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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 6, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11. right now at 11:00, snow lovers rejoice. it's our first serious snowfall of the year. we've dealt with all kinds of stuff this year, right, but what's falling definitely could impact your morning commute. live look at the ben franklin parkway. there it is. some of us will wake up to couple of inches in the morning. maybe you should set the alarming to off a little early in the morning you might need to brush off the car. who knows. good evening, i'm lucy noland. if you've been anxiously waiting for the snow your time has come. if you're hoping you wouldn't see anyone, first off we live in the northeast and secondly not too much is coming. fox 29's chris o'connell live in wilmington where it has been coming down for a couple of hours. let's start, though, with meteorologist kathy orr. >> it's a light snow. it's falling at a pretty good pace and we're looking at it moving right along the i
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november corridor and more snow right along the eastern shore of maryland crossing into delaware. so if you live in central and southern delaware and you haven't seen much yet you'll see some light snow a coating to maybe an inch of snow but another storm could be impacting your area over the weekend. we'll get to that. but first right now we're seeing some of the heavier more moderate snow to the north and west of the city into the suburbs. and even in our northwestern and northern zones of philadelphia counties. so temperatures are falling, and that snow will continue to stick. 27 degrees in pottstown. 30 in philadelphia and 30 degrees in millville. most locations with those roads treat the there's no issue. but overnight tonight you can see some snow sticking on those untreated surfaces. one to 3-inches best bet along the i-95 corridor with coating to an inch further north and farther south through south jersey and into delaware. as we look ahead through philadelphia, the stow will be ending early by about 6am we're just talking cloudy and cold with temperature of 29 degrees. lehigh valley not expecting much there's no advisory in your
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neighborhood up to an inch possible as far as the know is concerned. light snow at 3am and cloudy at 6am with a temperature of 26 in wilmington delaware light snow falling now that will continue through about three, 4am. by 6:00 a.m. cloudy and cold with some slick spots with temperatures falling below freezing. this storm is storm number one. number two comes tomorrow night into saturday morning. and it is going to come very close to the jersey shore and delaware beaches. so close in fact the national weather service has already issued a winter storm watch for saturday between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for south jersey and also southern delaware. we're talking about several inches of snow. you can shovel it, you may even be able to plow it. this storm is another one to watch come very early saturday morning. overnight tonight first things first. 29 in the city. 24 in the suburbs. just very light snowfalling one to 3-inches at best in most areas especially along the i november corridor. during the day tomorrow 36 degrees.
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morning snow and then that ends by 6:00 a.m. it's out of here still slick spots the sun returns and because of that white coating on the ground, the reflectivity will be high we call that albedo you'll need your sunglasses by the afternoon. as you look at the seven day for cat from the weather authority, bitterly cold saturday. watching that coastal system for early saturday and during the day. especially down the shore. sunday frigid, monday 32. tuesday 40 and lucy by next wednesday we're talking about 52 degrees and not snow but rain showers and thursday partly sunny and 48. the extended forecast shows bite end of the month it could be on the milder side. we'll see how it goes. >> take it easy tomorrow. >> thank you very much, kathy. always wise advice. it's not the most snow we've seen not by a long shot. that did not stop folks from stocking up on the basic just in case. this was the scene in wilmington tonight. it was basically a rush at the supermarket with bread and milk flying off the stores. it's empty. fox 29's chris o'connell in wilmington.
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chris, sometimes you just need a little french toast. >> reporter: well, lucy, you know how it goes around here. kathy orr just mentions a hint of snowfall and grocery stores become a deaf couldn't one frenzy. light snow continues to fall here in new castle county along i-95 tonight. enough to make it look pretty. not enough to make any major headaches. when you hear snow in the forecast, what goes through your mind? >> panic. >> reporter: it wasn't panic but it was a busy night in the bread and milk aisle as wilmington shoppers flock to the local fresh grocer. on the roadways, highways like i-95 were not even a problem. three hours after the snow started to fall. >> not too bad. jersey i wish they salt add little, put some saul on the roads but it's not bad. it's pretty good. they're actually not that bad right now. but i don't know. i'm kind of nervous. i don't really like driving at night. >> reporter: secondary roads are starting to cover over and may be a problem in the morning.
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the storm considered a nuisance snow by most especially if you're coming home from 80-degree weather. >> so you're coming from florida right now? >> that's correct. >> and this is the weather you got? >> tell me about it. >> reporter: lucky you. >> lucky him. well traffic along i-95 you can see going about 50, 55 miles an hour right now. we have seen snow crews out there in full force. but this is pretty much it. it's been snowing for three hours right now just a light coating on the grass. the roads looking not bad. but could be a long night. we'll see you in the morning. lucy. >> hopefully it's not. thanks so much chris. grab your phone and download or fox 29 weather app as weather news breaks you'll most definitely hear about it first it's like having meteorologist right in your pocket just not quite as weird as that would be. remember before you head out for your morning commute watch "good day philadelphia" bob kelly has your traffic and sue serio has the forecast.
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good day is up early with you starting at 4am. crews are in northeast philadelphia tonight working hard on water main break that flooded a neighborhood. the water poured into several homes. dozens of residents still have noted running tutor night. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from northeast philadelphia. shawnette, a big mess an big hassle for those families. >> reporter: no doubt about that, lucy. a lot of work for the workers who are here on scene. they have been work throughout the night and we were told that they expected to have this thing fixed by or around 11:30 tonig tonight. meanwhile, water had to be turned off to residents homes while repairs are being made. philadelphia water department crews are working throughout the night to repair a water make break in this northeast philly neighbor. after more than four hours, crews were able to shut it off. but not before gushing water got into a half dozen homes. >> it's pretty bad.
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you can see trying to get out. >> doris shows a picture taken from her home on millbrook road near deer path. water didn't get inside her home but she's one of 50 residents who don't have water right now. crews shut it off to make repairs. her family bought bottled water to get them through the night. >> we got water, and we're just waiting hopefully, um, they'll turn the water on because i'm concerned about a shower. >> reporter: officials first said it was a 16-inch water main break once they got to it they determined it was on smaller 8-inch main it happened 1:30 this afternoon. it took until 6:00 p.m. to get it under control. residents say the area where it happened has been covered with a metal plate since last spring. >> it started out as a little sink hole, and then it went into a massive sink hole by time we got --, it took months before the water company came out to check it. >> reporter: and it appears they are actually making really good progress. tough to see but just on the
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other side of this bwd truck it appears there's a pipe they are preparing to lower into the ground there. so it appears that they are on schedule saying that they hope to have this whole thing wrapped up and fixed around 11:30 tonight. in fact from i'm standing i can see the pipe being lowered into the hole. gas was shut off to the residents home noose took in water. hopefully relief coming for them in the next couple of minutes or so. lucy, back to you. >> bill cosby wants his case moved but prosecutors are saying it should stay right where it is. did he want to keep sexual assault trial right in montgomery county although the jury can come from another county. the em balanced comedian's lawyers have been arguing for a change in venue is judge has to sign off on that request or not. prosecutors say cosby drug and molest add woman he knew that was temple university. he says it was all consensual. his trial is set for june. developing to night, the kind of crime that's becoming all too familiar in some
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neighborhoods. police are on the hunt for a group of men who pretended to be with the gas company then burst into an elderly man's kensington home and robbed him. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the 24th police district headquarters. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, you'd think this kind of thing should never happen but in our case, it's actually happened twice to the same man. a man you're about to meet. at least hear from. >> in the darkness surrounding the 3500 block of emerald street richard speaks to us through the male slot of his locked door. >> i realized that life is fine night. >> reporter: you could have lost your life today? >> that's possible. >> reporter: just afternoon thursday, the 87-year-old former long-time frankford high math teacher says he answer add knock at his door a man claiming to represent the car company said he needed to come in to check out a leak. >> he pushed the door passed me
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for my lack of strength. about four or five others came in. went down the cellar. went upstairs. asked where the money was. >> reporter: he philadelphia. he told me the attackers man handled him. thread its threatened his life. >> if i didn't tell them where the money was something would happen to me. >> reporter: the robbers got away with more than a thousand dollars in cash in an incident that shocks but does not surprise those too live aid round here. while we were on emerald cops were called to a shooting two blocks away. >> this is a drug corner. so it's actually bad out here. >> reporter: he was shaken up but not physically harmed he lived on this block since 1980. it's not what it used to be. but he's not leaving. >> things happen. but i would like to stick it out as long as i can. >> reporter: i told you a moment ago this is actually the second time this kinds thing has happened to this man. he tells me a couple of years ago two men posing as water
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department workers examined their way into his emerald estate home stole some of this personal belongings then as now lucy he was not physically harmed but obviously scary moments. >> absolutely. all right, thank you much, brew. >> sources say president-elect named former indiana senator dan coach as director of national intelligence. the 73-year-old was the am bass soar to germany under president george w. bush and tomorrow trump is set to meet with the current director of national intelligence james clapper. clapper will brief the president-elect on suspected russian hacking which clapper believes is beyond suspected. new guidelines tonight for parents with babies at risk for developing peanut allergies. what doctors now say you should do to try to avoid that allergy altogether. and here's hank. >> ♪ it's hank i'm at west minster choir college in princeton.
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rider university is thinking about selling this whole place hook, line and sing to right its own fiscal ship. students a
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♪ the snow moves in. you can't really tell there if you look at our live shots with shawnette or with bruce out there you know that snow is really coming down.
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look out your window for goodness sake. that's platt bridge in south philly. download the fox 29 weather app to track the storm in real time. a final farewell for a young state trooper killed in the line of duty. family and friends remember 23 year old landon weaver as a hero during his funeral in central pennsylvania. governor tom wolf also expressed gratitude for weaver's service and remarks released by his office. funeral was closed to the media in altoona. authorities say a man named jason robinson shot and killed him friday. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. all right, iain what's happening. >> our fresco users busy tonight kevin joseph shot great video major water main break in northeast philly. our shawnette wilson told us about just a few minutes ago. philadelphia water department crews are working through the night to repair ruptured 8-inch line it took them more than four hours to shut the water off. but the damage was done. more than half a dozen homes took on heavy water you just saw
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shawnette's report crews are still at work right now trying to fix that problem. tonight kids in wilmington, delaware got ice hockey tips from one of the pros. fresco user ronald romeo takes to us hockey under the stars event with philadelphia flyers captain claude giroux. kids enjoyed learning drills and played games. wouldn't prices at the horizon riverfront ring hosted by triple a. now to glenn olden delaware county one fresco user shows us the snow out there tonight. we put out a request asking for fresco users to shows us the weather where you live. summit your video to us. we may use it on the air and we'll pay it for you. take out your phone, shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app to zen it to to our newsro newsroom. rider university considering selling the princeton campus of west minster choir college. the prominent music conservatory served as a fountain of incredible classical music for decades and even though nothing
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is certain the notion the mere notion of selling it has set off a fire storm of op zig. fox 29's hank flynn jumped right into it. ♪ >> reporter: alex practiced piano today. working on the first movement of images book two by claude. i was lucky to watch. ♪ >> reporter: alex recently graduated from west minster choir college in princeton. degree in piano obviously but the news that her old school's campus might be sold out from under it by its parent college rider university that strikes a sour note with her. >> in a way i guess we do feel a little bit be trade by the school, because i mean we have have been here for so long and all of a sudden she decided to change that.
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it's a little bit of disconnect. >> nothing set in stone. rider said only its reviewing the idea of selling the campus. but west minster students and alumni are playing hardy fence they're seeking historic status for the campus that would make it harder to sell should rider make that call. >> we have of course been urged to consider this at this point because of the move that rider has made. and i'm not sure why it hasn't been thought of in the past we believe we do have some good points to make as to why we do have historical significance. >> that's mickey, she makes a valid point. founded 90 years ago west minster contributions to music are legion. affiliations with giants like leonard bernstein only scratch the surveillance fashion. west minster does lose money. they're thinking of unloading. >> they're running on
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13 million-dollar deficit we do understand rider university but nonetheless they took on the school's responsibility. they should have planned better for it. faculty is willing to make concessions. i think they should redouble their efforts to save the mission of west minster choir college. >> reporter: rider says it's only studying the possibilities but rider attendance is down. the school has deficits of its own to deal with and selling the choir college is prime princeton campus would help rider patch up it's own money problems for a time. but don't assume you can move west minster students curriculum without changing its soul. >> i was looking for a conservatory atmosphere and west minster offered. >> i feel like if we moved to philly it would change that. diamin minute initiate. >> mickey tells me west minster has conservatory certification that is would disappear if its campus was sold along with acoustic klee sound performance spaces in other facilities for rider to sell west minster to cover its own deficits without
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fixing the bad dynamic to put the school in the red in the first place that would hurt a musical treasure and not even fix the problem. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ all right. everything you ever heard about peanut allergies and your children might just be wrong. new guidelines released today suggest to prevent a life long peanut allergy you should begin introducing bee peanuts as early infancy. 2% of us children have peanut allergy which is more than four times the estimate in 1999. new guidelines based on study that found that introducing peanuts early in life i mean really early lowered the risk of developing allergy by age five talk with your doctor about all of that. all right. sean bell in the house. >> lucy, i'm not a believer in getting fourth and fifth chances i'm a believing in second chan
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chances but it gets to a point you just got to cut guys out. another daal has player in trouble. i'll tell was needs to happen to him and
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♪ sean bell takes on troubled athletes and second chances or third or fourth. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ i'm a big believer in second chances. even third chances but after while people need to get cut off and habitual offenders need to get what they deserve. randy gregory suspended for entire year aft violating the substance abuse policy once again. gregory suspended four games in 2015. and then was suspended 10 games for missing a drug test. listen i don't care what the
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reason. at some point we have to make a new rule and kick guys out for the stupidity clause being that dumb. i don't care what the drug is. i don't care what the circumstances. at some point you shall know better. why do you keep doing this and how do you keep getting caught? for randy gregory, johnny manziel way too many stories of guys getting caught for doing the same thing over and over and over again. i know this is a talented leag league. some point you have send a message. learn from your mistakes or get out. usually i'm on the players side with everything but i am sick of this and it figures that he's a dallas cowboy, right, lucy? >> sean bell, don't tell marcus you said that our producer. okay. nicky manage confirms she and meek mill are done. rumors have been swirling that the two broke up and this morning manage took to twitter writing to confirm, yes, i am single. focusing on my work and looking
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forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. they began dating in early 2015 spot the towing frequently all over philadelphia. meek mill is not commented on the split. that's quite a picture right there. all right. quite a picture outside. >> it's pretty. >> i talked to friends in perkasie they said it's sticking. quarter of an inch of snow already. >> okay. >> levittown. south jersey. it's here. it's pretty. enjoy it. >> i like it. >> it will be gone by the morning rush. some areas will be snow covered and slick. it's winter. another storm coming in for saturday especially down the shore heavy snow. >> heavy snow. >> all right. 6-inches possible. >> is it pretty now? >> it is pretty outside. i've got a hankering for french toast. >> i'm going to have midnight french toast. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for
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good morning to you happening right now on "good day philadelphia", well, we're still going through it, all eyes are on the radar, of course, our top story this morning, the weather. we were driving in and sharing stories because it is sloppy out there. we have a mess on i-95 a tractor trailer that is jackknifed causing all kinds of problems. another reason to slow down. from bucks county down to the shore, it is a very busy morning on the roads. sue and bob have you covered what you need to know before you head out the door. >> thank you for waking up, i saw people wake up early to get a head start. people were on the road. i had a moment. >> you had some problems. >> are you okay. >> i'm like one of those people, like everybody else, that forgot the how to drive in the snow. >> are you okay. >> car all right


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