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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ >> it's christmas around the world. from philadelphia to the vatican how christians all over the globe are celebrating the most holy day of the year. plus, cashing in. how you can turn unwanted gift into cold hard cash. ♪ that's song guys. getting in the spirit with christmas music. that may be a hint much what's the most irritating christmas of song of all time? start guessing. the answer is coming up. >> it should be playing for us right now. they don't want to give away the most irritating song of all ti time. >> good morning, guys. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. thank you for starting your day with us and christmas with us. sean brace, scott williams,
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yours truly bill anderson. most irritating song of all time. >> i definitely have a guess. >> that chipmunk song. >> that's a good guess. >> or the hippo song. >> thank you for starting your day with us. no snow. the weather looks like it's going to be okay, right. >> it's going to actually be above average. weather bite numbers on scale of one to 10 for christmas day, we will give it a nine. a lot of snow so if you're looking for white christmas head to the pocono mountains, because temperatures there have been cold enough to support some manmade snow and also snow from mother nature. so that will be great place late on today to do some skiing, let's talk bout cast. weather by the numbers on a scale one to 10 today what about -- yeah, we will give it a nine. looking pretty good. live look at the philadelphia international airport. the sun will come up shortly here on this sunday morning.
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we're looking at numbers right now in the mid 30s. so the sunrise at 7:21. so about 20 more minutes already starting to come up across the region. we're looking at 30 degrees right now in atlantic city. 37 in dover. 29 pottstown. upper 30s right now in allento allentown. so as we look at that christmas forecast, yes, no white christmas, but we're looking at temperatures topping out right around 49 degrees. mostly sunny skies. how does this year compare to prior years? well, back in 2013, the high was only 32. the past couple of years we had high temperatures in the mid even upper 60s. 68 degrees last year. today upper 40s. so across the region, 49 center steam upper 40s down the shore. mid 40 force the lehigh valley. across the country right now, if you're looking for some of that snow, head to the four corners parts of the rockies, that is where it will be today for us we'll just stay dry and we will stay quiet. up and down the eastern
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seaboard. we'll have much more on that forecast coming up. back over to you. ♪ of course, christians around the world are celebrating the birth of their savior jesus christ. big crowds at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul for special holiday mass last night. these masses tell broughted at the principal church of the philadelphia diocese ahead of the christmas holiday. now to italy. hope francis celebrated christmas with midnight mass at the vatican. he delivered his annual christmas day message from the balance connive saint peters basilica and urged christians to celebrate the birth of jesus by thinking about the plight of children. demand europe in particular do more to welcome refugees.
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pope francis called for the faithful not to get caught up in the commercialization of christmas saying that often we are concerned for gifts but cold toward those who are marginalized. 7:04. thousands of pilgrims and tourist from around the world are gathering in the biblical town of bethlehem to celebrate christmas. this is the traditional birthplace of jesus and this morning at the church of the nativity mass security was tight due to recent attacks in egypt and jordan. back here at home, volunteers from all over the area are making hot meals for the homeless on this christmas morning. of course, our own steve keeley is there live in west philadelphia. good morning and merry christmas, sir. >> reporter: hey, we got four single guys with no kids so that's why we're all happily working why while the families on fox 29 are home. >> you put usual all on blast. we're here because we love the people. >> maybe one day we'll be
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fathers and get christmas day off to be with kids until then we're with our big familiar the viewers and they're happy we're on the air today. hey, look where we are pretty big intersection here. 39th and haverford old bank got a whole knew life. the chosen 300 ministries here and for many including those who work with chosen 300 christmas means giving and giving back volunteers and organizers plan to open these doors at 8:00 o'clock giving up christmas morning with family to make those without families feel like they have one right here. look at the little signs on the doors here. kids are being invited here. parents bring your kids here and if you have your kids the kids will get wrapped gifts and toys so if there wasn't enough under the tree from santa, there are some santas here willing to give a lot of kids a bright smile on christmas morning by opening up lots of toys. they'll begin cooking huge meal for the homeless at 8:00 o'clock in the morning and finish wrapping lots of gifts they'll
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hand out to the families in west philadelphia and center city haven't a christmas worship service while the food cooks then opening up the gifts at 10 and 11:00 o'clock make the homeless feel less hungry and more loved and make lot of little kids very happy and believe that santa claus really does exist it will make the volunteers more appreciative of their own families that they'll go home to by noon and huge sense of what line us in told charlie brown christmas was all about. sean, i know you know that story real well. and so do you, don't you? >> we all know it fairly well. steve, i got to tell you. i was wandering around christmas shopping yesterday in queen village a vintage record shop and they called me in the store to tell me how much they love the way you keep it real relate to the people and they hope that you would be with us on christmas morning. i said i would pass that on. i'm doing that. >> reporter: you should have took credit. you should said i'll make him work and that's my gift to you. you could have said that, bill, and maybe got a free old 45 out
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of it. i love the fact that you were in a record store on christmas eve shopping. you gave somebody vinyl maybe hopefully today? >> yeah, man. i'm old school. i keep it real like that, me and you. >> reporter: all right. that's good. keeping it real. >> we'll check in. >> all right. >> thanks so much, steve. moving from the festive and the exciting to the somber and scary news this morning we've got breaking news that 92 people are dead after a russian plane headed to air base in syria crashed into the black sea today. minutes after taking off from sochi. there were 84 passengers and eight crew members on board. and the passengers included members of a well-known military choir head to go a concert. officials are ruling out terrorism right now. the cause is under investigati investigation. back here at home, delaware state police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a woman and then took off. it happen last night just before 8:00 o'clock on christiana road near end berg drive. we're expecting more information to be released on this crash a little bit later on today.
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7:08 this morning. one person is in the hospital after a nasty accident early in south philadelphia. it happened at broad and washington just before 2:00 o'clock. the victim's injuries are non-life threatening thankfully but currently we do not know the cause of the accident. in juniata park, police are looking for the suspect involved in an armed robbery at a restaurant. it happen around 12:45 this morning at texas chicken and burgers. this is on 3900 block of kensington avenue. the suspect walked into the business and pointed his gun at the cashier. police have not said how much cash he got away with but they're hoping surveillance cameras will help with the investigation. take a look at this video. flames engulf a home in upper darby on this christmas morning. it happened around 4:00 a.m. on the 2800 block of devon lane. now, this video is from fresco user tyler burke. thankfully no one was hurt in that fire. all right. it's christmas morning.
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we're celebrating and sharing it with you. so coming up, let's take look at a tree. christmas tree. big-time christmas tree. we want to see if you can guess who it belongs to. we've got -- let's see it. all right. that's somebody's house. what do you think, brace? >> that's a big old house much that's number one and that tree honestly should be in the fore forest. >> it might be bigger than the one we have at city hall. i'm just saying. >> guess who it belongs to? you can tweet us. i'm going to give you a hint much it's the king showing off his christmas decorations. there's a hint and send us your christmas pictures we want to see how you're spending your morning and they're already coming in. >> aww. look at this. this is caleb his first christmas? aww. >> i'm not super sensitive christmas person witness pictures but this makes my heart warm. zen us your pictures. use the #fox29goodday. if you're really bold, send us a video of you singing christmas carols. we'll play them throughout the show and we've got a surprise
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for you little bit later on. maybe our skills. maybe our singing skills. >> oh, yeah. >> there you go. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ welcome back. merry christmas. as we take a look -- what's that allentown? celebrating with the christmas lights going. we will continue to celebrate and we thank you for starting your morning with us. merry christmas. now all morning long, we'll be listening to some amazing
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choirs and performers. first up, a choir i'm actually very familiar with this is the enon tabernacle choir reverend bowler heads up enon i go there quiet bit. we hope you enjoy. ♪ what child is this ♪ ♪
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♪ what child is this ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> love it. been over there several times. reverend wohler actually sings with that choir quite a bit. so if you haven't seen live performance, other than this one, make sure you get to enon
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to check it out. scott, great performance. weather not so great but we'll deal with it. not too bad. >> yeah, it's actually going to be pretty nice day, though, bill. we have a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures will climb above average for this time of year. average on christmas day for philadelphia is right around 42 degrees. we'll top out in the upper 40s, but not as warm as last year's high of 68 degrees. so as we look at your weather headlines talking sunny and mile christmas. the high today right around 49 degrees. for tonight we'll dip to around freezing much clouds roll in overnight. there could be some drizzle around as we move toward your monday. but ultimate doppler right now it is dry. it is quiet on this christmas morning. we have some clouds, some drizzle around the tennessee river valley and also out toward the four corners salt lake city, denver looking at some of that snow. the snow will stay out to the west. so across the region for today, mid 40s as you move toward the lehigh valley upper 40s philadelphia. millville down the shore looking at temperatures topping out in the upper 40s. so 49 by this afternoon.
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mostly sunny. above average temperatures. winds out of the north around 10 miles an hour. so looking good for some of those new toys that you might between get outdoors and play with. as we move toward tonight, temperatures around freezing once again there could be some drizzle that moves in by tomorrow morning. so once again, dry, quiet for today, but watch the clock as we move toward early on monday morning. there might be a little bit of freezing drizzle far north and west we'll continue to monitor that. but otherwise that seven day forecast will show you a beautiful day today. clouds tomorrow. a better chance for widespread showers on tuesday. back over to you. thank you very much, scott. you see how he did that. scott is very nice. i was complaining about the temperature and he's like you do remember it was 68 last year. that's why i'm whining because it's still above average and he gave it a nine. >> christmas morning still ahead. merry christmas. we've been talking about this tree. you got to tell me your guesses, what do you think about the tree? take look at this coming
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up. tree like in your house. >> not quiet, bill. i'm more of the charlie brown type. >> but this one, this is huge. i'll tell hughes tree this is coming up next. >> my family has been grilling me because i have a fake tree. good you're fake guy. you can't go with the fake tree. >> every year you got the thank you hang on it that smells like christmas. [ laughter ] >> perfect. don't have to sweep that stuff out of mice house. >> the thing you put in your rear view mirror for the car? >> yeah. >> you put that on the tree. >> something like that. >> nice. we'll be right back. stick with us. "good day philadelphia". ♪ kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps
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and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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>> talking sports. all day football. >> yup. >> good day yesterday. we enjoyed it. a lot going on right now. a lot of sports to talk about. >> a lot of stuff happening. temple getting ready for the bowl game. you nailed it. nfl we were focusing on yesterday. nfc east conversation. missing out on an opportunity to clinch the playoffs thursday night against the eagles the giants were looking for an assist yesterday from one of three teams to push them into the playoffs. for the first time in five years which is incredible. the falcons and packers both wouldn't it was up to the tampa bay bucks to handle their business and delay a play off berth for big blue. to the super dome, third quarter, saints you have six.
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drew brees to tavaris cadet for the 11-yard touchdown strike. we fast forward to the fourth. bucks down 10. jameis winston looking to keep it interestin interesting instes picked up by bird. winston 17th interception of the season. jameis is now witness second most interceptions in the league behind philip rivers. bucks lose 31-24 giving the giants a spot in the playoffs. ba hum bug. >> right. >> let's check on the grinch himself chip kelly. his one and 13 49ers. final seconds kaepernick hits streeter for the 10-yard touchdown. go for two for the win or send it to overtime. chip kelly says let's go for two. kaepernick scrambles to the right dives into the end zone. 49ers within 22-21 snapping a 13 game losing streak. have fun with that, chip. finally, we head to cleveland where the browns were searching for the true christmas miracle of their own. their first win of the season. what's today's date? december the 25th? yesterday was the
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24th i believe. that sounds about right. first win of the season they are now one and 14. they win 20-17. how about that? and fina final, we've been showing you that tree. let's wrap things up by showing off the biggest tree i've ever seen in my life. this is the king himself lebron james. he instagramed this a few hours ago and wrote always want add tree like this. me, too, bon can you buy me one. >> good stuff from lebron james and the kiddies. bill n tree obviously -- >> it's ridiculous. >> it's big but look at the room it's in. >> right. to fit a tree like that. >> a lot. >> who cleans those windows up the top. >> he's got somebody. >> a lot in your sports update. >> yeah. >> issues much first of all, chip kelly's team, celebrating like they just won the super bowl. they're second win after a 13-game losing streak. >> it's funny you say that, because hugh jackson the coach of the cleveland browns was
7:27 am
fighting back tears. you know -- >> what are you celebrating? >> it's christmas day. they got their second win and the browns got their first. >> it's got to feel good. week after week being beat down and finally getting it. >> come on. act like you've been there before. that's what coaches have always said. unfortunately for them they haven't. it was the first time. >> you're a mean man, bill anderson. >> they're not eagles. >> moving on. we've got all kinds of things going on today. on "good day philadelphia" the christmas edition cashing in how you can turn unwanted gift into cold hard cash. everybody is interested in hearing about that. >> love it. >> speaking of cash you may not need to turn gift cards into cash. you can just within the lottery and walk away with stack of cash christmas present for you. check those numbers and stay with us. keep your sweets coming by the way use the #fox29goodday. we want to share your christmas spirit on the air all morning. ♪
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♪ >> this song when we come back to "good day philadelphia".
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thanks for starting your christmas morning with us. kids are off opening presents you're having a little coffee and breakfast and sharing it with that. we appreciate that. from all of that holiday cheer and spirit, little bit of a grinch. it happens sometimes. you get a present you don't want. but you may be able to turn that unwanted gift into some cash. everybody likes that. our financial expert dan rocatto explains how you can cash in. ♪ holiday shopping is in full swing. that means consumers are pushing those credit cards to the limit. one of the most important things that consumers consider when deciding where to shop, return policies. so how about a few tips on what you can do and look for when those perfect pajamas, well, not so perfect? first, you got to do your homework. every retailer has their own policy so you want to make sure you know what it is before you plunk down your cash. shop at the apple store, generally you got about two
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♪ scott very nicely told me he's giving 89 today so i need to stop complaining about the weather and enjoy the spirit and the fact it's not that bad. yes, scott? >> yes, that is correct. it's christmas morning. take what you get. and of course, we are waking up to beautiful sun advise across the delaware valley. and temperatures are going to be above average for today there's no snow unfortunately, but, hey, it would be raining like it was yesterday morning kind of nasty across the area. right now, as we take look at those current conditions, it's 35 degrees. winds out of the west at about 6 miles per hour. so hey we'll take it. 30 right now atlantic city. we have 34 in trenton. 32 freezing right now in wilmington. so once again, take a look at the past several years. it was freezing in 2013. it was in the 60s the past couple of years. today's high temperature will be in the upper 40s. so weekend wendy is excited that it is christmas day. 49 degrees will be that
7:34 am
afternoon high temperature. we're dry and quiet on ultimate doppler, some showers off to our south and also snow out to the west so that's where you need to head. folks looking at a white christmas the northern tear, of course, as you move into sections of new england also around the great lakes and then out toward the west that's where they will have that white christmas but once again no snow pack for us and then also into parts of the south and east. so the seven day forecast showing upper 40 today's. 50 degrees for tomorrow with some patches of drizzle. especially in the morning. better chance for widespread showers on tuesday and then a chilly rain by thursday. new year's eve right now, looking pretty good with high temperatures right around 40. back over to you. >> sounds good. we'll take it. thank you so much, scott. all morning long we've been listening to amazing choirs and performers we'll continue to do that. sharing that holiday spirit with you. so now let's hear silent night from the philadelphia girls choir. enjoy. ♪ silent night ♪ silent
7:35 am
note, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin, mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heav heavenly peace, sleep in heave heavenly peace. ♪ >> ♪ silent night
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> merry christmas, welcome back and thank you for sending in your pictures. from monty g. boomer with the merry christmas from jenn. thanks so much for sending in it. >> look at that. my nephew chase, that's chase right there. >> chase is having at it. >> santa was good. he got a hatchimal, too. >> really? >> chase got a hatchimal. >> did you help hook that up? you got tv connections. >> no, not at all. >> even those connects weren't happening at all. >> any hatch malls in your familiarly. >> no hatch malls. i don't understand that thing. >> the one we had here was good. you just got engage. don't know if you're thinking about proposing on christmas. but if you are, don't. okay? a ring shouldn't be a device you use to get out of a gift for someone. proposing on a significant day sends the message that you need extra glitz and glamor to make your proposal good enough and story worthy. proposal should light up and
7:42 am
otherwise ordinary week in october. >> apparently study that said that. so you're not supposed to do it during the holidays. >> i'm not buying that either. >> bad luck or -- >> no. they just want another special day. this was -- >> i'll just say this my timeline was filled yesterday. both social media platforms with people that got engaged. you think they give a you know what about getting -- engaged. >> i don't know. i'm in the a woman. our producer in my ear is. jess would it be a problem if someone proposal on the holidays? >> she said no. she's on board. >> no. we all say that's ridiculous survey. experts are wrong. and we've got the woman's perspective. >> you need to do it before the holiday, though. >> trust me on that. you need to do it before the holiday. when everybody gets together around that table, yeah. you don't want to be like, so when is it going to happen? >> moving on. >> that's true. >> getting in the spirit with christmas music what's the most irritating christmas song of all time. tweet us. we want to hear what you think
7:43 am
it is. maybe this one. scott said the chipmunks song, right. >> yes. >> we'll see. tell walks you think is the most irritating christmas song. use our hash tag fox 29 when you tweet it to us and we'll come back witness answers. stick with us. ♪
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy!
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is it me or has christmas blurred someone's view of the waterfront there in wilmington. >> i see what did you there. as we listen to -- that's a little sleigh ride by tlc. >> yeah. there you go. good stuff. all morning long we've been listening to music of amazing choirs and performers. we'll continue to do that because we want to share the spirit with you. how about have yourself a merry little christmas performed by avery hurst. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas, let your heart be light, from now on our troubles will be out of sight. have yourself a merry little
7:47 am
christmas make the yule tied g gay, from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ >> ♪ here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yours ♪ >> ♪ faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more ♪ >> ♪ through the years we all will be together if the fates allow, hank a shining star above the highest bough and have
7:48 am
yourself a merry little christmas night ♪ merry christmas philadelphia. [ applause ] >> merry christmas right back to you, avery. scott, she can't be what, 12, 13 or so. went a cappella on us. >> that was awesome. nicely done. >> hard act to follow. live look at allentown. we have some clouds but no snow. so it is going to be above average day as far as the temperatures across the delaware valley, but i mean last year, we were looking at numbers on today toss' date nearing 70 degrees. it won't that be mile. temperatures right now a little chilly. 37 dover. 39 current until allentown. 30 in atlantic city and freezing in the poconos. so for your christmas day
7:49 am
forecast, we're looking at sunshine and temperatures topping out in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. average for this time of year right around 42. 49 in center city. upper 40's down the shore. mid 40s by this afternoon in the lehigh valley. so take look at the past five years. it was freezing. that was it. that was the high in 2013. 2014 we top out at 65 degrees and, yes, last year's high on christmas was 68. today's high right around forty nine degrees. ultimate doppler it is dry, it's quiet. so no precipitation for today. most of the showers off to the south and also that snow out to the west. as we take a look at who will see a white christmas, the northern tier of the us u.s. and also toward the four corners, rockies, minneapolis to milwaukee into sections of the white and green mountains there and also that seven day forecast will show temperatures staying pretty much above average over the next sever days and then as we move toward tomorrow it's going to be cloudy, there could be some morning drizzle out
7:50 am
there are but a better chance for rain on tuesday. highs then nearing 60 degrees. cooler by wednesday, chilly rain on thursday, right now looks dry and seasonal for new year's eve across the region. back over to you. >> thank you very much, scott. i probably should have asked how old avery was. ? i'm sitting there giving her nice job, 12, 13. she could be 37. >> upset that i call her 12. >> she could be nine, too. very talented. >> there you go. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" how the celebrities are celebrating from beyonce' the kardashians. what are they doing to celebrate the holidays? there you go. little kardashian celebration. and send us your christmas pictures. we want to see how you're spending your morning. some of them are coming in. we've got videos coming in. sends a video. we've got for goodness sake t-shirt for you. listening to a little temptation another one of my christmas requests. send your pictures using our hash tag fox 29 good day and we'll be right back.
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♪ i wish you could see we're coming back everybody in here in the studio having a little as whitney houston was singing the song. christmas carols all morning.
7:54 am
thank you so much for starting your day with us on "good day philadelphia". merry christmas to all of you. we've been listening to choirs singing all day. we'll continue to do that. this morning we thought we'd have little fun on christmas with an app called dub smash. all right. >> check this out. >> red knowed reindeer had a very shiny knows and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. come on, come on. >> i want a hippopotamus for christmas. >> last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ around the christmas tree, have a happy holiday ♪ >> ♪ feliz navidad >> ♪ simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪
7:55 am
>> ♪ have a holly, jolly christmas it's the best time of the year i don't know if they'l be snow ♪ >> ♪ merry christmas to you >> fun. there you go. >> now you know why all my co-workers hate when they see me come walking with a phone up. >> shout to jessica klein singing the in sync. >> she made us cupcakes. >> red velvet. >> i have not. the frosting jumps out at you. >> has a little pop to it. >> scott got off the elevator singing. >> i was ready to go. >> we're having fun this morning. you can send us your videos as well. wait a minute. i got -- hold on a second. >> ut-oh. >> ut-oh. >> send us a video -- >> ut-oh. >> then we have -- look at this the new limited edition for goodness sake t-shirt so if you zen us a video of you singing
7:56 am
lip syncing something like that, we'll play it on the air and we'll give you the shirt. >> nice logo. >> you like that. >> i do like that. >> our graphic department is no joke. >> for goodness sake. >> right. we want to hear you sing. you saw us lip sync all morning we've been listening to and seeing amazing choirs to celebrate the holiday season. this time we've got carol of the bells performed by alice marie. enjoy. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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♪ >> getting in the spirit with christmas music. what's the most irritating christmas song of all time? we want your guesses. tweet us use our #fox29goodday. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ honestly, good morning, merry christmas. welcome to hour two. first hour shoots by. everybody loves that mariah carey i think they play it so much. >> they play it so much. >> it could be the most irritating song of all time. >> agreed. it goes even after christmas. >> you can always bet they'll play it this time of year. >> apparently she's not even tired of it. she tweet or send out instagram. >> with her son in the house. >> sitting around the house singing my own song. >> i'm sure the royalties are through the roof. >> if i was making a gazillion
8:01 am
song i'd keep singing the song, i don't want a lot for christm christmas. >> my ting tone. >> a nine, not bad weather. not as warm as it's been over history, the last self years, but pretty good. >> pretty g unfortunate follow white christmas across the delaware valley. no snow today, but it is going to be pretty nice dry and comfortable day. a seasonal day above average in fact for many. take look at the weather by the numbers on scale of one to 10. today we are going to give it a nine. beautiful weather for skiing in the pocono mountains a lot of snow out there. so that's the one area in our area viewing that will actually have a white christmas. so if you're headed up to the slopes, great weather to do that for today. just no snow from mother nature. but plenty of snow there. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to 10 today as we mention it will be nine. so a lot of sunshine out there. as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet in the lehigh valley down the shore looking good. delaware no weather worries. temperature wise it's 33 in trenton. 32 right now in atlantic city.
8:02 am
we have have 30 in wilmington. 37 currently in reading so opening up those presents on this christmas morning. thanks so much for joining us. we're talking about a high by this afternoon of 49 degrees in philadelphia. so mid to upper 40s across the region. the average high for this time of year is right around 42. 48 atlantic city. 48 in wilmington. so the last five years take a look at kind of the roller coaster ride. it was 65 in 2014. last year it was 68 degrees on christmas. now that is a little too warm. back over to you. >> says who? >> yeah, right. >> says who? >> we'll take it. today is pretty good, too. >> barbecue out in the backyard with that weather. ♪ of course, it's christmas day and today christians around the world are celebrating the
8:03 am
birth of they're savior jesus christ. as you can see there were big crowds at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul for special holiday mass last night. these masses celebrated at the principal church of the philadelphia diocese ahead of christmas holiday. now, of course, in italy pope francis celebrated christmas with a midnight mass at the vatican. he since delivered his annual christmas day message from the balcony of saint peter's basilica urged christmas by celebrating the birth of jesus by thinking about the flight of today's children. he demanded europe do more to represent refugees and got to get up in the commercialization of christmas. saying we're often concerned for gifts but cold toward those who are marginalized. ♪ meantime thousands of pilgrims and tourists from around the world are gathering in the biblical town of bethlehem to celebrate christm christmas. this is the traditional birthplace of jesus. this is morning mass at the church of the nativity.
8:04 am
security is tight due to recent attacks in egypt and jordan. back here at home, volunteers from all over the area are making hot meals for the homeless on this christmas morning. our own steve keeley, he's out, he's talking to the people, he's championing the causes celebrating christmas with us. what's that, steve, the single guys all came together for christmas celebration. >> a amazing brace got engage. i once got engaged on christmas. >> did you. >> it didn't work out. never went through with the marriage. sean, my relationships with women kind of like eagles season. started out perfect like dream like the first three weeks and then complete disaster afterwa afterward. so kind of mirrors what the eagles did this year. trying engagements. good luck, sean. >> i couldn't figure out what to get her one year at christmas. that's the sad thing. i remember thinking what am i going to get her for christmas.
8:05 am
i'll get herring and that will take the heat off the gifts. that's one of the reasons i got engaged. >> you're exactly the person in the survey. they said don't do it. you learned a valuable lesson. >> yeah, i didn't have the heat that he was talking bow being around the family at dinner because her family was in england shelf was british. so she was here alone i didn't have to worry about that's correct sean. i had some advantages. but, again, stupid and i know the viewers love hearing these horror stories about our personal lives on christmas morning. >> merry christmas. >> live and learn. >> reporter: moving on, whenever i'm working with michael left wish our excellent camera man's on the weekends i'm pointing out historical spots through the city people drive by or walk by and don't reflect on. as soon as we get here i said michael martin luther king held a rally here. martin luther king stood on this very intersection on august 3rd, 1965 and spoke to 10,000 people. they have a monument over there in the mill of the intersection where 40th and lancaster. all right. somebody has a great mural over
8:06 am
there from picture of that day. and where we are here, you see the van out front chose zen 300 brian jenn kin the executive director you see there was a phenomenal and fascinating perm story told me that he opened this place two years ago on martin luther king holiday on the weekend because he knew where he was and he knew the significance of this spot, and i told brian this morning that martin luther king, jr., would be very proud of him the work he does especially on christmas morning. so we're going to come in now, old bank that brian has made into a new life and what wonderful thing you're doing on christmas and what's the whole point. you have your two sons, twin sons. what they're getting out of this do you this not just here you got a place in center city simultaneously. you got stuff going on. meals, gifts, i saw you bringing in tons of wrapped gifts for kids. what makes you want to do this on christmas? >> you know, the whole message
8:07 am
about christmas is christ, and christ came into the world for the purpose of dying for us ton giving his life so we can have the gift of every lasting live. and that's what christmas is all about. when we're dealing with people in poverty, that don't have, we have an opportunity to share with people, um, that are down on their luck, don't have tree, don't have anything to put under the tree, but here they can come to place called chosen 300 and receive an image of god's gift, and be able to share the love of christ with them so that way they can go out here with smiles on their faces and they don't have to worry about, well, my kids didn't get anything for christmas. yes, they did. they were able to come here and guest a gift. that's what the exciting thing is about. you mentioned my sons being here, you know, they wake up christmas morning, most kids wake up christmas morning they run down and they want to see exactly what is under the tree. my kids got up excited about coming down to help -- in helping people and that's just phenomenal to have children that
8:08 am
have embraced the vision of my wife and i do, and to be able to impact people's lives. >> reporter: you said before you decideed to this you were successful financial analyst in the insurance business. but i was asking you how you got into all of this and you said, two things in your life. one of them was being raised as an orphan. and you learned from an early age what that one gift can mean to you when you don't have anything, right? >> absolutely. you know there's a scripture in matthew the 25th chapter, jesus said i was a stranger and you took me in. i know what it's like to be the stranger. my mom died when i was five years old. my father walked out on me before i was one. i was in orphanage in philadelphia in grew up in foster care. and through that experience, um, it gave me the opportunity to learn what sharing was all about. i was youngest of 25 foster children. and i was with my mom before she passed on when she got to me she
8:09 am
figure it out. the amazing thing is that this is just simply me paying it forward. the not me doing anything substantial. it's simply me giving back and paying forward what was given already to me. then the other part of that is, it's christ. i mean, the whole thing is that i was a sinner and all of us are born into sin, but christ coming into the world for us to give his ultimate gift, you know, god giveth his son that he would come and die for us. that's a gift. and so we just simply reciprocate god's life he extended to us and extending that to others. you know, people would applaud me and pat me on the back, um, you know, it has nothing to do with me. it's all about god and service unto heim him. intrinsic worship to god. giving him his best is extending justice and mercy to people. and so that's what this is all about. >> reporter: well thanks for sharing wonderful message and sharing your home to us on
8:10 am
christmas morning. i'm sure all the viewers getting big kick out of seeing this and maybe, maybe one day deciding not just spending christmas morning with their family but they're extended family the people who need a gift or a meal or just a warm place to be or just somebody to know that somebody cares about them out there. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much steve. we appreciate that and thank to you him. that's a great and inspiring message for people. we appreciate it. wow! it's nice to see people. he told his story such a tough situation but turning it into something so positive. god bless. from beyonce' to the carryings how hollywood is celebrating the holidays. we'll tell you now neck. we want to see your christmas picks like their christmas picks this one from michelle. look at the baby. murray christmas 10 weeks old celebrating and send more of those using our hash tag gobs 29 good day. ♪
8:11 am
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks.
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they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. ♪ taking live look at the celebration at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, of course, here in philadelphia on race street as they celebrate christmas morni morning. scott, looks good. nice obviou obviously. we enjoyed cease seeing that. a lot of people get in there, packed house and the weather held up for them.
8:14 am
if absolutely. i mean, much improved from the same time yesterday. we were dealing with the gloomy conditions. we had the rain across the area. a lot of sunshine out there. live look right now at the ben franklin bridge. beautiful conditions. a couple of folks kind of out and about on this christmas morning. temperature wise, it's a little chilly out there. we're looking at numbers generally in the 30s. 38 degrees now in philadelphia. winds out of the west northwest at about 6 miles per hour. so the forecast high later on this afternoon upper 40s. mostly sunny. so it will be nice to kind of get outdoors and walk the dog maybe play with the kids with some of their new toys. across the delaware valley no rain in the forecast for today. ultimate doppler it is dry, it is quiet. in the lehigh valley, down the shore looking good. delaware as well. we have 35 in dover. 30 right now wilmington. 33 this morning in trenton. freezing right now 32 in atlantic city. and upper 30s as you move toward allentown at 38 degrees. so as we look at that forecast across the region for today, 49
8:15 am
the high temperature in center city. 48 down the shore. and lehigh valley look for a temperature above average right around 45 degrees. the average high for this time of year in philadelphia is 42. remember, last year, we had that high temperature of 68 degrees on christmas day. so ultimate doppler right now looking pretty good for parts of the northeast and new england a couple of clouds and showers moving through north carolina, kentucky and also tennessee. st. louis looking a little wet and the snowfall that is out west toward the four corners. so as we look at that forecast maybe you're traveling or maybe catching a flight later on today, you can see for parts of the northeast and new england that i-95 corridor looking pretty good. dry conditions as we move a little farther out to the midwest, clouds around chicago, there will be some wet conditions as you move toward i want once again that snow back towards parts of the colorado rockies. by this afternoon temperatures climbing into the upper 40s for
8:16 am
philadelphia, millville upper 40s upper 40s down the shore and then by tomorrow morning, take look at fox future cast we're talking about some cloud cover out there and there could be some drizzle perhaps freezing drizzle far north and west. that's something we'll have to watch as warm front advances across the area so tomorrow morning waking up to cloud cover and perhaps some drizzle maybe even freezing drizzle north and west. so if you're looking for that white christmas, head to the pocono mountains or head to the northern tier of the country because that's where you'll find it. 49 today. 50 tomorrow. nearing 60 by tuesday with a better chance for rain. bill. >> sounds good. i actually want to plan a trip to the pocono mountains i found out they got tubes. i'm going to go tubing like adult sledding. >> oh yeah. >> i'm going to do that. i don't ski. but tubing would be good. moving on. all morning we've been listening to great choirs. we've had choirs, we've had a cappella performances and musical performances. how about the police? the philadelphia police choir
8:17 am
singing you are holy. ♪ alleluia, alleluia ♪ alleluia, alleluia ♪ ♪ alleluia, glory, glory ♪
8:18 am
♪ glory, glory ♪ ♪ ♪ alleluia, alleluia
8:19 am
♪ ♪ alleluia, alleluia ♪ ♪
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♪ glory, glory ♪
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♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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♪ we got like a little make shift boys two men thing going on here as we take a look at eventually take a look at trenton. people are sleeping in a little bit. look at this. i didn't even know how you our cameras could do all of that. there's the state capital. the golden dome. everything looks good. >> beautiful. >> let's zoom in on that. i like that. beautiful day out there. >> there you go. i'm like a kid sitting here staring off at the different cameras in the studio it comes back on me. any way, merry christmas. the hollywood stars are enjoying holiday festivities as well. fox's michelle pole lien know
8:24 am
has a look how celebrities are spenting the holidays. >> you're having a christmas party tonight? >> it's not happening. >> reporter: tis the season to gather with family and friends and hal hollywood stars share what they will be doing this holiday season. >> i say we drink a lot of eggnog and watch a lot of come comedy. isn't i'm going to be with my husband, yeah. really looking forward to that. >> we go jada wants to be wherever the most snow is and she take the family there and we stay there until there's not snow any more. >> we're doing our american christmas for my wife, danish christmas for me and my dad. christmas in our house lasts many days. often like three or four day affair. very kind of multi national. my favorite time of year. >> some will spend some time away from family. >> i gave them fair warning with their selected memory they don't remember because i told them in june and it was only couple days ago my mom was trying to discuss what we're going to do on christmas day. i don't know what your talking
8:25 am
about because i'm going to be in new york. >> and others share what they love most about christmas. >> my mom has her little -- little santa claus she has playing piano sitting on piano. it's really cute, guys. >> i love old-fashioned christmas decorating the tree, um, you know, christmas songs on the -- on the record player. mother, i'll get that. a little cidar, baking a pie. >> in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. nicely done. all right. up credible surprise just in time for christmas. what this girl receive in the male coming up we'll show her. that girl right there. that's the excitement but what did she receive in the mail that brought her to tears. we will tell you coming up, and we want to see your christmas. aww look at this one. merry christmas. that's a lot of christmas excitement. thank you for that. send us yours. use the #fox29goodday and we will share them with everyone and again merry christmas!
8:26 am
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♪ welcome back. merry christmas. scott people are going to start to get out heading to their families to celebrate christmas. weather will be okay for them.
8:29 am
>> no problems on the roads, bill. no rain hike yesterday morning a lot of sunshine out there. above average temperatures on tap for your christmas sunday as we focus in right now live look outside of our studios in old city. a lot of sunshine. 38 degrees right now. so a little bit of a chill. so definitely sweater weather as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry and we are quiet. temperatures right now in the 30s. 34 in millville. we have 33 in trenton. 38 right now in allentown. so the past several years take look kind of the roller coaster ride we were spot on average 2012 but last couple of years we've been in the mid to upper 60s. today's high temperature still above average right at about 49. so by 9am, 41 degrees. 44 at noon, by 3:00 o'clock, temperatures topping out in the upper 40s. so great weather to get outdoo outdoors. walk off some of that food or play with some of the toys that santa brought. >> absolutely. thank you so much, scott. and talking about gettin geg out serving people and the community, volunteers from all over the area they're making hot
8:30 am
meals for the homeless on this christmas morning. steve keeley is there in west philadelphia. he's been sharing stories with us all morning. let's it head right back out there. hey, steve. >> reporter: yeah, we're in old bang at 40th and lancaster chosen 300 minute trees is based at least here in west philly also in center city up in pottstown. and not only are they going to cook and have food for the homeless, also have wrapped toys for a lot of needy kids out here in west philadelphia. >> it looks like steve may have dropped off. okay. >> i think we got i go ahead, steve. dramatic pause. >> reporter: that's all right. one other thing i noticed in addition to seeing the folks from chosen 300 unload a bunch of wrapped toys for needy kids the first two people in line this was everything that they own in the world carrying these two most people use to go to the laundromat or to bring their groceries home two little carts like that. everything they own right here. it looks like a mother and son.
8:31 am
i was right. mother and son living in a shelter. son is 27. full-time security guard philadelphia housing public housing. they've been living at a shelter. kareem you told me off place to go for the new year. and one room apartment 34th and mark you'll live at with your mom. that's not -- it's a happy ending at least for now. wouldn't you like to have a place like this to spend christmas morning with your mom, i know off big family. just besides you two. >> steve, nice to spent christmas here. >> did you have any idea where to go on christmas before you found out about this place? >> no, sir. >> reporter: people watching and have families and lots of gifts this morning, explain what life has been like with your mother and you living at the shelter. >> they wake up at 5:00 o'clock
8:32 am
in the morning just to go somewhere that we don't belong at. >> reporter: this could be the last christmas at a shelter hopefully, right? >> yes. >> it is a little bit touchy with this signal steve is continuing to share those stories. let's city we can get back out to him to try to finish up with the man he was speaking with. >> reporter: what about come here just to eat or get a wrapped gifts as well. >> yes, sir, i was hoping to get a gift. >> what are you hoping for? >> lifter recent or a wash clo cloth. >> doesn't sun like much gifts. we'll make sure you get those, okay. >> yes, sir. kareem, merry christmas. >> see you at next christmas at your new home at 34th and mark. continue to work. you're a good kid staying with your mom.
8:33 am
most people couldn't live with their mom. you and your mom get along pretty good,. >> yes, sir, thank you, sir. >> how about that for christmas story? i've heard that before. all he wants i heard a little kid all he wanted was a toothbrush because he didn't have one. >> steve, you've been sharing tremendous stories. i'm happy to hear the first of the year he's going to have a happy ending. i'm with you we'll make sure he gets what he needs. we'll figure the out. if you don't, we will. let's make sure he has what he needs for the next couple of days until the new year. >> reporter: you got it. >> all right. thank you, sir. appreciate it. wow. steve is finding and telling great stories this morning. real stories. >> yes. overcoming the odds and thank you. does he that as well or better than anybody. thank you steve. moving on to something little bit more exciting upbeat do you remember how excited you were when you got into college. >> yeah. excited. >> exciting time that amazing moment well someone else we got that moment caught on video for one teenager.
8:34 am
[ laughter ] >> she hasn't even opened it. what if she open it and sorry, you got deferred. >> denied. >> rachel pesce she got into providence college. that was her dream school on facebook her sister wrote, best christmas present she can have ever asked for. you can tell. she is really happy and excited about that. i wasn't that excited. >> good for her. >> you know a lot of people out there maybe she had a parent that went to providence. >> um-hmm. >> it's been on their list to make it to that school for a long time and when they get that notice in the mail it's exciting. as you can see -- >> christmas gift. >> she was excited. >> merry christmas. we've got more choirs sharing amazing music as we've been
8:35 am
doing all morning. now we've got jingle rock brought to you by room for mojo a band this time. >> get your mojo rolling. check it out. ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bell swing and single swing, snowing and blowing of fun, now the jingle life has begun ♪ >> ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, jingle bell time, gin bell bell square in the frosty hair ♪ what fine time is the right time to rock the night away, jingle bell time
8:36 am
is a swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh ♪ >> ♪ giddy up jingle pick up your feet jingle around the block, mix and main gel with a gin bell beat, that's the jingle bell rock ♪ ♪
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♪ >> giddy up, pick up your feet, jingle around the clock, mix and mingle the beat that's the jingle bell, that's the jingle bell, that's the jingle bell rock ♪
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♪ destiny's child christmas we take look at the airport. probably it's not -- pretty quiet travel day today. everybody is pretty much where they node to be. >> yeah. >> came back one day on christmas it was mad house. are you still looking to get the perfect gift for your loved ones or friends. it's a little late. more than like the person you're getting the gift for will return it? here's a question. did you get them a gift that you knew they wouldn't like? according to new research, the answer is yes. people are getting gifts they new people won like. here are the five categories of
8:41 am
premeditatedpremeditated. (collect in bad gifting. >> threats to self-couldn't september. do we know what that means? when someone buy as gift to try to change someone. number two, to you, for me, when your husband buy as big screen tv but it's really for him. >> nothing wrong with that. >> aggression. times you're buying a gift you know the person isn't going to like it. >> that's stupid. >> how about ritual and obligation much that's when there's no thought behind the gift and finally bragging you just want to show off. >> we got all five of them. they're up on the screen. what do you think? >> the one immediately my mind goes to the aggression. like, no. get them a gift car. get them gift car. >> it's not sensitive. >> i'm frustrated with the whole you can give a gift card because of that reason right there. you'll buy somebody a gift you know they won't want. >> who does that? who buy buys someone a gift they know they're not going to like. >> you're wasting time and
8:42 am
money. >> that's silly. the other one is, you're trying to change someone. so what does that mean? >> clothes. >> somebody who -- >> impressive gifts. >> new cologne. new smell. >> all right. that's our morning instant reaction poll. how often do you return gifts? let us know. all over social media facebook, twitter. make sure you use our hash tag fox 29 good day. can you return stuff? coming up what's the most annoying christmas song of all time? is it that one? number one answer up next. grandma got run over die a reindeer that could be number one. >> ♪ forget her medication -- ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> are you celebrating with the christmas music taking a look all over the area and enjoying the christmas day. thanks so much for starting your day wis. we've been talking all morning about the most irritating christmas songs. the ones people just hate. let's get to it. number three, let's see it. do we have a list? >> drum roll. >> what is it? >> playing it all morning. the big reveal, all i want for christmas is you by mariah car carey. that's number three. >> yeah. >> graphic is not coming up. why don't you sing it. >> yeah. isn't moving on. >> doesn't even know the lyric.
8:46 am
>> second place you know grandma got run over by a reindeer. >> while walking from our house christmas eve g you know that one. >> yeah n1. >> what do you think is number one. >> i thought -- scott said last christmas and i thought he might have been on to something. >> wham. >> that's a sad song. >> that's a sad song. not the most irritating christmas song. let's see it. the big reveal. here it is. ♪ >> simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ >> ♪ simply having a wonderful christmastime ♪ >> there it is. it's wonderful christmastime by paul mccartney. it sounds mean to say the worst christmas song of all time is wonderful christmastime but people say it is annoying, it's irritating, it's got like five words. you agree. >> i like the song. that's number one. people don't like paul mccartney when he was in the wings. >> is that what it is.
8:47 am
>> for some odd reason a lot of people were against it. >> it's catchy. i kind of like it. >> i like that song. >> i think there are a lot wor worse. >> it makes me file. >> some of that chipmunk stuff you were talking about. >> oh. >> a lot more. >> if you hear that song over and over and over that can get kind of irritating the chipmunk song. >> paul mccartney today is a big loser on christmas. >> disrespect. >> right? >> legend. >> to sir paul mccartney. >> i'm not calling him sir. >> it is a nice day. a nine. the weather is holding up. i asked for it earlier. i don't ski but i do tube. >> you'll go up there. >> tubing lane right there in fernwood in the poconos. >> plenty of snow in the poconos mountains to do that. great day for doing that or skiing. certainly by the fireplace today on this christmas morning. temperatures are a little chilly out there. generally in the 30s. live look right now outside of our studios there's christ church 38 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. elsewhere it's a little chill in
8:48 am
the atmosphere. 38 allentown. three in trenton. 34 right now in millville. later on this afternoon looking at a lot of sunshine temperatures top out right around 49 degrees. the average for this time of year is 42. so above average temperatures. looking good on your christmas day across the area. temperatures by tomorrow 50. maybe with some drizzle around in the morning. back over to you. bill? >> thank you so much, scott. continuing on as we have all morning, great performchoir andf coventry carol. check it out. ♪
8:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
8:51 am
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♪ little classic oh christmas tree as we sit there and take a look at the art museum and we've been saying merry christmas to people all morning as they've been sending us their pictures and comments. here's one from kenya. merry christmas from the whole family. there you go brace from david, merry christmas from engine 70. >> merry christmas. >> thank you for everything that you guys do. >> first responders and. >> tamara, saying merry christmas as well. >> go, birds. >> merry christmas and enjoy.
8:54 am
all right. so how you spending it shout out to family. >> i'm heading up to allentown hang out with my fiance' and her family i want to special shout tout my mother and father in georgia watching us right now. quick shout out. >> shout out to my parents and also my niece in orlando, florida. >> i do the same. shout out to everybody. all of you for watching. we appreciate you. and to my family, love you so much. merry christmas. we've been playing great music all morning. we're going to continue it. let's end the show with an outstanding performance from the enon church choir performing emmanuel. merry christmas! ♪ oh, emmanuel
8:55 am
>> i worship you, i worship you. ♪ >> oh, come, kneel down before him, worship and adore him. oh, come, yeah, let us adore h him, kneel down before him. ♪ >> ♪ oh, emmanuel, i love you, emmanuel, mary's baby, emmanuel
8:56 am
♪ emmanuel, i love you, yes, i do, emmanuel, i love you, yes, i do, emmanuel, i'll calling on you emmanuel, oh, lord ♪ >> ♪ oman well, mary's baby boy, emmanuel, talking about our savior, yes i am, emmanuel, calling on you ♪ >> ♪ emmanuel, emmanuel,
8:57 am
emmanuel ♪ >> ♪, oh, lord, emmanuel, oh, emmanuel, yeah ♪ >> ♪ emmanuel, i love you, lord, emmanuel, i love you, yes, i do, emmanuel, oh, lord, emmanuel, emmanuel, yeah, we love you ♪ >> ♪ yes, we do, lord >> ♪ we worship you, we worship you ♪ [ applause ]
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. president-elect trump turns his focus to national security as a wave of terror attacks hits europe. [ sirens ] >> attacks on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity. and it shall be stopped. >> as the president-elect huddles with his national security team, we'll discuss his plan for taking on isis and protecting the homeland with one of his most outspoken supporters, former house speaker newt gingrich. then on this day of faith and family, a look at how evangelicals helped propel mr. trump to victory. >> we won so


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