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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he just fired, ran off leaving the beloved store owner dead. fox 29's dave kinchen has been talking to investigators. he's outside philadelphia police headquarters with the latest information. dave? >> reporter: it's those investigator who's say they've literally been working on this case throughout the holiday weekend, and they say the motive appears to be revenge. maurice green the man philadelphia police say shot and killed 81-year-old marie buck the owner of this south philadelphia grocery store. >> they called her aunt marie. she was just like an extended family member. >> reporter: memorial gross outside the store buck owned for more than four decades at the corner of sixth and titan close-knit neighbors struggling to understand the senseless killing but thankful for an arrest. >> she was a loving and most caring person. i know her husband loved everybody around here. >> hopefully they found the right person because, you know, we need justice for marie r report police revealing only
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some of the evidence ripping 31-year-old green to the crime. >> there's video tape of him parking the vehicle, walking down towards the store, minutes before the murder, right after the murder, fleeing the scene getting back into that vehicle and leaving. >> reporter: homicide detectives say ma row was shot 11 times in the chest at point blank range. the motive christmas eve revenge for an 11 theft. >> the decedent had a grandson who the suspect believes had something to do with stealing his expensive chain. as a result of that, he was demanding money back from him. he never gave it back to him. he showed up at the store because he thought the grandson was going to be there working. grandson was not. and very sadly he shot and killed the grandmother. >> as district attorney we'll do all we can working with the police to ensure that this murderer, you know, has his justice in court. >> reporter: as prosecutors pursue their case, neighbors offer prayers for marie buck's heart broken family. >> my heart go out to her family
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even just say i love her, and i hope her family the best. >> reporter: well, police say the suspect new buck's grandson through dealing drugs together allegedly and we are told that green has 15 priors mostly related to drug charges. dawn? >> all right, david, so sad. marie buck's family, friends and neighbors are get ready to attend her viewing. this is a live look at the funeral home in south philadelphia. visitation starts at 7:00 tonight. new information comes in on this tragic story, you can get updates around the clock on our website just head to turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. a cloudy and wet day across the delaware valley. taking live look at very damp allentown tonight. not everyone saw rain, though. some of us got a coating of snow. let's check in with our scott william. >> scott, when is all of this out of here? >> well, most of the rainfall has ended. the cloud cover that will be moving out. but the temperatures they will be dropping and the wind will be
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picking up. but look at ultimate doppler. the first part of the day we saw some of that moderate to heavy rainfall along i-95 into parts of south jersey and delaware. about quarter of an inch of rain but far north and west it was cold enough for some snow in particular in the pocono mountains. we saw about 5.2-inches poconos summit, mount pocono just little over four and a half inches. 2-inches for bush kill township and huffs church about 1.1-inches. about a coating around the allentown area. but look at those temperatures right now. 30 mount pocono. 30s north and west. low 40s right now in philadelphia. 41 in millville and 43 in atlantic city. so temperatures for tonight, 33 in the city. 30 in the burbs. clouds moving out of here but turning blustery those winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour by midnight as we go hour with hour. look at future wind gusts. gusting on average about 30 miles per hour across the region. so as we focus on those weather headlines it turns blustery and
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colder coming up we'll talk about some flurries for friday and that holiday all important weekend forecast as we ring in the new year across the area. back over to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. taking live look at the philadelphia international airport now, did you get a new device for the holidays? be sure to download the fox 29 weather authority app. you can get weather alerts sent right to your phone. disturbing allegations tonight in radnor. the town's former commissioner charged with indecent assault. william sanger glory assault add person with a mental disability. they were call to the wayne nursing home last week after an employee reported that they saw the 75-year-old spangler having inn appropriate contact with a 103-year-old resident on mull pell occasions. that victim according to police has dementia and other disorders that make her completely unable to did he fiend herself. tonight a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter are
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recovering at a hospital a day after being found in the woods near richmond, virginia. family members of 71-year-old barbara briely and five-year-old la meyer rah tell us they're both doing okay. the pair had been stranded for days after disappearing while on their way from mays landing, new jersey, to north carolina carl to celebrate christmas f phone interview today of barbara's nieces wanted to get a message out to the public. >> we thank everybody for their prayers and their willingness to go out and search with the family to find our loved ones and bring them back safely to us. >> happy ending there but the circumstances of just how they ended up there are still a mystery. police say, though, foul play is not suspected. >> reporter: condolences after the unexpected passing debbie reynolds. 84-year-old academy award nominee died yesterday. >> only one day after her daughter actress carrie fisher passed away. family members say the stress of
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fisher's death on tuesday was just too much for debbie reynolds. she is perhaps best known for her roles in singing in the rain and the unsing al molly brown. the actress received an honorary oscar back in 2013. gene her she was humanitarian award but was too sick to a 10 the ceremony at the time. reynolds was reportedly planning her daughter's funeral at her son's beverly hills home when she suffered a stroke. arrangements for both debbie reynolds and carrie fisher are still pending. happening now, some parking restrictions going into effect as we speak as the city gets ready for the mum% parade sund sunday. expect lots of blocked off roads which along the parade route which starts at city hall, moves its way south to washington avenue on new year's day. parking and driving is prohibited all over center city, and south philadelphia. we have complete look of where you can and cannot drive. you can go to it on our website well, with new year's eve just few days away police are making sure that everyone stays
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safe as they ring in 2017. police are reminding residents not to fire their weapons into the air. they not only risk facing serious charges but they can hurt someone. joel, is living proof of that. on new year's eve back in 1998 at just 11 years old joe was hit in the head by a bullet that was fired into the air in south philadelphia. the now 29-year-old has been paralyzed ever since. he says he's lot of count of the dozens of surgeries he's had to have. >> what goes up must come down. i can't believe that people think that once it goes up it gets sucked into outerspace. it's crazy. >> it sure is. philadelphia police say they received more than 130 reports of gunshots fired on new year's eve last year. president obama is taking major action to retaliate against russia for the election
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hacking that he says ultimately hurt hillary clinton's campaign. among them giving the boot to 35 russian operatives. fox news correspondent david lee miller has more. >> reporter: the obama administration making good on its issuing a set of nine different sanctions. the treasury secretary has designated two russian individuals for using cyber enable means. 35 russian operatives have been ordered to leave the country. two diplomatic compounds related to russian are cleaved being closed one in maryland and one in new york. they'll be shuddered at noon on friday. and the department of homeland security and the fbi are releasing declassified technology information on russian civilian and military intelligence in statement president obama saying "these actions followed repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the russian government and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm u.s. interests. >> i'm not really sure this would be a very strong response. yes, it's a big move publicly
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there's some pr here. so sort of a slap on the wrist. i guess better than nothing but not exactly tough tough stuff. >> i think it's fair to say that this is in fact an escalation and, yes, if you ask me i do believe that there's room to do more and that we should be doing more. >> reporter: russian foreign ministry reactioning to the sanctions calling them counter productive adding they will hard restoration of ties between russia and the us. president obama says his administration will provider a report to congress in the coming days about what he calls quote efforts to enter fear in our election. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. spokesman for russian president vladimir putin says moscow will consider retaliation in response to those sanctions. u.s. customs and border protection agents make alarming find inside a shipment of clem men tynes shipped to camden, new jersey. this bug called a med fly. kit absolutely destroy crops once it makes its way inside fruit and lays egg. officials quarantined the entire
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shipment of clem men tynes. back in the 1980s a med fly infestation was responsible for billions of dollars worth of losses in the state of california. are you running on empty? well you better fill up now. pennsylvania is about to raise its gas tax. so how much more will you be dishing out to fill her up? >> why is this teenager doing push ups in front of a police officer? the rather dumb thing the officer says that teen was doing before he started to exercise.
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♪ pennsylvania drivers are already paying the highest gas tax in the country but there's more bad news. the price to fill up is about to go even higher in the commonwealth. >> those changes they take effect in just three days. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from south philadelphia and brad, penndot is defending the gas hike. >> reporter: yeah, dawn, they are. as you'll hear in just a moment. you know just two months after new jersey passed a gas tax
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increase now pennsylvania doing the same. the result of a law that was actually passed by the legislature in harrisburg back in 2013. gas stations don't have to pass this extra cost on to consumers but it's probably a pretty safe bet that they will. it seems the ups and downs of gas prices -- >> got to go to work. got pay it. >> what are we going to do? we got to drive. we got to get places. >> reporter: they just don't seem to shock us much any more but this might. petroleum experts say pennsylvania's gas tax is the highest in the country and come sunday it will go even higher. >> we'll see gas tax increase to hit january 1st it will solidify itself as the highest in the country by not just pennies but close to dime or more. >> reporter: sitting at 70 cents a gallon the gas tax increases 8 cents at the wholesale levels since gas stations will have to pay it they'll likely pass it on to us at the pump. penndot says there are more state highway miles in pennsylvania than in new jersey, new york and all of new england combined so it costs more to get
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state's roads and bridges up to par. >> we've been able to cut the number of structurally deficient bridges from a-of 6,034 back in 2008 to roughly 3600 now. >> reporter: increase at the final phase of attacks hike passed by state lawmakers in 2013. >> in 2013, we were awarding about 1.6 billion a year in work. now we're up to about 2.4 billion. that translates into many more miles of improvement. >> reporter: widening rout route 322 west of chester in delaware county it's about get started. >> a lot of traffic. a lot of accidents. and i'm staying off of it. >> reporter: all the price of progress and with last months 233 gas tax hike in new jersey crossing the delaware isn't the bargain it used to be either. it's all enough to have us yelling (beep). >> that beep came at just the right time there we talk to one woman who says that filling up will cost her about $40. that's about $10 more than she had been paying but it's all about $20 cheaper than when gas
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was at its highest. that woman, dawn, we call an optimist. back to you. [ laughter ] >> all right. i'm not looking forward to it. i'll tell you that much. thanks brad. in texas police officer who decided to take justice into his own hands is making had he lin lines. >> he decided to give a teen a second chance. officer eric ball was working his off duty job as a security guard at a movie theater when someone told him a teen was smoking pot right outside. well the officer said he saw the teenager drop isn't marijuana. that teen would have faced a misdemeanor citation but instead the officer let him do push ups as punish many and second chances are something officer ball knows first hasn't about. >> you know, which is my mentor. he look out for me. i just wanted to do it as a learning tool. you can do 200 push ups or go to jail. >> the officer said when the teen was done all the push ups
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he shook the officers hand, gave him hug and said he was sorry. >> i like that. >> yeah. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take look at our pocono mountains cameras. a fresh coat of snow here on blue mountain thanks to some early morning snow falling not a whole lot i'm sure skiers will take what they can get. fox 29 meteorologist scott williams has been following it all for us. >> scott, i'm actually loving that shot of the poconos. snow but most us saw rain today. >> absolutely. most of us saw about quart of an inch of rainfall, chris, that rain has moved out of the delaware valley. we have some leftover clouds, but some clearing across the area as well. but it will be turning blustery and colder take look at the storm system moving toward parts of new england. it's really wrapping up around the boston area as you move toward interior sections of new england. winter storm warnings are posted some locations just outside of boston could see over a foot of snow. those winds are going to be how long as well toward the north of
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us. but for us we're looking at winds of change as well. temperatures north and west upper 30s in berks county also allentown looking at 38. 43 right now philadelphia. millville already dipping down to 36 degrees. we have 36 in doylestown this evening. upper 30s in parts of chester county as well. so for tonight, it will be cold and blustery. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour by midnight and then during the day tomorrow it stays pretty gusty as well. high temperatures for tomorrow, generally in the upper 30s to low 40s. but those are the air temperatures when you factor in that wind tomorrow wind chills will be in the 20s for much of the area. so about 41 center city. upper 30s in the lehigh valley with those flurries and look at future wind gusts. during the overnight we're watching those winds really start to howl and pick up across the area. by tomorrow afternoon around lunch winds gusting right around 30 miles an hour pretty much on average across the area. so that holiday forecast, we're
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talking temperatures in the 30s. so it will be chilly. it looks like it will be dry for new year's eve. the new year's day temperatures top out in the upper 40s. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you chilly for the next couple of days it turns milder on sunday. new year's day upper 40s nearing 50. showers around monday into tuesday. and tuesday some locations will flirt with 60 degrees. back over to you. all right. crazy weather there. >> sure is. >> tom srendenschek in with sports. i tell you beginning of the season this weekend i had it circle on the calendar. >> especially when they started three and zero. the nfl has division games to finish the season. eagles and cowboys was going to mean something. here we go eagles will play the cowboys preparing for cowboys team head fog the playoffs. for the eagles another post season without game. one veteran says he's ago with the process and carson wept plays santa but some are raising a hum bug eye brow. what he bought and what hess teammates are saying next in sports.
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♪ christmas coming late for the eagles offense is he line. quarterback carson wentz is buying each one of them a beretta shotgun with each players number engraved on the bust of the gun. cease fire pa immediately responded saying they will get each player a gun lock for their
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safety. carson wentz appreciate wagon they did up front for him all season and today the players appreciative of carson as well. >> that's really cool one. really thoughtful and it's kind of, you know, tells i was little bit about carson. i was definitely excited about it. >> are you a hunter or anything like that. >> not really but might have to try now. >> carson can do whatever he wants i'm real appreciative. it's a gift. i know he meant it, you know, we appreciate this. >> eagles season will end sun day without trip to the playoffs for the third straight year. it's strange for veteran players like malcolm jenkins who played in six play off games in five years with new orleans and won a super bowl with the saints in 2010. >> that's on par for a guy who played eight years in the leag league. it's hard thing to do. winning in this league is not easy. i recognize that. so, you know, although it's frustrating, um, i do understand there's a process to building
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teams. there's process to winning right now we're going through that. >> more eagles coming up sunday at 10:00 on fox 29 "game day live". all nfc double header. cowboys/ooh against, giants sned/redskins. redskins beat the giants the 3 3nfc players in the playoffs. >> death of former lavelle edwards. he died today at age 86 complications after breaking his hip. how about these numbers. 29 years at byu. 257 wins. national championship. heisman trophy winner. great nfl quarterback steve young jim mcmahon and spring board for great nfl coaches like mike holy again and andy reid. you talk to andy reid about the guys that got him to where he is the first name he mentions is lavelle edwards the people that andy groomed for the nfc trays the tree right back to lavelle edwards. >> didn't come from a big
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program. >> no. a men for for a lot of people. great guy. >> thanks tom. >> all right. how we looking for the holiday weekend coming. >> we're drying out right now after today's rain and snow. some locations in the poconos so about 5-inches of snow most of us saw about a quarter of an inch of rain. the rain is moving out, but what's moving in blustery conditions for your friday. highs in the upper 30s, low 40s but wind chills will be in the 20s. that could be some flurries especially north and west. it looks dry for the holiday weekend. >> all right. thank you scott. tonight at 10:00 a new jersey mom signs her son up for cub scouts. the scouts found out a secret about her son. he got the boot. >> why this mom was of wants an apology. that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] did she die of a broken heart. >> can someone actually die of a broken heart. >> there is something called broken heart syndrome. >> the shocking death of debbie reynolds, and her last interview with "inside edition." >> i'd like to clear this all up before i kick the bucket. >> what she wanted to set right before she died. plus, meltdown in the air. their fellow passengers cheer as they're taken off the plane. >> just wait until you hear what happened next. >> then, america on high alert. after the attack in berlin, fears of terrorism this new year's eve. >> what do you say to people who are just afraid to leave the house? >> is it safe to go to bi


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