joyce evans diss covered this little boy has one big drive and determined to recover. ♪ >> reporter: rarely do you meet a kid like bryan is a do you ski. >> yeah. there you go. >> reporter: nothing seems to get him down. >> good. >> reporter: if not for the light hand and leg braces and a surgical scar visible through
10:42 pm
his summer buzz cut you probably wouldn't believe just a year and half ago bryan came very close to never dancing or giggling again. >> he was swimming. i was at his sister's end of the >> he was swimming. i was at his sister's end of the pool. he was grabbing his arm. i got him out of the water and he said that he couldn't feel his arm. >> reporter: it got much wors worse. doctors rushed to stabilize the unconscious six-year-old. >> dr. comes out it was definitely something. they said they were going to call a helicopter for to us send him in helicopter down to chop. >> reporter: bryan's dad flew with him still not knowing what happened to his son. >> scary because everything that happens to you, you know, hey, sign this form, by the way, there's a small percentage chance he won't make it through this but sign it because we have to move forward now. so you just kind of, okay, what are you going to do? >> reporter: bryan needed emergency brain surgery. >> he didn't hit his head.
10:43 pm
what happened? >> an avm receivers to an arteriovenous malformation. >> typically an abnormal collection or entangled many of blood vessels on the brain that suddenly rupture. >> these are like lightning strikes. >> a bleeding stroke straight out of nowhere. rare and difficult to detect says chop's director of pediatric strhe neurologist row becca ichord. >> you can't really know any given child is going to be born with some kind of blood vessel abnormality. you only know it's there when lightning strikes and the bleeding happens. >> incredibly frightening to take this kid who was just at swimming lesson and plays soccer and very active and all of a su ben he's laying there in a bed for two weeks not moving. >> once we knew that he was going to wake up, we didn't kno3 >> once we knew that he was going to wake up, we didn't kno3 be in there. >> reporter: bryan wasted no time showing his parents, his doctors, and his therapists exactly what he's made of.
10:44 pm
after under going a second brain injuring to remove the avm. he work his way out of bed, out of a wheelchair, and back to school in just a few months. >> they make it fun. i think that's part of it. i mean he liked his time at the hospital as odd as that sounds. >> he didn't want to leave. >> no. >> i like everything here. >> reporter: do you? >> um-hmm. >> reporter: just giggling his way through the exercises rebulewding strength, regaining control and balance. physical therapist ilana waasdorp does not go easy on bryan. he wouldn't have it any way. >> can you hold it. >> i can hold it for very long. >> for very long. or you cannot hold it for very long. >> i can. he's had a remarkable recovery. >> i can squeeze it. >> his speech and facial sascles now 100%.
10:45 pm
his mind sharp and witty. his spirit just incredible. >> he shows up and he really takes ownership of his own healinhe wou >> reporter: bryan's physical rehab is more challenging often painful. >> i know when i have to take a break. when to start again. ♪ >> reporter: this eight-year-old boy is so eager to work through it -- i'll show was i know. >> reporter: show me what you know. he's taken up a hiphop dance class working on klewler routine to fight song. >> ♪ >> reporter: and there's more. bryan is abno been cleared to return to his soccer team but he's working for more than that. he wants to hit the field. >> u hap being able to throw in hard for soccer. >> zippers, buttons all those kids take for granted we're still getting there. he hasn't learned to tie his
10:46 pm
shlans yet. >> i might need help. >> reporter: there's always a >> hknow.iblewity that bryan mae another strhe, his doctors believe that's unlik unlikely. given the out come of this surgeries and his steady rapid recoverrecover but most importay bryan's will to beat the odds, no matter what it takes. >> one minute. >> youe oe not going to quit, ae you. >> no, i not. i'm not gonnaly >> all right. >> buddy, time is up. >> reporter: joyce evans -- >> you did so good today. >> reporter: fox 29 news. >> that's the attitude to have. how one little girl is helping fight a rare disease one cupcake at a time. what inspired the sweet idea that's raised thousands of dollars for patients. and chop is turning its youngest patient noose book worms. how the hospital has used literacy to help kids erecovrgee worry aveni c doctor's visit. ♪ walked around the shelter,
10:47 pm
no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments... i totally fell in love with him. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate another two hundred and fifty dollars to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪ eat cake, help kids. bake sale helping fight a rare chlewdhood disease. already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. our karen hepp sho10 us how one
10:50 pm
local famlewy ce ie up with the idea after going through a health battle of their own. ♪ >> reporter: little calliope was a perfect baby, her smile, her lct gh, a completeter wot gr big brother and sister. in fact, joy is her middle name. butter wust before her third aprthday her fe ilewy got a terrible diagnosis. she had a rare deadly disease >> introprit they could do nothing about it. >> we had no idea this disease ran in our fe ilewy that my husband and i were both carrie carriers. we had no idea we had two bect tiful healthy kids. win three months ck, walk and swallow.ust 16t ct gust threee h, she looked upt her father and said daddy. that was four years ago. this is cal today. peruggled by a nurse in hospice care. she can still smile andinspire. in fact she's changing the world. one of the first children we wo3 oed with was little girl named cecelia. >> her cupcake celebration is
10:51 pm
safing other children's lives. it began thaacks to another little girl from our area alex scott and her fe ious lemonadesd maria to fight as only a mother with a dying child can with every molecule of her body. >> i was actually on the phone with liz scott saying, my daughter has this diagnosis and liz said to me there ailathing you can do? can you raise money? i said, liz, this disease is terrible. it's rare, no one aga- there's nothing i can do. there's nothing i can do. and my son was a huge fan of alex's ln isonade and he said hw about if we have a bake sale? alex's ln isonade and he said hw about if we have a bake sale? >> reporter: little bake sales turned into cal's cupcake challenge now so big they hold the event atkin wood elementary school where cal would be in first grade. one coy cake at a time they have raised $250,000. building the nation' first l the
10:52 pm
>> introprit center for excellence at the children's hospital of philadewhahia and they have sent nine children to italy for life-saving gene e here.or life-saving gene here she ister wumping up and d. she shouldn't be doing. amazing treatment. >> children like cici a life today thanks to cal and her cupcakes. >> these little kids and school and coy cake played a small part in the miracle of cici and it's pretty dick tiff. once you start getting involved with miracles, that's pretty amazing. >> this yeas us cal coy cake challenge raised $23,000 and established a $10,000 fund in honor of another little bot g tt we spent some time with. tj herring. saefy he lost his battle in septn isber. but now tj's travel fund is going to h help other children d their fe ilewies come to phlewadelphia and the luke company dystrophy center for excellence at chop becct se they want to make sure that any family who needs to can get the hewha they need. so far cal's challenge raised $250,000 changing lives a
10:53 pm
cupcake at a time. i'm karen hof >> chop turning young get patients who book worms. how the hospital has used literacy to help kids escape the worry of a docto
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
♪ at children's hospital of phlewadelphia something good is coming from six visits at their pediatrics office. >> chon dis gorting fe ilewies n
10:56 pm
they visit the. dr. this year the hospital celebrated the 20th anniversary of reach out and read program and former flyers blair danila briere noined in n the fun making his rounds and reading to patients at the hospital. the prooge i gortes boopy to children between the ages of six months and forte years. >> there was nothing lsave comig into the doctor's office and seeing a wea of boopy you and your children could explore. we would never mind the wait because we would spend time reading boopy after book introducing us to a world filled with animaadi, monsters and spectas. >> chop has given primary care patients more than thre mlewlion books and thre38ntaary this year alone. for more information on the health stories you saw tonight head to f,000 click the health tab or seen on tv for these and other stories. ogeat stu a d. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> more local n sus straight
10:57 pm
ahead right here on fox 29 news at thre1. ♪ cup cupm k
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