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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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garden state ball where it is a life tonight. we run into a couple of famous people. we'll tell hugh and we've got you covered from the inauguration to everything surrounding it on fox 29. see in you 30. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. ♪ mere 14 hours from now america will have new president.
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the 45th. it will all happen right here at the capital in washington, d.c. where people are already gathering to protest the incoming administration. you can see the video from right here tonight as small group of protesters and you can see the people here of course security. we got all that for you. i'm lucy noland live in washington on assignment. >> i'm iain page here in our fox 29 studios. lucy, i know you're at that garden state ball. we'll get back to you in just a bit but president-elect donald trump just spoke and said he doesn't care if it rains on his parade tomorrow. >> tomorrow we have a speech probably around 12:00 o'clock. it may rain. it may not rain, i don't care. it doesn't matter. i mean the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay, because people will realize it's my real hair it's that's okay. [ laughter ] >> all right. lucy let's get out to you in washington. >> reporter: well i'll tell
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was, iain, the weather will be rather iffy tomorrow but luckily i'm inside tonight live at the garden state state ball in washington. of course like so many other things during the election and during the transition there is of course controversy. we already showed you pictures of the protesters but as you can see behind me, there's all kinds of people celebrating too but i tell was, when it comes to donald trump and michael pence this day is packed steep in tradition. ♪ >> a rocking performance at the lincoln memorial thursday night a concert honoring the president-elect. hours earlier president-elect trump and soon to be first family landed in washington, d.c. [ applause ] >> it was then off to leadership luncheon and on to the arlington national cemetery. president-elect trump joined by vice president-elect pence placed a wreath in front of the tomb of the unknowns in honor of the veterans.
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♪ >> the president-elect of the united states, donald j. trump. >> president-elect moved to the lincoln memorial for the big celebration ahead of the big d day. >> we are going to make america great again and i'll add greater than ever before. thank you very much. >> you know the security around here is massive as you can imagine. protesters paralyzed washington dc has more than grabbed worldwide headlines. the main event of course swearing in by law happens on january 20th and pretty much the rest of planning follows blueprint that is, of course, passed down in tradition for generations. but these days, you know that homeland security is priority number one.
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800,000 people. one historic moment. the peaceful tran transfer of power a hallmark of american democracy. trump supporters and protesters and almost 30,000 members of law enforcement. >> this is the neutrons. neutrons what we'll find in nuclear weapons. >> biggest really is the unknown, of course, terrorism, the threat of terrorism is very high. >> reporter: secret service is running the show. 3,000 agents joined by 3,000 local cops to boost d.c.'s police force. along with 13,000 national guards men and a joint task force of local and federal age agents at a nabbed post. agents are also infiltrating the crowd keeping tabs on video monitors and anything suspicious on social media. ♪ >> after the swearing in, it's the president's address. on to the luncheon at the capitol pan raid along pennsylvania avenue.
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right in front of the white house. ♪ >> the price tag for the trump inauguration estimated to be between 175 and $200 million. about 800,000 people expected to pass the mall. now you can compare that to president obama's first inauguration that drew 1.8 million people. iain, back to you in philadelphia. >> all right, quite a difference lucy. see in you little bit. thank you. >> i know. similar scenes expected across the country this weekend and one group is heading to washington in force our shawnette wilson caught up with two local women who will be among thousands marching on washington this saturday and she's got more tonight from penn's landing. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, those two women tell me that buses are booked all across the state headed to washington this weekend but those two women are working overtime up until the second they leave to help people who decided at the last minute they want to go to get there.
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>> always forward never backwa backward. >> alexandra is ready to be seen and heard at the march in washington this weekend. she and shawna are co organizers for the pennsylvania chapter of the women's rights march in the nation's capital saturday. they're excited and spent the past two months getting ready. >> i wish i wasn't excited because i wish i wasn't in this position. but i am humbled and honored to be able to be helping so many people bring their voice to d.c. >> reporter: nipper handling logistics getting people there and how. >> pennsylvania is actually sold out of bus. there's not single bus left that we can't locate for rent. >> she's helping people find car pools and rental cars to get there. >> we work very hard over several months to make sure that pennsylvania is represented and that people from pennsylvania can have their voice heard, and i think to me that's the most impactful thing we could do right now. >> reporter: organizers say more than 620 sister marches
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leading tout big one being held across the united states including in philadelphia and trenton. in philly, similar marches like this one were held thursday as part of the national day of resistance to trump's education agenda much those going to the women's rights march say there's one purpose to let the new administration know that women's rights are human rights. >> when you see how many people are potentially affected by the policies at stake, it's terrifying. i couldn't not go and stand behind. >> reporter: it looks like pennsylvania will have a pretty big showing there this weekend. organizers expect that 12,000 to 20,000 people from pennsylvania will attend. iain? >> shawnette, thank you stay with fox 29 for continuing coverage of this historic event. we'll check back in with lucy throughout evening and she'll be live tomorrow in washington for the big event. former president george hw bush and his wife barbara are still in the hospital tonight. the 41st president is intensive care for pneumonia.
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92-year-old remains uneven tail later but is stable. mrs. bush says she's feeling lot better and being treated for bronchitis. we're following breaking news for you right now in delaware county. traffic is moving again on i-95 after a crash shut it down earlier tonight. police tell us it's time to -- tied a robbery in brookhaven investigators say the suspects robbed mcdonald's on the 4200 block of edgemont avenue and when police gave chase, on i-95, the suspects crashed near highland avenue in chester. northern lanes are back open. however there's lane restriction in the southbound lanes so be careful. happening now in new castle, delaware, a liquor store owner is shaken up tonight after a scary encounter with a gunman. that own are in was not going to let anyone get passed him end put up quite a fight. let's get right out to fox 29's chris o'connell live in new castle with details. chris? >> reporter: iain, police here in new castle, delaware, need the public's help tonight in trying to find the guy who robbed a long-time business owner of this liquor store here
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in new castle. but frankly the warning i have tonight are for criminals thinking of knocking off this place again. trust me. you don't want to mess with this guy. >> scary. it really. >> long-time customers of champ' time out liquors in new castle, delaware are just as upset as the owner of the store who got robbed. >> it is bad, because, um, now he'll be traumatized. >> reporter: it was 17 seconds of terror. wednesday night a man with handgun walks into the store and asks for all the cash. but instead of handing over that money, the owner customers call champ isn't having it. he fights back. tussling over the counter before the bad guy runs out the door with no money. champ gave chase armed with a cattle prod he keeps behind the counter champ is still visibly shaken understandably but he tells me privately he's more sad than angry that someone from his own community he's grown to love
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targeted his store he calls his american drome. >> champ has now put up a sign banning customers with hoodies. it's the first time in 25 years he said he's scared to come to work. as for fighting back, we showed the video to his customers. >> not coming at me with a gun and not expect me to fight back. >> you think he did the right thing. >> he did the right thing. >> do the right thing fighting back protecting the store. >> reporter: would you do that? >> i don't know. that's tough question. >> reporter: customers hearing about the robbery have been coming in all night to offer support to champ. many who know him aren't surprised how he handled the bad guy. >> when you heard someone tried to do this to him, what went through your mind? >> i knew he probably zapped him with the cattle prod. camly don't play no bleep. >> is he that kind of guy. >> he's that kind of guy. he's cool with you as long as he's cool with you. if not -- >> you get the cattle prod. >> cattle prod. >> reporter: new castle police
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are asking anyone who recognizes this guy or has any information to please come forward. as for chasing after a guy with a gun, new castle police say probably not the best of ideas. iain? >> probably not, chris. all right. thank you. developing right now in north philadelphia, many questions tonight over what led to a man's death in north phil philly. 55-year-old barry cardell hairston died after a violent encounter with police. the willow grove man was tased after he attack add female officer in her patrol car. police say it started this morning at tenth and poplar hairston was jumping up and down on his truck. he became violent after police responded and was tased. hairston died soon after. but police say the taser prongs never pierced his body. >> still too soon to say whether it was or was not aing factor. you're talking about circuits being completed. >> terrible i think they could have did it a different way or something. i don't know. you don't know everything that happened. >> barry was good guy. used to work lot. try to make money.
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>> the officer has minor injuries. homicide and internal affairs are investigating along with the medical examiner. new tonight, who exactly was giving physicals to kids at local schools? the answer has parents furious. fox 29 investigates. four-year-old boy takes his first steps thanks to special harness and special stranger. >> feel pretty good. >> yup. good a story that bring smile to your face and maybe a tear to your eye. kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> that's right, iain. dry for now but rain moving into the delaware valley tomorrow. late morning and into the afternoon. this is round one. but guess what? there's a bigger storm that's going to be coming much this is storm number two. a nor'easter moves our way. more on that coming up. fox 29 is the station to watch for this historic inauguration. lucy noland is live in washington, d.c. with a look at some of the most memorable inaugurations next.
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♪ here's live look at the white house now in washington, d.c. later tomorrow, that house will have a new president. donald trump will become the president of the united states and that will be his new home. our lucy noland is in the center of it all in the nation's capitol. hi again, lucy. >> i am indeed. you can hear the excitement around here. you can also feel the history that is connected to the inauguration. it is amendment 20 that dictates that the inauguration is held on january 20th. this is passed back in the 19 30's. one of very many interesting
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tidbits like the wildest party ever thrown at 1600 pennsylvania avenue that really spices up inaugural history. >> i will execute the office of the president of the united states. >> in 1953, texas born kansas raised dwight d. eisenhower got quite a surprise cowboy in the inaugural parade road right up to the viewing stand and lasso' the 34 many president as a stunned vice-president richard nixon looked on. >> ninth president had the longer inaugural address and shortest presidency. spoke for more than an hour and a half bad weather and d.c. in winter go hand in hand. william henry harrison may have fallen victim that weather. >> our first president george washington had the shortest address. his second was a captain 135 words. on his way to his first inauguration in new york city he passed through philadelphia and
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trenton from his home in mount vernon to get there. this lymph graph shows him in trenton in 1789 he was the only president to kiss the bible as he was sworn in. ♪ >> thomas jefferson's inauguration gave birth to the inaugural parade and at that time something called the inaugural open house when he through up the doors to the president's house and said come one, come all. good for the third president not so much for the seventh. ♪ >> inaugural open house that battle tested andrew jackson jumping out white house window in what has become known as the wildest party in white house history a crowd of well wish schers stormed 1600 pennsylvania of a ruining furniture, breaking china and only the promise of more free liquor to lure them out. ♪ >> want to go to inaugural ball wish you were living during our fourth president's time james maddison had 400 tickets up for
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grabs going for a scant $4 a peace. right now a ticket on the secondary market to one of the inaugural balls costs from hundreds to more than $10,000. ♪ >> i'm at one of the 19 inaugural balls very cool. you can feel all the energy around here. and here at the garden state ball i got to tell you they are jersey proud. in fact, they transported a piece of new jersey all the way here to d.c. we're going to show that you little tidbit and also, you know what, there's a couple of very famous people around here. we'll tell hugh. iain, back to you. >> all right, lucy. look forward to that, thanks. >> more than 400 men and women of the delaware national guard vow to keep people safe at tomorrow's inauguration. they were sworn in today soldiers from several different companies will play a vital rollmaning traffic control points and ensure vehicles and pedestrians can get around in that the nation's capitol. pennsylvania sent more than a thousand soldiers to help in the
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security efforts tomorrow. the men and women representing the commonwealth were sworn in today in the lead immediately begin assisting law enforcement throughout the area. happening right now, authorities in delaware are hunting for an arsonist. the state fire marshal says someone set fire to a townhome in new castle and the flames spread to other homes. now the fire left several people homeless and caused more than a quarter million dollars in damage. fox 29's dave kinchen has more from new castle. >> reporter: cell phone videos shows the two alarm fire that gave a big scare for people living in three houses in new castle, delaware, last night. now investigators are calling it a deliberate act. >> this couldn't be happening to me, but let's get out so we can be safe. >> reporter: that's what neighbor who did not want to be identified says she was thinking when she and her husband and their dog made run for their lives leaving everything else behind. >> well, you know, it's just stuff. so for the most part to get out alive is the best thing.
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report roar she says the tense moments began with noise in the new castle point development. about 11:30 herd allowed bank from the backyard and when i look out the window, saw a small fire but i wasn't sure what yard it was in. >> reporter: the delaware state fire marshal's office says the flames came from a neighbo neighboring house with significant damage in the back of the building. >> the flames were spreadin sprh townhouses on the left and right side of it. >> reporter: investigators say they worked the seep for hours before calling the case arson. >> we're just looking for two people that were in the area at the time of the fire. and we need to talk with them. they may have nothing to do with it or they may be have some information for us. >> reporter: meantime, the victim we spoke with vows to move forward. >> we just have to think about what our next steps will be. you know, it could be one month, three months, sick months, but we just take it one day at a time and trust in god. >> reporter: officials tell us six people have been displaced by the fire and they estimate the damage to be about $300,000.
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in new castle, delaware, dave kinchen fox 29 news. delaware county major heist right outside a bank in media. the guys got away with 14 grand in cash. sources tell fox 29 in someone was trying to make a deposit at the atm outside the bank of america along baltimore avenue last night. that's when the bad guys hit. good thing no one was hurt. developing now, mexican drug lord joaquin al chap poe guzman extradited to the united states for drug trafficking and other charges he just landed in new york within the last hour. notorious cartel boss is expected to appear at a federal courthouse in brooklyn tomorrow. el chapo made a couple of bold prison escapes and spent years on the run as mexico's most wanted man. the man accused of killing a cop makes his first court appearance and used the chance to tell the judge something about the cops that arrested him. it may look calm from the outside today but what happened inside had people ducking for
10:21 pm
cover. how witnesses say a pizza made a guy so mad he opened fire.
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ here's live look right now at the capitol in washington, d.c. president-elect donald trump will take the oath of office just hours from now. we will head back to washington, d.c. to our lucy noland in just
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a few minutes. tragedy in iran after a high rise comes crashing down killing at least 30 firefighters first responders continue to dig through the debris looking for survivors. fire crews battled that fire for several hours before the mass company building collapsed it was a historic 17 floor structure in the heart of the country's capitol in tehran. the a man accused of killing an orlando police officer yelled at a judge today and said other officers attacked him when he was arrested. >> they done broke my knows. broke my jaw. did all bleep, they say i resist but i controlled ought bleep. how did i resist. i didn't resist. they tried to hide it from the news people but i'm here right now. >> corrections, i think we've stabbed everything we need to do on first appearance and he can be taken. >> mark keith lloyd is accused of killing lieutenant debra clayton outside wal*mart earlier this month. he was in court to face charges in the murder of his pregnant
10:25 pm
ex-girlfriend and unborn child. lloyd yelled profanities at the judge and claimed officers used excessive force. he claims police are making up what happened the night his girlfriend died he plans to defend self in the case. lloyd has not been charged with the death of officer clayton. waitress in western pennsylvania says she's no longer homeless thanks to the kindness of strangers. crystal kramer said she was close to hitting rock bottom. she works two jobs including at pizza hut. she still didn't have enough money to pay for the cash deposit to rent an amount. when customers learned about what she was doing through they left her $558 tip. owner of the restaurant also chipped in using a company fund. now she's got enough money for the first month's rent. >> thank you very much for your generosity. that tip absolutely changed my life and thanks pizza hut for you their generosity for helping me because they really did step up. >> kramer says she'll continue working two jobs but she's
10:26 pm
finally in a stable financial place. he's usual until a wheelchair but take look at this video. what a local business owner did that could change this boy's live forever. kathy orr track your forecast. >> that's right, iain. it was dry today but not tomorrow. the rain moves in and that's just part of the weekend that's going to be a bit unsettled. a nor'easter with rain and wind coming and then we'll talk more about those details coming. >> kathy, new tonight, who exa exactly was giving physicals to kids in local schools 80 answer has got parents furious.
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♪ here's live look tonight at washington, d.c. that is the white house and tomorrow morning around 10:30 or so in the morning there will be a chaotic 5.5 hours workers will bring out president obama's stuff and they will move in president trump's stuff. they'll have new residents this time tomorrow. our lucy noland of course is inside the garden state ball night in washington, d.c. she's having ball with the elaborate setup. take look.
10:30 pm
>> this is a taste of jersey right here in d.c. come with me right now. let's go find a couple of folks. look at all these people. this is a hole in one. let's see how does he right there. hi there, how are you. >> where are you from. >> tabernacle, new jersey. >> are you with him. >> yes, that's my husband. >> how did you do. >> well i missed it. >> what do you think of the garden state ball. >> what do i think of the gala? i think it's so much fun. i think it was great idea with the jersey shore. >> here we go. you got to get the line. >> the line. i tried. i know you're a golfer. i tried. >> you did try. need a little more going up there against the grain but you gave eight good try. i'll go down there and see if i can do any better. lucy thanks. famous faces showing up at the
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ball tonight. coming up lucy tell hughes was inside this motorcade. stick around for that. developing right now police have just released surveillance video avenue robbery in manayunk. take a look. the three guys were trying to be discreet. you can see one of the guys using cell phone flashlight. once they turn the lights off, police say the guys tied the employees up, then they got away with at least $60,000 in merchandise. this all happen last night around 5:30. the store called remix on the 4300 block of main street. towns in new jersey have a new way to honor the men and women in blue with the color blue. several towns throughout the garden state have painted thin blue lines in the streets to represent the role police serve in the community. federal highway officials say that the lines don't comply with road safety rules but lawmakers now say communities to be able to honor their police officers. some hard-working police k9s will be safer on the job thanks to local middle schoolers. seventh graders dylan and james started the program kevlar for
10:32 pm
k9s for community service at our lady of good counsel in mape pi pell shades. it costs $1,100 for each vest. one recipients was on hand to show off his skills and the kids loved it. >> the world has been very different in a lot of ways recently with the election and everything. so amazing to see our community to come together for a cause we all agree on. >> it made me feel amazing wonderful and felt like i accomplished something. good job. there are still four more dogs that need vests. a philadelphia parent says she's vivid a fake dr. gave physicals to her children in a city school back in june. fox 29 has learned her kids are not alone. jeff cole reports the district learned of the problem in december and now the da and other city and state officials want to know what happened? >> reporter: it was at george washington high school in the
10:33 pm
northeast on june 1st and 2nd when doctor v row neat at a bay perform physicals at 20 bucks a pop paid for their their parents e some signed her name listed her md license number. one big problem. it's bogus and she's a fake. this mother who asked that we not show her face and change her voice learn of the problems from her kids. >> rumor more was that the kids when they came, upping, alerted me that they heard that the physicals were um by a phony doctor. that they have to be -- physicals nor good. >> reporter: according to source with knowledge of the incident bay the fake doc scammed kids in several schools in the city. a school district spokesperson says it was alerted to the fraud by one of the impacted schools they huddled tonight and spoke. >> how did a fake dr. get inside a philadelphia public school and do physicals?
10:34 pm
>> again, we work with, um --, we work with many members of our school community wonders in order to make sure students get physicals. once we found out about this, we acted immediately. >> report roar district says it sent letters to parents and set up new free physicals. there was no answer tonight at the arch street philadelphia home bay lists on the val physical evaluation forms. fox 29 confirmed the da's office has been alerted for possible criminal violations. this parent remains outraged. >> how does something like that happen with all the red tape and everything to get approved? how does that happen? >> reporter: that is a question the district app% to be trying to answer tonight. along with concerns that fake dr. bey has a troubled past. the district says it's taken steps to keep this from happening again. but tough questions remain. >> are you comfortable that this
10:35 pm
woman didn't touch a student in inn appropriate way? >> again, there's on-going investigation. i'll have no additional comments thon. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. it may look calm from the outside, but what happened inside had people ducking for cover. how witnesses say a pizza made a guy so mad he opened fire. and ahead at 11:00 in less than 24 hours we'll have a new president and some in our area concerned about what tha may me. >> could trump change the the policy in his first day of being president, absolutely not. everybody knows that. that doesn't stop the feelings people are having. >> local photographer did something special for his clients to try and calm their fears for goodness sake. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody get ready for friday jams again tomorrow. the new traffic pattern that impact you through the week and state road up there the exit ramps for i-95, another crew out tomorrow along 309 right at
10:36 pm
welsh road, and some friday jams on 422 right after the rush hour through the day between rout route 100 and trooper road and they'll be working also in wilmington tomorrow along 495 at the dupont highway. have great night. we'll check your friday forecast and jam cams when i see you bright and early starting at four.
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another big event on the horizon the nation will also have their eyes on, the super bowl. pizza hut is expecting to be busy on the big day. so busy it announce the plans to hire 11,000 people ahead of super bowl 51. the chain says super bowl sunday one of its busiest days. super bowl airs sunday february 5th right here on fox 29. many people are using the inauguration to cash in both online and in the streets. shirts, scarves, buttons and of course the make great again hat up for grabs vendors are unloa unloading their inauguration souvenirs as hundreds of thousands of people pour into washington, d.c. and you can expect the opposing side to be there as well. people are selling anti trump shirts and other gifts featuring president obama. workers inside a in order pizza shop had to take cover when an angry delivery driver started shooting. it started on sunday when the owner of the restaurant says the
10:40 pm
driver showed up without a pizza warming bag. something she says is a no brainer for anyone delivering pizzas when someone asked him about the bag he pulled out gun and started shooting. >> i've never met someone get so angry and cuss so much over not being able to deliver pizza. it was just too much too fast for him to have been completely sane and sober. >> luck no one was hurt but detectives are saying they do want to track down the driver and at least talk to him. this adorable kid usually in a wheelchair but take look. he's standing. what a local business owner did that could change this boy's live forever. our kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> get that umbrella handy. we are going to need it. the forecast really unsettled in and out of rain and the wind will be moving in. details coming up right after the break.
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♪ four-year-old atlantic county, new jersey, boy taking his first steps these days thanks to the kindness of a stranger. it's a story about compassion and coincidence it's a story you'll see only on fox 29. our bruce gordon just back pleasantville. bruce fate works in mysterious ways. >> it sure does. it was fate or maybe a higher power that brought a little boy with cerebral palsy, talkative
10:44 pm
uber drive and local business owner together. the result, well, see for yourself. [ applause ] >> when four year old louis stood in front of his pre k classmates harnessed to his aid mr. days there wasn't a dry eye to be found at north main street elementary. >> isn't that great? >> i cried a lot. >> it's amazing. >> i was happy. >> you were happy? >> yup. >> how did you feel walking along like that? >> i was walking happy. >> cerebral palsy forced louis to use wheelchair or crawl to get around. >> this part is the vest for louis. >> folk at his school learned about this piece of equipment the up see would allow him to be up right and walking. plenty of help from the adults to whom he'd be connected it wasn't cheap. 500 bucks that's where fate stepped in. brown is a substitute teacher at north main street. he's also an uber driver.
10:45 pm
his passenger one fateful night the owner of jbhvac a fellow say mason jim burke. >> i hear about this device and schools -- teacher talk about doing a fundraiser and i'm talking up a storm. >> burke cut him off forget the fundraiser i'll buy the device. >> why do this? >> it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: soon the little boy who couldn't walk standing up in front of his friends feeling 10 feet tall. >> his reaction was pure joy. you can see from it the smile from ear to ear. my reaction was tears. i was so happy and so moved. >> in the room to see it all brown and the stranger who opened his wallet and his heart. there are those who will say jim burke changed louis' live. >> the truth is he changed mine. >> i gave $500 and got a million dollar smile. >> pretty good invest many jim burke was reluctant to talk
10:46 pm
about his good deed. he's not looking for praise but he deserves it. as for louis his mom will go to north main street to learn how to use the harness at home. a little boy standing tall way big boost from a stranger. iain. >> great story, bruce. thank you. party is hopping at the garden state paul ball in washington, d.c. that that's where we find lucy noland. that party look likes it lit, yo. [ laughter ] >> yo, you are right. the garden state ball is rocking indeed i got to tell you, iain, before we got here as we were walking here motorcade passed by and somebody yell out in the crowd that's mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader. watched it go by and then we get here to the garden state ball. we're walking through and who should i, un, back nab into mitch mcconnell i put out my hand and i said hi, i'm lucy noland from philadelphia. he goes oh, well, hello. we walked on in one other thing. the gloucester county organizer for donald trump just came up to
10:47 pm
me and said hey is there anybody famous around mitch mcconnell is here and so is joe piscopo. check it out. ♪ >> all right. so he was singing new york new york but there's definitely a jersey flare to the whole thing you got to believe me on that. now the band is taking a break right now this is a disc jockey going on here. but the band that replaced the b street band because it dropped out after a lot of pressure from boss fans. i just talk to them. they got a lot to say. back to you iain in philadelphia. >> lucy, thanks. on your radar tonight. kathy is tracking some rain taking live look at the ben franklin parkway. a little chilly out there now. but it is mid january.
10:48 pm
so how are thing looking for inauguration day? kathy orr has got details in just 15 seconds. >> pleasant evening i was ross the the region with a clear sky but that's going change. we have the clouds that will be rolling in and some rain for philadelphia and washington during the day tomorrow. the temperature is 38. the high today 49 degrees. right now in philadelphia, temperatures are right around average. in allentown it's arthritic. 38 in trenton and 31 degrees with a clear sky and light wind in millville. the future cast shows by tomorrow morning it will be mostly cloudy with a first wave of rain moving into philadelphia by noon. and also right over washington seeing some showers but just on and off showers and not lot of precipitation. by the afternoon, into the dinner hour the rape will be out of the delaware valley.
10:49 pm
so here's a look at your forecast for the inauguration. you can see at 7am, cloudy, 40 by noon. a few spotty showers 45 and by 3:00 p.m. chance of a few scattered showers the temperature 47 which is fairly warm for this time of year. then we'll be watching a nor'easter. an area of low pressure that will be coasting along the gulf. pick up moisture and then move across into the atlantic off the coast of the mid atlantic and gather strength. that is when it becomes a nor either it will strengthen and move up the eastern seaboard with rain and wind for sunday night into monday morning. monday morning's commute will be a mess. expecting about an inch to 2-inches of rain with this system and once again that's late sunday and into the day on monday. so overnight, 36 in the city. 32 in the suburbs. partly cloudy and chilly. mostly cloudy during the day tomorrow. the high 47. those showers developing pretty spotty at first near the noon hour on your seven day forecast from the weather authority,
10:50 pm
saturday is the dry day before we get into the storm on sunday. the rain starts off spotty gets more steady late sunday into monday. rain and wind monday. with nor'easter and then tuesday, wednesday and thursday we dry it out and clear out as well with temperatures around 50 degrees still running about 10 degrees above normal. not so bad for this time of ye year. >> kathy, we have a stone cold lock in the nfc championship game. the one fact will tell you exactly who's going to the super bowl. of the nba all star starters have been announced. find out if joel embiid will get that date with rihanna or wait a little longer much that's coming up next in sports.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
♪ the sixers are six and two in the month of january. that's better than the calves, thunder and the spurs. they've been bawling lately elite basketball in 2017 and look to continue that tomorrow night against the trail blazers and joel embiid might play with a chip on his shoulder and that
10:54 pm
one. embiid will not be starting the nba all star game finish fourth like lebron the greek freak and butler. khiry irving and did he march derozan. the reserves will be announced next week. to college basketball villanova has been a well-oiled machine this season with the exception of one loss they've been beating people with relative ease and that has a couple people making a big big time comparison. >> ♪ >> when you watchville notify the pieces fit. golden state warriors of college basketball. >> did you hear that. >> the golden state warriors of college basketball. >> we'll take that. can i be kevin durant. >> i'd like to be kevin. >> maryland guy, that's me. >> slow down gus. slow down. nova will defend their number
10:55 pm
one spot against providence on saturday. that game will be right here on fox 29. tip-off at noon. lasalle and davidson explorer catching fire lately. that's johnson driving to the rack and the baseline and fini finishing two hands with the monster dunk. la sol goes on to win none none-835th straight win improving to 11-five. to the nfl it's championship weekend and in the nf cpac kearse and falcons in atlanta this could be the last game played in the georgia dome and that doesn't bold very well for the falcons. >> ♪ >> it's happened twice before nfl history stadium about to close has hosted the nfc champiochampionship game for itl game. >> ♪ >> 1971, stadium in san francisco where dirty harry took a shot at scorpio. 49ers took a shot at the cowbo cowboys.
10:56 pm
and lost. dallas 17. san francisco 10. 14 years ago tonight the eagles and bucks in the final game ever at the vet and you remember what happened. buccaneers 27, eagles 10. so as the falcons prepare to close to georgia dome sunday you do the math. road teams two-zero as the home team says goodbye. the math says packers are super bowl bound. >> you know the gamblers are always looking for an advantage. that's their something to put the hat on right there. i actually have the falcons winning. i know everyone is on aaron rodgers and that's where all the betting is go to go i think falcons will get it done. >> should be an exciting game. we hope it's an offensive shoot out. i hope so. >> 60 plus. >> let's hope. >> what they're saying. >> good. we expect it. that will do it for us here at 10. coming up at 11:00 the transition of power is an exciting time for many americans others concerned what a president trump means for their lives. meet the local photographer
10:57 pm
trying to calm their fears plus your wake up up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. lucy is in washington, d.c. in the middle of all the inauguration excitement. stay right where you are. for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it.
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because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we are hours judgment mere hours from a peaceful transfer of power right there at the capitol. high noon the time mandated by the 20th amendment. i'm lucy noland live in washington on assignment. >> i'm iain page in our fox 29 studios with all of your local news. lucy? >> you know what it has been very very busy day for the president-elect and the vice president-elect. donald trump and his wife melania took in made in america actually make america great concert. it also was a welcomed concert what they call it and it was at the lincoln memorial. it was all kinds of acts toby keith there, of course, lee greenwood there as well. and then trump actually decided,


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