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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 23, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we have a nor'easter going on here. longport, the waves are crashing on already. it will be a pretty long day. this kind of weather, glummy, glummy all weekend wasn't it. >> it certainly was. >> it affected my mood. hi karen. >> really. >> really. >> really. >> i was very excited. >> yes. >> i was miserable the whole weekend. i am today. it is monday, january the 23rd , my sister susan's birthday. >> you texted her already. >> i texted her happy birthday do i need to do more than that >> you need to call her she's your sister. i can text. you need to call. >> i need to call susan. >> has she responded. >> no she lives in colorado she's probably not up. but, maybe she responds to my text and then i'll call her. she's one of high siblings who
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i can talk to. >> why wouldn't you call her. >> and then i have nothing to say. >> she came visited you. >> yeah, tom, not much to say. joann, catherine, susan i can talk to. >> which have you seen recently, have you read any good books, talk about the weather, nor'easter. >> i will take some notes and then make the call. >> were you both at a wedding last night. >> it was an amazing wedding, i loved it. >> it was a beautiful wedding but i need to turn in my man card and i will tell but this later. i didn't see any of the two playoff games because of this dam wedding. >> you were can go to talk about that later. >> i see a gift, did you bring a gift to the wedding. >> yeah, i made that mistake. i bought it an hour before i went. i had to take it then to the wedding. you are not supposed to do that. you are supposed to either mail it to their home or give them money.
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>> that is what mike says. i am in expert on weddings but i was like really. i posted this. i sad have you heard of this? is this a thing now. maybe it is just one other couple who i saw who had a gift as well. most people had card and little card box to tropical things off. we were going to sit here with our gift, what do we do. >> where is gift table. >> there was no gift table. >> boy, did it start a debate. >> you still have time to weigh in on social media. use the #fox 29 cash if you think cash is only way to go when it comes to wedding. #fox 29 gift if you think gift is a way to go for wedding. >> look at that. >> 71 percent at this point still say take the gift to the wedding. >> i don't know if it is take the gift but just gift. >> they send it the to the the house. >> if you get a fifth you have it delivered on line. >> so that is not what this thing is. >> all right. >> you still have time to weigh in. we will talk about this more.
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>> first lady's fashion, melania trump stunned during inauguration weekend glittering gown to the powerful powder blue ensemble. then that sleek off the shoulder number. but then people, you know, they tend up a competition between women unfortunately. people wondering did she out shine ivanka or did ivanka out shine her. >> ivanka is just daughter of the president. this is the first lady of the united states of herc. >> because they are both considered very fashionable, people are putting them together. >> why wouldn't she look good isn't she a model. >> yes, beautiful woman, model , you know, and ivanka has her own fashion line and very forward in fashion. we will discuss. they can both be beautiful. >> they both look great to me. >> beyond your work out,. >> we're talking about different kind of clothes to take your work out clothes to make them look good as well. we are talking about yoga pants, maybe sneakers, you can dress them up. believe it or not our experts say have a fashion forward
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look. >> we're not all wearing work out gear. how can we cute up our mom gear. >> i have seen people to the sweat pants but it looks like sweat pants but with heels and make that work. it is cool. i'm all for comfortable. >> on monday we have a segment called you got to try this. we did so many stories, last week about alligators. i decided, you know, i have never tasted alligator. so, is this a live shot outside have the truck. we need to get a shot of the truck. there is a truck outside, and making alligator for me. >> it is huge. i'm surprised how big they are >> oh, yeah. it is mostly the tail. >> is that what it is. >> yes. >> i want al-ghaith the or ape make it snappy. >> i they ever had it before. >> will you eat it. >> i will try it. >> i have had it before. >> vegan style.
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>> re. >> conditions are changing quickly as this nor'easter closes in on the shore. wind, rain. we have 60 miles an hour wind where steve is, down in longport. hey there, steve. >> reporter: it is alternative effect weekend i guess. i didn't know you had a man card. i thought you turn that in maybe 15 years ago. but at least when you got your nose hairs waxed. >> wow. >> thanks, steve. >> i can tease him because the conditions have lightened up a bit. although, i am going to show you, you know we hear how there is beach erosion. i can show you live beach erosion. check this out mike micro dermabrasion, you know how you go, you turn in your man card when you get that micro dermabrasion? you can get it free here, stand on the beach, watch the stan, blow off the beach in longport in the sea across from ocean city and the waves are not as high as they were
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because tide has rolled out a bit but you can bet next high tide is going to come in higher, harder, because the original high tide in the morning did not get taken out all the way because of these, nor'easter winds. you are looking at longport point, one of our favorite spots. the fact that you can even see ocean city somers point bridge tells you that visibility is not the as bad as it has been in other storms. we can see parts of the ocean city over there. that is northern end of the ocean city and, so, it is not so bad. it hasn't really rained since like 6:00 a.m. at the shore. the only water in the air has come from either blowing from the bay or the ocean. so the waves look kind of rough but who is swimming in the ocean in january other than mike, mike so we this to look forward to. we have wing bowl, a couple of fridays from now. we have the super bomb. >> yeah. >> then saturday after that we will not let you forget the we have you doing maybe a cannon ball off a jetty like this,
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because it is polar bear plunge weekend, february 18th. i will not the let you forget that. >> thank you. >> i know you want to kill me again. >> if you ever came into the station, i would kill you. >> i am doing the polar plunge at dawn. i'm running in the ocean. >> is that a week day i hope. >> it is a saturday. >> we have good day weekend we can put this on tv. i will watch that. >> i love it. let's talk about this wedding. >> we went to a wedding last night. >> it was a beautiful wedding. >> cristina and mchail. >> it was at northern liberties at tendanza. >> beautiful wedding venue. >> yes, this is after they got married so they are walking town the aisle. >> my pictures were much better then this. >> this is yours. >> why not take one where we're close. >> i have a picture up close and we will show that next.
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>> she's gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> the dress is stunning. the she's beautiful. couple is elegant and cristina and mchail. >> cristina is very, very sweet. the sister. it was very nice to have them invited to the wednesday. no, we got separate invite. >> yes. >> i got mine, he got his. we are like we both got invited and we will both go together. >> this was months ago, i think i was out with friends and came on across my tweet to you want to come. >> it was a text, tweet. >> text. >> i go i'll go. i didn't know it was on a sunday, i didn't know it was a playoff weekend, football playoff weekend. so i am at this darn wedding and it was lovely. i missed both of the those games. there were no tv's. >> there wasn't much to miss. they were blow outs. >> that is what people were saying. >> oh, in there is my
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instagram post. >> he looks so happy. >> i'm in the crowd having fun , they had thanks, i'm talking with everybody, i was dancing, it was a great wedding. big debate started happening. because since mike and i were both invited we are like lets go get a gift. we go to the wedding, with our gift. we walk in. we're like oh, where do we put it. there was a table for me to sign in. there was a place to put card in. there was in place for gifts. we were going to place them on the table. i don't know if they were an official person with the wedding party. they said there is no gifts there. >> there was no gift table. >> we didn't know where to put our gifts. then mike says, i forgot i can't plea of this what did you say is the rule now. >> she said rule is you don't bring gifts to weddings anymore, you have it shipped to their house. >> so they don't have to war i it around. >> i have never heard of this. >> no one ever told me. >> i started if you knew this why did you to that. >> i hear the whole time i was up in manhattan. i stopped at macy's on 34th
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street. i got the gift. >> yes. >> i came back on the train, got trusted and went right to the event. so i didn't have time to send it. >> send it to the house. >> yes. >> i could have gotten there later. >> you have a whole year. >> usually people, you could have ton that on a app on the phone, click what you want, on a app on the phone. >> i asked a sister i said is what your registry. she's not registered. looking back hearing comments maybe that meant we refer card and i just didn't realize that >> we want money. >> they want money. >> yeah, i didn't tell thaw part. >> yes. >> i posted this on my facebook to sees what people thought and boy did they weigh in. we had a lot of comments. here's some. one person said where have you folks done? money envelopes can be given to the harried couple at the wedding. another person said well, i'm out of the loop but i understand logic. people just give gifts to the
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bride. neat are guest or bride have to carry it. i like this one from kerry i never heard of such a thing. my daughter is getting married in a year. i better read up on this stuff better then going empty handed >> you see people scrambling after a wedding reception trying to put all of the stuff this is back of the car and they want to go home. they are tired. >> another thing to worry about. >> you have then they have been doing anything. >> is what your thoughts? if you were here what have you heard of. >> it is different. sometimes, certain areas of the country, up in new york they are going to have honey and different cultures and thing. i remember, when you have to write your thank you notes, i remember every gift i have ever gotten. i know people that chipped in for my coffee maker and blender. this is so and so. even if i didn't know some of the people it might have have been my in-laws trend. when you write thank you notes and get to greet people and a lot of times older people want to give you place sets. >> so are you saying, this is
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something you are familiar with the rule of sending to the home. >> some people think bridal shower is for gifts and wedding is when you bring a card. but not everybody goes to the bridal shower. >> well, girls are supposed to go. >> some people just want money >> we should apologize. they were great. >> never have to apologize for a gifty don't want to be a burden to carry stuff. now i know. but people, you know, how people are on the internet. they are not gracious. everybody relax. it was a beautiful wedding. they graciously accepted our gifts. they put it in their bridal suite. it is something we wanted to to. we got them champagne flutes to toast to a lifetime of happiness. she loves it. >> is there eras peck of this. >> oh, no. >> so, we're both invited. alex says, well, you get the gift, i'll leave that up to you. you go buy the gift. that is all she said.
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when i told her what i bought, and how much it cost. i got a rant on texting. nothing but caps. that is too much. >> stop it. >> you got to be kidding me all caps. >> we get the idea. >> i was joking, joking. >> it was $690. >> i don't know about you, i don't have mike jerrick kind of money. i said oh, high gosh how willie pay my rent. >> split it with me. >> another weird thing about this wedding, i didn't know either one of them. so she goes, you don't even necessity them why would you spend $700 on them. i was joking. >> you are a gracious person. >> i never should have had you do this. next time i will do it. >> we get it. now when i go to her sister's
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wedding i have to get something great. oh, high god, ugh. >> yes. >> i got in trouble for this gift, i also got in future trouble for when the next daughter gets married probably two years down the road. >> why are you in trouble. >> because you feel like you have to give a great gift. >> well, i'm closer with her sister. >> yes. >> so when she gets married. >> if you are closer to the sister. >> so now i'm in trouble for this gift, and a future gift. >> you are always in trouble. >> the point is, people know we will bring a card. >> yes. >> can you get a decent wedding gift for a hundred bucks. >> yes. >> yes. >> tori is our fashion expert, bring her in. >> yes. >> yes. >> unaudibley went to the wedding of someone i didn't know and i was than the
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invited to your wedding and i have know of you for years. >> where was your wedding. >> tandanza. >> yes, very nice. >> i finally got to see it. >> yes. >> you weren't around, i already told you that. >> what is the $100 gift. >> what is a hundred dollars gift. >> you can get, i mean depending on china can get a place setting, you can go get a place setting. i had people do that. >> i should have just taken a fork, here's a fork. >> right, and in the the whole thing, whole thing i mean. >> you could have done that. >> so boring. >> my only complaint is he didn't dance the whole night. i was outside on the dance floor. you have seen him dance. >> that is true. >> you didn't dance. you wanted to complain about me. you should tans. >> i'm not a good dancer. >> people asked you to dance. >> you said no. >> i was than the feeling it. >> someone asked me to dance, we were about to leave you
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said i was being rude. >> anyway, we will talk about, because we have tori here our fashion expert. >> it was a weekend of tags when it came to this inauguration. i'm telling you on thursday night at the grand, what is it called, is what our state called, garden state ball. >> garden state ball. >> melania trump was first lady and came out in that gold dress. did you see this gold dress. >> i thought her outfits were top shelf, beautiful. tori will tell us what she thought. >> bring up the gold dress. >> we're not starting with that. >> okay, we are. so, trump women did not disappoint in the fashion department. they looked beautiful throughout the weekend. this was thursday night, she had this gold sequin gown, beautiful, showed off her shape, her hair was great. she did all nude, nude pumps. >> beautiful. >> just gorgeous. >> very nice. >> i love the long sleeves.
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>> very nice. >> she always does that she wear color she will wear it head to toe. >> yes. >> and melania what did she wear on friday. >> powder blue for inauguration. >> she wore a powder blue cashmere ralph lauren suit and we're hearing she did this to pay homage to melissa adams first immigrant first lady, that is why she did powdered blue. also, very jackie-o, very regal, very classic, beautiful i could have ton without the gloves but it was cold, so maybe that is why she committed to that. >> you didn't like gloves? people felt it added to that. >> i could have done without it. the dress underneath was like a little, fitted, you know, cute dress. >> she has a lot of warts on her hands. >> friday night, try night, she wore this vanilla dress, with a cranberry belt on it. i thought that she looked
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great. she didn't completely wow me with this. bye she looked beautiful. this is by a guy evan pierre and former creative creative director for carolina herrera. she's taking michelle obama's roach because she put this guy on the map. now everybody wants it, they need it. they love it. they need it. because she wore it. >> i like it. >> off the shoulder, beautiful color. >> now ivanka. >> yes good and i think ivanka out shined her the whole weekend. >> yes, green coat. >> yes, she looked like a first lady to me. i was like wow, chanel sunglasses, emerald green coat , nude pumps which is very fresh, very young. >> there are many people that believe especially for the first year she will be the first lady. >> yes. >> because melania will be this new yorkie heard that. >> she doesn't want to take on that role. she has to interest in that.
9:20 am
>> ivanka knows how to dress. she will look beautiful. >> lets go to friday. >> friday night she wore carolina herrera ball gown. >> pant suit. >> yes. >> this is also very thighs. >> some people say, interesting she wore a pant suit because hillary clinton is known for pant suit. >> and she wore white with hillary clinton. she had nude suede. not nude but blue, suede pumps that were beautiful. the hair, everything, it was just gorgeous. i love that she wore pants instead of the dress. >> people wear white because it is purity, innocence. >> wow. >> this is friday night. >> and this was carolina herrera gown, i kind of think melania out shined by ivanka. it was a little miss u.s.a., you though, ball gown type but it looked beautiful on her and her hair was gorgeous. >> she is sharkeling. >> yes. >> and then kelly ann conway. >> then this train wreck.
9:21 am
>> look at you. >> thirty-six hundred dollars. >> yes. >> for this gucci jacket. >> that makessens. >> she's calling it her trump revolutionary wear, if you can hemorrhage. >> very patriotic. >> she looked like a british soldiers in the revolutionary war. >> horrible. >> she took it way too far. >> well, it is kelly ann. >> that is right. >> she puts it out there. >> it has people talking about it. >> yes. >> not my favorite. she needs to take a lesson from the trump ladies. >> can i tell you something, i read this article in the philadelphia inquirer, that is getting some attention over this controversial head line about the fashion. it says melania trump the first first sexy first lady. well, the deputy managing editor of the features section released this statement saying
9:22 am
>> we have heard from many readers about this column the original head line that topped it our prominent positioning of the story on line and its publication during the same weekend as women's march. column was an asses. of melania trump's clothing choices touring inaugural ceremonies, not her role as first lady, as fashion journalism is art of the describing what people wear and why they wear it and what the message their choices communicate. elizabeth wellington was the author of the article there, has for the last eight years reported on the michelle obama 's fashion choices as well. we understand many readers feel our handling of the subject missed the mark. we can do better. head line you read was not only one there was also another head line. >> yes. >> that was original one. megan do you have the other one. >> okay. >> i think that she really has , she is a model. she's taking her clothes not to be on that sexy and to play
9:23 am
that more demure role. she released witt hijack i o neck and making effort to do that. i think that is odd if you look at dresses and elegant beautiful choice that he is nancy reagan wore she wouldn't have gotten as much flack and lower cut and more form fitting. >> they always have something to say. >> they might have been tone deaf. >> michelle obama wearing her arms out and nancy reagan with the one shoulder ball gown. >> some people feel like michelle isn't sexy though. >> it was not a great head line. >> not at all. >> okay. >> thanks for having me. >> i would like to have elizabeth wellington explain but will folks over at inquirer said, probably shouldn't come on. dopey, isn't it. come on and explain yourself. >> they may have their reasons , maybe soon they will. >> okay. >> people in philadelphia, are you lonely? looking for romance in the city of brotherly love.
9:24 am
>> boom. >> we have good news and bad news depend how you look at it list that we top that may affect your love life. >> you got to try this, the alligator, the alligator is in these guys are out this a truck believe it or not in front of the tv station making will alligator for me. i'm going to try it after the break: i said would i like to have some alligator make it snappy.
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all right. 9:27. oh, look at people rubbing each other. >> looking for a life partner new study on philadelphia singles could be considered good or bad. according to census information philadelphia has largest number of adults, who have never been married, among the ten biggest cities in u.s. today was 2015 shows nearly 52 r tied the knot.
9:28 am
this could be good in theory because it means more people to date, more single people? well, bad news here it seems trends never marry have been increasing since 2005 and broken do unby gender 54 percent of men and 49 percent of with men report never having been married some people say, they have lots to say about that. you have a lot of single people or people are in the willing to commit at the that level. >> true. >> they just prefer. >> they prefer to living together. >> yes. >> i like to think it is just more options out there. >> yeah. >> okay. >> we have alligator here. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> well, we were talking about alligators, here it is, it smells good. >> that is a live shot of the truck, outside, and delicious, craving, it is the name of the place. and a they headache all sorts of stuff, including gator.
9:29 am
>> now, last week we did two stories on alligators. megan we had that giant alligator. this was in florida. i think other one was in louisiana. do you remember the big alligator. >> yes. >> they called hump back. >> yes. >> a gator with a... >> what part goodies to eat. >> mostly the tail. >> how do they determine which ones you eat and which ones you catch. >> we will ask our guest after the break and we will taste, tail.
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>> pizza, spaing it yo? out of florida, giant alligator, that's on on what do they call this? >> nature research. >> and his nickname hump back. pretty well known. very old. and then we had some video of some people in a boat who went out in search of a gator. and so they could videotape it. >> you reach out. >> and did. >> if i wanted to, yes. >> (laughing). >> (screams). >> ya, then the gator jumped into their boat. so either we were going to have an alligator eat one of us for a segment, or we were going to eat the alligator. so we decided we would eat the alligator. here, willie here from
9:34 am
delaware delicious craving truck, which you saw outside, and you have all sorts of food in that truck? >> i do, yes. >> but you brought us gator? >> did i, for the better part of my spring menu coming up. >> and how do you prepare your gator? >> so the gator is actually prepared, it is in duck sauce, soak in butter milk, then fried crispy hot. it is served with olajuwon relish, scirracha. >> it is tender. >> it is tender. >> kind of likes like a tail? >> this is a tail made of the alligator. >> is that the best part of a gale or? >> that's the best part of the gator. >> okay, here we go. >> now, i'm taken all of the wedding off. because i want nothing but gator. >> you want to see what it look like, too? >> yes, this is naked gator. i'll go relish. >> i know what you're thinking, probably tastes like chicken. but it doesn't.
9:35 am
>> almost like catfish? >> close. >> now, it is chewy. what do you think? >> i think mine is a little less chewy than yours. mine is delicious. >> yours looks, is there dark meat and light meat with the gator? >> no, it has the top part, most of the time the bottom part is really, really tender. >> you know what? i like it. >> where can we find your truck? >> my truck in wilmington, middletown, and dover, delaware. >> only on occasion? >> i'm always about always, and do a lot of catering, i cater to the schools, as well. >> oh, nice. >> delicious, delicious. >> eating gators. >> in the spring you can get it. >> i like it snappy. >> nice. >> thank you. >> great. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> nice job. >> thank you, willie. >> should we do it? see you later alligator.
9:36 am
>> see ya later alligator. >> after while crocodile. >> that was quite a tail. >> thank you. >> i was reading donald trump's art of the deal. >> i need to re-read that one. >> he says in there if you say anything three times, people will believe it. >> okay? >> that's why i do my jokes over and over. >> okay, well, that explains a lot then. >> yes. >> is that the end of what were you going to say? >> are you sensitive kind of man? >> very. >> i think i'm more sensitive than people think. >> i would agree with that. apparently it is men in general, apparently, men actually shed a tear more than women, while they're at work. >> yes, at work. >> crying at work. >> i cry at work more than at home. oh, lord. i will never wash my hair again.
9:37 am
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i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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oh, where did everyone go? >> a lot of people on twitter saying you can get alligator all over the area. >> oh, okay. >> at reading terminal market. >> you can get everything at reading terminal market. >> that is a cool place. >> like a creole place, i'll have like, you know, cajun seasoning on an alligator. >> oh, okay. >> says: have you ever tried guinea pig? >> i have. >> what was that like? >> del cast any per glue in peru, that's what they say here. >> the problem is? >> catching them? >> they put it on barbeque stick t really looks like a guinea pigs with the legs and everything, so just eating, it is like eating a pig that's on like a spit but smaller. >> how was it? >> delicious, but i couldn't eat it too much. because i had guinea pigs, and still have guinea pigs. >> do you feel wrong though
9:41 am
caring for your pin i -- guinea pigs? i had one of you. >> my kids tees me. i think you should try every kind of food, either like it or keep eating or not. >> was this during a visit to peru or where were you at a restaurant? >> we went to peru for a hiking trip before we had kids. >> when in rome -- when in per knew. >> eat gerbles, what are they? >> guinea pigs, native to peru. how about that? >> is that like a thing, common thing, on the street, guinea pigs? >> they have places like stands, like rose chicken, they have roast guinea pig, fire pits, people out there making it. and they want to try the culture. >> rodney says, people are saying, kim says, mike why are you so cranky today? >> thank you. >> poor alex, poor karen. and then mike is incoherent today. i didn't think i was that bad. then rodney said that he saw
9:42 am
linemen on the packers crying into towels when he was injured. >> scare, your career could be gone. >> true. >> so that's understandable. but it is a common thing. i guess -- well -- >> it is work. >> and men apparently cry at work. one in four men say that they've shed a tear after a performance review, this is according to survey, of 1500us offers workers. only 18% of women admit to crying after a job review. >> oh, who could that -- who put that thing snot. >> i don't know if i believe that. i don't think i've ever seen a man cry in all my years. i think that's the thing. >> i think they do it in private. they don't do it where we can see it, men. >> oddly, you know when i tear up? when i get a good review. >> really? >> yes. >> because it is so shocking? >> i'm stunned. >> do you really like me? >> ya. >> you do a lot of happy tears. >> i do a lot of crying. there is no question about it. >> it is okay.
9:43 am
you're in touch with your feelings. >> in touch with something. >> i remember going to parent teacher conferences, the teacher with say good things about my daughters, i would cry. >> oh,. >> yes. >> because were you proud? >> i was proud, yes, proud of them. >> karen, what's the best testament? does your husband cry? >> he is a big -- yes, all of the sports things, yes, cries. >> he cries over games? >> ya, if they get -- friends that have illnesses or things, he's big cryer. >> i cry almost every day. you know, i was dating this woman, she says to me: you're so sensitive and emotional. and i go: i use that old coach's line, it is a good day if you can laugh and cry every day. >> hum. >> ya. >> coach valvano. jimmy d. i'll play that after jen does
9:44 am
something. >> okay. >> hi, jen. >> jen it is time for to you do something. >> at leisure? >> i might cry during this. >> sick of people crying about women wearing yoga pants out in the world. what if i told you you could wear this with your yoga pants? you're going to show us how to get it done. we're in chestnut hill this morning. come on back.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> chestnut hill. good morning. >> good morning. >> so this is like a yoga class. it is literally going on. and but you're so much more than just a yoga studio, right? okay, let's common through here. we don't want to mess up their yoga. so, for little bit of a courtyard, this is amazing, right on germantown avenue. how long have you guys been here? >> two and a half months. >> so why did you want -- so we have the yoga studio. we saw the courtyard. here we have bit african teen? >> yes. >> why did you think all of this needed to be in the same place? >> well, i thought you could grab your smacks, and your drinks, after class, sit in the courtyard, relax with your friends, come in, shop. and get it done. >> you will show us your moves. so holily do a head stand right now. one of the things we were talking about off camera is that both sick of people saying yoga pants are only for yoga. so obviously she is using her
9:48 am
yoga pants, for yoga, yeah. but when she is done, she can ends up with a look that's sort of like what you have on? >> she can take it the rest of the day. >> first, show us what you are doing right here. these are your moto yoga pants. >> yes. >> you have them on with little booties, and it goes right tonight? >> i could wake up, put this on, wear willing action with worrying out top, go practice, do palates, throw a sweater on, cute pair of boots, pick up kids, go out to dinner, i'm dressed for the day. >> and it will continue, don't you think? holly you'll be our next look. so this is more of like an edgey look. she will put on her jacket. and you say you don't want people to be women in particular ashamed any more, to like be running around with their at leisure -- >> no. leggings are so nice now. they're made to be worn throughout the day. not just to show up into class. >> okay. >> and you had said a little bit of what you guys do, putting together stuff from
9:49 am
your regular wardrobe. >> yes. >> which makes it look current, and daytime? >> the jacket, i think, everyone has a little black jacket in their closet that they can put on, scarf, cute hat. >> and boots. >> boots. >> show me some other things that you guys are doing with, like, at leisure. you are using them like layering pieces in. >> definitely. so here is another look, this is really cute top. it is a great performance fabric, with another pair of motos. the back is real sexy, cute. you can wear this, so you wear this to your class. could you throw it on with a chunky sweater and scarf. >> do you think that the yoga pant, they have to be like -- they have to be a little bit more like, like yours look kinds of funky. can you do that with a plane pant, as well? >> yes, any kind of pant. any kind of legging pant. so here is a printed pant. >> oh, ya. >> these are really fun. >> okay. >> plane black pair, plane black, they have little lycra
9:50 am
in them. there is zipper on the back. these you can practice in, go to any of your exercise classes, throw this on, put it with your work out top. put a cute t-shirt on over it. >> i love it. so it is giving everyone all of the do's, when it comes dressing like there is literally you look like you're ready to go run the world. adults, when it comes to blending at leisure wear into your regular routine, any don't's? >> i would say just be creative. be comfortable. wear what you like to wear, wear what you feel good in. know that your pants, everything, they go with everything in your closet. just have to mix and match. high knee high pair of boots, cute sneakers, just make it work. >> i love it. thank you so much. guys, a lot of people have walked back and forth across this area not knowing what it is. this is what this place is, serious, you look like a rock star. >> i know, very nice. >> appreciate t i love seeing women who can pull it off. it is comfortable.
9:51 am
if you can be comfortable and cute, i'm all for it. 9:50, pita isn't done after this video about to show you surfaced from the filming of the movie a dog's purpose. people got angry. what may greet you if you head to the theater to see it. more controversy.
9:52 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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9:54 am
>> the same still holds that we said this morning that the worse of this nor'easter will come this afternoon and evening, and by the time all is said and done, one to 2 inches every rain, up to 3 inches down the shore. that's not the whole story. the winds driven rain is the story with gusts up to 50 miles an hour inland and at
9:55 am
the coast up to 60 miles an hour, and because of the rain and the winds, that means, trees come down, power lines come down, we've already seen it happen this morning, with tree down on the schuylkill expressway. and we even have this predictor of where the power outages will be more widespread, or at least moderately so. and that looks to be southern delaware, southern new jersey, which makes sense, because that's where the worse of the winds is going to be. so, the low pressure systems still forming and strengthening off shore, it was on shore, but now the energy is being transferred, and the heavy rain still hasn't really made it to our area, at least not yet. then we will see the bands coming in, probably, any time after lunchtime, with this heavy rain, but it is pretty light, as we look at the current situation. so, here it is, we also want to mention it will be frozen precipitation by today, tonight, up in the mountains, so if that's where you're traveling it could be pretty tricky, heavy downpours continue through tonight, and even into early tomorrow morning. wrap around moisture as the
9:56 am
system exits. we go to the seven day forecast, hang in until wednesday. that will be our beautiful day of the week. today, messy monday, with rain, wind, lingering into tomorrow morning. and by the weekend, things get chilly again. but the worse of the storm, guys, is yet to come. >> okay, thanks, sue. >> here's an update on the movie critic gave us on friday. it you plan ongoing to the theater to see a dog's purpose, you might be met by members of peta, protesting at theser. >> so peta tells "tmz" they have plans to hit theatres across the country, protesting the treatment of animal actors in the movie. dog's purpose is based on the title book, relationship between animals and humans, the irony of it all. but it came after this video from the set surfaced that shows german shepherd during water rescue scene, they're trying to get the german shepherd into the water. he obviously doesn't want to go. they keep forcing him back in anyway. >> so that movie opens this
9:57 am
friday. hey, luke brian, now we know who will be singing the national anthem at the superbowl next monday. it will be a week from monday, wouldn't it? it is not even on a monday. a month, that's why it says month, on february the fifth, it is a sunday. >> right here on fox of course. >> luke brian, country singer. >> you know first male artist to perform the song at the super joel since 2007. >> there is superbowl live right here. now, before the superbowl, from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the morning, we're all going to be here for superbowl special good day philadelphia weekend. >> like a superbowl party. >> and it is just going to be nothing because party. >> what are you going to bring? >> i found a guy friday night at a concert, bring jerk chicken in. he committed to me. >> yes, the jerk chicken man. >> yes. >> and hopefully people bring in their own dishes. >> bring in something that would you make at home.
9:58 am
>> seven layer dip? >> dip. >> wing dip? >> me too. >> have a great monday. where things come from?
9:59 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you so


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