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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. right now at 10:00, new video shows what happened just moments before a local man died during that nor'easter.
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police told us those powerful winds took down a b that's not what happened at all. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that friend and business owner says he has the video to prove it. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside the 24th police district in north philadelphia and shawnette, you talked with that business owner tonight. >> reporter: so lucy, yeah, we went back to the car lot this evening to try and find out more about this man who seemed to have died a tragic even unfathomable death but the car lot owner says the initial report put out by police isn't exactly what happened. >> he's very nice guy, humble. he was very loyal. >> reporter: that's the reason dwight anderson wants to set record straight. about what he says really happened to his friend and employee. he was too emotional to show his face. >> he's just a very nice guy. i mean, i know him all my life. >> reporter: monday, lisa said
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wind knocked down the company sign at the auto sales car lot on whitaker street hitting a man. the victim later identified as 60-year-old carrie hall died on the scene. but anterior non says that's not what happened. according to this video from his security cameras. listen to him explain and watch what happens. >> it shows where he was shoveling the debris up putting it in a bag. shoveling it up, gravel up and putting it in a bag. he shows him falling down. the sign never touched him. >> he passed out while sweeping the lot. anderson says hall called him around 10:00 o'clock when he got to work to tell him the sign had fallen down. the video shows it falling around 6:30 that morning. >> he called me and said dwight the sign has fallen down. i said okay, carrie, i'll be there between -- another 20, 30 minutes. >> another man who later came to the lot told anderson there was a man laying between two cars.
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they called for help. >> when i call the paramedics they said that they think he had a heart tack. because they didn't see any bruises or gashes on him. so then they came and said the same thing. >> reporter: anderson doesn't know why police sent out message that the victim was hit by the sign. >> the police say to you when they were here that that's what they thought happened. >> no. they didn't say that at all. i was surprised when i heard it. the first time, you know, this morning when i seen it on the news. >> reporter: and i contacted police. spokesperson says that the initial report they sent out based on preliminary information. that person also says the cause of death once released by the medical examiner's office combined with the fact that the video shows the victim walking around long after the sign falls down will change that final report. iain, back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. skyfox over a fire in mercer county, new jersey, that caused
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serious traffic problems tonig tonight. here's the new jersey turnpike robbinsville. police say a car carrier caught fire. it happened around 7:30 in the southbound lanes and fire officials had to close a couple of lanes as they put out the flames. we just learned all lanes are now open and no one is hurt. developing to night in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood, the stuff of nightmares but tonight police are talking to person of interest in a violent home invasion they say a man broke into a house on the unit block of east chestnut hill avenue early saturday morning. armed with a gun. police say he forced a man to stay in bed while ordering his 56-year-old wife out of that bed. then sexually assaulting her. police say at some point the attacker put down his gun the woman grabbed it, tried to shoot him but the gun won fire. the guy ran off taking the woman's keys, her wallet, her phone and the car. police are not releasing any information about this person of interest as of yet. we know the name of the man armed police in delaware shot an
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officer shot and kill. authorities say 60-year-old bruce alter burger died last night after a brief standoff with police in wilmington. the man's friends called police saying alden berger was distraught with gun. officers say when they got to the home on the 1700 block of west 13th street alden berger refused to drop the weapon and pointed it at his head before turning it to the officer. that's when that officer opened fire and killed him and investigation is underway. happening right now, barricades are going up tonight in center city. all in preparation for president donald trump's visit to philadelphia this week and protesters oh they are already gearing up. it is trump's first official trip outside of washington, d.c. since become president. >> it's causing quite a stir here in the city of brotherly love. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside the lowes hotel tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, lucy, president trump set to speak here on thursday at the lowes hotel here in center city. part of a three hiv day retreat for republican congressional
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leaders as you see behind me the barricades are all set up. ready to go. that's because the president isn't the only one expected he here. historical marker outside of lowes hotel in center city says rickett circus but this week a different circus comes to town the media and protests that follow president donald trump. >> what kind of reception do you think he'll get in philly? >> i don't think very good one. >> see service vehicles arriving to center city in mass. a block long line of barriers now set up in preparation for what's to be expected large scale protests demonstrating against president trump. >> if it's anything like what i saw on tv for his inauguration, i'm sure he'll be met with picket signs. >> reporter: on thursday, in his first trip outside of washington, since taking the ofg office president trump expect to speak to a group of republican leaders inside lose outside
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philadelphia police tell fox 29 they have approved demonstration applications for a crowd of up to 3,000. and on facebook, thousands already are rsvp podded to planned protests. >> does not surprise me. i might be one of them. >> reporter: the public will be not be allowed. protesters hope the president still hears their message. >> what do you think about him choosing philly for his first trip? >> i like it. i'm a proud philadelphian. tonight a big blow to environmental active visits with the stroke of president's pen. president trump signed executive orders today. to help expedite the construction of the keystone excel and dakota pipelines. something president obama had stalled. meanwhile on capitol hill, another feisty confirmation hearing for tom price. the president's pick for secretary of health and human services. the congressman defended himself against claims he used bad judgment when he bought stocks last year, then later introduced a bill that benefited the same company.
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meanwhile, senate majority leader -- minority leader chuck schumer challenged president trauma pointerrupt's renewed clt unauthorized immigrants voted in the election and that's the reason he lost the popular vote. >> you cannot run government. you cannot help people, you cannot keep america safe if you don't actually admit to the fa facts. >> president trump met today with leaders of the senate judiciary committee to discuss his nominees to fill that empty seat on the supreme court. he'll announce his nominee next week. tonight the u.s. senate vo voted to approve governor nikki haley. south carolina republican gettingetting overwhelming bipan support in 96-four vote. one of the four who opposed haley chris kuhns who says he's worried about her lack of experience. so another within for the trump administration in its first week at 1600 pennsylvania avenue f the white house there to the big house former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah will
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start his 10 year prison sentence tomorrow. a judge ordered him to surrender to a western pennsylvania prison near the new york border. the 60-year-old democrat spent 20 years in congress before a jury found him guilty of racketeering and corruption charges last june. fattah lost his bid to stay out of prison while he appeals. just hours ago cars down the shore were still driving down roads that really looked more like rivers. as the nor'easter finally moves on out. the concern now is disappearing beaches. >> fox 29's dave kinchen reports from avalon with a look at the hardest hit shore towns. >> reporter: it looks ick like the edge of the world in avalon jagged portions of shore line left over after monday's nor'easter pulverized the regi region. knocking away huge chunks of the beach. >> it's nos not as bad as what i've seen. it's obviously significant, but i've seen worse. >> reporter: it's bad enough for crews to be called in once again to build it back up after winds surpassing 60 miles an hour left the damage behind.
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>> we're looking forward to a beach fill, um, in the early spring. so it will be back to looking as beautiful as it was. >> reporter: the beach aftermath even more severe in north wildwood. >> just fixing the damage at this immediate location is probably going cost us between 150 and $200,000. >> reporter: mayor patrick, says they are one storm away from even bigger problems. >> the ocean is right up to, um, john f. kennedy boulevard here if we don't fix this, then the next storm could do serious damage to our streets. >> reporter: it's the same beach decimated by winter storm jonas last year. >> we repaired it and we got a year out of the those rye pairs. so the dunes that you see, um, sort of destroyed behind me they did their job for year. they held back the ocean. they protected the street and the sidewalk behind them. now we have to come in and make morey pairs. >> reporter: many shore towns are drying off from flooding overnight which claimed a number of vehicles like this honda. we found group of friends trying to save it. >> now we got it turning over
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and everything but it still won't fire. so as of right now we're just waiting on a couple more people to come and help us try to push it off the hill and see if we can get flat and get some of the water taken out. >> they work around water that is still covers the work way. >> hopefully get it moved without getting a tow truck. a little too much money. >> reporter: local officials say that repairs to beaches vary from town to town. in fact some communities are still waiting for reimbursement in state funds from previous repairs that they made. in avalon, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. speaking of weather or tracking that forecast. >> the storm moving off the coast right now. cay cape cod still spinning out there. we have a northwesterly wind, it's a drying wind. that means sunshine returns and huge change in temperature. we'll take a look at that with the seven day coming up. >> kathy, deli in washington dc says its phone has been ringing off the hook with people complaining. but their problem is not with the food. why the deli says there's nothing they can do to help. right now couple of determined burglars digging
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through bricks to make their way and side local shops. what they were so determined to get worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> and fox sports reporter erin andrews reveals she's a cancer survivor. her one request of her surgeon as they wheeled her into the operating room. feel a lot better than i did when i first got here. i'm just happy to go home. big day for philadelphia sheriff's haunt hurt in horrific elevator accident. what he says he's looking forward to the most for his first night home in months.
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>> search is on for armed robber who threatened three employees at a rite aid. police just release the this surveillance video from last thursday night on the 7400 block of ogontz avenue. police say the guy appeared to have begun in his pocket and forced the employees to get in the back office and give him some money. he got away with cash but no one is hurt. to a story you'll see only on fox. two high-end burglaries in philadelphia just hours apart. the crooks actually busted through cinder blocks to get inside and they ended up hauling off hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff. >> tonight police are looking into whether the crimes are connected as they try and catch these guys. dave schratwieser is live from philadelphia police headquarters. what were these guys after, dave? >> reporter: iain, they were after cash, jewelry and those high-end sneakers some pairs worth thousands of dollars. tonight owner of that one store tells me how the bandits got in and he says when they were done, his store was empty.
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if you're fan of high end sneakers so-called sneaker head, due car city on kensington avenue is like a candy store. >> like these they go for 1700. 500. a thousand dollars. 550. >> own near asked us not to identify him says some of the sneakers he sells go for as much as $5,000 a pair. which might explain why sunday morning a burglary crew cut through the rear cinder block wall and cut the surveillance cameras. >> when i got here, the store was empty. >> reporter: police say the bandits got away with $200,000 in sneakers and 40 grand in ca cash. >> they was here for an hour and a half minute yum. >> how many trips did they make in and out. >> i saw the video from the liquor store they made many trips. >> there was another high end burglary at this jewelry store. they cut through a concrete wall and caught on camera inside and only fox 29 has the video.
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>> not too far from here. >> detectives are now comparing notes on these two big money rip offs trying to determine if the same crew pulled off both crimes. >> we didn't have no insurance for the store. it's a loss. >> i wish i catch them myself. that's what i wish. >> reporter: owner tells us surveillance video from a nearby store shows these guys carrying away trash bags loaded with sneakers to two waiting cars. he also says there were two look outs posted on kensington avenue in case the police showed up. coming up at 11:00 where these stolen sneakers may end up next. iain? >> dave, thank you. new plea tonight to help catch the killer of bensalem m man. police releasing surveillance photos of a person in vehicle of interest in the case. they're trying to catch whoever gunned down brett moss in camden back in august. it happened at 28th and saunders street. police are offering $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and
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conviction of the murderer. two former aids to governor chris christie convicted in the bridge gate scandal are asking a judge to postpone their sentencing. that's slated to happen next month. lawyers for bridget kelly and bill baroni need for time to review a pre sentencing report. a jury convicted both in new jersey in a plot to close lanes on the george washington in 2013 for political retaliation. the romantic musical la la land looks to clean up during the academy awards in hollywood next month. film picked up a record tieing 14 nominations today. many of them for folks with ties to our area. the executive pro saucer john legend u penn grad. >> the man behind the music a double nominee named benj pasek. bruce gordon has been hanging out with the people closest to pasek and that includes his mom. ♪ >> audition, the fools who crem dream from la la land. >> when the oscar nominations for best original song were announced tuesday morning,
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ardmore leery sift benj pasek heard two of his pieces named. ♪ >> so did his mom face timing with benj and the rest of the family the. >> and we all screamed at exactlexactly same time. >> reporter: how exciting is this for you as mom? >> i have to tell you, it is an out of body experience. it's unbelievable. ♪ >> reporter: academy award nominations for city of stars and audition are just the latest triumphs for the 31-year-old pasek who just won a golden globe for city of stars along with his musical collaborator justin paul. pasek was 2003 graduate of friends central musical director jim davis says the signs of success were there as early as sixth grade. >> first of all, he had the confidence totter it which is asking a lot of an 11-year-old. and he had the, you know, he had the skill to pull it off. so -- pretty impressive.
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>> davis says pasek was in just about every show friends put on. shakespeare or contemporary, comedy, musical, drama with the talent came a passion for what i was doing. >> he had just this joy, you know, and -- i think of him when i think of him in middle school i think of the smiling kid. he had this -- this infectious energy. >> reporter: benj pasek yearbook from friends central includes a quote from composer jason robert brown. "you don't know me, but you will". mission accomplished. >> and no kidding just like in la la land the fools who dream it's really true that these dreams can come true. and i think benj is an example for all of those kids. >> reporter: mother and son are very close. kathy pasek says benj came down from new york to join her this weekend for the big woman's march in washington and she will be there for moral support when the oscars are handed out february 26th in hollywood. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. he's a former philly cop and
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now a big-time sheriff who just got nabbed for speeding ticket. ut-oh. what he asked that deputy to do that might just surprise you. >> if you're headed to atlantic city to stay the night you might soon need to bring little more cash not for the slots. why your bill could be on the rise. >> ahead at 11:00 arrested for drugs before he was 18 years old. he's a local man who spent more than a decade in jail but now a video that shows his strength has gone viral. how he's turning his dark path into a brighter future. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. of course, that turnpike connector bridge remains closed indefinitely. so here are a couple of options. maybe try something a little different for tomorrow morning. from the pennsylvania side you can go route 1 north, you can use the scudder falls the trenton morrisville bridge, locals have been using the
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burlington-bristol bridge and then from new jersey, a couple of alternates. exit 7a puts you on 195 west into trenton. exit five from mt. holly willingboro puts up and over the burlington-bristol bridge or maybe try using skit four route 73 will give you option of using the tacony-palmyra bridge. pick something different for tomorrow. we'll check the forecast and the jam cams. i'll meet you here starting at 4:00 a.m.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ one emergency after another in drench the california this video shows rescues crews pulling a somewhat submerged car out of a rain swollen creek. this is freemon outside of san francisco. police believe the car's 18-year-old driver crashed into another car in stormy conditions on the road above then plunged into the creek over the weekend. it was getting about an inch of rain an hour at that time. that other driver and others at the scene all tried desperate to find the car but it was gone. the creek was much higher at that time. no one has seen the 18-year-old since that crash. that young woman was driving to visit family in the area when emergency crews pulled out the car from the water no one was in it. florida sheriff hoping to make big statement through of all things speeding ticket. >> you might recognize his name.
10:25 pm
sheriff mike chitwood. sound familiar the son of upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood. deputy pulled over the florida sheriff he was doing 78 in a 55 zone. >> ut-oh. >> that's not good. depth pee extend his boss a professional courtesy not going to write him a tick. >> that's what they call it professional courtesy. >> sheriff chitwood said i want the ticket to set an example for the agency. that will cost him 281 bucks. >> there you go. >> all right. close encounter of the wild kind tonight. an elk walked into a colorado gift shop sounds like the start of a joke. so an elk walked into a colorado gift shop much the shop owner does what everyone does these days caught it all on cam a check it out. owner says on saturday a 900-pound, six-point bull elk, don't ask me how he knew how much it weighed. wandered into his store. he was a little scared but decided to stay quiet and not do anything other than take pictures.
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>> if i do something i might be in trouble. that's why i thought i wanted him to come out g out, you know. >> yes. he wanted him to go out. understandable. >> the owner says that he called police and after 45 minutes, they lured out the animal with some apples. so all was well. the owner knows shutting the door to his shop could prevent this again but he says you know if i shut the door i won't get customers. i'll risk this happening yet again. fox sportscaster erin andrews reveals these a cancer survivor. her one request of her surgeon as they wheeled her into the operating room. kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. any he will mc your forecast perhaps. >> no, thank goodness. we're talking about clearing skies and warming temperatures but that's not going to last all that long. we'll take look at the numbers with your seven day coming up. >> deli in washington, d.c. says its phone is just ringing off the hook. people are complaining. but their problem is not with the food. why the deli says there's nothing they can do to help.
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skyfox over deadly shooting in hunting park. police are telling us two people actually went through the victim's pockets as he lay bleeding on the ground. officers say the guy way shot twice just before 9:00. he was taken to hospital where he died. we don't know if those people who raided the victim's pockets are suspects in that shooting. comcast may sue over new ordinance in philadelphia aimed at closing the wage gap between men and women. mayor kenney signed a measure into action banning employers from asking potential hires for their salary history. the law goes too far dictating how employers ick-ed are interact with potential workers. they're threatening legal action against the city. it's an important step to ensuring men and women get equal pay for equal work. >> a day six months in the making for philadelphia sheriff's lieutenant injured in devastating elevator accident
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last year. lieutenant paul owens left rehab today after half a year in recovery. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney was there for the emotional release. >> feel a lot better than i did when i fir got here. [ laughter ] >> i'm just happy to go home. >> reporter: philadelphia sheriff's lieutenant paul owens finally leaving magee rehab this morning. his family by his side after he was critically injured in a violent elevator accident at the criminal justice center. >> what are you looking forward to the most? >> just being with my family. it's been a long time. it's been almost six months. >> reporter: six long months. owens suffered severe head and chest injuries back on august 4th when the employee elevator he was on crashed through the concrete ceiling of the elevator shaft. >> he's come a long way from the day of the accident and certainly magee has done a tremendous job from what i saw the first day. >> reporter: owens doctor was also on hand today to
10:32 pm
congratulate the 50-year-old on his much anticipated release. >> congratulations, paul. paul has worked really hard to get to this point. he's put in hours and hours of work in the gym working on trying to get more mobile. >> reporter: owens still has months of intense daily rehab ahead of him. as for his prognosis -- >> it's really up to paul. paul has got a great work ethic and the sky is the limit for h him. >> just trying to get back to regular life. it's hard but, you know, just part of the process. got a long way to go, but i got this far. >> reporter: sheriff jewel williams looks forward to the day paul owens can return to work. >> any way that we can bring him back we'll bring him back. even if he's in a wheelchair we'll bring him back. we'll find something for him to do. >> reporter: i asked lieutenant owens what he was having for dinner tonight. he said whatever his wife makes h him. he was just happy to have home cooked meal. down timmeney, fox 29 news.
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paul owens and his wife today filed a lawsuit against u.s. facilities the elevator companies and the philadelphia moons pl pal authority. there's asking for a jury trial to recover what their attorney tells our dawn timmeney will be millions in medical bills and lost wages and compensatory damages for pain and suffering. the city of philadelphia says it hats no not not received the complaint so he cannot comment. the city and state department of labor and industry are investigating the accident and quote it's important to note that the elevators now in use at the stout center for chris criminal justice have been fully cleared for use by state inspectors and independent elevator inspects. >> you might need to bring more money to atlantic city if you plan to state night but it's not to gamble. your hotel bills about to go up most likely. new jersey's assembly speaker vincent prieto wants to add a $2 charge to every bill to play for the citi' police and firefighters. it would end after two years and
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help prevent massive police and firefighters layoffs in ac. in oklahoma, firefighters working very hard to get a wildfire under control. this is in the town of edmund. the fire is basically consuming from what we understand really can't tell by these particular pictures. any homes in its path. firefighters from surrounding areas are there. they're trying to help battle the flames. we don't yet know what started the fire. 50 acres burned so far. wind gusts that's problem blowing more than 30 miles an hour. definitely not helping anything here. fox sports broadcast erin andrews revealed she battled and beat cervical cancer. the 38-year-old told sports illustrated monday morning quarterback podcast that doctors diagnosed her with cervical cancer last year. she had surgery in los angeles in early october and was back reporting on the side lines five days later. in an interview published today andrews said she didn't want to miss the super bowl especially since it's on fox this year. she told her oncologist that she
10:35 pm
was not going to be watching any football games from home. she said she had a second procedure in november. her doctor told her later that month she would not need to get radiation and chemotherapy. >> she's all clear now. straight ahead you can find pretty much anything at wal*mart, right? what it's now going to start selling that definitely will not fit in your shopping cart. he didn't think anyone was watching but he forgot about the security camera. somebody is always watching. what police say that man hiding behind a display is shopping down his pants to steal. ♪
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♪ new look into the depths of our solar system. isn't that so just released this video of pluto taken by the new horizons spacecraft as it approached the dwarf planet in 2015.
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pluto you know you'll always be a full planet in my eyes. new horizons snapped the images over six month span it took the spacecraft a decade to reach pluto. forget rolling back prices. >> wal*mart soon will roll out new cars. why not? the world's largest retailer teaming up with start up company car safer to sell cars as part of a pilot program. car saver will set up kiosks where employees can actually help buyers select a car and even apply for financing and insurance. once they pick out their car, car saver will refer them to a dealership within 15 miles of the wal*mart store. an important recall to tell you about involving beach chairs from ikea. the company is getting reports that it's my sing so beach chair collapsing leading to injuries. ikea is urging customers to return them before the end of the january for full refund. if your new year's resolution to shed a few pounds you maybe in trouble with this news.
10:40 pm
shake shack giving away free burgers until the end of february but you have to sign up for an account with the restaurant's app always a hook, isn't there, iain much always hook. >> you better believe itly. the phones are ringing off the hook at a sandwich shop in washington, d.c. but it's not from customers. >> people who were calling bub and pop's deli think they're calling much higher power. >> bub and pop's. can i help you? >> were you trying to reach the without? >> hello? >> the deli's phone one digit off from the white house. comment lines citizens are voicing their complaints and concerns to the wrong party. it all starter after a tweet encouraged people to call white house to complain and of course today it just went viral. employees say it's been non non-stop. they said they want to speak to the white house. i said okay, well this isn't no white house. they just kept coming in. sometimes it would be both lin lines. >> we would sporadically get
10:41 pm
calls during the obama administration, but nothing like this. >> all right. if call the comment line recorded message says the line is closed and to use the website or facebook page to express your views. okay. iain, you have triplets who are pre-teens. >> they're actually teens. >> teens now? oh, my goodness. interesting years aren't they. >> yes. >> they are. >> all right. these years have got our hank flynn scratching his header. i can't believe how time flies much the triplets are teenagers. unbelievable. >> hank's take on a day in the life of an 11-year-old. what he says his son simply refuses to do. but kathy -- >> she's got one teen. >> i've got one teen and 111-year-old. >> pre-teen. >> this is my wheel house. >> we're looking at our storm system pulling away but even though that nor'easter is off the coast of cape cod, still it will bring wind to the area but good news on our way in the temperature department. we'll take look when we come
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back. fios in the house!
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dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs]
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what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. ♪ >> he thought he was out of site but everyone but there's cameras everywhere. security camera caught this whole thing. look at the surveillance video out of texas. police say that guy stuffs
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guitar in his pants and walk out of music store in fort worth. the guitar is worth 2,000 bucks and police are hoping someone on social media recognizes the guy. ♪ hang's take tonight, the joys of parenting. our hank flynn is a proud father one of his boys is in those really interesting and wonderful pre-teen years. hang really finds himself pretty much scratching his head a whole lot. >> i can relate. why are kids that age wearing shorts in the winter. i've seen that not from my kids but a lot friends what's big deal with the water bottle flipping. i'm tired of that. here's hank. ♪ >> reporter: why do you guys wear short pants in the wintertime? [ laughter ] >> dude it's 37 degrees out. >> most likely -- >> you too with the short pants. >> we don't care. >> joey, ails you boy it's
10:46 pm
37 degrees out? [ laughter ] >> we hopped in the car and pulled his friend tristan and joey. >> hi fox 29. >> i don't know what goes on in your minds. >> i'm joey and this is my crib. >> follow me out doody 97. >> parents and boys it's like running a zoo. >> yeah it is and the animals are about 11 or 12 years old. mine named henry. first of all they won't stop flipping water bottles. even in school. >> flipping bottles is quote unquote dangerous. >> i'm sorry, wait, wait, what? >> flipping water bottles is dangerous. >> maybe a mental health hazard. google says this viral video from last year is the original bottle flipper.
10:47 pm
someone explain this to me. there's no shortage of such things. so who really knows i also need answers about why my son and his friends wear shorts in january. >> all right, buddies have a good day, love you. >> turns out the guys have their reasons. >> we're inside for seven hours a day. so it's not cold. only out there for like five minutes. >> it's hot in there. then you wear shorts. >> reporter: i guess that's fair. sort of. i mean i wore shorts in to work today to try to get some idea of why for myself and things were cooling off a bit. >> he's right i'm not really cold. but i'm in the as warm as i would be if i had some pants on. by the time i got here i was looking for a last word on the matter. i did the only thing i can. i went to my other parent jennaphr frederick. >> why are they doing that. they're jerks, they're dumb. they go out in flip-flops in the
10:48 pm
snow. it's ridiculous. i know the mom cops will call me because i'm a bad human it's not my fault. the kid is a jerk. a dummy arc rummy. i don't want to say the swear words on tv. >> and that is the answer straight from the horse's mouth. if you have any further questions hit me up or jenn frederick on twitter and that is my take. ♪ >> i ain't wearing shorts in the winter. >> that's because you and i are both wienies when it gets, you know, 60 degrees. >> exactly. i'm not flipping water bottles. i'm tired of that, okay. >> you tired of that. >> i'm tired of hearing that. on your radar to dangerous nor'easter moving out of here taking a blue mountain. no rain. kathy's full forecast 15 seconds away
10:49 pm
>> all right in the wake of that nor'easter and then the gloomy cool day today, we have warmer temperatures moving our way. so maybe shorts tomorrow. i don't know. i'm just saying. take look outside. we're looking at old city philadelphia. still seeing a whipping wind even though the storm is off the coast of cape cod. it is still having impact on the area. right now 42 the high today 46. winds out of the northwest sustained at 17 miles an hour. the storm pulling away you can see this count clockwise flow still bringing moisture to northern new jersey, new york and new england as it continues to move we will see those winds slowly subsiding tomorrow but still gusty during the morning hours. right now it's 28 in the poconos with a north northwest wind. 42 in philadelphia. 42 in millville. even in rio grand in the wildwood area 43 degrees in dover. winds right now gusting to 28 miles an hour in pottstown. 37 miles an hour gusts in the poconos. that has been consistent this evening. in millville we're gusting to 26 miles an hour. the storm system will be pulling away and as it does, our skies will clear. we'll be on the northern fringe
10:50 pm
of a sprawling high pressure system that extends all the way down the coast. dry air means more sun and some milder temperatures moving our way. so we look at the fox few cast clearing skies overnight tonig tonight. plenty of sun during the day tomorrow and then few clouds rolling on through with some warmer air for your thursday. a few spotty showers to start but temperatures soaring back into the 50s. thursday another breezy day. really not going to shake this wind throughout the entire seven day forecast between all the different weather systems moving through the region. in the city overnight 35. 32 in the suburbs with winds gusting to 30 tonight during the day tomorrow the high 53. still breezy but those winds subsiding in the afternoon and take look at the seven day forecast from the weather authority. some morning showers windy for your thursday but mild. the high 56. friday 47. saturday and sunday seasonably cool chilly, monday mostly sunny, and tuesday the last day of january cool one. the morning low 27. the afternoon high 41 degrees.
10:51 pm
as we take look at the eight to 14 day outlook this is februar february 1st through februar february 7th, look at this, slightly below average. average around 40 degrees. not so bad for the first part of the month. we'll send it over to you. >> kathy apparently no joel embiid no problem. sixers do something they've only been able to do a couple times before this season. plus villanova up against marquette big but this game eventually will go down to the final seconds. see if nova can hold on next in sports.
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♪ the sixers starting to make a believer out of me. they won eight out of their last 11 games and all of a sudden all that playoff talk well it doesn't so foolish any more. there's one problem though in order to make the playoffs they need joel embiid. he sat out last game and they lost by 17. he sat out again tonight but little bit of a different story. third quarter dock sun getting it done right here austin rivers with the drive and layup puts them up by 19 points. here's the difference. sixers don't lay down and die any more in the fourth quarter robert covington right here wide open. nails the three to give them one point lead. nerlens knoll had the best game of his season so far. look at this. drives to the rack with the left hand dunk. 19 points. eight boards. five assists.
10:55 pm
the sixers with a big come back win, 121-110. sixth straight win at home. woo! they're coming. they're coming. to a little college hoops villanova rolling won five in a row and it's been with relative ease. tonight they take unranked marquette it should be another easy win, right? not so fast. for most of the game it looked easy but josh hart right there with the three. put them up by 14. little over seven. it's over, right no it's not over. now three-point lead and marquette reinhardt with there with three to give them tie. he then makes a couple free throws now down to the rack with seconds left and he misses it. guess what, game over. time to storm the court. nova loses to marquette 74-72. this one we did not see coming. st. joe's and saint bon chen very st. joe's cruising in the second half. kimball right here with the jumper to put the hawks up by 18
10:56 pm
with 134 minutes left. they thought this game was over just like the other way. bonnie storms back in this one. josh, right there with the bucket to give the hawks, torque put the hawks down. hawks below a huge lead and lose 67-63. >> matty ice! matty ice! matty ice! matty ice! matty ice! >> penn charter showing a little love to matt ryan. matty ice and the falcons getting ready to take on the patriots in super bowl li but of course for ryan it all started right here in philly and of course he was all everything at penn charter. three sport athlete. captain of the football, basketball and baseball teams. very talented kid, but, well, high school coach didn't really know he'd be this special. >> i didn't know he was going to play in the nfl when he was in high school. i thought he was going to play at a very high level college and have very very good career but i could have never never predicted that matt would be where he is
10:57 pm
today. >> i mean how do you know sometimes? >> exactly. >> you don't. >> how do you know. >> you don't. >> lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> kathy orr for you wake up weather and seven day forecast first five minutes and of course the way to make you rich maybe. your mega millions lot row drawing you know it's neck. ♪ where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that
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raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news


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