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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  January 7, 2017 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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it's done. so that's it. oh, my gosh, ladies, look at her. (applause, cheering) (jamie) it's easy. (alison) i can't believe just how great-- you can't do that with makeup. yeah, well, it's not makeup, that's the thing, it's a full coverage anti-aging moisturizer. it's a product that just does the work for you and then it gives you your most beautiful skin. bye bye foundation has really been my holy grail. ever since i started using it, it has changed my skincare routine, my makeup routine. it's such an amazing product, amazing. bye bye foundation is my favorite because it's silky on my skin, it feels like nutrients going on, and it's covering my hyperpigmentation and sunspots, which i love. i couldn't find anything that would cover like full coverage but feel light. bye bye foundation doesn't have that heaviness and that thickness, and it doesn't settle in the cracks and creases. it moves with your skin. let me show you how bye bye foundation compares to typical foundations. so i'm using an orange because it's similar to your skin
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with dimples like pores. and i've applied these spots right here, they're representing different skin issues we have. so these blue dots right here, they show dark shadows that we can get around our eyes or any veins that you wanna cover. now let's say you have broken red capillaries or redness or rosacea the way i do. these red dots, they represent that. these brown dots will represent dark spots or hyperpigmentation. and here's what happens with other products you might use on your skin. first, i'm going to apply a popular bb cream. so you can see as i start to apply, i'm getting a little bit of coverage, but those spots are coming through,@ and as it ends up, it's really not covering much. and here's a very expensive high end foundation. it costs more than our entire kit. and you can see as i start to apply, still those spots are coming through. but now bye bye foundation is gonna cover it instantly.
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watch this. i'm applying the exact same amount. you just need a little bit and bye bye foundation instantly covers. it's like, "bye bye, spots altogether." and look at the pores of the orange with bye bye foundation. they look so much smaller, almost like they've disappeared. so "bye bye, imperfections," and, "hello flawless looking skin." (female #1)@ i am the editor in chief of new york city's hottest beauty and fashion magazine, bella new york city. we try hundreds of products because we really want to tell our readers, like, what the best is in the marketplace. and the only brand that has ever made it onto the bella beauty award list every single issue has been it cosmetics. i've never, in the history of bella magazine or any of my work in beauty, have i ever found a product that works as well. now it's time to say "bye bye" to heavy foundation, "bye bye" to morning skincare, "bye bye" to your daily sunscreen, and "bye bye" to dry skin, the look of blemishes, scars, dark spots, birth marks,
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and redness. here's how you can say hello to beautiful looking skin with the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection right now. (female narrator) call or go to to get your bye bye foundation beautiful you collection from it cosmetics, with everything you need to look up to five years younger instantly. you'll get bye bye foundation in your choice of four skin perfecting shades. light, medium, tan, or rich. with 3d skin flex technology to help correct, perfect, and protect your skin. the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection also includes our super concentrated waterproof bye bye concealer to cover dark eye circles. it can cover anything, even tattoos. and for that perfect airbrushed finish, you'll receive bye bye pores tinted skin blurring finishing powder. and you'll complete your look with award winning vitality lip flush and hello lashes mascara. you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on the expensive products the bye bye foundation
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beautiful you collection replaces. but call or go to right now to get your bye bye foundation beautiful you collection for the unbelievable low introductory price of only $39.95. that's an amazing value. plus, call in the next 12 minutes and today you'll receive two free gifts. the vitality face disc with everything you need to contour and enhance your beauty. and the most luxurious heavenly luxe complexion perfection brush. if you don't look up to five years younger after your first use, just return your it cosmetics for a full refund. so call the number on your screen or go to and get the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection and your free gifts, a total value of over $150, for just $39.95. this offer is not available in stores and may not last long, so hurry, call or click now. discover it. love it. believe it. they were saying,@ "you have perfect skin."
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and that just feels so nice to hear because i do feel like it's perfect skin, but really i am hiding a few blemishes that just no one knows 'cause it looks so good. a friend i see all the time actually complimented me on my skin, like, "wow, your skin looks great." and i just thought, "it's what they said would happen," and it actually did. there's nothing out there that i have found that has given me what it cosmetics has. and that is for people not to tell me, "i love your makeup," but, "i love your skin." we spoke recently with dr. elizabeth callahan, a board certified dermatologic surgeon consistently ranked one of the top dermatologists in the nation. with bye bye foundation, not only are you getting a full coverage product, but you're actually using something that's gonna improve the tone and texture of your skin. the ingredients in bye bye foundation are quite significant. they help reduce pore size, the appearance of fine lines, and the discolorations that we see in skin, brown spots and red spots. it's a true protective physical based sunscreen, spf 50.
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and those, in my opinion, are the best forms of sunscreens. as a cosmetic dermatologist, as a clinical dermatologist, as a surgeon, bye bye foundation is the first product i've ever found that is truly a one step product. and when you apply this product, your skin looks lifted, it's luminous, it's fresh. this product is absolutely incredible. ♪ (applause, cheering) i have a surprise for you. okay, not a single woman in this entire audience is wearing foundation, but they are all getting their full coverage and they're getting their most beautiful skin with bye bye foundation, and they're getting confidence, which is huge. and, ali, we're gonna do something that has never, ever, ever been seen on television before. -are you guys ready? -yes! okay, they're gonna show the world how bye bye foundation is giving them their most beautiful skin ever. -you ready to reveal? -yes. -let's do it. -what? wow! (jamie) they're removing their bye bye foundation and they're revealing their skin
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so you can see for yourself that bye bye foundation really does cover skin issues for all skin types. i want you to see that bye bye foundation will work for you, so you can get the confidence that comes with your most beautiful you. (alison) jamie, i can see how emotional you are about this. can we talk to you for a second? everyone in the audience, we all have different issues, everyone at home. you're so beautiful and, like, i'm watching your eyes and the confidence in your eyes. you would never know that you have redness the way i do. yeah, how do you feel? beautiful. mm, yeah, you are beautiful. can we put it back on? (laughter) (jamie) and it's so easy, right? also, like,@ the most truly amazing thing is watch how quickly and easily they can reapply bye bye foundation. like you can apply it just like a moisturizer, in under a minute. watch this. (alison) all right. everyone's doing it without a mirror. (jamie) i know, and no mirror! (alison) like it's just so easy, right? (jamie) you don't need a mirror. bye bye foundation, it's not makeup. it's a full coverage anti-aging moisturizer.
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it's not foundation with a little bit of skincare thrown in. it's not skincare with a tint of color. it's something entirely new. you know, for every woman out there, like me, like all of us, if you have acne or you have redness or dark spots, whether you need a lot of coverage, it's not about concealing, it's about revealing your most beautiful you, and your most beautiful skin ever. you deserve it. (applause, cheering) aw. (female narrator) imagine looking up to five years younger instantly. bye bye foundation is proven to last all day. increase skin hydration by 79% in just 10 minutes, and improve the look of your skin in just 10 days. as easy as applying a moisturizer, it's completely buildable, so it gives you the coverage you want, even camouflaging your most challenging imperfections. but it's so light you can't feel it on your skin. and it protects your skin with spf 50+ mineral-based sunscreen.
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bye bye foundation can cover dark spots, fine lines, pores, acne, and imperfections from view instantly. the secret is 3d skin flex technology. developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, it targets your skin issues on three levels. within the skin's surface, anti-aging peptides, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen infuse moisture and help correct the look of aging skin. at the surface, light diffusing pigments cover and perfect the look of your skin and flex so they move with you, and are designed not to crack or crease. and on top of your skin, broad spectrum 50+ mineral-based spf helps to protect your skin from the sun. so bye bye foundation helps to correct, perfect, and protect your skin, all at the same time. bye bye foundation comes in your choice of four skin perfecting shades. light, medium, tan, or rich. the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection also includes our super concentrated
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waterproof bye bye concealer to cover dark eye circles. it can cover anything, even tattoos. then, for a perfectly airbrushed look, you'll receive bye bye pores tinted skin blurring finishing powder infused with it's amazing drops of light technology to optically blur away imperfections. and you'll receive vitality lip flush. this award winning, best selling shade gives you your lips, but better. it's your lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain,@ and anti-aging lip balm all in one. and get our hello lashes mascara,@ clinically shown to increase the look of your lash volume by over 400%. and the lash ball detailer tip allows for vertical application to separate every last lash. you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on the expensive products the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection replaces. but call or go to right now to get your bye bye foundation beautiful you collection for the unbelievable low introductory price of only $39.95.
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that's an amazing value. plus, call in the next six minutes and today you'll receive two free gifts. the vitality face disc with everything you need to contour and enhance your beauty to get lots of different looks all in one handy compact. and the most luxurious heavenly luxe complexion perfection brush for flawless airbrush application every time. that's a $48 value alone. if you don't look up to five years younger after your first use, just return your it cosmetics for a full refund. so call the number on your screen or go to and get the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection and your free gifts, a total value of over $150, for just $39.95. this offer is not available in stores and may not last long, so hurry, call or click now. the bye bye foundation is my favorite product i've ever found in my life. it just feels like i'm not wearing anything on my face. it makes my skin look absolutely flawless.
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it covers up everything and itvens out my skin tone. i love it because it does not get into creases in my skin or my wrinkles. it feels so light. jamie makes ordinary women feel extraordinary. and i love that she created something for the ordinary woman to look and feel her very best. bye bye foundation! bye bye foundation. bye bye foundation. (female narrator) the preceding was a paid presentation for the bye bye foundation beautiful you collection from it cosmetics by jamie kern lima. brought to you by guthy renker.
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♪ ♪ welcome to "live life and win!" >> i am madisen hill and we invite to you join us our grit life adventure as we explore to you to "live life and win!" >> i & i am eric keys we'll feature inspirational stories demonstrating hard worth he had you can discipline, commitment and perseverance ca how teen to his "live life and win!" >> we have lift off. ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, you've gotta live life and win ♪ >> this week on "live life and win!." >> i my is kimberly anyadike. and i "live life and win!" by spread maggie wings.
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>> plus. >> i am saige hatch, i am 15 years old i "live life and win!" by believing that modesty goes a long way. >> welcome to "live life and win!." this week we highlighted teens breaking barriers and not being afraid to do something unusual. >> imagine you are 10, 11, 12, and you want to fly an airplane? sound unrealistic, right? not if you head to tomorrow's our owe not i ca aeronautical mn compton, california. ♪ ♪ >> it's a bird's eye view you can only get from a helicopter. we are flying high above compt compton. now we are even higher, we are úflying in a single engine fixed wing play plane and i gotta tell you i have never september safer i am flying with a record-set pilot and another one with years of experience, but you may be surised once you see who they really are. >> my name is mcarthur and i am 15 years old.
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>> i am kimberly anyadike and i am 17 years olds. >> i am [ inaudible ] ask i am 15 years old. >> and this is how we "live life and win!." [ laughter ] >> these right, you heard them correct are you. they are kids. these are our pilots. two of them not old enough to get a driver's license. >> we can fly but we can't drive. i don't understand it. [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ >> they are part of an after school program at tomorrow's aeronautical museum. it's a place like no other in the world. really. it's a play land for kids. kds as young as eight get to earn flight time. and it doesn't cost them a dime. >> when i first started the museum i thought, man, money shouldn't be standing in the way of a kid being successful. you know what, i will let a kid go ahead and fly. >> robin started the museum in 1997 as a safe organization for kids. >> and then i met some us gee key airmen as an air show and they to meal about this idea that they had if you could get ids involved in aviation it would be a natural alternative
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to the self-destructive activities get in to. >> great idea. but just like in life, nothing is really free. you have to earn everything at the museum. nothing is handed to you and robin makes sure of that. >> we have a contract that you ave to sign. the contract says that would you cannot do drugs, you can't get your lowest grade you have to raise it a letter grade. and we'll provide tutoring to help you do to do that. the kids have to obey their parents. if the parents call up and say the kids are not doing what they tell them to do. they are out of the program. wha we try do is teach kids the value of a thing that they are all born with which is the ability to do work. i call it sweat equity. kids can come down here and do work, like wash airplanes, answer phones. >> te kids are credited $5 an hour in to a scholarship fund called museum dollars, once they collect enough hours they can trade museum dollars for flight less cups that's just the start. what they do next is up to them.
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>> anything you see here could be yours. >> i have learned that the sky really is no longer the limit. >> hat's steven-year-old kimberly anyadike. and like a lot of kids hanging ound the air field, she's learned her lessons well. she first step to the museum grounds five years ago. >> two years ago when i was 15 years old i set a world record by becoming the young effort african american female to identify lot a six winged aircraft. from compton to newport news, virginia. >> you heard her, 15. coast to coast. to get a better understanding of how things work, i have got to check it out myself. let's do this. >> as far as kids that set the record. ô> i am getting the full tour. the history of the museum. learning about the achievement of past students. >> how ma records have you set? >> just a couple. ♪ ♪ úon the flight simulators.tice >> now it's my turn.
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♪ ♪ >> it's a lot harder to steer than it looks. what's the difference between the simulator and the real thing? >> yeah, it's pretty similar. [ inaudible ] in a real aircraft. >> you are doing a lot of flyin% >> i yeah.fe, which is craze. it's fun. now we are on final. this is the tricky part on the similarity. it's like real life. >> this is terrifying and i am not even really in the sky. i can tell you the hardest part is the take off, the landing and the flying. make that it's all equally hard when you are a beginner. cool. [ applause ] >> that's a good landing. >> thank you, thank you. i will not be trying this any time soon in real life. >> up next. there is much more ahead. including part two of our story where the sky is the limit. >> plus. >> my name is cannel hatch i am 15 years old and this is how i "live life and win!." >> stay tuned there is more coming up on "live lifend win!." ♪ you gotta live life and win ♪
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the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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♪ live your you can live welcome back to "liv life and win!." where teens are entrepreneurs, affecting change and breaking barriers. >> tht's right, madisen. here is part two of my report that helps teens reach for the sky. ♪ >> this is the hanger where the members work on the helicopterss and planes when they were down. hat's the tomahawk righ. >> wow. and have you guys ever flown one of these? >> no yet. i hope to. most of our planes are red tails
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and they have [ inaudible ] cuss toc key air manies. >> each plain is dedicate today an airman. you can see their names on the side. >> this is the one kimberly flew. >> with keanu we look inside. >> of course. >> the tour is amazing. most people never get this close to planes and helicopters. >> i usually a use a booster seat. >> really? >> you i can't remember this is the cockpit of the plane that i flew across country. a nonprofit flight organization where in exchange for community service hours we can get flight time. >> so you have to wash planes. ♪ ♪ >> unnopely this is as close as i will get to flying a plane today. perhaps most i can press i have are the kids themselves. very smart, driven, and
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responsible. mcarthur really uses this program as an escape. he suffers from cicle cell anemia. >> what's it like when you are flying, what does it feel like? >> i don't feel like the stuff i my stomach no more. >> the soap seweds that you have because of your sickle cell doesn't both are you no more? >> no. >> you just feel like you are free? >> yes. >> one thing do i know is this program works. >> i used to have "d"s and -- "f"s and robin is like what i do yowhy doyou have --s? if i wasn't coming in the flight schol i would being in a gang or stuff like that. and i would also be a failure in school. i wouldn't want to go to school no more. >> now i am flying above everything. >> 15-year-old james no, is a prized tuned. james can say that. after all, he is a success too. he has overcome a lot.
3:55 pm
mostly it's fear. >> the first time i went flying my stomach like i was like real not. everything just dropped. i was nervous. >> that's not the stor store an. he knows what he wants to make of his life. most likely i can see myself in the air force flying in the military. >> and he will be the first to tell you. he owes it all to this program. >> anything do you want do no matte what it is you can do it as log as you put your mind to it and put your work in and the time in. >> and as for kimberly anyadike, and all of the other record setters, robin sums it you have best. >> one thing you will notice is they are very sum humble. they are humble because they know there are 30 other kids there that could have done the exact same thing. >> and kimberly takes it all with straight. still soft spokeen and trying o be as much of a normal teenage girl as she can be. >> the idea that i have an portunity that most people don't have, i really like to take advantage of that and i really appreciate it all the more. >> my mess inning i think is all kids at that is that you can on
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anything that you set your heart to. your heart desires can be full if i had as long as you purchase seem them with dill against and persistence, you haveto believe in yourself and just know that you can all things. >> while she will always be flying as a honey she wants to be a cardio volunteers cuellar surgeon for his career. it's just another of the latest success stories for robin who runs a little flight school in compton, california and does his best to mentor kids and keep them out of trouble. >> the big lessons they learned here is i can. i can do anything if i put my mind to it. >> as proud as i am of the kids that set the world records, othe things really rock me, kids who i know would have wound úup in jail. kids who i know would have wound up a drop out. kids who have a strong feeling that they would have been killed because of the stuff that they were doing. that i now see having jobs, that i now see are like parents, and responsible parents, those accomplishments actually make me more proud than the obvious accomplishments of someone
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setting a world record. >> we had so much fun at the airport the head of the program says when you have passion for something, it's never work, it's pure joy. do you push the limits and break barriers? we want to hear from you. message us on just click on contact us. >> don't touch that remote. >> we are just shown you teens doing the unthinkable and making prayer years in the sky. >> coming up. >> i am saige hatch, i am 15 years old and this is how i "live life and win!." >> "live life and win!" is coming right back. closed captioning providedd by: why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... .and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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your life you can ♪ welcome back t"live life and win!." the series celebrating teen success stories. >> eric, i've got a story about 18 breaking barriers of society. but her ideas aren't for everyone. meet saige hatch. ♪7
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♪ >> 15-year-old cannel hatch has a lot on her plate these days. she's up dating all the mechanics of her club. eights a very exclusive club, it's one of a kind. she's trying to start social change, a revolution of sorts. >> this year i started [ inaudible ] at may school. >> you heard her say it correctly. she started a modesty club, so we had to ask her, what is modesty. >> like mod ski covering up cleve immaterial, shoulders, shirts, skirts and dresses. at least like to the knee or a little above. and covering your midriff and everything. and those are just like the few rules that we have. there are two definitions of modest could be humble or in my case mod industry in dress and appearance and how you feel about you yourself. i just know that my body is great from god so i feel really


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