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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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president trump expected to land in philly tomorrow from the airport to the roadways to security. how the presidential visit will impact your thursday. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. preparing for the president law enforcement is lining local streets barricades are going up left and right. less than week after inauguration president trump will visit philadelphia tomorrow security is tight. with all kinds of groups planning to protest. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00 much i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. just hours parking and traffic restrictions go into effect as the city gets ready to host the new president his first trip out of washington since the inauguration. our dave schratwieser is live in center city close to where many of those protes protesters are d to greet president trump. dave. >> reporter: iain out front of the president's visit tomorrow here to center city, the loewes hotel to meet with gop lawmakers
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you can see ex terse si tense seive security in place. squat officers, bike patrol officers, highway patrol, all of the different units protesters also arriving early you'll see video here about dozen in place across from the loewes hotel on market street this afternoon. peacefully protesting. not causing any kind of problems but large police presence up and down market street barricades are in place. police officers secret service and other law enforcement agencies also in place along market street from like 11th all the way to city hall and those areas we are expecting large demonstrations tomorrow possibly three or four. the protesters may number anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 demonstrators we're told late this afternoon i spoke with police commissioner richard ross about preparations for tomorrow's visit from the president. >> you still trying to look at every possible thing. get as much intelligence as you can from your colleagues from around the country.
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in particular dc in this case, and make your plans accordingly. and that's what we're going to do. i mean we have an obligation to ensure the safety of the people who live and work here and visit here as well and the protesters and obviously dignitaries that are visiting as well. >> reporter: now, they'll be quite a bunch of dignitaries on hand here tomorrow along with all of those protesters. the commissioner says they are well prepared. they have plenty of intelligence from around the country. they've spoken with their comrades in washington, d.c. about the inauguration protests and the march the women's march on saturday last week. i spoke to some protesters as well. they believe these will be peaceful protests tomorrow. self of them citing the half million people that showed up for the women's march in washington last weekend. all of that went peacefully. they expect the same tomorrow. we'll have to see. guys, back to you. all right, dave, thank you. if you need to drive anywhere near downtown philadelphia tomorrow, you better leave a little early starting 8:00 a.m.
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tomorrow 13th from chestnut to market will be closed from 11th to juniper and 12th street shutting down from chestnut to arch. those roads will not be reopened until 6:00 p.m. and if you're thinking about walking some sidewalks will also be off limits. president donald trump was once again giving his pen a work out today signing executive order after executive order. >> and one of those he signed today could have a big impact on philadelphia. fox 29's bruce gordon is in studio now to explain what it means. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, fighting back against illegal immigration was a cornerstone of the trump campaign for president. now of course he's got the job and cities nowhere near our southern borders cities like philadelphia may soon feel the pinch. >> the president signed executive orders that will kick off construction of a border wall with mexico beef up border security and look into the feasibility of stripping federal grant money from cities like philadelphia that do not fully cooperate with federal efforts to deport those here without documentation.
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said mr. trump of illegals here to commit crime -- >> the day is over when they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. we are going to get them out and we're going to get them out fa fast. mayor kenney is proud to call philadelphia a sanctuary. under his orders local police do not detain undo you mean the people held for minor offense and and contact federal immigration officials to pick them up for deportation. kenney was asked after a philly auto show preview event about the trump threat of with holding funds. he says it's much too early too much how much if any money could be stripped. congress and the courts will have their say. but in general -- >> we turn dangerous people over to them when there is a warrant. and a warrant is not a difficult thing for federal government to get. immigrant population is not the source of crime. they are often the victims of crime or the witnesses to crime and driving them underground does not make the city safer. >> it make me sad for -- for the undo you meaned folks. >> reverend runs the west kensington ministry back in 2015
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his church provided sanctuary to undocumented woman for nearly two months. >> immigrants are a plus and not a minus and they're not criminals. they are contributing citizens to this country. >> reporter: his group protested deportations before notably this center city street blockage prior to last year' democratic national convention. he says kicking people out of this country over documentation is a slap in the face to the statue of liberty. >> she say doesn't think about it give me your tired, your po poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. >> reporter: he says despite the threat of federal money being withheld he expects mayor kenney to stand firm in his support of those here without documentation. if that pool of federal funds really does begin to dry up, kenney stand will be put to the test. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. traffic as we already told you will be headache tomorrow. but we've got you covered online head to our website at to learn where you will not be
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able to drive or park and what septa routes will be detoured. ♪ hollywood and the world has lot of another giant legendary actress mary tyler moore has died. she was in the company of her family and friends at a hospital in connecticut. moore gained fame in the 1960s on the classic sitcom the dick van dyke show and of course she starred as a spunky tv news producer on the mary tyler moore show. as a type one diabetic moore suffered from a variety of health problems. she is survived by her husband and four dogs. mary tyler moore was 80 years old. also breaking to night, two dogs attacked a 96-year-old woman in the city's west oak lane neighborhood. you can see the police tape and cruisers behind the homes on the 5800 block of brush road. police tell us people heard the woman screaming and when officers got to the scene, they found her unresponsive. she's in the hospital now in he can treatmently critical condition. our crew on the scene says the dogs belonged to neighbor. we don't know what led to that attack. developing right now, in montgomery county, a sink hole
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and the work it takes to fix it. new video right now shows crews as they work into the night in cheltenham township. earlier today, skyfox showed us just how massive the hole in the ground is. pick up you can see teetering on the edge that hole is dangerous close to the homes on brook ro road. >> some of that area have a boil water advisory as crews continue to work and try to fix the problem. fox 29's dave kinchen live in the neighbor now. a big problem, dave. >> reporter: yeah, we have updated information. officials say that they were able to dumb many settlement into both sides of this hole so they can stabilize it while crews get to work on the fix. portions of 2 yards a street and sidewalk gave way in cheltenham township with the formation of this sink hole early wednesday morning. for hours white pickup truck clutch to the land and risk of falling in only to be secured by a chain. >> put that house inside that hole that's how deep it is. >> it could happen to anybody. i think that's what's the most
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profound thing about it. >> reporter: neighbor on the 700 block of brook road say the home known who has the truck first came across trouble overnight. >> he heard a big thump and look out his window and he saw the tree on, um, fallen on his driveway. >> reporter: the hole growing in size and no time at least partly thanks to water main that also broke at the scene. >> the main that we had a 6-inch water line. it was just about underneath of the sidewalk which has collaps collapsed. and so that's why they're out water. >> reporter: water service cut off to more than 60 homes meaning neighbors had to improvise. >> i went to the golf course that i belong to and took a shower and there headed up to norristown to work. >> reporter: it's not clear if the water mape break cough the sink hole or the other way around. a boil water advisory has been issued for neighbors once the water is turned back on. >> two or three times this morning i turn the water on and wanted to something make a cup coffee and it's not there. >> reporter: meantime officials say the two homes directly impacted are inn
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hatable although one is vacant the. as for the home openers with the suspended truck. >> they know they're in it for the long hall. they were very calm about it, but they're like once the excitement is over that's when the real struggle will begin as we rebill. >> reporter: the water company tells us eight houses now have watery stored and they expect everyone to have watery stored by 7:00 o'clock tonight. back to you. lucy? thank you very much, dave. north philadelphia violent robbery left a couple shaken to the core. monday afternoon two men walked into the jade restaurant on the 1500 block of west lehigh avenue. one of men grabbed the woman, searched her for the money while the other had a gun in the back of the man. police say a third person was a look out no one however is seriously physically injured. philadelphia police have just released surveillance video of the person who they say killed a 35-year-old man earlier this month. they say that man shot and killed the victim on the 4500 block of melrose street on january 12th. they say the man shot the victim
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after leaving the store. if you recognize anything about this, know anything about this, call police. your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at the pocono mountains. it is the only place you'll see snow that is close to us. it was another pretty warm day. >> moving to philadelphia international airport now, what we can expect tomorrow. maybe some more of the same. well let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. >> yeah, you'll like these temperatures. you may not like the morning so much. but by the afternoon tomorrow i think you'll be liking this weather ultimate doppler you can see a few showers. these are going to move into some drier air and pretty much fall apart but another wave of rain will be moving in tomorrow and that will stick. right now in the city 49. in wilmington it's 50. 51 in lancaster. allentown 45. the high today in philadelphia 54 degrees. take a look at this evening temperatures falling through the 40s. but still well above normal for this time of year. the clouds will be moving in by the 11:00 o'clock hour. as a warm front will be moving
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through the delaware valley. so coming up we'll talk more about the changes coming our way. tomorrow we will have some morning rain. it will be the warmest day in that seven day forecast. gusty winds will return to our forecast, and then after tomorrow, it is back to winter. but will winter stick? scott has more on that coming up. we'll be back later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> talk to you soon, kathy. some changes in education in delaware. the course students have to take lawmakers are doing to try to keep kids in school. bad news if you're a wine lover. while your class of pinot or chardonnay could soon cost lot more. >> tom. >> from boyerstown to super bowl li. the story of james devlin. the tea patriot who revels in not hearing this name called. the tea patriot who revels in not hearing this name called. the story coming up.
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♪ more than 100 violent offenders off the streets right now after a massive sweep in new jersey. today the new jersey attorney general announced the coordinated effort between the a. good's office and the new jersey
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state police. authorities say on top of the arrests they also confiscated a large quantity of guns and drug. >> this work is by definition tied to our anti addition initiatives as well. because unfortunately much of the gun violence that we see in our communities stems directly or indirectly from the drug trade. >> two of the men caught in this sweep wanted for murder. the operation is still on-going. lawmakers in delaware are trying to encourage teenagers to stay in school. the house introduced a bill that would increase the minimum age of required school attendance from 16 to 17. lawmakers are hoping that will result in more students getting high school diplomas also this week state lawmakers approved bill that that requires public high schools to offer one computer science course that legislation now heads to the senate. so i know you do, right you enjoy a nice glass of wine. >> here and there absolutely. >> with dinner. soon iain cost you more than
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you've been paying. >> you know why? severe weath weather. kind of have impact on california's wineries heavy rains drenched the vinyards and flooded a lot of parts of the state areas famous for their vinyards like napa and sonoma. you know those names much they're all dealing with heavy flooding. >> the root stocks are sitting in water and can create diseases and rot and that kill the 59. >> despite the flooding many wineries in that area say they're actually happy with the rain especially when you consider the state had been ravaged by drought for more than two years. >> really five plus years. factor in all that stuff just been crazy back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a live look at the ben franklin parkway. always a sparkling bit of joy. no doubt people are enjoying the evening in center city. you might even get out there enjoy it. >> it's warm enough. >> i might. i saw the sun today. let's check in with kathy. >> great to see the sun, wasn't it? >> it was. >> usually we see a little bit more of it but not this month. we have had milder temperatures
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though. out tonight a very nice night to be outdoors. not much wind and temperatures that are still in the 40s after a high of 54 today in philadelphia. it's 49 with a light southerly wind enjoy the now because that wind is going to be cranking again tomorrow. but different type of wind. it will be a warm wind. right now it is 44 in williamsport. you can see some 30s in upstate new york. some milder air to the south. and we will get in on some of that warmth again tomorrow. so during the evening, we'll see the clouds rolling on in. with some showers to the west. so will be pretty much washing out but another round of rain tomorrow associated with a warm front. some steady showers south and east of the city. and then seeing seeing them sweep across the region during the morning rush not lot of rain just pesky showers and by midday eat lunch outdoors it will be getting windy even though it will be getting warmer. take look at the future wind gust out of the southwest right now. gusting to about 18 that's about it. during the day tomorrow those gusts increase by the 1:00 o'clock hour we have a gust in philadelphia of 31 miles an
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hour. 34 miles an hour gusts through south jersey and delaware and these increase during the day. you have a west southwesterly wind. this is tomorrow night at about 7:00 p.m. winds gusting to 36 miles an hour in south jersey. 30 miles an hour gusts to the north and west so the wind will be persistent and consistent again during the day tomorrow but it will be a warmer win. tomorrow the warmest day of the seven day. but it's not going to stay like that. scott has all the details fort end of the month and february. scott? >> hi there kathy. >> roller coaster ride ahead in that temperature department but we really enjoyed that sunshine for today after the early weak nor'easter. for the month of january, today was really only hour second sunny day but that sunshine did a number on those temperatures. take a look at philadelphia. 54 for the high temperature. wilmington 54. trenton you topped out at 53. mid 50s in atlantic city and low to mid 50s for parts of reading along with allentown.
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so for tomorrow, it will be the warmest day of the week. still above average. a high of 57 in philadelphia. mid 40s for your friday. still 5 degrees above average but back to normal as we move toward the upcoming weekend. we're talking temperatures upper 30 that is around 40 degrees. now, what about february for the sunset times the days will be getting longer. february 1st the sun will set at 5:20. on the 15th 5:37 and take look at february 28th the last day of the month, closing in on a sunset kathy close to almost 6:00 o'clock. back over to you. >> yes! >> won't that be great. looking at reading to night we have clear skies and increasing clouds during the evening. overnight low temperatures will be falling into the 30s. 43 in the city. 38 in the suburbs the wind picks up during the day tomorrow but a warm wind. the high 57. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority check it out. friday above average, saturday 41. seasonably cold sunday feeling like winter monday untuesday and
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by wednesday we begin the month of february. but we kind of ease in with a temperature of 42 degrees. thursday is groundhog day. we'll have to see what punxsutawney phil says. >> that's right. that time of year. >> ready to pop his head out by now. we got a football game after that down in houston. >> a couple of teams. >> super bowl li right here on fox. super bowl li 11 days away. tom brady and patriots look for super bowl within number five against buddy ryan and fat falcons. patriots james devlin just a kid from boyertown who's greatest responsibility on the field is keep tom brady clean. sports is next.
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♪ super bowl li now just 11 days away. you'll see it right here on fox. the quarterbacks always get the glory. they get the headlines, they get all the attention. it's matt ryan for the falcons, tom brady for the patriots. these two teams are also about the unseen guys, they're the grunt guys who quietly get things done. one of them new england james devlin who you ask, well, fine if you don't know who he is right away he's fullback who goes by james or jimmy or jim. fullback who got his start playing for the boyertown bears fullback who's biggest job is keeping tom brady clean and avoiding spotlight. >> jimmy always had work ethic that was far above anybody else legendary of jimmy devlin still lives here in boyertown. a kid who always had a passion for the game. >> you told jimmy devlin he couldn't do something he'd tell you boloney he's going to do
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whatever jimmy devlin wants to do and get the respect of his coaches and he always was hardest hitter i ever had. >> reporter: same style the same tenacity he played with at boyertown is the same style he still plays with in new england. >> his job is not to get in there and make reached his job is to read the play, get the blocking scheme gone block toughest guy. if he's lead fog the running back he's got the toughest linebacker. that's his job. he doesn't have anybody else to block. go get the tough feast guy and knock him down. >> inside james devin is a motor, a motor his coaches saw running on day one. >> he never quits. that's his motto. never quit anything you do in life. if you wanted to something, you stick it out you do it. till you succeed your goal. >> first and for most a teamma teammate. a perfect patriot. >> teammate you can depend on him. if you ever played the sport the next next to you you go in a fox he will hole that's the guy you want with me. that's jimmy to me. >> to this town he's jill boyertown's jimmy devlin.
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>> he's not outgoing. he's not over dressed. he's not night bling. he's not -- jimmy is just regular guy walking down the street. you saw football game take his jacket off gone play. >> every time i see him, i'm proud of you jimmy. i'm proud of you. >> going for second super bowl title. how about football doesn't work out, he has mechanical engineering degree from brown. >> really. >> that's not bad. >> something to fall back on. married his high school sweetheart cheerleader at boyertown. >> aww. >> hoping to get his second sipe super ring right here on fox. >> what a slacker. >> marying your high school sweetheart. >> six-year-old twins get on schoolbus in our area. the bus' red lights are. it's stop signs are out cars keep going. local grandfather called jeff cole. what happens when fox 29 investigates gets on the case. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> death of a tv legend. beloved actress mary tyler moore. her final hours. >> then, secret service shocker. the agent who said she wouldn't take a bullet for president trump. >> a little disturbing. >> plus, outpouring of love for "dancing with the stars" erin andrews. >> and, what women and men can learn from her shocking cancer diagnosis. >> and, you have never seen twins like these, one is black, the other one is white. >> these are my miracle babies. >> then, the iconic image of marilyn monroe. now, the lost footage of one of


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