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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we are hours judgment mere hours from a peaceful transfer of power right there at the capitol. high noon the time mandated by the 20th amendment. i'm lucy noland live in washington on assignment. >> i'm iain page in our fox 29 studios with all of your local news. lucy? >> you know what it has been very very busy day for the president-elect and the vice president-elect. donald trump and his wife melania took in made in america actually make america great concert. it also was a welcomed concert what they call it and it was at the lincoln memorial. it was all kinds of acts toby keith there, of course, lee greenwood there as well. and then trump actually decided,
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you know what, i'm addressing the crowd. so did he. >> we didn't know if anybody would even come tonight. this hasn't been before and you look. it was the same way and we all knew that last month of the campaign, i think a lot of us knew the first week of the campaign. [ applause ] >> but that last month of the campaign we knew that something special was happening. >> and from there of course they went on to the blair house but before that, they went to the arlington national cemetery where president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence laid a wreath to honor our veterans. tonight his family retired at the blair house. i don't know if you know about it but it's right across the street from the white house. and it is basically tradition is what all incoming first families do before they start their historic day.
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and what a day he has tomorrow. it begins with church early in the morning. at saint john's episcopal church known as the church of the president and then they're going to have tea with the obamas back at the white house. also, a tradition. then together the current first family and the soon to be first family will go via motorcade all the way to the capitol about mile and a half is all really for the swearing in. where supreme court justice clarence thomas will swear in vice-president pence and then of course supreme court justice chief john roberts will swear in donald trump. and then after that, they will take it easy over a capitol lunch and then after that, of course, there is an inaugural parade and from what we understand it will be a little bit shorten than they have been in the past. there's going to be a little bit of rain tomorrow we'll see how all of this plays out. 800,000 or so people are
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supposed to be descending upon the mall. we'll give you all of that tomorrow. but straight ahead, we'll talk about is the band that actually replaced the b street band because they bailed on the garden state ball tonight. that's straight ahead, iain. >> lucy, look forward to that. see in you just a bit on saturday tens of thousands of women will march on washington, d.c. they're determined to make sure their voices are not ignored by the trump administration. many of the teachers will be from right here in our area. fox 29's shawnette wilson caught up with couple of local women who helped organize thousands of marchers and she's got more from pennsylvania lanning. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, those two women want to make sure that everyone who wants to go, well, they can get there and they've been planning for this march for the past two months. >> always forward never back. >> reporter: alexandra hackett four we are ready to be seen and heard at the march in washington this weekend. >> definitely going to know there she and shawna nipper are co organizers for the pennsylvania chapter of the
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women's rights march in the nation's capitol saturday. they're excited and spent the past couple moss getting ready. >> i wish i wasn't excited because i wish i wasn't in this position. i am humbled and honored to be able to helping so many people bring their voice to dc. >> reporter: nipper handles logistic. getting people there and how. >> pennsylvania is actually sold out of buses. they're not a single bus left that we can locate for rent. >> reporter: she's helping people find car pools and rental cars to get there. >> we worked very hard over several months to make sure pennsylvania is represented and that people from pennsylvania can have their voice heard and i think to me that's the most impactful thing we could do right to you. >> reporter: those going to the women's rights march say there's one purpose to let the new administration know that women's rights are human rights. >> when you see how many people are potentially affected by the policies at stake, it's terrifying, and i couldn't not go and stand behind. >> reporter: it look like pennsylvania will be well red at
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that march organizers expect from 12,000 to 20,000 people to show up. iain, back to you. >> impressive, shawnette, thank you. more than 400 men and women of the delaware national guard vowed to keep people safe at tomorrow's inauguration. they were respond in today. soldiers from several different companies will be playing a vital rollmaning traffic control points. they're going to ensure vehicles and pedestrians can get around in the nation's capitol. pennsylvania also sending more than a thousand soldiers to aid in the security effort tomorrow. the men and women representing the commonwealth were sworn in and they'll begin assisting law enforcement throughout the area. stay with fox 29 for continuing coverage of this historic event. we will check back in with lucy in just a couple of minutes and she'll be live tomorrow in washington, d.c., of course, for the big event. on your radar tonight, some rain for inauguration day. meteorologist kathy orr here with your forecast at 11. >> we've been talking about this iain for about week. spotty showers not real big deal, but really when they have
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an open like this you really don't want any type of inclement weather but it is january after all. this is what we're watching. app area of low pressure going into the ohio valley you can see the rain associated with it and some severe weather in the deep south. this is moving toward the region. as we go hour by hour, through tomorrow morning, at 7am just some breaks in the overcast and mostly cloudy skies and then by about noon we see some rain moving into the philadelphia area, but you can see just waves of rain, and in washington, yes, some showers at least around the noon hour and into the afterno afternoon. all of this lifts through our entire area by late friday. but for the inauguration, we're talking about morning clouds at about seven, eight, 9:00 a.m. some rain by noon with temperatures in the mid 40s and then by the afternoon a chance a of few spotty showers. so locally we're talking about two different systems much this one going through tomorrow. not bringing a lot of rain. one to .20 of wane an inch of rain and then the second system that's going to be building through the tennessee valley picking up moisture from the
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gulf and then working its way up the eastern seaboard. this second storm is going to become a nor'easter sunday night into monday. when it redevelops off the mid atlantic coast we're talking about intense wind feederring into this, and pulling in a lot of ocean atmosphere and a lot of lot of moisture were you look at the rain through monday, we're talking about one to 2-incheincf rain from friday and into the day sunday into monday. so overnight we're talking about 36 degrees in the city. 32 in the suburbs. partly cloudy. tomorrow 47 with rain moving in especially in the another afternoon as we look ahead on your seven day forecast from the weather authority saturday is our day off. it will be mild. it will be cloudy. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. the rain is spotty on sunday it increase and will become widespread and steady on monday a full blown nor'easter with rain and gusty winds and we dry it out for tuesday, wednesday and thursday look at those temperatures. around 50 degrees each day iain.
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that's about 10 degrees above normal. so the real day to watch is going to be late sunday and into monday. >> all right. kathy, thanks. well tonight former president george hw bush and his wife barbara still in the hospital. the 92-year-old is in intensive care for pneumonia and remains non a ventilator but is stable. mrs. bush being treated for bronchitis says she's feeling much better. happening now in new castle, delaware arc long-time business owner is quick thinking may have saved his life and his store. that open are in put up quite a fight when robber burst into his liquor store. let's get right out to fox 29's chris o'connell live in new castle with details t tonight chris. >> reporter: iain, 25 years that's how long the owner of this liquor store here in new castle has owned this business. it's really become his second home. his customers say they are like family but what happened here at the liquor store last night has him shaken after he fought back.
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it only took 17 seconds wednesday night when a man with a handgun walks into the store and asks for all the cash, instead of handing over all the money, the owner he is not having it. instead he fights back. the own are in and the gunman tussle over the counter before the guy finally gives up and runs out the door with no money. the owner gave chase armed with a cattle prod. he keeps unthe counter. his customers say this well-liked this hard-working business owner simply doesn't deserve this. >> it's bad because, um, now he'll be traumatized. >> when you heard someone tried to do this to him what went through your mind? >> i knew he probably zapped him with the prod dell prod. champ don't play no bleep good is he that kind of guy. >> he's that kind of guy. he's cool with you as long as he's cool with you. if not -- you get the cattle prod. >> you get the cattle prod. >> police are hoping someone out there recognizes this person and
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maybe calls police. as for running after a guy with a gun, police say probably not the best advice, iain. >> all right, chris. thank you. in delaware county, cops are on the hunt for two guys accused of stealing thousands of dollars from someone outside a bank. it happened around 8:00 last night outside the bank of america along baltimore avenue that's in media. sources are telling fox 29 the two men stole $14,000 from someone trying to make a deposit at an atm thankfully no one was hurt. this adorable child is usually in a wheelchair but take a look. he's standing. what local business owner did that could change this boy's live forever. in less than 24 hours, we'll have a new president and some in our area are concerned about what that may mean. >> could trump just change the policy in his first day of being president? absolutely not. everybody knows that. but that doesn't stop the feelings that people are having. >> a local photographer did something special for his
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clients to try and calm their fears for goodness sake. where things come from?
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so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ here's live look at washington, d.c. tonight look at the capitol building. we're just hours away from a big transition of power. our lucy noland has been at the garden state ball at the inauguration. there was a lot of controversy over who would play. well bruce springsteen cover band dropped out because they
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didn't want to offend the boss who was not fan of the president-elect. but lucy is getting to the bottom of the controversy. >> all right iain at the garden state ball a lot of controversy regarding b street band the band that does all the bruce springsteen covers. and they got some backlash from the boss fans because he's not a big trump supporter of course but white house effect you're here tonight the crowd is loving you. who are you? >> i'm bobby. >> i'm david. >> i'm brian. >> and we want to know the back story. what happened here? >> only thing i really know the band that was supposed to play this event basically caved in to social media pressure including death threats they were receiving and decided to back out on monday this past week and left the organizers scrambling to find a live band. and the story i heard is that the head of the garden state society had seen us before and contacted our booking agent and
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we got three days to prepare for the show, yeah, we're in. let's do it. >> so three days to prepare and kind of a big deal. >> pretty much, yeah good i would say so. >> i'm more than okay with it. >> happy to be here. >> tomorrow the inauguration. you going try and make it? >> we'll see. we have to work and wake up really early we'll see how it goes. >> they're a working band. they're from bunch by the way. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you're not the only ones who have to wake up early tomorrow. iain i'll be on good day starting at 7am time for the crew here, meghan and jay and myself to lay our heads on our pillows and see you bright and early at 7am. back to you. >> all right. nice job tonight, lucy. we'll see you early tomorrow morning. >> ♪ our bill anderson talked to local photographer who says he was surprised when gay couples who hired him thought their march watches could be banned by the neck president. well that photographer did something to help bring light to their situation and help calm
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their fears for goodness sake. ♪ >> reporter: all right. the inauguration day of donald trump is upon us and honestly i'm not sure i've ever seen such divided anticipation between passionate supporters and flat out fear. local photographer was made aware of the fear when a gay couple one of his clients asked for a rushed additional wedding photo shoot in upstate new york. >> trump had just won. and they immediately o mailed me asked me if i would be willing to come up, how much it would cost. they want to do a city hall version. the legal version of it essentially and have their wedding the following year. >> the next president of the united states of america donald trump. >> the couple was fearful that the campaign talk of opposition to gay marriage could lead to a possible ban and felt they had to get married fast. he doesn't describe himself as political but taking additional money it doesn't seem right. >> this would have been additional work for you?
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>> yes. i didn't want to get paid for it because it felt like something that they were doing out of necessarily. something they were doing out of fear. how could i feel comfortable profiting off of that? >> learning about the fear of one couple, he posted a facebook message and saw it wasn't limb to do just one. several couples responded and over the next few months, he agreed to photograph over 20 weddings, tens of thousands of dollars, for free. >> it just felt like this is a really easy thing for me to do that might help someone, that might do some sort of good. >> overwhelming feedback was positive and iain says this wasn't a political statement he was paying but it's about donald trump. so, of course, some took it as political. >> some people are saying because it was based in fear, not necessarily based in policy. it he hasn't been sworn in yet. >> sure. >> you should have pushed back and said there is no basis for how you're feeling right now. >> right. >> i'm not going to do this.
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>> when is it necessary to have a basis for feeling? it's not about what was practical. it's not about, like, upping, could, corks trump just, you know, change the policy in his first day of being president? absolutely not. and everybody knows that. but that doesn't stop the feelings that people were having and that's what i was trying to battle against. >> if people don't see it that way -- >> was there any concern that this would hurt business? >> i couldn't careless about that. if people don't want to hire me because i am connected to this community, then i don't want them to hire me. >> iain made it clear whether or not you love or hate donald trump this wasn't about that. he just saw the opportunity to help some people move passed fear and politics have one less thing to worry you and for goodness sake just enjoy their wedding. i'm bill anderson. >> four-year-old boy we cerebral palsy is walking tall tonight with a big boost from a strang
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stranger. here is louis, a pre k student at north main elementary school in pleasantville, new jersey. his illness had him in wheelchair before business local owner a complete stranger heard his uber driver talking about fundraising effort to buy this $500 harness. jim burke said forget the fundraiser i'll buy the device and did he. >> people say i changed his life, but... the truth is he changed mine. >> tell me what that was like when you were standing there. >> i was happy. >> you were happy. >> yup. >> until now the harness has been used only at school but friday louis' mom will go to north main street to try and learn thou use it at home. you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in your neighborhood. brandon shot video of this house
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fire in overbrook that's got six people out of their home tonig tonight. the fire started just before 2:30 in the afternoon on the 5700 block of woodcrest avenue. it took firefighters about half hour to get the flames under control. flee adults and three children lived in the home and the red cross is now helping them out. fresco user arlene lee takes to us special celebration in center city tonight. the veterans multi service center celebrating third anniversary. the center helps women veterans and their families heal and gr grow. mayor jim kenney made appearance at the event when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to sent it to our newsroom. sean, what's coming up in sports. >> iain i had to get on the baseball hall of vote last night and now have i to get on the nba all star voting. i don't know why these leagues can't get it right. i'll tell you where they went wrong coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell takes on the lune nazi
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of the nba all star vote. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ voting for the nba all star game got it dead wrong once again. joel embiid won't be a star but i'm not mad at that missing games, many restrictions, that should take you out of the starter conversation but they got it completely wrong leaving out wrestle westbrook the starting five he needs to be starter why not. the man is averaging triple double. that a lone should make i was starter. this should be no further argument after you hear that. he's the only player to average triple double since the big o. robinson. first in points per game. second in assists per 11th if reboundinrebounding as guard. his team is 25-197th in the
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west despite losing kevin duran he's having one of the most historic seasons of all time. don't get me wrong. james hardin, steph curry are super stars to the highest lev level. but any vote, fan, players or media that doesn't have russell westbrook as a starter is tremendously flawed. >> paul mccartney is suing sony music publishing division in an evident to get right copyrights to the music of the beatles. sony current the holds the rights to love me do, she loves you even want to hold your hand. they were composed by mccartney and john lennon. sony is disappointed by the legal action but that has got the highest respect for mccartney. so okay. so it's mid january but we got 50s. i know we got some rain coming. still not that bad. >> not that bad at all. the day to go outside is definitely saturday.
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we have rain tomorrow afternoon. but it's only a few hours of rain. and that will be out of here. saturday is dry and in some places we can even make it to 60. >> wow. >> that's good day to maybe play a little golf. because sunday will be a soaker by late in the afternoon watching playoff games on fox. >> that's right. >> then we're going to be leaving work sunday night it will be pouring monday when do you to work. it's a nor'easter believe it or not but it's rain and wind. it gets better next week. >> thanks kathy. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. tmz and dish nation, then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we of course are back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" and lucy will of course be live from washington, d.c. foreclose up look at tomorrow's historic inauguration. you can watch it all right here on fox 29. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: tyler perry is kind of hopeful about the next four years with an asterisk. >> stop tweeting and just start paying attention to the american people. harvey: twitter is a fantastic way of communicating with the american people. >> it's fine if you also have -- press conferences. >> donald trump wants to close the press room down. somewhere he did say that. >> they can have the room. they're just not going to come in it a lot. >> that's how the press conference is. >> we got judge judy and we talked to her about the big thing where obama reduced chelsea manning's sentence. >> i didn't think it was a wise judgment. harvey: the question is, judge judy, the most popular judge on television, the most recognizable judge in these united states of america, judge judy's reasoning was -- >> i gave you my one answer. [laughter] >> bella hadid and the weekend had their first public run-in. they were honoring a$ap yams in


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