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tv   Fox 29 News Special- Year In Review  FOX  December 31, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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♪ hi i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. 2016 almost in the record books and what a year it was. from the fight against isis in iraq and syria to a topsy turvy presidential campaign. fox news was there for all of it. >> chief news anchor shepard smith takes look back at the stories that made the biggest headlines this year. 2016 saw instability around the globe and a historic presidential election here at home. those stories and more dominating the headlines in 20 2016. the year kicked off with an anti government demonstration. armed militants took over federal wildlife refuge in southeastern oregon. the standoff finally came to an end in mid february. president obama declared a state of emergency over the lead contaminated water in flint, michigan. nearly a year later, the water
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is still not safe to drink unfiltered. in north carolina, the then governor pat mccrory signed the state's controversial law to limit bathroom options for transgender people. in response, major companies announced their plans to take their business elsewhere. the biggest shake up in recent political history after donald trump won enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. he later announced indiana governor mike pence as his ru running mate. hillary clinton secured the democratic nomination after an unexpectedly tough challenge from the independent senator from vermont bernie sanders. she later chose the virginia senator tim kaine as her vice-presidential candidate. the worst mass shooting in modern american history happened in 2016. when a gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub in orlando killing 49 people. he died after a shootout with police. britain shocked the world when it voted to leave the
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european union. financial marks around the globe plunged after the decision. nasa's juno spacecraft flew into jupiter's orbit on the fourth of july giving us our best look yet at the largest planet in the solar system. back here on earth fbi director james comey announced his decision not to file criminal charges against hillary clinton but just days before the election, director comey said investigators were reviewing thousands of into newly discovered e-mails that could be related to the case. after reviewing the new e-mails, comey said he's still not recommending any charges against hillary clinton. the year also saw major attacks targeting law enforcement officers in several cities. the deadliest happened in dallas suspect shot to death five officers during a protest against police violence. officials in florida announced the fires locally transmit the cases of zika virus here in the united states. the feds since warned pregnant
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women to avoid parts of the miami area. here in the united states zero receives attacks hours apart suspect stabbed 10 people at a mall in saint cloud, minnesota off duty cop later shot the suspect and killed him. that same weekend handmade bombs exploded in areas of new york city and new jersey injuring nearly 30 people. police later arrested that suspect after shootout. donald trump pulled off perhaps the biggest political upset in history winning the election to become the country's 45th president. the billionaire and former reality tv star won the electoral college but lost the popular vote to hillary clinton. fidel castro died at the age of 90. the dictator ruled cuba for half a century. president-elect donald trump has called on the island country to improve human rights record threatening to reverse president obama's work to normalize relations with cuba. and the year closed out with a tragedy here at home. dozens of people died after a
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fire broke out at a warehouse in oakland, california, where crowds had gathered for a concert. city officials said they had already been investigating that warehouse for code violations. looking ahead to 2017, president-elect trump begins first year in office. the whole country waiting to see how he follows through on his promise to make america great again and his pledge to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. we'll keep a close eye on the fight against isis and the civil war in syria. of course, we'll be here for all of it. in new york, i'm shepard smith, fox news. coming up if you couldn't make it out to a ballpark then you were watching on tv and some of sports biggest names entertainednd excited the plays of the year going down in the history books next.
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♪ the sports year 2016 was unforgettable. too can forget our own villanova wildcats winning the ncaa basketball championship with incredible last second shot to beat north carolina. you better believe you'll see them along with amazing catches and buzzer beaters in these plays of the year. ♪ >> ken gins for the championsh
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>> it's caught. >> ♪ >> curry for 400. >> ♪ >> they do have a time out. curry, bang, what a shot from curry. ♪ >> for the layup. caught by james.
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>> salute jose fernandez. >> and score. ♪ >> it's a one point game. ♪ >> take the lead. >> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs within the world seri series! ♪ each year we lose too much
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amazinamazing tal leapt inspirig athletes and coaches and 2016 was no different. now a look back at those we lost. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ winter weather is here this december bringing frigid cold as well as snowstorms to many parts of the u.s. >> but overall, 2016 was a year of some record breaking temperatures, drought conditions and many parts of the country, and plenty of extreme weather from coast to coast. >> fox news chief meteorologist has a look at the year in weather. from powerful storms to record high temperatures, 2016 was marked by extreme weather. january start the mild but later saw a record-breaking snowstorm in the northeast. winter storm that blanketed new york city. heaviest snowstorm on record in the big apple bringing nearly 28-inches of snow and a travel ban to the city that never sleeps. february was mostly mild not valentine's day. parts of u.s. felt some of the coldest temperatures in decades including boston dipping to minus 9 degrees. coldest it's been there in some 60 years.
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meantime in march, quite a site south of the border. snow in parts of mexico low pressure triggering unusually cold conditions there. that same low served up heavy rain nooning in parts of the southern u.s. while out west, march delivered more than 10 feet of snow to the sierra nevada mountains in 110 day stretch. by april, parts of texas were pelted with softball sized hail. multiple hail storms resulted in billions of dollars of insurance losses statewide. lone star state also saw some deadly flooding in april. parts of houston area scene 20-inches of rain and flooding that left eight people dead. in may unseasonably hot dry weather in canada was fueling massive wildfires and evacuations in canada's oil producing region the fires ultimatelultimately affected gll prices. while in the us powerful tornadoes hit kansas including ef4 nearly town of chapman that stayed on the ground for miles. june brought heavy rains and
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deadly flood to go west virgin virginia. more than 20 people died as 10-inches of rain fell in just 12 hours. july marked the earth's warmest month on record and in the us warm water temperatures helped fuel a massive toxic algae bloom in florida with thick green slime blanketing beaches. august also saw severe flooding in the south with louisiana especially hard hit. deadly catastrophic flooding submerged thousands of homes and businesbusinesses there as manys reached record levels. august also kicked off a string of hurricanes. start wig hurricane earl macing out with 80-mile an hour winds it made landfall in belize. triggered flooding that killed more than three dozen people in mexico. later her cane her mean hit making landfall south of tallahassee, florida, as category one storm. it knock out power from florida through the mid atlantic. then by early october, hurricane matthew the year's deadliest storm hit hate see as devastating category four hurricane. eventually scraped the coast of
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florida and came ashore in south carolina triggering major damage and inland flooding in the carolinas. by november the us was already seeing a major snowstorm before thanksgiving. moving across the country bringing blizzard conditions to some areas. by the end of the month, drought conditions in the southeast helped fuel droves of forest fires including fires in tennessee that killed more than a dozen people. and around the same time, tennessee and alabama also saw series of deadly tornadoes. but in the end, the biggest weather headline 2016 will go down as the hottest year ever recorded on planet earth since weather data first started being kept back the 19th century. in new york, i'm fox news chief meteorologist rick. >> to make the play and score the points players need real finesse. >> when things don't quite as plans sports can be the most entertaining.
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♪ the world best happening lease amaze everyone when they're at their best but they also entertain when things don't go according toll plan. >> absolutely. the year 2016 was full of these merry mishaps as we now present the best bloopers of the year. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> he's an idiot. next question. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ thank you for joining us tonight for this 2016 year in review. what a fun look back. >> we can't wait for another wonderful year serving you our >> we can't wait for another
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