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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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multi state search for a woman and grand daughter who disappeared on christmas eve. the clue police want to you see to help bring them home, unharmed. also ahead, a south philadelphia community is still shocked by the brutal murder of a well loved owner. >> it is unconceivable. she always had a big smile when you walk in the door. what can i help you with. joking with you. >> her family's plea to help track down her killer. plus, a local professor's holiday tweet making national headlines and for all of the wrong reasons what he said he meant by a tweet about white genocide. and these owls are on a quest to make history, 2016 temple football team hoping to do something no school team has done before. we are live with defensive end jacob martin as owls go for win number 11 in the military bowl today.
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great to have you with us in this 7:00 o'clock hour, thomas drayton with. >> karen hepp, hi, good morning to all of you. >> i had to think bit. >> mike and alex is off today. bob kelly's off today. sue serio is back from vacation. >> yes, we are busy, sue. >> we have a lot going on, a lot more then we did yesterday because yesterday was christmas day observed. a lot of people had off. now we are back. we have a situation we will start off with a look here, this is in the lawncrest section of northeast philadelphia. it is a tractor trailer fire, which looks like from this scene that the tractor trailer probably hit that truck there. >> yep. >> and a pole. >> um-hmm. >> it was all near a gas station. the streets oxford avenue and levick street. you really want to avoid that area because there is a lot of investigating going on now that there is a fire, tractor trail are involved, it looks like a shop right tractor trailer there and now that the
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fire is out, cops will be investigating that situation. that part of the lawncrest again oxford avenue and levick street. more information as we get it. lets go to route 30 westbound after route 82, we have an accident there with one lane block, car and tractor trailer there, and that is out there around downingtown area. malfunctioning traffic light in mount laurel, new jersey union mill road and larchmont boulevard use caution there. we still have have that accident that has not been cleaned up in bucks county tulleytown township levittown parkway near route 13. so a few incidents going on this morning but generally most of the major roadways we are in the seeing a whole lot of volume. not like we will see if school is in session which it is not this week. 7:02. taking a look at your weather, we will start off with your number of the day and we have select a seven. most mild day we will see in a while. we will start off in the 50's this morning with the bus stop buddy. we have seen some showers, and
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we have fruitcake for national fruitcake day. quite breezy. temperatures 57 degrees in the the city. fifty-nine dover. fifty-three in lancaster. as we look, at the fourth night have of hanukkah tonight in the city of philadelphia, we have got 57 degrees but 29- mile an hour win gusts out there. sunrise at 7:22. so just complicating things a little bit with the rain are the wind that are gusting up to 30 miles april hour at times. showers moving through and we will get to a high of 60 degrees and we will see a few peaks of sunshine around midday today but possibility of the stray shower later on this evening. we will talk about more weather changes coming up in the seven day forecast. time right now 7:03. we have been following this all morning long police certainly need your help right the now because they are hoping that you can help locate this woman you see on your screen, and her great granddaughter. the pair has been missing since christmas eve. police say 71 year-old barbara breally and five-year old le
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myra were on their way from mays landing, new jersey down to north carolina to visit with family. they have not been seen. the last time they were seen was at exxon gas station in virginia. barbara is driving a silver toyota suv with new jersey ran plates, as you can see on your screen, c80-el s. anyone who might have seen them please contact the police a community is searching for answers in a senseless murder of a very popular grocery store owner. >> she's really beloved, bizarre crime. eighty-one year-old she was gunned down in cold blood on christmas eve. our steve keeley is in south philadelphia right outside the store this morning, steve? >> reporter: you know, here in south philadelphia where we are, this is where generations lived. they hand the house down to the kid, and then to the next kids and looking around the street while it is still somewhat dark out you will notice something. here we are christmas week. you cannot find christmas lights turned on anywhere. is there one house with white
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lights on. a lot of people are decorated but nobody says they wanted to plug in the lights after what happened here christmas eve and their favorite little corner store marie's grocery. you can see the steps that a man walked up just before 9:00 g and then walk down after shooting the owner, marie buck owned this store and opened it when richard nixon was president. that is nine presidents in the time elect since she own this store. how many generation did his she feed and how about pack a school lunch too on the way to school or a cool drink on the way home. we talk with philadelphia police officers who said he was just in there buying a snap he will from her. always a nice conversation and showing appreciation for police, never worried that she would need police other than to say good morning to. here we are doing this devastating story, days after christmas eve and hearing devastating feelings
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from people who worked with her, delivering stuff, taking out the trash, and buying stuff from her, and if you have not seen her yet here's a video of marie buck. people were surprised when she was 81 years old because she had energy of somebody in her 50's and 60's everybody said but maybe she was 70 because she was still working, and now look at a other video, john roads road delivery truck. john knew her for decade, delivered to her for almost three decade and told us how devastated he was when he came over here this morning. >> you delivered things for 28 years, when you heard somebody shot and killed her on christmas eve morning what went through your mind. >> i was crushed. i didn't believe it. then when i heard how it all happened and i was just in dis belief. >> reporter: you came back here looking at these messages and flowers, what is going through your mind right now. >> just that she was really
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loved buy a lot of people. >> reporter: what made you want to come over here today. >> i want to see the family. i know the whole family over 28 years. i don't know what i could say to them but i'm sorry, but, you know, it just took my heart. it took my heart, you know, on christmas eve. i knew marie well, personally. i now she loved christmas. she was really into it. i never realized she was 81 years old. i thought she was 72 or something. but she was always like an aunt to me. i know people call her aunt marie but when this happened, i went right to facebook and just, you know, that is how i described her like a aunt, somebody i would always like talk to, you know. she cared about everybody, you know, and when i went on facebook i thought maybe i was a little too mushy but after watching people who knew marie , everybody loved her. she was great. she was a real great lady.
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you know, this neighborhood will be different without her, you know. you know, she cared about these people. >> reporter: the fact that she was killed on her favorite holidays and there are signs that people knew christmas was marie's favorite day of the year. wreaths, a little santa claus said that is how she with look when she put on a santa outfit i never heard of a woman dressed as santa claus. i saw pictures. poinsettias and red roses. many notes, here's another one i will read to you, aunt marie , chef marie, i love you more than this world. you are the reason why i'm the chevy am today -- chef, i am today. >> we hear it in your voice and everybody that has left all these notes there that is so sad. steve, thanks very much. she was supposed to retire in a month and now we're mourning 7:08. there is a drexel university
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professor under fire for tweet s he posted over the who will take weekend. people were talking about this all across this country, on the cover of all kind of papers because we have this professor, his name is george ciccariello mayor who said all i want for christmas is white genocide. thinks the tweet this is on the philly voice web site. the post was exposed by a conservative web site breitbart. so this is an associate professor of politics and race relations. he said the tweet was satire mocking white supremacist. the university called this comment utterly reprehensible. >> kind of a pretty messed up to state whatever he was trying to say. i don't think that is okay. >> it is hard to know for certain if someone is being satyrical in such a conn strained format but i understand where he is coming from. i think whites are very complacent about white supremacy and i think he was right to make a point about it >> the university has scheduled a meeting with the associate professor to discuss
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the comments and exactly what he did mean. happening right now, apparently there is word george michael may not have been well in his final days. we will have more on that just a little bit but first we are looking at a tweet. according to people at et, entertainment tonight, it was artist's boyfriend who fist discovered him dead on bed christmas day. he posted this tweet. it is a christmas i will never forget. finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i will never stop missing you. so, reportedly he didn't like to go out in public, that is his doorstep because he had put on wait the wait there were pictures from early september and people that had seen him and you can see some of the pictures that he didn't look well, in his english county going out to dinner in early september. he was pretty unhealthy. george michael died at age 53 from heart failure, it is believed, because he is so young and there are so many
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tributes, notes, flowers, even at one of his matches there, he was soccer crazy. fans from the stands started singing one of their favorite hits. >> that is last christmas, i know it is hard to hear over the a thensers but you hear people singing it this was during second half at manchester united match. all right. it is 7:11. a lot of you have opinions about this one donald trump firing back at president obama 's claims he could have won a third term in the white house if they were matched up. it is all part of the series of tweets from the president-elect addressing everything from the united nation toss even his charitable foundation. >> doug luzader joining us from washington we have a lot to talk about my friend. >> good morning, donald trump is turning to his so, media
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platform of choice and that is of course, twitter. most noteably this who would have won this a match up of obama and trump. he has done it twice but could president obama pulled off a third term if it was allowed under the constitution? it the is successor doesn't think so. donald trump tweeting president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say in way. it was a direct response to president obama claim on a recent pod cast. >> i'm confident that if i run again and articulated i would have majority of american people. >> trump's tweet go well beyond match ups, he blasted the u.n. for israeli settlements and white house decision to allow to it move
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forward, joining firearm of criticism from the israeli government that rocked the administration. >> i'm a bit, i wouldn't say i'm surprised but disappointed in the volume of the reaction because i think it fails to acknowledge that totality of this president's record. >> reporter: trump is defending his charitable foundation which he is shutting down to avoid conflict as it is under investigation by new york's attorney general. he is taking credit for new optimism, saying the world was glummy before i won there was in hope. now market is up nearly 10 percent and christmas spending is over a trillion dollars back to this parlor game. we never would have known for sure how this turned out. president obama's approval numbers are pretty good, two recent poles out that have him at 56 percent, not bad for a second term president, karen and thomas. >> people get so fired up, even talking bit, they think
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you are biased. it is not going to happen. it is hypothetical. >> you have to wonder what would we do without twitter, doug. where would we get our stories from. >> reporter: it is funny, it amplifies everything that trump toss, because it is not just the fact that people see him on twitter. that is a pretty limited universe. but fact that here we are talking about it. i mean this really toss get worldwide attention every time trump issues a tweet. yesterday was supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year. black friday you are on line but mall madness. mall in new jersey we will show you, mall down in texas, aurora, colorado. >> it is surprising, so unexpected on this monday where everybody is in a good mood but people were getting violent all over the place. pandemonium at a mall in new
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jersey. lets look at the video there. someone shouted shots fired. >> this is at the mills in jersey gardens, it happened at 5:00 o'clock yesterday, it started as a small fight. someone shouted someone has got a gun, no one had a weapon at all but thousands office people they panicked, running for the doors trying to get out. >> lets look at texas where we have a lot of teenagers, gathered at food court, and people start throwing punches. it is a mala, that erupts, there is 150 kid out there. you can see police had to come out there with their batons and such a problem, let's just close it down and we will close it down right now. >> we mentioned out west in colorado this was the scene, officials evacuated the mall in aurora after a fight involving about 500 people outside, and a customer, that captured the scene on their cell even if video. we will see officers have several people in custody. they were arrested and taken away but good news here is no one was injury.
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lets go to alabama we have cell phone video, people were taking cell phone video of these two women so angry at each other it came to blows. you can see them just pounding on each other woman in the red shirt and jeans and another woman in the dark. they are just going at it with each other. who knows what it was, my little pony. wait pretty severe. security guards had to break that one up as well. >> not worth it for that hatchimals. let it go, get it after christmas. >> you were out there yesterday. it it was calm. >> yes, i hit a few stores. it wasn't too bad. but in the meantime at 7:16 we have to tell you more about this tractor trailer fire now that it is light out we can see more of the situation. it is a tractor trailer that caught fire near a gas station after it hit a vehicle or two. this is near oxford avenue at levick street in the lawncrest section of northeast philadelphia. so you really want to avoid
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that area if possible. the fire as you can see is out , the tractor trailer had caught fire but we do have injuries reported and there is wires down in the area as a result of this accident. dave kinchen is almost at the scene. as soon as he gets there and gathers information we will get right to him and find out what we can but again, void the lawncrest area, especially oxford and levick street. another accident to tell but in wilmington delaware. this was on route nine, new castle avenue at memorial drive. stay away there there if you can. this is in pennsylvania, not too far from downingtown, route 30 westbound just past route 82, one lane blocked there, it is an accident between a car and tractor trailer, and one more to tell but in royersford an accident with an injury, second avenue at arch street. so that is what is going on with traffic, a little bus think morning in spots. we have rain. we wanted to give you preview
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of coming attractions. our who will take forecast as we count down to the end of the 2016. it looks like we will have a temperature of 35 at midnight new years eve. then daytime high is 50 there is a chaps of showers in the morning on new years day. we are trying to get rid of that here's our current cold front. we will zoom in. we will see showers becoming more widespread. hopefully you took our advice and grabbed that umbrella this morning. mess of them in chester county , lancaster berks county , northern wilmington, northern new castle county, gloucester and salem counties in new jersey as well as delco , 56 degrees in philadelphia, right now, and all of our temperatures are in the 50's thanks to the southeasterly wind. the sustain wind of 20 miles an hour in dover and very breeze any philadelphia with sustain wind of 15 miles an hour. high of 60 today, much cooler tomorrow, were 44, and it will
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be breezy. forty-two, and messy on thursday, on snow north and west of the city but for most of us it will be just rain. cold wind on friday, and then staying cold on new years eve and new years day. it looks like we will get to a high of 50 degrees later in the afternoon, guys. >> looking good, sue, thank you. we want to get back to breaking news at 7:19 beef been telling but this is taking place out in lawncrest. a tractor trailer has crashed near a gas station. >> let's get out to dave kinchen. it looks like a number of vehicles. there are any injuries. what have you learned so far, dave, so far. >> reporter: we know there are some reported injuries, still trying to get some things confirmed. we just got the on the ground right here at oxford and levick. you can see the pole that was knock over utility pole snapped in two and then suv right there, or i'm sorry, the actual truck, unit that is burned up there, you can see the fire is out the but clearly, some remnants of that fire there because of the soot
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and everything else on that truck right there. some grass and as such in the middle have the street as well lots of fire personnel here. lots of emergency personnel. it is unclear how many people have been injured. we can tell you there was a request for medic unit here, but we are trying to figure out exactly how many people were hurt. we want to go to video. i understand that video will show some of the intense flames that really developed when all of this happened not too long ago here. now, this area is what from what i understand very populated with cars. of course, morning rush hour was picking up when this likely, all took place here, and i say again, we've got several fire personnel out here. we've got utilities, likely impacted because of the pole, right there, that literally was snapped in two when this truck apparently lost control,
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and careened into this gas station here and even taking out part of the fence from what i can make out the my location but still some things to get confirmed, as far as exact injuries but we have report of injuries which are safe, karen and thomas. there is an suv on the scene pretty badly damage. it looks like that was involved in the accident. how did that play into all of this. >> it it does look like, it is some kind of an axle problem and everything as this was part of the collision and moved off to the right. it looks like there might be back end damage too, one of the lights out, it is hard to tell exactly what the impact was. did you witness this? did you see this accident? >> no, i was looking. >> sorry, i had to go the other way. >> you look at the scene you can only imagine. >> it is certainly extensive damage there but you can see the with the tractor trailer there and how close it is to
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the accident. we have an intense fire near that gas station. we saw down power lines. so fire fighters did an amazing job to get this under control. shop rite tractor trailer, now extinguished. we will get word on the drivers of the vehicle, driver of the suv and driver of the tractor trailer as we continue to follow this breaking news, dave, thank you. >> more news on the ground. 72:00. on a quest for history we ar ing bowling, later this her we will talk to football player, defensive even jacob martin from the owls as temple looks to set a railroaded today, are they go to go to it when they go down to the military bowl.
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welcome back, time for fox business, gift card are second most popular holiday gifts. a lot of people do them because they are so easy to give. what happens when you get one from a store you do not shop at.
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>> lauren simoneti, from fox business, so what do you do. >> you regift it, give it to the person next year who gave it to you. i don't eat here or i don't shop at this store are you kidding me? but is there something you can do that is more political, you can swap it. i will give you sites right now that enable to you buy, sell or exchange gift cards. you will not get dollar for dollar but you do get most of your money. for instance, that works like e bay, card cash, not only can you sell them your gift card but they will put the money straight in your bank account, car pool is another one. always avoid e bay and craigs list, that is where you see scams popping up when it comes to gift card. by the way, it is a lazy gift, someone. >> i live for the gift card. >> reporter: come on, you can actually buy a gift card on line and print it out, like, in two seconds before you see the person.
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>> don't check your mail because you just sent you a gift card, that is in your mailbox right now good thomas brought this up yesterday, do gift card expire any more. they used to expire. have they change the rules on that one. >> some do, i think you can go back to a store for the most part if there is a deadline and re-up this or extend it, but i don't think they really expire much anymore. i haven't heard that they do, have you. >> a couple years ago a lot of these companies had expiration dates and big uproar, and a couple lawsuits and said no, gift card don't expire. >> yes, other thing is, traditional retailers are basically begging for your business, they are desperate so they will not to something to alienate someone who wants to spend money in their stores >> we saw restaurant by that 50-dollar gift card. i hope you enjoy that additional ten dollars to eat at out back. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. >> in the bad.
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>> bye, guys. >> a special surprise by take already swift, i love when she does this, she just goes to people who happened to love her that are part of her squad and show shows up at a wedding , birthday party. who who she is surprising next , a world war two veteran and his family. >> people that are her trend are part of her squad, take already's squad. >> got it. fios in the house!.com>[a5d]
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we are going to chat about the team's quest for 11 wins in the military bowl. >> exciting, watching some football. you may want to put cookies down and in the eat them in the office and everyone tries to food push them on you by leaving them in the common area. why it is so difficult to lose weight over the holidays, that we gain, we gained a couple pound and then we never, ever lose it. >> tempt to go pick, pick, pick, what do we have here. um, some left overs. but 7:31 on this tuesday we are following breaking news right now. >> we have a truck crashed near a gas station and there is another vehicle involved. >> busy intense scene. >> lets get out to dave kinchen live on the the scene the with the very latest for
7:32 am
us, dave. >> reporter: i have an update. driver of the truck i'm told is in stable condition with injuries to his head and neck. that is latest we have right now. i want to show you this vehicle, this suv, gmc truck we do not know condition of the condition driving this vehicle here or sequence of events here at oxford and levick. police telling me as we pan over you can see, the tower here utility pole that was snapped in two and then you can see as we move further over to the right and see shop rite truck right here. it is driver of this truck, police told he has head and neck injuries and in stable condition at the hospital. we don't know the condition of the driver of the other suv. police have not been able to get that to us yet. shop rite right there and shop rite truck. likely this vehicle was getting ready to make a delivery or take some stuff from here from the shop rite from oxford and levick.
7:33 am
i want to bring in ray, just a little bit over here. you heard crash. tell me what it sounded like and take me from there. >> i was asleep, around 6:15 in the morning. i heard a loud crash. a couple crashes after. that i got up, put the my clothes on, i came outside. it was this. truck was on fire. bunch of smoke. speed way, roof was on fire, fire fighters came. they work fast. got the hose lines connected and attempted to put the fire out. >> reporter: that fire, i can't imagine what it was like >> it was crazy, just smoke and fire billowing out of the back of the truck. the it was mala. everything going on. >> reporter: did you get an idea how badly hurt anybody was. >> i don't know. well, the guy who was driving this truck he actually was, they by the time i came out they had to drag him out of the car. so they propped him up against
7:34 am
the wall around there and medics did come and take him to the hospital. >> reporter: thank you. anything else that stands out about this. >> well, i don't know, just a mess, truck was on fire, smoke , it did crash into the gas station. so, you know, naturally people living around here, at the gas station they thought it would blow up because it is a gas station and that is it. thanks very much. frightening or tiehl that woke her up here. recapping the driver of the shop rite truck here we're told, stable condition, injuries to his head and neck. we don't or we are not clear on the driver condition in terms of the suv. we will try to get that for you right now. this information is coming together in bits and pieces. we are getting a little bit the here and there as soon as we throw it back to you we will have another update and we will have it at 8:00 o'clock. >> still a very active scene. it will take sometime to clear it out. we will check on the traffic, with sue. >> yes, as a result, of course
7:35 am
of that lawncrest accident the roads around it, they are closed and that includes levick and objection toward both at that intersection both roads are closed. i will want to stay away from that area for foreseeable future because it its will take a while, to sort out exactly what happened there. the fire has been extinguish. we will go to 495 northbound near i-95, and we have an accident there, that of course is in pennsylvania, i'm sorry, in delaware that is where i-95 and 495 right at that split there is where the accident occurred. another one in wilmington route nine, new castle avenue at memorial drive a accident with injuries also in royersford second avenue at arch street. be careful. the roads are wet this morning as we transition into weather. we notice that umbrellas are up here in our neighborhood in olde city. so bus stop buddy has his umbrella, also for national fruitcake day, he has just brought some for lunch.
7:36 am
no school today, but we still make bus stop buddy work anyway. 56 degrees. 18 miles an hour sustain wind out there just had sunrise at 7:22 officially. it is 53 in reading. trenton has 56. fifty-eight in atlantic city. 59 degrees in dover. very mild morning. wind gusting up to 20, 33 miles an hour depending where you are. 23-mile an hour gust in wilmington. even more wind any atlantic city. looking at the rain as it the enters philadelphia, it the is here right now and moving across the river as well. these are the showers associated with a cold front but before it gets cold it will get up to 60 degrees. we could see another round of showers later this afternoon, sunset time is 4:22, and that takes care of the forecast, thomas and karen. so taylor swift how oldies her typical fan base. >> my age. >> i think, what are they called. >> yes.
7:37 am
>> so apparently taylor swift, she likes advising people but how about a nine two-year old man, big fan we will tell but that straight ahead.
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that is the fog sue serio is talking about in wayne county in the poconos mountains. pretty as a picture up there. we know, taylor swift. >> yes. >> i think i mentioned it a couple weeks ago, sorry, trying to get in touch with the court system to see if i have to report this morning. >> are you one of those people that like to go to jury tooth i or not. >> i love it. >> i want to be on a trial. >> i never get pick though. they call new to that separate room and then they ask you a series of questions. no, i can take a bunch of time off from work. >> yeah. >> let us know. >> i am interested to see if i have to go. if not they will carry me out of here. >> there is many things about taylor swift. very talented.
7:41 am
but it is amazing when she shows up at her fan's weddings or hospital rooms. she has done it again. >> this time she made dream come true for i guess would you say her oldest fan a 92, 96 year-old, world war two veteran, check this out. >> all of the grandchildren and trend of the entire community right there from the missouri, taylor heard about the man, whose name is cyrus porter, in a local report. he has 20 grandchildren. he has been to two concerts and nobody puts on a show like her. it gets better. take a look at this. she whips out her guitar and plays an accoustic version of the shake it off. mingling with close to 60 people, all of the relatives that came out for this big
7:42 am
event. look at the little girl. >> ♪ >> so the big fan porter says, her music keeps him young and it also helps him relate to his grandchildren. >> that is what he said, it started, his love started as, bonding with my grandchildren and see what you listen to and wait a minute, i like her and saw video, i really like her. ninety-six year-old posting, he is now a swifter, with take already swift right there. >> how cute is that. >> great celebration for one of our vets. >> i love that story. can you imagine grandchildren, pop can you take us to a take already swift concert.
7:43 am
>> start naming other artists, yes. >> yes. >> all right. so this coming up in just a couple minutes here we have been talking about this all morning long a quest for history, in about two minutes we will chat with temple end jacob martin as he and the owls look to set a school record with a win in the military bowl. >> this is a big deal. >> we have got history.
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7:46. starting off with a look at traffic this morning. once again we want you to stay away from the area in lawncrest of levick, and oxford. that is where we have this receipt i huge traffic accident involving that shop rite track are to trailer you saw. see a pole down and wires down and then this suv also is involved in the accident, at least that is what we know, and we got it to 11:00 there but road are still closed, this is levick and oxford this is lawncrest area of northeast philadelphia we will go down to worchester, township line road and veil forge road we have an accident there and then in delaware right where we have the split between 495 and i-95 we have an accident on 495 northbound right here
7:47 am
near that split with 95 in new castle county delaware and royersford an accident with the injury second avenue at arch street. that is a look at your weather , we will be right back with weather in 15 seconds. we mentioned earlier, umbrellas up but by the time we get to new years eve things should be try for the party at hid night when it will be about 35 degrees. we will welcome 207. next day we could have a few showers in the morning and end up with sunshine and a high of 50 degrees for the first day of the year. just for planning purposes. plan on needing your umbrella in the next few minutes because we have a few showers thousand.
7:48 am
they are spotty but moving through the area and a few downpours here and there and still raining here in philadelphia and also out to the west of us in lancaster county. you can see west gosh men chester county we are seeing rain as well. 56 degrees in the city, very mild morning, 50's every where in the mountains we are in the mid 40's for this time in december, that is pretty good. southeasterly wind at 18 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia we have been seeing windy conditions. sixty is our high. don't get used to that because we are only up to 44 tomorrow starting off in the mid 30's in the morning. we have messy weather rolling through on thursday depending on the time and temperatures there could be a mix north and west with snow but for most of us, it is rain on thursday and much colder temperatures on friday, and saturday, and back to 50 degrees on sunday; karen and thomas. we are going bowling to take. it is happening. we have a chance to make history for temple, a win in the military bowl against wake forest will give temple their
7:49 am
11th straight win, the most ever in school history. >> they will do it. we have been waiting all morning, temple lineman jacob is joining us from washington this morning to talk about the match up. good to see you. first of all, how are you feeling. >> i'm feeling well, how are you guys. >> you have a good holiday. >> yes, it was good. it was really good. >> you guys, this is so cool, i cannot think if the team, you spent the holidays together with your football family town there in washington d.c. >> yes, i did. it was a great opportunity for us to continue to bond. this is probably the closest i have been with the senior class at temple university. i can say the senior class and players on this team we really do love each other. it was a great opportunity. >> you guys went down there early. you spend sometime with vets, signed some autographs. >> we came down on last last
7:50 am
thursday, excuse me. we got an opportunity to tour d.c., we got an opportunity to say hello to our fans, and give a helping hand where ever we can. it was a great opportunity for temple temple university. >> the place was bowling with some on the people down there, with some seniors, veterans. just a great team that has gel led and made it all happen. what do you think has been secret to your success. >> like i said, this is closest i have been with the senior contracts. a lot of these guys are like brothers to me, you know and i would do anything for them and they would do anything for me. that is why this team gets along so well and we play together so well. >> well, jacob it is not just physical thing but mental thing. how do you mentally prepare for a game like this? >> you know, we came out last year. didn't turnout the way we
7:51 am
wanted it to. i think that was the driving force or one of of the driving forces for the season to be the best temple team ever and that was our mind set in the season from camp on. we have a chaps to accomplish that today. as i said that is our plan going forward. >> this is so exciting to watch. your team hate come in, good day, carrying that trophy, winning that championship against navy. you got hurt in that game. what happened to you? how are you feeling. >> i broke my foot, i'm feeling all right. i had surgery last thursday, so i will be all right. >> how has transition been since matt rhule, the transition. >> we have been focusing on football. we still have our assistant coaches here and coach foley is doing a great job keeping things rolling. we will worry about the transition after the season is over, the next chapter in
7:52 am
temple's book and next chapter in my book. >> have you got even to meet the new coach yet? i know they made big announcement. have you got even to meet and chat. >> yes, i got to meet coach collins after my surgery, he seems like a great guy, defensive mined guy, seems like a maniac, so i love that. >> all right. what do you plan to do when when when when you win today. >> take our picture with the trophy at 50-yard line. if there is confetti, use conn if the i angels and head back down to philadelphia. >> thanks very much. we will be rooting for you. we are so excited. energy here is electrifying. thanks so much. we will wish everybody on the the team well. >> it will happen. >> go owls, cherry and white. >> thanks, appreciate it guys. >> take care. >> i'm excited. i feel good about this. >> i think a lot of people do, perfect day, rain outside, look at how gross, it is getting warmer and nicer later on says sue but to watch
7:53 am
football and cheer on the local guy. >> we will have more on good day tomorrow when they win. earlier you were doing eggs and sirac ha i was reading a report, you are twice as likely to lose weight by starting your day off with eggs. >> that is one of do it, they are high in protein and it is a struggle. every time you look at something is there a dessert, is it worth it. are those calories really worthy. >> sunday, i said this is it. monday through friday i will start, this monday, no, i had left overs. then you have treats people bring in, cookies, cakes, pies >> you get the chance to try again because studies are showing we all know we gain weight over holidays but problem is we don't lose it. there are some things we need to do right now. >> there mike will be here. he will share his insights with us. plus we will update that tractor trailer crash on oxford avenue this was scene at 6:40. fast moving blaze.
7:54 am
our dane kinchen is on the scene. we will get that update in just a moment.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
here's the question how are you feeling. >> good. >> i'm still trying to get through to the court system. >> i may or may not have to peer, not as a juror but it might be my trial. we will talk about that during 9:00 o'clock hour. good morning. 207. a couple days away. do you start now with your new years resolution. >> this is how somebody talks about how you feel. i am trying to chan that he will with the ohio a they will tell you, you know, you are worth it, focus on that. is there a study about being optimistic. >> it find 55 percent of those surveyed said they believe 2017 will be better for them, personally, that is two points from last year. >> that is good news. >> a lot of people are feeling better. things were worse for the
7:58 am
country in 2016, then in 2015. only 18 percent said that things got better. ap conduct the poll on line with a thousand people taking part. i always feel like next year will be a better year. >> i hope, what do you think. >> personally, professionally. >> it is like when you are on the cusp of any new ren tour in your life. like i day you graduate. you think whole world is opened to me. right on the edge you can think anything can happen this year. >> i only feel that way for a day. >> and then can't wait for 2018. >> and then monday happens. >> it is funny how far off when we make predictions or people say what will happen in the the next year. who will win, who will do that , we are so far off when it comes a year later in hindsight like what we didn't know. i don't get on that. i try to, go through each and every day but i'll eat better, sleep more and drink less.
7:59 am
>> i wake up, so early, you are like 2017, it will be a good year, better year: i feel that way. i hope it is a better year for country and all of us as a whole. we need to do a lot of things together in the city. >> yeah. >> resolutions, sue. >> i didn't mean that politically. >> i truly do not make them anymore because when i break them and we all break them then i feel lousy about myself , so i don't even about on ther i think that is great. >> let's do another hour of this show. this morning a family is desperately searching for a local woman and her great grand daughter who disappeared on christmas eve, where they were heading before they went missing and how you can help bring them home. >> the holiday wish of a local college professor has gone viral for all of the wrong reasons. >> kind of a pretty messed up to state whatever he was
8:00 am
trying to say. >> what he posted on social media that is getting national attention right now. the holiday calories, really worth it. studies show we gain those extra pound, during the ten taste after christmas, but you may be frustrated about how long it will take you to shed those unwanted pounds. >> ♪ >> holiday hack. brittany spears is victim of the twitter hoax. disturbing rumor about the pop princess this morning. out with the old, in with the new, 2017, already proving to be a stylish year. we will talk about the beauty trends that you need to try in the new year. >> we have decided brittany has a good shape head when she was bold. >> yes. >> she went through it for a couple of years. >> she's back together. >> she pulled through. >> we have those moments, what
8:01 am
was she famous liz throwing like chairs and things. >> crowbars at somebody's, and a chair and a bar. there is another reason for optimism. >> you go lower than low and she came back. >> yes. >> good day, maybe you are having one of those moments, thanks for watching us. he is on stay vacation. so, he is watching, and thank you for waking up. mike, alex is off, bob kelly's off, sue's on double duty. >> i forgot which one i'm doing first. weather or traffic. >> you step outside, you are like it is mild this morning. >> it is mild. there is your trade off. we have rain and mild temperatures. we will go with the seven out of ten with the shower around this morning, bus stop buddy has best advice bring your umbrella and fruitcake because it is national fruitcake day. i was wondering if that was going to come around and here it is, this is our neighborhood, we will see 56 degrees, 20 miles an hour sustain wind.
8:02 am
it is not only raining but wind driven rain but temperatures in the the 50's, 44 degrees in the poconos mountains, 58 in atlantic city , 59 in dover with a 26- mile an hour win gustness trenton and a 33-mile an hour wind gust in dover delaware. you can see the rain through before briefly this afternoon and we will get to a high of 60 degrees. that is your weather for traffic and back to lawncrest the site of the the tractor trailer accident and resulting fire. oxford and levick that is what you want to avoid that intersection there both of those roads closed by that gas station and avoid oxford and levick if you can. the accident in upper dublin is at the susquehanna road and virginia drive, so watch out for that. in worchester we have got township line road and valley forge road an accident there and in delaware, 495 north bound right here near where the i-95 split is we have an
8:03 am
accident there as well. roadways are wet, take it easy this morning. >> good advice, sue, thank you 8:03. we're following breaking news out of the lawncrest section of the city. >> this is what sue was just talking abouting that bad crash a food truck from the shop rite, right there, it was actually coming in or out of the super market right there lets get to dave chin then at the scene to slain what we know, dave. >> reporter: we got an update from the philadelphia fire department, we can tell you that the driver of this suv, who was also involved in the this crash is in stable condition. we want to pan over you will see debris on the roadway and utility pole that was snapped in two, really three pieces here and we will move further over to the shop rite truck are probably heading to the shop rite. it smash right in the median there narrowly avoiding the speed way gas pumps right there lets go to video there was fire, here and despite the
8:04 am
fire, fire officials do tell us that it appears that it did not come from the actual pumps it is not clear if the driver made a conscious decision to avoid those pumps. it is likely but fire officials just can't confirm that yet but driver of that shop rite truck is being treated forehead and neck injuries in stable condition as well. the list men to the fire captain as he gave an update a short time ago. >> we have a lot of people going torque with the navy right across the street there, we have shop rite, right here. this incident certainly could have been worse then what it it was. fortunately there were only two injuries, they are in stable condition. it looks like a good practicing necessary for those two individuals. just a high volume of people, and pedestrians and vehicles in this area. it could have been a lot worse then what it was. >> power was out because of the hit to the utility pole
8:05 am
right there. also one more note we are told hazmat is on the scene because there was diesel fuel that was spilled which likely contributed to the fire, but, there was some diesel fuel that spilled so hazmat is cleaning that up and we will give you a live look panning over to the shop rite truck right there and then it looks like other same personnel and other people who should not be that close to the scene. perhaps, taking pictures of all of this here at the speed way and we will come back and show you this one more time this suv, this gmc, driver of the vehicle and shop rite truck both of them in head and neck injuries. we are told fire officials say this could have been a lot worse. back to you thomas and karen. >> all right, dave, thank you very much. dave has spoken with, one lady who said the person who owns the suv they had him leaning up against that car. 8:05. take a look at this picture right here. police are hoping you can help
8:06 am
locate this woman and her great granddaughter, the pair has been missing since christmas eve, and it is 71 year-old barbara riley and her five-year old great granddaughter le myya on their way down to north carolina to visit with family. they were last seen at a exxon station in virginia. barbara is driving a silver toyota suv, license plate on your screen, it is new jersey c80-els. if you know anything, if you have seen them, the vehicle, please call police. local story making national the news. there is a drexel university professor under fire for some tweets he posted over the holiday weekend. his name is george ciccariello mayor and tweeted all he wants for christmases white genocide so what was he talking about? philly voice put that tweet on his web site. he is an associate professor of politics and race relations at drexel. he said he meant the tweet as satire and aiming at making fun orr mocking white
8:07 am
supremacists. the university called the comment utterly reprehensible and scheduled a meeting to talk about what he did mean. george michael will be known for his music but now we're learning more about his generosity. >> people are coming forward, you know, of course, over the years music icon gave time and money. we saw. that he was televised but there was a lot of behind the scenes moment that we did not see. people are sharing their stories. apparently he gave millions to groups that helped children, cancer patients and those living with hiv and aid. in two instances he donated royalty from his his recordings to keep those charities in operation. he secretly gave a woman more than 18,000 so she could treat iv f treatment. waitress talk about how she was struggling and he left her a check for a you this dollars he didn't want the stories to go public but a lot of people
8:08 am
are coming forward and talking about not only his again race ty but his great sense of humor. >> ♪ baby, i'm your man >> i love it. >> i love it. he was the first star to ever do the car pool karaoke, now that everybody has been doing. >> that was five years ago, taped for a charity, charity holiday special, obviously with george michael and james corden who now does it tonight ly or a couple times a week on his show. >> he did it with madonna and every other person. that is neat that is who launch that whole thing that he does all the time. so many fans. they are just out there, to leave tributes outside his apartment in england where he was found dead on christmas day, by his boyfriend.
8:09 am
is there so many thoughts, memories, because he really was part of the sound track of the 80's and nine owe's and you can see real tears there. another big question, whenever we have passing of a famous star who was very successful, made lots of money, like a prince, it is what will happen to all of their money especially if they do not have kids or another family members some people are talking about he had a 200 million-dollar fortune, so reportedly, what we're learning right now it will be left with his sisters, a cousin and his two god children. >> hopefully he had that all figured out. so sad to see. we saw with prince, and everyone comes out of the woodwork and starting fighting , hopefully that won't be the case here. we had to deal with that news. it is so unfortunate as you did talk about a celebrity who did pass away and then go on and they hack these websites and they talk about another star, reportedly died, but didn't. >> they think it is funny. we see this every year when they say that they died, overnight, arsenio hall, this one or that one. that happened again. oops, it happened again. this time with brittany spears
8:10 am
>> owe apparently someone hacked into the twitter account of sony music tweeting the false news that brittany spears died, you see it rip brittany rest in peace. we have to say it over and over. brittany is not dead. we had the original tweet. then another tweet which was hacked that said brittany spears is dead posted by accident. we will tell you more soon. #rest in peace brittany. not true. brittany is still alive. she had to go on and post a pictures and says oops, i'm very much alive. i guess we're learning it was hack by a group called guardians of peace. why they would do it? i don't know, remains a mystery. >> it is not funny. they think they can get in and do something. cot has since, sony being the company, has since deleted the tweets from their account. brittany spears manager said that she's obviously alive and well despite all of the confusing tweets and the hack and all of that. but, you know, that has got to be odd for you, all of a
8:11 am
sudden, was it mark wabe that said reports of my death are great thely exaggerated. >> yes. >> he was absolutely right. >> oops, i'm still alive. 8:11 right now. we will all ask ourselves a million times between now and after new years is that cake worth it? >> it is. >> half of the time. >> well, that is the issue, that cheese cake you may be over there looked great. >> yes, eat it. >> problem is we do gain extra pound over holidays and we say that is what we will do for the holiday season but the truth is do you not lose it. >> you go home, why am i to go this, tears run down your face we will tell but it when we come back. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:12 am
8:13 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
8:14 am
that part of the lawncrest where we had that big accident with a tractor trailer and suv and all of the gas station and a big fire but it is being cleaned up, right now near oxford and levick street. they are both closed at that intersection so again, avoid that part of the lawncrest, in northeast philadelphia. now we have word of a residential dwelling on fire, this is in concord township naamans creek road, and that
8:15 am
is between shavertown road and pile road and that is in delaware county, in pennsylvania. and an accident in worchester township, township line road and valley forge road that has not been cleaned up yet. investigating an accident with an injury at royersford second avenue at arch street. we have been seeing a few more accident then normal today, maybe what wet roadways are contributing. we will tell you how long rain will stick around with the forecast in 152nd. rain is moving in and it is part of the cold front it will not get cold right away. we have mild air but it is very wind which this rain. keep that in mind as well. your umbrella could blow
8:16 am
inside out. we will have more rain in new castle county, delaware, and concord township we were just talking about that, chester county is what i mean in pennsylvania, and here in philadelphia, we have been seeing some rain on and off throughout the morning. none of it is real heavy but it is enough to annoy you on a tuesday morning. 56 degrees in philadelphia and trenton, and wilmington, 60 already down in, wildwood, and cape may and in new jersey and 44 degrees in mount pocono with these wind coming out of the southwest, that is where the warm air is from but it is also picking up, those wind, 20 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia right now. 60 degrees for a high today but only 44 tomorrow. then we will get rain on thursday, could start out with a mix with snow in the morning depending on the timing. we will have a better handle on that situation for you tomorrow but we can tell you it will be very cold on friday and on new years eve. right at midnight it will be in the the 30's and then overnight low in the 20's. so we will start off possibly with some rain on sunday morning but sunshine, in the
8:17 am
afternoon, to welcome in 2017. guys in. >> overall not too bad, sue, thank you. if you ate too much this holiday season, which, let's face it, lot of us do. i mean we have thanksgiving, then we have holidays, christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa. >> we had a billion birthdays if between. we just eat, eat, eat. >> most people feel like they gain an average of two to 3- pound. it is more for some folks. >> big problem, let's bring in doctor mike, we don't lose the weight doctor mike and that adds up, every year we are not losing the weight. >> it just keeps gaining and gaining. most amazing thing about all of this data is that the between now and new years eve, most of the americans will gain almost 2-pound and even more shocking, it is that by july, you may have lost only 1 pound. so it is a net gain and keep going year after year, houston , we have a problem. >> twenty years, 20-pound. >> you got it. so, when you are, i tell
8:18 am
people all the time, with my practice, don't go on a diet or anything like that on a holiday but between the holiday, you need to get a lifestyle change. remember if you put a calorie in, it is a lot harder to get it out. >> it is not only food but alcohol consumption, right? >> how about that. >> alcohol is like a soda, it is calories that just goes in. i always kid you can drink a can of coke in under a minor two, right. try to burn those calories off on a treadmill in under two. forget it, it can't happen. >> depending on what you eat can that raise your blood pressure. >> sure, absolutely. alcohol in excess can make your blood pressure go up, make you have all kind of problems. we have something called holiday heart where it stretches the atrium and it can lead to a rhythm problem and you end up in the er. >> what can we do. we want to have holidays, we
8:19 am
want cocktails, it will be new years, we will eat cake. >> everything in maryland racial. my grandfather used to say you need to do things in moderation. especially when it comes to things like alcohol, because one, you don't want to get, you know, it was christmas eve and i can just gotten my mother from maris grove, i love that place. there was this guy all over the road. there was a copyright behind him. i'm saying to myself when will a cop do something and finally he pulled him over. >> did he. >> he did. >> can you imagine on christmas eve getting started like that. >> but a lot of us will never conn down drinking and driver call uber, cdc did a report on binge drinking a lot of people here in pennsylvania are guilty of that, myself included because they say binge drinking is four drinks. >> for women, four. for men five in under two hours. so what does that do. it is not only calories. it can also increase your risk
8:20 am
of killing someone or killing yourself and it increases risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease because you let your guard down and you do dumb things. the next morning, 2017 you say holy cow, what just happened. >> so what are some of the things we can and cannot do when it comes to sexual activity on. >> kidding. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> are you channeling mike jer rick. >> yes, when i'm up against on new years eve here. >> the bottom line is you want to drink in moderation, slowly throughout the night. usually this is my new years eve stick but the bottom line is you want to eat first and drink slowly. after every drink you have a glass of water. you do it in moderation. have a good time. if you can't remember the night before, you had too much to drink and it is no fun. >> we are all trying to be
8:21 am
better. that is our resolution. we are trying to be more in moderation. >> yes. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> i love you two. look at how you match. >> we e-mail and call each other every single night. >> you know what i'm giving you, t-shirts that say body by doctor mike. >> look at that. >> i don't have to go through the full routine here. >> you have what we call a situation. >> yeah. >> you know situation. >> yes. >> because the look on your face was hey, did you gain some weight. >> no. >> then you get through that full exam which -- >> everybody in the new year needs to get checked out. >> very thorough. >> get your prostate checked. >> you have sensitive hand, by the way. >> did i just say that. >> party of five for nick lachey, very merry holiday. we have singer got over the holidays weekend. oh, baby.
8:22 am
here you go, the spare!
8:23 am
8:24 am
the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
8:25 am
we have congratulationness order for nick and melissa lachey. >> they received the ultimate christmas present, vanessa gave birth to their third child on christmas eve. she posted this on instagram. her son's name phoenix robert. little one decided to show up early. >> so cute, i love that picture. that tiny hand, holding on to a couple of fingers. so with the birth of phoenix, they have a #, you know, le shay party of five. others are camden and brooklyn so, so cute. >> that is all you need during the who will taste just to have the little one around. >> i got to hold my tiny, part when you get to hold, have a baby, yes. >> they bring so much joy. then they grow up, they start talking because to you. >> i have like vomit central all over my house. >> 8:25. good morning. momma mia, movie that hade us want to get down, so now three stars of the stage play they
8:26 am
will be joining us live this morning. and also, everyone would like to look fabulous, we have the new beauty trend that everybody will be talking about, out with the old, oh, yeah, in with the new. >> good morning. new trend. >> hi anna, you will want to try. her stuff is amazing. she will show us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it is impossible to be a great mom. >> bad mom. >> i am in. >> give yourself a break. i just watched this hoff i, a week even ago, i laughed hard right there. we will reveal some of the top reese opposite that we, as moms, beat ourselves up. and then this... >> i come in the morning. we look at the news, and i write jokes about them and then make a couple faces. >> a lot more than that. the daily show, number ten in the list of rolling stones
8:30 am
greatest tv shows of all times we will count down best over the next hours. let us know what you think the best show of all time, that ever was, is, you can use the #fox 29 good day. like hash. let us know what you think. now, we are just days away from the new year. you want to have new trend and feel good in the the new year. we are bringing in anna right here, lifestyle expert and beauty expert. good morning, how are you. >> good morning. >> how are you. >> how was your holiday. >> very good. >> i love your earrings. >> these are banana republic. >> that is why i love you. i went to have a sauna but i want to do it on my face. >> all of the biggest trend in 2017 are all relating back to health, wellness and detox. this first one here is the idea that it is a sauna foil has being. the idea being that there is a nice, beautiful cotton, mask on the inside that has all of these nutrients and acid, and
8:31 am
vitamin c. but thing is, you will have this on top and keep it from evaporating from the surface of the skin. we will see it warming on the skin as well. when you get to the spa and you open up your pores, so it is more receptive to the items on top. this is same idea. you put it on your face and it will warm and keep everything, you know, make everything dig deeper. thinks a cool trend. >> you can rob a bank right after this. >> auditions for iron hand. >> people, a lot of the who will listing, and feel good in so many different ways. i heard about crystal, stars using them, including victoria beckham, madonna, angelina jolie they carry them in their bags and keep them in different rooms of their houses. this is translate nothing beauty as well. two brands. this is sand volume, they have air matics for your home and
8:32 am
skin. if you shake the bottle, you can hear there is a tiny crystal in there. every single bottle has a crystal that they charge by the power of the full moon. so for loved ones is there a rose quartz. it is, of course to help instill love, in your romance. we need this for 2017. >> yes. >> i will. >> is it pitchuli. >> no, close number. >> yes. >> so, it ace adorable. >> so next one here is captain blankenship, rooted in everything in their line is inspired by murray. >> blankenship. >> what the blank. >> that is pretty cool. >> now this i have been hearing all about. this is super be all, even all we have the a great rod you can. >> if you want to give it a
8:33 am
try, it is a nut cultivated. you can see illustration here. this little, truth and what they do is they roast it from south east ash amount it has more omega three then salmon. it has more protein thannal honda and walnuts. so the taste, it is, starting off as a nut. starts off feeling nice. soy nuts. but then it has a fishy sort of, i don't mine it. >> it is like a salmon. toy eat a lot of fish. it taste good. you know you why are eating it you know the benefits. >> you can toss it anywhere. they have little versions here , like granola bars. >> i'm trying to detox because we had too much, celebration ing with my friend and family. >> of course. >> so you have heard of the sugar box and all these boxes are rooted in beauty, and snacks. now we have a detox box. this is from leaf tv.
8:34 am
everybody starts off with the detox box. you get this home. we have a brush here to help remove toxins from your lymphatic system. we have a coconut. you have heard of coconut oil pulling from your teeth. >> i tried it on the show. >> perfect. >> this has a little pepper mint. this is interesting too. you in spanish, it means hollywood. you are supposed to bush this to reset your space. reset your home. so really, interesting that everything is rooted in like spirituality, and mindfulness and that sort of the year we're going in to. >> how to i get in shape. >> finally. this is anti cross fit if you will. this is exercising without moving a muscle. so what we will to is we will play a game. what you want to do is you want to keep it, you want to push down on it. see the little sphere here. >> it is tough because you you are looking at it backward
8:35 am
here. the idea officeometrics, you are moving the muscle without moving the joint. this can help tone your body. you are going to crash. you see how your hulls are tense. >> it is pushing as hard as you think. >> interesting. >> that is pretty cool. >> okay. >> does it have more. >> it has a number of different games and developers that are creating more games, so overtime, they are doing ski game but who knows maybe in the sum are we will be water skiing. >> thanks, amazing things. she had me do eyebrows a week or two ago. i loved them so much. i do them all the time. thank you for wonderful tip and advice. sue. >> yes. >> we will send it over to you we have some rain over there. >> yes, yes. i feel so centered. but center yourself for new years eve and new years day. you have to detox after all
8:36 am
that. we have 35-degree temperature at least that is our forecast for right now midnight new years eve and 50-degree high from new years day. we could have rain in the morning. we have little bit of rain around right now as we zoom into ultimate doppler radar. new castle county delaware, chester county, delaware county, it looks like salem county quite a bit of rain there, gloucester, camden county as well, we will get idea, scattered showers around the region, it is mild, we will get up to 60 degrees and much colder with a high of messy day on thursday, very cold on try, and then still staying cold on saturday but by sunday, that shower possible in the morning we could get close to 50 in the afternoon. there is your seven day forecast to get you through rest of the year. lets check traffic. go back to lawncrest. we still want to you avoid that intersection. levick street and oxford avenue because it is still closed due that tractor trailer accident.
8:37 am
we will go to pottstown jackson street accident with injuries. lane restrictions there. that house fire in naamans creek road between shaver town road and pile road we have roads closed in that neighborhood and we will go to white marsh with an accident butler pike at militia hill road and avoid that area, if possible. otherwise major roadways are moving around okay, thomas and karen. >> great to hear, sue, thank you. let's keep it green. question, could you be dating a robot next year? is this a serious question? when scientists expect to see human robot walking around.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
you will be there in a couple
8:41 am
days. >> i will be out there on friday, pocono mountains. >> what will you do. >> we are hitting the water park and maybe skiing in the new year. new years eve we will be up there. >> you and hubby will be in the big champagne glass. >> we will have all of those kids. >> separate room. >> what was that. >> technology, it the is amazing because we can -- i'm dropping things all over the place. >> we have bubble game holding up this set right now. >> yes. >> we will talk about technology, abe robots and how like this is. >> would you date a robot. >> even if it is for real you could soon date a robot and get married to a robot. this think this will be a thing people will be doing in 30 years. so, sooner then you think. >> have you ever dated someone that was a robot the. >> i have. >> according to robotics and machine experts human robots marriages may be legalized by the year 2050. the topic was discussed at the
8:42 am
recent technology conference in london and some researchers say relationships between humans and robots are actually good for people who don't desire traditional marriages. those that need to get out of bad ones with humans. >> you cannot deal with real people you have to date a real person. you could not get a mail order bride so i will get a robot. tell me what you think. this is one of those things to me you first hear bit, it sound atrocious. >> i think we all need that interaction, i guess, some people get puppies, and others , will go to the robotic kind. >> some critics think it could lead to more socialize lacing. because we are already on our phones all the time. sometimes you need your people in your life, siblings to just say what do you mean you are thinking like that? no, you don't to that. if you have someone that does whatever you say, yeah. >> meet my partner 42421.
8:43 am
>> what a conversationlist. >> let's talk about the rear enter, 2016 we have seen ups and downs in entertainment. >> yes. >> so, no doubt we will have a lot of things to talk about. some of the heartfelt moments, good ones, bad ones, we will look at the whole year, in entertainment. i love you so much, that's why i bought
8:44 am
8:45 am
six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever. i can't live without you, and that's why i'll never ever wash you. protect your clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. it smooths and strengthens fibers to protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner.
8:46 am
we talk about earlier the house fire, in concord township in, delaware county. it was naamans creek road between shavertown and pile road. we have sky fox over the scene right now as they continue to try to knock down this residents and fire. it looks like it is a two story home and quite a few fire fighters are on the scene there are still flames that we can see coming out of the roof of this dwelling and a large portion of this house has been completely destroyed. again this is concord township delaware county, pennsylvania, naamans creek road between shavertown and pile road and that is neighborhood where this is happening this morning unfortunately, as we said karen and thomas most of this house has been destroyed. >> it is career, that is devastating.
8:47 am
>> all right, sue. >> for big laughs to some tears we will look back at the year in entertainment this year. >> we are going to make our country great again. >> reporter: year in entertainment was tomorrow nateed by a celebrity, named donald trump. now the next president of the united states. the election brought with it many, saturday night live spoofs and lots of celebrities voicing their opinion but it wasn't all politics. there were plenty of other stories stealing the spotlight too. >> you will give me names and names of their victims. >> reporter: movie spotlight, best picture in february's oscars with leonardo dicaprio winning his first ever statue for revenant and bri larson taking home best actress. michelle had its share of controversy with much attention, on a lack of diversity. >> among nominee, diverse group of movies making it the in to the the top five money makers with disney's long
8:48 am
awaited sequel finding dori at number one followed by captain america civil war, and secret life of pet, the jungle book, and dead pool. >> you may wonder why the red suit? >> speaking of super heroes in addition to dead pool, suicide squad, captain america, civil wars, doctor strange and batman verse super man, suited up for comic book fans. shocking deaths, this year when rock icon david bowie, passing at 69, prince tying of an accidental overdose, and then eagles founder glenn try losing his battle with cancer. >> ♪ hello >> and in music, adele broke record with her third album 25 , other big drops including beyonce lemonade, justin beiber's perfect, bob dylann won a noble prize for literature, and the ageless
8:49 am
rolling stones, played a historic concert in havana and released a 25th album. >> top grammy winners included taylor swift, uptown funk featuring bruno mars, and ken contradict lemar and ed sheeran. tv's top honors went to game of thrones becoming top fictional program in emmy history. people verse o.j. simpson american crime story won five awards, and, veep was best comedy series. over on the stage, lynn manual miranda hamilton won 11 tonies and broke broadway box office records. then the song writer wrote some of the music for animated hit, muana. it was a lot of time spent playing poke monday go and hulk hogan for his gawker web site to declare bankruptcy after winning a lawsuit surrounding a sex tape. when it came to celebrity break ups of 2016, the biggest
8:50 am
, a listers were angelina jolie and brad pitt, followed by johnny dep and amber heard, both causing huge media attention for weeks. kanye west and wife kim kardashian were very much in the news. kim was robbed at gunpoint in paris, the rapper hospitalized have after being put on psychiatric hold. he cancelled his tour. then he had a much publicized meeting with president-elect donald trump. >> ♪ >> another year, for rich and famous, certainly to be out done in 2017. in hollywood, michelle paulino fox 29 news.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back. >> interested about this next story because three printers, you get the concept over that. >> i have seen amazing stories where they have made hand for children and that is so cool. they can make anything. now they are even making pieces for a game, that you can play. >> so, it is sort of the robot you can print somebody out and have a relationship. forget about robot. >> if you go on reddit, reddit is having people search for 1d printed toys all around san francisco. the idea is to leave plastic toys in trees and fountains for people to find and when a tree item is found, a layer will then take a picture with it along with the location to the web site. >> it is like goo patching, where we had to go find something. that person will hide the prize somewhere else to see who finds it next and you leave clues. so this reddit user says there is no real object of the game just to see how far you can
8:55 am
spread the object and send it along and how many people will agree to play it. so this could come to life next year. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. i can't even get my my pillow to work, apparently you have to watch it, dry it, put in some dryer sheets, fluff it up >> so thank you for some people who wrote in it is a pillow you need to put it in the dryer. >> it comes with directions and it does. >> apparently. >> i will do that, i pill put it in a washer and dryer and see if that makes a difference >> i got a pillow. i got a bamboo pillow on super sale. it was on sale. it felt so lumpy. it is fabulous. >> i used my pillow to watch some tv shows, do you have an all time tv show. >> so many good ones classic king out there, all in the family, that was so great that voice. >> the rolling stone came out with the greatest tv shows in all in the family ranks in at
8:56 am
number nine we will get down that list, number one program, coming up. we're all trying to think about, what is the secret to having a happy life or healthy , long time and it is not in the bottle and not in our wine glass. there is a secret. here's a hint, you can do it anywhere.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
rihanna, wilmington delaware, little gray out there. we had some rain but maybe it already moved out in the second day of kwanzaa. >> second day of kwanzaa. >> fourth day offhand contact. >> it is kuji, which is a
9:00 am
principal each take is a principal, this one self determination. >> your daughter is name after day five, right. >> nia, her day is purpose, and that is on friday. >> yes. >> we have got special family that is coming in, their daughter, shya won a chance to do weather with sue serio on good day philadelphia i hope, she shows up. >> that is coming up in just a little bit. >> my pillow update do you not have to wash pillow put it in the dryer for 15 minutes in, dryer sheets is wonderful, thank you. >> and she likes hers and you are still on the fence he will once he gets it sorted out. >> i will fly out to minute so the and speak with the founder >> a mother searching for the perfect gift, makes an incredible, discovery. the emotional christmas surprise that she gave to her adopted daughter. >> i saw that on facebook. >> we have been listening in studio right now because we


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