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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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no word if anyone was inside the home. we'll stay on top of us and bring you updates as soon as they come in. >> hem memorial is growing in south philadelphia for a long-time store owner who was gunned down over the holiday weekend. and police have a message for whoever did behind this heinous crime. good evening, i'm shawnette wilson in for lucy noland tonight. >> i'm iain page. investigators trying to figure out why this woman was targeted. fox twin's joanne pileggi joins us live in south philadelphia where she spoke to detectives. joanne? >> reporter: iain, good evening everyone. i don't know anyone who in shaking their head in disgust with this crime. cold-blooded murder of 81-year-old marie buck is one of the most horrific in recent memory and they are confirming to night that buck was in fact targeted by her killer. even the police who deal with all types of crime, all the time, say they have a hard time dealing with the brutal murder of 81-year-old marie buck of
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south philly. >> we have an 81-year-old defenseless grandmother who is basically executed the day before christmas. i mean it doesn't getter much sad derr than that. report roar police brass speaking for the first time since the christmas eve murder. detectives have been working the case around the clock reviewing surveillance video and interviewing anyone with potential information. >> my guys for gone their own christmas breaks to be with their families to work around the clock to find this killer. >> i still can't get over it much it's tragic to do nothing that poor old lady. one of the nicest ladies i ever met in my life. >> reporter: words of kindness and admiration for those new and loved the gentle grocer who lived two doors down from the store she owned and worked for the last 44 years. i'm kind of at a loss for words. i grew upcoming here every day after school. um, sometimes i wouldn't even have money. she would let me go. >> reporter: aunt marie as she was called even by non-relatives is gone. flowers and candles sit in a
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memorial in front of the store. the family including her heart broken husband sadly now planning her funeral two days after christmas. >> it's unbelievable. it is disgust hook ever did this is an animal. it doesn't add up. it doesn't make sense. who could possibly do that to someone? >> reporter: i'll tell was a beautiful family, large extended family here in south philly. police say that it is important that they solve this case and catch this killer. back to you shawnette. >> joanne, thank you. philadelphia police are also still looking for one woman after bizarre scene in the mt. airy section this afternoon. officers showing up to the scene of a crash found 33-year-old man shot dead inside the suv. the victim an woman were driving in that suv along the five hadn't dread block of walnut lane early this afternoon when someone shot the man in the head that. suv crashed into another car. the couple in that car they're okay but police say the woman in the expedition ran off throwing
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a white jacket down a ravine off the walnut lane bridge. it was recovered by investigat investigators. investigator do's not know if she shot the man. developing right now, the world is mourning the loss of a great hollywood icon carrie fisher has died. the actress famous for her iconic role as princess leia died today at the age of 60 in los angeles. >> she had cardiac emergency on international flight on top of her film credits fisher also went on to become screen writer and author and she spoke publicly about her struggles with bipolar disorder and drug abuse. >> fire ripped through a delaware county farmhouse leaving one person dead tonight. skyfox over the scene this morning this is in chadds ford. it took crews hours to get those flames under control. >> the garage part of a 13-acre horse farm luckily the fire did not get to the other structures. fox 29's joyce evans has been on the scene all day and joins us live in chadds ford. joyce? >> reporter: well, iain and shawnette, everybody has left
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the scene all the crews that were working out there hitting those hot spots it's gotten pretty dark out here as you can see. still not information has come from officials working this case. state police are handling the part of what caused this fire. they have no idea at this point, and the medical examiner is still trying to confirm the identity of the victim and how he died. good by the time i got down there, the smoke had turned into flames and flames just coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: preventing crews from getting inside the home. it took hours of fighting back flames and thick smoke to go inside and discover the worst. >> the fire company got here. they were only here a couple of minutes and by that time the walls were caving in. one second. >> reporter: a body inside among debris of a collapsed roof and floor into the garage. a woman who identified herself as the owner was not there when the fire broke out. she told us that a family friend
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was staying in the living quarters above the garage. the man has not been accounted for. now as we said all the horses on this farm are okay. we've seen them out and about today. the barn is quite a distance from the house. but one man as we said has lost his life in this fire. shawnette? >> joyce, thank you. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. a live look at trenton. you didn't need the winter coat today. i don't have to tell you that if you went outside. temperatures are way above normal for this time of year. ani'm not complaining. iain i know is not complaining. >> fox 29 meteorologist scott williams. how long is this going to last? you give it to us and take it away. >> take it away this evening shawnette. those temperatures will be dropping but, yes, above average temperatures across the delaware valley for today. high temperatures made it into the low even mid 60s about
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20 degrees above where we should tom out for this time of year. so take look at today's high temperatures. wilmington tying a record 65 degrees. 64 philadelphia. 63 in atlantic city. 62 was the high in trenton. and allentown a new record high today of 61 the old record by the way in allentown for today's date was 59 degrees. so stepping outdoors right now, we dipped into the upper 50s for philadelphia winds out of the west. right now at about 8 miles an hour. so as we take a look at those numbers, upper 40s already in millville. 30s currently in the pocono mountains. mid 50s in trenton and 57 currently in wilmington. by 7:00 p.m. low 50s heavier coats by 9:00 o'clock. mid 40s right around 40 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. we're dry and quiet now. we saw some showers first part of the day today. but well to the west. that's our neck weather maker by thursday that could bring some snow to a part of the area. we'll have the timing of that
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plus what to expect for your new year's eve forecast across the area. back over to you. >> scott, thanks. well the frantic search continues for two missing relatives who are on they are way to a christmas celebration. the family of a great-grandmother and great granddaughter are now talking. hoping for any kind of help. >> police are calling the disappearance suspicious. fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke to the family members who are planning to see them for the holiday. >> they are going to different gas stations just trying to find out whether or not anybody has seen her. >> reporter: frantic search for a south jersey find of five-year-old and great-grandmother. two last seen on their way from mays landing to visit family in north carolina christmas eve. they never made it. that was three days ago. >> it wasn't christmas. >> reporter: we spoke via skype with family members of 71-year-old barbara briley and her great granddaughter. hamilton township police are calling the disappearances suspicious they have not yet
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found evidence of foul play. detectives have been coordinating ground and aerial searches with virginia state and local authorities. near where the pair were last seen saturday. family friends including her mother are trolling major expressways looking for any sign of barbara's silver toyota rav4 with jersey plates c80els. >> god will turn this around and bring her home. and we're just trying to keep everything together. >> reporter: barbara's phone has been going straight to voicemail. today authorities were able to pink it to an area in virginia where they are now concentrating their search. authorities say she was was last seen in good health and loved ones say the retired new jersey transit driver is experienced on the road and that she drives the same route to north carolina every holiday. >> she did this trip two, three times out of the year, um, for
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as long as we've been born safely. no injuries, no harm will be upon them and that's what we're standing on and we're believing. >> reporter: barbara briley is 5-foot five. weighs 215-pound. her great granddaughter was last seep wearing a gray cam mow sweatshirt and pants. if you have any information call police. in hamilton, atlantic county, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. the drivers two separate vehicles are in stable condition aft fiery crash in northeast philadelphia. here's some video from viewer that shows us the moment after a shop rite tractor trailer filled with stuff just crashed in lawn crest this morning. here's a view of the aftermath from skyfox. fire officials say the driver lost control, collided with an suv and then snapped utility pole catching fire. the truck came to rest near speedway gas staying at the corner of oxford and will he vick. one woman says the impact woke her up.
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>> i heard a loud crash and then a couple like crashes after that. the truck was on fire. a bunch of smoke. um, speedway the roof was on fire. >> just high volume of people, pedestrians and vehicles in this area certainly could have been lot worse than what it was. >> incredible. another look from philly hazmat who tweeted these photos, hazmat crews were on the scene cleaning up spilled fuel. what cough the driver to lose control is still under investigation. >> great update to story about series of tire slashings in northeast philadelphia. a local business wants to step in and help those victims. the owner of two sons auto salvage is donating some used tires to those who want them. we told you that someone slash the tires on cars christmas morning along folk rod street. now they say -- now the businessman says that he doesn't care about making profit. he just wants to help those victims affected. >> i'd rather give to money who
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needed them than make 10, $15 off a tire. easier to do it that way for me. >> noise guy. those who are interested in the tires head to our website for information on how to reach out to the auto body shop. japan's prime minister makes historic trip to pearl harbor. the words that he and president obama shared coming up. exciting day at the children's hospital of philadelphia. what eagles players did to bring some smiles to kids faces. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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following breaking news. skyfox is live over a fire in high rise in philadelphia's overbrook neighbor. flames were reported about 10 stories up. this is up to two alarms right now. so far there have were and no reports of any injuries. we of course will bring updates
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as soon as we get them. science world is mourning the loss of a pioneer. as tron they are vera rue bin died sunday at the age of 88. she found evidence of dark matter and also found galaxy don't rotate as originally predicted. ruben won plenty of awards inn clueing 1993 national medal of science during her career ruben scammed more than 200-gallon lack cease. japan and us coming together to remember the attack at pearl had a are bore. president obama met with japan's prime minister today in hawaii. prime minister the first japanese prime minister to visit the uss arizona memorial. japanese launched surprise attack in 1941 that provoked the united states to enter world war ii. the prime minister did not formally apologize for the attack but prayed for those who died in the war. he call u.s. s japan relations an alliance of hope and said the devastation of war should not be repeated. meanwhile president obama acknowledge the alliance saying
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it has never been stronger. ba, to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look at blue mountain from pocono mountains cameras. i don't know if there's any skiers out there. you can see anybody. the end of december and we reached 60 degrees in parts of our area. mother nature making tough for those snow machines up in the poconos. >> not winter like at all. >> um-um. >> fox 29 meteorologist scott williams joins us now. this is nice but sounds like things are going cool off little bit, scott. >> of course. you know the temperatures are going to be dropping, shawnette. later on this evening, some colder air will be moving in. overnight lows will be dipping back into the 30s and high temperatures tomorrow will be normal for this time of year in the fours. some of that colder air is moving into our area right now. in the poconos already into the upper 30s right now. we have 38 mount pocono. forty nine degrees current until allentown. 51 in pottstown. 57 wilmington right now. 55 in trenton. 56 degrees currently in atlantic city. north and west right now in doylestown down to 50. 53 newtown square and west
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chester reporting 54 degrees. so pretty warm up and down the eastern seaboard. the carolinas right now. still pretty warm. raleigh 64 degrees. 67 in atlanta. 70s right now along the gulf coast and upper 70s currently in miami but you can see some of that colder air around detroit and chicago. that will head into our direction over the next couple of days. so for tonight, it's mostly clear. noticeably colder. 30 in the suburbs. mid 30s in the city. those winds will be out of the northwest five to 10 miles an hour. we saw a couple of clouds and some showers the first part of the day today. but that activity is out to sea. so mainly clear skies for tonight and take a look far to the west some moisture kind of gathering around idaho moving into montana and that will eject toward our area as we move toward your thursday morning to potentially provide snowfall especially north and west but not tomorrow as we plan your day hour by hour, by 8:00 a.m. we're
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looking chilly. temperatures in the 30s. sun and clouds by noon, 40, 43 degrees by 3:00. tomorrow with a seasonal chill and once again, the average high for this time of year is right around 42. so tomorrow really a reality check across the area. we're looking at 43 in center city for the high. down the shore, breezy 44. and right around 40 for the high temperature in the lehigh valley so temperatures tomorrow a good 20 degrees colder than today. so what about that snowfall chance? we've advanced the clock ahead to thursday morning. temperatures will be at or below freezing and watch what happens by 8am. we're looking at snowfall north and western suburbs moving in berk county also into the lehigh valley temperatures will be cold enough for some of that snow until about lunch time especially far north and west. maybe a couple of west snowflakes in philadelphia but mainly rain, i95 along with parts of south jersey and delaware. so the lehigh valley some light snow an inch or so philadelphia north and west. rain/snow mix going to all rain.
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and then once again, the farther south and east you head away from philadelphia it's mainly just all rain. but we could pick up maybe an inch in lancaster county maybe one to 2-inches as we move toward the lehigh valley and over that in the poconos. now what about the holiday forecast? it looks dry and chilly temperatures dropping into the 30s for new ears eve. new year's day high temperatures in the upper 40s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing much cooler tomorrow. that rain and snow thursday. maybe a left over flurry on friday. dry for the weekend but then unsettled by monday and tuesday of next week. back over to you. all right. scott, thank you. some eagles players spent their day off bringing smiles to the faces of sick kids. >> the players made a surprise visit to the children's hospital of philadelphia. many of those kids were not able to spent the holidays at home so the players went there to bring some holiday cheer. they played bingo and teamed up on some arts and craft projects. the players also gave away prices to the kids. eagles linebacker jordan hick
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says this visit was especially important this time of year. >> you never know what's going on in somebody's life. this platform, you know, you have the ability to change the experience for somebody. change, um, holiday for somebo somebody. >> the visit today is part of the eagles care community initiative. tom? >> shawnette, i yap, eagles football to talk with you. getting ready for the cowboys this sunday and jacksonville let go of their coach. another nfl coach gets his pink slip and no matt ruhle but still bowl time for your temple owls. the shocker down in annapolis is next in sports.
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♪ history at stake tore temple owls taking on wake for ref at the military bowl down in annapolis. temple comes in with 10 wins, number 11 would be the most in school history. he had foley interim temple coach. matt ruhle down at baylor. ed likes what he sees early on temple opening ocean walker up top 48-yard adonis jenning gives the owls a seven-zero rower le lead. weak forest is six-six. >> you'd never know by the way the first half unfolded. 20-yard touchdown pass. temple trailed 31-10 at the house. trailing 31-20 in the fourth quarter. >> it is dallas week for eagles that usually stirs at least a little something eagles fans not
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much at stake this sandy when they meet at the lingering. cowboys have home field advantage rapid up throughout the playoffs eagles heading tomorrow pour the playoffs. one final showcase for carson wentz against a pretty good and developing cowboys defense. frank wright today on what impressed him the most through 15 games. >> you want to see accuracy. you want to see good decision making. you want to see, um, the ability to sustain success when things are going well. maintain focus and concentration the next week in preparation. you want to see when thing are going bad in the course of a game for him to not waiver, and i think on most of those fronts i think he's passed the test. what's that you say one more he guess cowboys sunday morning at 10:00 on fox 29 "game day live". fox nfl sunday the 11:00 and there it is. cowboys and eagles coming up at 1:00 o'clock. rex ryan is out as the head coach of the buffalo bills. didn't even have a chance to finish his second season. those bills are seven and eight this year f you're counting 17
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straight years out of the playoffs. that again christmas over there's about 3 yards of snow up in buffalo. i'd get the heck out of there too. >> yeah. head out. >> and hurry. >> for good measure they let his brother rob go, too. while you're going take your brother with you. >> yeah. >> all right. hey be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 for more fox 29 news. it's no situation any member of law enforcement wants to face using force but sometimes there's really no other option. how every day citizens are helping them train to use force properly. join to us note at 10:00 for that story. >> you know why we had great weather today. isn't why? >> it's your birthday. happy birthday. >> how did you know it was my birthday. >> 39 again. >> 33. >> i was going to say a word. i want to come back at 10. >> i'm 33 today, thank you very much. >> appreciate it, guys. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next. good night.
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she didn't make it. carrie fisher dead at age 60. >> then, george michael's haunting last photo, bloated, overweight, clues to his death and the day he revealed to the world he was gay to our jim moret. >> i'm in a relationship with a man right now. >> george michael was so nervous during the interview. >> plus, mall chaos. panic, confusion. shoppers running for their lives over nothing. how fear continued. >> panic, snowballed. >> the hero mom who battled a blizzard to save her husband and son. i ate pine twigs as well as sn


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