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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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look at numbers, plus, the mayor's response. and, this ba all-star voters to not trust the process apparently. joel embiid will not make it out as a reserve, his reaction to the news may be one of his best tweets yet and that is why fans love him. they love what he tweets. >> #don't trust the process. he will have a chance, more for a date to date rihanna. >> do you think he has a chance. >> i thought this means he doesn't have a chance. >> he will have another chance >> next year. >> good day, everyone we made to it friday, january 27th, 2017. good morning to you thomas. >> good morning. we made it. >> we made it. >> tgif, good morning to you. >> yes, we have a colder start out there this morning but you don't need your umbrella. that is a good thing. we will give you a seven out of ten in weather by the numbers. there it is. thank you. we have got bus stop buddy, first off, no umbrella second
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of all not going to rain on his check late cake because it is national chocolate cake take. >> thank you, been kelly. >> temperatures, wind chills in the 30's. we have a few cloud around this morning, a few lake effect, snow band coming down but not as far as our area. we don't think that will happen to take. even though temperatures in the 40's, wind chills are in the 30's, out there this morning. so make sure you dress warmly enough just like bus stop buddy did. he had his flyers cap on. they won last night at home. they have 14 miles an hour sustain wind in philadelphia, we have recorded a 31 miles an hour wind gust in wilmington. wind are still an issue today, here in philadelphia, it is 42 t 7:13 officially and we should see decent sunshine to take but temperatures will this is move too much, as this cold air continues to enter the area. cold northwesterly wind. high temperature really around 44 degrees but with the wind bob, it will not feel like it.
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chilly. >> sound good, chilly. good morning, everybody. tgif, we are looking good on the 42 freeway starting to see volume pop copping in towards the city here but we are certainly in for much easier ride today then this time yesterday, all of the met or cades delays, closures, barriers all pick up and gone. we are opened for business here in philadelphia. we have the close another here of that turnpike connection bridge, you can use scudder falls, trenton morrisville bridge or burlington bristol bridge as an option, septa back to normal on that paoli, media, lance tail, we have had down wires causing hot mess for everybody heading home last night. the head up though they have kick in a new timetable on sun take. make sure you get your new schedule today so you are good to go for monday. same deal with patco they are changing up schedules over weekend, and rolling into town , the philadelphia auto show opening up at pennsylvania convention center tomorrow and that will bring volume this weekend into center city especially there on that vine street expressway
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mass transit looking good with no delays. protesters, filling the streets of philadelphia, rallying against president donald trump's policies during his speech, to g.o.p. leaders. >> protest lasted long after president trump left philadelphia, last one ending around 10:00 p.m. and they are in the over just yet. we are ready for another day of g.o.p. retreats and protesters. >> lets go out to jenny joyce, on this past several days now, good morning to you, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and alex. we know there will be protesters outside of city hall, that will be a women's protest, later today. as far as g.o.p. retreat goes as these lawmakers plan to exit philadelphia by way of 30th the street station there will be another protest, to send them off, from there. immigration, health care, women's right, several hot button issues have people voicing their concerns and
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frustration was chants, signs, people who weren't protesting were also frustrated with all of the traffic. some people told our chris o'connell last night that they had a hard time getting home, getting to work, getting around the city because of clogged city streets but the protesters, these actions are necessary, some people talked to us about the messages that they hoped to send to the president and other elected official hossa tended the g.o.p. retreat. >> he hasn't done anything to heel or to bring people together. he wants, to continue his campaign of hate and divisive ness. >> going against obama care. it helps people. >> reporter: yesterday, in the middle of the protest we did hear that wawa at broad and walnut was forced to close because angry people caused damage inside the store. employees were left to clean
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it up. that was obviously a low point in the the night but overall police seemed satisfied, chief inspector joe sullivan says there were zero arrests, thomas and alex. >> always encouraging when you hear in arrests, people have the right to protest, they have a right to bear their emotion bus in a peaceful manner. >> president trump is upsetting many people in philadelphia with his comments about crime rising in our city during his speech trump said murder rate in philadelphia was going up but statistics show the opposite is true. >> here in philadelphia the murder rate has been steady, i mean just terribly increasing. >> wow. >> city leaders quick liz yum pink to the defense of philadelphia, to set the record straight. >> steve keeley live at police headquarters, this morning breaking down facts and figures, steve. >> reporter: at one time this city had over 500 murders, that was in the 70's and 80's. now we have had less than half that. we had a 45 year low a couple
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years ago. mayor kenney is like what the heck is this guy talking about while we showed a lot of people our video from yesterday, very impressive show, by the philadelphia police department another perfect game by them. i don't want to say that because we have one more day but how many cities in this country, can have a lot of protesters, thousands and not have one singal rest is this no complaints against the philadelphia police. how cool is that? this is a consistent thing. they would be the award winner if they gave such an award because you saw what happened in washington. whole lot different then what happened here? so the mayor was pointing out these guys, and girls, ladies and men from the philadelphia police department out there, keeping order, protecting trump's life, while he is inside, quote denigrating them he was talking about how bad crime rate is here. we were wondering what he could be talking about.
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we have talk to recent numbers and long term numbers. recently maybe he is talking about this month january, 27 murders, already, just 17 in the first few taste of january last year. so maybe just talking about the last few weeks. if he was talking about last decade look at how far we have come down 391 murders ten years ago and 277 last year. and, mayor kenney also pointed out hey, until that number is zero we will not be zero but philadelphia police department , every day, working to get crime rate low, and this police tenth has got a community policing model that other cities in this country are following, so he is just plane wrong when he says philly's crime is out of control and mayor kenney called it fake facts, thomas and alex, you will be familiar with that term as we combine alternative facts phrase with his fake news phrase and that is when mayor kenney did a combined it and said this is headache facts. >> wonder if that is a new term then people will use.
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>> he went off script, he was supposed to say, stable, as far as crime stats tics. >> reporter: it is almost like he got lost and started adlib bing and sometimes that is when he gets lost in the weeds some people think. >> president trump will have his first meeting with the foreign leader at the white house. he will meet with teresa may, british prime minister. she spoke at the g.o.p. right here in philadelphia because she was in philadelphia yesterday. today's meeting comes one day after announcement natalie meeting with mexican president nieto was called off. 6:08. developing this morning in fairmount a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital after his cruiser right there collides with another car. it happened in west girard avenue, in north 26th, around 2:30 this morning. two people in the other car were not hurt. we understand officer is in stable condition, the cause of the crash is under investigation. we are following developing news out of chester
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, police are investigating shots fired on the 500 block of east 23rd street, according to police house was shot around 1:00 this morning, no word if anyone was in the home at the time or if anyone was injured. a woman is battered and bruised after an armed robbery inside of her store, turned violent, this is video right there what the gun man wound up grabbing, hear her story. seven year-old mystery from south jersey solved in the jungles of the south pacific. how did a world war two solder 's ring finally see the light of the day again.
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woman is speaking out about what happened with her natalie hope natalie attacker is brought to justice. >> surveillance video from gold star operations on elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia shows a man pistol whipped the owner after barging in the shop. he even shook her violently all for a hundred dollars. sixty year-old would hand says she's still scared after this incident. >> he hit the me, in the forehead, a few times. >> he hit you in the the fur head two times. >> yes, right here. >> she says that she's never had anything like this happen this 15 years of running her business, police are still looking for that robber. reason why we showed these videos people say why do you keep showing them. that is why to get a low life like that off the street. take another look, it is only a small little portion of his
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face but if you know anything, heard thinking you know what to to give police a call. a new development in the amtrak derailment in philadelphia, why the engineer amtrak train 188 is now suing amtrak. creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's.
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new weather pattern in place after a rain ended, yesterday, and see evidence of that with lake effect snow some making it to the central part of the state but we did get a report on twitter, thank you, about a few flurries in berks county. so out west, lancaster county, berks county, lehigh valley, poconos you height see flurries this morning. it the is as far as it will get but let me necessity if you see a snow flower think morning. 42 degrees in philadelphia 30 in mount pocono. forty in wildwood. so temperatures aren't too bad , but wind chills are colder, we still have wind to deal with, 35 is what it feels like in philadelphia, remember to dress for that. 14 miles an her sustained wind in the city. most of the wind in the teens but we have wind gusts in the say 18 to 29 miles an her range, depending where you are now, a late weekend, clipper, we're talking about possibility of the low pressure system sliding by to our south, and from sun take
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into monday, and a lot of disagreement on the computer models. only one gives us any snow from it and it doesn't look like much at all maybe a coating, possibility that will affect mob morning commute. we have to watch for it over the weekend. so 44 degrees to take, seasonal temperature both saturday and sunday. you shouldn't have any problems with the weather, as long as you wear your winter coat all weekend. we will see what happens with the monday thing, that monday, something/something, yeah. >> yes, right. >> and then we just count on those cold temperatures continuing through groundhog take. >> you take rest of the morning to work on that monday thing. >> all right. >> before monday gets here. 6:16. good morning. how is your curb, curve check, starting to pick up volume. a lot of toll accounts used mass transit yesterday to avoid getting stuck in the motorcade delays. no problems here on the vine street expressway, looking good, in and out of town town. they are working on the 30 bypass westbound heading out
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toward downington, town to one lane, hopefully they will be out of there shortly. turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic. we have a coupletive rent options on the the pennsylvania side, we will to new jersey side first, exit 7a , exit five or four, from the pennsy side, scudder falls , trenton morrisville bridge, burlington bristol inn definitely we will do tea tore s again this weekend. we have a movie shoot tonight beginning at 7:00 until tomorrow morning they are shutting down jfk boulevard and market street they will be shooting vehicle traffic between 15th and 20th street and, of course, with philadelphia we have construction. naturally we have construction delays. yfk boulevard is already closed at that point because of a new construction project so keep that in mind. are you hungry this morning? are you ready. >> wow. >> everybody loves scrapple. everybody loves frenchfries. let's put them together and i've got scrapple fries, to take, i will head out to the coffee station in morton,
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pennsylvania. come on by try them with me we will see you live starting at 9:00, alex. >> can you put cheese on top. >> we will dip, lots of dip. >> i don't know if you are into dipping because how is your stomach after yesterday's big mac sauce. >> shout out to the people of wawa this morning. how is your stomach after you pick up those apple. >> are you feeling better. >> yeah, yeah. >> i was getting tweets, everyone saying, i had four bottles in the back of his car they are giving them out like that. >> now they are selling them on e bay. >> we will tell you how much. >> insane. >> 6:18. mary tyler moore show is helped city of minneapolis get put on the map and house used for exterior shots is on the market. it has been on the market for a little while thousand good fans are new stopping by the home to horn loss of harry tyler more, she died wednesday at age of 8o iconic victorian style home is for sale, asking
6:19 am
rise is just under 1.7 million-dollar. >> 9500 square feet and i remember mary tyler moore she said, they did the exterior shot and then they came back, to shoot more exterior shots. the home owner, people were knocking on the doors is mary home. she was so tired of the tour buses coming by, stopping by, people knock ago this she put impeach nixon sign on her front lawn so they wouldn't shoot more exterior shots. >> wow, and that worked. >> they need permission from the home owner. >> she rebuild. >> i wonder if it is still in the family then the home, i guess it is for sale, i guess they are trying to get rid of it. >> 1.7. >> interested. >> if i had that kind of money >> are you. >> no. >> 6:19. beautiful home. >> south jersey man has a very special keep sake, well, he never expect to see. >> it is all thanks to the
6:20 am
complete stranger, thousands of miles away. karen, you are here to explain this one. >> this story is 70 years in the making man reunited with his father's high school class ring, neat ceremony in audubon last evening. it all starts with this man, this is edward dodds, an audubon high school class of 1938, he lost ring during world war two stationed in the south pacific. decades later there is a farmer in new gunie, he find that ring digging in the soil and runs this is guy from australia who began to research the word written on it. it said audubon high school. school's alumni association used initials on the ring to track it all the way down and they found, edward's son. >> why were we chosen for this set of domino toss line up and create this story for us to keep. that is what we take from today is the story as much as the ring that we can share for future generations? his tatter tied 20 years ago
6:21 am
and new has tamly has this ring to remember him by, most certainly, even more. they never even knew it existed but they say they will cherish it, guys. >> what are the odds of getting that back? amazing. >> it is just remarkable that someone find it, keep it think you find someone else lets go track it down and begin this adventure and then it all happens. pretty neat. >> yes, keep sake, from his father then. >> so cool, thanks, karen. votes are in but joel embiid he is not, the sixers rookie sensation, gets snubbed we will show you his reaction to the news and, of course, typical joel embiid.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, flyers playing their last game before the nhl all-star break thursday night helps continuing the toronto mapel leafs, jay voracek not going to the break happy, it is his stick, snap it, cannot use it for wood, it is fiberglass. wayne simmonds with the goal, one to nothing flyers. it is one-one late third
6:25 am
period, flyers, buzzing. he gets his own rebound, buried it, flyers win two - one. they have won three straight games. >> three games but i like the way we played all three games and for us, it is just keeping that mind set, you know, not sitting back, and not making mistakes. >> obviously we can still get better, we can still improve, as a team but we're definitely going in the writ treks. >> joel embiid will not be a member of the eastern conference all-star game, coaches and conference, did in the include them in the vote last night. that is sports in the minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> he didn't make it. i'm sure you are wondering how did he take it he went to social media to rack. maybe within of his best tweet s, once again, the popular vote didn't matter. and the reference to the fact that he to finish in third lays with what was necessary to get in but it was players
6:26 am
and coach that he is kept him from playing in the game. >> he tweeted i guess a date, talking about the date with re hand, there were reports it was a model in canada. i don't know which one it was. he said tait not gonna happen. that dude on tv clearly hates me for no reason. #, big goof, #trust the process. >> we have been trying to figure out who that dude on tv is. our producer thinks it is shack. >> do you think it is shack, ryan, what are you hearing? >> last night shack said that embiid has an unfair advantage because he doesn't play back to back nights. when he does play he is more rested. >> again, i didn't see it myself, that is what i was reading. >> what to you think, the big guy is, let us know, it is always next year. >> he is a rising star. the as long as he stays healthy, he will be in it. we have to work on that tait the now. >> he needs to work on the date, sue. >> yes, that kiehl is big, men to be goofy, i'm thinking that
6:27 am
kiehl. >> i'm thinking you better get ready for cold temperatures to stick around for a while, we have got, lake effect they and let you know if any snowflakes in your future coming up.
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final day before their retreat where they will be met
6:30 am
with protests, later today. also ahead on good day he was brianed while serving his country but he didn't let it the slow him down. meet retired army officer whose brian faith helped him become a motivational speaker. he will address g.o.p. leaders today in philadelphia. bag of chips save your life? how, the latest innovation, could keep trunk drivers off the road. >> who would have thought we get a life lesson from tostito s. good day, it is friday, january 27th, 2017. it got windy again. >> last night, kind of kept you up a bit, sue. >> true, wind are still with us today, keeping things chilly out there but who cares , it is national chocolate cake day. bus stop buddy celebrate ago this and win of the flyers, over toronto last night, chills are in the 30's, that means wind chills, of course, and you can see evidence of the cold air, moving this, with the lake effect they band if you see flurry or two north
6:31 am
or west of the city don't be surprised. it is 42 degrees in philadelphia, that is still a degree a have above normal for this time of the year for a high temperature but you have to factor in the wind, this is what it feels like, it feels like 35 in the city, feels like 33 degrees in wildwood, feels like 19 in mount pocono and 29 in lancaster. those are wind chills, win speed are generally in the teens but we have seen some hefty win gusts here and there including this 31-mile an hour gust in wilmington, so yeah, guys, it will be a windy day, and 42 is our current temperature, but it feels like 35, sunrise is at 7:13 this morning and high of 44 today, wind stayed with us all day long and really tonight on too with wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. it will be an extra blanket on the bed tonight, bob kelly, it is a cold one. >> snug he will weather, good snug he will weather, maybe some grilled cheese. >> good morning, a live look at the blue route near
6:32 am
conshohocken no problems or delays, all of the road are try and everything is open. we don't have have any motorcades on the agenda today good morning to the bennie looking good working your way in to downtown philadelphia, left over construction on the the bypass, westbound, heading out towards downingtown down to one lane, maybe another half an hour or so and then watching the down the shore we have a shut down of route nine , blocked atsion road because of down wires, garden state parkway is going to be best alternate, turnpike connection bridge remains closed through weekend, really inn definitely from new jersey folks using exit 7a, exit five or four, exit six is blocked and from the pennsylvania side scudders falls trenton morrisville bridge, burlington bristol bridge. we have a movie shoot later tonight. they are shutting down yfk boulevard and market street beginning at 7:00, between 15th and 20th and keep in mind this new project just kicked in yesterday, the next stretch
6:33 am
from 20th over to schuylkill avenue is closed. coming for the auto show be ready for big delays. alex and thomas, back to you. 6:33. demonstrators at republican retreat held protests late the in to the night there. they are fanning out across the city once again today. >> that is as we get ready for day three of the retreat, final day, jenny joyce, so what are you expecting today. >> reporter: it is final day, alex and thomas, we are expecting a protest at 30th street station, later this morning as g.o.p. lawmakers, depart from the loews hotel from center city and make their way back to washington. lets take a look at the scene there yesterday through late last night thousands of people parked packed market street to send message toss lawmakers related to immigration, health care, women's rights and other hot button issues that have have already come up in executive order, or congressional conversations just one week into, trump's presidency. people who did not participate
6:34 am
in the protest tell us they were frustrated because it was hard to navigate the crowds, but spending hours in the street they believe was worth it because they believe these issues on the table will have a direct impact on their family's futures. >> climate change. i don't want them to deny it. i don't want them to break up all of those progress we have made. >> we cannot roll the clock back to a place where people have to worry about preexisting conditions for cancer, other common diseases, and where we are forced to go in high risk pools because of health conditions that we have in control over. >> i think it is a disaster how they close the city down, cost the city so much money on police force, first of all to protest the president is in there already, that they all would have voted, at the time, maybe their vote would have counted. >> reporter: people feeling frustrated on both sides, but
6:35 am
despite, thousands who packed market street for yesterday's protest of the president's visit, police tell thaws there were zero arrests, they were certainly satisfied with these situations from yesterday, alex and thomas. >> okay, thanks for that update, jenny we will see how it goes. after donald trump's speech here in philadelphia yesterday, the white house released tea tails of how it plans to get mexico to pay for border wall. they are considering a 20 percent import tax on goods coming from mexico. u.s. and mexico conduct $1.6 billion a day in cross border trade but donald trump said on a she last night that it is unfair agreement. >> we give mexico money, we subsidized things in mexico. it is a one way street. we have a massive, billions and billions and billions of doll ars, when does it stop? when does it stop. >> avenues of the proposed import tax broke chief of
6:36 am
staff reince priebus says it is just one bit of a evidence. they cancelled their meeting next week because of that wall dispute. we will see. also on the show last night president trump addressed use of torture and water boarding. >> interrogation tactics natalie trump administration says it will not use. >> torture is realtor tour. water boarding is, i'm sure it is this is pleasant but water boarding was just short of torture. you know, all of a sudden they made it story. here's the story, look. i spoke with people the other day who are in this world that we're talking about. they say absolutely it works. absolutely it works. now, general mattis says he doesn't intend to use it. i'm with him all the way. do i believe it works? yes, i do. >> some intelligence and military officials have said harsh interrogation methods are not the effective in getting critical intelligence from detainees.
6:37 am
coming up on 6:37, troubling numbers from the philadelphia school district. a new report speculate tore day it will show natalie district's aging buildings need nearly $5 billion for repairs and that is according to district found there are more than 12,000 outstanding repairs and delayed maintenance as part of the reason why they are in such bad shape. alarming numbers from education officials in new jersey, too. they have received 21 notifications with elevated levels of lead in the drinking water. they do not the say which school district, schools have until july to complete their lead testing. 6:37. we are learning this morning federal investigators say the engineer, amtrak train, involved in the deadly crash this delaware county last year had marijuana. operator had marijuana and opioidness his system. report released yesterday the ntsb says the engineer said he felt rested and alert at the time, of the april 2016 crash. two maintenance workers performing work on the track from chester died when train
6:38 am
89 ran into their equipment. the ntsb also reports that a lacks safety culture also contributed to that deadly wreck. by the way engineer behind the controls of the train 89 is no longer employed with amtrak. and the engineer at controls of the amtrak train that derailed in port richmond , and killed eight people is now suing amtrak. brandon bostian says amtrak never addressed reports of people throwing things at passing trains, and he claims he was left disoriented or unconscious when something hit his train moments before the train left the track in may 2015. federal investigators found no evidence natalie train was ever hit the with anything. bostian is seeking more than $50,000 for physical and psychological injuries. land down mother is asking for help finding a son, has been missing since november. twenty year-old william tony lives in west philadelphia but hung out in sharon hill and upper darby. his mother says she last spoke to him november 17th but in 1 has seen or heard from him
6:39 am
since. tony works at macy's in center city and student at community college of philadelphia his hotter said she knew something was wrong the sunday he didn't show up at her house for dinner. >> i called his job. he hadn't been to work. that sort of kind of took it to the next level for us and then when the night before thanksgiving which is something we usually spend as a tamly together, that is when i decided to call, and get in contact with the police. >> east landsdowne police say there has been no activity on social media or cell phone. on the main line a 50 year-old would hand is recovering this morning after a manhole cover shot up, hit her and broke her ankle. it happened at west ardmore avenue. peco tells is that the blast came from an underground cable but it is still investigating exactly what happened here. the hundreds of people lost power but services are back up , and running. story that will move you right here he was blinded while serving his country but didn't let it slow him town. meet retired army officer
6:40 am
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good morning, 6:42 on a friday morning. we have a disable vehicle i-95 northbound right at that girard point double decker
6:43 am
bridge for anybody leaving airport or delco heading this toward philadelphia look out. hello to bellmawr, new jersey as sun begins to rise, 42 freeway headlights coming towards the city, friday mornings are usually lighter so hopefully it stays that way we have new schedules this weekend for all of the septa's regional rail lines so grab that, today so you're good to go for monday, and delays, left over there last night, they repaired wires, so we should be off to a good start. no problems on patco, however, they have a new schedule coming into effect also on the patco high speed line over the weekend. if you are watching us down the shore route nine is closed atsion road all due to down wires, garden state parkway is the way to go. it is weekend. lots of out door plans. sue what is the forecast going to be like? we will ask sue serio that question in 15 seconds.
6:44 am
yesterday at this time it was raining. now we will look at radar and oh, there is snow, none of it seems to be making its way here or at least not much, maybe a flurry or two far up to the west or north, but right the now it is all about the temperature. while we have 42 degrees in philadelphia right now, which is above the average high temperature, you factor in the wind and it feels like 35 and these wind chills are all pretty much in the 20's and 30 's this morning. nineteen is what it feels like in mount pocono, wind speeds are in the teens, wind gusts are in the 20's and 30's and that is going to be the situation with us all weekend long. we're watching possibility of the clipper system sneaking in , sunday maybe even into hon , and then, so, we will keep an eye on that for the possibility of a little maybe some flurries monday morning, but in the meantime just get used to these, cold, temperatures, they will stay with us for the foreseeable
6:45 am
future, alex and thomas. >> roller coaster continues, sue, thanks. to the inspiring story of major scott smilely, he is now retired but preaching his unbelievable tail of hope after life took an unexpect turn. life was fairly normal for scott and his wife tiffany but that change april 6th 2005 when a suicide car bomber blew himself up just 30 meters in front of striker vehicle. he lost his vision in both eyes but instead of the shutting the world out he used his blind faith to inspire the world, he is a try athlete, author and now father of three young boys. >> he and his wife are speaking a the republican retreat. joining us we are very honored major scott smilely and his wife here, good morning. >> good morning. >> you are familiar with philadelphia. >> i have been here a few times, west point graduate we'd come down and lay a tough game with navy. i am proud to realize the win this year against navy.
6:46 am
the winning streak continues. >> certainly toss. >> it is amaze to go read your story and all you have overcome. can you take us back to that moment. >> it was another day in iraq. we were regularly attacked by the insurgents, and then i found myself in front of the suspicious vehicle, so last thing i remember was seeing a man, raise his hand in the air and, you know, after he slowed ded my world went black. waking up a week later, trying to gain back my memory and realized he had blown himself up, trying to take as many lives as possible and he took my eye sight and really change both tiffany and my life forever. >> it is a call every hillary spouse dreads when they are tea replied high world, fell into a million piece that he is day as well. it was our family, our friends , our military community that surrounded us, and we're here speaking at g.o.p. retreat about teamwork,
6:47 am
we know it is an impossible daunting task ahead which we tasted on that take but together we have been able to to so much with our military families. and they are so resilient and they inspire us to keep going and when you have that kind of support behind you, you have to get up and push on. >> what we saw there, video of you in the hospital, picture of you in the hospital, when you are in the hospital bed and your whole world has changed how do you find that hope. >> it was tough. i was raised a christian. there is a time i gave up faith. i questioned god. there was anger, fear, just stress. i cannot take care of myself how willie take care of my life. high wife sorting, my family, friend, i quickly realized that denying god is darkest lazy had ever gone and i knew where light was. asking for forgiveness and for giving the man who blue himself up enabled me to begin recovery and begin the long
6:48 am
recovery. we have had very tough days. we still have tough days but it is working together as a team and through that we can ago establish so much. i hope legislative branch, not the just hears what we're saying but acts likewise whether it be helping veterans , working together bipartisan leader this up to grow this country to continue to be the best in the world. >> you have a book, it is called hope unseen. >> yes. >> why is that titled that way >> you know, we all have hope, but it is that unseen hope that can truly carry us through the worst of the worst and i give great examples of tough times, but how i was able to come up, about and recover, and it is again through family, friend and for me faith that enabled me to see how i can accomplish things in which no one ever expect me to. >> i went to your facebook
6:49 am
page, sky diving. >> yes. >> you know, you have to have fun every once in a while. i'm blessed my wife. >> a how him to to that. >> it is interesting, scott says, he is to still the same person. he does everything he have would have done before but just different, way. it is being opened. why we're here, speaking this week, let's just talk about these things. there is multiple ways to look at problems we taste and there is a positive way, positive road to take every time and that ultimately is what helps you accomplish what your end goalies. >> we not only public speak across the united states, and sharing hope and faith but i also work for investment bank, located here this philadelphia , called treks he will hamilton and it is service disabled veteran owned business which lawrence stall is a vietnam veteran was injured and just realized, you know, veterans aren't really able to enter into the banking world. they are not given interviews over in jalalabad or bag tad
6:50 am
for investment bank and it is justty for men like myself and women who are injured, or veterans at the age that they are to enter into the investment banking world. so, he started this business here in philadelphia and it has grown quite large, now into new york and it is just amazing to see how veterans can really push forward and accomplish our goals. >> and our hope toys start putting veterans at the top and bringing real change and these are, these men and women and families have been fighting for over a decade since 9/11 it has been hard. time to put them backup at the top. >> yes. >> fight to go get better health. >> nation has to sacrifice when we come back. we should be able to care for them in an appropriate the way and honor them. >> yes. >> before we go, you mentioned family, there is so many pictures we have been through of you and your three children , tell them about us. >> our oldest grady, graham and youngest a the four
6:51 am
year-old is baylor. they are full of injury. tiffany says we have three boys. she forgets to mention me. but they love sports is. athletics, they love academics they are amazing energy. i have just as much fun with them as i possibly can. >> they take uber ride all over the place. >> they were all born after the accident, is that part of your motivation. >> by all means. i'm a father now. i have to be a father. i have changed dirty typers, cleaned up, i am a father and being an exam tomorrow give them hope, faith and to set their path in the right direction. so i have a blast with them. anytime tiffany takes off for weekend she just prays to the wall. >> what is next on the adventure list. >> we're still working it out, turf ask permission but i love hiking outside, in the wintertime, it is just fun to
6:52 am
live life freely but right the now it is just of work for treks he will hamilton and then making positive change within the new administration in and around veterans, making sure that we place them first, they get the care and the need that they so deserve. >> i will say i heard you say something about april arctic contact so i don't know you why are being shy about it. >> yes. >> he doesn't want to present the land right here. >> we will be to go you and honor to meet you. thank you for your service and thank you for inspiring us. >> thank you. >> see you this weekend around 8:00 a.m. at your retreat. we will look forward to hearing more. >> who says bankers aren't cool. >> that is right. >> we will be right back.
6:53 am
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a lot of people like to eat. >> frito lay is hoping chips can help there getting behind the wheel. >> they have part third with moth's begins drunk driving to make a tostitos party bag as a sensor to detect alcohol on a person's breath. if you have been drinking just breathe on the bag and third one it turns into a red steering wheel. message reads don't drink and drive. it also flashes an uber code to use to get the a discounted
6:56 am
ride home, company's only handing out 1,000 of these bags at super bowl promotion but it is an interesting idea. >> if you have to breathe on the bag it is a good independent case you shouldn't be driving. >> a lot of people know when they have done, you know your limit and you have done too much and hand over keys. >> it is cool because it starts conversation at a party , talk bit, say hey, maybe you shouldn't be driving , get that ten-dollar coupon to take a uber. it has a chip or a tracking tea vice within the bag that you can, dispatch an uber. >> really. >> that is cool. >> yes, true. >> if not they should work on it. >> i wonder, are they giving them away. >> about a thousand away, cool to buy one in the store. >> would be. >> we will see what happens, maybe popular and then we will see. >> i will take an hour break, leave you a second, karen hepp in the studio, she will be filling in, while i -- >> you will be coming back.
6:57 am
>> yes. >> we are getting it together. >> coming up this morning at 6:57. >> yesterday president trump spoke in philadelphia and he was talking about philadelphia when it comes to the murder rate, steve. >> yes, 27 murders in 27 days so far this 2017, is that what he was referring to when he lumped philadelphia into chicago's murder crime rate is this
6:58 am
6:59 am
we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove.
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donald trump stirring up local controversy, touring his speech this philadelphia. >> here in fill at murder rate has been steady, let me just -- terrible increasing. >> did he get it right? we will break down numbers plus how mayor jim kenney is reacting right thousand. g.o.p. leaders are getting ready to lead philadelphia but in the before one last gathering tour their leadership retreat. and, they will be protesters where gatherings are planned for later today. and rev up those engines hottest cars this is world, they are rolling into philadelphia, this weekend, we have got a sneak peak at the what you will find inside the philadelphia auto show when it opens up tomorrow. and the votes are in but joel embiid is not, the sixers rookie sensation is left off of the all-star game roster, why his reaction to the news


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