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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 29, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. will it be rain or snow on thursday? it all depends on where you live. a winter weather advisory is in effect for some places like the pocono mountains. no problems out there just yet. the roads are dry but the windshield wipers may be working overtime for the morning rush hour. good evening, thanks for staying up with us tonight. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. whether heading in to work tomorrow morning or hitting the road to ring in the new year with family the weather will impact your drive. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams to break down the timing of it all. scott. >> hi there dawn and chris. all about the timing and the temperatures but look at ultimate doppler right now. we're currently dry in the delaware valley but just off to the west the upper ohio river
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valley watching precipitation move into the western part of the state. that is the rain and the snow that will head in our direction early on your thursday morning. look at how cold it is already. upper 20s in atlantic city. 31 right now in philadelphia. mid 20s once you move north and west but temperatures will gradually rise as the cloud cover moves in along with that precipitation. so temperatures for the overnight in the upper 20s for the suburbs 33 degrees in the city. and watch what happens as we move far north and west we're talking about those purple highlighted counties in the pocono mountains that's where we have the winter weather advisories for good chunk of the day on thursday. but we'll take you hour by hour. temperatures overnight once again at or below freezing but watch what happens as that rain and snow moves in. far north and west we're looking at temperatures at or blow freezing to start. so things will be snow but take look at the green. right along the i-95 corridor, parts of south jersey and
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delaware, primarily a rain event but far north and west the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains we'll keep things cold enough for some snow. so the bottom line we're talking about light snow moving in after the 5:00 6:00 a.m. north and west mos mostly rain philadelpha points south and east. high temperatures on thursday in the 40s. coming up we'll talk about snowfall totals far north and west in the advisory areas. back over to you. >> scott, thank you. taking a live look at reading, if you have some traveling to do this holiday season, make sure you have the fox 29 weather app. you can get live radar on the go. it's all available for apple and android devices. breaking news out of hollywood. the death of debbie reynolds just a day after her daughter carrie fisher. the actress was rushed to a los angeles hospital from her son todd's home late yesterday afternoon. reynolds death announced just after 7:00 last night. todd fisher says his mother told him she quote want to do be with carrie and 15 minutes later
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while making funeral arrangements for her, she had a stroke. >> tonight fox's trace gallagher has look back at the life of the hollywood legend and her decades long career. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: debbie reynolds died at 84 years old one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. the singer, dancer and act stress starred in more than 40 films and countless tv shows. she was also a business woman film historian, humanitarian and avid collector of film memorabilia. >> ♪ >> reporter: born mary frances reynolds on april thursday, 1932 in el paso texas she had her break out role in 1950s three little words. but danced her way into film history two years later when she co starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in syncing in the rain.
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>> ♪ i'm singing in the rain >> reporter: sorry success in the '50's continued with the affairs of doby gillis, susan slept here and tammy and the bachelor. the title role in 1964 the unsinkable molly brown garnered her best actress oscar nomination in between movies and stage shows, she also headlined the sitcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorced three times. most famously to carrie fisher singer father eddie who left her for reynolds good friend elizabeth taylor. reynolds remained active well into her 80s and recognized for her charity work with the humanitarian oscar at this year's show. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: lifetime achievement award from the screen acts guild. she is survived by her son todd. in hollywood trace gallon lager fox news. police are trying to figure out how a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter got lost
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hundreds of miles away from home. the pair were found alive in a wooded area in rural virginia today. after leaving for holiday road trip. barbara briely was rush to the hospital her great granddaughter is expected to be okay. >> sabina kuriakose has more on how the police found those missing travelers. >> reporter: relief after a massive search 71-year-old great granddaughter barbara briely and and five her yield great granddaughter la'myra found alive after they disappeared on christmas eve road trip. they were heading from mace land to go north carolina to spend the holidays with family. police say a property owner out checking his land in rural virginia woods stumbled by chance across briely's 2014 toyota rav four this evening just before 5:00 o'clock. at least several yards from the nearest dirt road. the interstate where police had concentrated their search efforts was several miles away.
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the great granddaughter and kindergartner were segment outside of the suv appears may have been waiting for help for several days. we spoke with relatives by skype as the search continued earlier in the week. >> it wasn't christmas. we were in investigation mode if you want to indicate. >> reporter: wednesday police releasing this surveillance video of barbara briely as she stopped at an exxon station to ask for directions christmas eve. it was the last known sighting of the retired new jersey transit bus driver until she was found. authorities have no clue how the two ended up in such a secluded area. state and local police had been searching up and down the i-95 and i-85 corridor checking rest stops, weigh stations and gas stations with no sign of the missing pair. briely has been airlift to do a richmond hospital. la'myra has been reunited with relatives. it am pierce the prayers of this desperate family and for many
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who joined in the search along the way have been answered. >> thankfully no injuries, no harm will be upon them and that's what we're standing on and we're believing. >> reporter: i spoke to family members right after the great-grandmother and her granddaughter were found. they were rushing to the richmond area to meet up with their loved ones. right now, we know investigators are waiting to talk to bash bra briely. she remain in the hospital in serious condition. police say state troopers had to carry the unconscious 71-year-old away from the scene. virginia authorities say temperatures in the area are expected to drop tonight and tomorrow so tonight's rescue may have come in the nick of time. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. after two nights of chaos, calm tonight at philadelphia mills mall. police were standing by the mall this evening. four teenagers are facing felony charges aft last night's flash
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mob the teens ranging from 13 to 17 years old are accused of punching police officers, mall security will not allow groups of kids under the age of 18 inside the mall without parents. tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from a kohl's department store in bucks county and now police are trying to catch the guy they say broke in overnight and grabbed everything and anything he can get his hands on. >> the value of the merchandise taken could be up to $100,000. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the very latest on the investigation from lower makefield. >> reporter: that's why the door is board up. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: boarded up door caught shoppers off guard when they arrived at this lower makefield kohl's on bic oak road. the surveillance video showing exactly what happened stunned them even more. >> it's pretty shocking. >> reporter: watch as a man breaks through two glass doors of the store to get inside. police say he's using a yellow handle sledgehammer.
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you see the glass shatter and pile up on the floor as he runs inside carrying what police call a canvass tool sack. lauren mitchell and her mother couldn't believe what they were seeing as i showed them the video. >> i think we live in a nice area to think something like that can happen, like, anywhere i guess, it's pretty scary. >> reporter: it happened around 3:15 this morning. police say the suspect made off with a lot of jewelry including black diamond collection jewels and citizen watches. >> super crazy. >> reporter: one employee we talk to didn't know the store had been hit until she arrived for her evening shift. >> i work here. i'm coming in. that's why i was talking to co-worker. >> reporter: police say the suspect wearing a dark hoodie with a cloth mask got away with 60,000 to $100,000 worth of jewels. >> i hope there's something left to buy. >> report roar police say they're in the process of getting surveillance video from other stores in this shopping center to see if they captured any additional images of the suspect. in lower makefield, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. new jersey state police have increased the reward foreman
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suspected in the death of his estranged wife. that reward now at $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of jeremiah motel. motel is suspect in the murder of tara o'shea watson. she was found dead in her cumberland county home last we week. tonight as family and friends remember a 33-year-old man shot to death while he was driving police say they have a confession from his killer. philadelphia police say it all started with an argument between terrell bruce and 27-year-old martina west scott while they were driving yesterday. the victim's sister tells fox 29 she was bruce's ex girl friend. the suv they were driving in then crashed into another car on walnut lane. the victim's family tells fox 29 that they had been broken up for about a year and they're not sure why west scott was in the car. friends are remembering bruce as someone who enjoyed helping others. >> a great man. a great uncle, a great brother
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and he cared about people. he wanted the best for everybody. he wanted to see you win, even if it didn't mean anything beneficial for him. >> well employees say the suspect west scott graduated from penn and thomas jefferson university and worked in the field of public health. she has been charged with murder. in montgomery county, police have released surveillance video of two men wanted in an armored truck rob breach the men roughed up a loomis guard at the plymouth meeting mall last week and stole an undisclosed amount of money before getting away in a chevy tahoe. the injured guard was treated and released from the hospital. call the fbi or plymouth township police if you recognize either men in that suv. federal regulators are working to improve how 911 call centers track calls from cell phones to make sure they respond to the correct address. between 70 and 80% of all emergency calls are now made on cell phones. but many times those calls are
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directed to the wrong dispatch center. some jurisdictions are now looking for new technology to help correct the problem. text start up laser has been helping to provide better location information for cell phone callers. fcc has mandated by the year 2021 that 911 centers have accurate locations for 80% of callers. that's still however means that one in five emergency callers may fall through the crack. high school marching band from florida is spending a second night in philadelphia. but they didn't plan it that way. how they got stranded here
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in certain sections of wilmington, delaware gun violence is sadly all too
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common. and when it struck one man's family he told our bill anderson that he wanted to provide some light to families that were overwhelmed by pain and darkne darkness. >> and he's doing just that for goodness sake. >> reporter: on august 31, 2014, jamal's brother and shot and killed in wilmington delaware. the murder itself was painful. how he found out was unbearable. >> like yesterday because i found out through facebook. >> my heart goes out to you all. don't know if they contac conta. my brother brian was killed. get in contact with me. >> message haupeed jamal not just because it was a text announcing murder but also because it meant the falling out they earlier had was not permanent. >> we weren't speaking at that time for almost two years over something dumb. you see what i'm mean? do you have to go see him like this, in a casket, that forever is in my mine. >> reporter: his own
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experiences moved jamal to launch unsolved wilmington, delaware, murders facebook page to make sure that people losing their lives often for stupid reasons are never forgotten. >> just showing you this is how many murders we had. this happens on daily basis. nobody is speaking up. >> reporter: wilmington is only 17 square miles. so to see the number of pictures of murder victims in and around the area and how related many are is honestly scary. >> so you have on your page a picture of -- >> sister's casket. it's real, bill. >> reporter: it's so real we're hiding his identity because obviously when you're discussing unsolved murders some don't like it. jamal knows and understands that people are a afraid but still feels they deserve a place to grieve and ask for help and his page is becoming that. >> you said this patch was to help you cope. >> help me cope yeah.
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>> now it's helping lot of people. >> it's helping a lot of people cope. i'm actually proud that it is. actually doing something good. >> reporter: jamal knows the stop snitching culture and fear of retaliation is at least partly responsible for the majority of the victims on his facebook page being unsolved murders. he knows it. he understands it. but he still feels that family who's want to talk, vent or ask for community help they need a place to do it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ a florida high school marching band looking forward to a once in a lifetime performance in rome had to put their plans on hold. >> you see half the band is stranded in philadelphia tonig tonight. the students and shop chaperones from manatee high school had a lay over in philadelphia that ended up being canceled. half the band is now at the double tree hotel while the other half who took a different flight, well, they are enjoying their time in rome right now. each student paid 3500 bucks for
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this experience and now they're bummed they're missing a performance. american airlines is making sure they leave tomorrow morning on a flight from jfk in new york. the airline did release a statement that reads in part "we sincerely apologize for the disruption of their travel plans, our customer relations team will be reaching out to all students and their chaperones who were impacted by the previous flight cancellation from philadelphia to rome". time now to check out what is on your radar. nothing falling in old city at the moment. but that could definitely change over the next few hours. wintry mix could make for a messy morning commute in places. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
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hi, everyone. high temperatures on wednesday made it up to 64 degrees and then of course temperatures have been dropping throughout the evening and overnight across the delaware valley. so as we look at ultimate doppler right now, we're dry, but off to the west, take look at the thicker clouds and look at that precipitation moving out of the upper ohio river valley. so that colder air has been rushing in. temperatures have already dropped below freezing in many locations so we will see mainly rain parts of delaware, south jersey, north and west the farther you head toward the lehigh valley and the poconos that's the best chance of seeing some of that snow kind of sticking to the ground but rain or snow it will be a slick thursday morning commute. look at how cold it is. mid 20s in millville. 31 philadelphia. 27 right now in allentown. so overnight, clouds continue to roll in. that rain and snow arrives north and west especially by dawn. but those temperatures will be rising so as we go hour by hour, watch the clock and watch the temperatures. here's 7:00 a.m. we're looking at mid to upper 30s right around
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40 parts of south jersey into delaware along the i-95 corridor but far north and we have as you move toward berks county, lehigh, northampton into the poconos, it will stay cold enough for several hours for some of that snow to come late but look at 10:00 o'clock temperatures. pretty much area wide above freezing. so what starts out as snow will eventually change over to all rain and wash everything away into the afternoon. so here's the main timing. 6am until 11:00 the pocono mountains that winter weather advisory two to 4-inches. the lehigh valley we could see an inch or so. philadelphia points north and west. rain and snow changing over to rain. so there could be a brief burst of snow around philadelphia points north and west into the suburbs primarily rain. and then all rain likely for south jersey and into delaware. so as we roll the clock, you can see what we anticipate as far as those totals. lancaster, northern chester, far north and western suburbs, maybe
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a brief coating. maybe an inch as you move toward allentown. two to 4-inches into the poconos and once again mainly rain across parts of i-95 into south jersey. so temperatures tomorrow top out generally in the low to mid 40s. the weather authority seven day forecast shows a high tomorrow frick degrees. blustery and cold upper 30s on friday. dry for new year's eve into new year's day but it turns unsettled. as we move toward monday and tuesday of next week. guys, back over to you. all right, sean bell here with a preview of what's coming up in sports. >> ton of action today. first talking about the eagles their final game of the year they talk about what win on sunday can actually do for their 2017 season. villanova was in action and depaul upset alert. number one team in the country struggles in their conference opener. that's coming up next sports. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. sue serio filling in for bob this week. we haven't seen a lot of traffic
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volume this week because the kids are off of school and many folks have decided to take this week between christmas and new year's off. but if you're traveling in south philadelphia around one of the times for the new disney on ice show that's at the wells fargo center, well, you'll encounter some traffic then it's called follow your heart many performances now through monday. so be aware of that. other than that, we've got the latest news, weather and if there is any traffic we'll have it for you start
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♪ after that 10-game winning streak the flyers really coming back down to earth little bit. they haven't been close to that dominant team lately losing three out of their last four games. to night they tried to get back on track against the blue second period tied at two. flyers on the power play. shane finds brayden schenn for the goal. that was his tenth of the season but after that, it was all avalanche. it was an avalanche for the blues. the blues scored unanswered including one right here by
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robbie. flyers lose six-three. fourth loss in five games. college hoopsville notify van temple starting conference play tonight. we start with nova taking on due paul and they were on upset alert all throughout this game. nova up by one with 15 seconds left. but josh hart right here buries the three at the top of the key. josh really a guy that can be the player of the year. due paul comes right back. billy garrett, jr.r., drives to the rack and gets the three. old-fashioned way. they cut it to one after a couple of free throws due paul gets one last shot they get a good look at it but it doesn't go. nova survives 68-65. 13-zero on the season. temple playing 23rd ranked cincinnati in the conference opener. since see up by four in the second half. shot clock winding down and jared comer land with the step back three right there. temple loses once again 56-50. to the eagles they're taking on dallas on sunday that game really means nothing.
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dallas has already clinched home field advantage in the eagles can't really gain anything this year from winning this game but the players do want to end the season with good taste in their mouth. the last time they played dallas they let up a 10-point lead and went away. sunday they want to get pay back and want to make statement for the future. >> we feel like we want to come out next year take the division, you know, we feel like it's ours to take, so pretty much just come with that confidence and that swagger and come ready to play next year and end the season with win and just take momentum from there. >> look at this i had to show this right here. you see this swag right here. look at nigel in this role. nice little specialty eagles robe name on the back. locks so comfortable. the guys just chilling. i love it. only thing miss walk a little pip flip-flops if he would have put them on with something fuzzy. high to show that.
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nigel brand ham laughing about it. >> hey, man. >> get comfortable. it's about that time to go to sleep. >> get one with 29 right there for me. >> exactly. >> and when are we going to see precipitation, scott. >> moving in around 5:00, 6:00 a.m. from the west sue serio will of course have the latest on that and traffic. >> all right. >> thanks for staying up late with us. >> we're back at 4am for "good day philadelphia". stay tuned. chasing news f
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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and a very good morning, happening rye naught on fox 29 morning news. take look, your morning commute. oh, it may and slippery one. rain, snow, moving into parts of our area. of course, sue has you covered, what you can expect and when, as you prepare to head out that door. >> after disappearing christmas eve, finally we've gotten good news. a woman and her great granddaughter have been found alive. where and how authorities found them next. also ahead, have you seen this right near? caught on camera. man crashes through local department store with a sledgehammer. what investigators say he got away with that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. and: ♪ ♪


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