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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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dead behind the counter of a local grocery store a community mourning. plus no white christmas around here k we see snow before the end of 2016? keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. please help us. help us find whoever did this.
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a south philadelphia community in shock on this christmas eve after an 81-year-old grocery store owner is shot dead behind the counter. family members of the victim tell fox 29 she has been operating the neighborhood spot for the last 44 years. thanks for joining this evening even i'm jennifer joyce. police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger multiple times. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the very latest from south philadelphia. >> reporter: the christmas lights are on but the mood in this south philly neighborhood is somber more like you can feel the heart ache. be loved grocer marie buck was murdered her family and this community are just so sad. on a cold and rainy christmas eve morning, something so vile and twisted happened at this neighborhood grocery store in the heart of south philly. >> i don't know why anybody would do anything like this the entire neighborhood loved her. nobody knows why anybody would do anything crazy like that to
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her. >> reporter: 81-year-old marie buck was shot and killed as she stood behind the counter of the store she owned. the store where she worked six days a week for the last 44 years. >> she took care of everybody. you weren't a stranger. if anybody knows south philly or our family in general, she took care of everybody, and nobody was a stranger. >> reporter: born and raised in a brick row home two doors down from her store, marie buck was the youngest of 11 children. her husband too shaken by the brutal murder to come out of their home neighbors family members in utter shock. >> things she could do for you, she fed you, she listened to you, she was everybody's aunt. she wasn't just a neighbor. sean just a corner store owner, and all her friends were her family. she done seen four generations of our family because we always
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lived right here. oh, wow, who would do something like this? i just hope they catch whoever did it. >> reporter: police investigating. detectives in and out of the store all morning. marie was reportedly shot at close range multiple times. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: family members say nothing was taken from the register. >> i hope somebody turns in any information on whoever did this. >> reporter: people have been leaving candles and flowers here at the scene. neighbors and friends tell me marie buck would give people groceries if they didn't have the money and she told them pay me later. in south philly i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. terrible story there. we are turning now to your winter weather authority the skies finally cleared up on christmas eve and first night of hanukkah. let's take live look outside at old city the roads still wet from the rain earlier in the
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day. but we actually saw a little bit of sun this afternoon. fox 29 meteorologist monica cray yann is here. how is the christmas forecast looking? >> so much better. i think people will be much happier with this forecast getting over christmas eve. especially in the morning. man it was a soaker. now what we're looking at clearing skies. so not only am i tracking the weather for you but we're also tracking santa claus. he was last seen in port-au-prince haiti and so he's common continuing to track travel through the caribbean he should be here soon enough. he doesn't come unless you're sleeping and he will return once you are asleep don't forget go to bed. let's take a look at those temperatures. 44 degrees in pottstown. we are at 45 degrees for those of us in philadelphia. millville comin coming the low . reading 44 degrees. mount pocono obviously the cooler spot on that map at about 35 degrees. here's the overnight low. 33 degrees. so we are talking cold temperatures. that's how we'll start off tomorrow morning. your christmas morning into the upper 20s for the suburbs. but skies are clearing overnig
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overnight. it's going to be a clear christmas that's one of the headlines but we also need to talk about a chance for some rain on tuesday and then temperatures drop out as we head into the new year. i've got that full forecast coming up in just a bit. jenny. ♪ well communities all over the delaware valley are celebrating christmas eve and tonight big crowds at the cathedral basilica. saint peters and paul for a special holiday mass. ♪ >> these mass celebrated at the principal church of the philadelphia diocese ahead of the christmas holiday tomorrow. christians around the world will celebrate the birth of their save your jesus christ. the celebrations of worship have already begun in many parts of the world. fox's will car takes us from vatican city to bethlehem to see exactly how people are spending
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the holiday weekend. >> reporter: christians across the globe celebrating christmas tonight. pope francis presiding over midnight mass at the vatican where the baby jesus was placed in the manger in an elaborate nativity scene. >> translator: let's allow the baby in the manger to challenge us and be challenge by the children aren't laying in cot and caressed by the mother of their mother and father. >> security ramped up in rome after at tack in berlin earlier this week where a terrorist rammed a truck into christmas market. also additional threats made against holiday gatheringsings and religious spaces worshipers are not allowing that to deter them from enjoying the holiday. >> of course, we are worried, yes, but especially with christmas we hope that peace will come in hearts of people. >> i don't think isis will go up against the catholic church. i think the pope attacking the pope would be very stupid and so
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i don't think anything is going to happen here. >> reporter: in bethlehem mass church of the nativity led by the latin patriarch of jerusalem. thousands of pilgrims pass through manger square illuminated by festive lights an large christmas tree. >> for me it's very meaningful because it's christmastime and here is where everything started and, yeah, so i'm enjoying the light on sunday pope francis will deliver his christmas day message from the balcony of saint peters basilica. i'm will carr for fox news. have a wonderful christmas eve. tonight is not just christmas eve. it's also the first night of hanukkah the jury wish festival of lights kicked off at sundown and that means the first light on the menorah on independence mall was lit and additional candle will be lit overnight over the eight nights of hanukkah. and check this out. boat house row has been transformed into a giant menorah
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as well. the houses will light up in blue and white over the next week. one house in the middle of the row will be white and over the course of hanukkah additional houses will be lit up in blue to represent the candles. holiday traditions are often passed down from generation to generation. and that is certainly the case in south philadelphia where for dozens of years people lining up often starting at midnight for their christmas pastries as fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, people from other states make the yearly trip to term mini brothers. ♪ >> reporter: it's not christmas eve in south philly without the decades old tradition of termini brothers bakery. >> every christmas it became a tradition to come here for the canolis and cookies and all the fine pastries we make. >> family legacy that spans generations for so many customers here. lining up despite the cold and rain for the desserts they've had every christmas since their
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fathers father' came here. >> feel honored to be able to carry it on. >> greg's family drove all the way from maryland. >> everybody has to have a cannoli. >> big seller original that began with mom's side of the family even moving to a different state has not gotten in the way. >> right from baltimore and all the family comes and we have christmas eve dinner. >> reporter: along with the cakes and canolis, friendships are also forged christmas eve brings friendly faces and pals who share the love of this bake its traditions. >> we meet every year. >> warm food, warm familiar faces holiday cheer wrapped up and around enduring philadelphia symbol. >> merry christmas. >> in south philly sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. over the river and through the woods so many people headed to grandmother's house or their parent's for the holidays. according to aaa 103 million americans are traveling this
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weekend. most ever. airports across the country have been experiencing back ups due to increased traffic and inn complement weather but many people say bracing the traffic and delays is all worth it for time with the family. >> it's a time of year i look forward to because all the kids are back together and we get very little time during the year where we're all in one place. >> so true. travelers can also expect high insecurity this weekend law enforcement officers are on alert after receiving threats related to holiday events and places of worship. and not your typical lunch break inside a local law firm. this board room invaded by second graders. why this will impact these children for years to come. >> did you happen to get a whiff of a foul smell last night. ? we're learning why it smelled rotten eggs throughout philadelphia and new jersey. ♪
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪ officials are blaming a power outage for a foul odor all over the philadelphia area yesterday. pgw dispatchers got reports of a rotten egg smell around 9:30 last night. people all over south philly, center city, south jersey, even bucks county, called 911 to
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report it. city officials say the smell was caused by a sulfur based add today tiff at a refinery in a paulsboro, new jersey. no natural gas leaked and that odor was not dangerous. lawyers letting their lunch breaks go so second graders can invade their offices. are you kidding me? lauren johnson explains why elementary school students are allowed into the board room of a law firm. check this out. ♪ >> reporter: ellen bailey has a full plate. >> part of the problem you always want to help but it's always a time issue. >> reporter: she makes the time and schedules her life accordingly. >> it was on tuesday i can't do it because i knew i have this to do. >> reporter: this molding young minds. >> it is probably the most compelling thing i do all day. >> litigation is how she pays the bill. mentoring how she pays it forward. >> they are the people that
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require the least amount of our time and we get the biggest gift back on our investment. >> reporter: pointing kids in the right direction partnership with philadelphia reads. the bond was formed three years ago. >> it's important for to us invest in our children. >> reporter: once a week second graders from spring garden school -- >> it's important they just see that there's a world outside theirs. >> reporter: step into different world. >> they get to see people who don't look like them. they get to see people who look like them. >> reporter: from the bus to the lobby to the elevators. straight to the top. we have kids who are in an elevator for the first time. >> reporter: headed to the big board room on the 22nd floor at eckert fema. >> the energy level goes up dramatically. >> reporter: after they calm down they're assigned. >> i don't know how you got so lucky you're with janice.
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in a scene with tony and mark. >> reporter: groups of one, two and sometimes three. and off they go. >> they read for about the 45 minutes session they're reading and writing to reinforce their literacy development. >> very good. >> reporter: it's positive reinforcement and patience from someone other than mom and dad. >> i was a foster child. i know how important it is that somebody give you time. >> reporter: time. >> it's hard word, ready? peninsula. >> reporter: and attention. >> i think as adults it's difficult for to us remember what it's like to be a child and how impactful it can be for you to have a mentor. someone who just takes time to express love towards you. >> reporter: making progress. >> we find the children who participate they grow 1.04 years in their reading level
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assessment. >> reporter: in a city that struggles with literacy. >> it's an unfortunate statistic but over 50% of our children cannot read on grade level. >> reporter: on so many level levels. >> not only social and emotional development but of course the act dead mick. >> reporter: speaking of levels -- >> reading is fun. it doesn't keep your brain locked in one place. it will take to you another level. >> reporter: this one-on-one means the world to seven-year-old jabri short. >> one day i might be a lawyer. >> reporter: the not just lawyers in the philadelphia office. >> senior partners in the firm to people who work in the mailroom, secretaries, legal assistants it's everyone in the firm. >> reporter: because it takes a village. >> it's a small small sacrifice and really does make a difference. >> reporter: it's never a tough sell to give up lunch once
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a week. >> sign me up. it real didn't take much convincing. >> i say thank you. >> reporter: with that. >> they say goodbye. >> bye. >> reporter: until next time. lauren johnson, fox 29 news. and philadelphia reads is always looking for individual and corporate sponsors or if you want to mentor they're looking for group of about 30 or more people who are available on a weekly basis and the kids will come right to you. if you a have great story you'd like to share for lauren are you kidding me segment send her e-mail at lauer reason d. johnson at fox time now for weather with mocks 29 meteorologist monica cray yann. we won't see a white on christmas bought sunny christm christmas. >> exactly a lot of people are traveling that can really kind of impact the travel. doesn't look like we'll be dealing with much of as we head into tomorrow. die have in news. santa has made u.s. landfall
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taking a look where he is located in just a bit. but first let's talk about current temperatures. 45 degrees at the airport. your high today not much better. 46 degrees those winds out of the west at about 5 miles an hour. we all remember that rain that kick started our christmas eve off damp and dreary. it continues to push off into the atlantic. we're clear behind it. i want to bring to you a system through the inter mountain west into the rock companies. snow system moving through really kicking up those winds they'll be dealing with a rough but white winter you can see the watches and warnings across the inter mountain rest and into the rockies. santa might be having trouble get through that. but right now, he's sitting pretty in florida. he was last seen in tampa, florida, heading to make couldn't, georgia. he's getting close, guys. time to go to bed, right? here's look at your future cast. we'll show you how those clouds really clear out so that by tomorrow morning here is your christmas morning forecast. you can see some nice sunshine
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to really greet us maybe a little bit of cloud cover in the northwest suburbs. but other than that, we are clearing things out. that continues as we head into christmas day and through the evening time. we'll keep things clear and dry. looking like a nice forecast temperatures getting into the 40s by the afternoon. not we're looking at your monday and you can see clouds begin to filter in later in the day. we could see a few showers begin to pick up those rain chances do continue as we head into our tuesday. so that's the next chance for rain. otherwise, here's a look at your holiday forecast. 33 degrees for the overnight low. it will be clear and cold. winds out of the northwest five to 10 miles per hour. now for tomorrow's high, 49. just shy of that 50-degree mark with mostly sunny skies. that northerly wind does continue. look at this though in your seven day forecast, as we head into monday, we're in the low 50s. wow, tuesday, nearing 60 degrees. i can't believe we're talk the end of december and we're nearing 60. it is going to be accompanied by some of those showers mild
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temperatures much cooler as we head into the midweek temperatures begin to dip down just in time for the new year's holiday. and we are talking temperatures into the upper 30s, low 40s overnight temperatures into the 20s and, guys, again that's when a lot of people are going to be out for new year's. >> yeah. >> it will be cold. >> that's good. it's should feel like winter, right? >> yeah. >> get you in the spirit. >> remember how warm it was last year. >> yeah. >> 70s. >> you were right. >> um-hmm. >> how about sports? >> we got a lot of stuff going on right now. >> hot stuff in sports. >> nfl games played today because of christmas. three games tomorrow. of course, temple getting ready for their bowl game. so after losing their head coach matt ruhle to the baylor bears, it seems like the temple owls will have to deal with another coaching vacancy. will this affect their bowl game on tuesday. we'll tell hugh it is and cleveland browns were zero-14 heading into today's game with the chargers. did santa bring an early gift to the city of cleveland.
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we got your highlights next. ♪
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. no i'm not talking about christmas. maybe a little bit. i'm talking about bowl season. that's right. temple owls get thing started locally when they take on wake forest in the military bowl on tuesday the 27th. of course the big news
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surrounding the owls former head matt ruhle leaving for baylor well the news today the man who most current players wanted to take over as head phil snow addressed the media and said he will be joining matt ruhle in baylor to be the defensive coordinator for the bears. snow who spent the last four years with matt ruhle at temple said he didn't interview for the owls head coaching job that went to jeff collins and also said not to worry, he will be calling defensive plays one last time for temple on tuesday. phil snow exact comments earlier it's not official because i haven't signed a contract but i am going there. i will start on january the second. good luck to coach matt ruhle and phil snow down in baylor and temple as well. nfc east after missing out on opportunity to clinch a birth on thursday night the giants were looking for assist from one of three teams to push them into the playoffs for the first time in five years. quickly the falcons and packers both won. so now up to the tampa bay bucks to handle their business and
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delay a play off berth for big blue. to the super dome we go. we pick it in the third. drew brees to cadet for 11-yard touchdown right there. saints up two possessions. we fast forward to the fourth. bucks down 10. jameis winston keeps it's interesting he's picked off by bird. winston 17th interception on the season. now second place with the most interceptions in the look. bucks lose 34-21 giving the giants a spot in the playoffs. speaking of grinch let's check out chip kelly and the one and 13 49ers. final second in the fourth down seven army with the touchdown strike. overtime or go for the -- go for two camper nick dives into the end zone. 49ers within 22-21 snapping a 13 game losing streak. incredible. good stuff all the way around, girls, cleveland finally where
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the browns are searching for a true christmas miracle their first of the season. browns up 20-17. no good. wide ride. browns with first game of the year actually hoping for an zero-16 season. oh, well. nice job bite browns there. they get their first win of the season. >> thank you sean brace. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here for good day tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. merry christmas to all. ♪
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♪ >> good evening, happy holiday i'm iain page. i'm dawn timmeney. philadelphia region is home to many amazing singers and choirs, and one such group is made up of philadelphia's finest. >> here's philadelphia police department's non-denomination almas choir with you are holy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪


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