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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 14, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> were trying to find the silver lining here. >> for all of my daughter's birth pictures were in that third floor. >> thank you for your service. >> if i distract myself i'm fine but sometimes i have a moment where i get very upset. >> it's never easy.
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>> 19-year-old rachel has been missing since tuesday. >> i got a call about 3:00 a.m. on tuesday morning saying that she was missing. they found her car on the bridge with personal items of the car but no sign of her. >> her boyfriend has been trying to find his girlfriend rachel using social media and posting pictures everywhere. i read one of his facebook post and was moved. >> i find myself checking my phone every five minutes for a text from you. calling your phone hoping it will ring instead of going straight to voicemail. i met with the boyfriend and i asked to tell me more about rachel. >> people would see her as rebellious. she had tattoo on her arm, she was very full of life and fun to be around. she had a lot of emotional issues stemming from her childhood and life in general. >> can you share. >> i rather not go into it. >> i met him where he works. >> racial used to work at another store and i spoke to one
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of her former colleagues as i was getting gas. >> she's very sweetness soft-spoken. she seemed like she was looking for her purpose and like right now she was like i'm here to try to move up and i'm not sure what else she was looking to do beyond that. >> there's a story and another young woman who went missing. >> it's him is i'm hearing the same story. i've spoken with sarah stern's father, 19-year-old from new jersey who has been missing for over a month. they have not a single clue right now. if you like there at a dead end. they don't have answers. i hate here is another situation like this. >> why were talking to the parents. are they involved? wise the boyfriend the front face of this? >> when it comes to stories like this princeton ongoing camera all the time. >> i'm always shocked when parents do going camera. >> have no idea what that would be like, but i would think the
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last thing you would want to do is be public about it. >> i spoke with the family yesterday. they're hoping for the best and trying to work with police and get information they can get, a lot of it is just waiting. >> ashley, you have a story. >> we are no stranger to awkward tv interviews and sometimes you interview someone and they're just not ready. that's what happened in melbourne, australia. >> on his reporter went up to a jogger asking her for her name which we always do. >> when he asked her to spell the first and last this was her response.
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>> -- >> i'm really out of breath. i'm so out of shape. >> what are you doing. >> this is how are going to stay in shape in the cold weather, bringing are elliptical to work. >> diana communities the story about the professed remote protester who dabbles in consulting. >> that's right. last week and due to a very interesting character outside of trump tower. i like my signed the road to hell is paved with billionaires. >> she is a protester consultant and i believe that you said. >> that is great. i wish i thought about that. that's a brilliant idea. >> well it's friday the 13th and we are meeting marty. >> hello, my name is marty, i have a protest consulting group and what we do is help activist
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and nonprofits with political groups stage protest for the media with the article protest. >> that means a lot of costumes. >> this is where it begins. the custom closet. >> and it is stuffed with costumes. lots of props. >> bring this on the plane and this was a bit of an issue. >> what i do is people get the lipstick on and you take your index finger and just dip it in the glitter and then i fill up like this, cannot be ignored. ignored. i cannot be ignored. >> note to self. what i like about revolution is that we will take a protest and boil it down to the real message and be able to demonstrate it. >> this began in the will occupy wall street days.
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as you might imagine scum to be a very busy time for her now. >> at the inauguration is coming up. >> i'm very excited. >> edit know if you're excited? >> i think you i'm gonna do, had done another performance art piece and it was called these a pause have cause, but i with donald trump with an expression and i carry it the post and i clawed and meow. >> and i'm calling and i'm clawing. >> and issued be a character. >> people love it and it seems to get attention. >> so how much money does she make at this? >> as she puts it, it's really just a labor of love. >> no money we're making no money it's a labor of love.
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>> but if some big money maker wants to come along the be great. >> she is kind of set the bar very low. she's only looking for a subway ride for. >> let me back up, she's a professional figure skater. >> all. >> martin luther king day is around the corner and martin luther king and gandhi are probably rolling in their graves right now, protesting is not supposed to be some theatrical event to laugh and have fun that. it something you something you believe in. you don't want to an event just because it's fun. >> actually got from her that she's very passionate and researches the issues. in order to have signs that show passion it takes work. >> so she is well researched, she understands issues, she's dressing the part, she's theatrical, part, she's theatrical, we have to help her get a job. >> well i think she has a job. >> tell her to keep going. thank you. >> shut the door and then
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everybody's like all your normal person. >> young battery park chasing the local connection to the movie coming out today, patriots' day, that's the hunt for the austin marathon terrorist. >> it's friday which means the movies are coming up at in particular stuck out, patriot day. it's the story of the boston marathon bombing from the point of view of boston police commissioner played by mark wahlberg. as you can can imagine it was an emotional film for all those involved. casting for the actors. one of the hardest roles at all, 26-year-old tamara laine was the older brother in the set of two behind the bombing. he was killed in a shootout after the tragedy. the actor talked about what he
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had to go through to get into character from getting in the same boxing ring to getting instruction from his very boxing coach. and watching jihadist video. he he took the acting to another level. >> he watch a lot of videos it's a very unpleasant thing. >> i met with him in new york because he has a local connection. he is from the country of georgia. but a big dreams of making it in america. he traveled from the land of the box the other way to jersey. he got a scholarship to attend new york film academy, he came over and stayed with his extended family. his roots started in jersey. for years he would take the bus to the train, to the subway, right to off-broadway. he got noticed in a big way. today's his big day. he tell me what it meant to him. >> i have no words for this feeling that have the last
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couple of days. it's been a dream come true. i'm so blessed and honored to be part of this project. >> when i asked what he said to the people of any age that want to want to have their big day he said, it's all about -- you have to be willing to give everything without expecting anything back. you can exit go into this acting thing thinking about the fame or money, it's about chasing your dreams and jason what you love to do. now patriots' day opened patient why today and he said it's for everybody. >> it's for everybody. and then they overcame this. and that's what it is. >> when asked what he is doing on premier day he said he's going to see the flick with his family in east brunswick. >> things for sharing the story. it's nice to know how he gets into the mind of someone who could do a brutal act. >> why did they have to make this movie in the first place? understanding and remembering
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that the boston bombing happened is important part of our history, i don't need a wahlberg movie to see it. >> on i can go see it. >> i think the timing of the movie coming out is very 15 giving we have the inauguration coming this week. you have seen the country divided. it's good an event like this reminds us all that when it comes down to horrific acts against this country we are all on one page and we are all united. [inaudible] me?
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>> a 10-year-old loss up so experience bad weather in the driveway was completely i sent is hard to see she tries to get up the driveway she keeps slipping down. her owner said it look like the dog was actually sliding in slow motion. she was able to get back up to the house through the yard and is also going viral on the
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internet. >> car chases are pretty well but this might be the craziest. check out the video from phoenix, arizona. a deputy responded to a call of call of a naked woman at a gas station. he got out of the truck to get a blanket from the passenger side seat when he did that the suspect jumped into the driver seat and drove away. she led a75 mile car chase before she crashed the car crashed the car and was arrested. issues arrested sheet was high on meth. she was facing a slew of charges >> today is blue friday where we honor men and women who work in law enforcement. the first first one of 2017 is officer matthew
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sullivan a in his k-9 officer, paris who is named after a former police officer who had fallen in the line of duty. they both work for princeton. we have a special honor to be the first civilian that princeton has ever allowed to be bitten by her dog while wearing a special sleeve. >> now he's locked on. >> they also show me how is a special bomb sniffing dog. [inaudible] >> they will detect any special explosive material. >> because it's lou blue friday we want to make sure that all the brothers and sisters in blue are honoring their fallen comrade stephen donald who was laid to rest today. he was shot by perpetrator in the park.
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he lived in a wheelchair, paralyzed for many decades. he. he was laid to rest today. rest in peace, detective. >> bruce springsteen has had their facebook fan page flooded with hateful and threatening messages per the lead vocalist tells me it's over one major misunderstanding. >> somebody posted another comment section on another page that i should kill myself. thank you. >> i cut caught up with glenna new jersey. his fear is that so many fans believe that the beast treated band street band has been a traitor to springsteen. he wants to be clear that the band is performing at garden state gala in washington, d.c. on thursday. the day before trump's inauguration. springsteen, also known as the boss has been extremely vocal about his distaste for the president-elect, calling him a
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flagrant toxic narcissus. >> the band says they haven't heard anything from springsteen. >> i just wanted to be understood what the reality of the situation is. we have been used springsteen fans for 35 years. we respect his music, we try to play to the best we can do. we respect his persona and respect what he stands for. and this been a donald trump event i don't think i could have don't think i could have gone a plate it. >> the b street band was contracted by the nj society gala in 2009 to celebrate president obama's inauguration and performed that the inauguration in 2013. they were immediately booked for the 2017 gala because everybody loves their flair and flavor. they said this was before they ever knew who would become the next president. >> it's an event put on by a group called the new jersey society. it's an organization or business people. and it event they do every four
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years at inauguration time. and it's regardless of who wins the election, democrat, republican, independent, zebra, whatever. >> they've played at a number of number of local events for both parties. i reach out to see springsteen's representative and i'm waiting on a response. >> we haven't heard anything from his management people are legal staff or from him. if he was to contact us and said what you to do this, then we would gladly accept his advice and not do it. >> send them a note on twitter. >> stop with the crazy, stop with nastiness, or all in the same boat and he's the captain of our shit. whether you like him or not. inauguration is an american tradition it's
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important. that support this guy give him a shot. >> there's a reason why so many a-list celebrities have declined so many a-list celebrities have declined plane at the inauguration because they say be in their performing shows their support. >> but i'm saying, he should step up and be a man about it. don't backpedal. just own it, who cares. >> you chase the story just trying to help some women get a date by valentine's day. >> i took one for the team and met up with the ultimate matchmaker. he is not all sunshine though, he said being single. >> if you get a man you can come if you can and if you're not getting the man it's your fault because you have the power. ladies you don't have to be as passive as you ink you need to be. so if you understand that you can take responsibility for your own dating life and relationship you can actually get what you want. >> basically said two things we need to do. be less picky, be more open, he equated landing a date to a buffet. >> have all these different choices and there might be certain foods that don't look
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that great on my not be the type thing you're used or interested in, the same things for dating. when you meet again at first it might not be your typo when you get with it that guy you might be surprised might really like this guy. anyone know less you're open enough to make that situation happen. >> he gave me the basic. he said to take full advantage of online dating. his favorite -- coupe. the parchment the postman in two ways. the most important phrase for any lady is, i usually don't do this. number two, two, make eye contact. here goes, i tried it out. >> what did you try out. >> i don't do this often. >> to work. >> not so well. >> i had usually don't do this but i'm looking for a day for valentine's day, what he say? >> you're married okay, i'll take i'll take that. hey, you free on valentine's day? good eye contact there. we got a sweater vest coming this way.
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what are you doing on valentine's day? are you free? he's not free. are you free on valentine's day. >> is not free. >> i usually don't do this, but i'm trying to get a date by valentine's day, a valentine's day, a single and available? if you were would you hang out with me? take that a cs. [inaudible] for the men he said just be bold and he addresses those that may have lots of women in the friend his own. >> if you have women who are friends but you want something more what you have to do is you have to treat her exactly how you treat a friend. talked about other woman you're dating because women naturally love competition. so the key is to live. >> the key in dating is to lie as long as possible. >> good talk. >> you get more tips on the website.
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>> john joyce mysteriously died in their montgomery home where the two years ago. the state medical examiner has reserved chad rivers early opinion from suicide 20 determined.
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>> strawberry? no fruit.
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>> you're welcome everyone. on sunday i will be joining a good friend of the show on the political roundtable show, nj now on my nine at new. we talk the week in politics including christie stated the state. donald trump's the state. donald trump's first press conference. i brought some heat from our set up there so check it out. i think i represented us well.
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>> i have to imagine that this still does way on you and your family. this whole struggle. >> it's been two years of hell. you don't get away from a very long. it's hard not to think about it or be involved in it. years fighting for something that we don't necessarily think we had to fight for. >> mark sheridan is calling this vindication pray the son of john and joyce mysteriously died in their montgomery home for the two years ago in september 2014. he told me it is one of good dates because the state medical examiner has reversed the earlier opinion and changed the cause of death of his father from suicide to on determined. >> i'm at the courthouse and the prosecutor's office is facing criticism for the handling of the investigation and the declaration it was a murder suicide.
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they said they have no comment at this time on the fan findings of the state medical examiner which took just about everybody here by surprise including mark. >> this is a battle the family has been fighting since the moment their parents bodies were discovered inside where they live on september 28 2014. who killed them. who killed them? six months later the prosecutor's office said they knew, john sheridan had been murdered his wife, set the house on fire and killed himself. the state. the state medical examiner's office did a review of the case and said that even though the wounds on john shared inside have the appearance of being self-inflicted the weapon that caused those wounds has still to this day not been recovered. you tell me what a weapon got up and walked away from suicide scene. >> anothe
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