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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 21, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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♪ ♪ >> we are torn apart as a country. >> are we? >> yeah, we are. >> who's torn apart? >> it makes me happy. they can't take it? well, that's too bad. they have to live with it. >> no trump! finish. >> wow. we're off. >> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> hey, what are you doing? >> it's trying to find silver lining here, but that was really rude. >> all my daughter's first pictures were on that third floor. >> thank you for sure -- for your service. ♪ ♪ >> diana, it's friday, january
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20th, we've got the 45th president. you are at trump tower. what have you got? >> that's right, bill. it's inauguration day, so i came to our local white house to check out the scene, because let's be honest, trump tower is never boring. >> i don't know but i've been told, donald trump has got to go. >> you're a trump supporter. >> yeah. [laughter] >> i've been here since he's 19th. december 19th. i've been attacked twice by his followers. as i told them, you can kill me, but you'll never shut me up. >> it makes me happy. if they can't take it, well, that's too bad. they have to live with it. >> while many protesters took to d.c., these guys took to fifth avenue to vent their frustration. in fact, one councilman, jermaine williams, literally sat down on fifth avenue, ultimately getting arrested for blocking traffic. >> city councilman?
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>> yes. jermaine williams. >> we are going to resist from day one. we are not just going to be silent. we're not going to be passive. we are actively going to resist anything that this administration does that is anathema to what america says it stands for. >> others came dressed in costumes holding signs and yelling chants. >> trump, trump! >> and i have to say, the protesters here kind of got off to a late start. >> i just mentioned to her, i don't see any protesters anywhere, which is kind of surprising, i guess. [laughter] being a trump supporter, i was kind of curious to see what they were all about. >> and because of this huge protest that took place thursday night with mayor bill de blasio -- >> right, they're tired. >> -- and alec baldwin. that's right, they were very tired. [laughter] >> they were up really late. >> now, this isn't the only protest that's going to take place in new york today. there's going to be one friday evening and continuing all weekend, and there are also tons
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of protests in l.a. and, of course, in d.c. and we've heard some reports in d.c. where there's been vandalism and violence. so far near new york, though, they've stayed peaceful. >> i spent the time on the radio this morning having new jersey residents who went down to washington to see the inauguration, i talked to adam geller, as you know, one of donald trump's pollsters, and their reaction about what was going on in d.c. was opposite of what you might think based on media reports. the protests, this whole anti-trump movement, alleged backlash is basically a media-driven for ratings -- >> bill, you sound just like donald trump. >> i think it's fake news. >> diana is actually showing where this country stands right now, and it's a very real situation where we are torn apart as a country -- >> are we? >> yeah, we are. >> who's torn apart? >> there's no gray area -- >> who's torn? brian, are you torn? >> i'm speaking for a lot of americans who find this day to be very somber. >> the only o'day in my lifetime i felt like this was the day of
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the o.j. verdict. there was two different worlds. >> i think it's -- you know what? it's so interesting you say that -- >> and you're living in one, and you're not seeing the other one. >> yeah. >> because the other one is a media fabrication. >> i'm an opt mist, i always try to find the bright side of any conversation, any activity, anything. donald trump, obviously, him becoming president, that's something most of us never thought would be possible. he's the reality show star, he wouldn't be the actual president of the united states. you know what? he tweeted out: we will follow two simple rules, buy american and hiree american. if he follows those rules, he will be reelected. >> police in brooklyn, police in brooklyn, police in brooklyn -- [laughter] >> dash cam video from walton county, georgia, shows a dangerous encounter involving a deputy and the man you see right there which could have ended up a lot worse. the deputy was called out for a domestic violence incident. >> put it down! put it down!
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be. >> shoot me. >> put it down! >> shoot me. >> the deputy later said that it was very clear that this man wanted him to shoot him so that way it would be suicide by cop. >> put it down! put it down! >> bobby, get up here! >> thank god, it didn't end up in a deadly situation. >> police in brooklyn are hoping the public can help them catch a cold hearted robber, so they've released this security camera footage. a 9-year-old boy was robbed. you can see here the man helped him inside of a target on flatbush avenue, this was tuesday, january 10th, around 5:00 at night, and he spotted a wad of cash in the boy's pocket, so he lured him out to his car and offered to sell him a cheap x box, and there he strong armed him and took money. >> ashley, today the 45th president of the united states was inaugurated, and you wrought cupcakes. what have you got? >> well, bill, that's right. it's official, donald j. trump
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was sworn in as our country's 45th president. it's a bittersweet day for our country, celebrations amidst protests. but keeping it on a sweet note, i have a special treat for everyone, especially you, bill. a trump cupcake. you can find them at ava's cupcakes in rockaway, new jersey. >> oh, it's so good. >> i was able to put my baking skills to use on my way to making the trump cupcake. ♪ ♪ ♪ pleasure. >> oh, my god! >> you know what? this is stressing me out. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> got my cupcakes.
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>> it's delicious. so a trump cupcake for you -- [laughter] >> all right. tell me what's on 'em. is that gold? is that real gold? >> well, i'm about to -- the cupcake has an element of surprise just like our new president, so let me get into it. you see there's a wall of chocolate for the infamous wall donald trump is about to build between the u.s. and mechanics mechanics -- and mexico. >> do they make another bakery pay for the wall? anyway, go ahead. [laughter] >> and the filling, you've had the filling, right? you like it? >> i think it's great. >> okay. >> what is it? >> represents when trump was caught on tape saying that lewd comment about women -- >> it's a cherry filling. >> ooh! >> but now in all seriousness, they came up with the concept because they said it's based off of trump's favorite flavor. >> we heard that trump loves vanilla and cherry, so we did an ava's classic vanilla cake, filled that with a traditional
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cherry compote filling, a whipped vanilla butter cream on top be did some gold whipped chocolate bars on top, and we to an edible image of trump. >> as our executive producer jerry burke said, how could you be mad when you're eating a cupcake? they're good. >> how do you like them? >> they're really good. >> yeah. >> we have no idea how rich. [laughter] >> oh! >> we won't know the truth about the cupcake. >> you know what? donald trump is making cupcakes great again. >> calling artoo or robocop. there's a robot that's following me walking down the street in chelsea. gave me a lookover. and i guess i got a pass. so this is night scope k-5. it's the newest brain child of silicon valley, and they're working right now to get a mini
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ipo and be as big as google and facebook have become. this robot fights crime. i spoke to stacy about it, and stacy is actually a former cop himself. he worked in dallas, and he told me that this robot is exactly what law enforcement needs to do their job. could it be used on police forces? can it take bullets for a cop? >> of course. so the robot is actually meant to augment law enforcement and public safety. so there's only so much real estate i can carry, technology on my belt or my vest, but i always carry my smartphone. so the ability to take all the sensor and data that the robot gets gives me much better situational awareness, makes me safer and allows me to do my job better. >> it has a kind of, you know, e.t.-esque alien sound that it emits. >> it's an outdoor robot, and being in outdoor crowds, some places where you have these complex environments and people moving all around, you have to
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be able to be seen and heard. so the machine has all kinds of lights on the outside of it and, obviously, the sound as well. i can protect the robot from running into people, i can't prevent the people from running into the robot. >> with this robot they actually want to tap into the more than $500 billion global security industry, and they're well on their way. >> last night we actually caught some people who were doing a smash and grab at a shopping center. >> and how did the robot figure that out or see it? >> the robot captured them as they were running by after they left the store with all these handbags, and we were able to actually utilize that video for evidence. >> as the robot was moving up and down in chelsea, people were fascinated, taking pictures, asking questions. definitely a huge interest in it. >> night scope actually is deployed all over the state of california. we have multiple deployments there on corporate campuses, shopping centers, hospitals, we're with the sacramento kings -- >> and it's working? >> it's working great. >> well, it's a great idea, but there are departments across the country can't afford to hire new
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cops, let alone robots. >> but in new jersey, cities like newark, patterson, it would be great to have some of these robot cops as a second set of eyes because a lot of times when we're talking about crime, we need that surveillance, that camera there so we know how the scene actually unfolded. >> there's a camera on every street corner seemingly in every city the. question is what happens when a robot cop pulls over a driverless car? [laughter] then what happens? [laughter] >> well, i want to know what the robot cop did to sibile while he was following her. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> therapy animals come in all shapes and sizes, but what i didn't know is they actually come robotic. >> if it's soothing and it's comforting, let's do it. >> yes, you're my pussycat. >> okay.
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>> if you didn't want to watch donald trump's inauguration -- [laughter] >> by the way, just so we're clear, these are jerry's phones. >> check out this video. cops wearing body cams, and they were doing a good deed, and it did not go unnoticed. there was a woman inside a building, tons of smoke in there, and she couldn't get out. >> grab me and help me. help me, help me. >> i gotcha. >> remarkable work there. >> if you didn't want to watch donald trump's inauguration speech, youtube channel the
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attack has a new option for you. the presidential indogeration. it celebrates the new dog nation president. >> is donald j. trump arriving? >> for two hours attack media broadcasted live with puppies, kittens and even a tortoise playing with each other with a lot of political commentary. it's pretty cute. >> that i will be good boy. very, very good boy. who's a good boy? >> and definitely a funnier option than trump's speech. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> therapy animals come in all shapes and sizes, but what i didn't know is they actually come robotic. bronx nursing home and rehabilitation center called the hebrew home at riverdale has a huge pet therapy program. they bring in dogs, birds, they
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have fish tanks, but what you don't hear on that list is are cats -- list are cats and, obviously, i know why. they don't sit still even though some of them like to cuddle, eventually they don't want to cuddle anymore. a lot of people are allergic to them. >> the robots? >> cats. that's why we don't have real therapy cats. hence, the robot. >> i was at a professional conference and saw one of these cats, and i was really quite taken with it. we picked one up to introduce to our residents, and the residents loved it. >> they purr, they blink -- >> the blinking kind of freaks me out. >> they meow, they roll over. >> roll over. finish. >> they're just really like cats. they do it when they want to do it. >> so they're a pain in the neck. [laughter] >> i know and you guys know that the cat is fake, so i asked dan about that. >> we're not trying to pull anything over on anyone; rather,
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if it's soothing and it's comforting, let's do it. >> i'm here. yes. you're my pussycat. >> immediately you can see how happy they got. >> she likes you a lot. >> yes. >> and all three of them immediately relaxed. and i was really -- i was, like, i'm ready to go to bed. you must be a good belly rubber. normally cats don't like me, this is a benefit. >> when you were a little girl, did you help take care of a cat? you did? what kinds of things did you do for the cat? >> america eow. do. >> oh, just about everything. >> it's definitely a conversation starter, and it definitely brings them back to a time when they were with their own cats or when they had an experience with a cat, so it touches upon their long-term memory. so the hebrew home at riverdale nows has 50 cats, and they say it's all love with no litter box. >> you know, i was just recently with a team from cherry hill who had a service dog who was able to calm him down.
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why not just stick with dogs? >> they do have four dogs that come in almost every single day. >> real dogs. >> real dog cans. but the dogs go home with their owner. if one of the patients is having a bad night, this is a 24-hour solution. >> i know when my grandmother was put into a home for alzheimer's, the hardest part was every night she asked for her dog, every single night, but she couldn't take care of him anymore. so it is nice there's this alternative. >> why stop there? why not just get a robot human companion? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that'll relax you too. [laughter] >> okay. >> you can see a van full of individuals ready to make a difference. see that? it's real. >> it is. >> not just what you see on tv. >> you know, i ask people -- i
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survive every day. guys like
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>> indogeration 2017. >> oh, my god. that was the cake. >> i have two. >> there's two with. we did cake, then dog.
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where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi everyone weather authority scott williams keeping fans on your over knit forecast. the suburbs 46 every arthritic. watching out for areas of fog. what about that saturday planner? we'll keep mostly cloudy skies overhead. temperatures to start right around 9am in the low 40s. low 50s by three tomorrow afternoon. on the fox 29 weekend morning news, watching a very unsettled pattern. some rainfall and also winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. we'll see you in the fox 29 weekend morning news. >> it was chris logan. i got mad at chris logan. i got pissed at him. >> subway surfing is a stupid
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idea, don't do it. this is a video posted thursday on youtube. this is the three people riding on the back of a subway car on 1 49th street station. three people on the 4 train. >> more darwin award candidates. >> freeport bakery in sacramento is facing a lot of backlash after they posted this photo of a ken doll cake that they made with a sash, tiara, jewelry and, of course, it caused a huge lgbt debate to ensue. the parties that ordered the cake is not transgender, and they were not trying to make a political statement. as of now, they were shocked by the backlash as well because they loved the cake even though some hate it. a lot of people are coming to the bakery's defense saying what is the big deal. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you're on the chase. marty, your chasing the dragon series, bringing to light the awful and what seems like an out of control heroin epidemic in new jersey. what have you got? >> behind me you can see a van that's running and a house inside the van full of some individuals ready to make a difference. this is a family who started stop heroin now. we're in pleasantville, new jersey. back to the left of me is steven. i want to introduce you guys to some of these people. we have a van full of peanut and butter sandwiches, care packages, scarves, jackets. i'd like you guys to say hi. can you say hello? you guys remember tammy, this is mike in the front driving -- >> what's going on, mike? >> he's the house manager. we have bill who is steven's father and nick and palmer in the back who --
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>> hey, roe hand, what does the t-shirt say in the back? to hell with what? >> we see your shirt in the back? >> to hell with heroin. >> those are two of the residents living in the newly-open season house. >> listen, get in the van. you've got people to help. get out of here. >> yeah. go save some lives. >> all right, bye. [laughter] in. >> there you go. >> good luck. >> no shortage. >> see that? >> it's real. >> it is. >> not just what you see on tv. >> thank you very much. >> good bless you. >> god bless you. [laughter] >> you're very, very welcome. >> all of y'all, god bless all of y'all. everybody. god bless you all. >> peanut butter and jelly? [inaudible conversations] >> there you go, right here.
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>> this is a hood. >> oh, right there. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> i'm from hollywood. [laughter] miami is hollywood. >> lucky last one here. >> all right. >> went fast. >> yeah, it did. >> hungry people out here. >> unreal, man. unreal what you guys are doing can. it's amazing though. >> you know, i ask people, they say i'm surviving, i survive every day. guys like you make my day. >> another great week of "chasing news." thanks for watching. want to congratulate the 45th president of the united states, and we will keep chasing how the new administration is going to impact us right here in our region. impact us right here in our region. have a
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♪ take that, kite-eating tree. (exclaiming) (school bell ringing) morning! (whistle blows) (yells) (beeping) (playing the blues) (playing the blues) (tires screeching)


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