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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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investigators are trying to figure out what caused two trolley cars to crash. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland happened right around wound 1:00 this afternoon at 38th and laughter today in powelton section of philadelphia. dave kinchen live now in university city. dave? >> reporter: well, lucy, trolleys are certainly a critical way people get around town in the steve philadelphia. there are a lot of questions here. there's an investigation going but one thing is clear this could have been a whole lot worse. one by one first responders take injured passengers away from the crash site of two trollies after officials say somehow one slammed into the back of the other at 38th and lancaster in university city wednesday afternoon. >> just sitting there and next thing i know, bam, i ain't had no hat on, no glasses. the back of the pole hit me in the back of the neck. >> reporter: anthony, says he was sitting in the front seat of the first trolley when it happened. >> back of my neck hurts.
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back. >> reporter: you're up jet. >> i got a heart condition. >> reporter: fire officials say 46 people are facing minor injuries including the operators of both trollies. septa buses took the injured to hospitals, medics had transport two of them to tress we tanner and two more to hahnemann hospital. >> cuts, bruises, just real minor injuries that's all. >> reporter: the big question is how could all of this happen a septa spokesperson tells fox 29 it's all under investigation with philadelphia police accident investigators and septa running probes at the scene. meantime, passengers call it -- >> just a freak accident. >> reporter: there is another question in all of this. why were the two trollies riding so close together? that is also part of the investigation. we'll try to get those answers as well. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. dozens of people recovering tonight after a train accident in brooklyn. train crashed at the end platform as it pulled in during
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rush hour this morning. about 100 people had to be treated for minor injuries. after the crash, one commuter describes all the chaos. >> it was off the tracks. >> yes, it was. it was in the air. >> you had to jump down -- >> jump down to the platform to get off the train. >> sounds as if passengers were helping passengers. they were able to. >> yes, they were. yes, that's one thing i can say. new york was helping new york. >> the ntsb is now trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. you may remember similar accident hoboken new jersey in new jersey a whole lot worse a woman standing on the platform died in that accident. time now for your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside our old city studios. it's actually not bad right now, kathy. >> no, it's pretty comfortable. in fact we're just talking out here about how it was still rather light the days getting a little bit longer as we get farther and farther away from the winter solstice and behind me you can see a busy late afternoon evening rush here in old city philadelphia.
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where temperatures are going to be falling very quickly. right now, we're looking at a temperature that's still sitting at 49 degrees after highs in the 50s. 43 degrees to the north and west in reading, also, in allentown and pottstown. 33 in the poconos. a sign of colder air moving in. overnight tonight we'll bottom out at 27 in philadelphia. 14 in the poconos. 28 degrees in dover and look at pottstown. the morning low 22. ultimate doppler you can see some clearing skies over us. but the storm system that's close to denver is going to be pushing that energy heading toward omaha that will be moving toward us and it's going help develop an area of low pressure off the coast that will bring us some light snow. so coming up, we'll talk about the big wind chill come tomorrow morning. it's going to be a cold one. the first snow of the season for many of us coming thursday night into friday. of course, we'll talk about the weekend weather forecast. it's all coming up with your seven day. scott and i will have all the
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details we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy. thanks. happening right now, the man charged with killing his estranged wife made his first court appearance in cumberland county. jeremiah motel had been on the run for two weeks before police arrested him on monday. let's get right out to our dawn timmeney whose live outside the cumberland county courthouse. dawn? >> well, iain the 32-year-old appeared from the cumberland county jail by video camera. he did not have much to say. but a cousin of the victim certainly did. >> a lot of anger. i would say a lot of anger in my mind and in my heart. choking back tears brian dunn was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw jeremiah monell appear by video today in cumberland county court. he's charged with stabbing to death his cousin, 35-year-old tara owe nay shaye watson at her home in commercial township on december 19th. >> she had a restraining order. she had definitely went to the judge plenty of times to get the
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kids and herself out of state. the judge granted her to leave the state but not the kids and she wasn't leaving the kids behind. >> reporter: o'shea watson had two children with monell, 12-year-old son an four year old daughter who were at home test murder. family and friends say she endured years of domestic abuse. >> because of her life, there's nothing going to bring that back. >> reporter: he was on the run for two weeks. his pick up was discovered in cedarville a day after his estranged wife's murder. he was finally arrested on monday after someone spotted him hiding in a wooded area and called police. today in court, the judge read the charges against monell the most serious being first degree murder. >> you are convicted on that charge, sir, you can get a sentence up to 30 years to life in prison with minimum period of 30 years. do you understand that, sir? >> yes, i do, you're honor. >> i'm done hide wagon i feel. owe want him buried underneath that jail. it's time for him to feel that
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pain. take away his freedoms. >> reporter: lots of heart ache from the family. monell is being held without bail he'll have preventive detention hearing on monday to determine bail or if it will even be granted in this case. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, dawn. bensalem police say tips helped them catch hit-and-run driver james hash cher faces charge force new year's day crash that seriously injured a bicyclist on tennis avenue. after releasing surveillance video of a truck involved they received numerous tips that led them to hash cher he ended up turning himself in. to east germantown where police are looking for two gunmen wanted in a drive by shooting. they just released this surveillance video from monday afternoon. you can see a car pull up to three men on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue. one of them hopped in right there. that's when police say the two men already in the car started shooting at the men outside. those men ran off. the bullets missed their targets. no one is hurt. fire investigators are combing through the aftermath of
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a greenhouse fire in lehigh county. it took several fire companies from surrounding areas to help battle the flames at the dan chance farm in greenhouse in lower milford township. several buildings caught in those flames. the fire first started around 8:30 last night and it it wasn't until control until 3:00 this morning. the rural location of that fire made it more difficult to batt battle. >> as you can see, it's a pretty extensive operation. with an extensive line to get up to the building. so it made it kind of difficult at times providing the proper water flow to fight the fire. >> we don't know yet what caused the fire or how much damage was done. the biggest political gamble in years is official underway in philadelphia. mayor kenney expanded full day pre kindergarten programs welcome to thousand new students this morning with more on the way in the weeks ahead. the program funded by unpopular new tax. bruce gordon asked will it be worth it? >> reminders for tomorrow that
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kind of stuff. >> reporter: kerry bradford stopped by her daughter's new pre k school on bustleton avenue to take care of some last minute paper work. place is called beautiful beginnings. mom said after time spent in daycare her five-year-old rider is ready for something bigger and better. >> i didn't find -- letters and nouns and, numbers, really important especially in a comparison of pre k and daycare. >> reporter: at this school the expanded pre k program doubled attendance from 10 children to 20. teacher has been added as well. phl pre k the signature initiative of the kenney administration is designed to give thousands of city kids a head start on their formal education without draining their parent's pocketbooks. in addition to the education benefits, the program saves mom and dad from the cost of full day daycare. caregivers say they're little ones are benefiting greatly. >> has time with the other kids. constantly playing and he gets along well with the other kids
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and they're nice kids. >> reporter: all of this is made possible by that new controversial sugary drink tax a penny and a half per ounce it's ballooning the cost of some trips to the store. >> you've already seen it in your grocery bill. >> i have. i'm okay with it because i know what's going towards. >> reporter: melissa is director of operations at beautiful beginnings. >> our overall goal for the program the children are leaving us ready and able to learn. they're able to connect with other children. they're able to respond to other adults. they're able to follow instructions. >> reporter: she's confident expanded pre k will be so suck suck fess philadelphians there forget about their soda sticker shot for rider brad forward next monday can't come soon enough. >> mom, this is my school? i'm like, yes. >> reporter: daughter got school. >> yes. yes. yes. >> reporter: there's been disagreement over the long-term benefits of these programs. huge 2016 stud from north
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carolina a million kids up through fifth grade showed kids enrolled in the pre k programs actually scored higher in math and reading tests up through fifth grade. in other words the benefits were hanging around pre k kids showed a 48% drop in the need for special ed he had place many and finally and this is key as well. the percentage of kids held back a grade, down 29% among those kids involved in the pre k program. again, like with everything else, quality matters. will philly's program meet the bill? we will see, lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, bruce gordon. appreciate that. much more news ahead, of course. terrifying video little boy dangling from ski lift. he was up there for six minutes and this isn't the first time this has happened around here. why witnesses say, hey, don't blame the resort. also -- it's up to neighbors to take care of their own trash and their litter and if you're not going to contribute positively then you're probably
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contributing negatively. >> is there a neighbor who never picks up their trash or cleans up after their dog? one community found a way to get them to stop it. how they're doing it. i reached over and grabbed his gun and when i did i swerved around and pointed it at him. when i did he ran. >> packing grandma defended herself. what she says happened that had her reach fog that gun. >> a pennsylvania woman celebrates her 106th birthday. what she says is the secret to a long life. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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identified a man an woman wanted in a new castle shootout back in objection. they've got arrest warrants for the two. state police say brown was part of a group of people firing shots at each other in the par parking lot of a pocket shopping center. no one was hurt. police say she gave brown the gun and was there when it all happened. the other people involved took off and police have yet to identify them. little more than two weeks away from the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. it looks as if the final days of president obama's time in the white house and the first days of trump's administration could have some fireworks. democrats and republicans are both vowing to stand their ground in the first fight of the year. obama care is that their sites of course. president obama making a special trip to capitol hill to try to save his signature piece of legislation. and vice president-elect mike pence is fighting for the exact opposite. fox's joel waldman break it all down. >> reporter: president obama
5:15 pm
who has just over two weeks left in office making a rare visit to the hill. behind closed doors with house and senate democrats. the move scene by many as a last ditch effort to save his health care law considered to be the cornerstone of the president's white house legacy. but it may be a little too late. republicans vowing to repeal recent place the affordable care act once president-elect trump takes office with gop led congress, now in a position of power to do so. >> we want to make sure that as we give relief to people through obama care we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody. >> reporter: paul ryan and other republican leaders meet wig vice president-elect mike pence in separate cab until hill meeting today. urging gop lawmakers to stay the course when it comes to pulling the plug on obama care. fox news learning the vice president-elect would like to see a repeal bill on president trump's desk by february 20th. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obama
5:16 pm
care. >> reporter: high profile appearances coming just one day after the swearing in of the 115th congress. and while it will be the first republican led house and senate and president in a decade, democrats are vowing to hold the opposition accountable. >> the republican plan to cut health care won make america great again it would make america sick again and lead to chaos. >> reporter: president-elect trump tweeting again today about everything from obama care to job creation while naming jay clayton wall street attorney to head the s. ecn washington, joel waldman, fox news. nfl playoffs start this weekend and for the third straight season the eagles will be watching them at home. vice-president of football operations howie roseman gave us some answers today when he delivered his state of the eagles. sean bell is here now to tell you the fans what roseman saying about the future of this eagles team. sean. >> iain now that the off season
5:17 pm
is here it's time for howie mose man to make his money. the team has gone seven and nine in back to back years. so the question is, is this team on the way up, down or destined for another seven and nine season? all that will be deci decided by jeffrey lurie, doug pederson and of course howie. they'll have the next several months to do so. another sub par season isn't good enough. not for this city. we're thirsty for the playoffs today howie roseman said the plan isn't to make the playoffs. it's to do much, much more. >> when we started this last off season and started to put our plan into place, um, we're not even close to implementing all that we got a lot of work to do. we're going to stick to our plan. 10 and six isn't good enough to get home field advantage to compete for a championship. i mean it's a huge edge to have that bye and so we got to build the team with that in mind. um, i think some of the things that we've done over the past few years have been to get to 10 and six. and that's not good enough. >> there's a million holes howie needs to fill to get there.
5:18 pm
cornerback, wide receiver, running back, all an issue so later in sports he'll address how he plans to get that done. ♪ a mid the upsetting stories in our community you can find a beacon of light. people trying to do good, you know, make things better inclu including a group of neighbors in queen village trying to change their neighborhood one sign at a time. walk down any city block you'll see dozens of signs telling you where you can or can't park or even walk. this group is getting people to take notice. >> our bill anderson shows us how they're putting a new twist on some signs for goodness sake. >> reporter: i'm a lifetime philadelphian, i love the city and i'll defense it haters to the end but some of our nickna nicknames some of reputation like filth adelphia and our reputation for being a little bit loud we may have earned some of that. recognizing that our streets could be cleaner and our voices could be lower, a local
5:19 pm
community group is trying creative way to change behavior. >> there's so much at people in your face all the time the no, no new york city doesn't seem to be effective i'll not sure people see the no parking no littering so we talk about how can we do it that's different? that's chickie that isn't scolding you or chiding but catches your eye? >> reporter: queen village neighbors association and local gallery partnered with street artist kid haas so to design street signs that send a message without being overly confrontational and still being authentic philly. >> fun way to do it is to kind of do it in a quirky way so it's not kind of just shaking a finger at people, it's, um, having a little bit of fun with it and saying like come on you hate this, too. let's just all be nice to each other. >> reporter: signs are spread throughout the queen village neighborhood and until you get close they blend in with other signs so when you see them you're surprised. hopefully amused but also consider the message.
5:20 pm
>> one back there. check it out. >> reporter: residents frustrated by noise and mess they're hopeful. >> we do love dogs, cats but we need to be responsible for the mess that they leave behind. >> creative ways are good. i think that that is people look at them and as people pay attention maybe we can do something. >> reporter: artist kid haas so well known among the art crowd and became more well known to the general public for his statement art during the dnc. >> that one is self explanatory. >> we wanted to speak to him but he's a street artist known for disguising his identity so no luck. the signs continue to go up in queen village and already generating positive feedback from people across the city who want a nicely inspire change in their neighborhood but do it philly style. >> i want some of my neighborhood. can you put one outside of my house? this is i need or this is the one my neighborhood needs. >> we say yes, we're very
5:21 pm
interested we'd love to. and we would love to bring this project to any and all neighborhoods. >> reporter: signs like this change behavior and improve our neighborhoods? they might. or maybe the neighborhood association is on to something. we just need a reminder that these are in fact our neighborhoods but for goodness sake take care of them. i'm bill anderson. ♪ little boy gets a bike for christmas but days later, it's stolen. what one police officer did when he found out he'd be investigating this theft. >> life saving drug price has gone way up zone sewell lynn costing more and that has people with diabetes making some tough decisions. why doctors are so concerned. car crashes into a cell phone store. it's all caught on surveillance video. what police say the driver did right after it happened. ♪
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♪ philadelphia's tax and cigarettes generating far less money than predicted. in fact, $26 million lower than initial projected in you ask the city controller. now the extra $2 a pack tax stemming from 2014 supposed to help of course fund the school
5:25 pm
district. but based on what the city has collected so far, this fiscal year, the controller's office is expecting a huge drop off from the initial projection of 77 and a half million dollars. federal judge ordered the state of pennsylvania to provide expensive new medication to former death row inmate mumia be a due jamal. according to report in the inquirer, he sued after he fell into a diabetic shock and was diagnosed with hepatitis c in 2015. the drugs he says he needs can cost up to $75,000. the former black panther is currently serving live in prison without parole for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. convicted zeroly? killer charles manson is in the hospital according to tmz. the 82-year-old has a gastrointestinal issue. the cult leader serving nine life sentences for series of murders carried out by his followers in the summer of 1969 among his victims pregnant actress sharon tate.
5:26 pm
>> dramatic surveillance video out of south florida where a car plowed into a phone store. now you can see the car fly right through the glass windows and straight into the store in miami. one of the passengers somehow fell out of the car beforehand you can see that person lying on the ground. it all started friday when police were investigating reports avenue stolen car. that's when the driver took off. then crashed. manager says they have got to close for week now to clean up from all that damage. >> you know i mean, 3am in the morning. the police call us and we come to the store and we're in shock. we need to fix the windows. because a -- cost a lot. the floor. all the accessories damaged everything. >> and the driver escaped after the crash. so police are still looking for him. house that dates back to the american revolution that could soon face the wrecking ball. what officials in bellmawr want to put in its place and the group dead set on making sure
5:27 pm
that does not happen. >> a strange warning from local police department about a game you play on your phone. what authorities are worried might just happen while you're playing. kathy orr? >> in weather we're talking about mild temperatures crashi crashing. wind chills in the teens tomorrow. a cold bitter outbreak moving our way with snow. accumulating snow for everyone. we'll talk about that when we accumulating snow for everyone. we'll talk about that when we come back. mmmmm psst. yoplait custard's back. the family favorite... protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait.
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♪ in center sty police are trying to figure out who hurled a brick threw the window of a century 21. police were out surveying the scene looking for evidence today and they say the thief stole stuff right from that window display. right there on market street. >> a woman from philadelphia facing charge as accused of harassing pennsylvania lottery employees. to you wanda shields allegedly made death threats to employees at the lottery headquarters in central pennsylvania as she aired her frustrations for repeatedly failing to win a jackpot. police say she called the multiple times between april and december of last year. she's now facing charges including making terroristic threats and stalking and warrant has been issued for her arrest. think of pokemon go here. if you haven't heard about ingress yet get ready. fantasy game has you travel all over the place to reach new levels. chris o'connell reports, police say the game should come with a warning. >> reporter: pokemon go, that's so 2016. these days gamers are all about
5:31 pm
ingress. >> he can sill lating. >> reporter: location based augmented reality game catching new attention. that's a cool way to say it mixes the real world and the virtual world. developed as a prototype before pokemon go this game continues to grow and add more players worldwide every day. >> it walks with you. it turns with you. you saw me like -- it goes everywhere with you. >> reporter: game's video trailer explains the game. >> this is not pyschosis or some but an actual takeover. report roar players accumulate points by visiting real world locations all over the place where secret portalsly are head den and that's why we're doing this story. the solebury township sent out this warning after several place showed up in the parking lot of their police station in the wee hours of the morning trying to score points. >> i think with virtual reality coming out too, now, everybody will be able to react with their games and, you know, the real world.
5:32 pm
>> yeah. >> i tried playing the game around center city and south street. honestly, it was pretty confusing. and very much like pokemon go. and some who have played the games say real life is much better than virtual reality. >> just not for me. um, you know, i like exploring more rather than just staring at a phone. i feel like the phone is for if you need it in an emergency or something line like that but i mean if you're walking around you got to enjoy life. >> while staring at your phone much as chris o'connell tells us solebury township police are asking people to call the police station if you plan on gaming outside. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. live look outside of our old city studios. temperatures expected to fall tonight and they'll be different tomorrow. really different. meteorologist kathy orr will explain it in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
>> so beautiful day today with high temperatures in the 50s and we are going down not just into the 40s or the 30s but overnight lows in the 20s come tomorrow morning. in old city philadelphia as we look toward penn's landing all is dry. temperatures still very comfortable out there. it's 49. the high 54. winds out of the west at 18 gusting to 28 miles an hour putting a little bit of a chill in the air. 33 degrees in the poconos cooling down in allentown, pottstown and reading lancaster with temperatures in the lower 40s. along the i-95 core do to the south and east still fairly mild around 50 degrees. but as we widen out, you can see it gets colder as we're moving to the west northwest. chicago only 17. minneapolis three. international falls nine below this is the cold coming our way as we look at the wind chills come tomorrow morning, with a cold air it's not going to take much wind to get those wind chills down into the teens. thursday morning and into friday
5:34 pm
morning. thursday afternoon only in the 20s. this is what's going to be happening. we'll watch an area of low pressure out west it's already create something advisories. move toward the east. a secondary area of low pressure is going to develop. these two come together off the coast and bring some light snow and this is going to be thursday night into friday. of course always the devil is in the details. for more thon we'll zen it over to scott. hey, scott. >> hi there are kathy. not so much the amount of snow but it is that timing impacting that friday morning commute. as we look at ultimate doppler right now off to the west, you are talking about that disturbance move toward omaha with light snow. but take look. at the latest computer model as we advance it ahead to tomorrow night. look at the temperatures below freezing. the cloud cover thickens up and we're watching that light snow move in around 10, 11:00 o'clock toward midnight. so it's falling mostly overnight on thursday into early on friday morning. look at 1:00 a.m. 30 in philadelphia. 32 freezing in millville. by 4:00 a.m. when you're
5:35 pm
watching sue on good day she'll be tracking light snow pretty much blanketing the entire area and then watch what happens by 8:00 o'clock. most of the snow it's out of here. take look at the computer models as we spit out some of the information as far as how much to expect on average we're looking at about one to 2-inches of snow across the delaware valley. toe so here's another perspective as we move into parts of south jersey. we could see maybe two to 3-inches but lesser amounts one you move toward say the pocono mountains. that system number one that will be impacting your friday morning commute. that will bring us some snow and then as we move toward your saturday morning, a weekend storm kathy it look like most of the moisture with that will stay to our south. we'll have to watch it though. >> absolutely. it's going to get very close to our coastal points as we look at trenton looking at a very pleasant night with temperatures will cool down there as well. overnight in the city the low temperature will get to 28. but the suburbs 23 degrees with
5:36 pm
partly cloudy skies. it will turn blustery when you have a wind gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour. that means it's going to be pretty chilly the high 38 degrees increasing clouds ahead of those snow showers the evening snow showers will be developing by nine, 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. as you take look at your exclusive fox 297 day forecast from the weather authority, morning snow showers friday but believe it or not the sun will come out by the afternoon. the high 36. saturday very cold. sunday as well. monday 30 the high tuesday 39. so consider this. between saturday and monday night, temperatures below freezing. that's a long stretch of very cold air and then by wednesday, we're talking about rain again. >> go figure. >> go figure. we got it all, kathy. thanks. check out this crazy video little boy dangling from ski lift. he was up there for sick minut minutes. this in the first time this has happened why witnesses say the resort should not be to blame. a life saving drug going way up in price.
5:37 pm
insulin is costing more and has people with diabetes making tough decisions. why doctors are concerned. don't expect to see any wind turbines like these off the coast of new jersey. why federal officials are pulling the plug on a renewable energy plan.
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>> montgomery county middle schoolers are sharing their hard work for all to see to science fair. detachers say students worked for months on their projects at the saint terese satisfy calcutta school in schwenksvil schwenksville. more than 70 students from six through eighth grade worked on projects ranging from botany to fiss sick. guess what amazon setting record. online retailer fulfillment centers delivered more than 2 billion things last year. hard to wrap your mind around. the company says it double the items shipped for third party sellers. here the deal thon one. more sellers are paying the company to store, pack and ship their goods through its centers analysts predict amazon will make big profits this year point to go robust sales on cyber monday. >> utah scary moments for young
5:41 pm
boy caught on a ski lift. video shows him hanging on by just the strap of his backpack. crews in immediately stopped the lift at the sun dance resort when they saw the boy hanging. other people were watching helplessly as the ski patrol goes into action. one witness says that boy look at each other in disbelief. >> we were all very concerned. not only that he would drop, but that perhaps his backpack could be strangling him. i was amazed that he was able to handle hang up there as long as he did. >> he was hanging up there for six minutes before the ski patrol got him but this is is the second time recently that a young skier's backpack has gotten caught at that ski rei sore. chance to get up and close personal with bruce springsteen. how some ordinary folks are getting the chance to have a conversation with the boss. >> so high to walk right out in front of him. i didn't know whether he was going to kill me or what. >> pistol packing granny defending herself. what she says happened that made her reach for her gun.
5:42 pm
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♪ student at great valley high school in chester county tested positive for whooping cough. school officials are alerting parents. students may have been exposed through december 23rd of just a couple weeks back here. whooping cough is highly contagious respiratory infection that's also called pertussis spreads through the area when an infected person sneezes or coughs and have it for as long as three weeks before any symptoms show up. alarming news for people with diabetes. the price of insulin is sky rocketing. fox's linda schmidt has more on the soaring prices on the vital medication. >> reporter: edith prentice has type one diabetes and needs to take insulin several times a day. >> if i didn't take insulin i would be dead.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: edith is concerned because the price of many insulin brands has risen as much as $200 in the last three years. and she says so has her co-pay. >> my co-pay was $85. >> in 2015. >> in 2015. in 2016 it had gone up to 138. >> reporter: that's $138 co-pay per bottle and edith says she needs eight of these bottles each month. medical experts say diabetes is an epidemic here in the us affecting about 29 million people. for them insulin is not a luxury it's a necessity to stay alive. but the price of the vital medication is continuing to ri rise. >> that concerns me deeply as a doctor. >> reporter: this doctor is the director of inpatient diabetes at lenox hill hospital. >> i see patients actually stretching out their insulin supply.
5:47 pm
that concerns me a lot. they may not be using the full amount of insulin that their prescribe. >> reporter: the doctor says the issue of rising insulin prices is complicated and should be under the spotlight. >> a piece just like you're doing right now is going to raise awareness. raise awareness that this is major problem. this is a major problem for patients are for doctors and with diabetes growing in terms of, you know, reaching epidemic proportions we really need to get a handle on it. >> doctors are also recommending talking to them about all your insulin options and let them know if you're having difficulty paying for your treatments. parent's wait metate affect how their children development. researchers say the specific problems seem to differ depending on whether mom, dad or both were obese. mom' owes bees is the associated with the delay in fine motor skill development. a dad's oh bee obesity linked to delays in child's social skills.
5:48 pm
the child was most likely to take longer in developing problem solving skills were both parents were obese. sign tests don't yet know what the correlation is. >> disney recalling sweatshirts sold at parks because they can pose a choking hazard they are the mini and mickey mouse infant hoodie sweatshirts. the company says the snaps can become detached. they were sold at walt disneyworld and disney land between april and october of 2016 for about 30 bucks. people with the hoodie contact disney for refund. ♪ hang's take on old run down house in a cemetery in bellmawr is slated to meet the wrecking ball it turns out it has historic value that new jersey has been, well, slow to acknowledge. so what gives? fox 29's hank flynn went to find out. >> reporter: 200 years old. i don't know. historic maybe. looks crap tacular to me. ♪ >> reporter: quick question for you. how important is history.
5:49 pm
>> i asked mary brad street out on independence mall today. >> i think history is important to yourself, to your family to your ancestors and where you come from. >> reporter: no doubt about it and good job, mary. but history is relative isn't it. don't local history take a back seat to the national independence hall the liberty bell protected national treasures. ♪ >> reporter: harrison house in bellmawr outside of camden state did the ot says it's in the way highway project so there's a fight going on just to keep it from being demolish. >> there was an error made by the consultants and the department of transportation over 10 years ago when they first were assessing the plans for the project. and at that time they declared the house was not historic. and so all the plans that were drawn every alternative they look at sound wall going right through the house they never look at any alternatives. >> reporter: the i-295 i-76 route 42 interchange project
5:50 pm
call it direct connect is on going and won't be finished for several years. the house over looks that project and it also stands guard over bellmawr cemetery where for years it serve the as the management office there. it's empty now. not in good shape. my question is, how historic is it if it's really unkept? it's been added on to willie nilly throughout the years. 59s growing up the side. the wooden windowsills are rotten. paint flaking off the place. is historic? if no one really cares about it? >> robert shin the treasurer of the camden county historical society says never mind the shape its in the place is 250 years old. the short answer he says as to its historic value is yes. it is historic. new jersey finally says so. >> the state confirmed in a letter on december 27th that captain william harrison who led the gloucester militia in the american revolution lived in the house and that meant that his troops probably met there, picked up their paychecks, picked up their ammunition, their rivals.
5:51 pm
and battle of gloucester is actually fought on captain harrison's land right as across little timber creek. >> reporter: mr. shin adds the state acknowledgment a week old still doesn't mean the house is saved but it's got a better shot at survival than it did previously and it's got the help of local officials including congressman donald norcross. so it's in shabby shape and maybe you don't knowing anything about the battle of gloucester. maybe you don't care. it doesn't mean the old place shouldn't be saved. after all, what we've done and who we've been has a lot to do with who we are now and what we're becoming. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ a little boy gets a bike for christmas just days later it's stolen. what one police officer did when he found out he'd be investiga investigating this theft. the trump taj mahal now among the shuddered atlantic city casinos. why you shouldn't expect to ever gamble in that building again. a pennsylvania woman celebrates her 106th birthday. what she says is the secret to a long life.
5:52 pm
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the boss is coming back to his home state of new jersey. bruce springsteen will hold a talk at hahn mouth university
5:56 pm
next tuesday. the event being billed as a conversation with the rocker. it will be hosted by the executive director of the grammy museum. springsteen has been nationwide tour to promote his new author tow biography called appropria appropriately, born to run. the event is sold out. texas grandma got instant justice after would be bandit broke into her home and she credits her second amendment rights. 74-year-old roberson was inside her about wee county texas home an armed armed crook forced his way into the weekend but the pistol packing grandma fought back as the man took off running, roberson fired off a few rounds. she wound up missing. she says hey, she's glad she put up a fight. >> i tried to kill him. anybody break in on me i'm going to kill him. he's going to kill me or i'm going to kill him. >> it could have been worse ton both individuals. both the victim and the suspect. >> police still have not caught that man. talk about a grinch. a thief targets a home in palmetto florida not far from
5:57 pm
tampa. a few days after christmas and steals a kid's bike. fox's kimberly reports the responding officer was not going to let that boy go without a bicycle. >> his smile is just about as wide as they come. last week, his smile was turned upside down when someone stole his bike. >> when we woke up and came out in the morning, it was gone. >> seven-year-old had just gotten it for christmas. immediately his happy attitude turned. >> mad and sad. >> eli's mom called pam met tow police. >> it made me very angry. especially when it was obviously a children's bike and it was still brand new. still had the cardboard in the spokes. >> reporter: officer jason schroder responded. >> i have a four-year-old and i know my kid would be heart broken if someone stole his bi bike. >> officer schroder took the report and left. but he couldn't stop thinking about eli and he couldn't stop thinking about the bike that had
5:58 pm
been stolen. >> thinking what i can do for the kid. put it on facebook. i'm also a member of historic society one of our members local businessman for usa fence called me win two minutes and said, hey, let's go to wal*mart and guy by this kid a new bike. >> reporter: less than an hour he showed up way brand new. >> protect and serve. this is one aspect of serving. >> reporter: eli is backpedalining faster than ever and he's grateful for officer schroder's help. >> they did go above and beyond. i'm really thankful for it. >> in palmetto kimberly kiss scene, fox news. >> officer schroder paid for half the mile. he wouldn't fan tee football pool and decided to use the money fore glee that is great thing. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ >> right now at 62:00 transit incidents in one day. in philadelphia, trollies
5:59 pm
collide. >> just sitting there and next thing i know, bam. >> and in new york, a train derailment with the evening commute underway. >> it's time for him to feel some of that pain. >> plus he was on the run for two weeks. today a man charged with killing his estranged wife appeared in court. what the victim's cousin said when he saw the suspect. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. terrifying moments on the trolley tracks west philadelphia transit accident injured dozens of people. tonight the big question, why did this happen? >> good evening, thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page much this happened around 1:00 this afternoon at 38th and lancaster avenue in philadelph philadelphia's university city section. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live with more tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, we've been working phones. we found out these trollies are supposed to travel 10 minutes apart from each other.
6:00 pm
so the question is, why were they so close that's part of the investigation. the scene tide up traffic if any your part of university city wednesday afternoon. one trolley somehow crashing into the back of another one at 38th and lancaster. several injured passengers he is cored by ems personnel over to a septa bus for a drive to the hospital. >> just sitting there and next thing i know, bam, i ain't had no hat on new york city glasses. the back of the pole hit me in the back of the neck. >> reporter: anthony, says he was sitting in the front of the first trolley when he felt the impact. >> back of my neck hurts, back. i'm upset. >> reporter: you're upset? >> i got a heart condition. >> reporter: fire officials say 46 have minor injuries which include the operators of both trollies. four of those injured had to be transported by medics to presbyterian and hahnemann hospitals. >> cuts, bruises, just r


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