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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> this morning on ""good day"" breaking news a state-wide man hount for a man that shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper late last night. plus a ufc fight night shocker rhonda rousey knocked out in less than a minute. the moment many are talking about this morning. and making a resolution to get in shape. we're here to help. how you can turn the new year into a new you. "good day" to you december 31 final day of 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia weekend". >> and good morning, everyone, happy to be here. gentlemen, good morning both of you. >> good morning. >> morning. >> doesn't sound right, 016 is already over. >> finally. >> finally. >> bad year? >> i'm ready to get to 2017.
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i think we can all agree 2016 has been rough. >> 016 has been rough. >> mike good morning, sir. >> we have good morning. maybe a sprinkle or snow shower tonight. nothing of much consequence. beautiful shot this morning looking into the city i believe this is in the city and we have a good looking morning out there and great sunrise. little cold. as we look at numbers old city right now is at 30. southwestern wind coming in. we have feels like temperature 23. these numbers again are pretty cold. up towards mount pocono 16. 22 millville. jersey numbers are chilly. vor he's 26, and morris town 28. winds up this morning 10 to 15 on average. future winds show us through the course of date they'll stay busy. wind chill values all day into the 30s. ultimate doppler nothing doing
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across town. fox future cast shows us sunshine. maybe a snow shower or two across the northern suburbs and even into new jersey 10:00 or so and beautiful day new year's day for mummers parade this is fantastic stretch of weather. 6:00, headed for dinner, 41. ball drops or fireworks get going, 39. we'll talk more about the forecast and important storm coming our way next week. those details coming up. >> sounds good. thanks so much, mike. >> and we begin this morning with breaking news. right now the search is on for killer of a pennsylvania state trooper. police say trooper landon weaver was shot to death last night. let's get right at fox 9 jennaphr joyce live at state police barracks in wynfield heights with more details. good morning, jennie. >> state police say the search for pennsylvania state police troop iter's killer is active and it's intense. just about 12 hours after this
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state trooper was killed. police are looking for 3-year-old jason robinson in relation to a shooting that killed pennsylvania state police trooper landon weaver around 6:30 p.m. huntington county, pa, 100 miles west of harrisburg. according to state police trooper weaver of troop g as at home on baker's hollow road for pfa violation when she was shot and killed. no information about the call has been released and according to court records robinson is known to police, earlier this month charged with theft and related offenses. earlier this year he was arraigned on charges related to unlawful restraint, simple assault and harassment. a trial for that case is pending. as for the trooper killed, police say trooper weaver graduated from the police academy in the spring of this year. he's 97th pennsylvania state police trooper killed in the line of duty. governor tom wolf issued a statement in part "francis and
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i extend our deepest con doleens and prayers to family and friends of trooper weaver and all members of the state police across pennsylvania in this moment of tragedy. landon will always be remembered for for his bravery, sacrifice and i willingness to serve" he has full confidence that the person that committed this senseless act of violence will be captured and brought to justice as the search continues. all of awe len rsment officers involved with in the thoughts of all pennsylvanians and police say robinson hair is currently died purple believed to be armed and dangerous. if you are asked to see him call 911. if you want to see the picture again head to our web site fo >> we'll check in with you in a little bit. if you have information like jennie said reach out to polic police. today's top stories, two people in the hospital this morning after a crash in witness ahic
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ahicken. it happened around:00 this morning lincoln drive and begincy lane. two people were taken to sign stein with unknown injuries and investigators are looking into the cause of the accident. 7:05 one person killed during a crash in medford township, new jersey, three ambulances tack people from the scene yesterday evening route 70 and trough road. it's not clear how many were injured in the two-car accident but police confirm surviving victims are at cooper trauma center. police are looking into what caused the crash. >>. bill cosby sexual assault trial could move out of montgomery county. the legal team is asking pour a change in venue for the high profile trial. there's been "uniquely tainted press conference range in montgomery county" and they tonight think the kheedian will get a fair trial there. he will not oppose that which is set to start next june.
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two women behind bars this morning for flowing hot coffee at workers at upper dashy wawa. two teenage girls deliberately went into the wawa on 69 street on thursday night to throw a large cup of coffee on three workers behind the deli. the attackers laughed after doing. it meanwhile the workers were treated on scene for face and upper body injuries. customers we speak to were shocked by the crime. >> i never heard anything like that before. >> i think it's unfortunate and this is one of the only places and it's on 24 hours an serves the purpose of some people. >> in response the public stepped up. an overwhelming response from the public helped them catch the suspect. >> a north philadelphia family is ending year with vigil for peace to remember lives lost to gun violence. rothstein family gathered together last night 16 and
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susquehanna to remember loved ones and make a call for peace. many shared heartache and personal tragedy and some signed posters with the names of those they lost. roblingsteins say they will hold a vigil every year until the violence stops. >> keep doing testify year. it might not cure the pain eve ever. but it can help them, help them and ease the pain more he and more and more. >> this is the second year that the rothstein family held the vigil. >> and this is coming up new year's day mummers parade is one day away. we caught some of the final practices there it is last night they're getting ready all 12 brigades that make up the fancies had run throughs and while the performers took stage without costumes behind the scenes builders were putting finishing touches on intricate background. look at that. a lot of work going into that. every year they try to out do each other you. >> get here and see everyone
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else has this big stuff and oh, my god i need more stuff so you make big thingsing. >> i need more big stuff. there's parking and lane restrictions around the start of the parade city hall. best bet is to take public transportation, septa, parade starts 9:00 sunday morning after "good day philadelphia" and tickets are still available if you want to catch the fancy brigade inside the pennsylvania convention center. >> and septa will be operating new year's eve service. people can celebrate the new year. if you live in new jersey you may not have to drive to go out tonight for new year's eve. pat cooffering free rides on high speed line 8 p.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow making sure nobody is drinking and driving and get home safe and you can hop on any south jersey stations right on into center city. it's first time in pat co's 50 year history that they're offering free rides. >> well i think that's a shot at uber. >> there you go.
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>> and you got to beat fem people. >> there's a well-known house in margate loved by some and not others. they're going to tear it down there on the beach. take a look at it. tell us what you think. it's stirring up emotions even from the man who designed it 50 years ago. should it come down? >> you decipher always liking the latest and greatest technical, got have the newest iphone. why researchers say if you are, you may be the careless type. what it says about your personality. >> and it is new year's eve. new year's resolutions, tweet them to us. you have one? >> i'll get married in 2017 that's my new year's resolutio resolution. >> to get married. >> more of a promise. >> travel more a lot more. >> through go. >> i'll share mine. you share yours. send them, tweet us, use #fox 9 "good day", we'll be right send them, tweet us, use #fox 9 "good day", we'll be right back.
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we built this city on rock and roll♪ we built this city on rock and
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>> talk a look at what it's going to be. calm before the storm. definitely new york city times
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square. that will be mad house tonight. something you have to do at least one sglim have you done it? >> i've done it. new york during the ball fall. friends had apartment in the area. we did all that. i've done it. checked off the bucket list. never again. but we'll check back in on that a little later on. staying in new york, it's end of era in new york city. the iconic carnegie deli closes doors today never to on again. look at that. you see that there and know what the legendary manhattan deli on 7th avenue is known for that's a sandwich known -- that's ridiculous how do you eat that known for mountainous sandwich and certain scene in the movie "when harry met sally" they were on for 79 years. all right you saw the video earlier. stall this us. in hanks tape jersey shore geechs are filled with vacation homes that range from mundane
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top outrage us to ridiculous one well known margate home is likely to be torn down and stirs up old emotions from the town and the architect that designed. it hank flynn has the story. >> it's a mixed emotional experience because on the one hand it's one of my early works and i think powerful piece of architecture. on the other hand, it's a house that i have embarrassment about in terms of what i failed to accomplish as viewed from the beach. >> joel levinson has it on good authority the chicman house will be torn down one of his first designs as provkal architect the house on the beach in margate has sold for more than $4 million i saw it today in shot and months earn lines and trademark feature that massive outdoor room on the beach side is very well known to locals. >> it's neat looking
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unbelievable it's 50 years old it makes me older than 50. >> i join the club. >> i will be say it will be missed if torn down it will be missed and i'm sure mr. mr. levinson the architect will be disappointed of its going. >> when i met joel at his mt. airy home i was not as certain. while he spoke of his client happy with the design the ocean side on space in particular mission accomplished but that same porch looks different from the outside and joel is his own worst critic. >> it trnz a knot in my stomach when i look at it because in a sense it's wrong and that's why it elecit xents from people on the beach like ugliest house ever. it's -- i mean to some degree i share that view. i share that perspective. >> but see that's the word perspective. i did get a chance to see that space ft. other side the inside and it was a fine place to be.
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i can see what levinson successfully built for his client it's a beautiful place to relax. critics are there. two women i spoke with off camera said they would happily swing is wrecking ball them sales and others were kind are they called it progress. >> what do you sti people that say listen it's an eye sorry don't understand it. >> i wish it would stay the way it s it's part of progress. the whole town is it in revitalization from the cookie-cutter houses to five and six bedroom homes with fix and six bathrooms in it. >> it's always been there. >> right. >> to me to see it gone it will be something gone but not uncommon for this island right now especially south end of it. >> as for joel levinson he designed scores of home louded throughout the architectural world. u pen is archiving his work. this work and honesty about feels all these years later that stands out. >> so at the end of the dayfy bought this place i would be
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saving and restoring t i love. it i think it's cool and has stixt i don't care what anyone else thinks. it was not my money, however, and when you spend 4 plus million tlarz to buy beach front property in margate it's yours to do with whatever you please. ain't that the american way? i'm hank and that's my take. >> coming from the outside it's an ugly house. i can see how it looks cool from sitting on the deck. i would love to own it from the inside. >> hank does not care what you think. >> no. >> $million neither did the owners. >> $4 million man, all right. wow. >> comprehending all of that there. >> look at that shot beautiful shot in reading. cold out to the norm and west in the lehigh valley and starting out into the 20s and low 30s in philadelphia and look at this. lots of clear skies will have gorgeous shun rise. temperature right now at 30 in philadelphia international and again these numbers will come
7:18 am
up with generous amounts of sunshine today. 5 pottstown and 22 millville and atlantic city 27 and wrightstown 24. winds busy and notice direction they're coming out of. southwestern wind usually warming wind this time of year and again the wind starting up 20s and 30s makes it feels teens north and west making it feel low 20s in philadelphia this morning. chilly stuff. ultimate doppler is not showing us anything in town. lot of wet weather across the gulf coast states. this stays south which is good news. we'll be watching this cold front torn northern planes and north of chuck chick that may survive the trip and allow for maybe a quick you know flake or two across the region by 9:00 tonight. you'll notice again not a lot of arctic area air across the board. almost 50 in st. louis and mild trend earlier this week and well into the latter portion of next week colder weather.
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40s across the board. middle and upper 40s in philadelphia and into jersey. nice day today. mostly sunny skies. clouds increase for tonight and could be a quick snow shower across town temperatures you into the upper 0s and low 40s. these temperatures are easy to take. look at the 7 day forecast. new year's day looks great. 45. rain moves in and stays on top of us. monday will rain and it's soggy and mild and tuesday nearing 6 60. and then we dry out by middle of next week and much colder weather as we head into the first weekend wow first weekend that just hit me of 2017. >> that's crazy. i'll take 50s. almost 60s first week of january. >> beautiful. >> i'll take it rain or not. >> okay. >> maybe the under statement of year it was a big year in politics? not necessarily talking about specific election. our own bruce gordon explains what he wants local lead others to do next year only here in
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philly. >> hi, i'm bruce gordon i have a new year's wish. philadelphia politicians can in 2017, do what they could not manage in 2016, keep noses clean. in a city where political corruption is much cliche as cheesesteaks or liberty bell our fearless leaders cannot figure out how to stick to the straight and narrow. in a few weeks the latest philly felon second district congressman chaka fattah will report to prison he was convicted for steals hundreds of thousands in charity donations and grant money to repay illegal loans tie todd fail 2007 mayoral bid and to maintain a lavish lifestyle. think about that for a minute. as a dem dmrat philly, fatah needed only to maintain a pulse in order to hang on to congressional seat chalk full of democrats and devoid of republicans he rarely face aid
7:21 am
challenge in the primary or general election through 11 campaign cycles. his congressional salary approaches $200,000 a year and his wife once made far more than that as popular tv news anchor in town. apparently as is so ovrp the case is not enough. why does it seem many politicians that get jammed in corruption cases seem like folks who have been on the job years and years never challenges and fully convictioned they're as wonderful as land slipd victories would seem to suggest. it's one of the reasons why philadelphia is so desperately needing a real two-party system and a real chance of losing election may convince old time others to act harder and bette better. the responsibilities is two fold. republican party must get act together and produce real candidates with real ideas. and philadelphia's democratic voters well, they must stop
7:22 am
accepting whatever is thrown their way. it's telling and sad. but each after fatah's indictment on corruption charges more than a third of voters in his district picked him in the may primary. way back in 190 author lincoln stephians described philadelphia as most cument and most contenten city in philadelphia all these years later we've done little to prove him wrong. later we've done little to prove him wrong. only in philly
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snrvr trenton new jersey as they get started. everywhere it's the calm. everyone is sleeping in and watching "good day". tonight to celebrate a new start. last night was it a celebratio celebration. got sixers and sports. at least embib has been looking good. >> i wonder if it will be a different year for sixers come 2017. i'm not sure. when the sixers drafted joel okafor i remember them saying having three big men is ray problem to have. i'm pretty sure that statement is pass it. after thursday night loss to utah jazz brett ground sounded puzzled how he'll handle the center rotation moving forward.
7:26 am
last night sixers in denver taking on nuggets 3rd quarter tied 60. watch big man phil mentioned joel embib had his way and embib finished with 26 points. earlier in the quarter nice ball movement for sixers. covington finds illious for three and sixers snap a four game losing streak they hold on to win in denver 124 to 122. over to ice mojo for the flyers looking to put a step to two game losing skid in san jose. sharks on power play. patrick marlow. they go on to lose 2-0. college hoops. st. joe taking on george washington. less than a minute left and lamar campbell with the deep three. st. joe's wins 8-10 opener 68-
7:27 am
68-63 listen to this the lasalle squad in action taking on smith in dayton. we go to second half skoochy smith drives to hoop and gets nice lay-up. lasalle losses 66 to 55. all right if you are rough last night you know where you're going with this one. after more that a year away from fighting this rhonda rous rousey returned to the octagon ufc 207 last night to redeem herself after she lost in an upset in november of last year. unfortunately for 9-year-old different fight same results. this one was ugly folks. prefight intros were longer than actual fight itself. rousey got pummeled by champion amanned day nunez. it was over in 48 seconds. for 48 seconds of work she made a reported $3 million for fight. while nunez made $200,000.
7:28 am
rouzy is sore millionaire she left the venue without speaking to media. let's do quick math if we can. $million that's just for fight. >> 48 seconds. >> all go 60 seconds. >> so every 20 seconds she made how much. >> million dollars. >> my goodness. >> you can go ahead and use my head like a punching bag if you want, too. >> i'll take a $3 million butt whooping on national televisio television. >> and that's not including pay perview. >> we'll ponder that a bit and think about. it you can as well. stick with us. come right back to "good day stick with us. come right back to "good day philadelphia weekend".
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got to lover looking at the snow when you're inside. nice environment. i'm sure people will enjoy it later on. blue mountain in the poconos. mike i don't really ski. >> or snowboard. >> people pay to fall down. >> that's what i do. >> snowboarding is rough i at any time walk for a couple day days. i'm interested in checking out tubing this weren'ter. >> you sit down and fall over. >> if you pay to fall down call me i'll come over and push you down. >> good morning, everybody, here we go last har after and
7:32 am
it's out of here 2016. a good looking morning out. there lots of sunshine. cold, 30 right now. winds busy out of southwesterly direction at 7. so we have a feels like temperature coming in at 23. there's poconos. 16 right now. 22 in millville. we go north and west of town and into 0s and uniformly doylestown down to 24 this hour. winds up. that's the only issue in you're a runner and we'll see the winds continue to increase through the course of day. not gustyest wind but busy whipped for most of the day today. lots of clear skies on ultimate doppler. watch how fox future cast brings in a snow shower or two around 9 or 10:00. don't be surprised to see. it i think it's mostly far towards north and west and mummers day parade looks great with temperatures into the 40s. got a lot of rain headed our way. we'll detail that in the 7 day forecast coming up. >> thank you, sir. 2016 was a year filled with
7:33 am
scandal and unbelievable headlines from former congressman anthony weiner sexting scannedls to estimating scannedls at a university. it was unforgettable year. a look back at what shocked us this past twelve months. >> walter gate gold medal ryan claimed he was rob at gun point and turns out he allegedly urinated outside a bathroom and vandalized a poster with his friends. he lost major sponsorships and donald trump wentz through a controversy of whirl wind and controversy of sexual allegations and comments about women in 0005 access hollywood hot mic denied them all ina apologizes for comments on tap tape. >> wasserman schultz resigned after emails leaked con spu
7:34 am
spurring against bernie sanders and becomey leaks released avalanche of emails related to hillary clinton tat many say cost her the election. team usa goalie hope solo ripped into the swedish women's team after eliminating the usa from olympics criticizing defensive style of play. she was suspended from national women's team for six months. a few days later solo also parted ways with her national women's soccer league team. >> a sex scandal rocking baylor university. several female students reported -- failed to handle cases of sexual assault committed by a students. former baylor president ken star and celebrated football coach art biles lost their jobs and the saga of jelina justin
7:35 am
bieber posting instagram accusing believers of attacking his relationship with sophia richie. former girlfriend selena gomez took to comments to retort if you can't handle hate don't post picture of girlfriend. after he deleted instagram gomez releapted saying what i said was selfish and pointless she said. former new york congressman anthony weiner in trouble again this year it started when former wife said she was leaving him after finding out he was sexting with another woman. mr. weiner sent a lude photo to the woman with his 4-year-old son in the picture. an fbi investigation also uncovered new emails related to the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton putting a jolt in her presidential cam payment and wells fargo ceo john stump stepped down after bank came under fire for sales practices in september of 2016 the company agreed to pay $1 5
7:36 am
million to settle allegations that accounts were opened without customer's permission reach aggressive sales target. and maker of epipen agreed to pay $465 million to settle allegations that it over billed medicade for the life saving drug and the house grilled the pharmaceutical company ceo heather brush about the controversial price tag after brush received a raise of more than 670% over nine years. that's 2016 and with 2017 right around the corner no doubt there will be more of these scandals in the news. we'll be here to cover all of it for you. i'm martha mc callen, fox news. >> thank you, martha. they don't have to though. you think about that half of all the scandals that impacted us people didn't think before they tweeted. my free advice count to ten before you hit send. save yourself a lot of problems. probably safe to say a fair
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number of people will wake up tomorrow morning with a little hangover. i won't be one of them. is the hangover a necessary evil of celebrating the new year. tips to help you stave off the morning after headache our gift to you. >> are you the person that likes the latest and and brigh brightest technology why you could be the careless type. >> and here are winning lottery numbers. check them out. good luck, you could be the check them out. good luck, you could be the lucky winner
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>> good morning wilmington. beautiful there, right. little cold out there. from in here it's perfect weather. enjoy that wilmington. thanks for starting your morning with us on fox 9. for those of you who have been celebrating, tonight is the last night of hanukah and one of our viewers is having fun with her man or a. becky sent us photos of her hanukkah manorah she's on a three week tour of asia and creating makeshift manorah's using food, drinks, even mornings as you just saw fin
7:41 am
finding unique ways to celebrate. thank you so much, bucky for sharing that. >> okay. >> keeping it silly. >> time for silly sides. ridiculous things researchers are studying and today we're talking about need to be up to date with latest technology and it appears some people do just about anything up to grade their phones ridiculous. ard coulding to researchers at columbia business school people tend to get wreckless with technology as it gets colder because they want to justify getting upgraded oops, accidentally drop. it, for instance, they may be more likely to use iphone in the rain if eligible for an upgrade or forget a laptop at the coffee shop because in their mind they get a new one. they must have a lot of money. data shows that lost iphones peak prior to the release of a new one. so if you have a new one coming out you're eligible for the
7:42 am
upgrade. it's like i can't find my phone and you don't bother to look because you can get the upgrade. look on your faces you're disgusted now. >> unless it's a free upgrade. >> it comes every two years that's why i got this one. >> this is the new 7. >> not the 7 big gigantic remote control looking one. >> the new one comes out in the summer. >> makes sense. >> i switched to android on purpose. >> why? >> just to spite them and then i'll go to the 8. >> you don't like that? >> i'm angry because i got the 6 s and they came out with the 7. >> then you go to the 8. >> then i'll go to the 8. >> i know this segment was not enough to be yelling about apple products but i want to say this the big things that everybody was upset about is the ear buds and there's no place for to you plug them in
7:43 am
now they're bluetooth connected but don't come with the phone. yesterday i'm going out i like to plug in and give my girl a call and i. >> you couldn't. >> you have to be kidding me. >> and you must have gotten a boot leg phone. because mine came with headphones. >> what? >> you got ear buds? >> we all got ear buds. >> are you kidding me? >> it was good in theory. >> i did not. >> one of the most common new year's resolutions in the new year. i'm going to get into shape. that's the plan. can you really do. it coming up simple tips to help you get healthy working out in 2017. we'll go to break and help him find some ear buds. >> can't believe that you. find some ear buds. >> can't believe that you. >> got ripped off man
7:44 am
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7:46 am
. after shocking death of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds we learned the funeral will be together. plans are in the works. carrie fisher died tuesday days after she went into cardiac arrest on an airplane and her heartbroken mother dayed a day later after suffering a stroke. she was planning the funeral when she fell ill and was
7:47 am
rushed to the hospital. >> 2016 was a great year. old on. >> it's in the box. >> i you think carrie fisher would laugh about this she had a wonderful sense of humor. i'm an idiot i did not check the box. i was yelling about the iphone not having wireless adapter you go in the box it's in there. >> minor details. >> my bad. >> shout out apple i love you. >> 016 was a great year this may be added to favorite "good day" moment going forward and we recap our favorite five "good day" moments no specific order. first up, michael he can covering dnc look that high tech stuff you see balloon drops at all big events they got five, six balloons dropped on him. good stuff you remember this? >> i yes, i was trying to figure out i don't remember the girl in the red who is that. >> one of our interps. >> i don't remember her i thought it was karen that's not karen. >> dnc was amazing time and we
7:48 am
had best coverage around. >> look at that. >> putting those moves to wor work. >> mike jerrick always getting something waxed. >> he got legs fwhaxd august and nose hair waxed earlier this month and big question is why? i was there for the leg waxing that was with the facebook fan page for "good day" or fox 9 it went over certain milestone nose hairs i'm not going to lie i wanted to do the nose hair waxing. >> why. >> i don't know you know. >> raise or. >> i have one of those i do. >> our version of greece classic summer nights. >> summer loving had me a blast. summer loving happened to fast. i met a girl, crazy for me. i met a boy, cute as can be♪ >> i kept that jacket and they
7:49 am
came back for it. >> it was literally 15 outside when we were shooting that. >> tell me more, tell me more. >> i enjoyed the "grease" actual show on "fox". live production. >> that's why we did that. >> next up cupping craziness. you remember michael phelps doing cupping. we tried it here on "good day". alex gave it a try. >> move your hair again. >> sorry. >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go. >> there we go. >> it's in that's your first cup. >> you survived alex. >> you okay? >> i'm here. >> smaller one. >> and how can we for get "good day philadelphia" celebrated 20th anniversary in april and to celebrate mike and alex stayed up 24 hours straight this was a live stream on youtube incredible that was nuts. by end of the whole thing the
7:50 am
studio smelled like sauerkraut and corn chips. >> take a bath. >> 20 straight hours. >> and right there in center city things looked good. chilly. not bad all things considered. >> lost a degree or two. this is not bad. great way to end 016 on a sunny note. look at airport shots. if you fly this morning or into the afternoon or early tonight temperatures are cold. looks are de receiving 16 to around 2 around town and north and west malvern 25 doylestown good morning willow grove you're at 9. if you getting your gym ongoing for a run it will be a cold ru run. south wesh wind coming in 10 miles an hour. some wind chill values are low teens to 3 in philadelphia. not much weather to speak of across the united states. there's rains across atlanta. cold front across chicago that comes in later tonight. that's actually going to bring us the possibility of a quick
7:51 am
snow shower. watch future cast upper lehigh valley into poconos and northern new jersey around 8:00 could be a quick snow shower moving through here and otherwise sets up nicely for a beautiful day for new year's day with temperatures into middle and upper 40s. now sunday new year's day will be great but by monday and tuesday big storm system rolls up the coast. this will be a rain event and could be a lot of rain. 1 to 2" early this uncoming week. 45 new year's day. rain arrives monday 48. we're pushing 60 tuesday. not bad. then the bottom unfortunately turns around and we go back down to freezer. we'll talk more weather coming up and more "good day we'll talk more weather coming up and more "good day philadelphia" after this
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>> our junior reporters you've been here enough. i'm not sure we can call you a junior reporter you're like a veteran. >> just give me the title. >> i'll take it. >> animals in city sheters go through a hard time getting adopted. one organization decided to do something about it and help get the older cats and dogs adopted. >> ducky the cat has a family to ring in the new year with. >> she's got a lot more energy and personality than other cats
7:55 am
have. >> senior pets are great because they still need love and they have you know a lot of love to give themselves and even though they're older they're as good as little ones. >> it's all thanks to organization called city of elderly love. >> we operate out of network of foster homes and aim to pull animals from local high kill, high intake shelters and get them beten and in a good home. >> samantha teams up with her lilly in honor of her elderly dog jenna. >> she was with us three years she was amazing i called her my soul dog she wants the others to experience to the same love and joy she experienced and made it her mission to start this rescue. >> since launch the organization is approaching 400 elderly animals saved like ducky the cat that may not be here today without them. >> they think ducky is around 10 years old and alexis had her a year. as you can see buster and her best buds now. >> sometimes i suspect that
7:56 am
she'll help him out and they team up she'll knock a treat off the counter so he can get to it. >> one big family brought together. the sad truth remains thousands of others in city kill shelters are not as lucky. >> 0% of them make it out alive. 0% are euthanized and that's do you to space. we want to make a dent in that especially for the senior pet population. >> it's a great job. whenever you dot stories you have to be touched and see the animals that need loving homes. >> we were talking you want to bring all of them home with yo you. >> then bring them from the shelter to our home and we're never there. but some of you may be. you can adopt. how can you get information good we'll post a lincoln our web site. they have their web site and they have a full listing of all the animals up for adoption cats and dogs. >> happy new year. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> we they say mom knows best. you remember the best advice ever given. >> she was the best.
7:57 am
>> what advice do you remember each and every day. message board recently coming up. we'll tell you top advice people got from their mothers and plus. >> is it love or lust. you can tell the difference? coming up the signs you may actually be in love and not just hoping to have a one night stand. stay tuned "good day stand. stay tuned "good day philadelphia"♪
7:58 am
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7:59 am
snrt the search is on for this man place say are responsible for gunning down a state tro troper. more on the story in a live report. >> and the parties preps underway and thousands expect todd pour into the city for one of philadelphia's oldest new year's tradition coming up. how the mummers parade could have an impact on your own travel plans. >> and you know you're going to do it. tonight thousands of people will be ringing in 017 with a
8:00 am
few drinks or maybe a few too many. what can you do to prevent the dpraeded hangover coming up some tips to get you up and moving even after a night of partying. >> first hour done yeah i have no plans to party tonight. i'll be back here bright and early. >> that look says both of you will be partying. >> no i'm back here tonight and tomorrow morning with you and i'm saving it for the mummers day i save it for the parade. >> i'll be doing both actually all the above okay. >> send plenty of pictures you can meet me at some point. >> he's a trouper. >> and people are out doing their things and weather holding up enough this evening for them. >> i don't see problems flurries north and west. that's the only thing. other on that good to go. there's a lot of people doing ski resort this weekend you're fine and weather is cooperating
8:01 am
and maybe a little dusting up towards northern suburbs way northern suburbs. 31 in philadelphia. southwest wind coming in 7 miles an hour. cold morning setting up. here's numbers. we're 20 mount pocono and 25 millville and atlantic city you're warmest 30 in and around philadelphia 20s galore. willow grovr 9. out towards morris town good morning 28 degrees and winds are a factor this morning. southwestern wind is warming wind and that's certainly good news. it's indication the next couple days we'll get milder. winds could stay up and we could see gusts around 15 to 25 miles an hour this afternoon and winds will be throughout busy wind certainly forecasted and go up towards north way up northal bade north that's where there's a couple of snow showers and out west and south there's rain across atlanta. we're sandwiched in between nice weather and cold front moves through here and there could be a quick snow shower north and west. it will be north of i 78
8:02 am
tonight and mummers parade looks awesome. 45 to auto 50 degrees lot of sunshine. we'll talk about a more important storm next week in the 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, mike. we begin with breaking news. search is on for killer of a pennsylvania state trooper. trooper landon weaver was shot to death last night in the line of duty. let's get to jennaphr joyce who is liver at the pennsylvania state police barracks. >> good morning, police tell us the search for pennsylvania state trooper killer is active and it is intense this morning. he was killed about 6:30 last night and police are looking for 32-year-old jason robinson in relation to shooting that killed pennsylvania states police trooper landon weaver 6:30 p.m. in huntington county pa west of harrisburg. according to police trooper
8:03 am
weaver of groop g as at a home on baker's hollow road for a pfa violation when he was shot and killed. no other information was released about the call. according to court records robinson is known to police. he was charged with theft and related charges earlier this month and earlier this year arraigned to carriages of unlawful restraint, simple assault and harassment. a trial for that case is pending. as for the trooper killed trooper weaver graduated from the police academy in the spring of this year. he is 97th pennsylvania state trooper killed in the line of duty. governor tom wolf issued a statement saying in part "francis and i extend our dee deepest condolences and prayers to friends and family of trooper weaver and all members of state police across pennsylvania in this moment of tragedy landon will be remembered for bravery, sacrifice and willingness to serve and he went on to say he has "full confidence that the
8:04 am
person that committed this senseless act of violence will be captured and brought to justice" as the search continues all of our lawen forment officers involved are in the thoughts of all pennsylvanians and police say robinson's hair is now died purple and he's wlevd to be armed and dangerous. if you want to look at his picture again head to our web site if you see him call 911, bill. >> absolutely. thank you so much, jennie. look at today's top to story. two people are in a hospital after in a crash off witness ahicken avenue lincoln drive and gyspy lane. two people were taken to einstein with unknown injuries investigators are looking into the cause this accident. >> and one person was killed during a crash in medford township, new jersey. police say three ambulances took people from the scene around 6:00 last night at route 70 and strouv road and it's not clear how many were injured in two car accident but police
8:05 am
confirmed the surviving victim are at cooper trauma center and police are looking into what caused this crash. and bill cosby sexual assault trial could move out of montgomery county and cosby's legal team is asking the judge for a change in venue with a high profile trial defense says there's been and i quote, uniquely tainted press coverage in montgomery county and they don't think the comedian will get a fair trial. there district attorney kevin steel said he will not oppose a change of venue for the trial which is set to the start next june. 8:05 it was tough night for family of marie buck. an 81-year-old south philadelphia grocery store owner kill at store christmas eve. family and communities saying goodbye at a church that provided a place of solace and worship for italian immigrant since mid 19th century. marie buck was you'llgizinged yesterday morning and 31-year-old maurice green went to marie's store looking for
8:06 am
her grandson. green has a lengthy rap sheet and claims buck's grandson stole squuly from him and owed him money and then shot him 11 times. >> it's awful and like i said i'm praying for them every day. i cannot imagine going through this. >> my mom was a very, very wonderful woman. a loved woman. >> i want this to live on right now for my mom. i know she sees it and i know this makes her very proud and very happy and i just love her and everybody loved her. >> now although the funeral is behind them bucks family still must endure the trauma of the criminal process for green. and two women behind bars this morning for throwing hot coffee at workers at an upper dashy wawa. two teenage girls deliberately went into the wawa 69th street thursday night to throw a large cup of coffee on three workers behind the deli. attackers laughed after doing
8:07 am
it meanwhile workers were treated on the scene for face and upper body injuries. customers we spoke to were shocked by this ridiculous crime. >> i never heard nothing like this before. >> i think it's unfortunate and this is one of the only places that's on 24 hours and it serves purpose to some people. >> so shocked they stunned up and helped and overwhelming response from public is what helped them catch the suspect. >> and in the new year's day mummers parade is one day away. we caught some of the final practices last night and this is all 12 brigades that make up fancies doing a run through inside the pennsylvania convention center. and while the performers took the stage without their costumes behind the scenes builders were still putting finishing touches on intricate background and they admit they do try to out do one another. >> if you dwets here and see everyone else has this big
8:08 am
stuff you're like oh, my god i need more big stuff and they start making big things. >> i need more big stuff. >> some park answering lane restrictions are in place around the start of parade at city hall and if you are going it's always smartest thing to do take public transportation and septa and parade starts 9:00 sunday morning and tickets are available if you want to catch fancy brigade performing inside the pennsylvania convention center and septa will operate special new year's eve service. regional rail operates late night trains to people with celebrate the new year. pat cojumping on board. if you live in new jersey you don't have to drive to go out tonight for new year's eve because pat cois offering free rides on high speed line 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow morning and if you go out and party hop on the train at any south jersey stations and ride right into center city. it's the first time in pat co's 50-year history they're offing free rides.
8:09 am
>> all right we've talked about it throughout the morning and obviously new year's eve and obviously a fair if you number of people will wake up tomorrow probably with a han hangover. but you don't have to. a hangover is not a necessary evil of celebrating the new year. coming up we have tips to help you stave off the morning after headache. and it happens you got a gift card. you have no intention of ever shopping at that particular store. coming up how you turn that gift card into cash. put the money in your pocket. thank you for accepteding in comments. happy anniversary to her hubby of 17 years. hey, matt, aim loves you always. happy anniversary guide and from carla good morning fellas doesn't make resolutions doesn't want to set herself up for failure. reachable resolutions only and for few great show today ben simmonds will not be a different -- >> come on now. >> stop it. >> we don't want to start the year off like that.
8:10 am
thank you for watching. stay with us. send us your comments new years resolutions how you're spending evening or shout-out. resolutions how you're spending evening or shout-out. tweet us with #fox5goodday #fox29goodday. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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happy new year they were first fireworks just got finished in sydney. happy new year. time to cash in. it's top gift over the holidays right? let's pause for a minute and play music. i don't want to disrespect the theme music. every true super star needs theme music. >> top gift over holidays on average americans spent more than 130 on gift cards. >> the first that says you care. so personal. >> so much pept on these gift cards. if you got one you're not crazy about you have more options other than stuffing it in your sock drawer. how about the first one. >> what do we do turning unwanted plastic to much needed cash. >> all you need cash. >> easier than ever go to card site or web site like gift card which will be on the screen in a second with a few
8:14 am
clicks and slides you can turn that card you don't want into cash you do want. >> do you lose money. >> you do. prax i checked this morning if you have $50 apple card for apple store you can turn that into $4 cash. those numbers change every day depending on supply and demand. you're always taking a discount on. it at least you can put cash in your pocket. >> email me at bill -- >> i'll give you 45. >> i like your style. >> next one you can regift it. these cards are so impersonal you can give it to someone out. shawn did that that's what he gave me this year. how about donating it after the surprise of giving comes season of paying taxes donate it and get the full value even show a gift to you get full value as tax deduction when you do taxes in a couple months. >> do well while doing good. >> we love the win, win. >> how about trade ins it's
8:15 am
easier than ever go online web site like card and trade one gift card for another. i know shawn brace is starbucks kind of guy. >> connoisseur. >> what will you trade. >> how about dunkin' donuts right? so it's easier than ever going card trade among yourselves and finally a tip. not many folks know this. let's say for example you got a gift card to gap. >> okay. >> we want to upgrade shawn's wardrobe a little. >> where are we going banana. >> we are going banana republic. same company. nordstrom. nordstrom rack same company. if you got a gift card from one of those you can do. >> you made an impersonal gift to something personal donating to charity, get cash, upgrade shawn's wardrobe. >> let's do it.
8:16 am
>> always a pleasure. >> you got it, guys. >> shawn what do you got. >> happy new year. >> all the gift carts. >> we're a lot of testosteron testosterone. >> ladies. tweet us or something. mike we're counting gift cards. was going on with weather. >> by the way grandma god love her got me a gift card to kroger the closest one is cleveland. kroge he r online? >> you have to trade that. >> here's what's going on. good morning everybody, lot of sunshine this morning, beautiful morning out there. we take a look at numbers and they're chilly. 0s across the board. look at mount pock know down to 0. north and west we find our temperatures again into the 20 20s. west chester 28. downington 28 and leavitt town 29. chilly morning out there winds up around 5 to 10 miles an hour and wind chills what it feels like with these temperatures feeling teens to the north and here in philadelphia feeling like 24. not much going on in terms of
8:17 am
weather. there's scattered showers across the gulf coast states and cold front we're watching which is more important to us over chicago now and you can actually see snow showers developing across the great lakes. i think that survived the trip into the delaware valley and by around 9:00 and i think it could be lehigh valley that may see some snow showers. it's a conversational snow deal. it's not a heavy snow by any stretch or even a scattered shower possible or seen across central and south jersey. put that on radar. 8 to 9:00 and we clear that system out of here and beautiful day sets up for mu mummers parade temperatures into upper 40s and near 50. early next work a big storm system comes out of gulf coast states that provides a lot of rain. no snow yet. if you're snow weather fan. new year's day looks good. 45. rain comes in and stays in here around monday, tuesday, temperatures rising 48 on monday and soggy and mild on tuesday and we're pushing 60 and then cold are as we get
8:18 am
into next week. that's really the only weather to talk about monday and tuesday you're good to go tonight maybe a flurry over the level. >> because you finally got my snow tires. >> i don't think anybody said it's conversational snow. >> when it's snowing and you say, oh, look, it's snowing. >> it's conversational. >> and if you say oh, my god look at that that's a little different. >> nothing sense sensitivity and relationship talk like a desk fuel of three dudes. we're going to jump in with this being in lover is truly a wonderful feeling but sometimes confusing. are you really in love or lusting after another person. okay so relationship expert gary amer said there's tell tale signs you found that special someone and not just someone you want to sleep with. >> do tell. >> tell us how this works. >> first time love you light up every time you think of them. >> absolutely.
8:19 am
>> totally co-sign that one. >> you agree, mike. >> yeah. >> you feel like you've known the opinion a very long time even if you have not. >> this is straight out of the book of cliches i am down with it so far. >> nothing can distract you from them even ufc fights or "good day philadelphia". >> that would be look a week. >> and you find yourself doing whatever makes them happy. >> yeah there's something to that you know? you stop being selfish and concentrating about yourself and worry about them. >> and finally fantasize about your future together. >> that i definitely agree with. >> yes? >> yes. >> i think so. >> you start thinking about -- then get terrified. >> and that next step. >> you care more about them then yourself. signs of lusts. >> hm. >> you know nothing about them. you just want to hang out. >> sure. okay. >> you give a lot and don't
8:20 am
return or vice-versa. like there's no kind of mutual concern about the other person. >> you're selfish and go on about your day. >> maybe we might meet up. >> you feel uneasy introducing them to friends. >> because you can't say hey meet my side job. >> you can't say that. you are like this is karen. >> karen? >> and you don't make future plans. >> meaning marriage yeah you want to get -- >> no meaning like two weeks out? >> valentine's day. >> it's december right now, almost january, you don't make plans for valentine's day. >> yeah, you know i don't have plans for valentine's day now. >> you know who you're spending it with. >> gotcha. >> i'm on board. >> completely. >> hi a friend by the way who pointed out he never made plans in future more than half the time he's been with the person. >> really? >> if you've been with the person two months you can plan something for next month but
8:21 am
that's it. >> is this dr. love? >> dr. single. >> dr. suggestle, exactly. >> right. >> they say mama knows best. what advice did mom give you that you remember each and every day. we talk about that. that was question posed in online message board recently and we'll tell you top advice people got from their mothers plus the story i did got huge response from people a man that found himself out of work be because he was trying to help someone else what he did and why he said he would do it again. and check out your lottery numbers. wouldn't that be a great new year's celebration if you won the lottery. check them. good luck. check them. good luck. we'll be right back
8:22 am
here you go, the spare! the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> i have mom friends and they're like i'm a mommy can't go crazy you say now is important time to do it. >> you can go crazy especially new year's. have fun. be outside the normal box and we talked about great earrings. >> if you're nervous and don't know where to you go said a lot of dresses have straps. you say keep it simple go with earring and ripping. >> i think so too it's a way from all the detail in the
8:25 am
clothing. >> so we can feel mom tastic. this is amazing. i mean jennaphr lopez is a mom and i've seen jennie from the block in a lot of this stuff. go big or go home. >> i like that go big or go home. >> yes. >> i'm jen frederick that marla and this is mama log. >> and jen is talking mom, they say mothers know best. what is best advice people have got from their mamas. theres with a poll. question posed to men and women in reason read it forum more than 400 responded with what they said was best advice they ever got from moms. here are some examples. >> never buy her earrings from a place that pierces ears. like piercing pagoda in the mall you don't want to go there. >> i like this one always leave the house with clean underwear on. >> that should be a given. >> have more money than he doe
8:26 am
does. >> oh, >> i like that, though. >> i like that. >> i'm on board. >> i'm okay with that. that's interesting advice good if you cannot be good. be good at it. >> i like that as well. >> and never go to bed angry which i also like a lot. >> that saves you a lot of trouble and finally don't settle. these all seem like advice of developing relationships or what have you do you remember best advice from mom. >> my mom was -- she always told me to cook take your time and cook. don't do fast food thing stay home and make dinner. but honestly the more advice i got -- i got more from my father. >> did you. >> that's no shout at my mother but dad was the one with the lifelessones. >> and both were in sync with this one they said don't be stupid. that camep a lot. >> i got that, too. >> i think we all did. >> and 100% i remember stories first time she told me about
8:27 am
being honest my mother was like i always wants to be able to have your back but i can only do that if i always know you're telling the truth. >> i was always sticking with honesty. >> we got good information from moms i love you. >> snanlt reaction poll what's the best piece of advised you have ever gotten from your mom. let us know, tweet us, post on facebook, make sure wherever you put it use #fox 29 "good day". >> and a local man finds hi himself out of work all because he tried to help someone else. coming up what he did and why he said he would do it again even dealing with consequences. >> and updates phil i cannot wait for you to share. >> a fair number of people will wake up tomorrow morning with hangovers. coming up, simple steps to help you get healthy, work out, fight through the hangover and do everything you need to do to
8:28 am
start your new year off right and comments coming in what do we got. mom said don't use four letter words. love, hahaha. >> i like that one. >> we will be staying safe at home celebrating with these two party animals. >> new year's eve plans. >> that microphone one kid had on right-hand side oh, my goodness nephew got one for christmas shot it down new resolutions and happy new year. >> same to you. >> thanks so much. >> we'll be right back. stick with us. >> we'll be right back. stick with us. "good day philadelphia"
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> it's freezing but i'm sure people will be out enjoying them sales walking a rounds and enjoying later mike. >> and somebody is out yet. >> they're watching us. >> big night tonight. >> we have a morning that's pretty cold. you may see a snow flurry action to the north. here's a shot beautiful sign hein looking toward the bridge. 31 southwesterly wind coming in at 7. feels like temperature 24. these numbers are pretty much
8:32 am
on par where we should thb time of year. 0 poconos. 31 philadelphia. 30s as you get to jersey side of things and you get closer in the urbanized areas and these are areas that may get to middle to upper 40s by new year's day if you can believe that. there's good looking weather on tap. southwest winds 10 miles an hour. winds stay up during the course ever the day today and may gust 15 to 20 miles an hour. winds busy and it will remain dry. there's no clouds throughout and ultimate doppler radar looking at clean slate there's rains across the gulf coast and cold front across kick chick and that may bring in snow shower and this is fox future cast showing us 8:00 this evening if you go out for dinner for the big ball drop or fireworks, fireworks activities may see a couple showers knowledge of 78. beautiful mummers day forecast and things change by next week.
8:33 am
coming up. >> the holiday day season is supposed to be about helping others. but at least one manziel his desire to help homeless directly conflicted with''s plan to keep them away. he fwot fired just days before christmas and says that was way really dark moment for him and his family and told me the support of his friends and lessons learned filled his holiday season with light for goodness sake. >> what do you do with your own morality sense of doing right voll lights job policy. right before christmas he was trying to be helpful to homeless person employer didn't like it and it left him unemployed days before christmas. >> i got fired for allowing a homeless guy to sleep in the back in the maintenance area in the back of the job. >> job was as security guard two apartments buildings near rittenhouse square aunt reason he did it honestly simple. >> when you let him in.
8:34 am
>> yeah. >> you knew you were breaking law. >> unfortunately yeah. >> i knew i was breaking rules but you got to be kind to people i mean it's cold outsid outside. >> what's interesting he understands he broke the rule but his desire to help was just more important to him. >> my boss for the security company probing number one rule blah, blah, blah i said what was i supposed to do just leave him out there? >> his wife shares his outlook on how to treat people and decided to share on facebook and was clearly surprised by the overwhelming support. >> people responded in such a positive way i did not expect it. i thought i would get negative negatives. >> it was clear curtis developed a relationship with homeless in the area that at least partially influenced his
8:35 am
decision to help. >> the regulars i watch out for them and they watch out for me and all the homeless folks know me. >> homeless man gary that curtis lost job for helping i isen one of the many he developed a relationship with. obviously we wanted to hear his view finding him was not easy. >> if we can find gary. >> he shoots into the mcdonald's every once in a while. he's usually in this area. >> we finally found gary in the alley near curtis's old job on sam son and their relationship seems sincere. >> it was really cold and crappy outside pouring down rain and he offered to help me out and get out of the rain and give me a warm place in the back to sleep and it cost his job for that i think that's dead wrong and i let god take his course on that note. >> apartment budding is unnamed because they were unavailable to comment because of the holidays but we will follow up.
8:36 am
for curtis he hopes to land on feet soon with new job and leaves us with final shot before we choose to ignore homeless. >> you make that decision and you lose your job or family member passes you could be out here too. all of us could be out here. >> to goodness sake i'm bill anderson. >> now we'll tell you quickly i have been in touch with them again they told me that some of gary homeless man family actually saw the story and they had not been in "him and now they're coming back together to try to get him help and to get him off of the street. if at all possible. curtis was offered at least three jobs, has interviewed for two of them with more coming unand it appears that all of you responded for goodness sak sake. we appreciate that and we'll coop you informed. >> now one of the most common new year's resolutions in the new year and i'm going to get into shape. everybody says. it can you really do it? coming up simple tips to help
8:37 am
you get healthy and working out in 2017. plus there's no need to wait until midnight coming up how netflix is helping people ring in the new year at any time of day and any time of night. in the new year at any time of day and any time of night. stay tuned
8:38 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> it's a new year and new you and lot of people make new year's resolutions to work out
8:40 am
more and we get into the shape in the new year. >> yes. >> joining us this morning jamaal harris regional director sweat fitness and melissa marks they're going to tell us what we need to do. everybody will try to get into shaixt everybody makes a promise and few people do it what do we need to do. >> you have to treat it like a relationship. you won't jump in. >> really? >> see ya. >> you're not going to jump in and say hey let's get married you xlit to three months. typically what i say is commit to 90 day challenge and come in say hey listen x, y, z 90 days and reevaluate everything and come back if it works keep going if not find something ne new. >> i find myself often getting up realistic goals out there i want to lose 25, 30 pounds and be back to high school weight you know maybe that's a lie as well. is that wrong the wrong way of going about it. >> in all honesty set high standards for yourself and have
8:41 am
a good support system. whether through personal training, group training, just having a buddy at work that comes in you and bill working out after work and commit to a time you know you can handle. don't say i'll wake up at 5 a.m. to work out. if you typically wake up 7 a.m. and rolling out of bed. >> stop buying pancakes and desserts and everything. >> i'm not helping. >> you can drop them off down at the gym for us. >> i got you. >> give us a couple examples of things you can do. some workouts. >> we'll put you through a workout. >> great. there's a few things you can do typically i have a lot of clients do density training and tabata training it's simple it's 20 second of working out ten sevkdz rest. gets heart rate up and burns body fat and lien muss. >> what alyssa will demonstrate 0 seconds squat jumps 20 seconds. here we go. >> not trying to break pants on
8:42 am
tv. >> we'll do squat lifts or something like that. >> 20 seconds on and take a good rest for ten seconds and once ten seconds is up it goes fast we two to pushups keep going. >> pushups. >> i can do these 20 second of these and 0 seconds there you go from here we take a small break then after this break is over we'll go into what everybody loves had full bushy right. >> i know what burpees are and i will let you do that. >> i'll let you do the demonstration. >> it's amazing cross fitters do insane amount of burpees how strong are you there. >> i train at least four times a week i guess. >> i train. >> a little bit. >> we put that together four many rotations like how do we do that. >> you typically put five or six exercises together typically most people do what you can do. don't do what you see on tv.
8:43 am
nine times out of ten people may be doing something and they may injury ow or you do something you have someone evaluate. some people cannot squat or do thing properly. i tell most people have someone take a look at your form. >> he's representing the gym but you can do this in the living room. >> exactly. >> no more excuses. >> and the other thing, you cannot out train a bad diet right? you have to i'd right as well or close to right. >> exactly. i would say most people jump out and say i'll eat let us for the next six months it never happens. take little things out of diet you know you have app issue with okay. >> all great advice. >> not a problem. >> we'll go to the next segment and have a new year's drink. we'll do squats before the drink. >> how is my form. >> perfect. >> good. >> happy new year to you. >> happy new year. >> stay with us we'll be right >> happy new year. >> stay with us we'll be right back.
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>> new year's eve parents have a helping hand getting kids to bed early this new yoor's eave and for the third year netflix is creating countdown to 017 featuring popular character allows parents to hit the bed early or party on. >> party. let's go. >> three, two, one. we won't tell them it's not midnight if you don't. >> we're trying to trick kids with six different themes
8:47 am
featuring favorite character new year's eve countdown and start at approach to midnight at any time you want. so the kids can think they stayed up for the celebration watching their own favorite shows and count down can start 6:00 and then everybody goes and enjoys themselves. mike it sound like it's a good plan. >> yeah to some people. >> look for other people you're up in mountains ski and doing it right i wish i was up there. kathy orr is up in the mountains now and we have a great steven of weather today and by tonight snow showers passing across the region. live shot looking towards old city seeing a pretty nice looking sky line. nice sunshine. cold, 31 in philadelphia. most of our regions coming into 0s in moist spots. north an west middle 20s achieved as you get north and west of philadelphia this morning. 29 newton square and willow grove checking in 30. wind speeds around 5 to 10
8:48 am
miles an hour on average. they'll continue to pick up during the course and this morning wind chill values feeling like teens and low 0s. here's ultimate doppler not much happening we have weather across the gulf and cold front midwest will slice through tomorrow night. there's not a lot of arctic air across the nation. we see temperatures moderate and get mild as we get into tomorrow and especially as we get torlly workweek time period.. couple snow showers 8, 9:00 possible and just actually tweeted that on my twitter account and that's out of there. mummer's parade looking good middle 40s average highs and wet big storm system out of gulf coast runs up the coast and gives us 1" of rain that's monday and tuesday. time for 7 day forecast to show you that. 45 tomorrow looking good. then rain arrives. for monday 48, soggy, mild push and 60 by tuesday and dry up middle of next week and then
8:49 am
gets cold around hereby next weekend okay. >> and if you stay at home come on erika we'll get this worked out if you stay at home this new year's eve fox 9 is station to watch. you can spend new year's eve with us. we've got pit bull. queen latifah and snoop dog broadcasting live from miami putting finishing touches on the stage. look at that. nice celebration. you can watch it all here on "fox" 9 finally goes without saying and eye lolt of people toast 017 with champagne popular drink new year's eave perhaps that's why it's national champagne day. >> things we did not know. >> we want to find the perfect champagne for any budget joe joe webber good morning to you. >> how are you? >> we're both great. all right. you are a champagne lover. >> connoisseur. >> you're connoisseur. >> i'm wine connoisseur.
8:50 am
i like sham pane and lambrusco and if you want something in every price range we have it. this is lowest end ryan all you can buy as jet wine bar to make your holiday special. of course we'll try them. lower end wine they're not lower end they're cheaper this is fresher and lighter meant to be drunk now literally now. >> cheers. >> 017 people. >> all right. want to make sure we can hear you clearly. >> nice and clean. >> this is pre si co light lively from northeastern italy 100% glara and you can see it's nice to drink. >> you set any price range does this break the budget. >> it does not it's $25 any place you can find lower cost posaco 18 to 30 is good price for it. >> not bad.
8:51 am
this looks unusual. not what you think of initially when you think champagne. >> no it's red. right? and that's immediately what you see. this is called lumbrusco it's having a moment and great wine for food and for pizza and this is -- >> does it come this bigger bottle as well. >> it comes in bigger bottle too. >> give it a try. you may think it looks sweet it's not. >> i like that. >> dry, dry, dry. >> yeah. >> very nice. >> producer upstairs erin will come down he'll try these. >> last one what do we got. >> $55 for 75 half bottle called paul cluae which is grower champagne she grow it bought it will et cetera, very nice. difference you can see color difference between the poseco and champagne 36 months on the leaves. it's like old ferm meanttation.
8:52 am
>> and people like all different things. now you have a lot of different choices. jill webber from jet wine bar. >> come in and have some with me sure i'll drink with anyone. >> sticking with this one. we'll be right back. stay with us. we'll be right back. stay with us. >> i like this one
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> we told you about champagne
8:55 am
but it's probably safe to say many people have a drink or two tonight as well you may wake up tomorrow morning regretting it because of the nasty hangovers. we're here for you solving problems. we'll tell you the drinks you can have that won't will have you with nasty hangover joining us our friend from room spirits welcome back, sir. >> what do you got for us today. >> well, guys, before we get into some mixology we're here to talk about as folks go out and have festive new year's eave some tips to have a nice hangover free new year's day. >> always a good plan. >> stay hydrated mix in cup of water between every few drinks here and there and 202-895-3000 two avoid sugary drinks as they're only going to add to throbbing hangover and most importantly 202-895-3000 three drink high quality distilled spirits such as family of board room spirits product disstilled in lansdale.
8:56 am
>> they lack what gives you the happening-over. >> conjuners are substances that contribute to a hangover and through precise distillation process we can remove that and give you highest quality alcohol you can get. >> it got taste good. >> got taste good. >> how about sugar free red bull. >> no you know it's going to -- >> i'm not going to tell what you to do. >> all righty. what we'll do here is mix up a classic cosmo. what ear using is fresh cranberry vodka derived from 1 100% real fruit no artificial flavors added to it and what do you is pour two ounces of fresh cranberry vodka and throw it into shaker and as if you have a little experience five oupss of vodka and oups of triple sick is already in there and
8:57 am
fresh squeezed lime juice. it gives treaty flavors. >> very well done. very well done. >> we have more drinks. >> cocktails and drems young flanagan. >> that's the first one. that's the first one. >> why we sample this one what else do we have. >> tomorrow if you didn't follow our tips for whatever reason is fortunately national bloody mary day. >> hello. >> what with very for you is bloody mary to get the hair of the dog treatment to avoid the hangover. >> there you go. >> here's a drink. >> i went a little strong. >> but it's good. >> that's flavor largely of vodka because there's not a lot in there. i'll try this one. this is one that will help the day after. >> right. >> this is fantastic. our friends make an exceptional bloody mary mix that goes well with vodka. >> looks likes buffet line. >> i like it. >> thank you so much for coming in. you can try these and save you the hangover everyone enjoy your new year's eave and he enjoy 2 safely.
8:58 am
your new year's eave and he enjoy 2 safely. we'll be back tomorrow morning. manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care
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