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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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judge flames lit up the night in lehigh county as a greenhouse burns out of control. the devestating losses, its owners say, they've suffered. >> hey, new opportunities begins today for thousands of philadelphia students. how the city's new beverage tax is helping children report to school for free for the first time. >> or is it? and joe biden accidentally again spills the big secret. what he unknowingly reveals about his post inauguration plans here in philadelphia. >> we put up that shot, oh, is he coming? is that what that means? i got little excited. >> well, he is actually, yes. he'll be among us. >> good day everybody, it is january the fourth, it is mary grant's birthday.
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>> oh? >> happy birthday. >> yes, none of you know who that is, but she is a friend of mine. >> okay. like are we supposed to know? are you going to explain? >> no. >> burried in grant's tomb? >> no. >> you are great with birthdays. >> who is burried in grant's tomb? is it dick nixon's birthday? is that january the ninth? >> i don't know. >> i'll look it up. >> do you ever do anything about these birthdays, you tell us your sister's. >> no, my resolution is to stay in touch with my friends and family better. >> that's correct that's loverly. maybe you can pick up my phonecalls now. this guy. >> let me just warn you, today will be out of control. >> oh, no. >> i can't wait. >> isn't that every day, knew. >> yes, but some more out, 67 out of ten today, bus stop buddy, he has the umbrella we will replace that with a plate of spaghetti. also national spaghetti day. temperatures in the 40's we get started. in fact, many temperatures are above the normal high for the
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day. so pretty decent way to start a january morning with temps in the 40's, don't worry, by this time tomorrow, temperatures will be 20 degrees colder. so we have he'd cold front through just yet. enjoy the mild-ish temperatures while here. forty-four, with 11 pile per hour winds. so, winds starting to pick up in advance of the cold front. 7:23 is your sunrise time. we actually will see some sunshine today. early high temperature, of 52 degrees. but then it gets windy, much colder tonight, talk about that, and chance of snow for friday morning, coming up. bob kelly? >> you got it, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:02. on this friday, what is it? i'm saying friday, you said friday. oh. let's just call it a week. live look at the blue route. southbound lane of 476 on the ramps to go north on 295. accident this morning, taking out what would be the right lane there. so this is going to cause a delay, for everybody that
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heads south, trying to go north, up to philly, international. be ready. or the delay there. another crash, north on 295, right at route one. even though we don't have the steady heavy rain like we did this time yesterday, heads up. everything is still damp and wet. so we've had a lot of spin-out. a loft single car accidents, because of the wet roadways, and also the fog. i just showed you there, 95, delco, live look here, route one south, at 252 in media, delaware county. here is the location of the big fire, tell you more about it in a second. spinners town road, just off "the q" town interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, and with the drizzle, and the fog, we are probably going to have some weather delays down at philadelphia international airport. mike and alex back over to you. >> 63:03, bob. >> police are investigating a murder home berg. investigators were called to an apartment on the 8,000 block of erred rec street around 10:00 last night to find man shot in the head. pronounced dead short time later. mitt now interviewing friends of the victim. no word on motive or any
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arrests. >> 6:04, developing story out of lehigh county this morning. >> yes, fire crews are responding to a massive fire overnight at a farm. there is a greenhouse on the property. steve is there. steve? >> yep, whole lot of greenhouses, and us city faulk, don't get up these part much. and you can see, some of the things they have on farm. some of the things that blew up here. this little forklift, this bobcat type thing, got the big propane tank out there before that one exploded but not so with a lot of other. jar sped panning over now. this gives you fraction of the shot of just some of the firefighters here, among 20 different fire companies, all volunteers, and just a little fraction of this massive farm. maybe you can make out one of the greenhouses here. now, let's go to the video. you can see where the flames were around the height of the thing shortly after first called in at 8:29. and they just got this under control, as we arrived up here, at quarter to 4:00.
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so nearly eight hours of battling this thing, before they finally got handle on it. >> the only way now is fire started, and in one of our shops up there, we don't know why, what, or it was in a warehouse, and they're trying to get it under control. and there is damage, we just are not sure how much yet. >> for the most part what we can tell, seem to be their distribution area. which had a lot of pallets, and storage materials, for storing cardboard boxes, for shipping and stuff like that. so, unfortunately, that was there with a large fire load, which made it even more difficult. >> reporter: you can see they had to bring water here from miles away, couple of miles away. we saw them filling up the tankers and putting in the pools here and come back to the live picture, here is the name of the place. very famous name up here, in business since 1959, the dan schantz farm and greenhouses, this is steeler country up here. i see these terrible towels
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hanging in the offices here. so, that gives you a idea how far out of philly we are. >> get out of there and come home. 6:06. we have an update now for you on that large brawl in west philly we showed you yesterday morning. authorities say the girl involved will not be charged in this incident it shows cop punching a young woman, the officer involved is being taken off the patrol during the investigation. >> today is a big day for some young children in philadelphia pre k. >> well it, may be january, but it is the first day of school for kids enrolled in the city's pre k program. so lauren johnson at the spin school in north philadelphia as they get ready for today. >> how is it going? >> reporter: hey, mike, alex, quiet now.
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no more sitting at home waiting on the big birthday because of programs like the one here at spin. remember the highly controversial soda tax that went into effect on sunday news year -- new years day? revenue from the tax will go toward the pre k program that are spear headed by philadelphia mayor jim kenney. so, student, parent, can thank those of how are buying those sugary drinks, because of you, 2,000 tuition-free seat are open all over the city. expert are calling kindergarten the new first grade. so that makes pre k that much more important. educators say it provides a foundation that helps student avoid getting left behind. because playing catch up sometimes becomes a challenge, as student get olderment many parent at a lost for words because they are super excited and grateful for a program that pays eight a hundred dollars per student a price many parents would never be able to afford to pay. so, we will be here at the spin location in the
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northeast, as thankful parents and ex cited student start to show up around 8:00 for their first day of school. mike and alex? >> how about that? >> back to school. >> back to school. >> even for philadelphia schools. >> that's right. >> in general. >> 6:08. well, it seems like vice president joe biden has no plans to slow down after his time at the white house is over in what 16 days. >> but he was overheard during a senate swearing in, talking about his new job. a position that could be based right here in our area. >> yes. it was a hot mike, we call it. he likes swearing in congress people. likes to chat with their families. so the hot mike recorded him saying he plans to start abide entrust to aid his cancer fighting campaign. the project will be partially based at the university of pennsylvania right here in philly. biden's comments about his future well were made in a
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one-on-one conversation yesterday. he did not appear to be aware the microphone was on, even though the microphone was on. all day. >> and he's been swearing in people all day. >> yes. >> so, he knows they put it on him. >> looks like he may be spending time in philly, of course all based on his son beau biden's lost his battle with cancer. >> a local wawa is the target of brazen thieves. but they weren't after money. what they walked out with instead of cash. what do they want? >> and a mom learns about the features of amazon's alexa the hard way watch her daughter did that taught her a valuable lesson about the control features on the device. better be careful with that thing, mike. >> i'm still learning about my al axe here on the anchor desk s al election a working this morning? alexa, what's the temperature?
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>> get this, man and woman team up forearmed robbery, at a wawa, this was over in somerton. >> monday the pair walked into the convenience store in the 14,000 block of bustleton avenue. and they told a clerk to get out of the way. >> get out of the way. >> the robbers then began hitting cash registers with a hammer to try to pry them open. they got away with trash bags loaded when cartons every cigarettes. >> it is so scary.
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no matter what. you are still putting people in danger. >> a lot of money. dollar cigarette on the street, they'll eventually get caught. they'll screw up somewhere. >> selling cigarettes on the street watch do they call those things, bob? single sick rest? when you sell them one by one cigarettes? >> 1sis? >> that's what a child wears. what is it called? >> lucy's. >> lucy's, lucy noland. police believe this may not be the first time the pair has hit a wawa. two other locations were robbed by suspects, kinds of the same description, with hammers, trying to get cigarettes. >> they believe they're reap lated. >> so they can sell the looseis. >> arrested last night, what he was protesting, when he was carried away in handcuffs. >> so that's obviously not video of him, but related to donald trump.
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>> well, donald trump wants just session -- jeff sessions in his cabinet, and the naacp does not like jeff sessions. so that's why they were in jeff's office. >> we do have video though that we can show? >> well, that will be probably later on. this is going to be big tonight. alex, you and i need to get together to watch this game. wildcats taking on an upset making team. that is the butler bulldogs. they have to go to indianapolis to play the 13 ranked butler bulldogs. can they beat them and stay number one? we shall see. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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>> 6:16. we have some interesting weather on the way, first we're mile for brief period of time. and then things will chill out, very big time, by the weekends. so we're in the 40's right now, it is nice to start january morning with these temperatures. not so nice with the fog. reduced visibility, in lancaster, reading, up in the mountains, down in millville, very foggy down there, as women, that part of cumberland county. colds front hasn't come through just yet. we could even get few more showers, mostly though, just drizzly, and foggy out there this morning. it will get mild. but we're in the going to jump ahead to friday morning. actually, late thursday night when we expect a little bit,
6:17 am
look, ya, see that? you know what that white stuff is? >> white. called snow. >> snow. >> friday morning, very early. >> might need my sweater. >> even though it won't be much, coming during the morning rush hour, that means it could make a mess of our morning commute. and it lasts through about 10:00 in the philadelphia area. we could get another round, as this off-shore storm moves off, further off shore, so this is not set in stone right now, but maybe coating to inch in the philadelphia area. and maybe an inch or two down to the south of us, as the early call on the friday morning snow. temperatures will drop in the afternoon today, after we hit the early high of 52 degrees. and then, high in the upper 30's, on thursday, tomorrow, which will seem pretty mild once you get to the weekends, and you see high of 30 on saturday, and 29 degrees on sunday. still, stays cold on monday of next week. back to seasonable temperatures by tuesday. and we are back to reality,
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bob kelly, because we have problems this morning. >> yep, you know, yesterday was the first day back for a lot of folks, this morning again, even though not raining like it was this time yesterday. everything is still damp and wet. shear live look, at an accident on the blue route. 476, the southbound ramp to go north on i-95. so, this is going to impact everyone that's trying to get from delco down toward the airport. again, it is the southbound blue route ramp to go north on i-95. all of the on and offer ramps are wet. the driveway, the front step, still little wet, even though we don't need the umbrella right out of the gate here this morning, now, we got vehicle fire closing all lanes route one south at 252. that's right there in media delaware county. we are dealing with not only wet roads, but also some fog. and poor visibility, there is a live look in delco, crash north on 295, at route one. that fire that steve was reporting from all morning long, just off of the northeast extension at the quakertown interchange. with some local detours. and with the drizzle, the
6:19 am
mist, the fog, we are probably going have weather delays down at philadelphia international airport. check with the airline to play it safe if you intends to fly today. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:19. this new video shows suspected gunman in istanbul night club attacks, turkish media released this selfie video of the suspect they say is behind the shooting. the gunman has yet to be publicly identified and remains on the run. overnight, five suspected islamic state militants arrested in turkey part of the ongoing manhunt. thirty-nine people were killed. seventy others were hurt in that attack. >> taking a selfie, okay. convicted mass murderer charles manson is in the hospital in a prison this morning, according to "tmz". the 82 year old was take friend prison to the emergency room for stomach problems. manson's currently serving nine concurrent life sentences, he's never going to get out. police ends staged sit-in at
6:20 am
an alabama office of senator jeff sessions. this is in washington, d.c. this video posted on facebook shows police handcuffing the demonstrators yesterday evening in montgomery, actually there is was oh, down in the office in alabama. naacp president colonel williams brooks took part in this protest. he says the group held a demonstration to oppose jeff sessions' nomination as attorney general of the united states. and b dock, brian dawkins one step closer to the nfl hall of fame watch we found out about his chances to be inducted, into the class of 2017. but first, we have some lottery numbers for you. b dawk.
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>> good morning, sixers trying to get revenge against the timber wolves. they need it every ten of a second to do so. down by three, second left, and with the wide open three, to tie the game up. now, 1.6 seconds left. brett brown dials up a perfect play. robert covington right now with the game winning lay up. and the 6ers win 93 to 91.
6:24 am
the flyers, play the ranger tonight, trying to break a four game losing streak. despite the tough stretch, guys feel confident they can turn this thing around. >> when you're playing good hockey, losing games, you know there is, you know, a turn around the corner, to start winning again. and i feel like you can be negative about everything. >> st. joe's taking on rhode island. this one wasn't even close. allen i have err son's cousin getting it done with the three right here. nails it. st. joe's loses 88 to 58. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i didn't know ai's cousin was playing for rhode island. that's interesting. >> now you know. >> it is 6:24. more sports here. let me ask alexa here on the desk. alexa, who dot villanova wildcats play tonight? >> schedule information for the next wildcats football game is not yet available. >> now, who dot villanova
6:25 am
wildcats basketball team play tonight? >> alexa? who dot villanova wildcats basketball team play tonight? >> the villanova wildcats basketball team will play tonight against butler. >> oh, that's going to be rough. that's in indianapolis, butler is a king killer. the top ranked villanova wildcats face a tough test on the road in indy tonight. they'll take on the 18th ranked butler bulldogs. butler has been tough road opponent since joining the biggies in 2016. that would be last jeer. -- year. and they already have three top 25 upsets this season, beating arizona, cincinnati, and indianna, which is very good. tip-off as alexa just told you is 6:30, on fox sports one. i'll be watching that early
6:26 am
game. >> so hopefully this won't be an upset then. >> hey, alexa, who is howie roseman? >> hm, i'm not sure what you meant by that question. >> well, let me tell you. the lockers are cleaned out, and the players are gone. but there will be comings at the nova care complex later this morning. >> that's because howie roseman will address the media at 10:00. so there should be symptoms things to come out of that. what he thinks about the season. >> he's got to pick some new players to surround carson wentz for sure. how about oh, alexa, who is brian dawkins? >> brian patrick dawkins, nicknamed weapon x, former american football safety who played in the national football league for 16 seasons. >> she knows about brian dawkins, missing one part, though. >> for the philadelphia eagles. >> she is missing the part about now he's in the top 15. >> well, she not updated. brian dawkins is one step closer to canton this morning.
6:27 am
last night, he was announced as one of the 15 finalists for the 2017nfl hall of fame class, b dawk is in his first year of eligibility to be inducted. he'll get in. the 2017 class will be announced february the fourth, the day before the superbowl, former eagles wide receiver, terrell owens, to, is also one of the 15 finalists. alexa, who is terrell owens? >> terrell owens is former american football wide receiver. >> that's it? okay. >> that's all she has to say. she didn't want to say get your popcorn ready? >> do your eastbound in the driveway, whatever? hey, what's going on, steve? >> reporter: ten hours and counting for this fire, about an hour away, off the quakertown exit. bob kelly has been telling you b and we'll update you. fios in the house! //www.ev]
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fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> massive fire in lehigh count. >> i first day of school for some philadelphia children. how the new soda tax is providing a new opportunity, for thousands of student. >> what do you do when your dad is sworn into congress? you hit the dab of course. hilarious response from paul
6:31 am
ryan to had kid's antics. there isn't room to dab. and, isn't dab, like, are we not done with dab? >> ya, can be jump the the sharkment how long as wag it when we daybeds? >> over year ago, we became a meme. >> i have to admit my little cousin who is like four, five, he lovers to dab. it is just the kids. they're continuing it. >> well, they are finally figuring it out. >> why it would embarrass you, i'm not sure. good day everybody. >> why, what do you mean why? it is a serious occasion, it is a big deal. he's going to dab in front of paul ryan? is that what we do now. >> oh, stuffed shirt. >> you would be okay with one of your kids that would dab in a moment like that? >> i don't care. >> well, you are mike jerrick, of course you wouldn't. sue, would you mind? >> what is dabbing? >> china, located m20 p.m., 109d36mos7se.
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>> currently there is a place in china called dabbing. >> i wonder if they dab in dab? >> also i thought the thing about to dab -- >> he was suspended animation. >> he wanted to make sure everybody saw. >> was in manaquine style dab. >> exactly. we have some drizzle, little fog out there this morning, with bus stop buddy. temperatures though are already in the 40's. so, it is not going to be
6:33 am
>> live look at the ben franklin bridge, wet roads, dealing with the poor visibility, with the fog, and it is hit and miss. so we don't have the heavy rain with the wipers on this morning, but everything is still little wet, slippery, that's causing number every accidents. vehicle fire, south on route one, at 252. and a crash in north jersey, north on 295, near route one.
6:34 am
mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:33. we've been following this fire all night. ten hours it raged on lehigh county. >> you can see the flames there. this is in lehigh county. now, steve keeley is on the scene there now. steve? >> reporter: maybe not raging any more. but still burning. because you can still see all of the smoke billowing up back from one of the major farmhouses, here, you got farmhouses, greenhouses, and it is dark out. you can still make out the big farm on the hill, way up here in lehigh county. and 20 different fire companies, taking part in this. all of them volunteers, so when you talk about ten hours, mike, these are people with real johns, real lives, real families, who have left all of that behind, and are out here in the cold and in the rain all night trying to save the rest of the farm. >> the only way now is the fire started, in one of our shops up there, we don't know
6:35 am
why, what, or it was in a warehouse, and they're trying to get it under control. and there is damage. we just are not sure how much yet. >> rural water supply operations which makes it very difficult in a large volume fire, which is what this was. we went to a third alarm assignment plus additional companies. at one point we had in excess of 25 tankers here hauling water. as you can see, it is a pretty extensive operation, with extensive line to get up to the building. so it made it kind of difficult at times to provide the proper water to fight the fire. >> these are the best volunteer firemen, they are from all over here. our township has got them here lower milford township people, and they're doing a fantastic job. you know, i couldn't ask for nothing else. no one was hurt so far. so we're just thankful for that. >> reporter: pat, kind enough to take time out from assessing damage, and thanking
6:36 am
all of the people putting their lives on the line up here, and when that fire chief was telling us about hauling water, he wasn't talking about bottles of evian for the people to drink. mike and alex, we take things for granted living in a big city. among the things we take for grant rod fire hydrants every three houses. there are no hydrants. twenty-five tanker trucks hauling water non-stop now for ten plus hours filling these huge pools they set up, and trying to put this fire out with hardly any water anywhere near them. so, great job by everybody up here doing this. >> yes, great job, tough job, that's for sure. 6:36. >> police are investigating a murder in holmesburg. investigators called to an apartment on the 8,000 block of erdrick street around 10:00 last night to find man shot in the head. he was pronounced dead a short time later. police are interviewing friends of the victim. no word on motive or any arrest. >> and police in new jersey are asking for the public's help, to ida armed robbery suspect. it happened december 30th at a
6:37 am
pharmacy on river road in camden. here is some surveillance video to help you out, captured the suspect entering the pharmacy and taking bottle of medication before taking off. he is described as a hispanic man about 6 feet tall with a piercing and a tatoo on his face. >> retired wwe star jimmy super fly snuka no longer facing murder charges, lehigh county judge dismissed the case saying he's not competent to stand trial. the 73 year old faced charges of killing his girlfriends, nancy argentina. she died in their white house township hotel room in 1983. prosecutors say they're evaluating their options. >> in northampton county 14 year old faces criminal charges for offensive social media post involving student at the high school. white student faces charges of ethnic intimidation, last fall the district attorney says the boy taped videotaped a 16 year
6:38 am
old black student eating chicken wings and narrarated video using offensive stereotypes, also racial slurs. d.a. says the boy then posted the video on snap chat. will already charged the black student attacking the white student as a result of the video. both are now facing charges in juvenile court. >> today big day for some children in philadelphia. that's right, drunk up, helping the kids. that's what they're saying. >> i'm helping the kids. when is the last time you saw santa -- pant a? fanta? >> ♪ >> used to love those commercials, and i like the grape over the orange. >> what about the pine apples? >> no, not big fan. >> what? >> ya. >> it is the first day of school for kids enrolled in the city's pre k program. thanks to -- do you hear him
6:39 am
slurping? >> no, when it got quiet i thought what's happening? i get it, mike jerrick is helping to sponsor the quality universal pre k program in our city today. good news. so today it means 2,000 free spots open up for young minds in philadelphia. the open seats are spread out all over the city. each provider gets about 20, 30 slots, for students to sit in classrooms for free, and as you can imagine, the program filled up pretty fast. this spin location in northeast philadelphia provides services to kids with special needs. they started the preschool program to help main stream those student, research does show a child's brain is 90% developed by age five, so falling behind during this critical time can be death mental for the rest of the student's life, trying to play catch up. the benefits to the program
6:40 am
include student who are less likely to drop out of high school, student who are less likely to be held back, and student who are less likely of being arrested. so, we are expecting to see parents dropping off their little ones for the first day of school a little later this morning. they're expected here around 8:00. so they're going to be some happy parent with big smiles and some excited student, who are here for their first day of school. mike and alex? >> well, fantastic. you look great today lauren by the way all fresh. >> thank you. >> she always looks great. >> she really does, yes. >> well, it is a title that will make your skin crawl. according to orkin, the pest company, philadelphia is on the list of the top 50 bed bug cities. >> and this list is based on how many bed bug treatment the company performed at residential and commercial facilities from december 2015 until this past november in cities across the nation.
6:41 am
>> okay. >> philly comes in at number nine. >> out of the top 50, we're number nine. >> number nine. the upside here, well, that's three spots lower than it ranking last year. >> sure. >> baltimore came in at number one on a list. >> that's where sue serio spent her anniversary. >> oh, great. >> in a hotel room in baltimore. >> that's not good. >> that's why she's scratching. >> is that what was going on? >> she has been scratching all day. >> ya. >> weird. >> yikes. >> big changes over at folks news channel. you know the cable company. emotional megyn kelly announces she's leaving for nbc. boo hoo hoo. what she has to say about her time at fox news. she has been there since 2004. you know her offers is right next-door to mine. >> it was? oh, you're offers mates? >> oh, i have stories to tell you.
6:42 am
you want me to unload some of these stories? >> please. >> you got it after the break. >> and he's known for being a beef on the feel, but his latest field off the field, well it will melt your heart. the special gesture for a young car accident victim. >> is that jj watts? what is he doing? lilly.
6:43 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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>> live look at accident scene, well, look at this guy, so much for the trunk. this is northbound, i995,
6:45 am
right at allegheny avenue. , in that construction zone. so we just got penndot arrow truck. i don't know where the other car is that was involved here. but, this is all taking place, again, north 95, near allegheny. problems on the blue route. southbound lanes, jammo, from route one, all the way down to 95. all because after accident on the ramp fog north onto 95. but, right now, looking at almost half hour delay south on the blue route, to sit in that mess. starting to see volume coming in from south jersey againment roads are damp and wet. dealing with some fog h a lot of spin out, a lot of accidents. don't have the heavy driving rain like we did this time yesterday. everything still wet and slippery. even on the on and off ramp here. south on 295, a crash on the off ramp to route 38 there in moorestown, new jersey, north on 295, an accident at route one. and here is a scene of the big fire steve ' been covering all morning, and since last night, it is just off the quakertown interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, watch
6:46 am
for some minor delays on the regional rails, the old slippery rales and so far so good at philadelphia international airport. when is this rain and fog going to get on out of here? sue is coming in in 15 seconds to tell us all about it. >> 6:46. actually temperatures aren't bad at all this morning, if you discount the fog and the dampness and the drizzle out there. it is kind of soupy out in lancaster county, berks county, down in cumberland county, millville, only 1 mile visibility there, and visibility is reduced at philadelphia international airport, so call ahead if you have a flight today that could impact take-off. so there is the cold front. you can see precipitation out in the western part of the state. i think most that far will dissipate. by the time the front get here. and before it does, we get to early high temperature in the
6:47 am
50's, by about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, then, temperatures plummet. already down into the mid 30's, by 9:00 p.m., and by this time tomorrow. it will be about 29 degrees. so, we'll have to bundle up again. fifty-two today. temperatures fall through the afternoon, 37 tomorrow. that's going to seem mild compared to what we get over the weekend. now we have the possibility of some snow, in the morning, on friday. it doesn't look lick it will be much. mike and alex, the timing of the snow is bad. because it will come during the morning rush hour. >> we will be here to cover it. >> and you'll wear a sweater. >> couple of problems. >> oh, get your sweaters out. >> i have a sweater ready to go. >> okay. >> gale says: boy, two look really great today. >> oh, thanks, gale. >> and another: i don't look right. my right eye seems messed up. >> you have moisturize nerve your eye again?
6:48 am
>> moisturizer it burns, i can't seem to get rid of it. >> you can't put it in your eye. you have to go around the eye. >> i did. >> clearly you didn't. >> another problem, every time i talk to alexa, it sets off the al election an at people's homes. apparent lip a lot of people have al, a. >> i had no idea that it was that popular? >> and it sets off theirs in their homes and they're getting irritated by it. >> they're getting upset with you? >> yes. >> you need a win today don't you? >> i do. let's talk about a positive story. >> okay, that will help. how about this? avoid houston. he's recovering from injuries after being hit by a car. he got a huge surprise from one of his favorite players, texans defensive end jj watts. >> thomas, tell us about this? >> i want to know more about the eye cream. >> what? >> what casino is it? >> clearly it is not eye cream if it is messing up his eye. >> well, don't put it so close to the eyeball. >> that's what i am learning. it is a keel's product, i love
6:49 am
keel's. >> i do too. >> i love my josie marin. josie doesn't seem to bother my eye, but the keels product burns my eye. >> so are you going to stop using it snow. >> yes, i won't stop. won't get so close to the eye, right, thomas? >> you're glowing. you both look great by the way. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this little boy, noah full america, hospitalized new years eve after being struck by a car. he was wearing a jj watts jersey when he was hit. he was devastated when the emt's had to cut off the jersey so family member tweeted to jj to tell him about the news and lift his spirits. watts responded he said that's terrible, is he okay? tell him i'll bring him a new jersey tomorrow. he did. he kept his promised, visited little noah you see right there brought him not one but several new new jersey's, brought bill smile to his face. so noah suffered two broken legs, in his leg, mike and alex, was mangled. he was strong, he was tough. everything was fine. until they cut off his jersey
6:50 am
then he fell apart. >> oh, my goodness. >> good nor jj watts. >> yes, that's nice. >> he's one of the best, too. >> yes, he suffered a back injury, though. so early, early on in the season. so he hasn't been able to play going through his own stuff. but still taking his time out. >> got into the playoffs? i think they did. >> i'll put a name tag on. were you about to call me alex. >> i almost called you old ex. >> alex rodriguez, because i think you look like alex rodriguez. >> back to you guys. >> people are also saying, if you are using al election, a you should talk about music. >> oh, ya. >> play some funky music. >> alexa. >> and my theme song. >> play that funky music ♪ >> alexa, play that funky music by wild cherry. >> play that funky music by rob cherry. >> ♪
6:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, your eye does look pretty bad. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> come on, now, show us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ya. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> are you done? that's it? little funky on the brain? >> that's enough. >> mike, you started, you can't finish it. >> oh, i start a lot of stuffy can't finish. >> ♪ >> it's a good song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> here comes. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ okay, we got to take a break, alexa, stop. >> oh, you were getting into it. >> darn right. >> whether he gets on his feet. >> it is only wednesday. >> it is only wednesday. >> i have to tell you this. the girl scouts have been selling cookies for 100 years. and they're celebrating in a big way. the new cookie they have a new cookie. and you know i like my new cookies. ♪
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
♪ >> girl scouts, celebrating 100 years of selling cookie's. >> one hundred years. what better way to do that, mark the occasion, than introduce a new cook. >> i what's the new cookie, al next. >> well, it is a smart cookie. look at that. smors. there are two types. one-the cote in the chocolate, while the other has gram cracker exterior. so you have options. the version you get depending on which baker your local troop contracts with. so hopefully you get the option of choosing one or the other, either way, smors cookie, just different variety. >> what do you do whether your dad is sworn into congress and you know it will be televised?
6:56 am
you dab. hilarious response from paul ryan to this kid's antics. and you know, he had to get in trouble for this, right? his dad was not happy. uh-huh. >> get over it. >> lauren, i do believe some of the kids at school might be dabbing today? >> i'm sure they are, excited to be starting their first day of school thanks to soda taxes, now student rent coming to pre k for free. we will have more coming up after the break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> this is good day philadelphia. first day for student across the city, free pre k. how philadelphia's new beverage tax is helping thousands of children to attend. and flames light up the night sky in lehigh county. asthmas i have fire sweeps through a greenhouse. our first look at the devestation left behind. a new era ushered in, in washington, with some comical moments, from a dab con manson, to joe biden, getting snubbed by a baby. the top clips from the start of the 115th session of congress. >> and, it is one of the most talked about movies of the year. >> it is crunch time. in 14 days, will be here for training. (movie clip). >> this morning, jenn fred takes us behind the scenes of
7:00 am
hidden figure. >> which one of these has the bigger glam squad? >> no. >> see what happens when she sits down with the stars. >> hey, good morning, everybody, it is wednesday, january the fourth, this is a show called good day philadelphia. >> i like when you say the program. >> this is a program. >> program. >> you're supposed to say in the business it is a broadcast. >> oh, that's true. >> that's when you sounds like official. >> do you want to sound official. >> well, this is a broadcast we like to call good day philadelphia. >> we'll give our official anchor faces? >> whether you take pictures assange or people. >> yes? >> supposed to fold your arms. ever notice that? >> except outside the building awkward hands like this. >> oh, sure. >> here now is the news. >> here now the weather. >> yes, number that we assign every day on this broadcast, for arrange of the weather, and it is a six today.


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