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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 30, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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good morning to you. parts of the delaware valley bracing for a blast of snow enough to foul up morning commute, sue, of course, tracking storm and bob has a look at the roads. >> protestors rally withing a cross this country after president trump issued an executive order banning travel from seven predominantly muslim countries and they are not only ones. good evening, fellow sag members and everyone at home, and everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> well, awards weren't only thing being handed out at screen actors guild, why one of the precursors to the
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oscars was filled with a lot of political sentiment. lets talk about something good over weekend did youe this nail biter down to the last second villanova looking for it but came with some drama, and we will celebrate. >> yeah. >> good game tonight. a little will drama. >> exciting. >> great to have you with us on this monday i'm thomas drayton. i'm karen hepp. whole gang back together. everything is right with the world. it is monday. >> exactly. >> because of that we have school closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. just a shattering. >> we have to talk about the snow though. >> even though you see some on radar there is not a lot happening just yet and this will be a close call for philadelphia but it is not a major storm, having said that it doesn't take much, to make a mess. as we can see with the winter weather advisory philadelphia and delaware county are not even included anymore in the advisory. we have gloucester, camden, half of the burlington, atlantic, cape may, cumberland and new castle and kent
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counties because we're not succeeding much here, at all. so, that is the situation as far as the ad risery is concern. now here's a look at radar, and there is snow where we expect it on radar but not all making it to the ground. we are probably getting some in, sussex county, in delaware maybe tip of cape may there but that is, really about it, at the moment, but we have to watch this closely all morning long. now temperatures are close to freezing just about every where, we're at 35 in philadelphia, 28 in allentown where we're not expecting anything much at all, anything at all i should say, 17 degrees in mount pocono, 32 in dover. it is cold enough for snow. we will see it happen, 35 here feels like 30 so keep that in mind dressing kid for bus stop , it is a cold one and convenience time for sunrise today 7:11. weather by the numbers is five out of ten because it may be a half and half day with the little bit of the mess this
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morning and sunshine by lunchtime. light snow to the south of us, this morning, then 36 degrees by lunchtime, breezy afternoon with a high of 44. that is your monday, bob kelly , fun to come in after weekend to this. >> 5:03, good morning everybody. at least there is no snow if any of the jam cams right now. difficult say 5:03? i meant 4:00 another owe three on a monday morning. a live look... i got your tension now. grab your coffee, live look at i-95 near the airport, philadelphia sky line all lit up there, penndot, new jersey dot, dell dot they did put down that salt brine solution, you will a he see lines in the road surface. we're ready for whatever flakes we get here this morning. here's a live look at bennie no problems coming into downtown philadelphia speedometer readings where they should be in the 50's along the schuylkill. this he did not work last night on the vine street expressway so that is opened for this morning, out the here , in montgomery county,
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black rock road and olympic road an accident just off of route 422. turnpike connection bridge remains closed again indefinite thely. so, some of the options for pennsylvania side, you can use either scudder falls, trenton morrisville bridge, access that by going north on route one out of the philadelphia interchange or burlington bristol bridge an option and new project that began last week that will hit you hard this morning jfk boulevard is closed between 20th over to schuylkill have avenue. schuylkill after new right there in front of the 30th street station so anyone leaving 30th street drexel university children's hospital side, need to go come over river into philadelphia you'll need to use market street. mass transit off to a good start. guys, back to you. time right now 4:04. weather authority lets take you down the shore live look at absecon, this area sue says we will see more accumulation right around freezing mark. you could see up to 3 inches, sue tracking latest on that one. overall accumulation is
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expected in south jersey more so than in the philadelphia area but sue will have more in just a moment. that is where we will find our steve keeley this morning. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: yeah, no snow just yet or if there was snow it has come and gone. we can see salt spreader trucks here like where we are 322 and 55, swede bureau, on stand by. we went by a couple of the exits on the turnpike, and at each exit, exit three, and bellmawr and then exit two mullica swedesboro, salt trucks, state troopers on stand by. the reason why i tell you snow may have came, you can see a little bit of dusting in the grass here and on the dirt underneath the bushes, and on any car that has been park overnight we will go around here is employee car back at the back of the wawa you can see dusting on the roof and on the back trunk. so maybe it snowed here but didn't snow since we have been driving around and been away since before 1:00 o'clock. they have got a lot of salt on
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the road already. look at the this parking lot. that is white you see in the lot and with all this salt, even if there is no snow this is kicking up on the windshield and that stuff you see by gas pumps, that color blue is a good thing to have if you think you have got it the full in your car, you hey need a backup, gallon or two, because all that salt starts to stick and not coming down snow wise, there is nothing that will get that off your windshield other than something in your windshield wiper fluid. so would i recommend buying some of that. so that is the story so far, no snow, just like the guy with the yellow lights flashing, we are on stand by. so, we will will go further south east and try to meet this snow, when it comes up the companies, and lets have a look at our live shot when we see new a half an hour. >> taking us around that blue stuff, pretty good investment as well, steve, thank you. as you head out the door get very latest weather update
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, traffic conditions and school delays. there will be some this morning on our fox 29 and our weather authority apps. we are following breaking news this morning police are investigating an armed a robbery at a chinese take out restaurant in west philadelphia. it happened at about 9:40 last night at 62nd and spruce streets. the restaurant owners say two armed men wearing masks stole money, one of the owners pull his own gun out and fired at least two times hitting one of the suspects in the back. two men who took suspects description wound up at a local hospital. one of the men was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. a standoff in frankford is over, with the suspect surrendering this one happened at 1926 kency street. police say it started as a domestic dispute between a husband and wife and husband hit his wife and then refused to come out when police arrived. eventually he did surrender and was taken this to custody. from philadelphia, to dallas, to san francisco, protesters all over our country have been taking over
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airports, angry over a temporary bob on people from seven countries. those protesters want to send a strong message to the white house, our lauren johnson is at philadelphia international with the the very latest on all of this, lauren? >> reporter: good morning, karen this morning things are far more quiet then they have been all weekend. terminal here, international terminal, empty this morning but the scene that played out over the weekend was happening as you mentioned all over the country. the lets take a look at video thousands where is here on sunday to raise their voices and their concerns over the president's executive order, that order temporarily bans immigrant from seven majority muslim nations including syrian refugees. for nearly five hours protesters held signs and rallied against the policy that has left passengers detained or even turned away from airports. many people, have personal connections to family and friends escaping war torn kent wrist. >> the people who stopped me
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to day. >> i'm from the the soviet union. i'm here. that is why america is great. refugee from other countries and gave me the chance at freedom. >> reporter: those were sentiments expressed for many people who gathered here for the most part the protest where is peaceful. one man was arrested for ignoring commands from police, he was societied and released. coming up at the 4:30 we will tell you what governor tom wolf is doing in response to this executive order, thomas and karen. >> a lot of emotions involved. thank you. we will preview had governor tom wolf had to say. he said pennsylvania is joining 16 other states in condemning president trump's travel ban. the here's what he had to say. >> this is not who we are. pennsylvania is a place of welcome. the united states was set up, to be a place where people could escape oppression. this is in the a place people come to to experience oppression and that is what their family members experience. i for one as an american, as a
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pennsylvanian and i'm outraged >> lauren mentioned we will have more on the governor's word later in the show. white house insist the ban will keep america safe and insist it is not a ban on muslims. here's what the president has to say. he responded to critics on facebook last night, saying in part, we will continue to show compassion to those feeling oppression but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. that this is in the about religion, this is about terror and keeping our country safe. amid confusion about president trump's far reaching immigration order, the secretary of home land security has finally weighed in. >> a lot of people are confused, secretary john kelly saying this about green card holders. the lawful entry of permanent residents, is in our national interest. the statement also said unless there is information indicating a another just threat to publish safety and welfare, green card and other legal residents should be let in. while senior administration officials are coming to the president's defense some
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democrats say natalie ban is simply unamerican. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican and i as your senator from new york, will claw, scrap and fight with every fiber of my being, until these order are overturned. >> ban on travel perspective travel from country trying to prevent terrorist in this country, from countries that have a recent history of training and harboring terrorist. >> the order lasts for 90 days as administration tries to develop new screening procedures to prevent terrorist from entering this country. there is a lot the to get through on this executive order. stay with fox 29 for very latest on the the travel ban, get latest details on our web site at fox
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there has been a deadly shooting at a mosque in canada >> still ahead on good day philadelphia, latest on the victims and what the canadian prime minister is saying about this attack. how about this to the the rescue, a good samaritan jumped in to action to save a bus driver in the frightening attack, it is a surprising person, that helped out there. using a kaine. good morning, bob. good morning, everybody 4:12 as we get for a ride on the pennsylvania turnpike, construction out there near fort washington. lets look live at philly international the where delta could have left over problems, we will have details when we come right back. true dough.
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4:15. bob mentioned right before the break delta airlines flight resumed after a system outage, grounded flights all over the country. delta says about 150 flights have been cancelled and more are second. ceo apologized to customers saying disruption was not acceptable, airline was giving customers until february 3rd to rebook their flights. this morning, sue, sue was mentioning she was talking about, one to 3 inches, depending on where you are. >> further south you are from philadelphia, better chance you have, seeing any snow, first of all, and pressure
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system, kind of sneaking by to the south, it is more of the clipper system, not a lot of moisture associated with these kind of systems. and it did last night, been removed because this thing will be further south, one to 3 inches, sussex county, cape may county, most likely places to see two to 3 inches and you will see white on the radar here, got all of it is making it to the ground but down in delaware, cape may county we're seeing accumulating snow , warm enough it is rain in ocean city, maryland and bethenny beach seeing snowflakes, cape may county, cumberland county, maybe southern part of the atlantic city expressway get something light snowflakes this morning. this future cast doesn't have us getting a flake at all. things could change and radar is playing out differently then future cast but then a snow shower isn't out of the question around rush hour this afternoon. no accumulation, but don't be
4:17 am
surprised, and then we will head into tomorrow morning, which loosen more interesting then today, another system bringing the possibility, of a coating of snow, early in the morning, say six or seven or 8:00 o'clock, rush hour. both of these event happening at morning rush hour. it should be gone in the afternoon with a little change over to rain before that happens. and then a slight chance of rain on wednesday, when it is milder, and little will bit, just a little interesting and a little will unpredictable as we go through next couple of taste. 35 degrees in philadelphia we are above freezing here. everybody else at or below freezing, which is perfect temperature for frozen precipitation. the wind chill make sure you bundle up, feels like 30 in philadelphia, most of the wind chill are in the 20's this morning, even though it is not much win. wind will pick up later this afternoon, we will get the to a high of 38, then we are in the 40's for tuesday and wednesday back to cold weather , just in time
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foreground hog day, it looks like, it the may not be six more weeks of winter but we definitely have wintry temperatures as we head into the weekend, bob kelly. >> playing the whack a mole game. it is an or cade. i thought of the groundhog. whacking him town there good morning, everybody. four, what does that say, 4:18 getting ready for an opening, tacony palmyra bridge set for an opening at 4:40. grab your coffee, watch your clock and betsy ross bridge is best bet there in the background. here's a live look at schuylkill expressway, right near girard avenue, no problems or delays coming into town, they did not work last night on the vine expressway, however, they will the rest of the week. so be prepared for. that lets role video as septa gets ready to roll out a new timetable, new schedule went into effect yesterday for all of the septa's regional rail line so if you are heading out the trent door this morning, make sure you have a new
4:19 am
timetable, adjustments, couple minutes here or there but again, make sure you are on the right track, time-wise, for the septa regional rails and patco, kicked in a new timetable, over weekend so make sure you're up to date on the new schedule and those you this table reintellect add justments they have been making and time changes we have. as we mentioned delta airlines trying to return to normal yesterday's system outage caused cancellation, your plane may not be there this morning, as they try to re stage, they call it, i would just check a hit and fly delta and make sure you are good to go for morning rush hour if you are set to fly out of philadelphia international. we are good to go in the 50's on all major roadways and no problems on i-95 as we head south into downtown. guys, back over to you. bob, thank you. we have had an attack that happened in canada six people dead, eight others injured after shooting at a mosque in canada. it happened last night at islamic cultural center in
4:20 am
quebec city. the witness essay two gunman stormed mosques filled with dozens of worshipers and started shooting. they were taken in custody. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is describing this incident as a terrorist attack on muslims. motive is unknown. another disturbing story here this morning, five men are behind bars in connection to a child sexual assault. attorney general josh shapiro says five men from pennsylvania and virginia right here are facing felony charges in a horrific case of abuse. the authorities say jeffery harvey, david parker, kenneth hensky, craig knocks and steven taylor sexually abuse i a boy for several years starting when he was nine years old this child victim was repeatedly abused over at least a seven to eight year period by a group of criminals who cared only about their gratification. they cared nothing about this young boy. this is a horrendous case. >> authorities say that some abuse happened at a so-called fury party where they dressed
4:21 am
up as animal customs to commit their acts. prosecutors believe there could be more victims. several hundred people came out for candle light vigil to remember young victims of the atv accident. on friday 13 year-old giani forte was riding with his friend, nick papino when he was killed. forte it was killed, the the other still in the hospital with serious injuries. both were football players they played for bensalem ram maniers team. jenny's grandmother hopes that this tragedy send a message to others. >> he was always told never to ride without a helmet or on the street. the street, bensalem, it the is not lit, we don't see these kid, and i just, to it the will save somebody else's life , lease don't be riding on the streets with these atv's. >> community has raised more than $17,000 to help pay for funeral costs. homicide charges have been filed begins a roxborough man after a deadly hit and run. police say 48 year-old kenneth
4:22 am
rush hit two sisters on roosevelt boulevard saturday night and drove away. both of the girls age ten, 19, died. police say rush was driving a, jeep wrangler when he struck the girls. he fled. but authorities caught up with him a short time later. they claim he was under the influence when they arrested him. neighbors who witnessed the crash say it was simply disturbing. >> there was no screeching of the the brakes, tires squealing or anything else at all, just one of those things he must have been going pretty has. >> a car accident you will hear brakes squealing or something like that. >> police have not the released the identity of the sisters. 4:22. >> changing topics, a good one former eagles brian dawkins is finalist for nfl hall of fame. on saturday, day present the super bowl, wow, coming up. >> yes. >> we will find out if he is in or not. >> we sat down with dawkins to find out what it will mean for him to make tonight his first year of eligibility.
4:23 am
>> it is a huge honor. that means natalie effort, the pain that i put myself through the way that i sack advertised my body and way that i played for my teammate, way i listen to coaches and sometimes i always didn't want to listen to coaches and get correction that is all have of that stuff paid off. >> well, he got it right. coming up at 4:30 we will have more on that. >> contest crowning a new winner but did the show's host get winner right this year. >> miss universe is...
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good evening i'm sean bell flyers back at practice, wayne simmonds coming back with a little extra hardware in a brand new ride, last night he was a star, of all stars. simmonds only flyer in the nhl all-star game and made the city, proud. he had two goals in the first session and then had this game winning goal, right the here for metropolitan division, he took home mvp award and, of course, that brand new car. sixers and bulls, no joel embiid in this one and they needed him badly. jimmy bat the letter too much to handle, he gets the steel, and dunk, he had 28 points. innings isers fall for second time in a row, 121-108.
4:27 am
college basketball villanova in a thriller, they were once down by double digits to virginia, now with seconds left josh hart can't get it to go and dahntay de vincentzo with the game winning put back, nova survives 61-59. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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this morning, winter storm that is happening outside, taking a live look, and snow flurries there, there may be some areas getting a smattering, so we will explain >> sue showed us a moment ago this swedesboro, new jersey, light coating, also ahead thousands pack airports all across the country drug right here in philadelphia after a travel ban for certain muslims countries takee tech. we will take you live with more on the the fall out. another busy week for our president, he is set to announce who he would like to the the supreme court, will that person have a local connection. there is a front runner getting all of the buzz. great to have you with us on this monday morning i'm thomas drayton. aim karen hepp. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. >> i'm sue serio. >> hi, sue. >> and that is bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. >> i'm ready for toast no you
4:31 am
thaw are toasting. >> get marshmallows out. >> nice. >> we have, the word was smattering and it was a good word because some of us might not see much at all, if anything, out of this winter event heading our way. a clipper system, some will call it, winter weather advisory for southern new jersey and all have of delaware. we have some snow showing up on radar, on of it making it to the ground, kind of on and off but enough for coating in places. we will check with steve keeley in just a few minutes and see what he is seeing. temperature low enough to support snow, 35 degrees in philadelphia, 32 atlantic city , wildwood, millville, dover, right there at treeing, we are try here in philadelphia. there is a chance we might not see much at all, if anything, here in philadelphia, 35 degrees, feels like 30 though, we had this start cold wind chill. we have a five out of ten.
4:32 am
38 degrees is all we will get and in addition to the chance for snow this morning we could get a snowstorm at two this afternoon, that is really a hit or myth, you drive along and little snow squall and drive out of it. that could happen to a few of thus afternoon. >> like you are driving and like difficult just see snow flurries? okay. i got them for you right here. hello, millville, new jersey. 4:32. an example what we're talking about this morning, smattering along the grass, the grass surface along route 55, in millville, new jersey. some roads down in delaware are just wet, they will treat some of the roads last night, so a little bit of everything this morning depending upon where you roll out of the driveway, getting ready to roll up a bridge opening here, tacony palmyra 4:00 is 40 the time. the septa kick out new schedules make sure you have a new timetable ready to go same thing with the the patco high seed line. delta airlines returning after
4:33 am
a big systems outage yesterday , so check ahead, a lot of cancellations make sure your actual plane is the at the airport, and they restage and get back to normal as they like to call it. in problems here on the blue route 476 out of mid county we are looking good on the schuylkill and my problems on i-95, back to you. bob, thanks very much. sue and bob were talking about. we are expecting south jersey and delaware to get most of the accumulation from the wintry mix. the just enough to maybe create some problems for commuters. we have some school delays happening, even a smattering of the closings. lets get to steve keeley. steve, where are you. >> reporter: guess where? can you guess by looking around me? well, sign is cut off, vineland new jersey, south 47. >> reporter: yes, very good. you can read really good. we got off my favorite exit on route 55 elmer m alaga, elmer the town name after elmer fudt
4:34 am
we are seeing guys that looks like they are managers trying to lead the salt trucks in the right treks they don't know where to tell them to go right you this. we are just waiting, waiting game right here. to the left of the tenth of the transportation suv you can see american flags barely blowing, and i i guess, that is relief in south jersey after dealing with high wind last week. so as we wait the here on delsea drive and route the 40, we will head south east and we are determined to find snow today, if we have to take the cape may lewis ferry or as somebody across town, one of the new people from out of town pronounced it the lew the es ferry if we have to take that to delaware to find snow or even if we have to go south of argentina to the the south pole we will be determined to show you snow today. you can see what looks like dust, an odd flurry in our headlights here and there and we cannot tell you that is the actual snow falling but maybe the start of the snow.
4:35 am
people driving around now are happy it is not snowing. so karen, thomas i have googl ed songs with the word waiting in it, okay. >> okay. >> there is 74 songs with the word waiting in it, and i don't know if you guys have a favorite. >> is what your favorite. >> reporter: there are plenty. well, i will say she's waiting , by eric clapton that is one that she knew, waiting on the world to change. that was a fairly new one. there is no waiting and snow in the same title. maybe we will write our own song. bob kelly could probably do that. bob kill which his dy past probably knows all 74 songs with the word waiting in it but we are in the waiting game right now for sure, by the way , brittany spears had a waiting song as well. >> all right. we will keep some of those up and playing them this morning our waiting songs, thank you. we appreciate it. of course as you head out get very latest weather
4:36 am
updates, traffic conditions and school delays which we have a few on our, on line fox and weather app as well >> 4:36. far different scene at philadelphia international airport this morning, yesterday, thousands of demonstrators gathered to protest president trump's travel land, our lauren johnson at phl this morning, good morning to you, later even. >> reporter: so as you mentioned very different scene here, quiet after the fire storm that erupted here yesterday. it was loud and it was pack. lets look at video. the thousands office people were inside the international terminal many angry, some sad, others just plane frustrated with the president and his executive order regarding immigration bans. once it went in effect families were detained or even turned away at airports all over the country. here in philadelphia one family was sent back to the middle east even though they have lived in allentown for decade they were turned away here at the airport on the saturday. this is just one of the many stories playing out all over the country.
4:37 am
>> so yesterday we were scrambling, we got home last evening to be able to find the next step. >> the amount of signs, the number of people saw me to day >> reporter: for the most part protest where is peaceful. the one man was arrested for ignoring commands there police , he was cited and released. now we understand thomas and karen lawmakers all over country are working hard to help these family get back here to the u.s. >> so many questions remain as well, lauren johnson, thank you. 4:37. temple university and president trump's alma matter university of pennsylvania and penn state made statements the on the controversial executive order. all of the colleges are advis ing international students who come from the seven banned countries to defer travel until there is more clarity. president trump also sounding off yesterday on social media. >> he slammed two senators john mccain and lindsey graham over criticism of the executive order, president writing the joint statement of the former presidential can
4:38 am
states john mccain and lindsey graham is wrong. they are sadly weak on immigration. the two senators should focus their energies on isis, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start world war three. senators mccain and graham were not only people criticizing president trump's executive order banning immigrants from the seven countries, more than a toss even g.o.p. congress members are speaking out, against trump, saying in statements that the result of the travel ban could risk harmful results is unacceptable and too broad, over reaches and under mines our constitutional system and that the ban is the ultimate display of mistrust and appears rushed and poorly implemented. >> do you think this past week was a big one for president donald trump get ready for more, the president is expected to announce his supreme court nominee as early as today. two leading candidates appear to be neil gorsuch and thomas hardman. seat has been vacant for a
4:39 am
year after the death of justin antonin scalia. president donald trump signed an executive order, reorganizing the national security council. his controversial chief strategies steve ban on will have a regular seat at security meetings. the move shaking up traditional make up of the council diminishing role of the military and intelligence leadership. time right now 4:39. we want to show you video captured by a surveillance camera and you may be advised by what happens. >> a bus driver just trying to do her job, you see viciously attacked. she had a guard yan angel, unlikely hero who came rushing in. choosing to eat better
4:40 am
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wow, you can hear her screaming, terrifying attack caught on the surveillance camera video on a bus. >> hard to watch. >> but a good samaritan whom police in kansas city missouri are looking for came into help out. >> he had a kaine, right there , a senior citizen who saved the bus driver. and, then the person starts to harass, the driver, so she is trying to call police for help and then it gets more intense, man putting his arms around the driver's neck and then all of a sudden that surveillance camera shows the good samaritan rushing into help. the attacker learns his lesson , backs up and police arrested the suspect. person who crumb inned broke
4:43 am
his kaine then they would like to help him get the a new one and they would like to get him transportation vouchers, as well. >> good to find out who that person is. 4:42. this summer, will mark un timely death of the princess diana. >> i remember that, it was on the weekend what her sons are doing now to keep her memory alive.
4:44 am
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4:45. tacony pal my eyes up, live look at a bridge opening. is there the ship right here, freighter heading northbound threw up rights heading towards that burlington bristol bridge. early morning opening, police car on the philadelphia side, blocking the bridge getting ready to grab coffee and keys heading out front door either wait it output another pop tart in the toaster there or head for betsy ross bridge always a good alternate. good morning to delaware. here's what we are waking up to down in delaware route 40, we put town that salt brine solution so major roadways were treated. watch it slippery on and off ramps and snow sticking to the grass surfaces. we have some maybe late openings scrolling across bottom of the screen for some of the school kid watching us this morning. we have had hello king of prussia in sign of any flakes at all in kop. we are looking good on the schuylkill, pen to the put town brine on the schuylkill, blue route, 202 we will see how far that will get through
4:47 am
our area in a moment as sue serio is fine tuning the forecast. auto show in town at pennsylvania convention center we will see unusual activity in and out of that convention area, mainly off vine street local, arch, race street, turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic, another week here tea tores from the pennsylvania side you jump off at route one we have scudders, trenton morrisville or burlington bristol bridge and from south jersey exit 7a, exit five has been bottle they can because folks don't pick it up on their gps so they naturally come down to exit five. exit four puts you up and over tacony palmyra. both septa and patco kicked in new timetables over weekend. make sure you are good to go with the new schedule. we have put the link up on our webb page and also on facebook and twitter. how much snow will we get today? who will get it sueby has answer in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
so our weather system is a low pressure system sneaking by to the south, you can see projected path of this storm, light snow, for everybody, even accumulation of an inch or two is light but it could make a mess. timing of the storm right, during the morning rush hour. now as we look here at our radar this is live radar we will zoom in and show you anything that is falling at all is further south, even around wilmington you might be seeing flurries, nothing going on here in the city at all, so we focus on the delaware beaches, rehoboth, bethenny getting light snow, coating on the grass, maybe more further south in sussex county in delaware. cape may county in new jersey, cumberland county, part of atlantic county seeing very
4:49 am
light snow as well, just tweet ed out if you see any snow snap a picture as long as you can and tag yours truly on it and we will help out to let us know where snow is. as we look the a the future cast it doesn't have anything falling in philadelphia at all it doesn't mean it won't but then we will focus on this afternoon. everything gone by even of the morning. oz built of the few isolated snow showers popping up, very hit or miss throughout five to 7:00 p.m. don't be surprised if that happens to you. and six or 7:00 o'clock we will see another quick system blowing in, drops a coating of snow on the ground that could change over to rain, very light rain by the afternoon. another potentially messy morning commute, tomorrow, this depend on where we live, and then we have a chance of stray shower on wednesday, that is, a little early to tell about that. light snow possible in the areas where winter weather advisory is in effect not the
4:50 am
including philadelphia or delaware county but every where south and east of that. right now we have temperatures cold enough for snow, 32 in millville, vineland, atlantic atlantic city, dover. we are at the 35 in the city. twenty's north and west where there is, nothing in the forecast for snow. wind chills in the 20's almost every where and we are close in philadelphia with that wind chill of 30. wind speeds are not an issue to take except it will make you feel colder. 39 degrees right now for our our high. we are not that far. 42 degrees tomorrow with the potential of a mess in the morning. we will focus on that more after we finish with this one. 47 degrees possible on wednesday. the once again wednesday is mildest day of the week. chillier air rolls in starting on groundhog day on thursday, karen and thomas. >> thanks, sue. taking a look at our money news right thousand growing tension between trump administration and mexico could have us all pay more for
4:51 am
pro tuesday mexico avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes and squash. majority of the vegetables comes from mexico. according to a produce buyer we will pay more because we simply cannot grow enough year round to row dues large amounts that we consume here. >> that does row dues vegetables but most of those stay on the east coast but take the western part of the united states, and good portion oven the south and east we get our fresh fruits and vegetables from mexico. that is way it has always been >> and he believes that any increase or tariff would be passed right along to the consumers. time right now 4:51. hollywood season got rolling last night help screen actors guild award took place. >> the stars were talking about president trump's executive order whether they were on stage. >> good evening, fellow sag, members and everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america.
4:52 am
you are a part of the fabric of who we are and we love you and we welcome you. >> after opening the show, a ban on a several muslim nation denzel washington taking home the award for best actor for fences, case a fleck was considered the favorite with manchester by the sea. while accepting his award he called for a more empathetic society. >> what i was so grateful about in having the opportunity to play juan was playing a gentlemen folding into himself as a result of the persecution of his community and taking an opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he mattered and
4:53 am
that he was okay, and accept him and i hope we do a better job of that. >> emotional speech by ali who won for best supporting film actor for moon light. you saw right there he made a heartfelt speech and spoke about accepting everyone's differences. at ward for best actress went to emma stone for la la land. she concluded her speech by referencing that controversial ban as well. 4:53. miss universe picks its winner but bigger question did steve harvey get the winner's name right? we will have the answer coming up next. ♪ even hollywood's latest sweetheart needs to... punish the porcelain occasionally. but to avoid embarrassment... i give every bathroom the v.i.poo treatment. spray generously before taking your seat and v.i.poo forms a protective layer
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4:56 am
>> the new miss universe is... france. >> he got it right. we have a new miss universe, miss france, getting the crown the 23 year-old is a model and second person from the country to ever win the title. she's currently pursuing a degree in dental surgery. put the crown on did the walk and then the wave. >> in great britain another beautiful woman remembered prince william and prince harry say they commissioned a statue of their late mother princess di an, 20th anniversary of her death will be in august, and statue will be on the ground of the kensington palace which is where she lived and raised her
4:57 am
son. can't believe it has been 20 years. this morning we are expecting some snow just when and where, sue?
4:58 am
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", parts of the delaware valley bracing for a blast of snow and enough to foul up the morning commute sue's track ago this one and bob has a look at the roads.
5:00 am
linking arms so much chants and protests all across this country after a president trump issued that executive other banning travel from the seven predominantly muslim countries. also ahead on "good day philadelphia" down to the wire , villanova looking for a win but it wouldn't come without some drama. good day everybody. on this monday, we have a number of school delays, that are going to run at bottom of the screen right there, and if you see some snow send us pictures as well. >> good morning, gang. >> good morning. >> my kids are watching, you have school, it is not delayed >> they will pull a fast one, some assembly. >> they try, sometimes. >> true. lets get to the winter weather advisory because counties you see colored in purple, the color purple, those will end up most likely to see snow this is storm


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