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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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lot at washington mall there. the washington mall, you can hear sugarhill gang rehearsing >> they are ready to go. >> looking here, remember they are expecting about 800,000 or 900,000 people to arrive in the that the mall to watch donald trump be elect forty-fifth president of the you had. >> now they have not been not put an ice rink, they spent millions of dollars to resod all of that grass so they put some white tarps down and then
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they will take off immediately after the ceremony today. >> because they can still damage the grass. >> that is right. >> you know what i'm saying. >> donald trump is over at saint john's episcopal church in the private ceremony, with the vice-president elect as well is inside that church and then after that they will go trekly over to the white house where they will heat up with michelle and barack obama, they will have have some tea, chat a little bit, look around the white house and then, as tradition states they will get into the same big limousine together the four of them. >> they car pool. >> it is not very far. what is that conversation going to be like. >> hi, good morning. >> i'm sure it is very gracious. >> sure. >> they already had their heating in the white house. >> it is obviously, january 20th, this is the take
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, the 20th amendment, we will move from march 4th which it used to be. in 1932. the president won'tings a lame duck. >> they took it that long to count votes and travel by stage coach or however to get there so we can still drive. >> you had to ride your horse or carriage. >> we asked karen, earlier and our viewers how long would it take in philadelphia, lets the say and you were elect president how long would it to to get to d.c. according to viewers it will take four or five day to figure that out. >> dignitaries, riding to other parts of the country. they have to go to the different states there where ever we are to the west to get to the east coast. >> yes. >> we have to make sure they can arrive as well, in the past. annot see anything. >> now they are looking it. >> not to see myself.
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>> no, to see himself don't get it twisted. >> milkie way, did we videotape the trumps, okay, this is the arrival at the church. they are leaving blair house because we missed it in a commercial break. we wanted to show you especially what melania trump the coat that she has on. >> she looks like jackie kennedy. >> gorgeous. >> it is interesting she dresses, whatever she will be wearing will be the same color , we saw that last night with that gorgeous gown. this is very jackie o, elegant with the hair up, interesting. >> yes. >> okay. >> what did you say. >> so, can we show part that we didn't take live when they walk up to the church. >> when they pulled up to the church this is where you get a great shot. we did not take that live because i was sitting here. >> she's saying this part was already on our show.
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>> can we show the part that wasn't on the show. >> i could hear your voice. >> then they sat there for about ten minutes. >> then we went to commercial and we go to commercial, then they started moving. >> murphy's law, then they pull up at the church, saint jobs episcopal and you get a great shot of that. megan, do we have that is this okay, she's getting it. >> it is interesting is every single president, every single one of them has worshiped there, and they have a pew specifically designated for whatever. >> what number. >> tell he. >> pew54. >> no one else sit in that pew >> look at this. >> here they come. >> interesting. >> down to the pumps. >> the column or. >> that is a good looking outfit isn't it. >> she always dresses well, we find out afterward, who is the designer. >> i'm talking about donald trump. i'm just kidding. he has a black coat on and red
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tie. >> mike. >> and ivanka last night she had a beautiful coat, bright green, so we will talk about that more but they were in black coats but tiffany trump was wearing white coat that stood out too. >> fashion is talk a lot, wait until the balls tonight. on monday we will show the different balls and different outfits with one of our, probably -- >> fashion cert. >> what is the name of the fashion expert. >> philadelphia inquirer. >> yes, elizabeth wellington, i believe we have book her, to look at different fashions. >> i think they will go to three balls. >> trump will go to three. barack obama went to seven on his first time. bill clinton, i remember this, i think they went to 14 different balls. they were up all night long. >> it will be interesting once everybody is on the mall. once everybody gets on the
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stage. this will only be the fourth time in history we have had five sitting presidents. >> really. >> every time i say things you question me, really. do you want to look in the those. >> well, bush's aren't going. >> the recent. >> the seniors are not because they can't. >> the thought younger one wasn't going either. >> trump said about his brother, jeb. >> they are going. >> they are going to go. >> senior bush said reason why is because of his doctor and he cannot be out in the cold that long. >> he is in the hospital for god's sakes. >> that is only three. >> i think we have five still alive. >> five still alive. >> we have your carter. >> yeah, we have your bushes, you have your clinton, and then obama and then it will be the fifth will be the trump. >> so, but bill clinton has to go, his wife has got to go with him.
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>> yes, she will be there. >> how about that scene. >> there will be cameras on her most assuredly. >> she basically thought she would be the one taking the oath. >> guess who is there, lucy no land, got to go down there and she's there now on the washington mall. the hey there, lucy. >> yes, hey guys, national -- capitol ground and i'll tell you what rain is kind of picking up and so are the crowds. i want to give you a 360 about all of the action here. this is a checkpoint at the this side over here. you have all kinds of folks from secret service to capitol police, to other police, joining the d.c. police, help bolster them. we have local and federal officials. we have all kind of folks here about 800,000 people supposed to be here at national mall today. of course, for swearing in for the forty-fifth president of the united states of america. part of the crowd right here, of course, our very own megan
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duncan my executive producer. >> i'm nighttime equivalent of kitkat kline. >> we have to come up with a good thick name for you because megan is good but not kitkat. >> i will leave that to you and iain. >> as we were driving here from philadelphia we were having a fun game of trivia in the car, it is our own version of cash cab. >> i'm sweating it out here, very nervous. >> okay. >> i know, you have to loosen up, don't pull a muscle. >> right. >> who was the first president to actually walk the parade route. >> oh, my goodness, the first president to actually walk the parade route. >> right. >> was, um, um, um john adams. >> no, so close. >> no. >> that was actually our third president thomas jefferson. here's the deal, it was on his
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first inauguration and i'm ditching umbrella. this is what he did. it wasn't a parade route just yet, i tricked you. >> you did trick me. i knew that one. >> he actually walked from the capitol, walk back to his boarding house. >> his boarding house, i know. new there is a peoples house, the white house. >> exactly right. >> the question is will the trumps get out and walk and if so, how long will they walk because carters, everybody was stunned when they got out of the car and walk the whole thing. >> he walked like 40 minutes. >> and what is so funny in the crowd people were like they didn't notice it was carters. the guy that just got sworn in then this roar came up, and it is them. and then they went nuts. >> right. >> and in 2001 i covered inauguration, working in the tv news and president george w. bush, got out of his limo , rainy take, very cold, got out and waved to the crowd right in front of me, this far
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away from me. it was amazing. i have never seen a suit that nice or shine that bright. incredible moment i will never forget. >> do you think trump will have a trump suit. >> trump tie, really exceptional. >> believe me. >> how was the ball last night , and did you get to see the trumps. >> they want to necessity how the ball was last night. >> we had fun. >> we had a flight time at the ball. a lot of south jersey, lot of central new jersey, north jersey representing, a lot of people coming up to us. there was great boardwalk food , boardwalk fries. >> there was, there was. >> there was some pork roll. >> yes. >> they had a boardwalk there. they did. despite controversy with the b ciders, the band was really good. >> they were amazing. >> white house said they are there baltimore. here's the thing, guys, do you remember how the committee that put on the ball said they
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were getting flooded with all kind of folks. that is not what the band said band said they got a call saying we heard about you, we love you, to you want to come do this. they got the three days to ra. to get there. >> it all worked out they were playing hits and i was dancing in between our live shots. >> so was i, we had a lot of fun, burned some calories. it is like zoomba. >> back to you guys. >> okay, garden state ball is that what they called it. >> yes, thank you. so we were talking about the the fashion, they were talking about fashion as well. we have seen melania trump this morning wearing that blue coat. >> yes. >> down to the light blue pumps, all right. >> this remind me of, like a throw back, it is that jackie o but i think of mary kay with all of the matching shows and the tie. everyone wondering what kind of dress we're hearing reports it is ralph lauren. >> is that right. >> yes. >> it is a little coat, isn't
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it on top of the dress. >> yes, a cow nick at the top. >> it would match the trust. >> exactly. >> she likes to wear same color. >> can we look at what she wore last night because i'm dying to see dress she wore at the ball. >> wow, that is stunning, absolutely gorgeous. >> for the love. >> yes. >> glit nearing gold a column dress is that what they call it. >> yes. >> it is a designer. >> column dress. >> that would be column because you don't like ball gown. it is still a ball gown because it is down to the floor but it is column because she looks like a big column. >> yes. >> i'm calling that good. >> ivanka has been at a lot of the events already too. >> last night at the concert, look at that green, it really stand out. >> yes. >> i thought that looked gorgeous. >> i don't know thinking about fashion but that is a nice looking coat. >> yes. >> yes. >> tiffany looks like she's a
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solder. >> they stood out because people wearing black and ivank a. >> is that oscar key laurenta. >> it is. >> nicely done. >> as they were sitting there i'm sure they had heaters and stuff. >> i'm sure. >> they were it ising there, looking, nodding. >> how come they are moving so slowly. >> we have slowed it down to get a good look. >> i do believe even though it is supposed to be warm december site the rain in the the 50's, they will blanket for the president seal. >> you know they do that every year. >> every inauguration. >> there is going to be about probably 3,000 people on this, 10,000 square foot stage that they built, and everybody will get a blanket, use it or not, it is supposed to be about 55 degrees. people won't use it. >> that is one of the warmer inaugurations we have seen. >> yes. >> what is interesting looking at the history and temperatures in the past inauguration days, when
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republican presidents are being sworn this it is usually warmer with the democrats. >> they just turned monitors on. >> so even if you are in the the close you will be able to see it, hear it. >> how about that. >> remember people were lined up at 6:00ah so people we are seeing in the trent they have been standing there for a while. they have punchos on, receipt hats, make america great again >> in about 15 minutes they will start some music, because they will be entertained by some musicians, until about 11:30 when the big folks, show up. >> to watch all that, see who is coming this and what they are wearing. >> and at ten you had marine band will perform and 10:45 met or kada lives at the capitol. >> did you see some band missouri state will perform. >> that is different from miss ou. >> i know. >> they are wonderful. >> yes. >> you always find a way to hate on my alma matter. >> anybody in the state of missouri. >> because you went to kansas
9:15 am
and we are rivals. >> we were talking about this earlier, they have construct from the ground up. >> from scratch. >> they don't save around here we will save pieces of the set to use again. >> we still have good day door from our good day 20. >> we are going to use it during super bowl party too. >> they will start all over again and make it every four years. >> these people here, thinking we are still so close to the stage, they have good tickets. they gave out 250,000 tickets to people, to get up close view and they have like different levels, color coded blue, orange, purple, green and how close you could get. >> look at all of the press. >> we will check back in. >> last night they had a big event, concert at lincoln memorial, and fire works display. new tell me about the controversy. >> here's the thing there were fire works, really extravagant and they spell out u.s.a. problem is the a didn't form right so some people think it cast u.s. r, just wait, it is
9:16 am
coming. >> i'm watching. >> here we go. >> us. >> is that an a or debate. >> is that was debate last night. >> wouldn't you know it, it would be a r after all this soviet union. >> u.s.s. r. >> i haven't seen this before i love fire works i haven't seen them speaking out letters but, it is -- >> the fact that russia was involved, u.s. r. >> oh, god. >> this is inaugurations like this. because so many controversy, and in fact on the cover of the paper it says, history and hysteria. >> i think one of the reasons is, did you see washington post poll that they took a couple days ago the favor ability rating of an incoming president, i got
9:17 am
right here in front of me. for instance, bill clinton had a 68 percent favorable rating going into this inauguration day, george w. bush, 62, barack obama was way up there at almost 80 percent favor ability. donald trump is only at 40 percent favorability. >> he tweeted about that too, those are the same polls that said he wouldn't win. >> same wrong polls. >> when you see it like this, richard nixon his day people threw rocks at limo. george hw bush there was protesting. >> yes. >> richard nixon won in the landslide, for his second term but rocks were because water gate had already happened >> and then he ended up resigning. >> great thing about our country people are free to protest. some people call it inauguration. some say it is inauguration have of people ramping up tensions as well. everyone can have their voice ape say whatever they want to say on this day. >> it is america.
9:18 am
>> god bless america. god bless you, karen. >> it is time to go to our surprise. i love this segment. jen, remind us who we're surprising. >> it is donna jackson. you have a bunch of pictures of her. she's a in school suspension aid. >> yes, she is. >> she is that person who has all four burners going, she's cooking in the oven, chilling this is fridge, got toaster, microwave going, every day, all day. she doesn't know the the word no. >> i love that. >> and you guys love her. >> yes. >> do you think she will be surprised. >> yes. >> let's do it. >> bottom line we want to recognize people in the community that go there, right you said to matter what it is she's the one. >> she's always the one. she doesn't know the word no. >> love it. >> this is pretty fun. this is your middle school where you are a principal, right. >> yes.
9:19 am
>> this is my school, karl sandberg middle school. >> my wonderful office staff? we have something to say, are you guys ready. >> yes. >> i don't know which one she was. come on, come on. >> you know ahead, mike. >> wow, hi. >> i have they ever met her before. >> hello, hello, hello, hello. mrs. jackson, we have something to say to you. you go there. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> we understand that you never no, to any assignment, anywhere. >> i don't. >> and when don your principal called, and we were talking to her, i said an in school suspension aid, that is who everyone loves.
9:20 am
>> yes. >> how do they make that work, they like suspension aid. >> lot at kid, they are great kid, they are awesome. >> do you get tire, nervous. >> i am nervous. >> yes. >> i'm trying to dodge the camera. >> you cannot live up to their expectations. >> yes. >> sometimes i worry i will not get everything done with the kid. >> how do you go from being a suspension helper to loving these kid and then loving you. >> they are awesome kid. >> look around, everybody at sandberg is awesome. we have a great school, great kids. >> you love this middle school >> i to. >> there is bad news you still to have do everything for everyone. this doesn't get you off the hook. >> in the even for the day. >> can she have the day off. >> okay, for the day. >> well, thank you. you guys, thank you very much. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> guys, okay. >> you guys have to do extra work because she can this is to the work today, deal. >> okay, tiehl.
9:21 am
>> so remember if you have someone like this amazing woman you need to tell me on facebook because i don't know about it. i can't be every where. dawn tell me about her. now thank you. come on. you are fine. >> i'm fine. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we have some tears. >> tears of joy. >> that is a good idea, there are so many deserving people. >> we want to do this for more people so they can be recognized for work that they do. time to recognize positive things that are happening. >> exactly what the segment is about. >> sure. >> should we take another look at d.c., it is about the same amount of people. >> it has been five minutes. >> we will take you back to d.c. and do something else.
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♪ >> it looks like one of our camera people is trying to look into see what is happening in the white house. it is because the trump is
9:25 am
still at the church services, and, so, michelle and barack obama are saying good bye to 110 people that they have been working with for eight years now. >> i think we are looking at it the in there. >> can you see them this there >> and plus they are having tea, too, people they invited, and -- >> the staff gets together and they buy a gift, aing ago way gift, and that has had changes every time. and, specific gifts that every president gets and that is two wooden boxes the white house carpenter puts the box together. inside is the flag that flew over the white house on the day he was inaugurated, 2009, and then there is a flag flying there right now that they will take down and put in the box, so the flag from the last day he lived in the white house. >> they goes. >> somebody on the ladder. >> wonder if they are still taking down stuff making sure
9:26 am
everything is cleared out. at 10:30 they are starting a change over and they have five hours to get it together where trump and his family come this at 3:30 after the inauguration festivities. >> it looks like he is reading something. >> no extra pence or something . >> someone took all of the w's off the key game. wonder if there is any high jinks. >> imagine what this home must be like. he spent eight years in this office. all of the stuff he has seen, calls he has made and meetings he has had this is final time. these are time moments and he will walk out of the white house and that is it. >> they will get on the plane and fly to palm springs. >> thinks a moment of reflection. >> they goes. >> he is coming out. >> is there any sound on this, milky way. >> he is waving. >> one last walk. >> earlier this week we saw video of the first lady michelle obama doing her final
9:27 am
walk through to the house. >> put it backup, put it backup. >> i'm sure he will get the final walk through right here. >> he will get ready to greet donald trump and his family when they come over and they will meet and greet him, in front of the white house. >> yes, that will happen 9:50 this about 30 minutes. >> well, there you go. >> about 20 minutes that happens. >> now it is happening. >> there is vice-president biden and doctor jill biden. >> i'm so excited for their big welcome home party. >> they will go out same way they came in, after all of the festivities they will get on the train and ride back to our area. >> amtrak joe, you know, to and from washington all those years, serving every day and every night. >> yes. one of the things he is known for for doing that. >> what does he get off wilmington. >> wilmington and whole crowd to greet him there lots of
9:28 am
people coming out and event that will be opened to the public which will be packed, at one of the, stadiums there. >> wonder how he is feeling, he decided not to run. >> a lot of people wanted him to run. >> that is his son beau died and didn't feel like he had energy to run. had he run, don't you think he is thinking. >> he could run again. >> i could be doing this today >> he could run in four years, you never know. >> he might. >> he left the door open a little bit. >> how old will he be, 78, if he ran. >> donald trump is oldest at 70. >> he is 74 right now. >> he would be 78 running for president, takes office at 79. do i mention that if i, were being inaugurated as president , today, my entertainment, probably wouldn't be toby teeth, i mean he is good. it would be sugarhill gang.
9:29 am
>> yes. >> wow. >> when they heard that. they decided to show up. >> thank you to are that. >> our pleasure. >> i know you have sung wrappers delight maybe 50 times. >> fifty-one. >> yes. >> would you mind doing it again. >> for you. >> i love you. >> thank you. >> we will hear that after the break. come on back. my hygienist told me to try...
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>> the prayer service at saint john episcopal church is over. the have i president and his wife are leaving now. i'm sure right behind them will be donald and melania trump. i believe their next stop, al innings, especially for the trump's will be the white house. >> we saw vice president abide
9:33 am
end, in the oval office, walking out, so i'm sure they are getting ready to so they can greet them. they'll have little talk, maybe some tea, afterward all pile up and they'll carpool over to the mall so they can get ready for the inauguration is her moan. >> i really the four of them drive over to the capitol together? >> i think donald trump, barack obama then the first ladies. >> in a different car? >> i don't know. if they'll be in the same one? >> you can cram everybody into -- separate cars. >> sue says they're separate cars. >> sue, do you have a mike on? >> she can still help us out. >> my prayers were answered. >> you're so bad. my goodness. >> so milky way, do you think donald trump and his wife have already left? they're already in a limousine? >> already came out. people coming out. >> you would think he would leave the church first before the vice president. so we will see them when they pull up at the white house hopefully just before we go off the air. do i look presidential?
9:34 am
little bit? >> i'll just say yes, how about that? >> just say yes, it will be easier. and i said if i was being inaugurated today i would have the sugar hill gang as my performing, performers, at my inaugural ball. (cheers). >> i would like to say hello. >> okay. >> i'd like to say -- >> also a competition between the mike's. >> where are you performing? >> sixers game. >> can i? are you going to do it live? >> absolutely. >> do you know that i'm sure you've heard about this, our mayor, michael nutter? >> yes. >> he has done pretty good version. >> we've done some performances with him. >> you've helped him. >> whoo. >> here is a little clip of mayor nutter.
9:35 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> i kind of look back, i think he's good. >> he is good. >> did you have to work with him little bit? >> no, no, no. >> it's okay, fellows. >> no, no. >> look at his eyes. ya. >> he did very good. >> he had the energy and everything. >> he was pumped up, ya. >> and we did it few times with him. >> would you perform now? >> of course. >> is this where it is going to happen? >> it will be over there. talk with him over here, switch it up. >> in two minutes, we have some rappers. >> most definitely. get your popcorn ready. >> all right. >> hello.
9:36 am
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17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ >> the motorcade is on the move to the white house, leaving saint john's church on their way, the trump family, to meet president obama, and vice president joe biden. >> that should happen. if they stay on schedule, and they're really right on schedule, that should happen at about 9:55 whether the trump's get out of the limousine and meet the obama's. >> this is a tradition that the current president invites the incoming president-elect over to the white house, they share few words. >> they chat, then by about noon, we will have our 45th president of the united states. and you'll see that right here. karen, did i mention that sugar hill gang is here? >> i can't wait to hear them
9:40 am
perform. >> just don't wait any longer. >> i think will be a delight. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:41 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:42 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i would never interrupt you
9:43 am
guys, something important history happened, donald trump and mellen ya trump are walking up meeting michelle anbar ac obama. >> looks like melania has a gift there, looks like tiffany's? >> from new york, upstairs in new york. >> can you hear what they're saying? >> (backgrounds noise. >> there they are. altogether. the 44th president of the united states and soon to be the 45th president of the united states.
9:44 am
>> they're walking in. they'll have a few moments, maybe some tea. and then afterward they will arrive together. >> it is interesting, the mix of colors, michelle obama chose to wear a red, typically republican color, and i think the president's tie is blue, the other couple reversed melania in blue. >> and donald trump is with the red tie. >> interesting, whole blends, everything coming together. >> okay. again, thank you to the sugar hill gang. sorry to interrupt. >> sorry about that. if you want to hear them, and i think i will ' go, half time of the sixers game tonight. you'll perform that same song. >> no doubt. >> donald trump is top of the key. >> get the popcorn ready. >> and dunk on joel embiid. >> can we have a wonder mike competition? i would like to see that. >> call him out. that's it. >> there go. >> well, wonder mike and wonder alex and wonder karen will be back.
9:45 am
in about two minute.
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9:47 am
all morning keeping an eye on radar. look at this area in virginia, very heavy rain, you know where it is headed, yes, right toward washington, d.c., and eventually, toward us. we look there, our nation's
9:48 am
capitol, we zoom in. there was a band of rain that moved through, now here is more light rain getting ready to move in. that will be the situation, damp, dreary, with on and off showers. get ready. because we may have an earlier arrival time for us for this rain. you can see with darker green, that it will be heavy at times. so the temperature by the time the rain gets here will be above freezing, eventually get to 47 degrees. cloudy day tomorrow, but very mild for january, with 54. and then 52 degrees on sunday, now, we really got to keep an eye on this situation, sunday into monday, talking wind, and rain, guys, nor'easter. >> nor'easter? >> i know. >> all right. who do we have arriving now? another silver suv. yes, i know that, i'm just rhetorical question. so george washington and his wife are in this suv, we're being told? >> remember, some people, i mean, talking about little
9:49 am
surprising, bush, senior, you know, still in the hospital. as well as his wife. but, they said, they would have like to come, they couldn't because of the cold and that kind of thing. >> that is laura, isn't it? >> yes, they are being represented, the bush's, they're here. >> always so neat. see them all side by side, coming together, you just think back on years, different administrations and the different era's we've been in. >> i think it is interesting, too, usually we see black suv's. >> you know, for past presidents, maybe silver. how are you doing? >> hello. >> like i said earlier when mike doubted me, i double check, this is the fourth time in our history we've had five presidents in our lives during a inauguration. >> that are alive. doesn't mean they'll all be there of course because his dad won't be able to be there. >> but there are five. >> it will be interesting what do you say to donald trump after donald trump during the campaign said such harsh words for his brother, jeb? >> well, i think is a time of healing, where people try to
9:50 am
come together. certainly time for republicans to do that. and there are, you know, you decide to move forward. you just decide to put that in the past, say we're coming together for the good of our country, our nation, and i think it will be try to be the tone of this day, as well as the inaugural speech. i think a lot of people, they've been talking about it, they want to unite everybody. bring both sides together to move forward for our country. >> and donald trump's inaugural speech little bit later. >> they're here early. this thing isn't going to happen for two more hours. >> they're getting ready. >> and this is the time for the dignitaries to be arriving. they're right on schedule. >> now, i don't know that i've ever seen maureen one sitting in front of the capitol. that will a normal thing? is that so the obama's can take off? is that what it is? sue still doesn't know. >> i do know. yes, that's tradition. as soon as the oath of office is administered, the previous president gets taken to where ever. then in this case it will be the airport.
9:51 am
>> to go to palm springs? >> right. >> executive one. >> do you get -- oh, you don't get air force one any more? >> they change the name, it will be executive one. >> same plane? >> i think the name only changes when the current president is actually on it. and so he won't be the current president any more. therefore the name changed. >> all right then. >> they keep telling us to toss to break. i guess we'll take a break. >> we'll listen. >> karen for just a second here, another live shot here. michelle obama next to her husband, few more pictures. >> you see a kiss, a moment there. >> yes, this can't be live. this is them waiting for the trump's, melania and donald
9:52 am
trump to arrive. can't and live shot. >> remind me of when they had the state dinners, they would walk, have their moments, always a picture, giving each other a kiss, dusting off the shoulder. and one more intimate moment here at the white house before they hands everything over. >> megan in the control room, what do you think this is? tape of them, about to pull up, because this is back over at the capitol. this is back over at the capitol. and the bands are entertaining all of the people, the thousands of people that showed up at 6:00 this morning. that's when they opened the gates. >> megan, is this live or tape? >> is that looks like the capitol build to go me. capitol building.
9:53 am
okay. either way, the bands, warming up for them. >> yes. >> see eric trump. >> boy, they're arriving early, too. >> looks like donald trump, jr. there, too. >> big day. you want to be on time. you know, you can't wait for it. >> they go into the rotunda. >> there they are. >> day, jr. >> there is tiffany. >> and they're at the capitol building. okay, we will take quick break.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> couple of minutes before wendy williams here, still at the capitol here, this as dignitaries arrive in big
9:57 am
limousines. now, you say there will be new limousine for donald trump. >> yes, called the cadillac one. and this is going to be the new version of it. >> this is kelly ann conway. anyway, go ahead. >> so the doors are so thick that you're not able -- donald trump won't be able to open it from the inside. it has to be opened from the outside. they're calling it the beast. >> the beast, so heavy, bulletproof. >> so neat to see everyone arriving. she went all red, whitt and -- red, white and blue. >> so patriotic. beginning at 11:30, music and everything, official ceremony begins at noon, we will have it all right here. >> live. >> fox 29, yes. also, on your mobile app and on, it will be live streaming. >> see you then, win i williams is coming up next, we will see you tomorrow for good day philadelphia weekend. i will never wash my hair again.
9:58 am
i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every...
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...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thanks for watching.


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