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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 17, 2017 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> you're trying to find a silver lining here. >> all of my birth pictures were in that third floor. >> thank you for your service. >> i have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up, and live out the true meaning of its
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dream. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> as we reflect on the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king, it's exciting to know the man who paved the way for this country to truly be the land of the free lived here in camden, new jersey while he was a student in seminary school in chester, pennsylvania just 20 minutes away. >> who lived in the back bedroom which the sky here is a bathroom. they they stayed directly up there and he lived there for between september 1948 until june 1951. >> when i first tresa story the home was on the brink of demolition because of its poor condition. activist and the local naacp made it their mission to save the home. i'm i'm excited to say the home will be saved as a
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historical landmark, big plans are in store, activists are reaching out to local nonprofits and universities hoping they will take ownership of the home. patrick has been on the forefront of this project. this this time when i was out there he pointed out that in early december someone was murdered right in front of the home. he is hoping by turning it into a beacon of light for the community that it will show camden there is potential. >> it's really so we can tell the story of doctor king's time. people know he practiced nonviolence, but they don't know where he found nonviolence which was directly across the bridge on brown street philadelphia. >> what he think and? waste of money? >> i hate to be the want to rain on the parade, but but how are we saving a house without allocating funds toward it when we made the decision to save that house? where you getting the money from? >> don't save me the time about asking the question about the
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crime and the area. seems priorities are lopsided. i wonder that what mark luther king himself would say in terms of allocation of resources towards preservation or toward people in cities that need help. >> education teaches people respect. people will be aware. >> i hope something something positive comes out. >> the unassuming bookstore near malcolm x. boulevard is anything but ordinary. it's called revolution books they don't just have books about revolutions from the world, it's the center to start and american revolution round two. >> what it does is promote the ideas, and enables people to understand what the history of white supremacy of this country and misogyny. it can provide the materials to a movement movement and a forum for discussion. >> he took a major ad in the new york times the first week of january that stated that it wanted to stop the trump, pence
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fascist visit regine. melissa people need to take to the streets but when he did put washington to a halt and we want to create a political crisis that forces every faction within the structure of this country to reckon with what it would mean to put this man empower in this regime in power. >> in the bookstore they have a giant poster that says mike trump alluding to -- which is a book hitler wrote before being elected by the german people. and his is a thoroughly fascist pig are to buy a vicious and thoroughly rotten system. he talked about immigration. donald trump has talked that he wants to deport illegal immigrants. he said if trump and will
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implement the planet because friction, a lot of trauma and families will protest but he believes the trump administration would clampdown on that protest and i be too late to protest once the protesters clampdown on. >> but when i was speaking i said it's probably too late, donald trump is going to be president on friday. >> it is too late. >> why have to ask while we've seen protest where his backup them? nowhere. there's so many holes right now with his revolution, i'm all for change, a mall for movement, but let's have validation behind it. >> how's the revolution going? >> there's better route revolution right here. we'll have in our own revolution. >> again, i'm not and a spokesperson or advocating for what he saying, these are thousands of people have joined the refused fascism movement. meryl streep is not on it, but
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there are some big names on it. i know you're a fan of cornell west. >> he is on the list. >> i never told you is a big fan of his. >> i've met him do respect his work? will someone you respect is on the list. >> debra messing is on this list and rosie o'donnell is on this list. >> so i'm not advocating for revolution, just sit standing up for my interview. >> is he gonna be in washington? >> they plan on being in the capital the weekend of martin luther king. that saturday all the way until inauguration day. they plan to protest and try to have american revolutions run to. >> it's not often you find a 500 million year old fossil on sale. but this isn't your average
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store. this is new york city's evolution store. attraction since 1993. i know i said the right place and i saw this guy greeted me at the door. it's like museum except this stuff you can take home. >> how much is that? >> how much of that go for? balance 29. >> 16, there's an item for everybody here. >> i really like learning new things. i like being able to see something i've never seen before, and, i have to study it because i cannot explain it to people if i don't explain it i don't do my job if i can explain it to someone. >> not every item can go up for
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sale. it's a a combination of wondering what you can have been then funded at whether not you can have it. there's a couple of animals that are protected and a lot of reasons is because they're either endangered or protected. >> a store like this has a wide variety of customers. we have a lot of people who think it's a museum, who don't believe anything is real. i got a couple people who get angry. >> so come and check it out and put knowledge to the test. you can can learn more by going to evolution and remember to tweet me your thoughts or tweet the show. >> three, to -- >> get ready to get some indigestion. taco bell is coming out with what i want to call the mexican version of the double down. it's a taco but taco shell or fried chicken? it makes me a little excited.
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>> it is debuting nationwide january 26. i imagine we'll have it in our studio within moments of its release. get ready. >> so it's not a good morning if you don't have beer and sushi. charlie the sushi chef stop by and show me how to roll my own sushi. i made a california roll. >> so i think i'm i quit my day job and start a sushi restaurant. and then new jersey 1015 was there with the morning crew. they loved it so much i said how do they have their own beer we won arse. he is going to take our suggestions and will have our own chasing news brew. >> your jason a story that involves a bar, couple of guys,
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and iron and a courtesy row. new yorkers have a lot of stress to deal with, and we all deal in different ways. some hit the gym to pump some iron, some hit the bar and they bring their iron. meet james cook he aims to bring back the cherish pastime one wrinkle at a time. >> not even that good at it. he he goes to the williamsburg watering hole every tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. he offers to iron clothing for free. >> i think there's a lot of people who enjoy iron who need a mix used to find each other. he sets up a shop and will iron shirts off your back. he offers a courtesy robe for those that need to disrobe. so as not to disrupt the therapeutic movement he puts the perfect playlist on and he listens as he irons away to release his stress and to improve strangers day. >> the only thing that public ironing is that i view it as a
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chance for other people to have an intimate experience with their clothing. that's the service we offer. most people throw away close in by close and it's a sick compulsion. when you iron you can go deep with a single single object, take care of it your life. >> he wants to elevate a monday and task it through a revered ritual of force people to take a few minutes to unwind and detangler. >> ironing has wrongly been defined and as more people pick up on public ironing there and realize it should be done this way. >> if you want to get the wrinkles out of your close for free you can grab a beer. >> oh, it's free free. >> how old is he? >> is probably in his 40s or 50s. >> there's nothing creepy about going up to a woman insane take a close off all iron them.
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>> why doesn't he charged if this is such a valuable experience. >> he doesn't need the money, it's deeper than that, it's proving a point. we'll need to take a step back and take time to unwind. >> this is a place where others who have no place to go call home. >> she greeted me with a big smile and said this winters they're doing great. >> the happiest.
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>> who would want to kill a beautiful swan? we won't tell anyone. >> there pretty, but they're not exactly the nicest of animals. as you can see. >> what is he doing? >> is like save him, what are you doing? take that instead, stop hiding to fix that? what you gonna do.
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>> how can i help him. >> i measure you want to help him. >> the swans are described as an invasive species with the power to disrupt the natural ecosystem, pollute our water and scare away the other animals, but i have to say no fears are overgrown. and they fought hard to save this one in new york. >> he was brought about in the 80s when somebody got the brilliant idea that they would remove the swans from the habitat so they could introduce the larger trumpet swans for trophy waterfowl hunting purposes. so they perpetuated this misrepresentation. in fact they are not an invasive species. >> they made artwork, they made videos and they put forth viral -- urging governor cuomo to stop
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killing these swans. guess what's? he sided with the birds like previously. interesting timing for governor that's up for reelection. >> gotta get the swan vote. >> i think everything has to do with real life. that nassau community college and are now moving 2000 territorial swans in york. i was very disappointed because this is a project that environmentalists have been working on for almost 15 years. >> the department of environmental conservation plans to erratic weight new swans from new york by 2025. that's the next two years when the d.c. will come up with more evidence to support its scientific claim and hold two more public hearing. >> i'm glad he got the footage because we need to show the world how dangerous these animals are. >> it was horrifying.
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>> it take that instead. stop, how, how are you going to fix that? >> how did the duct do? any injuries? >> i guess the duck was fine. >> the duck you can eat, the swan i don't know. >> here's the food chain let me explain permitted. there are people at the top of the food chain and then every other living thing and then there's categorized by how they taste. select from the delicious to the all not so good. >> this isn't going well. >> roasted duck is so good. >> bill i just want to tell you something. i reached out to our favorite -- of new york city and they said oh great is bill going to talk about eating this one now? >> and i said no he has limits. >> no. >> not many. i've been a guinea pig, so, you
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know. there are not that many limits. >> this is an going well. >> thank you, go get lunch. >> i'm in new york city's west village neighborhood, my neighborhood. i am meeting nearly daily and i caught up with a man named jimmy who lives on the street in his van. >> i quit my job on the my wife walked out of me six months later. a few months later it seems not much has changed. with the first snowfall behind us i thought i would check in with our friends. >> just round the corner on greenwich and clarkson i spotted jimmy's van. the same place was a month ago but now covered in snow. jimmy's round the corner where
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he helped out at a senior center to help make ends meet. >> i live in the neighborhood and i had never been to the lady of pompeii church and certainly not here. little did i know i was following jimmy down a rabbit hole to a world of warmth and compassion. this is the greenwich house, a place for jimmy and other seniors that have no other place to go can for a couple of hours call home. he greeted with me a smile and said this winter he's doing great. even though this places where he began his life in ironic -- i went to school here. so to my brother and sister and family friends. it's a special place. >> jimmy help the vendors make some money here and there so his part-time office and part-time home and he's not alone. >> nowhere else to go, and this is just a home. >> this magical place that has musical groups, hot coffee, and
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camaraderie is unbelievable to me and believe it or not it's all funded by the city. the department for the aging to be specific as a haven for seniors with no place to go. >> i tell people if you don't have heat call 311 and then come down here. >> so they still sit on granite street and dream of moving to a house is a bit out of reach but he will not be around warmth and friendship. >> you're so happy. >> i get it from my father, he was the happiest man man. >> although it city funded, funded, like many of the centers it's always a risk so if you'd like to help out this amazing place you can donate, go to greenwich >> going to parties in dracula is is kind of the norm right
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now. i learned about some harm protection techniques. >> when you go for alkol that's gluten-free you you won't be feeling so awful the next
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[applause] ,. [applause] is when you say something with a lot of swag and then somebo
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>> going to parties and drinking a lot is kind of the norm. i met up with gabrielle, the rock 'n roll holistic dr. to learn about some prevention techniques so you can learn to live like a rockstar but not be like you hit rock bottom. >> what is the book about? >> the book is called the rockstar remedy. a a prescription for living a long healthy life.
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>> she spent 30 years touring with rock stars and during that time she developed tips and tricks to help get and stay healthy. during what could be in on healthy lifestyle. >> never go out drinking on an empty stomach. it will flatline your blood sugar and that prevents blood sugar from dropping and that's when people will have blackouts, and we don't want that. drink water all day and get extra electrolytes like coconut water, emergency, you get you get the electrolytes and vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant. she says appearing for a night of drinking is an all day event. >> if it's going to be a long night and you're tired you can get the herbal teas that help your energy and some of those natural energy boosting drinks so they can carry you through the long night. those would have green tea, green coffee bean extract, a lot of those things. >> better than -- now that were
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done prepping it's time to start drinking right? not just yet. she warns that not all alcoholic beverages are made equal. >> you want to choose your alcohol wisely. so if you going to do wine it should be organic because if it's not it has the pesticides in it. so organic wines that don't have sulfate. >> if you can't find organic wine she suggest you drink old world wine like spain, italy, and france. maybe france. maybe wine is not your thing anyone something harder? >> gluten-free alcohols so you know you might drink hard alcohol but if it's gluten-free or not to feel so horrible the next day so those would be, vodka tequila, gin and sake. >> but still some people have a tendency to overindulge and for those people she has another option. >> my favorite trick is the
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grapefruit juice trick. you either have a glass of grapefruit juice before you drink or you mix it drink with grapefruit juice. what it does is slows the way alcohol is eliminated out of your liver. it it keeps it in the blood longer and you can drink half as much and get the same effect. >> and oh you thinking, what what if i decide to ignore everything she just said and still get wasted, what i do then? the morning after. i have a lot of morning-after remedies. first of all there's the morning-after pill, and herbal supplement that i found at whole foods. you want to hydrate and get your electrolytes which you can get in coconut water or emergent see,. >> if you have questions about the rockstar remediesge: whoo!
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