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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  January 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(indie rock music) - you're watching teen kids news. i'm livia. here's this week's top story. the african country of uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world. many parts of the country are without simple basics like running water or electricity. but thanks to one enterprising american teen, the lives of hundreds of kids living in an orphanage is a lot brighter. amelia tells us more. - ella keinan is a girl on a mission. when she was seven, she organized a toy and book drive for immigrants from ethiopia. when she was nine, she got schoolmates
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and parents to clean up local beaches. at 10, she was running a clothing drive for the children of refugees who had fled syria. any one of those projects would be enough to be proud of, but ella was only just beginning, and she's with us today to talk about that. hi, ella. - hi. thank you for having me. - your biggest project started when you were preparing for your 12th birthday celebration. tell us about it. - in my religion, at the age of 12 or 13, everyone has a bar or bat mitzvah, i'm jewish, and usually you get gifts from your guests, but i decided that i ask them to give me money instead i could use that to do something big. - what is it that you did, and how did you get the idea? - [ella] i met sivan ya'ari, the founder of innovation africa, which is a nonprofit organization that brings israeli solar technology to rural african villages. and with her i found an orphanage in uganda to sponsor, and began my project there. - what were the things you needed to buy for the orphanage?
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- so, we had a solar energy project, which meant that we bought solar panels and batteries to store the energy, and with that we brought the kids light. and to do what was most important to me, which was connect them to the world wide web, we bought computers and modems, but because kiango was so far off the grid we had to set up our own cellular antenna, and that's how we connected them to the internet. - wow, that's impressive! how did you raise the money? - with innovation africa, i set up an online webpage, which i sent to my guests, and asked them to donate there. and i updated them on the progress of my project. so, some guests got so excited that they even donated twice. - that's great! and then you went with your parents to go visit kiango. what was the village like? - [ella] from the moment we drove in to the school, the whole village swarmed us. it was so exciting, and that's kind of when i realized the impact of my project because it was greater than just the kids in the school; i was affecting the whole community and changing all of their lives,
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and it was very emotional for me. - were the people in kiango friendly? - they were very very nice. - [children] thank you, ella! thank you, ella! ♪ we are happy to see you today - [ella] the whole time i was there it was just hugs and high-fives, and they sang and they danced, and we still keep in touch today. i taught them a computer lesson so that they could email me and use the internet for whatever they needed to. - that is so cool! besides helping to set up solar lighting at the orphanage, what else did you do for the community? - well, when we arrived, we realized that there were some other things they needed help with, so we went into the village, and we bought them all sorts of tools to teach skills for the real world, like sewing machines. we bought mattresses for the orphans sleeping on the ground, food supplies, and we also got a doctor to come in and check for hiv, malaria, ringworms, and treat them all. - even though this started as a bat mitzvah project for your 12th birthday, you're still helping the people of kiango, aren't you?
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- yeah, so, as i mentioned, we keep in touch so i can send them food and things like that; but also, we set up a sustainable aspect to the project. so at the school there's a cellphone charging station in which people from surrounding villages can come in and pay money to charge their phones, and they can use that to pay for food. also, we're considering revisiting kiango and installing a rainwater-collecting system that would help with agriculture and all sorts of things like that. - you're truly inspiring. thanks for sharing your story with us. - thank you for having me. - there's an old ugandan proverb that says: "one who sees something good must tell of it." i guess i just did. for teen kids news, i'm amelia. - i've got five words that will help you ace your next test. make the grade is coming up. don't go away. - [voiceover] closed captioning is brought to you by:
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- schoolwork, homework, studying can sometimes be stressful, and we can all use advice to help us strive for success. so here's christin with this week's make the grade. - no doubt you've heard of the three rs: reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. but when it comes to taking good class notes, there are actually five rs. experts call this the cornell method. the first r is for record. that means write down any information you think is important. that's probably gonna be a lot, so you need to reduce all that information to key phrases and words. the next step is to recite.
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that means explaining the information in your own words. it's best if you have an audience: your parents, a friend, or your brother or sister, if they'll let you. no audience? no problem. practice resiting in a mirror. speaking of mirrors, that brings us to an r that's rather appropriate. reflect. take some time to think about your subject, making sure you really understand it. finally, review your notes. so, let's review the cornell method. record, reduce, recite, reflect, and review. if it sounds like a lot of work, keep this in mind. studies show that most of us forget 80% of what we learned just the day before. that shows it's not enough to take notes. to really know your material, you really need the five rs. with them, you r ready to ace the next test. i'm christin, here to help you make the grade. - 50 us states, 50 state flags,
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each one with its own unique history. here's eric, with flag facts. (percussive music) - in 1629 the king of england gave lord calvert the right to form a colony in the new world. calvert called it terra maria. terra means land, and maria was the name of the king's wife. terra maria means mary's land, maryland. calvert designed a flag with two symbols: his own coat of arms and the coat of arms of his mother's family, called the cross lance. the civil war divided maryland residents over which side to support, the north or the south. the coats of arms became symbols of that division. - the calvert part of the flag, the yellow and black, that was an image that was used to represent those marylanders who were siding with the north.
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the crossland side, with their red and white, was used by the southerners who agreed with the rights of the confederate. - [eric] throughout the war, the symbols were displayed separately. - and it wasn't until after the civil war when maryland soldiers were marching for the spanish-american war that marylanders felt like there was unity again, like they had healed the wounds of the civil war, and it was in part seeing the image of their flag with those colors all together again that helped to bring those people back together. - the reunified flag was officially adopted by maryland in 1904. it's remained unchanged ever since. with flag facts, i'm eric. (baseball bat tinking) (crowd cheering) - one of the best parts of the major league baseball regular season is the all-star game. since 1933, the midsummer classic, as it has been nicknamed, has featured the best players from the american league play the best players from the national league.
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now, the reason that this all-star game is so important is because the winning league gets home-field advantage in the world series. i'm matt with teen kids news. - if you're a new driver, there's a lot to keep in mind. that's why we're bringing you another important message from the national road safety foundation. (marker squiggling) (vehicle door slamming) (vehicle ignition starting) (vehicle horn honking) (funky bassy music) (marker squiggling) (seatbelt clicking) (funky bassy music)
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- oh no! - (gasping) oh. (seatbelt clicking) (laughing) (vehicle horn honking) (marker squiggling) (funky bassy music) - coming up, i'll take you to the city that gave birth to the beatles.
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- although this rock band broke up long before any of us were born, we all know their music. in fact, just about every performer today, from one direction to katy perry, has been in some way influenced by them. they were four musicians that started what was known in the 1960s as the british invasion. they were the beatles. nicole tells us more. (majestic orchestral music)
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- [nicole] on the coast of england is the city of liverpool. this is what liverpool looked like almost 500 years ago. - liverpool started off as a great port, really, so it's built its reputation on cargoes being imported and exported. we're also a great exporter of people. so many people, leaving europe, left liverpool on the way to the united states. - [nicole] in fact, liverpool was the home port of the most famous and tragic oceanliner of all time, the titanic, although its disastrous voyage actually began from the english port of southampton. about three decades after the titanic sank in 1912, liverpool had its own share of tragedy.
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- it has bad times, really. i mean, we were bombed to oblivion during the second world war. - [nicole] during what was called the battle of britain, the germans tried to bomb the british into surrendering, and because liverpool was an important seaport, it was a prime target. after the war, liverpool rebuilt, but it faced tough economic times. it lacked the glamour of london or the historic quaintness of towns like york. but liverpool had one thing that no other city in england had; for that matter, no other city in the rest of the world had. liverpool's claim to fame is being the birthplace of-- (record scratching) - the beatles. (upbeat soft rock music) - [nicole] yes, all four members of the legendary rock band came from liverpool: paul mccartney, george harrison, ringo starr, and john lennon. this ordinary-looking house was where lennon grew up.
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abandoned by his parents when he was a young boy, lennon was raised by his aunt. now, seven days a week, tourists visit. for the real diehard fans, if they could, they'd come eight days a week. and if you've got a ticket to ride, you can take a tour bus to another must-see spot just a couple of blocks away. these are the gates to what used to be a home for orphans. it was called strawberry field. - as a young child, john would come around and play with the kids. in later life, as a teenager, it was basically john's hideaway. him and his mates would come around, hide in the trees. but it was just a place that meant a lot to john as a young child because never lived with his parents and he felt an affinity with the children who obviously never lived with their parents. - [nicole] even when he became an international superstar, lennon never forgot the orphans he used to play with. - because it was a salvation-army children's home, so he used to do a lot of things to raise money for the charity. - [nicole] today, visitors come together
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from here, there, and everywhere. - got people on the tour today from india, brazil, argentina, whales, london, literally all over the world. some from california on board today as well. - yeah, we came all the way from india, and one of the things which we decided, even before we left india, was to come to liverpool, and see all these historic sites of the fab four, the penny lane, the strawberry fields, the cavern, and then of course visit the museum. - [interviewer] what do you think of the beatles? - i think they're amazing. they changed music. - [nicole] for some reason, it's become a tradition for visitors to write a message on the gates. i couldn't resist. when we return, we'll visit a place that puts the mania into beatlemania. teen kids news will be right back. it won't be long. (upbeat soft rock music)
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- [nicole] we're in liverpool, hometown of the beatles. it's also home to the beatles story, an exciting journey through the life and times of the fab four. in fact, you could call it a magical history tour. (fans screaming) hard to believe that the beatles broke up long before many of our parents were born. - there's still a phenomenon, really, in terms of sales, in terms of popularity. popularity just grows and grows. - [nicole] and while you might think that most of the visitors would be gray-haired grandparents, not true. - a lot of them are teenagers, a lot of teenagers from the states. but it's a matter of record all over the world. so, pick a place, let's say china.
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back in the '60s it was their cultural revolution. chairman mao, they didn't listen to the beatles. yet, now it's really one of the ways in which chinese youth learn the english language. the english language is learned all over the world through songs like yellow submarine and norwegian wood. - [nicole] martin took me for a tour, pointing out some of the exhibits he's most proud of. - i do have in there george harrison's very first guitar, which you could probably buy for something like $600,000, if you wanted to buy it from me. originally, it cost the princely sum of about seven pounds. - [nicole] seven english pounds is about $11. talk about a steal. - we also have john lennon's glasses. we have original clothing from the beatles. we have probably the biggest single collection of merchandise because part of the phenomenon of the beatles and the beatles invasion, in 1964, of america,
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was lunch pails and t-shirts and little dolls of the beatles. so we got a great collection of those. but we also create environments; environments that differ from the cartoon-like space of a yellow submarine to the white room with the very famous white piano of imagine days. - a major milestone in beatles history is when they flew to america in 1964 and played on the ed sullivan show. an earlier milestone took place in the cavern club. that's where the beatles were discovered by brian epstein. he'd become their manager, and help get them their first recording contract. they even have a replica of where they recorded their music at the abbey road studios. - 50 years on, the music lasts. just like mozart, the beatles are forever. they're a classic. so people enjoy the music. you start the music, people start singing along
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and tapping, irrespective of the age. - i think it's amazing 'cause it's got very nice beat to it and it's just so different. - and we still see current bands, whether that's katy perry singing yesterday, or dolly parton singing one of the good old songs from the beatles, flaming lips. i could keep going on and on. and it's still as popular as ever. - perhaps the best of all tributes comes from george harrison. he said: "the beatles will go on and on." for teen kids news, i'm nicole. (electronic music)
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"and a day to love someone, "but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." well, if that's really true, why can't i ever remember which king was beheaded during the french revolution? - [voiceover] this report is brought to you by sema on fox sports fs2. - fun cars and concepts are shown off here, like this acura mdx towing a real racecar, the nsx gt3 on a specially-made trailer. (racing truck engine revving) sema is one of the biggest car shows in the world. what does sema stand for? specialty equipment market association. a place to see hot products and cool custom vehicles. it might be a cliche, but sema is full of men in mechanics' outfits and models draped over cars. 130,000 auto-industry professionals visit the show to take a look at the latest parts, technology, and concept cars. mopar took three jeep generations,
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and put them in a cocktail blender, and came up with a concept vehicle. this is the jeep cj66, a vehicle that is a lot more comfortable off road than it is on road. mopar also showed off their dodge durango shaker; the ram macho power wagon; and my favorite, the chrysler pacifica cadence concept. kia used sema to release a number of vehicles that show autonomous life. the school of rock sedona is the ultimate band vehicle and a hands-free way of getting the band and gear to the next gig. - the beauty of this vehicle is that it incorporates autonomous technology. so let's say the band has a big gig, they're really tired at the end, and they've gotta get it to the next city for the next night. jump in the car, put in the coordinates, enter the information, and then lay back, and let the car safely deliver them to the next city. - [nick] toyota showed six special vehicles. the toyota tacoma trd pro race truck caught my eye, but showgoers can also see the prius g. the world's best-selling hybrid has been made into a racecar.
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you'll find wheels, tires, and parts as far as the eye can see, and applications of things you never could imagine. a company best known for spray-on bed liners, linex, is now painting entire vehicles to prevent them from damage, and it sure makes the vehicle look cool. ever wondered what a 1,040-horsepower hyundai sonata looks like? well, there's one at sema, and it's called the bisimoto. so it's really hard to tell how big sema actually is until i tell you that on the inside they use 56 miles of carpet. that's enough carpet to go up and down the vegas strip 13 times. for teen kids news, i'm nick miles. - that's our show for this week, but be sure to tune in again next week for more teen kids news. bye. (upbeat indie rock music)
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