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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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donald trump stirring up local controversy, touring his speech this philadelphia. >> here in fill at murder rate has been steady, let me just -- terrible increasing. >> did he get it right? we will break down numbers plus how mayor jim kenney is reacting right thousand. g.o.p. leaders are getting ready to lead philadelphia but in the before one last gathering tour their leadership retreat. and, they will be protesters where gatherings are planned for later today. and rev up those engines hottest cars this is world, they are rolling into philadelphia, this weekend, we have got a sneak peak at the what you will find inside the philadelphia auto show when it opens up tomorrow. and the votes are in but joel embiid is not, the sixers rookie sensation is left off of the all-star game roster, why his reaction to the news
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hey advise you. good day everybody, it is friday. >> wow. >> we're all excited january 27th, 2017. you got a late night yesterday >> it was, i came back and did evening news for motorcades. running a little behind, but, today is that the chocolate cake day. >> yes. >> that headaches everything better. >> dunkin' heinz extra hoist. >> it is also fun at workday. >> that is every take here. >> i'm excited for chinese new year, dragons, food. >> yes. >> all right. the lets get you ready for the colder, temperatures that moved in yesterday, after the rain ended. with cry weather, seven out of ten for weather by the numbers , bus stop buddy, chocolate cake, check. the flyers cap, check. they won last night, they beat toronto at home. we are off to a chilly some what cloudy start with wind chills this is 30's and there is radar, you can see snow, it is not here, western part in
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the state, it does indicate that lake effect that it is a lot colder, so we have wind gusts, 20 to 30 miles an hour in places, and, the clouds, persisting here in philadelphia with 42 degrees, wind makes it feel like 34, sunrise is official in a few minutes at 7:13. so we're not moving much with our temperatures, we will probably get to a high of 44 but with the wind gusting as high as 30 miles an hour at times, bob kelly, it will feel chillier, grab your ear muffs. >> i don't know if i have ear muffs but i'll tell you what i think i'll get a pair. good morning everybody. we are in good shape on our major roadways. i-95 is seeing a delay working your way through construction zone, an accident here on the pennsylvania turnpike between norristown and fort washington also route nine down the shore is closed, zion road, down wires, so folks using garden state parkway. here's a live look at schuylkill expressway, no
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motorcade hadness today. cool shot of the sky line, art museum we are seeing some volume popping in the city. same deal from south jersey north on the tree way, pockets of volume out of bellmawr heading in toward 295. mass transit at the moment looking good with no reported delays. on the streets of philadelphia, rallying against president donald trump's policies during his speech to g.o.p. leaders. >> the president protest, lasted long, last one ending around 10:00 p.m. last night. they are not over yet. jenny, they are ready for day three at final day of the g.o.p. retreat. >> reporter: yes, they are alex. we are hearing this time they will move protest to 30th street station, so they can, send the g.o.p. leaders, back to washington, with a little send off there. immigration, health care,
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women's rights, several hot button issues has people voicing their concerns with frustrations with chants and signs. these are images from last night. people who weren't protesting were also frustrated with all of the traffic in the city. some people told our chris o'connell they had a hard time getting home, getting to work, getting around the city because of blocked streets. but to the protesters these actions are necessary. some people talk to them about the messages that they hope to send to the president and other elected official hossa tended this retreat. >> he hasn't said anything to heel, or to bring people together. he just, he wants to continue his campaign of hate and divisiveness. >> trying to get rid of obama care. without obama care, several million people in this country would not have health care. >> reporter: we are hearing there is some sort of issue at wawa at broad and walnut forced to close because of angry people caused damage
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inside the store and employees were left to clean it up. the expense of that is a little bit of unclear. in the sure of the repercussions of that either because police tell us that all of yesterday thousands of protesters out here, and zero arrests, alex? >> that says a lot, good work. thanks, jenny. >> certainly. yesterday i was out and around in that area and there were police officers every where, lining up, everybody was peaceful and they are just protecting their rights to free speech. >> we are doing. that we have big event, police are really good at managing crowds, letting people say their peace and not having any problems disturbing peace. >> reporter: president trump is upsetting many people in fail with his comments about crime rising in our city. here's what he had to say. >> here in philadelphia the murder rate has been steady, i mean just terribly increasing. >> city leader quickly jumping to the defense of philadelphia to set the record straight. >> lets get over to police headquarters where steve keeley is, he has all of the
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thumbs so we can see, is that a true statement or what do you think, steve. >> reporter: well, see the worth integrity, honor, integrity and service is model of the philadelphia police department. if you ask mayor kenney, either mayor, if you ask mayor kenney integrity is not a word wow use to describe donald trump especially when he refers to philadelphia yesterday in that speech when he seemed to not read the teleprompter or what was on there or what he was supposed to say. that was the perception. the lets look at more video of philadelphia's police department hard at work, again , throwing another perfect game. they get through another major incident with no arrests, and no problems, no vandalism, no where near what you saw just days before in washington, and mayor kenney called donald trump's statement about philly crimes fake facts and while men and women of the philadelphia police department mayor kenney said were working out on the street protecting
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the president and other republican dignitaries putting their lives on the line every day to drive down the crime rate, he denigrates them. we're in a 40 year crime low what is he talking about? so we check with numbers. maybe donald trump was talking about this month already. we've got 27 murders and we only had 17 by this date last year? was he referring to that? who knows. he certainly could not be referring to the last ten years because in the past decade philly's crime rate and murder rate has gone way down. look at the murder numbers alone, 391 in 2007. and then, 277 last year. so, more than a hundred, but mayor kenney also said this we're not going to be happy until that number is at zero but certainly our crime is not out of control like the president made it seem to be. so not the happy with the president's referring philadelphia in the same line as chicago where there is a
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big problem right now, but mayor kenney and donald trump not the best of friend to begin w notice one other thing you guys in the video we have been showing on the visit here , mayor kenney not at the airport to greet him and welcome him here to philadelphia. no brotherly love there, for sure. >> nope, not at all, thanks, steve. we have a developing story right the now at 7:08 out the of fairmount a police officer had to be taken to the hospital after that vehicle you can see it there all crack up, it collided with another car, and this all happened on west girard avenue and north 26th street around 2:30. that is the other car there, were two people inside, they were not injured, the the officers injuries are not life threatening, but the causes under investigation but officials say they just think it is an accident. we're also following developing news out of chester around 1:00 police were called to the 500 block of east 23rd street for shots fire. police say that a home was shot numerous times and at this time we don't know if anyone was in the home or if
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anyone was injured. happening today, we have got some really troubling numbers from the philadelphia school districk this report will be released later today and tonight it shows their aiming buildings near $5 billion of repairs, according to district found that there are more than 12,000 outstanding repairs, the problem is, they have this is been fixing things along the way and delayed maintenance is reason why they are in such bad shape we have got some more alarming numbers, this is about lead in school drinking water in new jersey. the education officials have received 21 notifications there school district that they have had elevated levels of lead in the drinking water. where is this happening? they have not said which districts and schools have been affected? they have until july, to complete the lead testing. 7:09. there is a woman beat up, you can see black and blue marks underneath her eyes but she's not silenced by this one, she thinks it is important to speak out, and, off the the
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street. surveillance video from gold star operations on elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia you can see a has beinged man pistol whips owner after barging in the shop, he shook her violently and all for $100. sixty year-old woman said she's still scared. >> he hit me in the forehead, a few times. >> he hit you in the the information head two times. >> yes. >> she said she has never had anything like this happen this 15 years, of running her business, and you can really see the marks on her face. police are still looking for the robber. 7:10. president donald a trump host his first world leader at the white house later today. >> it is british prime minister teresa may. both countries are going through major transition ises. she was in our area yesterday speaking up the street and new she was in washington. >> she is following where donald trump is going, speaking to g.o.p. leaders and now going over to you in
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washington. >> reporter: that is right, i think she's taking the acela down. >> maybe. >> reporter: but, look it is a quick hop, in doubt, teresa may and donald trump will talk about that special relationship, between the u.s. and uk. it is something that leaders of the these two countries always reference but this meeting comes as both of them are trying to forge new alliances, new relationships on the world stage. donald trump solutes and walks up the stairs of air force one his first time as command they are chief still getting used to the new ride. >> beautiful. great plane. really beautiful. >> reporter: but this tool of international diplomacy will carry trump into a world that is quickly realigning, that will be clear later today as he meets with british prime minister teresa may shepherd ing her own country through exiting from the european union. she spoke at a republican gathering in philadelphia ahead of today's visit.
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>> because of that great victory you have won, america can be stronger, greater and more confident in the years ahead. >> reporter: while u.s. and uk 's relationship is strengthening u.s. ties to mexico are getting worse. president enrique pena net other cancelled u.s. visit next week because trump is moving forward on a border wall. >> people want protection. >> reporter: how will he pay for it? white house floated eye tea of a border tax, to force payments from mexico, but that may go over with a thud with free market republicans in congress that say nothing of democrats. >> we won't go back. >> reporter: trump's visit to philadelphia led to large protests, back in washington, later today, the march for life, the anti abortion event brought thousands each year, and vice-president mike pence will become the highest ranking administration official to ever a tend. >> reporter: speaking of meetings, between world leaders, we also understand there will be a phone call
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tomorrow a conversation between russian president putin and president donald trump. now back to you. >> we appreciate you keeping us updated, doug. 7:13. there are new developments in two deadly amtrak accidents that happened in our area, over the past two years. >> engineer of the train 188 is suing amtrak after that deadly 2015 derailment and also the ntsb has released its report on that deadly crash that happened in delaware county last year. >> so first we will start the with the operator of amtrak train 188, we have attorney fred tecci here with more on both the but for brandon bostian's lawsuit, report came out that it was human error but he is suing amtrak, why. >> unbelievable to me. here's a guy who caused one of the worst train wrecks in history. we have people dead. we have people paralyzed. the fact of the matter is this guy could have been killed. his guardian angel was working overtime, he got combat pay and he turns around and sues amtrak. he is claiming that he
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suffered from mental distress as a result of what happened but ultimately he was the guy driving the train that went in the 60-mile an hour curve at 109 miles an hour. i think for this guy to sue amtrak takes a lot of guts. >> his reasoning is amtrak failed to respond to reports that people were throwing things at trains and that is what distracted him because they weren't trying to handle the issue. >> i hear you, alex. those are his allegations. he is driving train. he has hand on the throttle. he hears there is issue about people throwing rocks at trains, there may be a problem what does he do? he continues on through the curve at 106 miles an hour. he was driving the train. the guy with the hand on the throttle was not his bosses, it was him. he should have gone through more safely. >> he is suing for $50,000 what do you think will happen. >> a couple things, he has right to sue his em lawyer, his claim is negligence, that they did something wrong and he got hurt. $50,000 is what you put in philadelphia common pleas court for purposes of whether or not arbitrator, heed eighth
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or. i guarantee he is asking a lot more than $50,000. what will happies case will move forward. amtrak will deciding whether they want to defend it. under our system of justice if there is an accident to you are the person that brings the lawsuit a lot of people ask what role did you play? how much was your fault? in some states if tit is 1 percent your fault you are done. in pennsylvania, if it is shown he was 51 percent like he caused, he was most responsible for the accident, he doesn't get ten cents. so we will see what happens. >> we have another big case, we had ntsb report that came out about the situation in chester. >> tragic. >> two workers were killed. >> it looks like they believe it was their fault, workers fault. >> the ntsb was very critical of amtrak and very critical of management. they indicated that, you know, amtrak had this those during the course of the investigation that because this was routine track work there was certain standard and certain procedures that they did not have to follow whiz makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.
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and so typical of the case, i studied them, airplane accidents, and actually worked for ntsb as a prosecutor, it is never one thing that causes an accident. it is a series of human errors in this case human errors there was a shift change. the foreman from the night shift didn't properly report back to the amtrak control guy and he realized the train came through here. the train was moving at 106 miles an hour, coming through there and the engineer he only had i think six to 17 seconds to react. you know, a train that weighs thousands and thousands of tons going a hundred miles an hour does not stop on a dime. so, ultimately, unfortunately horribly these two men were killed. >> didn't the report find that there was drug evidence as well with the driver. >> there was. the report found natalie marijuana had marijuana and open eighths but because he was given morphine at the time he was admitted to the hospital after the accident. but he did have marijuana in his system. and, obviously, in the state of pennsylvania, certainly you don't want your train drivers,
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smoking weed and then driving trains but the question is whether or not that played a role, and from all reports, including a video of the inside of the train cabin, this guy acted very quickly and did everything he possibly could under the circumstances. so he should not have been smoking grass. he had weed in his system. but ultimately whether or not that was contributing fact orr cause of the accident that remains to be seen. >> thanks for having me. >> enjoy your weekend. >> we will keep you updated on amtrak incidents as they move forward. >> yes. 7:17. well, go ahead. >> well, it is weekend. we are exited to see what the weekend weather is and sue has a surprise with a s in it on sunday. >> at the end of the weekend beach get the through the weekend dry, is there a very slight chance, little wintry precipitation monday morning, even you can see, a little bit of snowflakes or two and let's say this lancaster county, berks county we had a report and a few snow flakes showing up there. this is just flurries, it the
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is all from the lake east affect snow, which came on, when the cold air blew in after the rain ended yesterday , and ruined our mild temperatures, from wednesday and thursday morning. so it is 42 degrees now 306789 in mount pocono. forty in wildwood. but wind makes a difference. wind chillies 34, and it feels like it is below freezing in many areas this morning. keep that in behind before you send the kid out to the bus stop, it is 17-mile an hour sustain wind in philadelphia, we're seeing win gusts from 20 to 30 miles an hour. it the makes a difference. here's what is late weekend, sunday, perhaps into monday, here's a quick clipper system and sometimes they don't give us generally much, if anything in the way of snow. two computer models are saying next to months and one is saying a third of an inch of dusting of snow. so that is the situation here right thousand. it could change. in fact, here are the models, one says that the european model says a third of an this much of snow. we will keep comparing those
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models and tracking it for you over the weekend so make sure you watch "good day philadelphia"/weekend both sat the day and sunday. get the latest forecast then. we can promise you this it will stay cold for the next seven days, bob kelly. >> be sure you have enough cake to get you through weekend. 7:19. good morning. we are starting to see, schuylkill expressway coming around conshohocken curve. accident on the turnpike between fort washington and the norristown interchange it is heading eastbound and are you ready for breakfast? today, i will head out to the coffee station in morton, a where they have scrapple fries , see you there at 9:00 o'clock. we will take you here live on good day. new schedules coming our way this weekend on septa's regional rail lines. we had some big problems last night, hot the mess, down tree with down wires, everything is back to normal, and then they have new schedules coming into play on sunday, same deal for patco, and then they have already cancelled the 8:03 train again.
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coming into philadelphia. i hope natalie new schedules, reflect the actual times, so we don't have to deal dealing with what trains are cancelled , what ones are running short and no delays heading out of town this weekend down at philly international, karen and alex, back over to you. >> well, thanks, bob. joel embiid will not be a member of the eastern conference team for this years all-star game. >> so of course, joel embiid is taking to social media so funny puts out greatest tweets he talk about the snub and maybe his best tweet yet he says once again the popular vote didn't matter. >> reference to the fact that he finished third place in the fan vote ago monk big men but players and coaches that kept him from laying in the game. he sent out the tweet saying i guess big date is not going to happen and that dude on tv clearly hates least for no reason. not going with rihanna. >> he can try again. >> a lot of people were upset, he has changed this team.
7:21 am
at first he talk playoffs. people are like this is crazy. now there is a chance. >> team is winning. >> very exciting. >> bring the family. >> i love going to sixers games. they are so much fun. >> have you shown this yet. >> we have not. >> i don't know if this is tonight. >> year of the rooster. >> so ryan what game will they give these away. >> and at the game tonight. >> you will get one of these or a t-shirt, pretty cool. and since it is year of the rooster we will chinese new years celebration later in the the show and you can stick around for that. >> yes. 7:21. it is also philadelphia auto show. >> this is a big one, so much fun, we have a review right now, jen is over there showing off. >> bigger, better, more exciting then ever. check it out, we have jurassic park car, and over there you
7:22 am
have ghost busters truck. how about back to the future, we have david dodge here ape my favorite tum and dumb are car, get your 11 year-old, your grand mom you can hang out here. that is it i'm done.
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so many people were excited about the special sauce being given out yesterday and we posted a picture like where did you get it? well, for some people who did get their hand on it, they are trying to sell that now. >> big time for a whole lot of money. lets go up to new york and lauren simoneti. >> i saw a 15 you this dollars listing on e bay for the sauce that people got some for free. i went to the mcdonald's drive through and not only did i get mack junior i also got a chicken sandwich and french tries an it was delicious.
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but no bottle of the special sauce. did you guys put it on the banana, yesterday i don't remember. >> we did. we will put it on all kind of things, tastykake, banana. >> and. >> the tastykake and rice crispy treat but banana and celery and carrots it wasn't bad. >> okay. because you could, you know, you got it for free but if you sold it, that would be awesome but if someone doesn't want to spend money to buy it, just go buy thousand island dressing and put that on your car on the and celery. >> that is true. >> people are asking me read ingredient on the back. >> it is like 50 ingredients long. >> it does seem like it is thousand island dressing. i can in the find it the now. i think someone took it and maybe tried to sell it. >> it is opened, that is kind of gross, right. >> i think people would pay for something like that. >> two or one dollar. >> yes. >> you can get a hundred bucks for that. >> we should try, right.
7:27 am
>> it wouldn't hurt. >> people are buying other people -- >> buy alex special sauce and see how much it will go for. >> but i did pay extra attention to the the special sauce in my mack junior yesterday ape i have to tell you, that stuff is just good. >> it is good. >> go ahead. >> i have the idea of small amount, it is just perfect. >> do you know if they sell or give out more bottles in the the future or is that it. >> i haven't heard that they are, however, i can see them selling this on grocery store shelves, i mean obviously it is a hit, they selikoffe why not another company bottle it and sell it. >> it seems like it. we will have to see. thanks very much, lauren. >> you too, ladies. >> bye. >> we will check back with jen fred. she's seeing exciting things at the auto show, take us there, jen. we're trying to find keys to the car because david wants the jeep. pretty cool. kid can do this.
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and there is something for everyone here at philadelphia auto show. we will try to break in, after this. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. thanks to the cold wind blowing in and we are seeing a little bit here and there, of
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flower thinks morning right around new hanover but not a big deal, bigger tiehl is the temperature and wind chill. so 42 degrees feels like 34, as we get started this morning we will not the see temperatures move very much, 44 is predict high but it will feel colder then that thanks to the wind, and then 42, tomorrow, partly sunny on sun take with a high of 40 and then sunday into hon we will have to watch, a system, clip per system is what we're calling it, could bring us flurries, maybe less we will see what happens with that but we can promise colder temperatures continuing, through the rest of the week, into the weekend, and beyond, bob kelly. >> and beyond. >> 7:31. tgif, we are looking live at schuylkill expressway starting to see delays from conshohocken in towards center city. friday mornings are usually
7:32 am
lighter then other four taste but a lot of toll accounts readjusted their schedule because of the hoopla that was here in center city yesterday. vine street expressway slow go as you work over toward the schuylkill expressway, and 50 miles an hour on the schuylkill right here their girard avenue, and some delays coming in, there south philadelphia on the schuylkill an accident eastbound on the turnpike between norristown and fort washington and heading out of town maybe to some lays warm this weekend lucky you, this problems at all down at philly international, alex, back over to you. 7:32. president trump stirring up controversy, right here in philadelphia. during his speech yesterday, at g.o.p. retreat the president said this about the murder rate in our city. >> here in philadelphia the murder rate has been steady, i mean just terribly increasing. then you look at chicago. >> we have republican congressman path the path meehan here at the conference yesterday with democratic
7:33 am
congressman representative dwight evans. i want to start with you congressman meehan about this because you are a former u.s. attorney, former d.a., did you agree with the president's statement. >> well, numbers are numbers and i think, you though i have great respect for the philadelphia police tors and law enforcement and very good job that they do, the fact is last year at this time there were 17 murders. this year there are 27 murders at the same point. i think it speaks to people perfect concern about the fact that crime and feeling of safety, in the communities is something that is lacking, and the media will check them on the facts, and they should but when he speaks to things he is talking about things that people care about. when you get off on tangent of those other issues you missed the real point. i'm a by that cares about the
7:34 am
fact that people don't feel safe in their neighborhood. >> when you say he is a guy that cares, speaking of those issues don't you think he should have thumbs correct january 2017 there have been 27 homicide and last year there were 17 but when it comes to a month but yearly the thumbs they have certainly been down in 2007 we had 391 homicide, and in 2016, it was 277, so it has gone down. >> i told you the great work has been done, there is a thumb of things. here's a guy he goes off script and he will have to learn to be comfortable with his facts but you ask people in the neighborhood do they feel safer? are they feeling the things are in problems whatsoever. i believe that he is speaking to them, and saying i care about you and i will make this a priority and i think people ought to be great tool to say i want to headache issues of your safety in your neighborhood, something that
7:35 am
i'm going to be working on. >> representative dwight evans what were your thoughts on the trump's comments. >> first thing, i have worked closely with congress hand meehan and work with him at u.s. attorney's office. he is being night and light when he gets comfortable with the facts. is there a difference when someone out right lies about the thumbs. tackies we don't need that. if anything we should be working together. i work with the congress hand when he was with the u.s. attorney office. he is president of the you had he has been in that job for seven days. we should work together. it is in our collective interest that we make sure that this region and this city is safe. those police officers will get out there every single will day and they do an excellent job shouldn't be pointing tinkers at. congressman knows that. we need law enforcement. we need community. people working together. in this particular casey believe that the president is ted wrong and should not be saying those kind of things. if anything he should be
7:36 am
convening a heating with the mayor and delegation to work together to how to attack this issue of crime. it will not be solved unless we work together and in my view, in my experience that is how you work together. i think congressman, i understand he says he has to get facts wrong he is dead wrong. we should call him for it and say we have to work together. >> do you agree, congressman that he should be called out for the tax that he said it was steadily up creasing. >> you are calling him for the tax right the now but you are talking about working together and his administration he when i had chance with the u.s. attorney there was not only working together we had a ram in lays in which we partnered with local law enforcement and identifying the hose violent criminals, it was called project safe neighborhood when new attorney general came in, she tore that ram apart, removed the relationship and so many of the layses that we had, and didn't keep the same commitment, that had a real dramatic impact on inner city
7:37 am
violence. i think that is kind of thing that congressman evans talks about working together. we did it. then it was disa em isled, project safe neighborhood was disa em isled at a later period of time. if i have a president coming in and say i want a re commitment to that i'm looking forward to it. >> it is more than just ram when it comes to dealing with our homicide. we are mentions law enforcement, hair jim kenney had to say. he said that president trump's comments insulted our philadelphia police department , here it is. >> he had row pencety to do it he doesn't care about the truth. i to feel badly natalie men and women of the philadelphia police department who dedicate themselves to driving down our crime rate and laying their lives on the the line are standing out on the sidewalk on the street protecting him, and he ken greats them. >> congressman meehan your response. >> look, i told you, i have a great tiehl have respect for police tell. i have work hand and hand with the men and women in blue. i think they to a tremendous
7:38 am
job. the work that they to can help to influence the problem but issues are much larger than the police force. issues that are factors nobody has talk about in 900 plus heroin deaths right here in the city of philadelphia, in the the last year. people are concerned about the growing issues like that. things natalie the police can have have some influence on but as -- it is a bigger issue too. when you hear the president says i care about the people, i care about these issues, i think that is what people to seized on, to know that he wants to utilize the resources to focus in on those areas. >> i would say to that is by repealing the affordable care act it will not help a a trust the very same issue that you are raising, pat and i think you and i both know repealing the affordable care act in my view would take a was aspect of treatment to those very same people. we both know that there needs
7:39 am
to be a solution around the issue of health care, to knock the political rhetoric. we have to face up to the fact we have challenges, police tenth cannot solve it by themselves, we need to work it together. we cannot have a president who just out right toss not tell the truth about the statistics we have to call that. second thing you and i who have known each other a long time we have to work together. we have to send a message to people about making things happen, long with the mayor, long with the governor, those are the kind of things we need to have happen and i don't believe a president, and you and i have equal amount of responsibility because we are in the you had congress, we have obligation and responsibility we are to work together to make a difference to make sure things work for the people not just in this region but in this state and country. >> well, i'm glad you raised affordable care act and the eye tea do you think this is working is this do you think this broken system working in which people have been, and you want to maintain the
7:40 am
status quo, and this is the tea fence, well, let's just maintain status quo on a system that is break nothing which people who are watching, and talk to the average person who is seeing their deductible s, to be able to see a physician paying twice in three times what they used to do to even getting in. small business owners that aren't able to give insurance to their folks. so yes when we talk about the affordable care act and the actual 8 percent of the population that is actually affect by that, we should be working together to fix what is broken. that is an opportunity that i think we can use moving forward. >> hold on, congressman meehan and representative dwight evans we have to wrap this up. we are out of time. is there one thing common between bet of you guys you want to work together. hopefully we can see that happen. both side of the aisle. everyone coming together to work on these issues and it is only seven days in i'm sure conversation will continue.
7:41 am
we thank you both for being here. coming up on 7:41. we will take a break, we will be right back. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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7:43 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
7:44 am
good morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway, some delays working their way in toward downtown, conshohocken to center city. same deal on the new jersey 42 tree way. is there sun popping up in the background it'll quip. problems with ten minute delays on the broad street subway this morning, slow go on i-95 southbound through construction girard avenue into center city. an accident on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike, there norristown into fort washington, new schedules coming our way on sunday for septa's regional rail lines so make sure you grab that new timetable today so you are good to go for monday, same deal with patco and patco has cancelled that 8:03 train coming into philadelphia, again for morning rush hour. weekend forecast straight ahead hang tight, sueby will be right here in 15 seconds
7:45 am
we love bus stop buddy's ensemble today because he has got flyers cap, they won last night at home but mostly because it is national chocolate cake day and all ready for lunch or maybe that is breakfast. wind chills in the 30's this morning. we are seeing a few scattered flurries in lancaster county, in berks county and if you see a flurry don't be advised it will not amount to anything just lake effect moisture making its way here. we have winds here today. you know how windy it got yesterday, but wind are still with us all day and temperatures will in the move much. high of 44 degrees, to take, so jen, you have my new car, i'm ready. >> figure out, it is either this one which i think, come on, or this one, look at. that how press stay with the pretty color. come on back we will have have something that billy v will
7:46 am
like. you know what that means.
7:47 am
7:48 am
♪ >> that is just beautiful. >> it is, it looks like the sunnies peeking out, ready to go, we're ready to see the sun philadelphia auto show is kicking off this weekend. >> so excited. >> i think i will take kid, boys will love it, it looks
7:49 am
amazing, jen. who are you here with. >> i'm here with the man, myth , legend, president, chairman, david, good morning. >> you can be anything. >> i can. >> we can make you into a car to take. >> i love the fact that we, this show to me means so much. my second year last year. by the way, alex, karen, bob kelly, my good friend, hi everybody. >> i love bob kelly. >> philly auto show great sponsor thanks so much, diversity. i know you like rrr. >> i love power, big, but look at the bolt. north american car of the year we have all three north american vehicles of the year. we have utility, pacifica, utility car of the year, truck , ridgeline and bolt, car of the year, 119 miles per gallon. >> what? >> incredible. >> my dad, he drives a reus, old people love this. young people too i think. >> you can charge this thing and go 238 miles before you
7:50 am
charge it again. >> here to vegas and back. >> we have 700 cars and we have everything that you can buy in the showroom for 2017. cars that aren't in the showroom, in of our cars have been seen on the east coast here at the show. >> so sue serio and her husband they are corvette fans , corvette is so happening camaro is awesome. you get a little bit of everything. >> we have our trend at subaru >> lets go check out subaru. >> let me ask you a couple questions, number one, when it is snowing, in january, car show is here, you spin it everyone will come. with the weather like this will people come. >> i have been watching weather for a month. >> have you. >> and i'm looking at this zero day ter cast and we have 39 degrees and sunny almost every day good perfect. >> perfect auto show tore cast >> look at these cars they get excited and then they go buy cars. >> we though, my gosh, 50 percent of the 270,000 people that will come this week will buy a car. >> shut up.
7:51 am
>> another 50 percent are here to have super charge cars just get into cars. nobody is here to sell you. it is just they are here, they can tell you about the cars. in one will pitch you. now we're here at subaru. subaru's home grown. their headquarters in cherry hill. this is subaru america is in philadelphia. so their presence here is always huge. it is respected full. tom dell, great friend and great supporter of the show. he believes in philadelphia. he believes in the show. and their cars are all all while drive, very important good i like that. >> we like that in the northeast. >> one thing i to not like about the car show, i don't wash my car. when i come here, i feel like i'm the dirtiest bird ever because these cars are like, is there car cleaners on top of car cleaners, and do you have someone hand pick. is this like celebrity detailers. >> we have a hundred detailers after today they have to come and do it all over again. that is okay.
7:52 am
they get finger rented because people can touch them, they can feel them, sit in them. you this car smell is every where. you will come here and fall this love with the show. fall in love with philadelphia , you will buy a car. >> i have to say like six years ago i came here, true story and there was a red jeep , it was michael chapman was chairman then. >> wonderful man. >> i came home to my husband and said i got to get a jeep. it will get new to caring about cars. if you already care about cars , this is place to be. i am here. >> come down here and we will find what moves you at the philadelphia auto show. >> that sound like a car dealer. >> how about that. >> find what moves you at philadelphia auto show. >> yes. >> get some passes, jen, bring them back. i'm excited. >> i love you guys. >> i'm excited too. i have never been. >> it looks pretty cool. cool cars he is a cool dude.
7:53 am
>> fun. >> you know, that wisdom about fighting colds, fever, feed a cold, starve a fever. >> that what they say. >> it could be wrong. your momma could be wrong. what you want to avoid doing if you are feeling sick. i will never wash my hair again.
7:54 am
new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance.
7:55 am
because strong is beautiful. dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv.
7:56 am
well, expert are saying, that was steering them wrong. >> you are right. >> yes, doctor mike. >> momma's always right, let's get that straight. >> what this new data shows is that look if you have a fever, flu, cold, you need to eat because if you don't you will not get better. one when you are sick and have a fever we have what is called insensible losses, you are sweating, perspiring, coughing , flooding out and getting dehydrated and will feel terrible. also we need to eat food because it effects the
7:57 am
intestinal bacteria which this study found to retuesday amount of time you are sick. so, forget about that old statement, eat. >> either way, eat. >> you have to eat. >> now, for those who don't know this chicken soup has been studied, scientifically. >> it is real tiehl. >> it is almost like religious you have to have chicken soup, the salt, chicken all that comes together and makes you tiehl better. >> my ham does say that. >> i love your momma. >> so where does it come from then the whole starve a fever. >> where does anything come from, who knows. >> i don't know. >> we have another thing i want your opinion on, they are trying to grow human cells in animals, in their baby animals >> yes, this is wild stuff. it is kymerick research they take fetal embryos, from the pig and they put stem cells, from the human this there.
7:58 am
now a stem cell is a cell in the body that hasn't turned into something yet. all of these cells when we are first born will develop into skin, your nose, your tongue, and what they are doggies they put these little cells this these pig embryos and they have actually grown them. there is a lot of ethical issues with this. one, natalie cool thing would be we can harvest organs we could grow in a pig and take the lung out, and that is one issue. but the other issue is you are really, mixing genetic materials, between humans and pigs and now my mother used to say sometimes i ate like a pig there may come a take when i have pig stuff in me, and she may be right. >> well, that is taken from a pig. it is not, grown. >> it is not grown inside a embryo with genetic.
7:59 am
>> we're messing with mother nature. >> you don't like that. >> i don't like to mess with mother nature but it is cool stuff and it may some day. if you can hang on out there for another ten or 15 years, it will be a whole you this world. you may be here for a hundred years, 200, who knows, we will grow stuff for you. >> that is a hazing. >> wild. >> the two of you don't need anything. >> so great. >> your spleens look fantastic >> well, thank you. >> in one has ever said that to me before. >> i say a lot of things that are out there. >> we have love you doctor mike. >> i love you both. >> have a great time. >> good day, it is friday, january 27th, 2017. >> the president fights back. >> disgusting. >> how he is responding to madonna. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house.
8:00 am
>> and those jabs there sat take night live. >> a touching story of redemption, a single bullet changed this man's life forever but it gave him a second chance. how he is turning a looks into inspiring hope for others. can you put the controversy aside? a dog's purpose opens up in theaters why it still may be hard for dog lovers to watch. >> beautiful brows from lily to salon to sophia to rita how you can get the perfect eyebrows even if you are in the born with them. >> lovely eye blues are the hardest thing when it comes to headache up, trying to do them every morning. >> always. >> gorgeous. >> thomas is out, i'm not thomas. he will be back. >> glad to hear, he will come back. we are having fun today wouldn't you say. >> it is have fun at workday. >> every day here. >> we will celebrate chinese new year soon. >> always fun.
8:01 am
>> energetic, it is fresh start for you. we have a fresh new weather pattern. it the is coal. it will stay cold for a while. it is january, after all, and we did have temperatures in the 50's the other day which made us think it was syringe time. but we are seven out of ten. is there your pal bus stop budd which his piece of check late cake other fun thing about today it it is national chocolate cake day. couple flower thinks morning. cold air coming town from the the lake. here's your weekend forecast, 42 degrees, tomorrow, 40 on sunday but it will be dry all weekend long, bob kelly, looking good. >> i'm over here, it is friday , good morning. we will jump in at 8:01. live look the 42 freeway. delays coming in toward philadelphia but roads are try we don't have any motorcade madness scheduled for to take we have one protest that is set to go from the loews over
8:02 am
to 30th street station between 11 and 1:00. be prepared for that during midday, time span. equipment problems on the broad street subway running with ten minute delays, slow go as you work your way south on i-95 from cottman into the girard avenue construction zone. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, near fort washington and then we have our normal westbound delay into norristown. new schedules kick into gear sunday morning for all of the septa's regional rail lines. make sure you grab a new timetable through weekend. same deal new schedules on patco and they have cancelled the 8:03 train into philadelphia. so that will leave behind some overcrowding, and some delays. coming into philadelphia. alex and karen back to you. protests lasted well after president trump ended last night and these are protests surrounding the fact that g.o.p. leaders are having their retreat right here in philadelphia at the loews hotel. they are not over yet. protesters are gearing up for another day in center city because there is another day of the retreat.
8:03 am
demonstrators are planning protests at 30th street station today and also another one in city hall, so far protests have remained peaceful. chief inspector ohio sullivan says there were no arrests yesterday. for the first time since taking over president trum april period on television for an in depth interview. >> they covered ground during this discussion. they talk about those recent personal attacks on his family specifically on his son. he talk about that for the very first time. also about the woman's march blasting madonna's threats against the white house. >> yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> so, that put her in the cross hairs with the secret service and certainly outraged the president. >> she's disgusting. i think she hurt herself very padly. i think she hurt that whole cause. >> the cause, yeah. >> her and a couple others, but she was in particular, what she said was disgraceful to our country.
8:04 am
>> and for the first time president trump shared his discuss about the tweet from a saturday night live writer about his son barron. >> this is the writer, she tweeted out that barron trump will be this opportunitiry first home school shooter. she has been with the show three years. she was suspended indefinitely she has since apologized. the president spoke to him about it when he said my sonnies off limits. >> person from saturday night life was terrible. it is a failing show. it is not continue i. alex baldwin is a disaster. he is terrible on the show. i don't mind some humor, but for them to attack, for nbc to attack my ten year-old sonnies a disgrace. >> he is a great kid. >> he is i great boy. it is not an easy thing for him. >> it is a hard position, children should be off limits, he is just a little will boy. >> she was suspended for that. we will have to see. of course, with every, you know, first children, they
8:05 am
sometimes, people draw attention. but people say leave them out of politics. they just happened to be the children of the president. >> and, they growing up, rest of us, to know hand off. there is in rule we have to do it. it is just decency and respect for the children and the right thing. also other news at this day 8:05, and it is about the infrastructure of the building they need $5 billion, five, with a b, billion dollars in repairs. and, 12,000 outstanding. they say that delayed maintenance is part of the reason why everything is in bad shape. more alarming numbers from education officials in new jersey. they have received 21 notifications from school districts with elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. they did not say which districts were involved though schools have this will july to complete their lead testing.
8:06 am
and, how to tie their shoes this story is for you. >> i cannot wait to see, i will watch with you. thousands of grateful parents are thanking a five-year old boy for genius shoe tying hat. let's check it out. >> over, loop. >> why do you do it that way. >> to that again. >> okay. >> i'll be quiet for our video then what do you do. can you turn your foot toward the camera a little bit. one goes under. >> yes. >> you do that again. then you just pull it.
8:07 am
>> it is double knotted and tied. >> it is a beautiful tie there >> the problem with the little kid, they cannot usually hold that butterfly when you make two loops. they cannot to loops and twisting and turning. he lets sneaker do it the for him by talking it in. it is a great solution. they have had other people making comments all over this video. the his name is colton thanking him for the tips. viewed 11 million time. >> i'm sure, everyone has to learn how to tie their kid. >> kid grow up with layses and they can, high fourth grader is not very good at tying his shoes, still. usually by first and second you try to have them, learn how to to it. that is the solution. >> show him this trick. >> i am doing it today. >> thanks, colton we appreciate it. >> 8:07. can you put controversy side, dog's purpose opens up in theaters, why it still may be hard for dog lovers to watch though. what is interesting it is
8:08 am
a huge presale, they have had huge numbers of people buying tickets in advance. we will talk about that. and then jen you have a surprise because someone goes there. >> yes, someone special. this person is a little bit different then people we have honored before. you'll be able to figure out why when we meet the person. but we want people to know if you know someone who goes there in their community, doing stuff for people, when no one is looking go to my facebook page. you see it right here. send me a message so i know about that person. that is how you nominate someone for the you go there award. see who wins in a few minutes.
8:09 am
looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer)
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8:11 am
good morning, 8:11. equipment problems this morning, on the broad street subway they are running ten minute delays. market frankford line, running with delays this morning. big delays on the norristown media elwyn regional rail line a combination of equipment problems and some switch problems on this friday morning. we will get for a ride, ready, set, go, leaving northeast
8:12 am
philadelphia slow from the betsy in through girard avenue and construction zone for the gang coming in toward philadelphia. then watch for, i knew it was coming, i just sensed it, the battery, going/little dead, so if you can just hit that space barry think, there it goes, auto show, coming to the pennsylvania convention center this weekend, that opens up thomas we just heard, from jen down there. looking for something to to with the kid, this weekend, and always had a spare clicker , always have it. >> yes, we don't even change battery, we throw them away and get a new clicker. i thought this was going to go i'm ton with the clickers. we will have scrapple, fries. are you ready, scrapple tries at coffee station later today, come on by we rescheduled that , we will start from 9:00 and through weekend, septa changing regional rail schedule on sunday, so make sure you have a you this
8:13 am
timetable, change it up, same deal with patco, and make sure you have their new schedule so you are good to go, for hon morning. weekend tore castrait ahead sueby has got tonight 152nd. so yeah we're seeing a couple flurries from lake erie , moving right into our area and you can see just there along the pennsylvania, maryland border, yes, my home state of hard land there is a couple flower thinks chester county, lancaster county, to the north of that, so if you see some snow flurries around this morning to not be advised buckingham, township, in bucks county, and even to the north of that. some of that moisture because of the wind getting a little bit stronger now that day light is dawned. that moisture is making its way here. temperatures are chilly, it is
8:14 am
41 degrees which is normally an average high temperature for this time of the year but it feels like two, now with those wind kicking up and getting stronger. the wind speed are sustain at 20 miles an hour in philadelphia and seeing higher gusts like 28 miles an hour gusts. wind will not die down too much today, end of the weekend we have to start watching for possibility of this clipper system coming through, and we will really affect our weather early monday morning, or maybe in the afternoon and models are not the agreeing much on even if we will get snow from it. one saying nothing, one says a tiny bit and one says a third of an inch. keep an eye on the forecast all weekend long to see had happens on monday but we can promise cold, cold temperatures all the way through but we are back to where we're supposed to be for wintertime and we will see what happens on thursday, of next week which is groundhog day guys. we will see if the groundhog gives us six more weeks of winter. >> karen just can't believe we are close to groundhog day.
8:15 am
>> crazy. >> this is crazy. thanks, you. there are a number of great movies in the theaters but new ones coming out this weekend including resident evil the final chapter. >> i can't remember much present all this started. this is how i want to spend my whole life, riding, killing. >> so, talk about a dog's purpose too but let's talk with resident evil. good morning, kevin. >> alex, good morning. karen, good morning. thanks for having me on the show today. resident evil the sixth film in the franchise, first five made almost a billion dollars so clearly is there a
8:16 am
hashing for this movie. they have been around since 2002. i was a big fan of these films back when i was in high school , college. they were fun, mindless dumb zombie action movies essentially. this sixth movie called final chapter i taught it will be the last one. they say it will be. then it won't be. but i think the closure of this film really ties back to the first hoff any 2002 and for me that work as a fan. i to think scripts are really bad. action scenes are what sells these movies. i will say i paid $20.49 to see this movie last night in i max 3-d. not worth it at all. waste of an extra six dollars. if you see it, see a math the in a. i did speak with milla, who was a star, and back in the first one there was a famous scene in the hallway with these lasers. they bring it back in this one her husband who direct the movie told me they had a broom they were using in the hallway to uses a double for lasers,
8:17 am
watch this. >> we would do the stunt and then, you know, they would bring like a pole. i don't remember if it was a broom. >> the film making secret is it is me with the broom handle >> are you kidding me. >> to show the handle. >> did they bring back the same sets or recreate it. >> recreated it. >> fifteen years ago it looked super modern. we are trying to recreate it. and then look at these, they have cords. >> yes. it just looks so different. >> so, i'm geeking out most when you are spinning under the bridge. >> the film, was three out of five. worth seeing if you are a fan with the franchise. high full conversation will be available on my twitter which is kevin mccarthey tv. >> the next film a dog's purpose. i'm interested to see what you have to say about this one. there has been a big controversy surrounding it. >> yeah, listen, before i get to the controversy the story
8:18 am
line in this movie is very interesting, a k-9 spirit that continues living on, multiple lifetimes intive rent dogs bodies. that is a cool concept but the problem with that conn president the is you have to watch the dog die multiple times in the movie. that to me was hard because my wife and i, we have a rescue dog, dogs are everything to us if you ever want to see a grown man ugly cry put marley and me in front of me and i will lose it, that movie destroyed me. but regarding the controversy if you have seen the video that tmz released the with the german shepherd. idea behind the video as you can see it appears natalie shepherd is being forced in the water. there is two sides to every story. i'm not detending the video. it is very hard to watch. i found myself watching it and being horrified. there is two side. it hasn't been fully investigated. i think movie toss have interesting things to say about the connection between human and dogs. when you get to that scene in
8:19 am
the film with the german shepherd in the water it is hard this is to think about that. when you go to the movie just know that you may have a hard time separating that. it depend on how you watch the movie yourself. i found the film to be entertaining, in the first and last part of the movie, hid will section to me was a little bit slow. the didn't connect as well but overall it is three and a half out of five. just know going in it is a very hard film to watch. my wife was crying. it depend how you want to feel >> well, thanks forewarning us then. >> yes, just go and just cry and feel bad. >> it is one of those good cr ies, you watch the film, there is moments in the film when you are feeling sad and they turn it back to happy but i think it is strange to say but i agree with this. i have a harder time watching animal characters getting hurt more than human. we are tea sensitized to hugh hans and films. it is all make belief but something about a animal that is just so hard to watch.
8:20 am
movie works. it just depend if you can separate two from the video that came out. >> thanks, have a great weekend? cool, thanks, guys. >> women and parent of little girls, listen to this, new studies out there shedding light on young girls and their self esteem. wait until you hear this you want to tell your daughter how smart they are. we will tell you why. also more controversy with this one, so ugly in this divorce situation, we are talking about paula path the on, right there, robin thick may not see see his son for a while. we have the latest on the custody battle. why she may be in trouble as well.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
paula a path on and robin thing's custody battle is ugly she was granted temporary sole custody and temporary restraining other was issued a begins thicke. he physically assaulted her, and owe has a problem with drugs. but tmz is reporting that she's being investigated for emotional abuse against their
8:24 am
son. >> just so unfortunate to see this going on. whenever these battles turn ugly. you have to think about the the kid and what they are going through and what this must be like for them. >> sometimes kid are pawns in the middle and grown ups trying to hurt each other. lets talk about another high profile divorce situation >> brad pitt and angelina jolie. what is the real reason? new documentary promises to reveal this. >> we have to dish on this one investigative journalist iain halperthis and chronicled the relationship in the film. he says he has lots of things to expose and juicy details. he said they have been estrange for more than a year before they finally split in september, it was well before that. so there may be more to this story. source telling sun newspaper, british newspaper there are a lot of secrets coming out with this one. we will all stay tune. >> wonder where it will air if it will be something you catch
8:25 am
on netflix. >> bbc, i don't know, we will find out. >> putting out all their dirty laundry then. 8:25. jenny joyce has a touching story of redemption. >> reporter: good morning, alex. this is an amazing story. thinks todd shoemaker. meet him after the break. he has had a couple setbacks in his life. one, he was shot, paralyzed from the waist down but that is in the stopping him. wait until you see what he can do with these bars coming up next. ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
♪ no more hat hair your winter hat may keep you warm but could be damaging your hair. local women hoff a fashionable solution, for you. >> i wear my hair went inside that hat. >> also a beautiful brow from his will toy solange to how to get the perfect eyebrows if you are not born with them. >> good to be back, i had to
8:29 am
take a lunch break. >> we're glad to have have you back. >> thank you so much. >> you have some good news now that he is back. >> well, i don't know if you consider seven out of ten decent news but higher then we had yesterday. no rain. the here's good news it is national chocolate cake day, very buried the lead there wind chills in the the 30's. more good news flyers won last night. buddy is celebrate ago this as well. we are seeing a few more flurries, and snow showers starting to, seep into our area, lake effect snow, that is coming all the way as far as the philadelphia area this morning, shouldn't amount to much, but it is because of these wind so strong out there this morning, still very windy , 28 miles an hour in the city right thousand, that makes 41 feel like 32. layer it up with the winter coat, gloves, all that stuff this morning. you'll need them through weekend as well. sunrise at 7:13. sunset at 5:15.
8:30 am
and the days, keep getting a little bit longer but it is still pretty chill which wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour to take. weekend forecast just ahead, bob kelly. >> my nap keeps getting longer too. good morning, tgif. this is 422 westbound at trooper. it looks like guy's battery will get a yum seven start on the on ramp. the not bad at all downtown philadelphia volleys light as we typically see on a friday, but we have had equipment problems on mass transit. ten minute delays on the broad street subway, 15 minute delays on the market frankford line, we have had scattered delays on the regional rails norristown line running were on 20 minute delays. septa kicks in a new timetable so grab that new schedule, it starts on sun take but you'll need it for monday morning rush hour. same tiehl with patco, they kick in a new schedule. they cancelled 8:03 train toward philadelphia. alex and thomas, back to you. >> you never know, do you.
8:31 am
thanks, bob. video we are about to show you took us by surprise. it showed a man, wheelchair doing pull ups at an area park >> that is tyrone and his story is of redemption and what happens with a second chance. >> it was a bullet that change tyrone shoemake's life forever the shot severed his spine, when he was 17 years old. many assumed the shooting was over drugs. it was actually over a girl. unable to walk shoemake's wheelchair was eventually becoming an extension of his new identity. while doing a stint in prison this 2006 for dealing drugs, shoemake became person other wheelchair bound inmates came to for guidance. it is during this time natalie north philadelphia resident we again to work out. fast forward to today in this 38 year-old is not only continuing to work out this is most amazing way ever but he is also inspiring others to not let a disability keep them there living. >> that is amazing.
8:32 am
jenny joyce you are in north philadelphia with tyrone. we are ready to see him in action. >> reporter: yeah, i want to sees him in action. we saw him get up here a couple minutes ago. it is amazing. i think our viewers want to sees what you can do with the chin ups, ty, while he gets up , he just tell me that this wheelchair weighs about 30 pounds. >> he says he weighs about 150 . how many can you do. >> we don't want you to sweat on live tv but that is pretty remarkable, video of doing that on these very bars that went viral. can you tell us, how you said you were in prison for seven and a half years. since you got out, have you been working to make a difference and obviously, you got pretty fit in prison. >> yes. >> how are you turning your life around. >> as far as just trying to
8:33 am
get out, and push, volunteering, whether it be magee, someone reaching out on my facebook page, and they had relatives and things of that nature. i will go out, and come to the hospital, go to the the mall, go to magee, and talk to them, give them inspiration that they need. if i can, go back after they, you know, come from out of there, go to their house and things on have that nature and just motivate, take them to my car, help them drive, show them how to drive. now, when i -- excuse me. >> i know, when i first got in a wheelchair, now you have to go through driving school to get your license this is wheelchair. i want to help people learn how to drive first so when they go to take the test they won't have a problem.
8:34 am
so it was like, yes. >> how has this situation, so you took a bullet when you were 17. now you are in your 30's. you spent time in jail. how has everything been the wheelchair, your time behind bars, how has that shaped you into the person thaw are right now a couple setbacks and it sound like you are to go better than ever. >> well i want to stay with the time, you know what i'm saying. having to to sit back and think and reevaluate everything that i have been through, that am going through and that i want to to and put it into action. when i was away, someone told me, don't go out there and fall back into what you are used to. write it down. so, i really wrote the plan down. sketched tonight my head. now it the is like putting it in action, you know what i'm saying. >> you are to go great things f people want to contact you, watching us now if they want to see how you can potentially
8:35 am
help them, work out, or, maneuver in a wheelchair, how can they contact you. >> on taste book, upper body boy, and like the page, send a helps age and you got me. >> okay. thanks very much. i can imagine you have some pretty nice abs under that sweat shirt. we will finish with that but we will send it back with you guys. >> wow, this story what he has overcome. >> upper body boy. >> how can i become a better me despite obstacles and he is proof right there. >> certainly is. not letting go, the engagement is over, right but mariah carry is still wearing her ring. >> why would you let that go. >> who she was with at the time that makes it even worse.
8:36 am
8:37 am
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welcome back, time is 8:39 president trump was in philadelphia his first visit outside washington since taking office. trump met with congressional republicans laying out plans for his administration. let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news" sunday, he is covering it all, good to see you, chris. president trump gave a campaign style speech, a pep rally here in philadelphia, he left without taking questions from his fellow republicans. we didn't second him too. to you get the a sense they are all on the same page thousand. >> relatively thinking, i think on some specific issues there are some members of the congress who get heartburn over some of the things the natalie president is advancing but overall, after an eight years of trying to pass things and having them block in the tell i can senate or blocked by president obama i think they are pretty excited of the eye tea they hey be able to turn their eye tease into law.
8:40 am
i think as i say for the few notable exceptions, there is a lot of unity in the republican party, both on end of pennsylvania avenue. thousand they will be moving forward with trump's campaign promises. i will talk about something he said regarding mexico's president. what has been reaction of the cancelled heating between trump and net the owe. >> well, they are substantial. one thing as a candidate and talk about building a wall and make mexico pay for it. but when start saying it as president and you have an order, executive order to begin building the wall, you know, this creates big problems, and it is almost a issue of, matter of national honor, this mexico. it is almost impossible for the mexican president, a government to negotiate right now with the united states because they feel like they have been disrespected. and when you talk about the possibility of some kind of a trade war may be over stating
8:41 am
it but some kind of trade controversy, this is a big tiehl. we have billions of dollars in trade every year with mexico. they are one of our top trading partners and just, for instance if we start putting a 20 percent tax, as was suggested yesterday by somebody at the white house on everything that comes out of mexico in this to this country mexico will not be paying it, we will be paying it, consumers, all of those mexican goods with a 20 percent tax means it will be that much more expensive when you go into your stores. so, this is a big issue, a complicated issue. it is interesting to see how president trump deals with it. it is not the just campaign rhetoric. >> who is going to pay for the wall. what is coming up on the program "fox news" sunday. >> we will talk about all of these things, with the counselor to the president, kelly ann conway one of his top advisors. we will talk to one of the top tells in the senate, senator dick durbin number two democrat in the senate because these issues the president, even with a republican
8:42 am
congress, can't get it through he need democratic support in the senate where they can filibuster. it will be interesting to go see what they and the democrats are willing to go along w very interesting "fox news" sunday. >> chris wallace, always a great show, anchor of "fox news" sunday, good to have you with us. >> thanks, thomas. lets see what jen is cooking up this morning. >> hey there, guys, it is another you go there, do you see this piece of paper. it is so much information about the person we will honor today and she's a student. we will talk about it have after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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it is 8:45. this is view of camelback mountain. i think with these cold temperatures that we have gotten, again, they will be able to make some snow over the weekend. so that is good news. now we have, a view of the cold temperatures, you can tell, there all of the lake effect moisture natalie wind are pretty high today. so we're now starting to see some snow flurries in the area , along the maryland, pennsylvania border here, and parts of the lancaster county and few snow showers up in bucks, montgomery county as well. north and west of the city especially don't be surprised if you see a snow shower or
8:46 am
flurry. for us in philadelphia olde city we are seeing bright sunshine this morning. deceiving sunshine, of course, with temperatures in the 40's and upper 30's, it teams like it is in the lower 30's. right around freezing. so that is what you dress for and don't forget your shade. four as opposed to yesterday 's 54. temperatures will go down shore over weekend. we are watching a possible system sunday night into monday but still a lot of uncertainty about that but we could see maybe a few more snow flurries monday morning. >> okay. well, we will prepare ourselves. well, we are going there this morning. we are surprising another person this is community who is making a difference. >> jen's in west philadelphia this morning getting ready for a big surprise, jen. >> yeah, here's what we want to tell you guys, big surprise is a little bit different this time because look, this is her mom. so we will not say who it is that we're honoring but good morning. >> good morning. >> your daughter is a student,
8:47 am
is that right. >> yes. >> why why do you think people need to hear more about a young girl doing amazing things. >> because mikayla. >> you are not supposed to say her name. >> because, i'm sorry. she is just amazing. like she took such negative feedback from being bullied, many times and turn it around into something really positive >> i have to tell you this piece of paper has at tribute, attribute, things she has done , marches, award, all kind of stuff. we never hear that much about an adult and here we are hearing this about a young person. >> yes, 12 years old. >> amazing. >> well, you guys probably necessity how this happened, you have to have a good mom to make a good kid. >> yes. >> konstantinov -- congratulations. >> she switched school. >> yes, do you think she will be surprised. >> yes, absolutely. >> she just got the here on
8:48 am
wednesday. is she enjoying this new school. >> she loves it. she has already signed up for volleyball and cheer leading. >> i love it. >> it is hard to keep her positive, when things are not going well. >> it is very hard but she danced, and does poetry and that is how she gets out everything that she's going through. >> is there a million things you can do for your daughter why do you think this will really make her happy. >> because it will show that we all see what she does, and we just love, everything, she stand for and we want her to keep pushing to what she wants to be. >> i love it. >> so you found me because you went on my facebook page, right. >> right. >> you sent meehan e-mail. >> yep. >> we have been trying to encourage other people to do this. you have to tell people. it is easy to find. >> easy, facebook, instagram. >> i'm not hard to find. >> not at all. >> if i ever do something wrong i'm in trouble because i'm easy to find. >> you are in a lot of trouble >> we want people to do what you have done today at 9:15 i
8:49 am
cannot wait to meet your daughter. i have an 11 year-old boy, so i understand the age group. >> um-hmm. >> and, they can be, great, and they can be a little crazy >> um-hmm. >> good for you for having a great one. >> thank you it will happen at 9:15. we will go to the school. guys, it is so much fun. it is like page after page of stuff that this young girl has done, so we're happy to be able to honor her this way. >> do you have the great one or the crazy one, jen. >> i have the crazy one, you know that, brody jer jer rick maybe she can hang out. >> and remember, you know her don't say anything. keep it a surprise. no text messages orr anything. >> you get a dinner, you get a dinner, everybody gets a dinner. she announced she's teaming up with kraft heinz to create ready to eat meals and they are called meal time stories and 10 percent of the profits will be donated to charities aimed at eradicating hunger.
8:50 am
>> she does not stop. >> she puts something out there, people will love it a lot of people buy her stuff. >> you will do it. >> why not. >> you wouldn't try it. >> i'm already signed up for weight watchers. it doesn't take much. we can still eat bread, then i'm on board, we're good. before you see them at the miss universe pageant this weekend right the here on fox you'll get backstage scoop, coming up we have model ape backstage hose ashley graham, and the raining miss universe joining us live. creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's.
8:51 am
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packed with cookies or almond pieces. hershey's has the taste you love in every bite.
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. they have a up great. >> fashion upgrade. >> they are coming this is 21st century for sure. >> crew members say suits are more high tech, more high tech
8:54 am
then ever. >> do you want to see them. suit has, wait, hold on, i guess, there we go, yes. the suits have switch on, twist off gloves and the fingertips have a touch screen sensitive fingertips so they can text if they need to. they are sick of looking at orange space suits they come this blue to white color scheme. space suit design for astronauts boeing star liner space taxi and more storm fitting too. the star liner is being developed as transport vehicle for nasa crews. >> skinny suits they are they are skinny suits. >> you have to impress in space good they are lighter weight too, so you have more mobility. >> it goes from, you hit the me, that is why awe pol guyed. >> yes. >> you are violent. >> only ones 30-pound, these are 20-pound. >> remember these big white ones too. >> yes. >> well, this is pretty cool. >> now all of the halloween costumes, have to be upgraded because we will know you are not wearing light blue it is not updated. but that is cool.
8:55 am
it makes it better then them. we are all for it. 8:55. no more hat hair, we know how it goes. sometimes you want to wear hats but you don't know what your hair will will like afterward. your winter hat may keep you warm but could be tam aging. local would hand have a fashionable solution for you. we will talk to them coming up also, women and parents have little girls, listen up here there is a new study shedding light on young girls and self esteem why you want to start talking to your taughters about how smart they are, in fact, every morning when you wake up tell them you are short, we will tell you why straight ahead.
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good day, it is friday, january between the sent.
8:59 am
we are celebrating the fact that it is friday but we are getting ready to celebrate the chinese new year. >> happy new career. >> let's bring in the parade. >> yes. >> happy new year. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ the. >> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> wow. >> thank you. >> that is so great. >> wonderful. >> how oldies the little one. >> he is four. >> he is four years old. so cute.


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