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tv   Inauguration Coverage  FOX  January 20, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the shadows, donald, who was sent off to military school to punish him to wake up, to discipline him. it was the boy in the shadows who emerged as president of the united states. >> i believe we lost our connection to doug wead. when the clock struck 4:00 the satellite window ran out and that was that. it's 4:00 on the east coast, 1:00 p.m. on the west coast, this is fox news celebration of the peaceful transition of government in america, president donald j. trump now coming up pennsylvania avenue and the parade. for those who have stuck around in the chilly rain to watch this afternoon, at some point the president will get out, and he is being announced there along the route. at some point we believe he will get out and walk around, let's listen for a moment.
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we've been watching, if you have been checking her social media for videos along the parade route, you know there are places it is a little thin. after all they have been out there since 6:00 in the morning. it has been a long day. but not here, not here in the shadow of the capitol as they are thick as thieves out there, not a metaphor for anything, just a lot of folks out, so excited about this day. friends who have said i have celebrated every single day since the middle of november, i will celebrate until this day and celebrate with the new president and celebrate for america. another crowd has been avoiding the facebook feed and turning away from the local news because they just can't take it. too much to stomach. if i still had doug wead out ask him this now-president who spent time with aggression toward minorities, some distrust of
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certain religions, who belittled whether he want to admit it or not, he absolutely did because it was a fact, a man who was physically challenged and in a wheelchair, is this who that man is with that rhetoric people wanted to hear? it's at the division to win the office or is that in his heart? because of that is in his heart, i know a lot of people who are concerned, they want to hear it is not in his heart, i love you all. >> as mentioning all the friends of yours who have been close to donald trump, everybody who gets into private settings with him says he is completely charming, completely connected, caring, remembers things, asks about your family, lets let's you doe talking. not in a meeting deal setting but in a visit setting. he's very loyal and good, very engaging and charming. the way he is in public, we
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don't know of it will end today, but on the campaign trail is something other people who know him very closely as a tool he relies on. when you are nice, you are being weak. when you are remembered, your being wishy-washy. strength is winning, and offense sometimes includes cruelty, so he picks a fight to stay on offense on purpose. it's what he does. happy new year, losers and haters. it's what he does. the private trump is very different from the public trump. dr. ben carson came out and said that when he endorsed him. we will see how it affects his presidency, but always on offense. if it is not hillary and obama, it is the media and then republicans in congress doing the wrong thing, but he stays on offense.
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>> i think those that are targeted by those sometimes odious comments and behaviors would say what you see is what you get, don't expect somebody to change because they are in office. president obama warned the electorates saying what is going to happen when these comments and this personality has maximum power? whether he changes that demeanor, we'll see, but that was a factor in why a number of democrats chose to avoid the inauguration today. not just the comments about john lewis, concern of russia meddling in the election, concern of many of the behaviors of the now-president during the campaign process. we saw some of the language come through again in the inauguration speech. probably the best betting is what you see is what you get,
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let's see how that transforms into meeting the compromise now he is going to need to get his bills passed. >> speaking of the media, we just saw the parade moved by the museum. that will be one interesting relationship to watch develop. members of the media. >> if you have never visited it, you should, it's spectacular. >> president trump interactions with the media is anybody's guess. if you just past the museum we are coming up on lafayette park. that means shannon bream who is the supreme court correspondent, from 9:00 to 11:00 eastern release for the next 100 days, today she's a proud demo parade water. >> just behind the reviewing stance is the white house, this is where the parade ends.
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the dignitaries will be in that enclosed space to watch as the parade channels by them, a number of vip arrivals here, who have cabinet positions you have to be confirmed, some have been appearing, sometimes not. jeff sessions is a republican, now attorney general nominee when he arrived off the bus, the crowd went crazy, they recognized him immediately. he waved and took his place heading into the stands. we saw general matters as well. equally excited about him. they moved in on buses. a lot of the vips. you may see president trump when he gets close enough as is the tradition. talking to ben carson, he is now the nominee to head up the health and human services department. they came walking up, a couple of officers on bicycles
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recording him, he walked up and it fully dawned on the crowd as they realize who the gentleman was walking up the street, quietly dr. ben carson and again they erupted into cheers and applause as he arrives and takes his place. eventually the first family, the president will arrive and watch the rest of the inaugural parade that they are now leading. we will speculate about whether or not he will get out of his car, but the last block leading into where we are is where we would expect he might get out and waved to the crowd. the rain here with folks and their umbrellas out, everybody thankful they had coverage, those in the stands. possibly that will help him to stay dry and warm if he gets out as they approach at the white house, shep. >> i bet he will. he's been playing this man of the people thing for so long in the rallies and all the rest for him not to get out would be a little weird. i know they are short on time,
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but he is the timekeeper. as usual, he can do what he wants, shannon. >> he can, he is the president now. we are on his clock, his timetable. he feeds off the energy of the crowd, so many rallies over the past 18 months or so. we would expect the same today. >> i think it is happening right now on your queue, he must be monitoring us there in the limo. i was told by the producers they are getting out, doesn't look like they are getting out. producers, can't trust them, can't kill them. i love this parade. it is not miserable today, the crowds look like they had dispersed on the field cameras maybe two hours ago, look so they went away for a while, maybe went into a restaurant for a while to warm up because they are back out in big numbers. >> may maybe a little snack, ht
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coffee, hot chocolate. it is much warmer as you know then it was the last couple of inaugurations. a relatively mild day for january in d.c. the funny thing is there didn't used to be an inaugural parade. the first inauguration in washington of course was thomas jefferson. a few years after that what they started doing was having some sort of military escort taking the president to the capitol. it wasn't until president ulysses as grant years later that it turned into a situation where there would be a situation where he would review afterwards and the parade would be after the inauguration rather than some sort of taking them to the capitol. some people happy about this today, some people not happy. >> let's go back to that shot, some of it has to be centered.
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i saw some complaints about taxes, trump, putin. there is a lot of horrible out there, make america horrible again. that is part of the system. >> what is really nice to see is there is not a lot of disturbance along this route at all. from what we are seeing, there is nothing amiss other than the protesters among the group of supporters who are out there. >> one of the things some of the protesters may take too hard is it is interesting the cabinet is getting filled with people who had pretty divergent views. not everybody agrees with trumps pro-russia stance, not everybody agrees with him on trade, it seemed there would be a conversation that goes on. which is kind of a positive, right? to add to your earlier point
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about this being a dealmaking president, the difference is lbj had the currency of favors he had granted while in congress for years. that is how you create compromise. you call in those favors over the years of your administration. all the things you did for the other congressmen, voting for their bills, getting legislation passed, this is difficult for trump to do, he doesn't have that currency of favors and ine political environment in washington. they will have to form that up. >> paul ryan represents more than just the speaker of the house, he's going to be the one who has to make things happen when it comes to legislation. don't even forget the tea party is still alive, there are great concerns about budgets and the rest, paul ryan will be in the middle of that, he has been trumps target before. i would assume knowing the structure of the system here, he will be his foil again. >> that could very well be, but
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what paul ryan has going for him is pence, longtime colleague in the house and what paul ryan has going for him now as a republican in the white house. they may not see eye to eye, but this is of a party now. a greater shot of getting his agenda through with donald trump and the white house then he would have with a democrat. >> julie waco it's is a white house reporter for the associated press, and large white house reporting team as the ap always has. >> we had ten reporters at the start of the obama administration and nine reporters at the start of the trump administration. we will be covering the field, hopefully. a lot of different people circulating out of the white house or executive office building as it may be. still deciding precisely where to put the press. >> there's always a challenge -- oh, look at this. let's listen.
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looks like we have action here. looks like we are about to see the president. >> i think you are right. [cheering and applauding] it is no macy's parade, but we do have donald trump now and the whole family. good to see the kid out too, right? >> there they are. so, it looks like he is in front as he gets out and starting to walk. >> this is the spot
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"the wall street journal" reported many more protesters than supporters. let's see if that is true, let's listen. he is very proud of that hotel. they have a management contract. >> the general services. >> one of the rules of the general services a administration about contracts is if you are an employee of the people, employee of the government, you cannot have a management contract with the general services administration. donald trump is now your employee, think of it that way, because he is, and there is a legal argument to be made, and it will, that contract is now illegal, but for now it doesn't matter, trump hotel. >> also out on the news today is he has not resigned from his company like he said he would.
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he's president, still also the head of a trump organization. >> this is 11th and pennsylvania. for those of you that are interested. you should remember he will now be getting market-moving information, potential market- market-moving information 12 hours before everybody else to eliminate even the appearance of impropriety, one would traditionally if not by law but traditionally divest from all of your holdings so you don't have the appearance that you were doing something that would benefit yourself or your loved ones. >> we should ask the question since you covered at the government, how is he going to thread this needle? he says his songs are now running the company, but you can imagine they get together at christmas and thanksgiving or whenever, hey, how is the deal in dubai? >> it will be awfully difficult and i get a sense they hope this
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issue will just go away. people will stop writing about it, stop talking about it, democrats will stop raising it, i don't think that will be the case, this will dog him at least the early days of his presidency. possibly to the point maybe he rethinks it. >> this is ultimately red meat for the democrats? >> it's so easy. will it resonate with voters? who knows. >> we were waiting for this moment when he got out in front of trump hotel and weren't allowed to say this is what is going to happen, there are security concerns, but who wouldn't think it. personally, if i may, a moment of levity, i thought there would be at least some trump bottled water or something out there. it felt like the timing would be good. could have just showed us around, our cameras would have followed. >> the press was kept out of
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trump international this week. >> a few people got in and out. we have now gotten what we in the business call the money sho shot. the president and family getting out and making their little walk, which we should let the stations up and down the line no 4:30 eastern is our time that we will be breaking away for local news and local programming. master master control, that's f. doug wead, i don't think it president has ever marched during a presidential inaugural parade in front of his own hotel with his own name up there. but i'm not sure. doug? >> i don't think so. almost every question like that that's asked there is precedence, it has happened, but you just asked one that hasn't happened before. i don't think so.
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>> the last time he took us in there was for a news conference, and they had their product on display, i don't think he will be able to do that as president. is there anything in history that says you can't? >> well, he seems to have a lot of leeway the way they are interpreting these rules, and one of the rules for example, the nepotism rule. i find that fascinating. 18 songs of president of the united states have served as personal secretary to their father when he was in the white house, and they change the rules after john kennedy appointed his brother robert as attorney general, but they still did it by getting around the law by hiring them on the party payroll, for example chip carter had an office in the white house but was paid by the democratic national committee. jack ford had an office in the white house but was paid out of the republican national
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committee. so i suspect at some point he might have his kids in there helping, and especially ivanka i think he will tap. >> let's listen to the music. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> in those gray uniforms, eight company, third united states info tree, the old guard. >> established by general george washington in 1776 as the escorting guard, commander-in-chief guard carries muskets with 13-inch bayonets. ♪ >> united states army drum corp
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corps. >> bush the 43rd senior staff during his first term, these are moments of nostalgia, and you remember where you were and what it felt like on this day back in your day? >> i sure do, on that day i was actually waiting at 12 noon for the approval to get into the white house. my office was in the west wing, i was in charge of the president's schedule and i had to get to work, i didn't really go to any inaugural events, i was trying to get access to my office to get to my desk and prepare for the next day's work. >> how's the chaos in there on a day of transition like this? >> organized chaos. you literally have hundreds of people with assigned jobs of moving the old president out, moving the new president in,
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hundreds of people assign specific tasks down to the second of what is going to happen where. national park service with 18 acres, the osher's office, the general services administration that controls tha federal office building of the president, it is a choreography that is really something to behold. >> brad, it has been great to have you today, thank you. it is the clampett mobiles that give me the greatest pleasure, the two vehicles on the right-hand side of the screen and left-hand side of the screen with the big cages, those are the ones who give us the track along shots, they are really amusing to watch. out in front of the review stand now on camera 4, the first family is arriving. some crowds not as big as expected, they are turning off of eighth street now, is that what i just heard? turning onto 15th street, so they are making their way across
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from the white house. bringing our panel back in. john bussey. and julie. national political reporter for the associated press. memories from today. >> well, it has been an amazing day. i think the scene was really heartwarming, the speech was not as unifying as people would have liked it to have been, but everybody rose to really welcome trump and celebrate him, and the launch, there was more of that with his gracious comments personally thanking one-on-one at the table hillary clinton for coming and saying into the microphone. >> shepard: some unusual visitors on the day. >> one of the biggest donors and his wife were up on the list very close.
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and at the lunch, which has never happened. we will learn in a few days there were more that we didn't even know happened. >> twitter will help. >> that is exactly right, the things we will learn over the next couple of days of what we have just seen will be quite interesting. a memorable moment for me, i can't imagine another situation where this would ever occur with a president getting out and walking along the parade route right in front of a property that he owns, it really highlights the unique situation we are now in as a country. we will have to wait and see how it unfolds, this is day one, a lot more days to come, a lot of trump properties and businesses out there, we will see how the new president handles those business affairs. >> he has been a brand man, a marketing professional, and he has been among the best in the country. when he was down and out, which he was after a series of
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bankruptcies, he used the media and new york city and howard stern show to keep relevant. he weathered the highs and lows, got out of money trouble with the help of his family, foreign entities in many cases and made his way back and made a pitch to the american people he was on point when others were tone-deaf and recognized something about the public, and this man who "the new york post" once called a con man and mitt romney called a con man, now you may call him mr. president, thank you. >> another great day for american democracy, beautiful pageantry. the rest of the world watching this will have just listened to the speech, they will have heard nationalism, they heard america first, a feeling of america being cheated by the rest of the world and by trade, a description of carnage with the language the president used. i think the allies abroad and business community here worried about the trade issues with national security issues will be
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a little bit adjacent, perhaps alarmed, and is very important to know that for national security and growth you need support abroad and at home. we will see whether or not those relationships were beholden or hurt by that. >> talk about how the friends around the world receive this, what about our enemies? >> it depends on who you are talking about. is russia our enemy? >> they were until a few weeks ago. >> not to this administration. certainly is to the members of congress. vladimir putin has already said he is happy that trump won. in china, this is an opening. if the u.s. is going to retrench from emboldened trade engagement with asia, he will move in. why? because it is in the self-interest of china. >> let's listen. the review stand.
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listening to the review stand. oh, we don't have that. camera 1 will show you, the feed 1 will show you the trucks around the corner and will come to the front of the white house in just a few moments. a day that began with a lot of questions, first of all would the day rain out, with the people bust in be able to do the kind of disrupting they stated publicly they would hope to. the answer was they were able to shut down a few entrances, a few cars torched, a bit of violence, but they were not able to shut this process down at all and by all accounts according to metro pd, anybody who wanted to come today was able to come today. and then with the rain hold off and with the crowd show? indeed they did. smaller than years past, but that was to be expected to. a little different tone and tenor today. regular folks all over america
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came to washington in groups large and small, out and about last night, they spent the day along the parade route and waited to see what the new president come out of his car and agree to the folks, and the answer was of course he did right in front of trump tower. if there is a moment for me, it is the moment that is emblematic of what it is this nation is all about, that is this free and transparent transfer of power that happens with kisses on the cheek with the families on their way out and the families on their way in, two different views, one of the president leaving at one of the president coming, and the orderly and peaceful transition of the two with standard protocols in place and smiles all around. it helps sooth the soul. if you are excited, you're glad to get rid of them. if you are sad, you are sorry to see them go. this is your moment in washington, d.c., and we thank you for spending it with
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