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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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at 11. and with little less than 25 hours left in 2016, north philadelphia community is remembering those who will never see 2017. people gathered a short time ago for a vigil to honor victims of gun violence. good evening, i'm dawn dim knee. a powerful call tonight to bring peace back to the streets of the new year. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us from philadelphia police headquarters now with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: well, dawn, this is a second year the raw steen family has held this vigil for peace and they started it aft losing so many people close to them to gun violence. >> tiff knee knows the pain of losing a loved one. her brother celine was murdered four years ago. she's one of a few dozen people who came out tonight for a vigil in north philly. >> keep doing it every year. i'm saying it might not cure the pain ever, i'm saying, but it can help them. kit help them. like it can ease they pain more
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and more and more. >> reporter: mark and his family organize the vigil held near 16 many and susquehanna streets isn't we're praying for unity. that's the bottom line of it to pray for unity. >> reporter: terry runs a crisis center near 16th and lehigh where he put out this casket with a sign all lives matter. it represents a 16-year-old boy who was killed after leaving the center which serves as a safe place for kids to escape the violence of the street we lost four of our kids this year to gun violence. jew kwan was our last one over the weekend he got shot twice in his head after he left our center. >> kids should be able to play in the streets. senseless violence going on it's like wow, like, people still not figuring it out. still not trying to get -- it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the family says that murders have increased since the vigil they held last year. they plan to hold it every year at the end of the year. dawn, back to you.
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>> shawnette, thank you. torments night police in medford township, new jersey, stay one person did not survive an evening car crash. police say three ambulances transported people from the scene around 6:00 o'clock tonight at route 70 and there was road it's not clear how many people were injured in this two car accident but cleese do confirm that the surviving victims are at cooper trauma center. police are still investigating exactly what caused the deadly crash. to developing story out of new york city. at least three firefighters are injured as this four alarm fire continues to rage through more than a dozen storefronts in queens. the fire department of new york says they had to call nearly 201st responders to the scene. no word on exactly what spark this massive fire. a very tough night for the family of marie buck. 81-year-old south philadelphia grocery store owner who was killed at her store on christmas eve. the family and the community saying goodbye at a church which has provided a place of solace and worship for italian
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immigrants sin the mid 19th century. marie buck was eulogized this morning as those who filled the entire church quietly wept. police say now say 31-year-old maurice green went to marie's store looking for her grandson had was not there. green who has a len tee rap sheet claimed that the grandson stole jewelry from him and owed him money. police say he shot marie buck 11 times. >> it's awful, and, um, like i said i'm praying for them every day. i can never imagine going through this. >> my mom was a very, very wonderful woman. a very loved woman. i want this to live on right now for my mom. i know she sees this and i know this makes her very proud and very happy. and i just love her. and everybody loved her. although the funeral is still behind, s behind them, buck's familiar but still endure the drama of the criminal process for green. >> on the your radar tonight
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bitter cold and some snowflake. meteorologist scott williams with your forecast at 11:00. everyone wanting to know what tomorrow night will be like. >> pretty good for the upcoming holiday weekend, dawn, temperatures have been dropping. 35 right now in philadelphia after high today of 42. the winds beginning to diminish as well right now out of the west at about 10 but earlier today we had winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. look at the current feels like temperatures. this is how you should dress if you're stepping out late on your friday night. 23 in millville. it feels like 10 that's it in the pocono moutains it feels like 21 right now in the pottstown area. so for the overnight, crank the heat. it will be cold mid 20s in the suburbs. upper 20s in the city. once again those winds will diminish a bit as we move tore the overnight. so what to expect for your saturday across the area mid 40s in center city. down the shore 45. low 40s as we move toward the lehigh valley. now, what about fireworks for tomorrow night. looking pretty good weather wise as we look at the clock right
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around 6:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the low 40s. dropping several degrees beyond that into the upper 30s by midnight but once again it locks like it will be dry as we ring in the new year. now what about new year's day? the mummers parade. look at the temperatures by 9:00 o'clock. 40 degrees. warming to about 47 by 1:00 o'clock. so great weather temperatures above average. also, as we kick off the new year, the kick off forecast at the lingering 1:00 o'clock we're looking good as well for tailgating. 47 degrees. so no problems in the weather department for sunday. now sunday night into monday a different story. look at fox future cast. cloud cover will roll in. we're looking at occasional showers and some drizzle during the day on your monday. so back to work and school for a lot of folks. pack your rain gear because we are looking at that rain not only monday but also into your tuesday kind of roller coaster temperatures as well. once again mid fours tomorrow. near 50 on sunday.
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upper fours on monday. and look at tuesday, 60 degrees, but by thursday and then into friday highs dawn only in the 30s and next friday we have to watch the coast for potential system that could bring some snow. back over to you. >> all right, scott. two women are behind bars tonight for throwing hot coffee at workers at upper darby wawa. police say it was teenagers who deliberately went into the wawa on 16th street last night to throw a large cup of coffee on three workers behind the deli. the alleged attackers laughed afterwards. meanwhile workers were treated on the scene for face and upper body injuries. customers we spoke to were shocked by the crime. >> going crazy that's all i can tell you. i never heard nothing like that before. >> i think it's unfortunate, and this is one of the only places that's open 24 hours it's it serve the purpose of some peop people. >> police say an overwhelming response from the public helped them catch the two to us
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suspects. tonight lawyers for bill cosby are hoping to get his sexual assault trial moved out of norristown. today the cosby legal team asked a judge to change the venue of the high profile trial. the defense says there's been quote uniquely tainted press coverage in montgomery county, and they don't think the comedian will get a fair trial in the pennsylvania suburb. district attorney kevin steele says he will not oppose a change of venue for the trial which is set to start in june. tonight philadelphia police are searching for three men in connect with a violent gas station robbery in the crescen crescentville section of the city. police just releasing this surveillance video today of the the men beating a 19-year-old man outside of a sunoco gas station. now it happened last friday on the 400 block of cheltenham avenue. police say suspects beat and punched the victim to the ground and stole his cell phone the vision tim wall treated at the hospital for facial swelling. happening right now the city of philadelphia is getting ready for its most popular and oldest new year's tradition.
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thousands are expected to visit our city for the annual mummers parade. preparations for the big bash are already underway and, yes, road closure already in place. fox 29's brad sattin is live in center city with the story. brad. >> reporter: you're right. we're by city hall. there are already some parking restrictions as a result of these big trailers on both sides of the street. there are going to be lane restrictions if you're driving around here starting tomorrow. really your best bet is to take step if you're coming to the parade. let's tack about the show now. the performers had chance to get their last practices in tonight. ♪ >> reporter: 34 hours until the mummers strut their stuff and practice struts were in full swing tonight under the i-95 bridge in south philly. >> after last year's parade march beside a few home foe phobic and race seive acts mummers hope to refocus on the good. they do so much for the community.
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the mummers are a good group of who are working people and that's just one day they're having fun. sometimes some people it's fine line what they consider funny and what's not funny. >> reporter: meanwhile inside the pennsylvania convention center where the 12 fancy brigades will perform a practice run tonight. >> get little things spruced up but i'm excited i can wait. >> while the performers take the stage behind the scenes back drops were still being put together and painted. they really do work right up until the last second. >> all of the magic happens right in the last day. because that's when you figure out that really it's got to get done. so you just -- >> vice-president of the fancy brigade association even admits he's not ready. >> my suit is yet not done. i haven't seen it yet. it may not show up until sunday morning. >> reporter: you start swea sweating it out at what point. >> not any more. i'm not the captain some any more. >> reporter: the parade is sunday the 9:00 o'clock in the
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morning. there are tickets still available over at the pennsylvania convention center. dawn, let's hope the weather stays hike this because tonight out here it's not really that cold. >> let's hope, brad. >> yeah. >> if you live in new jersey, you can get into philadelphia at no charge for new year's eve. patco is offering free rides on its high speed line from 8:00 saturday night through 4am on sunday. you can hop on at the lindenwold train station go right into center city it's the first time in patco's 50 year history that it's offering these free rides. if you're staying at home tomorrow night, fox 29 of course is the station to watch. you can spend new year's eve with pitbull, queen latifah and snoop dog. don't miss the revolution this weekend they'll be broadcasting live from miami you can watch it all right here on fox 29. it was a heartless crime. a child's lemonade stand robbed whom was behind it and why this little boy is not letting the incident get him down. you probably saw a lot of videos like this one on social media within the past few days.
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a child opening up a gift but there's a reason this video in particular wept viral and it led to very special trip to a tv station.
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.♪ it's time honored tradition for children looking to make a little money. lemonade stand but one child in florida also learned from it's like to be the victim of a theft. fox's evan lutz tells us it's
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not stopping this little boy's entrepreneurial spirit. >> reporter: had live gives you lemons and you're nine you start a lemonade stand. that's what lucas white did yesterday and this neighborhood off livingston avenue. business was good until deputes say two teens weren't happy with how much lemonade a dollar bought them. >> he said that he was going to like hurt us if we didn't go get a cup and if we didn't a bigger cup i splashed water on um and he push me down. >> 19-year-old deonte small and 16 year old friend stole his ipod that was sitting on the stand and the $13 lucas and his friends had just made. >> i was really scared because i didn't think that i was going to get my ipod back, and, um, i was kind of sad, really sad actual
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actually. >> reporter: but the robbery couldn't put out lucas' capitalist flame. >> that's all we need. >> reporter: he opened back up thursday. even more customers came. frank heard about the robbery and was extra generous. >> no kid should try to do something entrepreneurial and try to make something happen for himself and the lesson he gets taught someone will take ita wort. >> reporter: the lesson these kids are learning despite set backs -- >> we got five bucks. >> reporter: who are work can pay off. >> even though they robbed us, it was -- it was fun doing it. it was fun making all the money, having all the people come up, compliment us making it. >> i like that little boy's attitude police in newtown bucks county are looking for whoever burglarized a storage union. they just release this photo showing the alleged vehicle the burglar used they took electrical supplies, copper and house wire from the storage facility an upper silver lake road. delaware state police have charged these two men after investigators say the duo beat a
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man with rake, tied him up and stole his marijuana. 20-year-old miguel and 21-year-old kent, both from edison, new jersey, are facing a lift of charges. police say the two offered to rake a millsboro man's leaves but then beat him up, tied him up in his garage before taking off with his pot. rap group run dmc suing major retailers. they're going after wal*mart, amazon jet and other companies all over their name. the group is accusing the retailers of selling and advertising products using their the group's name would you per mig. in the $50 million lawsuit, founder of the group darrell dmc mcdaniels says the products include glasses, hats, t-shirt and more. he says the retailers have improperly profited. the companies have not yet responded. a colorado politician has introduced a bill to repeal a state tax on feminine hygiene products. democrat tech representative susan, says people in her state should not have to pay taxes on
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a product that women use and rely on monthly. >> it's not fair that we have to pay sales tax on something that is essential. this is necessary bodily function that women can't choose to have. it happens whether we want it or not. for some women especially our low income women every little bit helps. >> colorado gets about one pope $9 million annually from sales tax on tampons. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware buy the way do not tax feminine hygiene products. video of children opening gifts flooded social media a few days ago, but this one was passed around more than the rest. it shows a young boy in alabama opening up a suit but this wasn't just any suit. it relates to what the hell guy wants to be when he grows up. fox's lee peck shows us how his dreams came true. >> wow. >> reporter: it's not typical gift on toddler's wish list. >> ooh, i got a suit.
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>> reporter: it's all three-year-old woods mc far land wanted for christmas. >> what costume is it. >> he couldn't wait to put on his weatherman costume. >> can you just put it on me please. >> reporter: with clicker he hasn't he gave his forecast. >> tomorrow it's going to be rain, daddy. >> reporter: didn't take the off for two days. even falling asleep in it. since posting the video it's been viewed more than 52,000 times. we just had to meet him. >> i'm so glad you're here today. you see i wore my jason smith suit just for you today. >> hide aig round the corner jason dressed in the same suit comes out for the big surprise. >> look who is coming over here. >> hey, how ya'll doing? >> good. >> merry christmas. hey woods. >> how you doing, man? >> hi. >> man our tie is almost a complete and total match. look at this guys. >> red. >> red. >> yeah. >> quick friend the do you wee even gave us the forecast. does we're going to head over to the video wall i've got to get
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my clicker too because we know how important that is. weather on the big screen oh me joe style. >> you see that right there. does it look leak it's going to be windy tomorrow? >> um-hmm. >> yeah. of course, pictures were in order. and a bag pull of gifts, too. >> glasses. >> it's a day little woods won't soon forget. >> so cute. sean brace here way look at sports. >> dawn, it's another year where the eagles are not hoisting a super bowl trophy. i'm not sure when this train gets back on the tracks. my commentary to jeff fro lurie and howie roseman is next. ♪
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♪ sean brace has his 2016 eagles recap and what type of player they should be looking for in the off season. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ another year gone and another year without a super bowl championship. for most eagles fans it comes all too natural to feel this sort of feeling running through our bodies as the eagles welcome the cowboys to the linc for their 16th and final game this season. this year was he can treatmently tough due to the start of the season and, no, i'm in the talking about imploding after the three-zero start i'm talking about when owner jeffrey lurie decide with a coach he was comfortable with. i'm talking about making a decision due to the fact whether or not the coach would be liked in the building. that's where my focus starts. chip kelly was fired exactly 366 days today. i have to ask you, are the eagles in a better place? over the upcoming season eagles have a ton of holes to phil and already i'm hearing about bringing back defensive end connor barwin because he's a good guy in the community and he takes septa. you know what, enough.
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stop. howie roseman must go out this work season and work his magic and land guys that can play, guys that can catch, guys that won't get suspended for making rock head decisions. the task is difficult enough. don't compliment by find guys that are nice much that's now how you build a winner. that's how you stay on the path we're on. team searching for first playoff win since 2008. dawn? >> all right, thank you sean. the mystery remains over george michael's shocking death aft initial autopsy. investigators say the 53 year old singer's cause of death is still unknown. for now officials say michael's death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious. authorities will do more tests but we probably won't know those results for few weeks. the grammy winner pop icon reportedly died in his sleep on christmas day. the international space space getting on board with the social media trend.
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here's video of them doing the man quinn challenge they're frozen in place while noting in mid air the challenge has become a viral social media movement with celebrities to professional sports teams taking part. and before we say goodbye we want to wish one of power producer blake clancy well. such pleasure to work with make he's always calm under fire. there he is. come on blake. give us a goodbye wave. >> congratulations. >> we will miss you. could and graduations on your new opportunity. i know you'll do great. >> we are back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. we'll have your weather and traffic covered all morning long. thanks for joining us and have a fantastic night. happy new year! ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, say good-bye to 2016, everybody! [applause] so here's what we're going to do. we're going to play a game to celebrate 2016 called pass the pen. that is the pen there that shevonne is holding. what we're going to do is this, i'm going to give you a holiday theme and you're going to then put that board on your head. the person that comes closest to drawing the scene is then going to get clues if me unlocking the celebrity who is the basis of our story. where are we starting? >> eric -- harvey: the scene is champagne toasts. >> champagne toasts. >> oh, i got to go with mike! [applause] >> that's a glass and that's a bottle. >> he has a better bottle. i have a better glass. >> how many say mike won? int he has two kids.


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