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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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murder that rocked a south philadelphia community. good evening, i'm dawn tim into. >> i'm chris oh com. police say the gunman was after the victim's grandson. fox 29's dave kinchen was at the news conference that just wrapped up much he's live outside philadelphia police headquarters with the latest. dave? >> reporter: chris and dawn, investigators say they worked tirelessly throughout the holiday weekend on this case. they say the motive is revenge for an alleged theft. maurice green 31-year-old male. >> reporter: philadelphia police homicide deck as nounsing arrest and murder charges in the vicious shooting death of 81-year-old south philly store owner marie buck. >> the decedent had a grandson who the suspect believes had something to do with stealing his expensive chain. as a result of that he was demanding money back from him. he never gave it back to him. he showed up at the store because he thought the grandson was going to be there working. grandson was not. and very sadly he shot and
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killed the grandmother. >> reporter: at the corner of south sixth and titan in south philadelphia a memorial gross outside of the grocery store where marie buck was struck down with 11 gunshots to the chest at point blank range. she owned the store for more than 40 years. flowers teddy bears and many other signs of love left behind. >> she was just like extended family member. >> reporter: lena ruiz and tight knit neighbors struggle to understand the senseless killing. >> hopefully they found the right person. you know, we need justice for marie. >> whoever did this to this lady is unbelievable. like she's a loving and most caring person. i know her husband loved everybody around here. >> reporter: prosecutors take on the case neighbors offer prayers for family that's always been there for them. >> my heart go out to her family and i just want to say i love her. i hope her family the best. >> reporter: well police tell us maurice green and the victim's grandson knew each
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other from the drug trade. we're told that green has about 15 pliers mostly dealing with drug offenses. back to you. chris? >> all right, thanks, dave. marie buck's family friends and neighbors are getting ready to attend her funeral. this is a live look at the baldy funeral home in south philadelphia tonight. where visitation starts at 7:00 o'clock. >> of course, as new information comes in on this tragic story you can always get updates any time just head to our website now to radnor where the district attorney has charged a former politician with indecent on a person with a disability. that man william spangler used to be a township commit they are in radnor. police say they were called to the wayne nursing home last week an an employee reported they saw the 75-year-old spangler having inn appropriate contact with a 103-year-old resident. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look at the poconos here. this is camelback mountain. we saw decent sized crowds on the slopes today. hey, why not, right? the
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morning fresh snow there fox 29 meteorologist scott williams here. scott, you call it. snow to the north. rain everywhere else. >> that's pretty much what played out, chris. we saw about 5-inches of snow in parts of the pocono mountains and about a quarter of an inch of rainfall elsewhere. live look right now at the philadelphia international airport. we are drying out and also clearing out but look at ultimate doppler from earlier in the day. that slug of moisture we saw that moderate to heavy rainfall parts of south jersey into delaware. far north and west toward the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains we saw that snow combination then eventually change over to rain. take a look at some of snowfall totals from this morning. pocono summit 5.2-inches. a little over four and a half inches mount pocono. bush kill township saw about 2-inches of snow and huff church 1.1-inches. temperature wise right now 44 down the shore. 30s north and west. and those winds of change will be picking up winds are going to
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be gusting up to 30 miles per hour over night. so if you're stepping outdoors, clearing and turning colder. dumbing up we'll talk about -- coming up we'll talk about that new year's eve and new year's day forecast plus the threat of flurries for friday. back to you. >> now details in the case of the missing great grandmom and her grade granddaughter. family members of 71-year-old barbara briely and five-year-old la'myra tell us they're both recovering in the hospital right now. a day after being found in a secluded wooded area near richmond, virginia. the circumstances of how exactly they ended up there are still a big mystery. police say no foul play is suspected. the pair had been stranded however for days after disappearing while they were on their way from mays landing, new jersey, to north carolina to celebrate christmas. right now police are still trying to figure out what went wrong during the road trip. tonight we're getting the first look at the suspect in the murder of a mt. airy man. prosecutors have charged
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27-year-old martina west scott with the shooting death of terrell bruce. police say they respond to do what thecate thought was a car accident on tuesday on the 500 block of west walnut lane. when they got there they found a man inside shot in the head. family members of the victim tell fox 29 that west scott is a former girlfriend of terrell bruce. and early morning shooting in north philadelphia leaves a woman in stable condition. a 26-year-old victim says she was shot at tenth and west norris streets about 1:00 o'clock this morning. that's just a block away from the campus of temple university. so far police have not been able to find a shooting scene. they also say the victim is not cooperating with investigators. happening right now, president obama is taking major action to retaliate against russia for the election hacking that he says ultimately hurt hillary clinton's campaign. the president ordered sanctions against two intelligence services and their official, top officials he also kicked out 35
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russian officials and shuttered two russian owned compounds in the u.s. the president-elect can decide whether to roll back the measures once he takes office. pennsylvania drivers you might want to fill up the gas tank one last time before the new year. that's because the state gas tangs tax is about to go up once again. >> the state already has the highest gas tax in the entire country. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from south philadelphia. brad, penndot is defending this move? >> reporter: yeah, they are. this state has the fifth most amount of roads. fifth biggest network in the country and they say it costs a lot of money to keep up the roads and the bridges. now, this is a wholesale tax. ultimately what it means is, it's going to be an 8-cent increase per gallon on the wholesalers on the gas stations but there's a pretty good chance as a result of that you're going to feel it at the pump in most places come sunday. get your next fill up in before sunday. >> what happens sunday with gas prices? >> i don't know.
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they go up? >> reporter: good guess. they do in pennsylvania again. whole say gas takes goes up from 70 cents a gallon to 78 cents that's another 8-cent increase. petroleum experts say when it comes to gas taxes pennsylvania is in a class of its own. >> we'll see gas tax increase january 1st and solidify itself as the highest in the country by not just pennies but close to dime or more. >> reporter: penndot says it's not fair to compare. >> our system is far larger than that of new jersey, new york and all of new england states combined. we have a much bigger and older system we have to take care of. >> reporter: gas stations don't have to pass the tax increase on to us, but odds are most will. it stems from a bill state lawmakers passed in 2013. >> in 2013, we were awarding about 1.6 billion a in work we're up to about 2.4 billion that translates into many more miles of improvement. many more bridges that are repaired. >> reporter: replacing the bridges over the sign street
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expressway work on i-95 and widening the conchester highway route 322 in delaware county. >> this road is like an absolute nightmare. day, night, 322 i don't look forward to it at any time. >> reporter: adding lanes here is worth every penny he says. >> a few cents, i don't think it's going hurt us. >> reporter: those cents add up especially now that filling up in new jersey lot of most of its luster following last month's 23 cents a gallon increase there. the bottom line is, it's hurting many motorists bottom line what used to cost 40 bucks for angela roads to fill up these days costs 60. >> people should be concerned. people should be outraged. >> reporter: as a result deals are harder to come by but here's one we found car wash discount with a gas purchase. so at least if you want to get your car cleaned there's deal there as far as price fluctuations yes, prices will go up. we're told on average across street there could be a different of 10 cents starting on sunday we will all still be out there looking for the best prices i'm sure. chris.
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>> still need the gas. thanks brad. still in shock tonight. another hollywood icon gone in 2016. legendary actress debbie reynolds died wednesday at the age of 84. academy award nominee passed away just one day after her daughter actress carrie fisher. >> family members say the stress of fisher's death on tuesday was just too much for reynolds. reynolds perhaps best known for her role in syncing in the rain. and the inn sung al molly brown unbrown. actress received an honorary oscar in 2015. gene her she was humanitarian award but was too sick to attend the ceremony. reynolds was reportedly planning her daughter's funeral when she fell ill arrangements for both are still pending. i can't describe to you how close they were. how much love and turmoil they went through together during the years. this is just beyond sad. the unthinkable debbie --
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unsinkable debbie reynolds was sung by this. >> coming up dr. mike weigh will weighs in on the these two deaths. he'll explain if you can really die of broken heart. >> it's a life-saving race against the clock. the nation's largest drug lab is trying to stay ahead of the next deadly street drug. what the dea is using to stay ahead of the curve. >> the gift eagles quarterback carson wentz got his fellow teammates for christmas is raising a lot of eyebrows. hear from a some of the players about it coming up next. >> gun violence is an all too common problem. but one man is making it his mission to stop the shootings and safe lives. how he's doing it for goodness sake. ♪ >> ahead at 6:00 o'clock, why is this teenager doing push ups in front of a police officer? why the officer says this exercise is keeping that teenager out of jail. ♪
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♪ the search is on for two men who robbed metro pcs store in the ogontz section of the city. surveillance video captured the suspects right before at a nearby business. police say it happened on tuesday night. the men burst into the metro pcs on the 5600 block of north broad and demanded the employee give them money from the cash register.
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they took the cash and ran away. no word yet on what started an early morning apartment fire in university city. the fire broke out above the hookah bar restaurant on the 3600 block of lancaster avenue around 2:30 this morning. everyone got out of the building safely. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get everything under control. ♪ in certain sections of wilmington, delaware, gun violence is sadly common. when it struck one man's family, he told our bill anderson that he wanted to provide some light to families that were overwhelmed by pain and darkne darkness. >> he's doing it for goodness sake. >> reporter: ago august 31, 2014 jamal walston's brother was shot and killed in wilmington, delaware. the murder itself was painful. how he found out was unbearable. >> crystal clear. >> like yesterday because i found out through facebook. my heart goes out to you all. don't know if they contacted
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ya'll but little brian was kill. please get in contact. >> reporter: message haunted jamal not just because it was a text announcing murder but also because it meant the falling out they earlier had was now permanent. >> we weren't speaking at a time for about over two years over something done. to have to go see him like this in the casket that's forever is in my mine. >> reporter: report his own experiences moved jamal to launch unsolved wilmington delaware murders facebook page to make sure that people losing their lives often for stupid reasons are never forgotten. >> just showing you this is how many murders we have, this happens on daily basis. nobody is speaking up. >> reporter: wilmington is only 17 square miles. so to see the number of pictures of murder victims in and around the area and how related many are is honestly scary. so you have on your page a picture of --
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>> sister's cass coat and then he got kill. it's real, bill. >> reporter: so real we're hiding his identity because obviously when you're disgusting unsolved murders some don't like it. jamal knows and understand that is people are afraid but still feels they deserve a place to grieve and ask for help and his page is becoming that. >> you said this page was to help you cope. >> help me cope yeah. >> reporter: now it's helping a lot people. >> it's helping a lot of people cope. i'm actually proud that it is. actually doing something good. >> reporter: jamal knows the stop snitching culture and fear of retaliation is at least partly responsible for the majority of the victims on his facebook page being unsolved murders. he knows it. he understands it. but he still feels that family who's want to talk, vent or ask for community help they need a place to do it for goodness sa sake. i'm bill anderson.
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if you plan to march into philly to strut with the mummers on new year's, the city is closing some roads and those closures begin tonight along the parade route which starts at city hall, moves south to washington avenue, this happens on new year's day, of course, parking and driving is prohibited all over center city and south philadelphia. we will have a complete look of where you can and cannot drive on our website fox well with new year's eve just few days it way police are making sure everyone stays safe as they ring in 2017. philadelphia police reminding residents not to fire their weapons into the air. they not only risk facing serious charges, but they could hurt someone. joe, is living proof of that. on new year's eve in 1998 at 11 years old joe was hit in the head by a bullet fired in the air in south philadelphia. 29-year-old has been paralyzed ever since. he says he's actually lot of count of dozens of surgeries he's had to have. >> what goes up must come down.
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i can believe that people think that once it goes up it gets sucked into outerspace. it's crazy. >> philadelphia police say they receive more than 130 reports of gunshots fired on new year's eve last year. we got interesting i guess christmas gift news regarding some of the philadelphia eagles tonight. nothing says christmastime like a long barrel shotgun. at least that's the case if you're eagles quarterback carson wentz. >> yeah, the rookie dropped brand new guns on his entire offensive line and tom srendenschek here now to weigh in on a gift that has a whole lost people talking. >> like raffle fee getting the red -- a little defendant than that, guys. it is starting to become a new tradition in the national football league. players hasn'ting out christmas gifts to their best friends their offensive linemen. ezekiel elliot and joe flacco.
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add carson wentz to the list. maybe a shotgun maybe the most unique gift of all. he bought each of his offensive lineman with a personalized shot bun with each name and number on the butt of the gun. they are still being made. o linemen more than pleased with the late give. >> if you know carson carson is on outdoorsman. i think his passion is outdoors, and so i think he's sharing that with the guys and, you know, i personally i enjoy it. i'm passionate about the outdoors and i love to hunt. be outdoors. i'm looking forward to maybe getting to use the thing. >> cease fire pa saying they will be spending gun locks to each player and adding quote we had to take steps to ensure that the eagles players role models to so many, will be safe, responsible gun owners, so we encourage them all to enroll in gun safety courses and store their guns safely ". safety is the most important
5:20 pm
mart of this whole thing. as allen said carson is an avid hunter it is the second pastime behind football. as soon as he's often season he goes hunting much it's up to each individual player to treat the gun properly. >> i've been to bismark there's nothing much else to do. >> south dakota state football games or you hunt. >> thanks tom. they were shopping for plan at a nursery. what they got away with that has the nursery owner furious and heart broken. he thought his daddy had floated down from heaven to surprise him. >> a mom in tears. her son thrilled. what was left on his dad's grave that just made his christmas. the search for answers continues in the downing of a russian plane watch investigators are now, however, ruling out.
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tonight police say the driver in kensington car accident will face dui charges much this was the scene at second and burke around midnight that sent three people to the hospital.
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doctors expect everyone to be okay. police have not yet released the identity of the person who's facing charges. search is on for killer of 20-year-old man gunned down at a fast food parking lot in hunting park. police say someone shot quadir heinz baldwin last night outside the checkers on broad and butler streets. he was pronounced dead at temple hospital. right now police do not have a motive. developing to night, washington is still split over what our country's role should be with israel. it comes aft the obama administration's decision to abstain from vote in the united nations. >> it allowed resolution to pass condemning israel for their continued cement expansion in palestinian controlled territories. as one of the five permanent members of the un security council the u.s. could have voted the resolution as it has in the past for similar measures targeting israel. with just about three weeks to go, before he takes the oath of office, president-elect drum is that making it clear he intends to support israel going forward.
5:25 pm
>> we have different views. we have to have piece. we'll see what happens after january 20th, right? >> meanwhile israeli prime minister bet gentleman minute netanyahou accusing the white house of not just be a staining from the vote but actually having a hand in crafting it. netanyahou has yet to produce any evidence to back up the claim. >> russian officials believe there was no explosion now on board that plane that crashed into the black sea on christmas day. still they have not rule out a deliberate attempt to down that plane all 92 people on board were killed. crews are still searching for bodies and debris. thousands of fragments from the plane and other wreckage have already been pulled out of the sea as investigators try to determine what caused the crash. right now investigators are examining two flight recorders. syria, russia and turkey agree to a cease fire tonight in war torn syria. turkey's foreign minister says the cease fire will start at midnight tonight.
5:26 pm
the news comes as russian president vladimir putin announced syrian opposition groups and syrian government signed a truce deal. syria's foreign minister has welcomed the cease fire agreement saying today there is a quote real chance for a political cement. new york city police are going great lengths to make sure hundreds of thousands of people heading into the city for new year's are safe. the measures they are taking to ensure everyone rings in the new year without any trouble. drive through drama and it is all caught on video. what police say led to a woman attacking another driver as they waited for their fast food pick ups. >> scott? are you making plans for the up coming holiday weekend? maybe checking out the fireworks at penn's landing. i have your forecast as far as what to expect for new year's eve.
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♪ take a look at this guy. he's facing charges to night for atm robbery in king of prussia. police say 25-year-old jamal good win robbed a man at gun point earlier this month at the wells fargo bank on dekalb pike. the victim was not hurt. goodwin is in the chester county prison tonight with bail set at $25,000 cash. starting on sunday the city of philadelphia is stepping up its fight to keep tobacco away from children. the department of public health says it is going to prohibit new tobacco retailer permits win two blocks of any k through 12 school. they're also capping how many stores can sell cigarettes and
5:30 pm
cigars by only allowing one tobacco retailer permit per 1,000 people in each district of the city. they say times square is the crossroads of the world. it will sure look like it this weekend. on saturday around million people will pack midtown manhattan to usher in 2017. >> that's all? as rick leventhal fels us you better believe the nyp is stepping up security ahead of this very big night. >> reporter: big events like new year's eve bring big safety concerns for new york city. while the nypd says there are no specific threats, security measures will be strictor than ever just in case. >> everybody knows that the eyes of the world are upon times square on ne new year's eve nig. >> suspected terrorist drove a truck through a crowded christmas market in berlin killing 12. to prevent similar tack on new year's eve 65 sand trucks will block side streets serving as barriers around times square. >> we'll have one of the most
5:31 pm
well-policed best protected events at one of the safe test venues in the entire world given all the assets that we deploy here. >> reporter: thousands of uniformed officers will patrol the crossroads of the world and revelers will have to go through at least two checkpoints to go in and. >> loot you will see and as usual a lot you will not see. that's that combination that keeps us safe. >> reporter: nearby hotels, theaters and parking garages are already being swept and secured. mailboxes and trash cans removed and manhole covers sealed shut. hundreds of surveillance cameras will be monitored. and heavily armed cops will eye ball the crowd from land, air and sea. if you plan on joining the pear this year, the nypd says leave your alcohol, your backpacks and your umbrellas at home. in times square, rick leventhal, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a soggy day out there. like london out there. so wet and damp. >> foggy. >> some of his to clear snow off their cars this morning. so how are things looking for news years, your full forecast
5:32 pm
coming up in 15 seconds. >> it certainly was damp and dreary to start the day. we had that snow far north and west. about quarter of an inch of rain fell around the delaware valley and now we're talking about blustery and colder weather conditions. there could be some flurries around friday north and west but what about the upcoming holiday weekend. we have that forecast in just a few moments. but take look at ultimate doppler earlier in the day we saw a lot of that moderate to heavy rain kind of overtake the area. first thing this morning when you were watching sue. she was tracking some of that snow toward the lehigh valley along with the pocono mountains. parts of the poconos saw about 5-inches of snow. but most of that rain now moving up the coast into parts of new england. a lot of heavy snow expected for
5:33 pm
places like maine also just outside of the boston area as well as that system kind of wraps up and those winds really start to pick up there. for us those temperatures are dropping. low 40s right now in millville. 44 atlantic city. we have 30s already on the map, 36 popular number. pottstown, reading along with allentown. so for tonight, we continue to decrease the clouds, but the winds they will be picking up gusting up to 30 miles an hour. so 30 in the burbs. 33 degrees in the city. so any leftover moisture could refreeze but most of it will be evaporating overnight. 41 tomorrow. blustery in center city. feels like temperatures for most tomorrow will be in the 20s. there could be some flurries especially toward lehigh valley with a-39. but once again feels like temperatures will be in the 20s. take look at future wind gusts by midnight we're talking about winds gusting 20, 30 miles an hour and during the day those winds still will be gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour down the shore.
5:34 pm
so that will make it feel even colder. now what about the holiday fox cast. as we move toward your saturday, temperatures top out in the low 40s and then going out weather to check out the fireworks bundle up it will be colder temperatures falling into the 30s. right around midnight temperatures 37 in philadelphia as we ring in the new year. it should be dry. now for new year's day we're talking milder conditions temperatures topping out in the upper 40s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you, blustery conditions for friday. possible flurries far north and west. temperatures top out right around 41. but once again with those wind it will feel generally in the 20s for much of the day. 43 on saturday. then upper 40s as we move toward sunday look at the milder temperatures first part of the next week. nearing 60 by tuesday but little bit of a trade off because we have that threat for some rainfall both monday and into tuesday. back over to you. >> all right, scott. thank you.
5:35 pm
parents trust schoolbus drivers with their students lives. what students say they caught one bus driver doing behind the wheel that had them calling their parents in panic. plus -- thought his dad came down from heaven. >> a mom in tears her son thrilled what was left on his dad's grave that made his christmas. ahead at 6:00 o'clock this tiny bug may look harmless. think again. where this little guy just showed up in our area.
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♪ wild scene caught on video in st. petersburg florida. it happened back in october but police are just releasing this footage now. take a look. a woman gets out of her car at a drive through and slaps the driver in front of her. the woman was hurt but now police are trying to find her. they say it all stemmed from a case of road rage and that woman could face felony charges if she's found. connecticut schoolbus driver facing serious charges to night after photos and videos allegedly show him falling asleep behind the wheel while students were on board.
5:39 pm
police say terrified students took these photos of paul picksly who fell asleep at the wheel nearly a dozen times that day. according to the arrest warrant the 55-year-old bus driver told police he had taken methadone but he was no longer a drug addict. the police -- the bus company says picksly passed a drug screening when they hired him in july. a heart-warming story now out of alabama. a toddler who lost his father found very special gift waiting for him at his dad's gravesite. the boy is just two years old. his dad a police officer in texas died in april when his car went off the road and crashed into a tree. his mother says the little boy thought his dad had forgotten about him on christmas but when he and his mom went to the cemetery on chris mass morning there was a box of toys at his dad's gravesite. the two-year-old says his dad came down from heaven to give him christmas gift. >> the first thing that he said when he opened up the present
5:40 pm
was mommy, i'm so excited to know that my daddy has blessed me because he thought that his daddy had forgotten him and that, um, daddy forgot to leave him a present. >> so touching it turns out a family friend left the box of presents. the toys will be left at the gravesite so the little boy can go to the cemetery and play with his father. tonight the police touch museum celebrating the festival of lights on this sixth night of hanukkah. folks of all religions learning about the jewish holiday tonight. among the activities making your own dreidels, lighting a menorah and musical performance by the west philadelphia orchestra. it is a race against the clock. the nation's largest drug lab is trying to stay ahead of the next drug concoction before it has deadly consequences. what the drug enforcement agency is using to stay ahead of the curve. and hollywood still in shock tonight over the death of debbie reynolds. just one day after the death of her own daughter. so can you really die of a broken heart? our dr. mike
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♪ scary moments caught on camera in the city's feltonville neighbor. police say a man walked into the jv food market along the 4800 block of grands back street and demanded money from a worker. investigators say the man said he had a gun and kept his hand in his pocket. bad news for the bad guy, though, he left the store empty handed. no one was hurt. happening now, the world is mourning the death of actress
5:45 pm
debbie reynolds. hollywood legend died yesterday one day after her daughter actress carrie fisher passed away. reynolds reported hal a stroke but many people are thinking we talked about this she died of a broken heart. >> yeah, is that really possible? fox 29 medical contributor dr. mike cirigliano stopped by "good day philadelphia" to fill us in. >> it happens much it's called a broken heart syndrome. if you lose a loved one it's common that the spouse or loved one dies. in fact, your risk of having a heart attack and stroke doubles in the next 30 days after losing a loved one. now there's a lot of theories about how this happens. one, increased blood pressure. increased heart rate. you're very emotionally stressed out. but it can also be due to platelets. via little video here. platelets are the things that circulate through your blood. see the little white thing in there? they allow you if you get cut to heal up and stop
5:46 pm
bleeding. when you are depressed, they actually get a little more activated so you are at hire risk of getting a clot. so if you think, disturb dr. mike also stressed the importance of showing support for anyone who suffers the loss of a loved one. he says if they start showing signs depression see a doctor and seek counseling. you can watch dr. mike's full interview from this morning on our website just click on the good day tab. the race is on to find the next killer street drug it's high tech and high risk. illicit drugs are constantly being restructured to try to get around the laws. >> fox' gets inside act stress to some of the latest weapons in the war on drug. ♪ >> reporter: this nondescript warehouse somewhere in south florida -- >> we are the southeast laboratory and we cover the southeast region of the united states and the caribbean. >> reporter: is home to the ft. knox of illegal street dru
5:47 pm
drugs. >> here you can have methamphetamine and oxycodone, steroids. we have marijuana, cocaine, marijuana, synthetics flavonoids, heroin, cocaine. >> reporter: the cases in the back. >> these are bulk what they call bulk submissions which are key loyd's of cocaine. over here in the back is that corner the candy which actually has fentanyl. >> reporter: we're inside the feather recall drug enforcement agency's largest lab in the united states. the dea lab deals with new drug compounds so vast and dangerous the location isn't publicized. it's a new danger not just for the public but also for the law enforcement. simply breathe of bringing potent illegal drug samples here from dea busts means suiting. >> we go number eight which is this hazmat suit that you see here. >> reporter: taking extreme precautions. >> chin first. >> it's very dangerous. >> reporter: before chemists can even analyze them.
5:48 pm
lab coat is a must, proper shoes, gloves and goggles. >> reporter: the reason arise in synthetic opioids including one that's 50 times more potent than heroin and belows morphine away. >> 100 times more potent than morphine and actual go through your skin and if you inhale it, it can cause death. >> reporter: fentanyl it has legitimate medical uses like pain relief for cancer patients. delivered in time released patch. on the street illicit pill can kill instantly. >> we have unknown pink powder. i'm grinding and sifting. >> you've got your sample. >> i have my sample. everything is cleaned up. and we're going to run it on an instrument. i'm going to run the sample. report roar this sample it's clear of fentanyl but that doesn't mean we're in the clear. this unnope and others can be just as if not more dangerous. >> this area is still considered -- >> hot side. >> hot side. what does that mean.
5:49 pm
>> this is the side where we have all the potential dangers, solvents the components. >> okay. >> that's what you have black list. >> illegal drug makers play chemists. >> things are constantly changing. >> changing the structure of compounds ever so slightly trying to stay ahead of the law. how often do you find something new using this instrumentation? >> the amount of new compounds that we're seeing is increasing within the last two years with the synthetic flavonoids, cap pi phones and fentanyl. >> reporter: that translates from anything to bath salts to elephant tranquilizer to the deadly synthetic opioid known as pink. dea has a secret weapon. instrumentation allows to us put the molecule back together. >> reporter: this half million dollar machine called nuclear resonance spec tromm meter and one of the most powerful instruments a crime lab have can have identify new compounds. isn't we'll be able to say to
5:50 pm
our agents to our, um, dea headquarters this a new compound we're seeing on the streets. >> reporter: all this only a small fracture of the killer street drugs they have on hand here. >> be aware that to me is that it is truly playing russian roulette. do you not know what you're going to get. >> reporter: and eighths constant race to stay ahead of the next deadly compound. the camden county sheriffs office is thanking its members for their service. they presented exceptional duty awards to 13 officers tonight as well as an employee of the month award. the sheriff's office says these members consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. they're being recognized for the positive impact they have on the counsel too. they were shopping for a plant at a nursery but they didn't leave way shrub or any flowers. what they got away with has a man furious and heart broken. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock, why is this teen
5:51 pm
doing push ups in front of a police officer? why the officer says this exercise is keeping that teenager out of jail. and this little bug may look harmless, but experts say think again. where this destructive little guy just showed up in our area. about bassett.
5:52 pm
you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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♪ >> in the tampa bay area of florida the owner of a plant nursery says this couple told him they were shopping for a plant. but they left with one of the man's beloved pets. surveillance pictures show the
5:55 pm
couple picking up a cat. the owner says the two then hopped in their car and drove away. the two even complimented him how pretty his cats were. he is pretty confident they did not mistake them for strays. 2016 was a major political year in the united states. with one of the most bitterly fought presidential elections in recent history from bruising primary battles to nail biting general election night. the past year really reshape the american political landscape going forward. >> fox's joel waldman has a look back on the wild year in politics. i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. >> reporter: it's one biggest surprises to come out of 2016 hillary clinton's loss to donald trump in the race to become the 45th president of the united states. >> our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love. >> reporter: after long and expected primary race with
5:56 pm
independent senator bernie sanders clinton quickly became the odds on favorite but pre election polls proved to be off. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. >> reporter: trump who fought a bruising primary against 16 gop rivals not only want won a skies si seive victory in key battle grounds swept wisconsin, michigan and north carolina traditionally blew states where clinton seemed to have a lock. striking a conciliatory tone, the new president-elect he praised on the woman he mocked throughout the campaign as crooked hillary. >> we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. [ applause ] >> reporter: within days of his win, trump met with president obama who promised a smooth transition process. green party candidate jill stein, however, was not so cooperative. filing recount petitions in several close states citing the possibility of election fraud and computer hacking as the
5:57 pm
reason. >> this is about the american voters who deserve to have a voting system we can trust. >> reporter: one of the big issues of the presidential campaign had to do with future makeup of the supreme court. that point was underscored by the death in february of conservative justice ant tow nine scalia who died of natural causes while hunting in texas. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most cons consequence shall judges and think kearse to serve on the supreme report. >> reporter: president obama nominated mer rhett garmin it any of mater it out of the senate judiciary commit tie. it should be the next president who chooses his row place. >> the president has an absolute right to, you know, to submit a name and to, you know, pick a person. on the other hand it's the senate's right to confirm or not couldn't philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: senate minority leader harry reid had pushed through a bill lowering the threshold of votes required for
5:58 pm
judicial nominee accepted supreme court retired from the senate after serving for 30 years. >> i didn't make it because of my good looks. i didn't make the because i'm a genius. i made it because i worked hard. >> reporter: this senate also paid tribute to outgoing vice-president joe biden who also served three decades in the chamber. >> new york democrat chuck schumer will take over for mr. reid when the senate returns in 2017. but remains to be seen what kind of working relationship he'll have with the new president whom he shares a long history as new yorker. in washington, at the capitol, joel waldman, fox news. did you ever think a year ago we'd be saying president-elect trump? >> no. it was definitely an interesting election. >> that's how crazy it was. >> fox fuse at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ >> it's just absolutely ridiculous. it's down right evil when you think about it. because at some point in time, you knew who you were firing at. >> a major break tonight as
5:59 pm
devastated family and friends say goodbye to a long-time store owner. ♪ >> what are you thinking? that was dumb. you going to go to jail for something cup dumb in. >> a kind cop trying to keep teenager out of trouble. >> i just wanted to do it as learning tool. >> reporter: what he offered him so he could avoid going to jail. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. at 6:00 o'clock we have major developments in the tragic murder that left a community of south philadelphia in absolute shock. police have arrested this man and charged him with murder. it comes days after the christmas eve murder of 81-year-old marie buck. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. police say the killer didn't even take anything from the
6:00 pm
store. he just fired, ran off leaving the beloved store owner dead. fox 29's dave kinchen has been talking to investigators. he's outside philadelphia police headquarters with the latest information. dave? >> reporter: it's those investigator who's say they've literally been working on this case throughout the holiday weekend, and they say the motive appears to be revenge. maurice green the man philadelphia police say shot and killed 81-year-old marie buck the owner of this south philadelphia grocery store. >> they called her aunt marie. she was just like an extended family member. >> reporter: memorial gross outside the store buck owned for more than four decades at the corner of sixth and titan close-knit neighbors struggling to understand the senseless killing but thankful for an arrest. >> she was a loving and most caring person. i know her husband loved everybody around here. >> hopefully they found the right person because, you know, we need justice for marie r report police revealing only


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