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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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holds his first news conference since july. >> go i was hemmed. >> president-elect since you are attacking our news organization can you give us a chance? you are attacking our news organization. >> on the president-elect going after a cnn reporter mr. trump angry over the organization's decision to publish allegations that russia had compromising information about him. thanks for joining us at 5:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. today trump admitted he thinks russia was behind the hacking of the democratic national committee last summer. trump had contentious relationship with the media and today things boiled over. >> he's call the media dishonest and untrustworthy. in his first news conference as president-elect, donald trump took on some over what he says are fake reports. >> you are fake news. >> that is trump refusing to call on a cnn reporter after that news al outlet along with the political blog buzz first came out first decide anonymous intelligence reports that russia may have compromising information of a financial and
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sexual nature on the president-elect. >> does anyone really believe that story? i'm also very much of a germinoma february by the way. believe me. >> reporter: according to the reports u.s. intelligence officials briefed trump along with president obama and some members of congress that they believe russian agents compiled damaging information on both presidential candidates. yet only released what they had on hillary clinton. this was trump's first new conference since july which happened to be when he called on russia to find hillary clinton thousands of missing e-mails. >> russia if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded might tilley by our press. >> reporter: cnn and buzz feed both say they have misgivings about some of the accusations made in the report. while a number of news outlets refused to publish it altogeth
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altogether. >> there were some news organizations with all that was just said that were so professional, so incredibly professional, that i've just gone up a notch as to what i think of you. >> today's confrontation between trump and that cnn reporter had the nation talking this afternoon. >> it was quite a sparring match. take look. >> you're attacking us. can you give us a question? go ahead. >> mr. president-elect -- >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> since you are attacking -- not you. not you. your organization is terrible. >> you are attacking our news organization. >> your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a question, sir. sir -- >> quiet. quiet. mr. president-elect. >> can you say categorically -- >> don't be rude. >> you are attack. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. i'm not going to give you a question. i'm not going to give you a question. >> can you state -- >> you are fake news. go ahead. >> can you state -- >> we got other highlights from today's new conference on our web side sight head to and look right on the home page. also today the president-elect announced his pick for secretary of veterans
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affairs. trump has chosen david shuttle can the former president of the morristown medical center in north jersey colonel the under secretary of health with the obama administration. trump says he interviewed at least 100 people for the job. the inauguration is next friday, january 20th. fox 29 will be in washington, d.c. on that historic day. i'll be there with coverage before, during and after the inauguration on fox 29 and happening now accused carjacker is in the hospital after being shot by a good samaritan. police say the chaotic confrontation unfolded as the guy tried to steal a septa truck. but some witnesses were not going to let him get away and this all went down in the city's overbrook section. that's where fox 29's bruce gordon is live tonight. bruce, a wild scene. >> reporter: an absolutely wild seen here. that began with a basic simple garden variety car accident that a business -- at a busy intersection and turned into a scenario that ended with a would be carjacker nursing a gunshot
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wound in the hospital. >> the scene at 63rd and woodbine looked like something out of an action movie but it was all too real. this catholic priest father matthew phalen had a front row seat. >> at that point, just thinking, i just hope nobody is dead. >> reporter: police say it started when the driver of this dodge charger blew a red light at the intersection and rammed this car setting off a chain reaction that actually damaged two other vehicles. the driver of the charger ran down 63rd and came upon the driver of this white ford. >> the offender tries to get into his car and carjack him. he's able to keep his -- pull his car door closed and fight him off. >> reporter: the bad guy raised to his septa maintenance truck and tried to steal i this man was the driver. >> pulled me out of the truck. that's all i can say right now. >> he physically grabbed you? >> pulled me out. >> reporter: police say the carjacker sideswiped two parked cars and then hopped out racing back to the accident scene at 63rd and woodbine with the driver of the first car he was permitted to carry a handgun in
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hot pursuit. joe kelly a high school freshman was a passenger in one much the cars from that original accide accident. >> the man with the gun was yelling to stop him, tackle him, since i think he tried to get -- break into his car. i ended up just tackling him bringing him to the ground. >> reporter: father fail land picks it up from there. >> they tackled him. he got up and kind of began coming at this other guy. the other guy said something to him. a lot of shouting commotion in the street, and then he pulled a gun and very calmly i think he gave him a warning or something and then the guy came at him and he shot him is. >> he didn't want to shoot him. he clearly didn't. he was just trying to be protect full citizen and protect people around him. >> reporter: the good samaritan is described at this hour as a 34-year-old philadelphia man. we'll likely not face charges for his actions in this incident. as for the would be carjacker, he's a 32-year-old philadelphi philadelphian. police say he had no prior criminal record. they could not find drugs or
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weapons in his car. they are still at a loss to figure out why he would have taken a simple car accident and turned it into something this dangerous and violent again he is hospitalized at this hour in stable condition with that gunshot wound to the leg. lucy. >> thank you much, bruce. skyfox over the scene of a police involved shooting in camden. police responded to the 2700 block of federal street right around 11:30 this morning for a report of domestic violence. when they got there, they saw a man armed with a gun they say. prosecutors say police shot the gunman as he approached a woman in the home. police identified that person as 38-year-old jose antonio fernandez ventura. ventura and the woman are in the hospital tonight. fight over sandwich at a deli turns violent in southwest philadelphia. two men caught on surveillance video last week at daylight deli arguing with female clerk. police say they were upset about the price of the sandwich and when the clerk asked the men to leave that's when police say one of the men punched the woman several times in the face knocking her to the ground.
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both guys run off. they look familiar to you, please call police. time to check in with your fox 29 weather authority. on a spring like day really. i mean it is nice. i actually have modified short sleeves on. >> kathy can we have more of this, please? >> yes. by tomorrow you'll wanting to sleeve less maybe not you, iain. >> no. >> maybe lucy. >> ultimate doppler we have another warm front and as this builds toward the north and the east obviously we'll see some showers but it is the gateway to even warmer air across the region much it's still 50 in philadelphia. 42 in the poconos. 46 in wilmington. 47 in millville and ac. this evening, temperatures will pretty much stay in the mid 40s. those showers moving in after the 7:00 o'clock hour in philadelphia. still some showers at 9:00 and 11:00. but the temperatures will begin to rise during the early morning hours. take a look at the future forecast as we go through the evening after 7:00 p.m. it moves into philadelphia points along the i-95 corridor, south and east it all clears out by
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thursday. the sun breaks out and we will be challenging record warmth. more on that coming up with your seven day forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, talk to you soon kathy. the philadelphia water department is offering some reimbursements for people impacted by the water main break. the big one we've been talking about that happened monday on the 2300 block of east boston street in kensington. the water department will offer people without water or gas service $200 a night for hotels and $25 a day for food trying to help them out. because you know what, crews are still working to get everything fixed. city leaders reaching out to the lgbtq community making sure they know how to fight alleged discrimination. >> the philadelphia commission on human rights holding a meeting to night to show how lgbt community members can file complaints and see how they're investigated this comes a mid recent claims of discrimination in the gayborhood and reports that hate crimes in the philly area have tripled since the presidential election. the meeting is at the william
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may lgbt community center at 1315 spruce street it starts at 6:00 this evening. the opie i don't do epidemic hitting our area hard and kicked off mayor kenney's first meeting for his task force that helps to help with the drug problem. the group gathered in center city. the mayor says that the group will develop a man to reduce opie i don't do abuse dependence and overdoses. >> now we're dealing with people many we lost and have gone a stray and we need to get them back and try to save their lives and get them back on the right track. >> the new task force will now draft the report of findings and recommendations for the mayor within 90 days. new jersey senator corey booker wants to stop president-elect donald trump's pick from attorney general from taking office. he made an unprecedented move during the final day of jeff sessions confirmation hearing for attorney general. booker is the first sitting senator to testify against a
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fellow senator. members of the congressional black caw cause joined him and five minute testimony booker said sessions has exhibited hostility toward civil rights and that makes him unqualified to lead the justice depth. >> the arc of the moral universe does not just naturally curve towards justice. we must bend it. america needs an attorney general who's resolute and determined to bend the arc. senator sessions record does not speak to that desire, intention or will and during the course of that meeting with him, i got the feeling more and more and more that the allegations that had been spread through the press weren't true. >> mr. huntly a supporter of senator sessions. the senator judiciary committee rejected sessions in 1986 for a judgeship a mid cab a accusations he called a black attorney a disparaging name. her hunt system in fact an african-american attorney that
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worked with sessions. but sessions supporters say his critics are not portraying fairly nor accurately his deeds. meanwhile in a separate hearing trump pick for secretary of state rex tillerson tried to ease concerns about his ties to russia. the former exxon mobil ceo faced scrutiny because of his close relationship with russian president vladimir putin. it's a guarantee according to police that your credit card will be stolen at least once. how crooks are so easily able to get access to your money. sheer terror turned to tea tears. violence towards a little girl to abandon her teddy bear during last week's airport shooting in florida. why it was so very important for her to be reunited with rufus. we're going to miss him but his legend, he's a legend. >> friends and family gathered to remember a long-time hiv active visit who passed away. his death has touched hundreds but kit also provide the inspiration to continue his work for goodness sake. three men climbed through a
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small glass window at a northeast philadelphia gas station. what investigators say they pushed through that hole moments earlier.
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>> scary moments in new york after part of a roof caves this happened at the national wholesale liquidator store in i don't know kearse. investigators say an operator was inside a bobcat machine working on the roof when the roof started to buckle and the machine just fell through. five people are hurt. but none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. the family of a boy who was severely injured in a bucks county mall accident is now suing oxford valley mall an he
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is cater coach the seven-year-old foot got stuck in an elevator inside the mall two years ago. doctors ended up having amputate the toes of his right foot. the lawsuit names mall and the escalator company schindler corporation citing negligence both the company that owns the mall and the escalator company are not commenting. how will community honor the leg guess see of a local lgbt activist. bill anderson went to the celebration of his life and found community committed to finding light by continuing his work for goodness sake. >> reporter: 2016 was a tough year for philadelphia's lgbt community. from racism on the bar scene to a citywide hearing on discrimination to arguments over what bathroom to use. ♪ >> reporter: today the city celebrated a man who in his short 37 years of life made positive impact.
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>> we love him and we're going to miss him, but his legend, he's a legend. an icon, and he will will will not be forgotten. i will not forget him. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: today was the funeral of hiv aids active have it and general advocate for the lgbt community chris collins. it was about him but also about how he represented many in his community. his struggle for 20 plus years of his life was showing people that regardless of how they felt politically about his community they deserve a chance to live. >> generations of people who were, you know, his age who are now in the field because of him and people who stayed in the field and helped change the field because of his influence. the way hiv prevention exists in philadelphia stands on the shoulders every christopher collins. >> reporter: i didn't know chris, but social media was booming with requests to share his gofundme account.
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you see being an activist isn't a high-paying career. unfortunately, the family and friends of those who dedicate their lives to helping others often don't have the money to bury their own. but the community stepped up. >> we met what we needed and, you know, that's just a tribute to him. it's still coming in. >> reporter: $12,000 in five days sent the message that people did care and appreciated his efforts. >> i have been reached out from california to maine. he had an impact and he he is still having an impact on quite a few of them. >> reporter: why is the death of 1lgbt activist show important on a greater scale? chris died while trying to get people to respect his community but unfortunately ignoring one or two voices is often easier. but when you see the collective strength of their support and unity, that's much harder.
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: his friends and family told me today that chris represented a community of people just wanting to get dinner, a job, a safe place to live and the medical resources they need without being discriminated against. >> their hope maybe in death chris' message of safety, responsibility and support will reach people in and outside of the lgbt community who need to hear it and consider the largest impact of their decisions for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> though chris has passed on his fellow active visits sell bill anderson they're committed to making sure his message lives on. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has new competition looking forward to the next election in 218. today state senator scott wagner of york county announcing his bid for governor. here's video from an event earlier today pipersville bucks county one of six stops the
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republican senator is making in the next two days. he spent much of his speech slamming governor wolf. he referred to wolf as a major roadblock in harrisburg. >> it's very simple. governor wolf is a failed governor. pure and simple. so that's why today i'm standing in front of you and i'm officially announcing my candidacy for governor of pennsylvania. [ applause ] >> wagner plans on focusing his campaign on raising the minimum wage and job creation. the sixers are hosting pal night at the wells fargo center tonight as well as hosting the new york knicks. >> while the knicks are dealing with disappearing derek rose the sixers are dealing with the reappearance of our top draft pick ben simmons. >> are we going to start seeing simmons playing any time soon? that's what we want to know. >> we should. he's actually behind me right now getting ready throwing some passes out to some of his teammates. so did he some five on zero drills which is really team drills no contact but he still on pace to come back after the
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all star game. it won't be a whole year. there's been no set backs and hopefully there won't be any set backs but once he got back on to the court yesterday for the first time, you can feel the energy and all the guys talked about how positive it was and how good they felt with him being back. >> with us in a sixers uniform the gym got a lift. you could feel it. you know, then you look around, and to mike's point you see biggs working their tails off, rashaun, jahlil, nerlens. it was a exciting today. >> waiting in the back we know we have that talent was coming back hopefully soon. >> ben simmons giving everyone a boost and joel embiid talked about playoffs. ben simmons come back you can't
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imagine how talk will begin. we'll talk about simmons later in sports and also talk about the case of derek rose. he's right here getting ready. on the corner right now. he didn't show up last game. he showed up on this game and we'll talk about what hammed the last time and what he said about the whole situation. back to you guys. >> thank you sean bell. child finds candy left behind on schoolbus watch was in that candy that made him very sick. and you want to feel a little full after you eat your dinner. the dinner you should be making sure you have on your plate. >> meet the local guy bypassing the medical cabinet and heading to the therapist to have this done. it's called touch therapy. it's powerful stuff some say. what is it? >> joyce evans explains.
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♪ recognition for job well done in camden. the campbell's soup foundation is philanthropic arm of the soup company it held an award ceremony to honor people and organization that is provide charitable services to people in camden. foundation hopes it encourages others to give back in their communities. a mom wants answers after she says her son became really sick after eating edible pot candy. >> she says it was left on the
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schoolbus. the boston area mom says that her 12-year-old son called her crying after he ate some gummy bears laced with the drugs. she says when she showed up at the school, she found her son in a trance like state unable to talk. she then took him to the hospital. >> once the tox screen came back they said they'd never really scene this before in a child child so small like an overdose so to speak of marijuana but basically would it just run its course. >> police are investigating. recreational marijuana is legal in massachusetts. but it is illegal for anyone underage of 21 to handle or ingest it. a grandfather from california is learning the hard way to be very careful about bringing marijuana to states where it's illegal. phil blanton was driving to see his grander daughter cops pulled him over in texas his granddaughter has stage four hodgkin's lymphoma. he says he was hoping to give her some of his medical marijuana just to help her out. while the drug is legal in the
5:26 pm
state it's still illegal in texas. >> handcuffs me i'm sitting there handcuffed feeling like a total loser, a second class citizen, you know, i'm thinking, my god, why you doing this to me? a grandpa. i'm not going to hurt nobody. >> he spent one night in jail and now facing two felony char charges and possible prison ti time. you looking for a place to live in philadelphia? be prepared to pay up. what analysts are saying about the city's real estate market. >> why one little boy got the rare opportunity to see where mat psychiatric happens inside amazon's warehouse. kathy orr? >> yes, lucy noland. we're talking about some rain moving in across the delaware valley this evening. if you have plans you may want to pack the umbrella but tomorrow is going to be the peak of the warmth. we'll take look at the numbers of the warmth. we'll take look at the numbers and the records coming up. fr. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives.
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and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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♪ sky fox over schoolbus crash in delaware this morning. newark police say the bus hit a patch of black ice and slid off the road and hit a tree. eight children ranging in age from 11 to 14 were on that bus when it happened. three children and the driver went to the hospital but with minor injuries. new rules are now in place for local high school about who can attend sporting events all spectators have show a photo id to enter games at truman high school in bristol township. school id's are driver's license are acceptable younger students have to be accompanied by an
5:30 pm
adult. this is after a basketball game had to be canceled because rumors of a fight on monday. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. string of storms are slamming parts of the west coast. the storms are triggering avalanches, mudslides and flooding. the storms are dumping steady rain across parts of california prompting mandatory evacuations and although the rainfall is incredibly welcome after the long standing drought the conditions are creating challenges of course as i just told you and as you can see there. countless streets have come down taking out power lines in the process. some residents are now not able to go home. >> the trees came down and mudslides and smashed the car port and pushed all the mud out. >> our home it's only one we've got. we're losing our home it look like right now. >> nevada, oregon and other parts of the west are grappling with heavy snow and strong win winds. another round of arctic air is
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expected to spread into the northern rockies and northern planes. >> here's live look at reading on a beautiful day. we're in for roller coaster week. what we can expect in just 15 seconds. >> in weather we're talking about a few rain showers moving up from the southwest and this will be the gateway to milder weather expect the rain that's not making it to the ground just yet move after the 6:00 o'clock hour south and west in philadelphia after 7:00 p.m. temperatures on the mild side. 42 in the poconos. 50 in philadelphia right now 47 in millville. 47 in trenton. watch this warm front lift up from the southwest tonight. and overnight tonight temperatures rising again. it's just amazing. high temperature tomorrow in philadelphia in the lower 60s. and then this cold moves through on friday and it's back to the colder realities of the season.
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so this is what's going to be happening. nice southerly flow over the next 24 hours and then that colder air hanging in the balance over the course of the weekend that could even give us a chance of a wintry mix or snow by saturday morning. overnight tonight, temperatures will be rising from the mid 40s in the city from 40 in the suburbs. southerly winds about 10 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, highs in the lower 60s looking good. mostly cloudy. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour but it's going to be a mild wind enjoy it because january thaw isn't going to last that long. we will be challenging some record warmth though. philadelphia i don't think so. the record is 72. but look at atlantic city and wilmington the records in the lower 60s. those definitely beatable. allentown 60. and the record for reading tomorrow is 61. that was set back in 1913. on your exclusive fox 29, seven day forecast from your weather authority, friday temperatures falling in the wake of that cold front from a high of 48. saturday some light rain and snow showers early.
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it stays cold. sunday we bump it up to 43 for the holiday cloudy and showers mid 40s. up to 50 degrees by next tuesday and next wednesday a chance of rain closing in on 60 degrees. so it is not going to stay cold that long and there are some indications that the end of the month will be above average. normal for this time of year, guys s around 40 degrees. all right, thank you very much, kathy. low income residents in south jersey now have a lot of new options to look forward to for healthy food. the pantry at the plex officially opened its doors today in atlantic city. the food pantry at the atlantic care health plex and residents who are getting medical services there will also apparently receive some type of prescription or coupon or something like that but anyhow they'rely able to use it on healthy food at the pantry. you're going to have your credit card stolen at some point maybe i guess. people say actually police say you can count on it. hopefully not. how can you stay a step ahead of crooks? fox's dana jay went to
5:34 pm
fine out. >> reporter: everything a thief needs to rip you off is in this cardboard box. which is a laptop computer, an end coder, skimming devices, credit cards. >> reporter: we're all target targets. every day. >> every time you use your credit card gas, coffee, lunch, purchasing something online. >> reporter: we've got a real case from the detectives here at the orlando police department and we're going to use it to show you exactly how it's done. waitress at the two jays on east colonial waits on table full of friends. they pay with their credit car cards. a few days later, each one notices charges on their account that they didn't make. >> they compared them and figure out the only place that they had been together at the same time was at the two jays. >> reporter: detectives say the waitress stole the credit card information and she used a hand-held skimmer to do it. >> it's a small device. it's about the size maybe of my thumb.
5:35 pm
she would take it from being consoled in her pocket or her apron. take your credit card, run it through it, put it back in her pocket. >> reporter: one swipe that skimmer stores credit card information. >> went into the bathroom, ran it through the hand-held skimm skimmer. came back, processed your payment for the restaurant for your food and then returned your card back to you. >> reporter: then the waitress meets up with her guy let's call him the ringleader. she hands off the skimmer loaded with stolen credit card numbers. he then down loads the skimmer from her or whoever else he has working for him gives the skimmer back so they can go back to work. >> reporter: that bring us back to that box. the crook pulls out an enacted good i decided to become a credit card fraud guy. i'm going to type in my google search encoding device for credit card. >> the end coder even comes with its own easy to use software. >> stick that software in my computer. downloads the software which is a windows based system. >> reporter: now with another swipe the thief can feed the stolen credit card numbers on to
5:36 pm
blank cards they bought online. >> encoding doesn't take long as long as i have a card to put it on. >> reporter: with an embosser, he makes it look real. adding any name he wants to a hot card. and starts racking up bogus charges on your account. >> i'm ready to go. >> reporter: ringleader typically has lots of people working for him. feeding him card numbers all day long. >> they're traded like drugs. they're sold like drugs. they're whole basis by drugs is financial gain. >> reporter: in our case, the suspect has good taste. he goes to a fancy department store where surveillance video catches him in the act. >> he had used a stolen credit card with his name on it that he had row encoded to purchase gucci shoes. >> reporter: police arrest him. they have no idea how long he's been in business but they assume he bought a lot more than shoes. fraud is so common, the detectives say most cases don't even end up on their desk. >> maybe 10% turn into actual working cases to where we're
5:37 pm
looking for bad guys and trying to figure it out because it's so common. >> reporter: that's because usually the banks just take care of it. closing the account, reimbursing the money and the victim is off the hook. >> reporter: they aren't so understanding if you let the bogus charges keep piling up so the advice from the detectives, stay on top of things. >> log into your bang and log into your account and check it all the time so that you know what's going on. >> reporter: dana jay, fox news. terror turned tears violence forced little girl to give up her ted bee bear during last week's airport shooting in florida. why it was so important for her to reunited with rufus. >> billions of people affected by high blood pressure of course. what's behind this health crisis. >> talk about living on prayer how you can become bon jovi's opening act.
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in your health tonight, startling findings about blood pressure. according to new study, more people than ever before have elevated or high blood pressure and as a result the number of death linked to blood pressure is increasing worldwide.
5:41 pm
study in the journal of american medical association finds there are almost 900 million people in the world with hypertension and three and a half billion people with elevated blood pressure. doctors say some factors responsible for the trend are increase in unhealthy diets and obesity. as well as more people living in cities and getting less physical activity. especially in developing countries. the study was funded by the bill and mel linda gates foundation. if you're hungry after eating your meal you want to start eating peas and beans so search research in the food and nutrition. people who eight piece and beans felt more feel than people who ate veal and pork. coming up meet the local guy bypassing medicine cabinet hea heading to a therapist to have this done. it's called touch therapy. so what is it? our joyce evans explains. >> why one little boy just got the rare opportunity to see where the magic happens inside
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for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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♪ john stuart and his wife tracy on the way to opening an animal sanctuary in northern new jersey. the colt neck planning board approved 45-acre farm that will shelter animals saved from slaughter houses and other dangerous situations. last year we shared the story of abused horse named lilly saved by the york county horse rescue. tracy adopted the horse. she sadly died. they plan to open their animal sanctuary next year. >> scientists not exactly
5:46 pm
certain how therapeutic touch works and if so how much does it help and for whom. using energy massage and stretching has been around since ancient time and medical doctors hope now rising interest in this holistic therapy may lead more people to get hands laid on them and fewer depending on dangerous painkillers. >> we tagged alone with our tech guru anthony mongeluzo as he tried out touch therapy. here's fox 29's joyce evans. >> reporter: he's a tech geek. his term keeping us up to date on every gadget, app, and malware out there. if it's new, anthony mongeluzo has probably already tried it. but rapidly growing business has come with a cost. >> i sit on my butt all day. in the tech tank or at my desk sitting in a chair. my back is always not in great position.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: then between keeping up with two little girls, playing sports and working out, he gets a knee injury. >> at 36 i'm not that old. every time i walk down a step it hurts. literally every time i got an electric shock in my brain that, hey, your knee is not too happy about this. >> reporter: it got worse. >> i couldn't walk for three days. >> reporter: he went for the latest surgery but for quicker pain relief and rehab, he went old school. very old school. the ancient art of touch therapy. >> i know this sounds weird. off knee issue ankle issue an hip issue but we're starting up here. >> reporter: sounds weird. looks weird, too. >> down here on the left side of the neck. >> reporter: it's his knee about 4 feet away. >> nerves operate in isolation but we use them as if they do. but of course nothing everything
5:48 pm
comes from the brain. >> that's crazy. >> just because something is not traditional medicine or something seems weird or funky, it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. >> all cranial bones have certain layers -- >> reporter: or that it didn't help. >> as long as it didn't hurt you. what's the worse that the could happen. >> reporter: movement therapist rob mahon worked anthony over from head to toe. >> like a pressure. >> yeah. >> reporter: this went on for two hours. >> most of the feelings going through my head was sheer pain. they rub very hard and it's also pressure points that he's hi hitting. there's different parts of my body that i can actually feel moving when he was doing it. >> reporter: while it may look brutal -- >> if's any way to get people off or not use narcotic pain medications, i'm all for it. >> reporter: our medical contributor dr. mike cirigliano says he's really happy to see
5:49 pm
more patients trying holistic treatments. but you should still have your doctor keep an eye on what you're doing. >> not everyone needs pain medicines but some people do. one size does not fit all. if it's chronic pain or pain after surgery, i want touch therapy. i want massage therapy as an adjunct to whatever other things i'm using. >> i worked with autism patient or alzheimer's or parkinson's their brain is literally stuck at zero seconds. stuck inn flexion and the job is to actually be moving again. >> reporter: not every therapist uses the exact same method of laying hands on you but they say the result they expect is about the same. >> this is the brain and the nervous system. >> reporter: checking in with anthony two weeks later -- >> i liked it i mean didn't like the pain. it's not -- it was not an easy thing to sit through especially when you're feeling body parts
5:50 pm
go numb. tingling. everything else. i'm happy to report it does not hurt walking down steps. i have a lot of steps have i to do on daily basis. and it doesn't hurt. report roar there is a possibility that you can get hurt during a session meant to help. do your homework. get some references. the length of time the cost, the level of pain, if there is any, varies from one touch therapy session to another. the cost a few hundred dollars out of pocket. if it's not covered, but if it is, all you need is your co-pay. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> six high level volkswagen employees indicted in that emissions scandal. this is the same day the company agreed to pay a record $4.3 billion penalty. that's the largest fine ever levied bite us government against an automaker. volkswagen installed software on nearly 600,000 vehicles that allowed engines to turn on pollution controls during government tests and switch them
5:51 pm
off during real world driving. the government says at least 40vw employees were involved in destroying evidence. wal*mart plan agnew round of job cuts. the wall street journal says that the retailer will eliminate nearly a thousand jobs before the end of january. this is cuts cost and shifts it's it's focus to e commerce n september wal*mart cut about 7,000 back office jobs in its stores. emotional reunion between a little girl and her stuffed teddy bear. the two became separated during last week's shoot tag ft. lauderdale airport. why it was so important for her to get rufus back. looking for place to live in philadelphia? be prepared to pay up. what analysts are saying about the city's real estate market. and call it the end of an era. why one european country has shut down fm radio for good.
5:52 pm
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a wonderful reunion for one little girl in south florida. she just got her beloved teddy bare back. 10-year-old courtney and her family at the fort later call airport friday visiting from canada when a shooter opened fire. they had to a bon don rufus the bear when they ran for cover. thankfully they weren't injured in the attack. look at him sitting right there but the bear disappeared aft the shooting her mother tweeted this picture asking for help finding
5:56 pm
him. courtesy knee loves rufus given to her when she was just a baby for one special reason. >> exciting and i'm happy to have him back. >> this teddy bear was given to courtney 10 years wagon my dad was dying and he has not been a part from her one night. so if she's is a friend' house and decides to sleep over we have to shuttle rufus that house when we go on hockey tournaments every disney trip, every water park, camping, this bear is a part of our family. >> most parents understand that completely. the airport is still working to return about 25,000 abandoned items to passengers who were at the airport during the shooting. special treat for one tough little boy in arizona. eight-year-old who's battling cancer one of his dreams actually came true. >> he got to explore amazon warehouse in phoenix something he's been hoping to do for long time. fox's courtney griffin has that story. >> reporter: a little boy in a big warehouse. this is ben from tucson.
5:57 pm
he turned eight-year-old yesterday and one of his dreams came true today. >> coolest thing i would probably see was all the -- all the things that made the move and stuff. all the -- all those yellow -- the things in the yellow boxes move. >> reporter: he got to tort amazon fulfillment center a place he's dreamt about seeing. it was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. while battling cancer his weakened immune system kept him and his family home a lot. when they needed supplies, they turned to amazon. >> he took to amazon and became slightly obsessed with it and we were ordering almost every other day anything just something so he can get a package. he couldn't go out. gave him something to look forward to. >> yes, i try and tell my mother to do it a lot. >> reporter: every time package arrived, ben wanted to know how it got there. >> i've always wondered what the facility looks like and what
5:58 pm
does it look like when they're accept to me and stuff. >> reporter: today he going to through the fulfillment center in phoenix to see how it operates and he even got to pick out some gifts and package them. >> art things. what is it again? >> lego stuff. games. >> lego stuff, games. >> reporter: his mother says he could not contain his excitement in the car ride up from tucson and this will be a day he'll never forget. >> it's just amazing we're so grateful. we're so thankful for amazon for letting him come don this. it's really a blessing. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox news. look at that little kate cute his dream did come true. good for him g fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ quiet, quiet. >> right now at 6:00 a confrontation with cable news. >> you're attacking us. can you give us a question? mr. -- >> no. >> mr. president-elect. >> go ahead. go ahead g since you are attacking you. not you.
5:59 pm
not you. your organization is terrible. >> president-elect donald trump calling one news organization fake. the fireworks during trump's first news conference since july. >> but first, a wild ride in philadelphia's overbrook section. police say a carjacking and a shooting but they say it wasn't the carjacker who opened fire. the person they say stopped the guy from getting away. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a good samaritan jumped into action shooting suspected carjacker accused of stealing a septa truck. the man who fired the gun victim himself. there are a loft moving parts to this wild story. thank you for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it all happened in philadelphia's overbrook secti section. a dramatic confrontation. fox 29's bruce gordon has been following this wild story all day live in overbrook for us. bruce? >> reporter: absolutely. crazy out here guys. this started out as a routine traffic accident.
6:00 pm
several cars involved but no serious injuries. by the time all was said and done, one of the men involved in that accident was accused -- will be certainly formally before long of trying to carjack two different drivers he's now in the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. >> the scene at 63rd and woodbine looked like something out of an action movie but it was all too real. this kathy lick priest father may matthew fail land had front row seat. >> at that point just thinking, i just hope nobody is dead report roar police say it started when the driver of this dodge charger blew a red light at the intersection and rammed this car setting off a chain reaction that actually damaged two other vehicles. the driver of the charger ran down 63rd and came upon the driver of this white ford. >> the offender tries to get into his car and carjack him. he's able to keep his -- pull his car door closed and fight him off. >> reporter: our bad guy then raced to this septa maintenance truck and tried to steal it. this man was the driver. >> cam


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