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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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linking arms so much chants and protests all across this country after a president trump issued that executive other banning travel from the seven predominantly muslim countries. also ahead on "good day philadelphia" down to the wire , villanova looking for a win but it wouldn't come without some drama. good day everybody. on this monday, we have a number of school delays, that are going to run at bottom of the screen right there, and if you see some snow send us pictures as well. >> good morning, gang. >> good morning. >> my kids are watching, you have school, it is not delayed >> they will pull a fast one, some assembly. >> they try, sometimes. >> true. lets get to the winter weather advisory because counties you see colored in purple, the color purple, those will end up most likely to see snow this is storm.
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even if you get it, it the is not much. here in philadelphia a little, if any, so buddy is ready to celebrate national croissant day, bob kelly has been wanting a chocolate croissant all morning. the lust he saw it was national croissant day. wind chills in the 20's, temperatures in the 30's. there it is, plenty of snow on radar but in philadelphia, north and west you are not seeing anything, so it is cape may county, sussex county in delaware basically most of the counties included in that winter weather advisory. we will a few more details coming up. 34 degrees in philadelphia. that is only lays where temperatures air above freezing. right at freezing in wildwood, atlantic city, millville, dover, wilmington all of the the places we will see a few snowflakes this morning. it should be confined to the morning. 34 degrees feels like 26, sunrise at convenient time 7:11. we have a five out of ten, half and half kind of day but with our planner also note that you could see a few
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flurries in the evening commute as well. those would be very hit or miss not expected to amount to anything but just one more thing, bob kelly as if monday alone was not enough. >> i want one of those chocolate croissants is all i'm looking for. good morning everybody. 5:02. great example of the half and half, 50/50. route nine down the shore in new jersey where you can see precipitation coming up, past our overhead street lamp, road surfaces are wet, and this snow, sticking to the grass surface so again, just enough to kind of make it a pain in the neck kind of monday morning. be careful stepping outside front door. right here downtown philadelphia this problems at all on i-95. we had a quick opening at that coney palmyra bridge. traffic moving there. the roads are dry on route 309 and pennsylvania turnpike, however, penndot, new jersey dot, all of the dot's they have put town that salt brine solution. the road are treated. we are ready to go should we
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see any flakes coming our way. to problems at all on the schuylkill expressway, vine expressway, crew did his not work last night so that is opened this morning this collegeville or just outside black being road at olympic road watch out the for an accident. the turnpike connection bridge will remain closed to vehicle traffic and this problems on mass transit, guys, back to you. 5:03. lets take another live look down the shore this is absecon , good morning to you. still around freezing mark. we could see 3 inches as sue mentioned down the shore. of course we will in the the see a whole lot of accumulation, especially in the philadelphia area but we will see it in south jersey one to 3 inches. steve keeley still in vineland , new jersey, hi there , steve. >> reporter: thomas, still confused we ran that story about miss universe being crown. i always thought you were it ing next to to to the reign ing miss universe. >> very sweet.
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>> reporter: is this not a sin look at this. >> wow. >> you found it. >> but can you see what it is covering, look at this, it only gets 19 miles to the gallon, that is a hint, it is a beautiful brand new corvette , should a corvette be exposed to snow but i think that this is what the husband maybe should get. >> yeah. >> we have enough snow, we have snow snow here to make a snowball off a corvette. that is an expensive snow ball it is finally snowing. how about that. there is the spotlight above delsea drive where one of the 5,000 wawas we have passed so taras we head towards wildwood down route 47 better known as delsea drive. we are at rk chevrolet. did i just get a rap is this to i hear that right? tony said yes. so i just wanted viewers to hear this country music. we are this countryville they are silverados, you can see
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rows of car covered with snow. one of our fine sponsors storm ally sleepy's, thousand hat trust firm has this is change the that i am here on route 47 but they have change tonight a way. until they get mattress firm lights up we will call it slepts. >> you never use the term i slept in. >> we will check back with you , steve. as you head out the door get very latest weather update , traffic conditions and school delays. there are a few this morning on our fox 29 and our weather authority apps. time right now 5:05. we are following breaking news police are investigating an armed robbery at a chinese take out restaurant in west philadelphia this all happened around 9:40 last night at 62nd and spruce street, restaurant owners say two armed men wearing mask stole honey, one of the owners pulled his own gun out and fired at least two times hitting one of the suspects in the back. we understand two men who fit suspect description wound up at a local hospital and one of
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the men was arrested for driving a stolen reek will. standoff in frankford is now over, suspect has surrendered. it happened there in the 1900 block of ken sey street. it started as a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. police say husband struck his wife and refused to come out when police arrived. eventually he did surrender and taken into custody. 5:06. big story is protest happening all around our country from philadelphia to dallas and san tran, new york, protesters taking over airport terminals, angry over president trump's temporary ban on people from seven countries. the row testers want to send a strong message to the white house. our lauren johnson at philly interest natalie with the very latest on all of that. >> reporter: good morning, not much playing out the here at this hour, but as you said it was ative rent scene that played out over weekend. we hope to catch up with travelers once they start arriving to get their feelings about all of this yesterday though people packed the international terminal, to show their support the for new
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ly banned travelers, already in route to the u. is, when the president signs a executive order. end result of it all legal u.s. resident are being blocked from coming back in our country airports leaving many people in limbo, tea tails on the refugee restrictions are not all clear but we do know it is a tell rare i ban on entry there seven muslim majority countries, the fall out heart breaking for families being split up, detained in airports , and even sent back with cancelled visas. stories are simply sad evening >> people who saw me today, heard about high family. >> i'm from the soviet union. i'm here. refugee there a whose style country and gave he a chance. >> reporter: for the hose part peaceful protest laid out here in philadelphia, one man was arrested, cited and released
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by not obeying police command. many people said the president 's move send a signal intended or not that america is not welcoming muslims in the country any shore. karen and thomas. >> people still trying to understand this ban, lauren johnson. governor tom wolf saying pennsylvania is joining 16 other states in condemning president trump's travel ban. >> this is in the who we are. pennsylvania is a place of welcome. the you had was set up to be a place where people could escape oppression. this is in the a lays people come to to experience oppression and that is what their family members experienced. i for one as an american as a pennsylvanian, pennsylvanian and i'm outraged. >> the white house insists the ban will keep america safe and insist it is not a ban on muslims. >> president trump is responding on critics on facebook in part, we will continue to show compassion to those feelings of owe regulars but we will do so while protecting our own it sense and border.
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that this is this is about religion but about terror and keeping our country safe. amid confusion about president trump's far reaching immigration order the secretary of the home land security has finally weighed in. >> here's what the secretary john kelly has to say about people who have green card. lawful entry of the permanent residents is in our natalie interest. statement also said unless there is information indicating a another just threat to publish safety and well tear green card and other legal residents should be let in. and while senior administration officials are coming to the president's tea tense, some democrats say natalie ban is simly un american. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican and i as your senator from new york will claw, scrap and fight with every fiber of high
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being until theseerd are overturned. >> this is a ban on perspective travel from countries trying to prevent terrorist in this country, from countries that have a recent history of training and exporting and harboring terrorist. >> so this order will last for 90 days as administration tries to develop new screening procedures to prevent terrorist from entering our country. as we layout executive order we invite you to stay with fox 29 for latest on the travel ban get latest details on our web site fox 29 to the come. if you think this past week was a big one for president donald trump get the ready for more changes. the president is expected to announce his supreme court nominee as early as today, two leading candidates right there appear to be neil gorsuch and thomas hardi theman. see has been vacant for nearly a year after the death of the justin scalia. president donald trump signing an executive order reorganizing the natalie security council. his controversial chief
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strategies steve ban on will now have a regular seat at security heatings. move shaking up traditional make up of the council and de behind issuing role of the military and intelligence leadership. it is 5:11. there has been a deadly shooting at a months income canada. >> still ahead latest on the victim and what the canadian prime minister is saying about this deadly attack. we have seen a lot of stars speaking out, also executive of major companies and corporations they have a lot of things to say and actions including there star bucks and air b and b what those companies say they will do after this ban went into effect. good morning, 5:11. we will go for a ride on the 42 tree way heading down toward the shore as road conditions change, and the further south you go but lets go north up to the poconos as we look live they are making snow and getting ready for monday ski action, sueby has your tore cast and i'll check
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traffic is moving at this hour. it is building on the platt bridge. bob will check the traffic coming up in just about two minutes or so. >> you know what wasn't fun delta flights, well, they were called yesterday. now they have resumed after a system outage last night, grounded flights all across the country. delta says 150 flights have been cancelled and more are
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expected. ceo apologized to customers saying the disruption was not acceptable. the airline giving customers until february 3rd by wait to rebook their flights. let's check the forecast at 5:15. it is a busy wet ther day, sue serio is seeing some snow in some areas. >> we are, just areas we expected, south and east of philadelphia, winter wet ther it is timing and track of the storm this is further south then we thought on friday. little further are north and we would be talking accumulation in philadelphia but we're not. as this exits is there another one that comes in right after, another wave of weather, that could affect thus afternoon the storm is producing snow, to the south and east of philadelphia, mostly southern two counties of delaware and the southern counties of new jersey, as well, you saw with millville, steve keeley and rehoboth and bethenny getting snow n ocean city maryland it
5:16 am
has been rain with the milder air moving off the ocean, and we have got cape may county, parts of atlantic county, right there millville we can see that bright white means the snow is steady, and with those light accumulations everything continues through about eight or nine, maybe even 10:00 in the morning. but by lunchtime for sure we have sunshine probably earlier in philadelphia trying around this evening, and then we will see a burst of snow. don't be surprised because this is widely scattered but we will have light snow showers, as the exit strategy for that storm. the then things get interesting tomorrow morning with the possibility of some snow, rolling in six or 7:00 from the west, not the sticking around too long and then eventually after a little bit of the break changing over to rain. this is mostly a northern event, separate storm there the one we just saw.
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all of delaware, southern new jersey, just a few spots most a coat to go an inch or two. temperatures right around freezing. wind chill in the 20's this morning. keep that in mind trusting the kid, make sure they are arely bundle up. we are used to it by now. here's 39 degrees today. forty-two for tomorrow. your first day of february is wednesday, 47 degrees, milder take in the the foreseeable feature. groundhog day we could see some sunshine, and, if the groundhog sees his shadow he will bureau down for six more weeks of winter. we will see what happens in punxsutawney, where we always have live picture from there. it the is always an adventure bob kelly. >> they have a good time getting their top hats all ready to go. down here in delaware we have classic example of the
5:18 am
the roads wet, snow sticking to the grass surfaces. all roads treated last night in areas where we're expecting dicey conditions. just take it easy. sue mentioned south delaware, new jersey. forty-two freeway is try rocking your way in toward philadelphia and 295. no problems on the platt bridge. live look for the lanning heading from southwest philly up and over toward the airport change these morning for septa let's roll video. we have new timetables for septa regional rail lines this morning. they have put in a new schedule, yesterday, and that is going to impact the morning , the afternoon, rush hour today, make sure that you are up to date, and also, patco, kicked in a new timetable over the weekend as well. so make sure you have your schedules there as antenna towers for radio station, at 55 miles an hour, so far on the schuylkill expressway, roads are dry at least on the schuylkill and conshohocken curve and we are ready for another bridge opening,
5:19 am
burlington bristol bridge set the toran opening at 5:40 that same freighter that impacted tacony palmyra, little different this time around is that this will impact everyone , who is gone on that detour, from the turnpike connection bridge. that remains closed indefinite thely. burlington bristol is an option, use scudder falls or the trenton morrisville bridge gang, back to you. bob, thanks very much. six people have been killed, eight others injury after a shooting this a mosque in canada this happened last night at islamic cultural center in quebec city. witnesses say two gunman stormed mosque filled with dozens of worshipers and started shooting. this he were taken in custody but canadian prime minister justin trudeau is describing this incident as a terrorist attack on muslims. another disturbing story this morning five men are behind bars in connection to the child sexual assault. attorney general josh shapiro says five men from pennsylvania and virginia are facing felony charges this is
5:20 am
the horrific case of abuse. authorities say jeffery harvey , david parker, kenneth penske, greg knox and steven taylor sexually abused a boy, starting when he was nine years old. >> this child victim was repeatedly abused, over at least a seven to eight year period. they cared nothing about this young boy. this is a horrendous case. >> authorities say that some of these happened at fury arty where men trusted up in animals costumes to commit their act. prosecutors believe there could be more victims. several hundred people came out for a vigil last evening to remember young victims of the atv accident over the weekend. it was try when a three-year old guillen i forte was riding with his friend nick, when they were struck by a car. forte was killed, the other still in the hospital. he has very serious injuries.
5:21 am
they are bolt members of the bensalem football team. geani's grandmother hopes this can send a message to other teenagers. >> he was always told never to ride without a helmet or on the street. the street bensalem is not lit we don't see these kid, and i just, if it will save somebody else's life, please don't be riding on the streets with these atv's. the community is raising more than $17,000, to help pay for funeral costs. time right thousand 5:21. we have learned former eagle brian dawkins is a finalist for nfl hall of fame and saturday, of course, day before the super bowl, he will find out when is in. >> we love him. we sat down with him to find out what it would mean for him to make tonight his first year of eligible. >> it is a huge honor. that means natalie effort, the pain that i put myself through , the way i sacrificed high body, and the way i played for my teammates, way i listen to coaches and i always
5:22 am
didn't want to listen to coaches and get corrections, that all that stuff paid off. >> wish him the best. the first year of eligibility. if he doesn't get the in this year. he will get in. >> he will definitely get in but hopefully this year. >> 5:21. shopping at target business to get easier. >> so what the company is doing, they say will reduce long lines and make it just so much easier for all of us. guillen i.
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the company air b and b is stepping up to support immigrants suspended by president trump's ban. >> they will be offering free housing, to immigrants and refugees of people not allowed inside this country. air b and b billion air ceo brian, made this offer on twit ter saying quote not allowing countries or refugees in america is in the right and we must stand with those who air expected. google's founder, also facebook mark zuckerberg spoke out over the weekend as well. >> star bucks, also stepping into help, coffee chain says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. the hiring will allow to stores worldwide in the effect would start this is u.s. where focus will be on hiring immigrants who have served with u.s. troops as interpreters and supporters they will. target we mentioned this before the break about to make
5:26 am
spending money easier. >> they are developing their own mobile payment system. >> it is like one of those apple pay systems. they will put it into one of their existing apps they will. you'll pay using your iphone's touch id and target red card. we don't know whether he this will be all rolled out. 5:26. music fans loving fire fly music festival line up this year. >> coming up at 5:30 big names expected to perform, and here's a hint, it is all about the weekend. i will never wash my hair again.
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a winter storm is moving through our area, more of a nuisance, when and where you can see this small blast of snow moving through our area. thousands office people pack our airports in many cities across this country including right here in philadelphia, after a travel ban, for certain muslim countries taking effect, we are live with a lot more on that fall out. also ahead this morning, the president is expected to ounce no who he wants on the supreme court, we will talk about the front runners who are getting all of the buzz. great to have you with us on this monday, it is monday. >> yes, it is monday and it is a challenge.
5:30 am
good morning, gang. >> let's check on traffic. >> i didn't both of you are going with the black on this monday. >> they knew it would snow. >> bookend. >> we have not the scene a flake here in old city this morning yet. possibilities are there but we're in the included in the winter weather advisory. the it is all in delaware and southern new jersey this morning and it is in effect until noon. i have a feeling it will be lifted well before that. bus stop buddy is ready for snow, he has his flyers cap on and wayne simmonds was mvp last night? >> yeah. >> i thought that was worthy of a celebration. it is also national croissant day, is there your breakfast suggestion. here's your picture from twit ter, some snow in north wildwood, it is dark, hard to see but coating on the car there, thank to you louie for that one, this morning. so yeah, snow is falling just where we expected it to, and there you can see on live ultimate doppler radar, in
5:31 am
southern delaware and new jersey, probably getting light accumulation as we expect and certainly temperatures support that it is cold enough for snow in atlantic city, 31. thirty-two in wildwood. thirty-two in dover. here in philadelphia it is 34 but feels colder then that. it feels like it is 26, sunrise happening at 7:11. we will see some sunshine but not until this afternoon. the it is a five out of ten. half and half kind of take but don't be surprised if you see a flurry or two driving home this afternoon, very hit or miss for those, bob kelly. sound good, sue. 5:31. well, from wildwood to cape may here's a live look at tip of the cape may, route nine, where a little bit of everything, half and half, 50/50, road are wet, snow sticking to the grass surface, so things could be tricky out there this morning. everybody was out, they treated road, last night at least major roads, secondary road, those side streets, sidewalk, maybe front step culled be slippery this
5:32 am
morning a lot of action on the river, burlington bristol bridge set for an opening in ten minutes or so. be ready use tacony palmyra as an alternate. here's an accident in the construction zone along i-95, so be careful there, again in problems on the the schuylkill expressway as you work your way in to or out of the city and as i mentioned burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 5:40. it is tough, everyone detoured off of that connection bridge this is an option on the burlington bristol. the mass transit looking good, guys, back to you. all right bob, thank you. 5:32. there may be more disruptions at many airports to take. >> we have had so many protest that is happened over weekend after the president issued that temporary travel ban. lets get down to another airport in virginia where doug luzader is with all of these developments. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning we are at dulles airport this virginia where some protests were taking place yesterday. we don't see any protesters
5:33 am
right now. we may not, to some degree, some of this was clarified yesterday, there was a court ruling a federal judge saying that any tea porttations would have to stop for individual stuck in limbo here as a result of this you this border policy. meantime we have had a clarification from the white house indicate ago this this policy should not have much impact on green card holders, legal residents of the united states, that they will be given special consideration through here. this issue will continue and there will be certainly some shore legal challenges about the broader border policy that president trump has now instituted. >> legal challenges, and questions remain what does this say for our foreign relationship and partner ships >> reporter: well lah there is criticism from overseas. you have seven specific countries, muslim majority countries that are affected, by this, and some of those
5:34 am
countries, you know we don't have tremendous foreign relations to begin with like syria and iran, for instance but there are other parters this overseas who are in the thrilled about this idea: i think white house will say well, that may not hatter because this is something that president trump campaigned on many times and one point talked about an all out house limb ban. this should fall short of that , some are construing it as a muslim ban because it target muslim majority countries. white house is quick to point out that most muslims, the vast majority can still get entry in the united states it is just these specific countries that are being targeted. other aspect has to do with the nation's refugee ram which is largely been halted now, at least temporarily. >> so many developments on this one, so many people weighing in, doug luzader, we appreciate it. quiet at dulles international where doug is currently at. it is far different scene here at philadelphia international. of course yesterday we saw thousands of demonstrators as
5:35 am
well. >> lets get over to lauren johnson at philly international with the latest on what happened there, lauren >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas. just as doug said philadelphia international airport is much more quieter then it was yesterday when this international term that it is was packed. the scene played out. thousands oz have people were here on sunday to raise voices and concerns over the president's executive order. that order temporarily bans immigrants from the seven majority muslim nations including syrian refugees. for nearly five hours here protesters held up signs and rallied against that policy that has left passengers, detained or even turned away there airports. many people had personal connection toss family and friend trying to escape those countries. >> yesterday we were scrambling,e didn't think would we get home. >> people who saw me to take, you know, heard of high tamly. >> reporter: for the most part
5:36 am
here at philadelphia international the protests were peaceful. one man was arrested and cited and released for not obeying police command but many people gathered here yesterday said the president's move send a signal whether he intend to or not that our country noise longer welcoming muslims, karen and thomas. >> we have a pretty good sized syrian population in the lehigh valley as well so we will follow all this. >> 5:36. back to the weather. the south jersey and delaware expect to see most accumulation from this morning 's blast of snow. >> anytime we will get a couple flakes coming down it can create a problem for commute. we have in the seen any in our neck of the woods but steve keeley has found a bun inch south jersey we can see it falling, hey steve. >> reporter: we are doing the gps thing on our way to wildwood. notice there is a fork in the road and as yogi berra said help you see a fork in the road take it. we are undecided about left to right. we have a lot of viewers. everybody knows us on a first name basis. look at the snow starting to
5:37 am
fall here on delsea drive at the fork in the road in millville, people going to the left and to the right and notice the snow. look at it sticking to everything sidewalk even the metal poles and street lamp around cape may wildwood sign behind the cape may wildwood sign the traffic light pole. look at the snow all the way up to the top. greg, give them a look this way the two left and look at that snow sticking all the way up on the back of the traffic light, the yellow traffic light on the rear you can see snow it the is really sticking and greg will walk and show you right at the fork in the road in millville, did you know this? millville, the holy city of america and around the sign there coins tenthly that has its winter swim promoted, all holy bush stuck in the the snow. it looks christmasy out here approaching february but lots of traffic and these people taking it the easy as road is wet. you can look at the how hard
5:38 am
it is falling with the snow. so take it the easy here this deep south jersey in the heart of the cumberland county as we head east, and see at this fork in the road gets us in the right treks toward cape may and wildwood, karen and thomas. >> if you choose the right treks always nice to look at never fun to drive-in. thanks, steve. when we come right back we will talk about weather, joseph o'brien just wrote in on facebook and said just taking dogs for a walk this morning, saw a few flakes in oakland new jersey on the white horse pike thank you for that one joseph. if you see snow, use #fox 29 good day and send them to you and sue serio specifically. >> good morning wilmington we will be right back at 5:38. what i love most
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good morning i'm sean bell culture has changed in the sixers organization, the team is winning, even without joel embiid but yesterday, they needed him, against the bulls, badly. sat out last night because team has a game today against kings and jimmy butler getting the steel and getting it done. he was just too much for sixers. he had 28-point. they fell for second time in a row, 121-108. to the nhl all-star game wayne simmonds was the star of all stars in this one, making the city proud. he had two goals in the first session and then had this game winning goal for metropolitan division, he took home the mvp
5:42 am
award and a brand new car. and in college basketball villanova in a thriller, down by double digits to virginia but now seconds left tied up josh hart dives and then dahntay devincentzo with the game winning bucket. nova survived 61-59. that is sports in a minute.
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5:44 am
good morning it is 5:44 on a monday, weekend is over,
5:45 am
lets get it started, live look at 95, southbound a disabled right in the construction zone near route 413, be careful for gang coming out of the bucks county burlington bristol bridge getting set for an opening here second opening this morning that we have had to deal with on the bridge and hello, wildwood, here's a live look at exit for garden state parkway route 47, rio grande bringing back memories heading down the shore with my dad and rest of the gang every summer there in august. but here's an example roads are wet, snow sticking to the grass surface, south jersey waking up to slippery conditions, as is south delaware. septa kicked in new schedules over weekend. today is first monday morning rush hour where trains are running on a new timetable. so be prepared for that. same deal for patco they kicked in a new schedule yesterday, and delta airlines, trying to return to normal after a huge, systems outage, yesterday, so would i check ahead, especially with delta
5:46 am
before you head down to the airport, and of course depending upon weather scenario today we could have wet ther delays in and out of philadelphia international. new traffic pattern along jfk boulevard closed to vehicle traffic from 20th down to schuylkill avenue right in front of the 30th street station. anyone coming from say drexel university sign of the river to get into downtown you have to use market street. we mentioned some snow, how much and how long will it hang around for? sueby has the answer in 15 seconds. so, here's what is happening. we have a low pressure system in the process of moving, to our south, and it looks like, this is going to be an even more southern storm then originally anticipated, as this moves off shore before
5:47 am
probably 10:00 o'clock in the morning. here's a look right now at ultimate doppler radar, snowing in kent and sussex counties in delaware and lower counties of new jersey and accumulating lightly around rehoboth beach here around dover, coating on the ground, and as you saw, taking a trip town into cape may county from cumberland county, steve keeley on the road this morning with his report. so future cast shows that everything stays to our south and it doesn't look like we will even get anything at this point here in philadelphia, we were removed from the winter weather advisory a while ago but you have a chance no matter where you are of seeing a pop up snow shower later on this afternoon as temperatures stay in the 30's all day long. so it will be a cold one today and those snows showers could be hit or missed. tomorrow morning when we have a chance of snow showers sipping through, maybe six or seven or 8:00 o'clock in the morning and some rain showers in the afternoon, with milder air moving in, tomorrow.
5:48 am
so, things just stay interesting, certainly in the boring. here's head line from the national weather service. they have removed a few counties there the winter weather advisory so it is only kent, sussex to delaware and around cumberland, cape may, atlantic city, half of the burlington and ocean counties in new jersey. so, right now we have 34 degrees in philadelphia around treeing every where else. in the 20's to the north of us where no snow is expected and wind chills far in the 20's every where, so keep that in mind with the kid and make sure they are bundled up. winds are not the high right now but they will be in the afternoon. high temperature of 39 degrees forty-two tomorrow. then our warmest day of the week if you can call 47 degrees warm it is wednesday the first day of february for ground hog day. it the looks like a chilly one and a sunny one but depend what it is like in western pennsylvania whether we have six more weeks of winter if you believe in that stuff,
5:49 am
guys. >> yes, all right. we'll. >> thanks, sue. some are dreaming of the line up for this years fire fly music festival just announced. >> ♪ >> always a packed event there artists that are planned, of course weeknt, bob dylann, chance the rapper, 21 pilots and all headlines, keisha, several other acts on the bill fire fly will take place june 15th through the 18th at dover international speed way this delaware and tickets well , they are on sale right now. also hollywood award season got rolling with what has been going on for quite on is time because we already had globes. we had screen actors guild. it wasn't just winners that people were talking about. we will take a little further. >> we were watching for what
5:50 am
they wore. >> fox's adam housely has more >> reporter: it was actors night to shine this is 23rd annual screen actors guild brought out this years best in television and film ready to spark he will for the cameras. >> recollect thighed by people who understand the crowd, it is, deeply gratifying. >> to be surrounded by my fellow performers, many of them i though and worked with it is incredibly exciting. >> reporter: the girls dazzled red carpet wearing their spark ling gowns. >> adrian a papal did a great job giving me something flowing, beautiful, elegant, female and i just loved it. >> reporter: for guys it was classics tuxedos, black suits and few exception that is stood out. >> helping he pick things out, kenneth coal, hugo boss. >> is this dior. >> yes, they dressed me tonight, i try to do this myself i would be a disaster.
5:51 am
>> reporter: essentials were once again a big hit. >> what do you want, kitkat,. >> do you have think butter tinkers. >> is there any tequilla in there. >> can i have a mint, fresh breath. >> and in hollywood, adam housely "fox news". of course people concentrating on what they wore but also paid very close attention to the speeches. >> well, you knew there would be people speaking out after president trump's executive order over the weekend so that was taking center stage. we will do some of the winners as well. the best even sem many in a tv drama went to the hit series stranger things and david harbor add this to say this ward, who take your crap seriously and ernestly believe that great acting can change the world is a call to arms from our fellow craft men and women to go deeper and through our art to battle against fear , self centerness and
5:52 am
predominantly narcissist particular culture and through our crap cultivate more empathetic and understanding, society by revealing inn tam us truth that serve as a forceful rebehinder that when they tiehl broken, afraid, tired they are not alone. we are you nighted in that we are all human beings... >> so he plays on the netflix series. some vices one of them denzel washington taking home at ward for best actor for fences. casey affleck was consider the favorite for his role in manchester by the sea. while accepting his award he called for a more empathetic society. denzel's co-star viola davis won for her role in fences. this is davis informed award. she won for her role in the film the help back in 2012 as well as for her dramatic television series how to get away with murder in 2016 a 17. award for best ensemble,
5:53 am
went to orange is new black, taylor schilling taking to the microphone seeking about diversity and unity. this was third consecutive win for orange is the you this black in the category best ensemble in a tv comedy. julie lewis dry fuss won for best tv actress. she started out with jokes about russia having the saga ward but then she got serious and slammed the executive order. >> 5:53. another big show that has people watching last night, you you can hear the voice of the steve harvey and he got it right this year. why the crowning of the the new miss universe didn't focus just on the beautiful ladies on the stage but guy making the call, in the background we will be right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
the new miss universe is ... france. >> there you have it, we have a new miss universe. don't worry host steve harvey got it right this year, miss france iris getting to crown the 23 year-old and second person from her country to ever win the title. by the way she is currently pursuing a degree in dental surgery. big congratulations. we know lady gaga will be taking stage during super bowl 51 but she's not a loan. several original cast members
5:57 am
from hamilton the musical will sing america the beautiful right before the game. so renee goldsbury, jasmine joan and philip asue will perform during half time. last time it was performed was by jennifer hudson in 203. make sure that you will join us for "good day philadelphia" this weekend for the super bowl. it will be a big party, alex and mike will be there hosting starting at 7:00 a.m. and there is a half time as well, catch super bowl right here on fox 29 at 6:30. we will follow your wet they are morning blast of snow, and enough to make your commute not so fun, sue will have your forecast and bob will take a look at the road after this, stay with us.
5:58 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we've got some snow. straight up 6:00 o'clock and we've got some snow. look at that. see that right there? some areas getting hit with some winter weather, it seems how it is winter. the just in time for morning commute. sue has exactly how much we will get. it looks like just a dusting at this point. confusion and chaos at airports across the nation. protesters spend the weekend rally withing a begins president trump's ban on immigrant from seven countries what the white house is saying about enforcing the ban this morning


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