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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this is the bay side. totally flooded. today communities assessing the damage. >> chris, it's quite clear some areas are going to have a lot of cleaning up to do. thank you very much for joining us at 5:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain page is on assignment tonight. eighths tail of multiple cities here. on the left outside our old city studios not many problems in the city of philadelphia. >> but look at that middle monitor. that is the major beach erosion in atlantic city. >> let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr. kathy, this was a wild one. >> it certainly was, chris. i mean you were in the thick of it last night down the shore, and the wind was whipping that persistent on shore flow creating big problems with some significant beach erosion down the shore. now we get to see the damage that has been done to many shore towns and then the plans get underway to how to fix that before the beach season. you can see the strong storm right now off the coast of long island. it will be off the coast of cape cod this evening. but still some wild feeder bands of rain associated with that nor'easter. still clipping parts of eastern
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new jersey and few sprinkles even inland a few snow showers up through the poconos. for us, we're talking about lingering sprinkle here or there and cool temperatures before a warmup gets underway. right now we're under the influence of that nor'easter as it passes by our winds have shifted now to the north northwest it's 43 in philadelphia. 41 in allentown its and in the poconos it's 31. still seeing gusty winds now out of the north northwest gusting close to 30 in philadelphia. 32 miles an hour gusts in wilmington and gusting to 37 miles an hour in the poconos. so this evening, clouds and some drizzle with temperatures staying steady in the 40s mostly cloudy by 11:00 p.m. with skies slowly clearing. coming up we'll talk about when the sun moves back to the delaware valley. it will turn mild briefly before a wintery end to the month of january. i'll be back with that seven day forecast later in the broadcast. for now we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, kathy. down the shore people are still feeling the effects from the nor'easter tonight. streets in the area and some homes remain flooded. beach erosion as we showed you
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is a big problem. one day after the battering winds and heavy rains pounded the area. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in avalon with the aftermath. dave? >> reporter: lucy, there's even little bit of rainbow out right now. but it was a much different story, of course, as we know last night but today we found politicians and also residents alike checking out the shore line finding that beaches are in many cases half of what they used to be. >> it looks like the edge of the world in avalon. jagged portions of shore line left over after monday's nor'easter pulverized the region knocking away huge chunks of the beach. >> it's not as bad as what i've seen. it's obviously significant but i've seen worse. >> reporter: it's bad enough for crews to be called in once again to build it back up after winds surpassing 60 miles an hour left the damage behind. >> looking forward to beach phil, um, in the early spring.
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so it will be back to looking as beautiful as it was. >> reporter: beach aftermath even more severe in north wildwood. >> just fixing the damage at this immediate location probably going cost us between about 150 and $200,000. >> reporter: mayor patrick rose nel low says they are one storm away from even bigger problems. >> the ocean is right up to john f. kennedy boulevard here and so if we don't fix this, then the storm could do serious damage to our streets report roar the same beach decimated by winter storm jonas last year. >> we repaired it and we got a year out of the those repairs so the dunes that you see, um, sort of destroyed behind me they did their job for a year. they held back the ocean. they protected the street and the sidewalk behind them. but now we have to come in and make some morey pairs. >> many shore towns are trying off from flooding overnight which claimed a number of vehicles like this honda. we found group of friends trying to save it. >> now we got it turning over and everything but it still won't fire. so as of right now we're just waiting on a couple more people to come and help us try to push it off the hill and see if we
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can get it flat and get some of the water taken out. >> reporter: they work around water that's still covers the roadway. >> hopefully get it moved without getting a tow truck because just a little too much money. >> reporter: we can tell that you beach repairs will take place different times depending on the municipalities here down the shore. we know in north wildwood the city engineer and one of the contractors will take look at things over the next couple of days. chris? >> it was bad down there. thanks, dave. remember you can always get most up to the minute forecasts and live ultimate doppler radar hi by downloading the fox 29 weather app. it is free easy to use go to the i towns app store or google play stores. develop to go night in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighbor the stuff of nightmares. but tonight police are talking to a person of interest in a violent home invasion. they say a man broke into a house on the unit block of east chestnut hill of a early saturday morning. armed with a gun. police say he forced a man to stay in bed while ordering his 56-year-old wife out of that
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bed. then sexually assaulted her. police say at some point the attacker put down his gun the woman grabbed it tried to shoot him but the gun didn't fire. the guy ran away taking the woman's keys, wallet, phone and car. police are not releasing any more information on this person of interest as of yet. big day for philadelphia sheriff's lieutenant injured in a horrific elevate accident last year. tonight lieutenant paul owens we're happy to report is finally leaving rehab but does he have a long rotor ahead of him. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us live outside the criminal justice center where that accident took place. dawn? >> reporter: well, chris, imagine pushing a button, stepping on to an elevator like do you every day and your live changes in an instant. that's exactly what happened to lieutenant paul owens and today was a huge step in trying to get his life back. >> feel a lot better than i did when i first got here. [ laughter ] >> i'm just happy to go home. >> reporter: philadelphia
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sheriffs lieutenant paul owens finally leaving magee rehab this morning his family by his side after he was critically injured in a violent elevator accident at the criminal justice center. >> what are you looking forward to the most? >> just being with my family. it's been a long time. it's been almost six months. >> reporter: six long months. owens suffered severe head and chest injuries back on august 4th when the employee elevator he was on crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. >> he's come a long way from the day of the accident and certainly magee is done tremendous job from what i saw the first day. >> reporter: owens doctor was also on hand today to congratulate the 50-year-old on his much much anticipated release. >> congratulations, paul. you work really hard to get to this point. he's put in hours and hours of work in the gym working on trying to get more mobile. >> reporter: owens still has months of intense daily rehab
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ahead of him. as for his prognosis -- >> it's up to paul. paul has great work ethic and the sky is the limit for him. >> just trying to get back to regular life. it's hard, but, you know, part of the process. got to long way to go but i got this far. >> reporter: sheriff jewel williams looks forward to the day paul owens can return to work. >> any way that we bring him back we'll bring him back. >> reporter: how long -- >> even if he's in wheelchair wheeling bring him back. we'll find something for him to do. >> reporter: owens has a huge support system. i asked him as he was leaving today what he wanted for dinner he said his wife was making whatever he didn't care he just want add home cooked meal. now the family has filed a lawsuit against u.s. facilities as well as the elevator company and the philadelphia municipal authority. more on that coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. chris and lucy? >> all right, dawn, thanks. a new plea tonight to help catch the killer of a bensalem
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man. camden police just releasing brand new surveillance photos of a person and vehicle of interest in the case. they're trying to catch whoever gunned down brett moss in camden back in august. it happened at 28th and saunders street. police are offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer. now, on to a day long headache in olney where students are ending their school day in a different school after water main break. philadelphia water department says an 8-inch main broke about 7:15 this morning causing this mess on rising sun and chew avenues. students at grover washington middle school had to be relocated to samuel fels high school. the water department says that main should be fixed tonight. president donald trump very busy first week in office continues with more action. the president says he is close to naming a new supreme court justice. >> the president also met with auto executives at the white house to talk about how to bring manufacturing jobs back to the country.
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as fox's lauren blanchard explains. we're going to renegotiate some of the terms. >> reporter: a blow to environmental active visits as president trump science executive order today's to help expedite the construction of the keystone xl and dakota pipelines. something president obama had tried to stall. >> the president remarked this morning he's goning going to ensure we continue to negotiate in both areas to provide the best deal for the american taxpayers. >> reporter: president trump meet wig leaders of the senate judiciary committee to discuss his nominees to fill the empty seat on the supreme court. >> sometime next week i'll be making my decision. we have outstanding candidates. >> reporter: meanwhile on capitol hill, another feisty confirmation hearing to for tom price. the president's choice for secretary of health and human services. the congressman continuing to defend himself against claims from democratic lawmakers that he used bad judgment when he
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made a stop purchase last year and later introduced a bill designed to benefit that fame company. >> reality is that everything that i did was ethical, above board, legal and transparent. the reason that you know about these things is because we have made that information available in real time. >> reporter: president trump has septembere septemberred inva paul ryan to speak with joint session of congress on february 28th much his chance to lay out an official agenda before the entire congress. lauren blanchard, fox news. >> president trump heading to philadelphia this week. congressional republicans are hold their annual retreat tomorrow through friday and the president will address house and senate republicans meeting in our city. white house says president trump will speak on thursday. bright tissue prime minister is headed to philadelphia for the gathering to address congressional republicans. the trial is underway for the pennsylvania state senate senator accused of bribing a committee woman. prosecutors say democratic
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senator larry farnese used $6,000 in cam paper money to buy a vote from committee woman ellen chapman. that helped him become the leader of south philadelphia's eighth democratic ward. farnese is charged with fraud charges. his lawyers say the payment is not against the law. still ahead -- i would like to meet with him in new york and spend a little quality time with him bus he's 90 years old and i don't want something to happen where if he gets ill and he's in las vegas, i can't go there. >> she says she's the daughter of comic legend jerry lewis. why is she living on the streets of philadelphia? la la land nominated for 14 academy awards. one of them minds behind the mega hit right here from our area. the message in high school yearbook that may have predicted his rise to fame. >> interesting. unwanted visitor inside a store in colorado.
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it is an elk. what the store owner grabbed the second he saw that animal stroll on in. some young local scientists invited overseas. they're the only american students going. but there's a problem. why they're nervous the trip may be off.
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♪ if you're headed to atlantic city for visit any time soon, get ready for a hike in your hotel room bill. new jersey's assembly speaker vincent proette tow wants to add $2 charge to every bill to help pay for the city's police and firefighters. the charge would end after two years and he says would help
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prevent massive police and firefighters layoffs in atlantic city. the delaware memorial bridge saw second consecutive year of record traffic in 2016. the delaware river and bay authority says 17.8 million cars and trucks traveled for the toll plaza. there was about 60,000 more cars than the year before. the agency says improving economy, stable gas prices and nice weather all contributed to the increase in traffic. award season is here. i meant season is here and the entertainment world is gearing up for the biggest night in hollywood. >> it's a big one. oscar nominations have been announced and here are the nominees for best picture. >> nice. >> arrival, fences, hack saw ridge, hell or high water, hidden figures, la la land, li lion, manchester by the sea, moonlight.
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>> la la land. >> i like how he said that. >> academy awards taking place february 26th, of course, in hollywood. >> you know what, chris, oscar voters went ga-ga for la la la land. the musical received a record tying 17 nominations including best picture for the academy awards. bruce gordon joins us live in studio. a lot of philly connections to la la land. >> reporter: absolutely. those connections include executive producer john legend university of pennsylvania grad. producer mark a penn guy director damien chazelle spent couple years in haverford and then there's the, well, we'll call them the music man. >> audition the fools who dream from la la land. >> when the nominations for best original song were announced in hollywood, ardmore lear rah sift ben was face time wig his fami family. including his mom. >> when they started with audition which i love, and then went the city of stars they actually mentioned two.
5:17 pm
so we went nuts. we just went nuts we were so excited. >> reporter: two oscar nominations following golden globes win for city of stars? ben along with his musical partner justin paul is red hot. kathy, a psychology professor at temple university is over the moon. >> i thought he was a talented kid. i loved that he enjoyed being on stage. but you could never really imagine that this is going to happen. >> reporter: at friends central school in wynnewood where pass sick was 2003 graduate, musical director jim davis remembers a young man with big talent and lots of energy. >> he loved the whole world of the stage. he loved the world of the plays. he was not just in musicals. >> reporter: pass sick was in just about everything. contemporary pieces, shakespeare, comedies, drama, davis says he brought to the stage a passion that made him
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stand out. even among a particularly skilled group of classmates. davis says pass sick's professional success comes as no big surprise. >> talent is a word that's thrown i was wasn't, you know, very talented but it means nothing in the end if you're not going to work at your craft. >> reporter: ben pass second's yearbook friends at friends central includes a quote from compose surveillance jason robert brown. you don't know me but you will. >> i'm so happy. not just for ben but for kids everywhere that spend like a lifetime doing the school play, learning how to sing and having a dream. >> reporter: sometimes those dreams come true. mother and son are very close. kathy had he ever been pass second says benj came down to new york to join her for the woman's march in washington and she will be will for moral support when the oscar are handed out in hollywood. >> just because it will be very cool. thank you very much. >> it will be cool. >> indeed. for a full list of oscar
5:19 pm
nominees go to we have them all posted easy enough for in you the scene on tv section. super bowl li just 12 days away and if you haven't heard. it's right here on fox. the patriots the falcons and this one is all about the quarterback. tom brady, of course, for new england and matt ryan of atlan atlanta. matt got his football career started right here in philadelphia. spends time in north wildwood. sean bell went back to ryan's high school where he was a legend way before the nfl every came calling. >> yeah. he was a legend. matt ryan may be in atlanta but he's a phil guile first. he was everything at penn charter high school and now he's going to his first super bowl and trying to win home for his alma mater. so much excitement at the school. everyone so proud of him, and from everything i heard he's still the same guy he was in high school. very calm kid. but he knew how to put a fire under you if he needed to. his old high school coach actually recalls one of the times he had to do that when
5:20 pm
they were playing one of their rifles. >> i can remember him coming off and offensive line coach even were there and he came over yo, coach we got to get this figure out. he was intense about, yo, we're in trouble right now. we got to figure out how to protect these guys -- protect me. so that would be the only april stance much that's really not -- but there was fire behind his voice. i mean he was like this is important. we got to get this right. >> if anyone saw his season of hard knocks they know he has no problem getting it in with his teammates if he needs to. coming up later in sports the coach talks about when he knew matt ryan was something special. chris? >> sean, thanks. fox sports anchor erin andrews reveals she's a cancer survivor. what she told her doctor as she was wheeled into surgery. steals guitar from music star but where he put the instrument is something you might have to see to believe. and buried in more than 6 feet of snow.
5:21 pm
what they did while they waited for rescue crews to get to them.
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♪ another police officer killed in the line of duty and tonight his brothers and sisters in blue paid their respects. officer david fahey was
5:24 pm
directing traffic in cleveland, ohio, when driver crashed into him and then took off. fahey was a three year veteran of the cleveland police department. police arrested a man who face as list of charges tonight including vehicular homicide. a strange site in california monday when part of airplane's tail washed up along the beach. lifeguards removed the airplane fuselage from the sands of the town of cardiffe north of the san diego. the tail is believed to come from a small aircraft that crashed back in 2010. the investigation into that wreckage of course is now underway. quite the video out of florida. emergency crews rescued a horse that got stuck in ditch right there. you're looking at southwest miami dade county. officials say the horse was spooked when a car drove by and he slipped and fell into the ditch. rescue -- by the way he had his rider on top of him. rescue crews blindfolded the horse to calm him down. then used straps to pull him back up on to the road and neither the horse nor the man riding him are hurt.
5:25 pm
well works men in california are lucky to be alive after an avalanche came crashing down on them while driving. it all started at a typical drive home along the mountains in the sierra nevada. well, an instant everything changed. david ortiz says he and his roommate were on the highway overnight when all of a sudden they felt a gust of wind then they got buried in over 6 feet of snow. ortiz describes the moment the snow hit their car. >> there's no light come through any of the windows. we knew it was an avalanche. on the phone with 911 i knew there was fire and rescue coming. we can relax a little bit, and try to keep cheerful. >> keep cheerful. >> listen to this. rescuers got to the men in half hour. while they waited they made the most out of the situation and they did what everyone does during a live crisis situation, they took selfies. >> do you see the snow all around them. >> yeah. >> my goodness. good for them. not freaking out like i would have done. love the drama of these
5:26 pm
images. huge lava flow in hawaii. my good this this is volcano extraordinarily active. a new geologic region hawaiian islands. wonderful about this you can soak in the sheer magesty of this natural wonder yet nobody is in danger. love that. lava as it has for years flowing from the volcano summit an rift on the eastern flank. we're getting a new look from the depths of our solar system nasa released this video of pluto taken by the new horizons spacecraft as it approached the dwarf planet in 2015. i don't like to call pluto a dwarf planet i still think it's a planet. new or rye sons, hooks cares, right? new horizons snapped the images over sick months it took the spacecraft nearly decade to reach pluto. >> i care. >> do you? >> yeah. >> aww. deli in dc getting a lot of complaints these days. why they say they likely won't be able to help anyone who calls them. >> i would like to meet with
5:27 pm
them in new york and send a little quality time with him because he is 90 years old and i don't want something to happen where if he gets ill and he's in, n las vegas i can't go the there. >> here's the deal. she says she's the daughter of comedy legend jerry lewis. so why is she living on the streets of philadelphia? >> kathy -- man, are you coming up for air now after that nor'easter. >> we can breathe. we feel terrible about the beach erosion down the shore. we're still watching this classic nor either pull away and battering the beaches of cape cod at this point and bringing snow to the mountains of new england. for us, some sun returns. we'll have that when we come back.
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♪ in hang's take tonight the daughter of comedy legend is homeless on philadelphia streets or at least we think that's who she says she is. the daughter of the film legend jerry lewis. >> hank flynn is in northeast philadelphia with her story. >> people who believe don't need to be convinced. people who don't believe will never be convinced. >> i'd like to help you out. right out of the hotel. >> hey, lady. [ laughter ] >> oh you like -- >> sound familiar. susan lewis claims to be the daughter of comedian jerry lewis and who has the solid proof to
5:31 pm
back it up. after philadelphia weekly's whim yum kenny broke the story susan's homeless on the streets of northeast philly i had to talk to her but first i had to find her. >> i'm hoping to find her today. thank you very much. a pleasure to meet you. >> most folks i talked to didn't know susan one did saying she and her constant span i don't know david suskin would be at target new york city luck, or at the cafe at giant on grant. bingo. >> i bought sushi and we talked for hours. too much to go through. first, bonafide. susan took dna test jerry lewis pop singer son gary lewis nearly 10 years ago with near certainty they have the same father jerry lewis. >> they found that we had 88-point something per self positive proof and also 17 out of 22 rare markers which is almost impossible for siblings
5:32 pm
to have together. what we figured out is gary is the oldest and i'm second. >> reporter: the thing they have different mothers. gary was born to jerry's wife at the time while susan was born to model lynn dixon jerry's lover for several years. through her life susan has seen jerry from time to time. she said he was always good to her. >> through my childhood it was very sporadic. we'd run into each other in a theater or in a charity ball or wherever, you know, celebrities got together and my mother always got them together and she was great hostess. >> reporter: susan has written auto biography blocked from print several times by whom she says she doesn't know. bottom line, though, susan and david who she calls her step brother have nowhere to go. both are on disability victims of separate car wrecks over the years. these days david says that's all it takes. >> the situation is very very difficult to pull yourself out of. >> but we do very good job of it. >> you doin' credible job of
5:33 pm
taking care of one another and taking care of themselves. >> they're clean, dry, sober but they do need help. now, one person on twitter said jerry lewis' daughter what about everybody else's daughter? good point but the difference susan should have a lifeline to help. the same guy whose admirablely raised billions of dollars for the mews queue lar distrophy situation. if you've got a place for them reach out to me on social media, i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> wonderful if he can help. >> no kidding. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at the ben franklin parkway. i just love this shot. isn't it pretty. >> it is with all the lights. >> so nice. rain and wind moving on out. we're actual until for major weather changes. meteorologist kathy orr breaks it all down in 15 seconds.
5:34 pm
after a day of rain and wind yesterday we still very little wind out there but it is slowly drying out. in old city philadelphia dry, quiet and pleasant with a temperature of 43. right now we do have a wind out of the northwest at 21 miles an hour. that's a sustained wind. slowly they'll be subsiding. storm system passed by that's why we have more of a northerly northwesterly wind and it will continue to move off the coast of new england over the next several hours. but it's pulling down some cold air. in the mountains of vermont and also new hampshire snow and that wide circulation going across the great lakes creating lake enhanced snow in new york as well. for us we're talking about a few sprinkles here or there. and still that strong northwesterly flow that will finally weaken as the storm pulls away. right now temperatures are cool along the i-95 corridor to the south and east all 40's. 40 in reading. 40 in allentown and right now in the poconos it is 31. still seeing wind gusts but yesterday they were out of the northeast as the storm was to the south. today the storm is passed. they are out of the northwest but still gusting to 32 in
5:35 pm
wilmington. gusting to 39 miles an hour in the poconos. that's equivalent to tropical storm force gust. as we watch our storm pull away, we will watch clearing skies tonight. and during the day tomorrow, the sun returns. it's going to be beautiful day. a great day to be outdoors with temperatures that will ride at least 10 degrees above normal. so a huge switch in the atmosphere going on. at least for a brief period. during the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and it will be beautiful right through the evening period. but then by thursday, our next weather maker moves through with some clouds. a few showers that will give way to partly sunny sky and even warmer day before it turns colder again as we round out the month of january. overnight tonight 35 in the city. 32 in the suburbs. clearing skies. still seeing gusts to around 30 overnight. during the day tomorrow the high 53 degrees. mostly sunny. with winds out of the west about 10 to 15 but that will be more of a gentle breeze compared to what we felt the past couple of days. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority a few
5:36 pm
morning showers for thursday with warmer air working its way in. still gusty winds. gust again but a milder wind. the high 56. friday 47. turning cooler over the weekend but seasonably cold. monday and tuesday we end the month with temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. february begins next wednesday. can you believe it? we just sailed right through the month of january. >> yeah, i know. my goodness gracious. doesn't feel like winter at all. >> want to see some snow. >> it is winter after all we are in the northeast. thank you very much, kathy. stray aid head we take you inside a brand new local restaurant that is doing so much more than serving up whatever you order off the menu. how does people people who are down on their luck for goodness sake. >> i don't think that was the right video. >> thief stealing guitar from a music store where he put the instrument something you got see to believe. >> local scientists invited overseas the only american students going. but they run into a problem. why they're nervous the trip may be off.
5:37 pm
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♪ we have breaking news right
5:40 pm
now coming up on 5:40. this is a live look in chicago where protesters are gathering tonight. they are getting ready to march. we are told their plan is to make their way to trump tower in chicago. they are doing this apparently in protest of the president's decision to go ahead and renegotiate building the dakota access and keystone pipelines. we will keep updated on this breaking story out of chicago. in your money this tuesday evening, following a number of big stories on the right you can see a large promotion at a major burger chain that huge announcement from wal*mart. >> we begin tonight with perform recall to tell you involving beach chairs from ikea. the furniture maker says it involves the my thing so beach chair. they're getting reports of chairs collapsing and causing injuries. ikea urging customers with any model of the chair to return them before the end of january for a full refund. forget rolling back prices. wal*mart will soon roll out new
5:41 pm
cars. the world' largest retailer teaming up with start up company called car safer and will begin selling cars as part of pilot program. so now you can go to wal*mart find your parking spot and find a new car i guess. >> they sell everything else. >> car safer will set up kiosk where employees will help buyers select a car and even apply for financing and insurance. one stop shopping my friends. one shopper pick their car car safer will refer them dealership within 15 miles of the wal*mart store. if your new year's resolution to shed a few pounds list stone this you may be in trouble. shake shack giving away free burgers to customers till the end of february. the promotion requires customers to download and sign with an app on the restaurant's new application. >> all right. there you go. unwanted visitor inside a store in colorado. it is an elk. i'm thinking it could actually lure customers in. what the store owner grabbed the second he saw the animal walk in. and fox sports anchor erin andrews revealed she's a cancer
5:42 pm
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♪ interesting surveillance video out of texas guitar in your pock or did you just steel something? [ laughter ] >> this is coming from -- you didn't. >> i did. fort worth. police say the thief strolled to the back of the music store, stuffs guitar down his pants and walks away. the guitar worth about two grand police are hoping someone on social media recognizes that m man. >> chris you had me blushing right now. all right. to night fox sports broadcaster erin andros is opening up about some health struggles. >> 38-year-old told sports illustrated that she recently battled cancer. our joyce evans is here.
5:46 pm
joyce, surprising revelations. she reported on the side lines during this whole nfl season going through all of this. >> she sure did, chris. doctors diagnosed andrews with cervical cancer last year. is he under went surgery in los angeles. that was in early objection. and guess what? erin was back reporting on the side lines five days later. in interview published today erin said she did not want to miss the super bowl. especially since of course it's right here on fox next month. she told her oncologist before she was being wheeled into the operating room that she was not going to be watching any football games from home. and that she wanted to be reporting on them from the field. erin said she underwent a second procedure in november. her doctor told her later that month that she would not need to undergo radiation and chemotherapy and that is great news for her. now as you know this is not the first time that erin andrews has made headlines. she just recently settle add lawsuit just with a couple of hotels. they were found partially to
5:47 pm
blame for stalker who posted nude videos of erin on the internet. today's interviewer rin said during that time, and her surgery, sports provided an escape for her. now we've also learned tonight that minnesota's governor mark dayton is fighting' indicate cancer he revealed his diagnosis after he collapsed during his state of the state address. this dramatic scene unfolding last night. you can see the governor passing out near the end of a 45 minute address at the state capitol. officials say he was not hurt when he collapsed. but today the 69-year-old governor held a news conference and he said he does not believe the recent cancer diagnosis is the reason for his fainting. he also said that he plans to finish his final two years in office. >> by all indications it's not extended beyond the prostate so i'll be going down next week to mayo to determine the best
5:48 pm
course of treatment which probably be surgery or radiati radiation. >> now this is the decked time the governor dayton has fainted at a public event. last year, he passed out at a campaign stop and later he said that was caused by overhea overg and dehydration. lucy? >> ♪ >> our bill anderson taking us to to a restaurant making a big difference for local people down on their luck and the people running that restaurant say helping those who are homeless really isn't that complicated. >> owners of federal doughnuts a philly institution. >> yup. >> showed bill anderson that providing some light in people's lives requires just a little hard work and selflessness for goodness sake. >> reporter: rittenhouse square area of the city always ban bit of a contra dick. on the statement blocks where you have most expensive real estate and restaurants in the city, you also have people walking passed and over the homeless population to get there but somewhat obvious option of
5:49 pm
the two working together to help each other never seemed to happen until now. ♪ our initial idea was federal doughnuts which is our business has extra chicken. there's parts of the chicken that are intensely useful you would not fry and serve like a chicken drum stick. how can we use this food and not let it go to waste and also help broad street and basically we thought we'll make soup and give it to broad street. >> reporter: broad street is at broad street ministry that's been serving homeless and needy population innovative ways for years. they were thrilled that a successful business wanted to help them but honest toll keep their program going they needed money more than soup. >> we thought we'll sell the soup and turn those profits over to broad street to support their mission which we feel is really important creating a better philadelphia. >> reporter: after $180,000 in donations from the public, a lot of planning and design, not only will they sell soup, but now the
5:50 pm
rooster soup company is a cool diner serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and donating all net profits. >> you have to be here eight to eight a full staff working. >> i do. >> you are managing a restaura restaurant. to make profits and give them away? >> yes. report roar walk aig round on opening day the concept is actually really simple. they've been successful they want to give back. and much of the crowd seemed to embrace it immediately. >> i just think it's a great way to get soup, get something you need and get lunch but also support a great cause at the same time. >> cool new restaurant doing something great for the community. why wouldn't you want to support that? >> reporter: if things going to according to projections the rooster soup company should provide money for 20,000 plus feels annually to the broad street mission plus additional necessities. that's their mission. but in order to be successful, their focused on just being a great restaurant and the rest will take care of itself. >> maybe you don't care about the mission its and that's fine too. maybe you're looking for eggs an
5:51 pm
cup of coffee or maybe you need to have lunch with a colleague at work or meet your kid and go for happy hour with your friends and that is why we're here all these things are normal and natural and do you them every day any way. so why not do something for somebody else, too? >> reporter: the rooster soup company is unique. but would it be interesting in it it wasn't the concept doing something good for your community after you've been successful is something we took as second nature for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ good people doing great things. that is why i love our city. >> you know it's true. and i think that we need to go hit up rooster soup company a whole bunch of times. >> looks good, too. >> rolls, you kidding me absolutely we're. >> deli in d.c. getting complaints but you know what, chris it has nothing to do with yeah food. why people keep calling and why the deli says, hey, there's nothing we can do to to help you. >> a political fight turns nasty and physical. what one man says his roommate
5:52 pm
did as the two fought about president trump's policies. >> his ear looks nasty a story you saw first on fox. business owner helped a little boy with cerebral palsy. now one major company is getting involved. what uber donated after hearing the story. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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case of close encounter of the wild kind. elk walk into a colorado gift shop in the shop owner did what most of us do these days.
5:56 pm
he kind of look at his phone call it all on camera. check the out here. owner says on saturday a 900 popped six-point bull elk. how would he know it's 900 pounds. can you step on the scale for a second? the elk wandered into his store. he says he was a little scared but decided to stay quiet and -- >> he's shopping. >> elk was looking around for -- >> bring minutes. >> straw, hey. he took pictures is what he did. >> if i do something something i might be in trouble. i wanted him to come out, go out, you know. >> the owner called police and after 45 minutes, they lured out the animal with some apples. isn't that how it should end. they just peacefully got the animal back out. owner says he knows shutting the door of his shop could prevent this again but if he did so he won debt any customers. so he's going to risk another possible elk encounter. >> did he pay cash or credit?
5:57 pm
>> probably cash. can you imagine the comments the white house are getting these days. white house, yes they have a recorded line where you can give your thoughts to the president's staff well there's a business in washington, d.c. getting bomb barred with calls because their phone number just one digit off. as fox's lindsay watts reports, the owners at least have a sense of humor. >> reporter: there's lots of options on the bub and pop's menu. but lately the calls to this deli -- >> okay. regarding the proposed nomination for secretary of education. >> reporter: have nothing to do with the food. >> it was non-stop and then we just started noticin noticing ty were all these different area codes which hahn neverly not unusual because of so many people that are here from other places. 818. it says california. bub and pop's can i help you? were you trying to we've the white house? hello? they hung up.
5:58 pm
they just said they had the wrong number. >> reporter: co owner arlene wagner says in one day, they've gotten 50 to 60 calls from people trying to reach the white house comment line. it started as soon as they opened. >> they said they wanted to speak to the white house. i said, okay, well this isn't no white house. they just kept coming in and sometimes it would be both lin lines. >> we would sporadically get calls during the obama administration but nothing like this. >> reporter: part of the problem the wrong number has been shared on social media recently. and the white house comment line has gotten extra attention because currently you can't leave a message there. >> you were concerned about the comment line went down at the white house. >> reporter: one caller was trying to test it out. two other who's called were concerned about the repeal of the affordable care act. >> she has a friend that has pancreatic cancer and they're really really concerned about whether or not they're going to be able to afford to get treatment. >> reporter: as wagner and her crew cleaned up for the night, they were ready to leave the
5:59 pm
phone behind. while they couldn't connect callers to the president -- >> no, it's okay. if you're ever in d.c. come eat at my restaurant. >> reporter: they hoped maybe they can at least make them a sandwich. >> okay f you're in dc come visit us. [ laughter ] >> i heard they have good before this accident cut f they have good taste in pictures you said the love sign was behind them. >> philly sign was behind them. >> there you go. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 -- >> it's been a long time. it's been almost six months. >> a philadelphia sheriff's deputy finally heads home. six months after the elevator he was in catapulted into the ceiling. what he says he's looking forward to most. and some young local scientists invited overseas. they're the only american students going. but there's a problem. why they're nervous the trip may be off. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
right now at 6:00-a major milestone. fellow brothers and sisters in blue absolute one of their own whose finally heading home after a devastating accident. lieutenant paul owens was inside an elevator when it shot straight up crashing into a concrete ceiling. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm lucy noland. iain will join us at 10:00. six months later, that sheriff's lieutenant is home but has a long road to recovery ahead of him. our dawn timmeney joins us live now from the criminal justice center in center city. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, it certainly is a big big day for lieutenant owens left paralyzed and in wheelchair from that horrific accident. today he said he is very glad to be leaving rehab and ready to move forward with the next chapter in his life. >> feel a lot better than i did when i first got here. i'm just happy to go home. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming for sheriff lieutenant paul owens.


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