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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 12, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. 11:00 o'clock and search is on for the group of guys in this newly released surveillance video. what they are standing around is an atm. cops say they broke it open and took the cash inside. good evening, i'm lucy noland. police say it's not just that atm those guys have hit. you're going to need calculator to add all of this up. fox 29's dave schratwieser reports from northeast philly. >> people want to take what don't belong to them report rot the owner of the red robin diner says he and his employees work hard for living. they didn't appreciate when it a burglary crew broke into the diner new year's eve and stole two grand from the atm in the lobby. >> popped in the door, popped open the safe and atm and took the atm and it was gone. >> reporter: burglary part of a spree going back to november when the bandits made a big score at aria torresdale
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hospital walk into the lobby and walk out with the atm. loaded with close to $30,000. >> they get different amounts of money. sometimes it's really not worth it and sometimes they get lucky. >> reporter: burglars struck at least six times they used this van forget away vehicle. they hit five businesses in northeast philly and took $10,000 from an atm in upper chichester. >> people come rob little store. >> reporter: detectives say the crew cut the alarm system at this store and stole a safe and begun from another store. they took $2,000 from atm here and then stole some candy, too. >> they broke the door. [ inaudible ] >> they are still looking for those guys. on your radar tonight a mixed bag of everything really. meteorologist kathy orr is here. kathy first bitter cold now record warmth and rain and maybe even snow. it's a little something for everyone. >> yeah.
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no matter what you like we have it in about three days. >> you're a pleaser. >> i am pleaser. let's take look at doppler radar. some of this rain is already coming to an mend parts of south jersey and delaware and even into philadelphia all going to be ending from the southwest toward the northeast wind the next hour or so. at the airport, we have some light showers but that he will be giving way to drier conditions the temperature is 46. the high today 54 degrees. that is 14 degrees above normal. tomorrow we go about 23 to 24 degrees above normal. how is that? 40 in the poconos. little too warm to make snow right now. wrightstown 45. atlantic city it is 50 degrees. as we widen out you can see warmth to the west. in pittsburgh it's 57. in buffalo, new york, 51? you know something is little bit messed up when you see it that warm in buffalo. area of low pressure will push a warm front through during the late night overnight hours. that means surge in temperature. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll see some sun the temperature 63. but watch this front because behind it there's much colder air from the great lakes.
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you can see some spotty snow showers already. air will be cold enough by friday night into saturday to bring a chance of some snow showers saturday morning. we'll be watching it. it doesn't look i can a lot at least a little bit of snow. so take look in the city overnight 47. the suburbs 40. temperatures rising with that southerly wind. during the day tomorrow the high 63. mostly cloudy. winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour. so it will be warm. pleasant but it will be on the windy side. take look at your seven day forecast. your official forecast from the weather authority. temperatures will be warm tomorrow. we'll be chasing these record highs. philadelphia i don't think we'll make it to 72 but atlantic city wilmington, allentown and reading we could tie or break your records in the lower 60s. so friday we'll see the colder air move in. chance of light snow saturday morning. sunday cloudy for the holiday monday. a few showers but temperatures mild and tuesday about 10 degrees above normal. we'll go near 20 degrees above normal by wednesday with a chance of rain.
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but lucy as you look at these numbers, they look more like the month of march. >> yeah. >> than they do january. >> they sure do. >> typically we should be heading into the defendant time of the year but this is looking pretty mild. >> here's the thing. you know it will happen. it will hit us up side the head real soon. >> oh yeah. >> thank you very much, kathy. >> first news conference since july the president-elect contempt from the media i was on full display cnn bearing the brunt of trump's disdain after the network reported that intelligence officials briefed trump about russia having compromising information on him. >> you're attack, us can you give us a question? since you're -- mr. president-elect -- go ahead. go ahead. >> since you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance. >> your organization is terrib terrible. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir. >> it went on. meanwhile in today's cabinet confirmation hearing new jersey senator corey booker made unprecedented move booker the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow sitting senator
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at a confirmation hearing for a cabinet position. booker alleges jeff sessions is unqualified for attorney general saying sessions has sean hostility toward civil rights and in the hot seat in a separate hearing trump pick for secretary of state rex tillerson. the former exxon mobil ceo faced scrutiny because of his close business relationship with russian president vladimir put putin. the inauguration is next friday, january 20th. i will be in washington, d.c. on that historic day. we'll have coverage before, during and after the inauguration on fox 29 of course and of course philadelphia city leaders are reaching out to the lgbt community after complaints of discrimination in the gayborhood. they want to make sure people know what to do if they have something to report. our dave kinchen is live in center city. dave? >> reporter: lucy, city official showed up for this moating because of several accusations of racism here in the gayborhood but interestingly enough, not a lot of people
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showed up. the philadelphia commission on human relations reaching out to the city's lgbtq community to show them how to file discrimination claims after numerous accusations involving gayborhood bars in recent mont months. >> as long as it rises to the legal standards we docket it, investigate it, and it's a long process but there's opportunities to settle the case, to mediate. >> reporter: we noticed there weren't people attending the meeting after several explosive accusations of racism. we went around the gayborhood to see where everyone. people weren't either weren't around or did not feel like talking isn't i think there is -- there's always been a ne need. >> nellie fitzpatrick runs the office of affairs and insists the city is taking action despite the low turn out. >> the racial discrimination and the racism we've seen locally in gay bars that exists in places outside of the gayborhood as well in our city and in our nation. >> reporter: today officials
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tell us they will continue to reach out with other forms as well. back to you, lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. sky fox over camden where police shot a suspect. they responded to the 2700 block of federal street this morning for a report of dough mystic violence. when officers arrived, they say they saw a man armed with a gun. prosecutors say police shot the gunman as approached a woman in the home. both the gunman and the woman are in the hospital tonight. we do not know how she ended up hurt. caught on camera, a man tacking a deli clerk all over the price of a sandwich. you see the attack right there on the video. the guy punched the woman over and over again. shawnette at southwest detectives. you've been talking with that poor clerk. shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, still so shaken up she did not want to show her face which by the way is badly bruised. she says that she called the customer a name because she was fed up with him. he didn't like it and he attacked her. >> most customers around here
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very nice. very nice. >> reporter: why would somebody go off on a woman like this? i talk to the victim after it happened and i still can't believe what she said. >> i said, are you stupid? he said say it one more time. >> i said you are stupid. >> reporter: she actually called him stupid. she was charging him $5 and 99 cents for cheesesteak. but he only wanted to pay $4. he got mad and started arguing. but then this happened. >> he squeezed the juice bottle. watch the video you see him get irritated and squeeze a bottle of juice through the bullet proof glass. the woman behind the counter is the owner of daylight deli lionel many wood avenue in southwest philly where it happ happen. she says that set her off so she ran out to confront him. >> i talk to him. i no fight with nobody. >> reporter: this guy clearly did not want to talk he began punching her over and over and over. when he got finish with her her knows and eyes were swollen. the victim says she wasn't expecting what happened to happen. >> never thought he going to hit
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my face. >> reporter: and the victim believes the suspect has been in her store before and the video shows that he only left after someone who was with him pulled him off of her. lucy? >> that is a just scary thank you shawnette. local man who sold drugs for years in kensington is now trying to change his life and other lives. >> you know, everything i've been through, my experience, um, being shot, um, just going through incarcerations and there's nothing good that comes out of this. >> how he went from part of the problem in the war on drugs to a soldier helping people get their lives back for goodness sake. here's something to give you a jolt stronger than your morning joe. millennials may be spending more on coffee drinks than their retirement. a survey from the money app acorn, 45% of ate 18 to 23-year-old they blew more cash on lattes and grand days than
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they did squirreling away for rainy day.
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♪ they say he shot himself when he was at the hospital when he did it. ton night in camden, police are trying to figure out how it happened and why. a spokesperson from the lourdes medical center say doctors were treating a 72-year-old man at the hospital this morning when all of a sudden he shot himself in the head. no one else was hurt but he is in critical condition. ♪ our bill anderson has some light and some hope for families in the grips of a dark drug crisis of course it's opioid epidemic and that bright hope comes from right -- comes right from a man who went from part of the problem of drug addiction in his neighborhood to a person solving that problem. he now dedicates his life to helping others avoid the same mistakes for goodness sake. ♪ substance use disorder, addiction has affect the black community for decades.
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people have been silent. >> reporter: when you think of drug addiction, overdose and street dealers who do you think of? for years that image was probably inner city, low income, violent minority males, right? but that image is changing. >> all of a sudden a couple years ago the opioid epidemic hit the suburbs and people that look different than me started dying and all of a sudden there was congressional hearings, people started talking about it. >> reporter: changing face of drug addiction not to make people angry or be divisive actually quite the contrary. i mention it so people understand that drug addiction is no longer a they problem that people can point to and ignore. it's a we problem that impacts all of us. ♪ >> reporterlives are being cut . while the mayor's fir meetin meg opioid task force was taking place a panel of experts discussed the pro growing problem i want add different
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perspective. i met ramon cruz who has personal experience with drugs in our city. >> everybody wanted to be a drug dealer back then. in my neighborhood. because of the notoriety the money and certain things that come with it. >> reporter: what came with that, was nearly 20 years of dealing drugs in kensington. >> someone would make a year i can make in a month. >> reporter: what wasn't discussed among dealers and users and what ultimately turned ramon's live around you rarely if ever see anyone his age involved with drugs. they're either in jail or they're dead. >> you're lucky to be alive. >> yes, i am. i was shot on the streets and left for dead. through the grace of god i learned how to walk and use my arm again. >> nearly killed, likely one arrest from a live jail sentence and ramon still doesn't know the exact moment he decided no more, but he's glad he did. >> i'm not miserable any more. i don't have to look behind my
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back. i don't have to worry about somebody kicking in my door trying to rob me. >> reporter: the change was complete turn around. went from drug dealer to drug prevention worker. the same neighborhoods where he sold drugs he warns young people about his past. >> it's like a cycle and i feel something along the line the cycle needs to be cut. who better than someone that was -- that lived that experience. >> reporter: ramon thankfully turn his live around speaking with him today and today's hearing serves as a reminder that this drug problem can and will affect your neighborhood too. until we all acknowledge the issue, and together try to address it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> bill says that the special task force plans to hit the streets for community meetings throughout the city to tackle the drug epidemic. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your enabled. iain what you got. >> in delaware county police are investigating an accident
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involving a car and a pedestri pedestrian. police say one person had to be taken to the hospital after being hit on main street in darby. police are still investigating. we don't know yet what happened to the driver. of course we'll give you an update when we get morings information. fresco user marvin takes us to the scene of a fatal shooting in west oak lane section of the city. a lot of police activity on the 7800 block of baldwin street. investigators say a 26-year-old man was changing the brakes on his car when someone shot him four times around 5:30. he died. police are trying to track down the shooter. now to spring garden where press user arlene says a benefit involving professional athletes atten.players from the phillies, eagles and other sports teams presented eight kids with awar awards. those kids all had health struggles sin the moment they were born. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom.
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lucy? >> thank you very much, iain n your health tonight if you're always a little hungry after eating your meal you might want to start eating peas and beans. so says research in the journal food and nutrition. danish researchers say people who ate beans and peas felt more full after meals than people who eight veal or pork or stuff like that low income residents in south jersey now have whole lot of new options to look forward to for healthy food. the pantry at the plex officially opened its doors today in atlantic city. the food pantry at the atlantic care health plex so now residents who get medical services will also receive vouchers for healthy food. so it is a win/win. sean bell in the house. lucy, rapper actor and entrepreneur ice cube is creating a three on three league with all the old hoop% that we love including allen iverson. it's a great idea i'll tell you why i won't be watching any of it next in my sports commentary.
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here's the deal. sean bell is not a fan of allen iverson's newest hobby much his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ allen iverson is coming out of retirement. not to play in the nba but to play three on three league created by ice cube out in la. a bunch of other retire players have signed up to play this league but i won't be watching. not a second of this. i'm all for the players getting that money for as long as they can because they need tom it's a fan i can't watch this. nothing worse than watching one of the greats apply two far past their prime y want to see jordan in wizards uniform or patrick ewing in magic jersey and i don't want to see hakeem as toronto raptor. that is what this league is. again, i'm all for flares getting that check but what i'm used to seeing you do phenomenal things that's how i want to remember you. i don't want to image that isn't anything but allen iverson stepping over tie ron lou in the
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nba championship. so for that reason, i'm sorry, i just can't watch this. lucy. >> not like they're running around lockers or anything. >> close to. >> they going to pull ham me. get hurt real quick. >> sean bell don't watch me walk down the hallway then. i'll talk to you later. don't have valentine's day plans? hmm? >> well, how about a date with this hunk. seriouseriously. idris elba offering up a valentine's day date. you can enter by making donation to the zero mays website. the sight raises money for education for girls in africa and that is terrific. >> how big is your donation. >> big. >> i don't have plans for valentine's day. you'll be a toil watch the lion family drama for another season on empire. season four is a go. it's a go. 16 million people watch it every
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week op average. 16 million people. the star of the show taraji p. henson sean bell has a hasn't kerring for won the golden globe for best actress in a television series last year. empire fans can catch the spring premier of the show wednesday march 22nd right here on fox 29. go ahead write it down on your little phone. >> can someone do that donate amber rose i'm looking at you. >> i thought that was you. >> it was angelina jolie last night and then what was the other -- always beyonce'. >> it's always beyonce'. >> this is not the dating game. >> this is fox 29 news. [ laughter ] >> i'm just putting it out the there. >> you're getting it out there. >> don't act like idris isn't about to get a big donation from ya'll right now. >> shh. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 n
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frost fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". very good morning, happening right now on good day philadelphia, growing concerns, in the lgbt community. why some people fear they're being targeted by a violent man. >> also, a man roughs up a woman working at a local deli over something that may seem trivial a look at what sparked this whole attack. what he dared her to say that then set him off. >> also ahead on good day this morning, going to high school sporting events may soon be harder to do in one community, the district game rules who can and can't attend certain games. >> heading to los angeles? why another nfl team is reportedly making the move to the city of angels. >> great to have you with us on this spring like thursday morning, thomas drayton along with karen hepp. >> bob kelly? >> it is thursday, almost there.


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