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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> right now a live look at pennsylvania landing to night. where the first of two fireworks displays is about to get underage folks lining up out there in the darkness. we'll show you how people are ringing in the new year all over the world and that's coming up. but first, tonight the hunt is over for the man the gunman who killed pennsylvania state trooper landon weaver. authorities say that they had no choice but to kill suspect jason robinson. this was early this morning during a confrontation with officers. ton night, we're learning more about the gunman's troubled past g evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. our brad sattin is joining us live in the studio right now.
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brad you've got more on how the violence unfolded. >> i'll tell was, joyce, tense hours for sure this all played out in central pennsylvania. not far from altoona. state trooper was on domestic abuse call when he was shot and killed last night. that led to what turn out to be 16 hour search for the gunman who police say was killed late this morning. it happened in rural juniata township in huntington county around 6:30 friday state. landon weaver was answering a call involving a protection from abuse order when he confronted 32-year-old jason robinson. >> trooper weaver was interviewing the suspect inside the residence when the suspect gained act cities firearm and shot trooper weaver. >> reporter: trooper was killed and that led to massive search across the area and finally just before 10:00 this morning robinson was found in an unoccupied home. >> when confronted by the troopers the armed suspect failed to obey commands and made an overt threat towards the troopers. faced with deadly situation troopers were forced to discharge their weapons resulting in suspect being fatally wounded.
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>> reporter: trooper weaver was just 23 years old and enlisted with the state police just a year ago. he also reportedly got married over the summer. governor tom wolf released a statement sending his deepest condolences and prayers to the family and friends of trooper weaver and all members of the state police across pennsylvania in this moment of tragedy. landon will always be remembered for his bravery, his sacrifice and his willingness to serve. i commend the pennsylvania state police and all law enforcement involved for the swift resolution of this manhunt and for prevent anything other residents from being harm. the suspect jason robinson has a lengthy criminal past dating back years released from jail just three weeks ago after being arrested on charges of theft, receiving stolen property and driving without a license. his facebook page paints a picture of a man obsessed with death. recently posting "the only good cop is a dead cop". >> now flags at state buildings across pennsylvania have been lowered ordered lowered at half staff. trooper weaver is now the 97th member of the state police to have been killed in the line of
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duty. >> joyce? thank you, brad. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. looking live again at pennsylvania landing to night where you can see the sky is lighting up in the first of two fireworks shows celebrating the new year. and it's not a bad night if you're going on out there. the revelers are out and about let's head over to meteorologist kathy orr with a look at our holiday forecast. >> joyce, i have them behind me. this is great. this is our fax cam and we put it right down the street towards penn's landing and you can see the fireworks and in our studio even though it is practically soundproof we can feel the vibration and the boom of the fireworks. exciting evening across the delaware valley, and today's high temperatures were just an indication of how pleasant it's going to be during the evening festivities and even into the new your. look at these highs today. wilmington, atlantic city, philadelphia, the mid to upper 40s. trenton 44. allentown 44. reading 43 with the clouds temperatures are going to fall all that much this evening. we do have a few sprinkles
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moving through but the best chance of seeing them will be in the poconos most of this not making it to the ground in philadelphia it is dry we are just expecting the cloudy skies. right now in the city 43 for the fireworks. allentown 42. the poconos 32. wilmington, millville, dover, 42. atlantic city at the airport it is 43 degrees. even during the overnight if you're out late into the early morning hours, here's a look at the temperatures. philadelphia bottoming out at 39. so just a pleasant night and a pleasant overnight. 30 in the poconos. reading 36. and dover waking up to 40 degrees as we ring in the new year. coming up we'll talk about the new year's day festivities including the eagles game. should be very interesting hopefully the weather, joyce, will bring them some good luck. we'll send it over to you. >> i'm hoping so, thank kathy. see in you a bit. as we look out live at philadelphia city hall now, make sure you have your fox 29 weather app. if you're headin heading on oute tonight. get live radar on the go and
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it's available for apple and android devices. if you're planning on driving downtown, you might want to know that there are some parking restrictions and lane restrictions already in place near city hall. they're getting ready for tomorrow's annual mummers strut. we caught some of the final practices late last night. all 12 brigades that make up the fancies they ran through their acts out there. they're inside the pennsylvania convention center the par rad starts at 9:00 o'clock sunday morning. revelers in other parts of the world are already celebrating 2017. hong kong, new zealand and sidney australia all run in the new year with large fireworks displays. and of course, they are not the only ones partying to night. fox's lauren blanchard shows us how more countries are welcoming 2017. >> reporter: 2016 draws to a close revelers around the globe
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are bidding a due to a turbulent year. people across asia and australia were the first to celebrate the start of 2017. >> reporter: during the last evening prayers of the year, pope francis calling on the faithful to help young people find purpose in the world. >> translator: to speak of a year's end is to feel the need to reflect on how concerned we are about the place of our young people in our society. >> reporter: outdoor new year's eve events around the uk, security has been increased following the attacks in berlin and niece this year in london 1,000 tickets have been sold to watch the fireworks more armed officers have been deployed. there are also more places around the city where vehicles are banned. >> we expect to give of one an enjoyable evening and we are ready to make that a reality. >> reporter: in berlin the mood was more somber than celebratory in new year's message angela merkel telling fellow citizens their country is stronger than terrorism. >> translator: cohesion,
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openness, democracy and strong economy that serves the well-being of all. this is what makes me confident for our future here in germany. >> reporter: new york city is deploying 65 trucks to serve as barriers around times square with at least two security checkpoints to e the viewing zones. around 1 million people are expected to attend the world famous countdown here in new york city times square. lauren blanchard, fox news. if you're staying in tonight countdown to 7017 with us on fox 29. pitbull is back for new year's revolution live from miami. queen latifah and snoop dog will be among the celebrities. a lot of them out there making appearances to night. the fun all starts at 11:00 o'clock. president-elect donald trump is showing no signs that he'll be changing his in your face nature in the new year. check out his unusual new year's message to his twitter followers it reads "happy new year to all include mike many enemies and
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those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love! ". developing to night, police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened after a concert by meek mill. walling for, connect connect police say two men were killed outside the theater last night. the philadelphia rapper had just ended his show when the violence broke out. two other men were treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. but police say the shooting does not appear to be directly related to the rapper at all. nobody has been arrested. and it is the phone call that could make the difference between life and death. but with more and more emergency calls coming from cell phones, the ability to pinpoint exactly where the emergency is, is also more difficult. fox's jonathan serrie shows us how some areas are trying to fix that problem. >> reporter: checking in on facebook oring an uber smart
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phone's gps can pinpoint your exact location. but when you call 911, operators may have no idea where you are. between 70 to 80% of all emergency calls are made on cell phones. >> 911 what sadder dress of your emergency? >> reporter: many of those calls go to the wrong 911 cent center. >> most important question is, what is the location of your emergency. >> reporter: current technology uses cell towers to determine where you are. but the tower your phone pings may be miles away or even in another juries dick. >> i'm going to have to transfer to the city of roswell because you're outside of our juries dick. >> reporter: we conduct add test call standing inside the 911 center where there were at least three misdirected calls in the two hours we were there. >> 911 what is the address of your emergency? >> reporter: jonathan serrie with fox news doing a test. can you tell me what address is showing up on your computer? >> we are showing your cell tower location which is at 3129 old milton parkway. >> reporter: more than a mile away from where i was standing.
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so we conducted a second test using technology from the start up laser 911. >> can you please tell me the address that just popped up on your screen? >> this time the 911 operator pinpointed our exact location immediately. >> your phone is very good at understanding where it is. so we let the phone do its work. it tells our system where it is and then our system utilizes the cell network just to transmit the voice and data necessary to complete the call. >> the amount of time that's spent in 911 center getting to the right location is time that's wasted getting responders to the scene. >> reporter: federal communications commission estimates even a one minute improvement in 911 response times for mobile callers could save more than 10,000 lives a year. the fcc mandated by 2021, 911 centers must be able to identify at least 80% of emergency callers. even so, that means as many as one in five could still fall through the cracks. in georgia, jonathan serrie,
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fox news. and while the world celebrates a brand new year, locally we're also celebrating a famous birthday. the prominent american figure we're blowing out candles for. plus, furry friends are looking for a new home, how local shelter is making it a little more enticing to adopt.
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♪ you know a lot of people spent part of their new year's eve celebrating the birthday of maybe famous flag maker they were at the betsy ross house in old city for early birthday celebration. betsy ross was born on new year's day january 1st, 1752 and to celebrate, there was some chocolate making as you see there going on. the old-fashioned way. to mode ya, delaware county, where many pets are finding permanent homes.
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the providence animal shelter holding a special adoption event and tomorrow. they're offering adult cats and dogs at only $20 and 17 cents get it in honor of 2017. the new year. it's a way for them to showcase and find loving homes for some of their older animals. and let's get another look at that all important new year's eve, new year's day forecast tonight. kathy? >> well, joyce, we have a beautiful, beautiful evening in store across the region. temperatures are looking really good. no matter where you are across the delaware valley. look at these beautiful -- beautiful view of center city philadelphia. all a glow with a temperature of 43 degrees. the high temperature for the day 45 degrees. right now winds out of the south southwest at 18 miles per hour. winds gusting to 24 miles an hour so off strong wind. we have our camera shaking here
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a little bit of a gust but that should be settling down over the next couple of hours. when you look at the temperatures across the region, 32 degrees in the poconos. allentown 42 degrees. pottstown 41 degrees. and in trenton it is 43. philadelphia 43. millville 42 degrees and in dover 42 as well. right now across the region as we look a little bit wider you can see not a big range from north to south, even in burlington, vermont, 33. hartford connecticut at 40 along the coastal plain temperatures staying in the 40s through williamsport, hagerstown temperatures in the 40s with cloudy skies. we will be seeing those temperatures staying up a bit during the late night and overnight hours. winds out of the south southwest right now in philadelphia sustained at 18 right now in wilmington you have a southwest wind at 20 miles an hour. so little bit of a wind with the fireworks this evening. once again by about the midnight hour that should calm down. a front that has moved on through in the wake of in some windier conditions fare weather
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high pressure builds in during the day tomorrow with high temperatures right around 50 degrees so for the eagles 1:00 o'clock kick off, we are expecting a good deal of sunshine with temperatures at least in the upper 40s. so it should be a good day for football game and very comfortable for fans in the stands. we'll watch monday as rain lifts up from the south and the west. moving across the area. so rain spotty during the morning, heavier in the afternoon and even during the day on tuesday, looking for more periods of rain that will go right into the afternoon hours. so after beautiful day tomorrow, we get into at least one to two days of rainy conditions for the beginning of the new year. so in the city overnight we have 38 degrees. in the suburb 34. cloudy skies and still quite comfortable with those clouds keeping temperatures a few degrees above average. southwesterly wind at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, the temperature around 50 degrees. mostly sunny and pleasant. you have a northwesterly wind at about five to 10. so that should be very
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comfortable as well. take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. so we ring in the new year and spectacular way with a good deal of sunshine and temperatures around 50. monday the rape arrives late but temperatures still mild at 48. tuesday little bit soggy with periods of rain but mile the high 57. and then we dry the out wednesday. the big chill comes in on thursday. friday colder, cold and dry for saturday. morning lows by the end of the week in the weekend only in the 20s. so the beginning of the new ye year -- whoo! >> little bit milder than the end of the first week looking on the chilly side, joyce. we'll zen it over to sean. >> all right. >> thank you, kathy. so the eagles win tomorrow? >> known as the hangover bowl. all right. i don't know. we'll see if they do win. all right? eagles 2016 season comes to an end. that's something we should be excited about when they take on the cowboys tomorrow afternoon. no playoffs for the birds head
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coach doug pederson tells us one positive he can take away from his rookie season. a battle of the unbeaten. villanova at creighton. only one team will open up the season perfect. we have your highlights next.
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♪ all right. if you ask anybody what they thought of 2016 most people would say thank goodness it's over. but for jay wright and villanova
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wildcats 2016 was trial al special year. king of the court last march in just in case you haven't noticed the cats haven't lost since. opening up their campaign for back to back titles with a perfect 13-zero record heading into todays' tough big east matchup at creighton. let's head out there creighton undefeated pick it up in the second. nova up four. good ball movement by the wildcats. brunson open for his fifth, three pointer of the day. brunson finish with 27 points fast forward two minutes left, nova up three. josh hart drives to the basket pivots sinks this turn around jumper. nice play. he had 18 points. nova goes on to win a tough one, 80-70. they're 20th straight win, 14 14-zero start best in school history. all right. let's talk about those eagles. the eagles will play their final game 2016 season tomorrow afternoon versus the dallas cowboys. game that doesn't mean all that much as far as the standings go, so for doug pederson and eagles, it's all about the small things.
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one not so small thing as far as i'm concerned is whether or not the players still believe in their coach and for the most part even after losing five straight down the stretch, the eagles have continued to fight for the rookie head coach and that's one positive pederson is taking away there this season. >> about three week ago, that team, this team could have really flipped and gone the other direction, you know, there's no quit, the fight is there. the effort has been there. you know, and that's something that these guys have really bought into these last few wee weeks, and so for me that's been -- that's been kind of the defining moment, you know, for me this first year. >> be sure to catch the cowboys and eagles right here tomorrow afternoon on fox 29. okay. little college football. sure the college football final four doesn't include the penn state nittany lions don't tell the players the rose bowl doesn't mean much for the first time in eight years penn state there play in the grand daddy of them all on monday versus usc and for quarterback trace
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mcsorely the sophomore is loving his time in the california sunshine. >> being in the rose bowl is kind of a dream come true for us, so it's been a tremendous trip so far. i had a lot of fun. got to do lot of cool things and just excited for the new things we get to do each day getting in practice and getting ready for the game. i'm excited for the game. ready to go. >> they didn't have to wait in line for that ride either. finally it happened this morning at about 12:50am it only lasted 48 seconds. of course, i'm talking about u ufc207 rhonda rousey was anything but rowdy the former champ got destroyed by a manna nunez but here's the kicker. rousey got paid a reported $3 million to fight last night and that's not including pay per view shares or endorsements. so i'm sure things could be worse. all right. let's take it to 60 seconds. she got paid $3 million for -- it's mind numbing how much money she paid right there.
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>> there was a lot of hype. i saw the hype on sports center about this. >> crazy. >> a big deal. >> all the female fighters owe rhonda a lot of credit because of her, talking about purse that is big. >> she's a pioneer. >> exactly. >> if you play in the game get paid. in fairmount park please touch museum had a special new year's party for the kids because they can't stay up until midnight. hundreds of families celebrating 2017 a little early at the museums to's town counsel do noon event. kids enjoyed performances and they saw their own new year's eve ball drop right at noon. that's special. the whole family can ring in the new year like that before the official ball drops at times square. >> i'll probably be asleep by then. >> i like that noon idea. >> the weather means a lot. >> we're in the heart of it right here. temperatures staying around 40. all righty. thank you. we'll join you tonight at 10:00. we've got a special right now.
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♪ tonight something special for the foodies you yus go at a try a south philadelphia restaurant makes scr lsple for vegans. ♪ >> plus forget about topping your french yies with ketchoy . try thn is we pee but nutter and gelly. >> good evening thanks for noining us. eccm iain pe fe. >> i'm lucy noland. mike jerrick tastes the best dishes in the philly area for you ya gotta try this. tonight we're taking a look back at the best of the best from 2016. >> first stop city diner making old favorites pseps dishes you never heard oer ♪ broad and south streets brand n su place. come on. loit look at this brand new art. isn't it cool. it's pink,


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