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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wish. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and they're off. penndot trucks have hit the roads spraying brian ahead of some wintry weather that could make the morning commute tricky depending on where you are. yeah like the poconos as we take a live look a from our poconos mountains cam a this is blue mountain. mother nature could give the ski resort a helping hand. >> some of us may see some snow. others just rain. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. yesterday we saw spring-like temperatures, well into the 60s. but what a difference a day makes. i know it sounds cliche, scott williams. but it's a lot different out there tonight than it was yesterday. >> it really is. yesterday's high was 64 degrees dawn. today's high only 46. those temperatures are really dropping right now out ahead of our next system kind of gathering some moisture out to the west.
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you can see some rain showers moving through parts of the tennessee river valley also the ohio river valley. that's thursday morning's system that will bring some rain to most and some wet snow to others far north and west. we have some winter weather advisories posted for much of the day for the pocono mountains much that's where most of the snow will fall. there could be an inch or so in parts of the lehigh valley as well. dry, quiet right now at the philadelphia international airport. temperatures already down to 38 degrees and here's today's high. 46. much colder than yesterday. winds out of the north at about 6 miles per hour. so as we take look at those temperatures. area wide right now we're in the 30s. 33 in millville. 31 pottstown. 27 right now in the pocono mountains. so temperatures for tonight are going to be cold in the 30s. low 30s at that. clouds will increase and, yes, some rain and snow by dawn. as we go hour with hour, you can see by five, 6:00 a.m., we're watching primarily the lehigh
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valley and the pocono mountains for some of that snow. there could be a wet snowflake that mixes in for sections of montgomery, bucks county, but mainly rainfall across the area. look at the temperatures. by 8:00 a.m. we're already up to 40 in philadelphia. upper 30s in pottstown. so once again, most of the region will see rain out of this event. coming up i'll have much more on the timing and also specific snowfall totals based on your specific location with the seven day. back over to you. >> all right, scott, let's take live look at trenton right now as a reminder for you we have breaking weather alerts around the clock. just download the fox 29 weather authority app. you can track storms in real time wherever and when ever you'd like. we are following breaking news for you right now. tmz is reporting that actress deb bow reynolds was rush to the hospital late this afternoon for a possible stroke. according to tmz reynolds was at her son's home in beverly hills planning the funeral of her daughter actress carrie fisher. tmz says reynolds has been
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extremely distraught since fisher's medical emergency on friday. fisher died yesterday after suffering a heart tack. fisher known for her iconic role as princess leia in the star wars franchise. happening right now, we're learning more about the moments before a driver was shot dead in west mt. airy. police now say the victim's girlfriend opened fire on him while he was driving. >> they had been arguing in the moments leading up to that crash. fox 29's joanne pilegg pill wils live at philadelphia police headquarters where that woman is now facing murder charges. joanne? >> reporter: good evening chris and everyone. shocking developments after a philadelphia man was shot and killed while driving his suv through west mt. airy. police now saying that the victim's girlfriend has confessed to the gruesome murd murder. it was a bizarre motor vehicle accident. an suv going out of control in west mt. airy. behind the wheel, 33-year-old terrell bruce.
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his passenger was his girl friend. >> they were having some type of domestic argument. she basically pull out a gun and shot and killed him. it's really tragic. >> reporter: police now say bruce lot of control after he was shot and police say his girlfriend, 27-year-old martina west scott, fired the gun, when the suv crashed, she took off. >> she discarded her jacket discarded the murder weapon and then she ran home. >> reporter: captain clark says west scott turned herself in and confessed. >> she d they gave a full confession. so she's been arrested and charged. >> reporter: we caught up with a friend of terrell bruce last night. >> i'm grieving a great uncle arc great brother and he cared about people. he wanted the best for everybody. he wanted to see you win, even if it didn't mean anything beneficial for him. >> reporter: ashley woods tells us she went to high school with the victim. she said everyone who knows him is absolutely heart broken.
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there is a vigil for him tonight at the accident scene. we're live tonight at police headquarters, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. >> all right, joanne, thank you. tonight police in bucks county are looking for a smash and grab they have who gotta away with tens to have us sands of dollars of merchandise from a department store. take a good look. this guy right here smashed his way in a lower makefield kohl's using a sledgehammer. surveillance video released from police later shows him using the tool to violent many break into a jewelry cash. he snatched jewels, watches and all kinds of things before getting away. police say that loot is worth between 60 and $100,000. now on to the latest developments in that disorderly scene at a local make last night. a group of teens are charged with felonies following chaotic scene at the philadelphia mills mall last night. police say it all started with a planned flash mob. >> those teens accused of punching police officers at the scene. even threatening more violence.
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our joyce evans is live at the juvenile detention center tonight. where those four teenagers are being held. joyce? >> reporter: well, dawn and chris, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and a list of other very serious charges and these guys are only between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. they'll be spending at least tonight here in juvenile detention. they all have hearings tomorrow. meantime, police say that it's safe, they're urging shoppers to get out and go to the mall. it is safe. >> we will make sure that we have that same contingent in place tonight and moving forward making sure we keep an eye what's going on, so the northeast commander committed to making sure it happens and that people can come out and enjoy themselves in the mall and enjoy this holiday season. >> reporter: shoppers went about philadelphia mills mall as usual all day long. lawsuit john stanford says that detail of uniformed officers will romaine here throughout the week. no group of young people under the age of 18 will be allowed inside at one time and without
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parents. >> people have to know where their kids are what they're doing. >> reporter: lieutenant stanford is urging young people to be mindful of their surroundings and the crowd of people they find themselves hanging out with. >> all those kids that are there are certainly not participating, um, but again, it's an opportunity for them to get hurt, a lost parents don't even know their kids are doing this. >> reporter: he says they need to find out quickly and to know once and for all, this kind of nonsense will not be tolerated. >> you can't have unruly crowds, um, being disruptive or disruptive, you know, running through malls or any other neighborhood doing that type of activities. >> reporter: now police say that they have have been in communication with several local mall officials and that their rapid response teams are ready if they're needed. let's hope they're not. dawn? >> all right, joyce, thank you. tonight police are searching for the person who murdered a man in his tioga home. police found 37-year-old garfield adams badly hurt on his front porch. that was on the 2300 block of west atlantic street last night.
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investigators took the victim to the hospital where he later died. police say he was shot many times in the head, arms and torso. police found signs of a struggle in the basement where they also found shell casings but so far investigators say they do not have a motive. right now crews in bethlehem are fixing a gas leak that forced more than two dozen people out of their homes today. fire officials say a sink hole and water main break were part of the problem. firefighters arrived on the scene just before 3:30 this morning. they say they detect add strong odor of natural gas inside some of the homes. officials hope everyone will be back in their homes steam tonight. police say they found nothing during a new search of a missing woman's home in delaware county today. crews began digging up the basement last night looking for the remains of melissa rodriguez at her home on lafayette street in collingdale today. police went in with a district attorney but didn't find anything. they say they will go back with more equipment. they have not said what prompted them to begin searching the
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basement. the mother of two has been missing since april 2013. a young boy's christmas wish is now fulfilled. >> karen, says her eight-year-old son justin wanted to deliver toys to patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia dan justin got to see his dream come true when he delivered a van full of gifts with his family. justin is a patient at chop himself. he has an inoperable benign brain tumor but with the help of his mom he created a toy drive in honor of giving tuesday and donatiodonations, well they poun and the family filled up eight large bins of toys and crafts. today justin had a message for everyone who helped. >> hi, i'm justin, thank you for the donations for chop. >> aww. here's more photos of justin's mom sent to us. justin with all those toys. love it. justin was diagnosed with a tumor this summer and he goes back to chop for an mri and mri scans coming up.
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paying it forward. good for him. coming up prosecutors say this former corrections officer smuggled drugs into prison. the judge's strong words beforehanding down his sentence. you probably sick of hearing about them. the hatch malls. plenty children absolutely thrilled to open one up on christmas but now some parents are not happy at all. why they say the hatchimal is not living up to expectations. >> sean? >> the eagles talk about their last meeting with the cowboys and how win on sunday can propel them to great 2017. that's coming up later in sports.
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former bucks county corrections officer is now behind bars for smuggling drugs into a prison. john dingle will serve a sentence of six to 23 months of the. prosecutors say it slipped an opioid drug into the bucks county correctional facility in exchange for $500. a judge also fined the former
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corrections officer $2,500 saying it was five times for what he was willing to sell his honor for. parents all around the country including right here in our area lined up outside toy stores before the holidays to get their hands on the most talked about toy of the season. of course, we're talking about the hatchimal. i know your daughters wanted it. well now after dishing out lot of money some parents are actually fed up with the toy. >> they say their kids hatchimal, well, it's not hatching. here's fox's sharon crowley. >> reporter: spin master the company that makes hatchimals one of the most popular toys this holiday season is fielding complaints from thousands of unhappy customers. these facebook pictures show young hatchimal owners upset on christmas morning because their coveted toy didn't work. a bird is supposed to hatch out of the plastic egg and respond
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to the child by flashin flashins eyes. >> it was the only thing that she really wanted this christm christmas. >> reporter: lana bought a hatch malls for her daughter. her little girl's delight quickly turned to tears when the egg didn't hatch. >> i was very disappointed. as a mother my daughter started crying and, um, i just kind of, you know, tried to tell her, let's just give eight little b bit. i was star started to research e scene what possibly could be the problem and a will the of people were saying they were having the same issue. >> reporter: the toy costs about $50. some parents waited in long lines to get one. the backlash against the company on social media was swift and extensive. thousands of parents also flooded the phone lines of the company to complain. spin mastery lease add statement saying "while the vast majority of children have had a magical experience with hatchimals, we have also heard from consumers who have encountered challenges. we are 100% committed to
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bringing mat psychiatric of hatch malls to all of our consumers ". the company hired more customer service staff to handlely phone complaints, and posted this video for hatchimal toy owners. >> hatchimal starts pecking, keep encouraging the egg by holding the egg and rubbing. >> reporter: it's not much comfort for these children who were so disappointed on christmas morning. sharon crowley, fox news. so much hype about the often malls. i know you got one for your twins. >> i got one. >> the day laughter christmas. lucky enough to go into toys r us. do you have any hatchimals. we got i got one. >> it doesn't work. >> it didn't hatch all the way. here meyer girls. one of their birthday gifts. you see the egg much knots the open yet. we have to take it to the restaurant to see if it will open. we had to rip it open. once it was open they love the thing now of the can't keep their hands off it now. >> my birthday girls. seven-year-olds. >> at least you got one. >> back to your fox 29 weather
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authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway. not nearly as warm as yesterday. but not that bad out. the sunshining here in the city but now some wet weather and possibly some snowy weather defend wrack you live moving in and it could of course impact your morning commute. >> fox 29 meteorologist scott williams here to set it all out. what's going on, scott. >> hi chris and dawn. all about the timing and those temperatures for tomorrow morning's rush. we're primarily looking at rainfall across much of the region for tomorrow morning. most of the snow, the lehigh valley and also the pocono mountains. the pocono mountains have winter weather advisory posted for much of the day tomorrow due to that snow threat. but we are dry, we're quite right now as we take a look at ultimate doppler. most of that rainfall is gathering still out to the west around the tennessee river valley and the hoy river valley. so that moisture will head in our direction early tomorrow morning. temperatures they are dry dropping right now. 33 in millville. we have 36 in trenton.
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31 right now in pottstown. already into the 20s for the pocono mountains. so yesterday we had high temperatures in the 60s. today's high temperature was 46 and official until philadelphia. 37 right now in wilmington along with dover. north and west right now malvern 35 degrees. none in bethlehem and 36 chilly degrees for in you willow grove. so overnight low temperatures in the low 30s. clouds will be on the increase. we're dry for tonight. but rain and some wet snow develops by early tomorrow morning especially north and west. so across the area, we're looking at a cold rain in philadelphia. 46 degrees. 50 down the shore. rain just in south jersey and lehigh valley. 40 degrees with that morning snow. then eventually changing over to rain. so as we go hour by hour, look at the clock at 8:00 a.m. we're already talking temperatures in the upper 30 30o slow fours for much of the area. once again, we're looking at primarily rain but lehigh valley the pocono mountains we're
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looking at some of that snow and then by 11:00 o'clock, look at the temperatures into the low to mid 40s across the area. so once again we're looking at about quarter of an inch to half an inch of rainfall and there could be an inch or so of snow in the lehigh valley. the pocono mountains about two to four that's where we have that advisory posted for philadelphia points north and west we could see some wet snow mixing in but once again primarily rain. all rain for parts of south jersey and into delaware. so how does this look on the map? as we go hour by hour and time out the snowfall total potential, we're talking about all rain once again i-95 south jersey and delaware. there could be a coating in lancaster to pottstown to doylestown a perkasie allentown maybe an inch or so and then two to 4-inches for the pocono mountains. 46 tomorrow. then blustery and cold on friday. upper 30s. that's it. wind chills on friday will be in the 20s. dry and chilly for new year's eve and firework looking pretty
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good. upper 40s on sunday for the eagles game and also as we move toward monday and tuesday it looks a little unsettled, but temperatures will climb tuesday and wednesday of next week, guys, into the low 50s. back over to you. >> all over the map. thanks, scott. sean bell in with sports. some end of the year bringing retirements i understand. >> week 17 bringing end to lot of teams an lot of players one of the tough feast guys to ever play this game is calling it quits. plus the eagles getting ready for their last game of the year and they talk about what a win against the cowboys can actual dollar for the future of this team. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the eagles getting ready for last game of the season but this game really doesn't mean anything to anyone. the cowboys have already clinch home field advantage and eagles well they have nothing to gain. they have nothing to lose also. not even when it comes to draft well because they don't have their own pick but the eagles really just want to end the season on a good note and get a little revenge. they had a 10th quarter lead the last time these two teams played the guys are hoping to learn from that game and give a little pay back. >> we put ourselves early in that game in a good opportunity, the opportunity we wanted to be in the position we wanted to be in those last, you know, six to four minutes just kind of derailed. >> one of those games where we had to learn how to finish and it's just small plays here and there, um, some of the plays they earned as we go back and watch the tape. but there are a couple plays here or there we could have
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helped ourselves. >> even though this game doesn't mean anything for this season the guys feel like it means a lot for the future ending this year two game winning streak and beat your division rivals can go a long way for the team's confidence going into 2017. >> if we're able to end the season on high note, build momentum going into neck year it will be really big for us. take that momentum into the off season, have that positive outlook f we're on our game, if we're able to improve in this area or that area we'll have the ability to be really good offense and really good football team. >> this week is the end whole lot of things including the end to one of the toughest dudes to ever play this game. i love this guy. steve smith, sr. is calling it quits after 16 years and today he talked about why he's walking away. >> it's hard for me i'm packing up my house here in baltimore and i'm putting my career in b boxes. that's tough. it's emotional.
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>> my wife supports me whenever way i want to go. my boys want me to still play. but there's a little girl named bailey smith who wants her daddy. >> you see that. people don't really understand these players spend all their time at the facility. they miss their kids games. what they do in the off season. so he finally gets to go home. be a dad and that's what he wants to do. >> great what a great little guy to ever play this game. >> nfl will miss him. >> thank you. >> be sure to join us tonight for more fox 29 news. when you call 911 in an emergency you expect operators to be able to locate you and send help your way. but that's not the case more often than not. what officials say the problem is tonight after the game. that does it for us tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here after the game. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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carrie fisher's final days. is this photo of empty beer bottles evidence of a relapse? >> very disturbing. very sad. >> and what we learned will happen to carrie's beloved dog gary. she took him everywhere. >> who is your friend? >> this is gary fisher. and so many celebrity deaths, prince, george michael, now carrie. what's going on? >> we have less than a week left in 2016 and it's almost like people are walk on egg shells. then, hatchimal heart break. the hot christmas gift that doesn't work. >> two hours playing with this stupid thing trying to get it to hatch. >> hatchimals refuse to hatch. plus, jlo and drake get cozy. are they really dating?


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