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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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, sort of, the eagles hosting the cowboys the season finally on sunday with little on the line here. we will look at some of the players, who may be wearing midnight green for the last time. my twitter. >> what. >> hey mike, welcome back. happy new years. lol. okay. all righty. >> that annoys thaw people say happy new years. >> it is like when they say happy valentine. >> happy valentines. >> i have never heard that. >> happy valentine's day. >> i never heard that. >> valentines. >> where have i been. >> do you know valentine candy is out. >> you just said valentine. >> doh.
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>> i'm one of those people. >> i have never heard that. >> happy valentine. >> a lot of times in philadelphia we approximate word. you take notice. >> so if you just joined us at 7:00, what are you thinking? you have to have something better on. i notice somebody said yesterday, happy new years. it is happy new year. >> only mike would get annoyed by that. >> yes. >> and then i get a text yesterday afternoon saying we will have party favors if you want to use it on the air tomorrow because most of the staff won't be there. >> right. >> but, feel free to use these party favors to pretend like it is new years eve. >> this is what was left on my test being.
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>> yeah. >> celebration. >> purple and black. >> wow, wow, wow. >> hey, good day, it is december 30th. it is in the new year's eve. >> but it is another holiday. it is still hanukkah. it is also kwanzaa. it is your daughter's day. >> it is nia day of kwanzaa, fifth day of kwanzaa and her name means purpose swahili. >> okay. why not the sixth day. >> there is another one. >> there is another one. >> you knew, what was the purpose. >> what was the purpose. my daughter has one because she is the one who needs it and her name is nia. >> where are we going ? number of day. five out of ten. probably will end up being a six, because we will see some sunshine but you could get a snow squall, that is right because it is so cold and so
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windy. some of that lake effect snow will enter our area bus stop buddy is ready for all of it. he is still wearing eagles gear for that last game on sunday, you will see some of those lake effect snow stream ers, coming down from lake erie, we have had a few flurries, already this morning , and there is a look at the menorah here at independent mall. we have 35 degrees. it feels like 27 out there. sunrise in a few. forty-one is our high. blustery. all day. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. 29 degrees tonight with clearing skies. we have five out of ten today. the let's check traffic for your try morning, we will start off with a look at the vine street expressway, of course, opened after the overnight construction and not too many cars on the roadway. in delaware we have an accident that happened on i-95 north bound, near the off ramp to route 202. we understand there had been some icy conditions there overnight. we did have that rape yesterday.
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so, anything that was liquid, froze, overnight, and society ways with the the route 15 trolley still shuttle busing due to a long term closure of richmond street and that is because of construction. that shuttle busing situation continues for you, and high seed line, path companies, between philadelphia and lindenwald, they have changed their schedule because they are anticipating folks leaving office early and wanted to get start started on that holiday weekend. she was loved by everybody you can see that. you can see that. >> you can see that, by the huge lines, and all of the people, that came out to pay their respects, to a with man loved by so many. >> and steve has her story, in an update from south philadelphia, steve. >> reporter: well, people of south philadelphia are so nice i'm inside st. mary magdellan church, and we're not encroaching on anything. i wanted to show marie buck loved christmas.
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she loved this church. but look at how christmasy this church looks. that is eddie over there who was the keeper here, getting the mass stuff ready. you can see the candle there that big candle there that is always in front of the casket. i was an alter boy, i know this stuff. look at poinsettias, treason both side of the alter. chris will spin around. they have wreaths on all of the windows and more trees in the balcony, more wreath is above where the organ is, and this is why marie buck loved christmas. this is why she loved this church. now lets get to the ugly part of the story. yesterday before the funeral, before her viewing, the homicide teams, squad one, as they are known, did a wonderful job simply because these guys came in on christmas, they were just as outraged as the whole city was by having an 81 year-old grandmother, lovely grocery store owner, just 4 feet ten in stature, petit woman with a huge heart and she stood tall
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in south philadelphia. everybody loved her this guy 31 year-old maurice green who we learn just grew up four blocks up south sixth sleet in the sixth and carpenter area from marie's grocery at sixth and titan. charged with killing her. he was involved with her grandson, the shocking fact that came out yesterday this he were drug dealing together. he thought grandson and another guy came to his house where he lives now in overbrook, and stole his goal chain worth five grand. never made a police report because criminals never report when other criminals are stealing there them or anybody is stealing there them but he was always arrested, maurice green in, south philadelphia where he grew up dealing drugs , 16 times that we know of, last two times in march and may of this year. this arrest will stick, in low bail like he got earlier this year, 15 grand first time, ten grand second time and back outside on the streets. to back out on the street for him likely ever again. >> the decedent had a grandson
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who the suspect believes had something to to with stealing his expensive chain. as a result of that he was demanding money back from him. he never gave it back to him. he showed up at the store because he thought grandson would be there working, the grandson was not and very sadly he shot and killed the grandmother. he opened up the door, he never fully even was inside, one step inside of the store, and then he fired, a multiple times striking her 11 times in the chest. there is video tape of him parking the vehicle, walking down toward the store, minutes before the murder, right after the murder, fleeing the scene, getting back inside that vehicle and leaving. we have help from the public, we have anonymous tips that came in so we have a lot of different things that tie him into the scene. we will try to end this ugly story, in this ugly holiday season on a nice note if i can get the word out. you see the holiday set up here next to the alter, you
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see a christmas tree. you see candles, catholics. we light people a candle. is there a nativity scene. this is where marie buck spent time. look at top of the tree you see an angel, chris to the right. there is an angel we know this angel marie buck looking over south philadelphia forever. >> that is for sure. >> what a really nice sentiment, steve. that is the truth. >> that is the truth. >> what a beautiful church. all right. i wish we had better news but here's another really bad story. >> this is disturbing. is there a former elect official there delaware county now accused of a pretty despicable crimes. prosecutors say he assaulted a woman who is 103 years old. >> unreal. >> there he is, william spangler is accused of assault ing this woman while visiting the wayne nursing home at least two staffers say they witt thesed the inappropriate contact on several occasions.
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this guy has been charged with indecent assault. he used to serve as a radnor township commissioner. >> it is 7:09. let's brighten the mood. we are getting ready for the big who will take this weekend new years eve. so excited about that. mummers and all of the festivities. that is right, jenny, again -- oh, never mind. jenny, the sunnies up and again where are you going to watch? what section of the city will you be in looking at the river >> reporter: for my big party tomorrow. i'll say center city. >> you are lying, okay. >> reporter: i will be in center city tomorrow but a lot of people will be town here for penns landing for fire works. we know they are happening at 6:00 p.m. and then again at midnight for anyone who want to hang out late night in the city, west philadelphia police want everybody to celebrate
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safely. while you are out counting down to the new year and celebrating with fire works, friend, and family, philadelphia police want you to remind people not to celebrate by firing a gun shot in the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jaskolka is living proof of the harm that can happen when people fire their guns in celebration. when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired in celebration. bullet remains lodged in his head and he has been paralyzed ever since. >> what goes up, must come down, i cannot believe that people think that once it goes up, it gets sucked into outer space. it is crazy. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city they want people to be careful and enjoy good, clean fun. many people will head over to
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broad street and watch a famous mummers day parade. a philadelphia tradition. expect to so lots of block off roads along the parade route which starts at city hall and moves south to washington avenue. on new years day there are parking and trying restrictions, through center city and south philadelphia. i'm pretty sure mr. steve keeley will be town at mummers take parade, i think he is working sun take morning. he will have you covered for that. it starts at 9:00 in the morning. if you weigh in a heads up on parking restrictions, you can find details on our web site, mike and karen. >> steve's working sunday morning. >> so that i can get to my parade. >> so you can go to your friend's house and stay up until dawn with your boyfriend >> reporter: oh, goodness. >> i think steve had to work all of the holidays. he work christmas eve. he worked all of them. >> reporter: i work christmas eve, i work thanksgiving. i work last friday. so jenny gets new year off.
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>> okay. >> but i want you home at a decent hour young lady. >> reporter: okay, okay poppa mike isn't that what the grand kid call you, poppa mike. >> you got it. >> have fun, jenny, thank you. 7:12. we have had so many development, every hour is there another development with this situation with russia. >> are you going to say tit for tat again. >> i am the not saying it. >> you want to say it. >> no, they keep going back and forth andes lacing in the the war of word what happened we said we will sanction them and ex-pull some of the russian tip mates. now they are saying that is what they want to to almost exact same number of diplomates. we will throw out 30 of your people. that is what is happening. >> i love when you talk international politics, karen. >> doug luzader is in d.c., hi there, doug. >> reporter: i'm willing to i said, tit for tat. this is in clear response to
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what the americans are talking about doing, and, yeah, this is a myriad russian foreign ministry russian president vladamire put thane they ex- pull 35 americans and close down a couple u.s. facilities in response to what president obama announced yesterday. president obama making his case against russia and by clear implication, vladamire putin. for starters, 35 russian officials are being expelled from the united states, and sent back to russia. the white house also announced series of sanctions targeting russian intelligence agencies. >> our bottom line is what russia has been engaged in over last few months and years is unacceptable outside norms of the diplomatic behavior and president is sending a message to tell them to cut it out. >> reporter: fbi and department of home land security issued a joint analysis of the the elects season hack ago this targeted the democratic national commit thee making it clear that russia was behind it. russia has denied any involvement and has promised to respond in kind. in a clearly skeptical
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president-elect donald trump a thensed wow meet with u.s. intelligence officials next week to learn more but his top advisors were talking about suggestions that the white house moves were really about targeting trump. >> these allegations, supposition is these sanctions are taking place is to box in president-elect trump forcing him to take a position or otherwise once he takes office i hope that this isn't motivated by politics even a little bit. >> reporter: russian foreign ministry believes president trump will ultimately reverse anything that president obama does and to drive that point home russian embassy to the uk posted this kind of tweet yesterday remind ago this president obama is a lame duck >> i get it, doug, happy new year. >> happy new year as well, have a great year. >> you too. we will see you monday. we are just days away from paying more, for gasoline.
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>> gas taxings up on sunday. >> gasoline taxis going up sunday. >> january 1st. >> yeah, january 1st. >> it will be eight sent every single gallon so that can add up quickly. state has the highest gas tax in the highest country. >> thank you. >> penndot says, it is because we have so many road. we have fifth largest highway system in the country and we maintain them this added tax will give us a added billion dollars for bridges and roads. >> in 2013 we were awarding about 1.6 billion in work and now we are up to 2.4 billion. that translates into many more miles of improvements. >> we have the fifth most roadways. >> biggest highway system in the whole country we get our turnpikes, highways, by ways. >> really. >> of course, callus your number one,. >> could be. >> florida, your texas. >> yeah. >> but we have all of the trucks that go from east coast west coast come right through
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pennsylvania. everyone of those highway songs. >> is that i80. >> yes. >> i80. >> are you taking route 66, that song. >> i was thinking of like, you know, when coming home on highway to grand mom's house, country road take me home. >> john denver. >> any of those songs i'm thinking about. >> i get my kicks on route 66. you may remember new jersey increased its gasoline tax by 23 cents a gallon, that was well, just last month. >> with you their is still lower. >> i don't know why i mention that had. it just came to the top of my head. doesn't soda tax go in effect sunday too. >> yes that will be going in help our early education for universal day care that should also go in effect. >> yes. >> paying more for that. >> you will not be buying sandwiches in a famous place. >> i don't understand why this is happening. iconic carnegie deli is closing at midnight tonight.
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tonight. legendary deli is on seventh avenue men for its mountainous sandwiches, shutting down after 79 years in business. lines to get into this lays new stretch around the block. the closing caps off a rough period for establishment including a nearly ten month closing due to an illegal gas hook up. um-hmm. as well as the highly publicized divorce of the owner. and a 2.6 million-dollar settlement over an employee wage dispute. yikes. all this just too heavy, they will close. >> people make that a tradition, people from our area may have done this you see a broadway show and go in there to the the deli and get your monster sandwich and split it with your friend, girl friend, your mother and kid. >> you have to get a dill pickle, they have them on the table. >> you join deli most amazing
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pickles. >> here's the thing, why doesn't somebody buy it, sue. >> i think -- >> why does it have to close. >> i think it should be you. >> mike's deli. >> it has to stay carnegie. >> you can call it carnegie mike but you have to keep carnegie mike. >> would it be carnegie mike or carnegie mike's. >> no s. >> now your graphic says happy new year. do you see? >> no happy new years. >> that is right. >> you know is what happening on at day. >> it is sue serio's anniversary. >> yes,. >> twenty-two years. well, almost, it is not tomorrow yet. >> this whole thing can come crashing down. >> don't count your new years before they hatch. 37 degrees is your midnight temperature on new year's eve
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and on you new year's day it looks good, high of 49. not bad at all n rain in the forecast, nothing else. we have this lake effect snow in upstate new york in western new york i should say and some of that is even spreading down into our area. as wind pick up there is a chance to sees an isolated snow squall at some point during the day-to-day because of the blustery wind, cold air moving in and around 2:00 in the morning on sunday, maybe in southern delaware you might see a sure or two but real rain moves in just as we get back to work on monday january e rain for morning rush hour. 35 degrees in philadelphia right now, but it doesn't feel like that with winds about ten to 15 miles an hour we have a 27-degree wind chill so dress for temperatures in the 20's today, and blustery all day long. wind calm down tomorrow, still chilly, 49 on sunday. rain rolls in on monday, last into tuesday morning, and still mild on wednesday, but
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we chill out gannon thursday. is there your seven take forecast. into the new year. lets see how folks are doing on this friday morning on the roads. we will start off with i-95 in delaware county near highland avenue, not the a lot of traffic at all. it has been that way with the kid off school and folks taking off this week. look at the bridge in south philadelphia, same story everybody is moving along just fine at platt bridge and we will tell you real quick about the big road closures. we have jfk boulevard closed between 15th and 20th on sunday for mummers parade and market street between 15th and 16th, plus, a broad street, will be closed from south penn square and washington avenue, for the duration of the mummers parade. >> gotcha, sue. 7:20. you ever write a tweet, send it, and then wish you could change it, almost instantly. >> yeah, i wish i could get that back. >> yes. >> twitter is going to allow
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you to he had it, how about that, why the ceo says he is considering this change for twitter. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. a lot of people are tweet ing. >> you know, the week, between christmas and new years, new years, yeah, whatever, a lot of people, we have a big audience because schools are out. people take time off. >> yes, i didn't realize that. i thought it was one of the least watched weeks. >> oh, no, no, no. >> oh, conn contrary. >> well, thank you for watching. >> it is cold. >> you don't have any honey because christmas is off, you are sitting around the house watching us. >> i got my credit card bill in the mail. >> oh, no. >> so, i was just talking about twitter.
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i would love to be able to ed it, many times when i have said something stupid on twit ter. lauren simoneti, i have not seen you in weeks. >> i'd like to edit you too, mike jerrick. welcome back. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> how are you. >> you know, i am not feeling so good actually. >> um. >> people rarely say that, when they say how are you to go. everybody goes i'm great. >> yes. >> i have a stomach issue. >> to you want to hear about it. >> no, i'll tell but twitter and editing. >> all right. >> ceo of twitter jack dorsey tweets out hey users, what changes to you want to see there us this is you this year so many people tweeted back, we want the ability to edit the our tweets. so i know, sometimes you have a typo, sometimes it is bad, you delete the whole tweet. it would be nice to fix that.
7:26 am
but here's the problem, we see this on facebook. they let you know when a post has been ed he had his it because with twitter, it is considered public record. what companies and people say that tweet is, it is iron clad , this many situations. so there should be a way if you are changing public record people know it has been updated. >> like somebody, just, about 20 minutes ago, were to me on twitter, mike, you are in rare from today. >> they wanted to say form. >> yes. >> before you go, i have a question, hatchimals, we hatched one on the show, and it sound like it is -- >> did you. >> it sound like it is saying love you but it can also say like, you know, instead, that is what parents are saying. >> oh, hug me could sound like um-hmm. okay. so hatchimals, this is the gift for 2016. so hard to get. seventy bucks.
7:27 am
first there were complaints they weren't hatching properly and people are posting you tube video showing curse word and swearing coming from these dirty little birds once they hatch. canadian company that makes them say it is impossible because they are programmed to speak gibberish but if you listen closely love me and oh, hug me sound like other terms. >> oh, hug me. >> well, we will say it does sound like that. that is what i thought i heard we were discussing it. >> love you. >> i love you too. >> while i was gone though weren't there stories of them not hatching at all. >> to she say that. >> yes. >> i was than the listening. >> people were complaining, calling customer service, getting disconnect. >> where is that woman going behind you, how come she gets to leave. >> she is leaving. where is she going. she's ignoring he. no she's still there. >> what is she to go,.
7:28 am
>> i don't know who that is, mike. >> let them know, get to know your co-workers. >> i'm so rude, aren't i. >> you are in rare form today. >> i wanted to know how your lovely co anchor is doing. >> he cracks me up and keeps me laughing. it is a friday going into the holiday, just what i need, mehdi needed on this day. >> i just got back from mexico , yesterday. >> that is why your stomach hurts you drank the water. >> apparently i do. i don't want to cast aspersion s. >> yes. >> that is a weird word, isn't it. lauren, we will see you monday happy new year, not the new
7:29 am
years. >> now, that i said that, casting aspersions on a entire country. >> it is true, it is a problem >> i don't know where i pick up this bug. >> where were you yesterday. >> mexico. >> is that a coincidence. >> it could be. >> sure. >> look at the back of the paper here. >> i like this guy. >> yes. >> no. >> is this good bye. >> didn't he just get engaged, connor barwin. good things happening in his life. he is one of our, in the locker room, he is such a force. we love him. >> he is in the locker room. >> he is a leader. >> leader. >> he talks all the time. >> one of the faces of the team. >> he can't go. >> let's discuss with our sports experts. by the way cowboys here sunday too bad it toss than the mean anything.
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7:32. our thumb today is a five out of ten. it is a lot colder then it was but at least the rain is gone from yesterday. windy and colder to start. buddy is ready for that one last eagles game on sunday with temperatures in the 30's but feels colder then that. you can see what the wind, the cold wind over the great lakes does. it creates lake effect snow and those flurries are showing up here and we could see a
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snow squall today. it is 35 degrees but feels like 27 out there. make sure you are red which your scarves and hat and your gloves. sunset 4:45. days getting longer. we will talk about the holiday weekend forecast coming up. it is time to check traffic on your friday morning. we have been noticing volleys lighter, and light volume we have had this morning, all week long with the kid off school and we have proved that with i-95 at girard avenue moving just fine. we do have a report of some icy conditions and we have talked about this earlier with the rain yesterday, there is some black ice around lower merion, redleaf road and nicholson road be careful there and isis reported cause of an accident this delaware i-95 northbound at off ramp to route 202, twotive rent crashes in that area this morning. we are still working on that
7:34 am
water main brake, penns landing, southbound columbus boulevard at queen street with two lanes blocked there they are hoping to get it repaired by end of the day to day. >> we will take a look back, every year, december 30th, we have one more full day tomorrow. >> yes. >> so you know, they have these rear in review national stories, international stories let's try to do local ones here now. >> biggest news stories the ones that made biggest impression. this is kind of our take on it how many times have we sat here and watch bill cosby go in the courtroom in norristown >> whole world. >> all of the national, you know, cameras are there, media frenzy. >> he was arrested and charged with sexual assault on december 30th of 2015. since then, the 79 year-old has been in and out of that
7:35 am
montgomery court i courtroom trying to have charges dismissed, evidence thrown out , bill cosby is accused, of course, of sexually assaulting more than 50 women. >> picture we showed of andrea constand. cynthia alred. that was wake up call, this day in, 2015 and all of last year was where we watched that image we known of him, from the cosby show. >> that is for sure. >> we will continue coverage in 2017. it has been almost a year since police officer jesse hartnett was ambushed, in his car, in west philadelphia. to you remember this is this so chilling. >> he was shot three times at point blank range, gets out firing his weapon and chasing after the suspect, hitting him , eddie archer whom they got carrying out that attack. that is a hero officer who had been shot and still came out and did all that.
7:36 am
>> wow. >> as for how he is doing now, on several times honored for heroism and bravery he even had a special moment at the phillies game this spring after throwing out first pitch on april the 12th. he proposed to his girlfriend in front of the crowd and fanatic. by the way she said yes. >> that is a happy ending there on that part of the story we have a very personal connection here with the extended fox 29 family horrible shooting, worst we have had in this country. >> worst mass shooting in modern american history, it it did hit close to home here. our fox intern patient carter and two friends written side that pulse nightclub in orlando when a gunman opened fire killing 49 people. so patients is now in school up in new york city. she goes to nyu, wants to get in the television business and maybe music business as well but she got to meet the president and she became the face of the survivors of the
7:37 am
pulse nightclub and there she is today up there in new york city. >> she will be writing her next chapter. >> that is right. >> you go through something. >> i think she is in philadelphia right now as a matter of fact. >> hi, patients. >> our next story was just one of the the reason septa riders were frustrated in 2016, more than 4700 septa workers walk off the job, that was last month, november the first, shutting town subways, trolleys and bus routes. strike lasted six days before an agreement was reached and services were backup and running. how about this though. the strike came after septa pulled nearly a third of its regional railcars out because of the structural issue. both strike and railcar issue led to long lines, angry passengers, man, we covered that a long time. >> horrible, all summer starting in july their trains were running so slow, they were crowded, they were full and there wasn't enough. very frustrating.
7:38 am
>> how about this, back in july what were you doing? >> i didn't do this but you can set it up. i was at the beach. >> you were at the beach. >> i was in south philadelphia at the convention center. not the convention center but wells fargo center. >> and so my friends it business humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nom nation for president of the united states. >> history making moment and then trooped balloons and bill clinton was fascinated by balloons. >> so is she. >> all of the stars that came. it was very road moment for our entire city, no matter your politics to see katie perry and big face and names that came in. i was fascinated that the people on the stage acted like
7:39 am
they have never seen a balloon before. >> what are you supposed to do , having balloons fall, what will you do. >> i guess you swat them. >> what else will you do. >> there is a balloon floating by you have to swat it, yeah. day after tomorrow, sunday , soda taxings into effect. that is a receipt i big story too, soda tax, controversial tax, expected to raise an estimated 90 million-dollar a year for prek and community and recollect centers. >> here's the thing, usually we let other cities step out and take lead on whatever it the is in terms of the safety, new york sets different agenda s for -- >> yes. >> for health, for smoking, they banned smoking we followed later. california did safety things with pajamas. this is first time that we stepped up and took for front and we are watching these other cities follow what we did on the soda tax. >> i think you are right. >> didn't new york city try to do this. >> they did and it and they
7:40 am
had different issues. >> what was the mayor's name. >> bloomberg. >> they called him than i mayor wow do all these things about health, smoking in public areas. >> he tried the soda tax. >> yes. >> now we have the soda tax. >> we to. >> we're number one. >> what i think is bigger story then that when we got carson wentz. >> eagles made headlines to trade up to get him with the second pick of the draft, since then, fans have been following his every move with hopes that he will be, our future. >> did you see what he got the his weapons that protect him, his offensive lineman for christmas. >> what did he give them. >> guns. >> shotguns. >> how about that. it just came out yesterday. >> can he use them in the game >> no to go hunting and he was just hunting with mike trout, the baseball player also from our area in south jersey. they have picture of them. >> how about that. >> did he ever go fishing with
7:41 am
trout. >> undoubted. >> speaking of fish. >> my favorite story of the year, i hope the woman is okay , back in september, a woman claimed to cat fish fell from the sky and hit her near the art museum. it actually hit her in the head but near the art museum. what i think happened is this that is an interesting shot, woman i think she was jogging, over by the art museum and fish hits her. >> falls out of the sky and nails her on the head. >> again, i hope she's okay. if you know her, if you smell her. no, if you know her, let me know how she's doing. >> i believe, yes and i think most people believe it is some type of hawk or an eagle will maybe dipped down the schuylkill river, pulled the fish out with its tallons. >> what are the odds of getting hit in the head with the fish.
7:42 am
>> kind of fishy. >> um-hmm. >> just for the hall butt. >> just for the hall butt. >> she works for scale. >> okay. >> i'm hungry, make he soul food. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck.
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giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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we have breaking news sky fox over a scene, it looks like they have done a good job knocking down this house fire. this is in bristol. that is bucks county. it is short time ago. this all started. they have gotten it under control, this is red cedar drive. >> no injuries reported thank goodness. >> yeah, pretty active scene. they have ladders on the roof and they do move in the interior of the home but it looks lake they have it under control. >> okay. >> let's at 7:45 on this friday get over to sue serio. >> we will start with traffic. we want to give you fair warning about sunday and roads closed because of the mummers parade. big won jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th that start at 3:00 in the morning. they will be towing cars. market street, between 15th and 16th as well starting at 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 in the
7:46 am
evening. your alternates are arch and race street, and then broad street will be closed, of course, between penn square and washington avenue from 12:00 to 18th, for the duration of the parade. now we have had a few reports of some black ice out there this morning, and undoubted because of the rain that fell yesterday, icy conditions in letter merion red leaf road and nicholson road and trolley is shuttle will busing because of long term construction. the that is between richmond and west moreland, 63rd and girard. we will check your forecast for the new year coming up in 152nd. cold air moved in after the rain finished yesterday and it is a lot have of snow, in western new york. but some of that snow,
7:47 am
possibly could come in the form of a snow shower or snow squall, for so time today don't be viced if that happens and it should president last long but it might just happen to you, because it is so cold. next chance of rain is not until monday, we think we will stay try throughout holiday weekend. so 35 degrees as you walk out the door but there is enough wind that it feels like it is in the 20's. all of our wind chills are in the the 20's this morning. and we expect those wind to get even higher as the day goes on. sustain at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia. going to the eagles game sunday at the link it will be 46 degrees at kick off with mostly sunny skies, pretty pleasant weather and of course we always want eagles to beat the cowboys, 41 degrees today. forty-three tomorrow. forty-nine for new years day, rain as we get back to reality after the long holiday season, on monday, it will match our mood but 50 on monday. fifty-eight on tuesday, and then still mild on wednesday, ape cold weather returns, by
7:48 am
thursday of next week, mike? we just moved into this house
7:49 am
and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
7:50 am
cowboys are in town on sunday, new years day, of course, cowboys, big time in the playoffs. eagles, of course, going no where. did you see that guy jumping on that other guys head there.
7:51 am
this is it. i wish i could jump that high. eytan is here, g. cobb is here , happy new year by the way. >> same to you, mike. >> you look great, mike. >> yes. >> looking so great. >> i had a week off if the dallas cowboys win super mbolhi will vomit. >> well, they have a shot. >> they have a good shot. they will play at home. all of their games are going to be in dallas. if they go to super bowl it will be all in texas. >> do you remember this, october the 30th, right, when we played them in dallas. >> we had them beat. >> we did. >> this was the beginning of the criticisms and open ended criticism for doug pederson. if you want to look at the reason they lost this football game it was the head coach. >> they had to kick that field goal to go up two scores.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> now, eagles add that point, it was day before halloween. >> yes, nightmare. >> they were four-two. cowboys were five-one. had we won, we would have one. >> we would have been in first place. >> yes, five-two. >> that changed the season. that was the end of the season >> one team went one way, and the other team went the other. >> since that day eagles went two-seven and cowboys were eight-one. >> yes. >> but they can be beaten in the playoffs. >> giants, packers, falcons. >> they will try to keep guys healthy. >> who will play here sunday. >> dak prescott will start. >> well, thing is you have a young kid they want him to, keep a rhythm, he he has been playing great. i don't know that it makes sense. >> mark sanchez is there now. >> we know mark real well. >> that means eagles will win, meaningless football game because sanchez will play
7:53 am
three-quarters. >> he did, he has thrown one pass as a cowboy. >> yes. >> pick off. >> he started the season this that orange there. >> he was in denver, got released, but, you know, at least we know him. >> yes. >> g, eytan, lets go back to october 30th, i cannot get it out of my head because we were still looking good. >> right. >> big match up, dak verse carson. >> is that right? >> right. >> we were looking at these guys for next ten years. >> who is better. >> which team got better quarterback. >> lets put up the stats then, and show you how they have done. this is a little tough. here's what you have to look at with carson wentz, how many times he has thrown the football. only five other quarterback or four other quarterbacks we're talking payton manning elite level quarterbacks has thrown that many times as rookie he has best quarterback rating.
7:54 am
that stand out. he is dealing with a lot of issues here. >> dak is playing with, you know, his team hates. he has great receivers he is throwing to, great running back, so he is behind the best line in the league and taking advantage of it. he is laying well. his accuracy has been impressive. but, wentz is in the playing with that kind of a situation, you know, he is throwing to wide receivers that are really shaky. >> they probably won't be here >> speaking of not here next year, will can or barwin be here. >> no. >> really they will move on. >> best way to say it diplomat ically, they will move on. >> jason peters. >> i think he will be back. >> they might try to talk to him about that salary. >> he played well. he was health think year. that is a huge difference. >> ryan matthews. >> out. >> i don't think he will play any more nfl football.
7:55 am
>> that neck injury man as hard as he runs that is dangerous. >> nelson agholor. >> here's the interesting thing, he has money, rookie wage scale, if anybody else in this situation we wouldn't even ask this question but he is so far removed from being able to play that position, he got zach ertz last week, gary. >> i think they might invite him back for camp, and then if he gets hit, he gets cut then. >> bennie logan. >> i don't think they have the honey. >> i think he will sign somewhere else get a offer from somewhere else. >> yesterday he sounded like he was gone. >> fletcher cox thrives when bennie's out there. >> here's a weird one doug peeledder son. >> he will be back. >> i'll tell you what this team better be going in the the right direction f they are not, they don't win a long time anymore. >> he can't have another
7:56 am
dallas game or not progress. >> hey ryan would you put the prompter in the right spot because i don't have time to push that pedal. is that all i'm doggies toss to go break. >> anybody can to that. can we tease something, what is coming up? >> okay. how about the top five moments of "good day philadelphia". >> yes. >> that is some good television there. >> i imagine you are in all five. >> i chose them. >> jumping in any pools. >> if you want to see my nose hair waxed, stick around. that is a tease. >> professional tv tease there >> sure. >> nest hair. >> thanks, mike. >> hand i new year not happy new year. happy new career. >> what is wrong with new years. >> that is not right. >> it the is just one year. >> that is how some people talk. >> are you a new years guy. >> i'm not a you this years guy but i don't make fun of people that say that though.
7:57 am
>> are you saying i'm making fun of them. >> eytan says that a lot. >> i have been correct by mike >> in the business they call this a hard rap, i hard break. >> like get lost. >> shut up and go to break. that was ryan. he told me that in my ear but he was cursing. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. i'm hopping in the car and going up there to the pocono mountains. >> oh, shoot, is there anyway you can squeeze me into the car. >> i think, we have third row seating because i bought a
8:01 am
chevy traverse and have my own little ipad and kid did get portable tea vice things because i'm too cheap to get them i pans pads. you can come. >> yes, we can play buggy, we can play games, ispy. >> we are going to the water park. >> inn door water park. >> it the better be indoors. >> we are going. >> three boys, you, brian, me, yes, we're going to the poconos to take. >> we will pick you up around 10:30. >> what should i bring. >> your bathing suit. >> yes, swimming trunks. >> how long we stay. >> only one night i'm too cheap to get for two nights. >> one night. >> no joke, i'm telling you truth. guess how much it cost, take one guess. >> how much it the cost to stay for one night. >> at. >> one night. >> $950. >> so close.
8:02 am
>> 800. >> the year 2016. family and friend say their final farewells to the bee love shop keeper gunned down on christmas eve, what we know about the the man accused of killing her. and relationship to her grandson. it is a crazy new years eve. >> great time, people coming in 2017. with a bang. but that brings big safety concerns from the fail to the big apple. message about how to stay safe while we ring in the new year. if you are planning a big night tomorrow night, i've got some help for you. we have to prevent a hang over how to alleviate those ailing issues, leaving you feeling blah the next day. plus if you want to have
8:03 am
your wallet, this holiday we have some good tips for to you get you on the the path towards financial freedom in the new year. 8:03. we are so far behind, here's sue. >> that is right. colder day then yesterday, that is most important thing you need to know, rain that came through, cold trent means it is very chilly. five out of ten. bus stop buddy has the scarves , mittens, on, and you need a hat today. temperatures are in the 30's but we will see some sunshine, now there are some clouds around too and you might even see a snow squall, nothing going on right now with a any of that as far as snow is concern. let's just talk temperatures, 35 degrees, but it feels like 26 with those 15 miles an hour wind. we will get to a high of 41. chillier then that with 35 miles an hour wind gusts, but it is down to 29. you have to bundle up. it will feel like the teens, that is your fox cast, for friday, and we will give you that, new years eve and new years day forecast coming up but right now we are looking
8:04 am
at eastbound this morning, on what road this is. >> you know what i had it upside down. so here we go, waiverly road at the schuylkill expressway, right. and it is small fire in the woods there, it is so hard to see, little smokey that part of the roadway, and this is in lower merion, and as they take care of that, that will probably slow you down this morning. traffic is moving more slowly. we have had a report have black ice in lower merion at red leaf road at nicholson road with the rain that fell yesterday. travel times we are looking at the blue route, only four minutes, to go from the schuylkill to the turnpike, on 295, only 13 minutes to get from route 38 to route 168 and on i-95 smooth sailing from the vine street expressway to woodhaven road. mike and karen. >> all right, sue 8:04 now. >> happening to take we will say good bye, so many people came out last night.
8:05 am
that crowd went around the block because they are saying good bye to this woman beloved grandmother, and store own shore was killed at that store where she work for decade police sigh by that man who apparently knew her grandson. they were involved in some illegal transactions, according to investigators. so the memorial service is just in a few hours, right? being held this morning at 11:00 o'clock. by the way, police arrested a 31 year-old guy named maurice green who grew up in south philadelphia near her place of business. they charged him with her murder. >> it is a very sad day down there in south fail. >> 11:00 a.m. this morning. 8:05. more top stories and, of course, we're looking ahead in the good things, the celebrations. >> yes. >> festivities. >> well, right now, police are working to make sure that we have fun, and stay safe, right >> yes.
8:06 am
>> so, this silly thing that people sill do to this day is shoot guns in the the air at midnight. >> jenny will share the story of joe jaskolka. >> i remember when he was shot as an 11 year-old boy. now he is a grown man. this has impacted his life every day, jenny. >> reporter: incredibly sad. he hold this is press conference every year and press conference was held yesterday, where he is sitting there and just talking about his personal experience. he was apparently walking down the street. he was with family in south philadelphia. he was just 11 years old. joe jaskolka. he got him because somebody fired a gunshot in the air and came back down and hit him in the head and been paralyzed ever since. he has had countless surgeries and he still describes the impact it haddon him. >> while you are out counting down to the the new year in celebration with fire works, friend, and family, philadelphia police want to
8:07 am
remind people not the to celebrate by firing a gunshot, into the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jaskolka is living proof of the harm that can happen when people fire their guns in celebration. when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and almost struck any head boo that was fired in celebration. bum it remains lodged in his head and he has been paralyzed ever since. >> what goes up must come down i cannot believe that people think that once it goes up and it gets sucked into outer space. it is just crazy. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city they want people to be careful and enjoy good, clean fun. many people will head over to broad street and watch our famous mummers day parade, a philadelphia tradition. and expect to see lots of blocked off roads, along the
8:08 am
parade route which starts at city hall and moves south to washington avenue. on new years day there are parking and driving restrictions, from center city to south philadelphia. and so all of those restrictions will be in effect sunday morning. parade starts at 9:00 a.m. to see a full list head to fox mike and karen. >> you ever walk across ben franklin bridge behind you. >> reporter: yes, it is one of my favorite things to to. >> i like it too. >> you think it is just a flat walk or a run. it goes up, doesn't it, jenny. >> reporter: it is a steep incline. it is over and back i think it is 2.76 miles about. >> yes. >> give or take. >> reporter: it is good. >> so to you run that with your boy friend. >> we have walk it together once. i used to run it a lot more
8:09 am
then i to right now. >> okay. >> thanks, jenny. >> i walk across it when the pope was coming. >> you actually didn't even walk. >> what are you talking about. >> i don't think you walk over it. >> that would be lying to people. i walk from camden, to logan circle square, whatever it is. >> with the help of the vehicle in the middle of the way. >> where are you getting that? i walk it. >> i don't know. >> i didn't lie to the public. i actually walk it. >> all right, all right. >> i had a cammal thing. >> cammal back for that walk. >> it was hundred degrees. wasn't it, sue. >> what? >> it was a hundred when difficult that walk. >> it was really hot. >> really hot. >> we will pull up video of that one. your white legs and white
8:10 am
sneakers from the beginning of the walk but not as you did the whole thing, sorry. >> my legs were that white? oh, who cares about new york. >> should i go to insuring or should i stay here. >> why do you go to new york when we have wonderful things here. >> i'm staying here. >> tight security. >> once you get there you have to go through security, they will have people with metal detectors that will be wanding you. chill have checkpoints. >> do we have footage of any of this. >> i think we have a good part of it. they have set up police barricades there. this is the wanding that will be happening. it will be cold, crammed in there, you cannot bring backpacks. >> of course, that is from last year but it is exact same thing. oh, god no. >> stay here. >> i have done a couple times, hade to work it a couple times i remember one time standing out there, for like five hours it was 0-degree good you had a
8:11 am
space heater at your feet though. >> i to. >> if you are planning a big night. we do this segment every year, so let's just do it again, how to prevent a hang over. doctor mike, are you ready to they're segment again or roll tape from last year. >> it is good information, though and i can use it even today. >> karen, i love you.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
it is 8:14. we have an accident, just in, to tell but in trenton, new jersey. route 129 southbound, canal boulevard, right at cas hiss street and the left lane is block, right there. and lets check your travel times, on this friday morning, because it is getting a little more crowded but still smooth sailing on all major roadways, on the blue route, on 295 and on i-95 from the vine to woodhaven road, that is only a 14 behind drive. what a treat, on a friday morning. of course, this is not typical friday morning. the patco high speed line between philadelphia and lindenwald, trains operating on special schedule today because of earlier then expect departures, of folks, wanting an early start on their new
8:15 am
years weekend. route 15 trolley we are still shuttle busing, between richmond and west moreland and 63rd and girard because of that long term construction project, in 15 seconds, your forecast. now, we have two fire works displays where we count down five, four, three, two, one in philadelphia. the first one for folks like me who cannot stay up until midnight and for kid as well. 6:00 o'clock fire works outside celebrating in philadelphia, the temperature will be about 40 degrees and then for midnight, 37, really not that bad, and especially because we don't have any precipitation in the forecast, you can see lake effect snow, couple of those flakes making it down there but not very
8:16 am
much. as we check the future cast. we have some chance of a snow flurry or squall or two today but then focus on the the next chance of rain which is early monday morning as we get back to reality after the holidays. so, 35 degrees in philadelphia right now 306789's just about every where else. it feels like it is in the 20 's. so make sure you are bundled up. this is colder then it was yesterday. we are seeing wind pick up, sustain, at 15 miles an hour. in philadelphia, right now. so as we put it all together in the seven day forecast, it is cold to take, but not as cold, tomorrow, and about seasonal for new years eve and then we are on a mild streak through tuesday and wednesday of next week, getting cold again, by thursday. that is your seven day forecast, guys. thanks, sue. >> why to you want to see this
8:17 am
>> okay. >> okay. >> what is this. >> we're testing you. >> but we won't go there. >> hi doctor mike. >> hello there big mike. >> we do this segment every year. it is requirement by fcc, how to cure a hang over, every morning tv show does this but you have new research in 2016. >> we want to bring it to the table. we go there. >> yes, we do. >> we go there here. >> i just went there. >> what happens when you drink alcohol and surprisingly and i do all these studies all the time, honorary search, we don't know a lot about hang over, what causes it, how to treat it, but i thought we would this year make a difference and bring it down, to the basics. >> okay. >> this is it. >> so what happens when you drink alcohol? >> okay, what causes a hang over. >> number one more alcohol you drink it has to get metaboliz ed in the liver and it releases all kind of hormones like a harmonal
8:18 am
symphony, they are all there, inflammatory markers, all kind of things and it makes you pea more because it inhibits anti diuretic harmone, so you get dehydrated. and a lot of those inflammatory markers effect the brain. you get less inhibited which would be great for you. we have your heart rating up so all of those things due to the alcohol amounts, how quickly you drink it. now, the other thing that people need to remember is, that if you drink a dark spirit, something like rum or bourbon. >> scotch. >> we have impurities in the spirit that also are hard to metabolized and lead to symptoms of hangovers. so what you do and what i recommend is stick with clear spirits. so whether it be jin, vodka,
8:19 am
white wine and the new research seems to indicate that beer, the hops, in beer may actually reduce your risk of a hang over, things like pillsner beer, pale ale, things like that may reduce your symptoms of a hang over. >> just don't drink. >> i'm a realist. it is what it is. you want to eat some foods before you start drink ago this slows absorption. you know that champagne, the carbonation increases absorption of the alcohol and you want to make sure, this is very important, one drink, one glass of water. do that all night long, one drink, one glass of water. preferably one drink per hour, because then you won't get into trouble with too much alcohol in the body and trouble metabolizing it. i say this every year and this is critical, no tylenol.
8:20 am
you can end up with a severe liver problem. >> say that again. >> no tylenol, folks. the key is, hydration and limiting the amount of alcohol , that you drink. how a good time, don't drive. >> okay, report. >> i'm not drinking. >> i hardly think that will happen. >> really. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> come back from mexico. you are dehydrated from there. >> i am yes. >> i will fix you later. >> i have a great new year. >> i love you mike. >> i always say this, come here, i love you, mike. >> karen, i love you. >> i love you family. >> happy new year. >> i think you love me more than you love her. she's a harmonal... >> here she comes. >> i'm coming over. >> it is one small step foreman one giant leap for mankind. most famous walk in history is
8:21 am
getting hollywood treatment. who will play neil armstrong? who would play neil armstrong
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
how cute. >> ellen pompeo gave birth to that child, actress and that is her husband, chris ivory, posted that picture. they name the baby eli christopher. ellen captured the pick, eli christopher. well, why wouldn't you that is the name of the kid. chris ivory just fell a notch, i have got a new guy. >> ahh. >> this is a third child for these two, they are already parents of daughters, stella luna and siena may. >> so cute. >> they are going to be so busy. that baby, is a sweater, looks kind of big for a new born. so cute. >> yeah. >> is that her. >> there she is.
8:25 am
>> beautiful. i know why she said something, she's an emoji and that caused controversy. >> that is right. >> well... >> that is an interesting topic. you weren't here. did you see that one. >> no. >> do you see how fast this gets annoying. >> really that fast. >> yeah. >> first man to step foot on the moon neil armstrong, so they will make a movie about this. who would you, oh, well, there it is, ryan gosling will play neil. do we have a picture of neil armstrong. i have met him a couple of times. he is no longer with us, but i think it is a pretty good choice. >> yes, that is strikingly similar there i didn't see the connection at first but side by side. >> yes,. >> blue eyes. >> just watch him, right. >> yes, it was this year. >> probably within the last month i think it was, certainly last two months. of course, he had done so much
8:26 am
before that even he was world war two navy pilot. >> i think you are thinking of john glenn. >> am i? >> he died in 2012. >> i am who is the first person who is orbit the earth, first person there. i think first person to orbit the earth. that was john glenn. >> neil armstrong, one time, i got to fly a 747 from seattle all the way around the earth back to sat tell see how fast we could do it. i got the to be on that plane and neil armstrong was on there with me. >> do you have any donald trump moments, what was conversation going around the world. >> it took 36 hours, there was buffet, alcohol, sleep any stories. >> i i got some good stories. >> what do you do on a plane for 36 hours. >> if you wore out your wallet
8:27 am
like karen did. >> um-hmm. >> she's probably losing a car and her home. >> just got the bill, it just came in the mail yesterday. >> shocking. >> we also do this story every year on this last day of year, it is how you can be, a financially solvent in 017. >> more money how you can have more money in 2017. dan rick cat the owe is here. roccato.
8:28 am
8:29 am
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
8:30 am
it is exactly 8:30. wow, serena williams announced she's engaged. >> so exciting. you can see her fiance. >> who is this dude. >> he is guy from reddit part owner in the, you know, internet thing reddit. >> so he is rich. >> but here's the interesting thing, she's a lot richer. so should they consider a prenup.
8:31 am
>> now, would you -- >> yes, would i say that. >> even if it was reversed he had more money then she did you would still ask for the prenup. >> we will advertise cuss this in the 9:00 o'clock hour but everyone can weigh in. it is interesting. i am happy for her. she need to protect her money. >> i have a better study, is there a thin lynn between love and lust. we have to talk to dan ra cot owe about that, most definitive signs that your feelings run deep, in other word, there is certain signs that indicate thaw are in love or just in lust. i kind of agree with these. well, the holidays, they are just about over. you have blown all this honey. so, we do this segment every year. >> but it is just as important >> i know. >> go ahead. >> how you can fix your financial situation in 2017. did you realize that over a hundred million of us carry a pretty big credit card balance , debt, credit card
8:32 am
happening over we call it. >> i know, because i have it, is he let's bring in dan roccato, i got a american vest bill in the mail, shocking, it is like chickens have come home to loose, all of the things you bought, now we have to pay for them. >> not this kind of hang over, this kind of hang over we're talking about. good news is, easy to cure. you have to to a little bit of work over next few weeks and months and we will get rid of these credit card hangovers for sure. but as you said 113 million of us carry balance from one month to the next. most of them are only paying minimum each month. that is a huge problem. >> so what to we do. >> first thing i want to you to is, quick math problem. mike, you love math. >> ready. >> at home you can play if you owe two you this dollars michael, on your credit card. >> $2,000. >> karen, average rate right now is 18 percent interest. >> my gosh. >> you just make minimum
8:33 am
payment which is about 2 percent. how long will it take to you pay off your $2,000 balance, guys. >> thirty years. >> she's a genius. >> why is she broadcasting she should be working somewhere else. >> just over 30 years. >> so you better really like those socks you bought last week because you will be paying for them for the next 30 years for crying out loud. >> people are just paying the minimum. >> it is anchoring, paying the minimum. on that same credit card balance, karen, hundred dollars a month, instead of the minimum you will pay off in 24 months instead of 30 years. >> just add an extra dollars. >> just pay a hundred bucks a month. >> do whatever you have to do, pay a hundred dollars a month you'll get it done in two years instead of 30 years. >> i see people pull out their wallet and they have like ten credit card. >> that can't be good. >> so, average consumer has 3.7 credit card in her purse, that is a lot of card. there is a tip here that can help you if you have a lot of
8:34 am
card. look for the ones with the lowest interest rate and move the balances over to that card >> to that one. >> consolidate on the low interest rate card, pay that one off, get rid of those others. >> tell me lowest interest rate you hear of right now. >> that is next tip, if you have good credit, i necessity do you mike and karen, if you have good credit you can get an offer for 0 percent. is that real? >> it is real. it is for 12 or 18 months. >> here's what i want to you do consolidate over to that 0 percent card, work on that for the next 12 or 18 months. you will make a big dent in the principal, all right. so that way, again if you have good credit you can do this. good plan. if you have shaky credit it will not work for you. >> can i just say this to capital one, they have been sending me the offer to get a credit card for about ten years. once a week. >> yes. >> for ten years. i'm not getting the card.
8:35 am
i'm not. they have a great company. i don't want your card. quit wasting paper. >> how about one more tip. >> okay. >> so, let your smart phone work for you. is there a cool app called debt free, karen. put it on your smart phone. it will show you all of your different credit card, balances, different interest rates and will come up with a plan that helps you attack them individually using different method. there is a couple different strategies. right in the palm of your hand you can keep track of your progress, and you can see exactly how you are doing, beat up those high interest rate card first for example and after you are done that work on other card. more methodical way in the palm of your hand that can help you get rid of that credit card hang over. >> i think, you're ride, you see it every day. >> you see it every day. >> we can do this. >> we don't to have sell blood but make more than just minimum payment. if nothing elsie want to you do that. just because your statement says minimum payment don't do
8:36 am
it. do extra. >> 3.75 card is actually low because most have department stores, you have other credit card and you have them for different stores because then you get the discounts. >> don't fall for. that next time they say how about a 15 percent, just say no thanks. >> i made that mistake about a year ago, where was i banana republic or something. >> yes. >> now i'm getting a bill. >> don't make that mistake. >> that is how it works. >> it is not like he who dies with the most wins. >> i just want my debit card, give to it him, paid and money is gone and there is no bill. i hate bills. no more hangovers. we will get rid of these credit card hangovers. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. we hope you enjoyed those holiday helpings because you will be paying for it, the
8:37 am
stunning amount of time it takes to lose the extra pounds , you gained, over this week. it is almost like 30 year pay off 2,000
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
is your husband watching the show today. >> he commented on the harmon al. >> well, he would know. >> look at the poconos. >> she's going to the poconos after the show with her three sons and her husband. your husband is going. >> yes, he is, he is driving. >> he is driving. because you get up in the middle of the night are you able to sleep in the as eveninger side. >> i will try to to that. >> i can neff get it done. >> you get too much light that is part of the problem. >> then you are worried.
8:41 am
>> is the driver falling asleep. >> that is true. >> he he stays awake by pulling his nose hair out, her husband, isn't that amazing. >> speaking of nose hair, one of the highlights of 2016 that we will play in a little bit. >> best moments of good day. >> seriously, that made top five moments of this show. my nose hair being wacked. >> that was awful. >> man, it is a rough year if that made top five. we will be better in 2017. so, you put on a bun of pound over the holiday, it will take straw time to lose the weight, much more, much longer then i ever imagined. >> basically in the summer. we gain weight in the holidays and it will take us five months. this poor family we have them every time we do a gaining weight story. they have been gaining weight for 20 years. >> most of those people are no longer with us. >> they would recommend, to avoid gaining weight all together. that is their recommendation. just don't do it.
8:42 am
>> hold on, someone did research and said the best way not to put on weight is not to put on weight. >> yes. >> just don't diet afterward, don't put it on in the first place. >> i went to the doctor and i said, doctor, it hurts when i go like this the there said well, don't go that that. >> did it say how many pound we put on during the week. >> 1.3-pound. >> it will take five months to take off 2-pound. >> it is more than people think. it is harder. we put it on quickly over holidays and it takes forever to get it off. >> yes. >> some of us, don't even take it off and we say that every year gain one or 2-pound a year and in 20-pound you are facing 21-pound. >> i had in idea what you just said. >> if you gain within pound a year, it doesn't sound like a lot the but in 20 years that
8:43 am
is 20-pound. >> that is right. >> in 30 years. >> 30-pound. >> amazing. >> get ready to rumble, hey, roberta, happy new year. >> same to you. >> i'm having a party tonight. >> um-hmm. >> i lied, it is tomorrow night. do you have something special. >> i do. and tons of little things for you guys. >> is your daughter with you today. >> she is. >> could she be part of the segment. >> yes. >> okay. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
8:44 am
...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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not a bad forecast at all for new years eve, in fact, it is lag good today, the thing that is deceiving about today though is that, as we look at wilmington delaware and delaware children's museum right there that yellow building on the left, it is really cold. we call that deceiving sunshine. now we have two fire works forecast, for tomorrow night, one at 6:00, 40 degrees. one at midnight 37 degrees. we have certainly seen new years eves that were much colder then that. we will take it. chance of a few flurries throughout the area these lake effect snow flurries that have been moving through, throughout the night, and i have not seen much of the area but it is a possibility so we will put it there in the seven
8:47 am
day forecast, we have a little bit of the warming trend saturday 43, 49 on new years day. rain rolls in but it is with the warm front so it will get warmer on tuesday and stays mild on wednesday, back to cold temperatures on thursday of next week, mike and karen. >> hey karen do you believe that i actually am having a new years eve party tomorrow night. >> no. >> you would be right, because i'm cheap and i i'm lazy. >> you would have it catered. >> i would have, no question bit, michael, would do that my friend. but if you are going to have a party roberta papito and her daughter. >> my daughter, luna. >> good to see you. >> good to see you again. >> how old are you. >> eight. >> what is your favorite age, eight was my favorite age of my whole life. >> yes, eight is still my favorite. >> eight is still a good age. >> yes. >> so far, right. >> yes. >> eight was a good year for
8:48 am
me too, and then all downhill. so i hope it is better for you in your life. >> you have come up with good ideas, for kid and grown ups as well. >> yes. >> i am having a party. >> so we're thinking a lot of people think jello shots and we will take it up a notch and we will make them with champagne. making them with champagne. putting little strawberries in the the middle. >> wow, wow, what is that, where did you get these little things. >> these little things, you can get them at your craft store. >> what is in there. >> it is a strawberry. >> in jello. >> in yellow. >> so what is the mixture. >> you can use any jello, okay but i use the clear, like the plane gelatin add sugar, a little bit of ginger ale and that is it, and then add your champagne which is actually really pot event. >> she cannot have it. >> when were you in college did you ever do jello shots.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> where did you go to school. >> i went to temple. >> yes. >> okay. >> oh, yeah. >> so, yeah you have to pop this. >> okay. >> then you have to set up like a little bar like a little champagne bar to have your frozen truth. >> two years ago when i pulled out a bottle of champagne. >> we did one last year. >> yes. >> here are some of the gummy bears saturated with champagne as well. look at you. >> i know how to dough it. >> yes. >> and these you can take little lolly-pops and use them as a stirrer and it has pneumonia a flavor of your drink. remember we did cotton candy one. now we do this. >> did you already do the gummy bears. >> saturate gummy bears overnight in champagne and it absorbs all that champagne flavor. >> they don't like it. >> you guys have to give them a try. they are really good. >> yes, look at that the color >> that is so pretty.
8:50 am
>> that is neat. >> isn't that pretty. >> are those pop rocks. >> yes, in your champagne makes it even craze year. >> best ever. >> that is addictive. >> that is a problem. >> pop rocks evidently still sold. >> some one. >> this is delicious. >> what do you want, you want pop rocks in there first. >> my goodness. >> it pops a little bit. >> here. >> it is popping. >> yes. >> yes. >> it was so delicious, fun and they pop in your mouth.
8:51 am
>> yes. >> you just do it at home. >> these are another great way of amping up your veggie plate instead of sitting at the table you can take them along with you so you have you're owe. >> how many times have i told you this is to pick things up. >> onion dip on the bottom, veggies cut up, and just walk around with it. >> see karen. >> i'm eating it, chasing it. >> no, these are pin wheels cream cheese bacon and chives. they are absolutely addictive and really delicious. these are your last calories until next year. >> edible party horns. >> what is that. >> like mike. instead of kid blowing the horn all it is, it is, white check late dipped in sprinkles >> okay. >> thanks for being part of the segment. good to see you again.
8:52 am
>> october 25th. >> your favorite year. >> 2017 will be best year ever you just turn eight. >> it probably is. >> you can only hope. >> let me tell but when i was nine... it didn't go well. ten was worse. >> are you ready. >> i don't even want to tell but 11. >> just enjoy being eight, okay. >> happy new year. >> you too. what is this little girl does causing her whole family to flip out. >> yeah. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise.
8:53 am
eat well for less. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
8:56 am
is it annoying yet. >> yes, it ace anything. >> if you see people doing this they flip a bottle of water and it london its butt. >> great job. >> it has to be a flat bottom thinks concave so it probably will not work. >> it is your technique. >> hold on a second. >> do you want to see a lit little girl do it. >> yeah. >> wow. >> she held it, let me hold the tape. >> boom, yeah. >> look at that. dab it. >> yeah. >> you did it.
8:57 am
>> dab it. >> her name is sam, it only takes her two times to nail it , that is only second time she has tried it, how about that. >> that is so cute. >> she held it by the top. >> better. >> now this is good tv. >> this is why this show is an emmy award winning program right here. we will stay on this until i get it done. >> almost. >> yeah. >> thumbs up. >> okay. >> let's stop this fun and talk about serena williams getting engaged. >> i love serena williams. i'm so happen that i she found love. >> we will explain that. who he is, coming up.
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