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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm iain page. fox news is reporting president trump has two finalists for the supreme court and one of those mensa judge here in philadelphia. our bruce gordon joins us this evening. bruce, this is a man who few of us knew about a couple of weeks back report roar yeah. i'll tell you about him. 51-year-old thomas hardiman, and i can tell you right now liberals are going to have some problems with his politics and some of his rulings but the experts i talked to today say it will be awfully tough for anyone to question his qualifications. judge hardiman was named by president bush to the philadelphia based third circuit court of appeals back in 2007. following a stint on the federal district court in pittsburgh. hardiman is a registered republican, considered conservative. especially on matters relating to gun ownership. but whatever his leanings those who know or know of him say hardiman is the real deal. >> debra gross chancellor of the philadelphia bar association says for hardiman the law is all
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consuming passion. >> he's very careful and in his decisions and his analysis. making sure that he has followed, um, you know the law the president and he doesn't -- doesn't create law. how is that? he's following the law. >> reporter: temple university law school professor mary levee argued cases before the third circuit and says hardiman enjoys a sterling reputation even among those on the other side of the political aisle. >> he applies -- he applies the law very fairly in all of his cases much he's extremely well prepared. he's just -- he's a terrific judge and highly qualified. >> reporter: remember that vote for president you cast back in november? or didn't cast because you were too busy or didn't much care for either candidate. keep that in mind when president trump names hardiman or another judge to this lifetime position interpreting the laws by which we live. >> this isn't something that lasts for years. but this is something that lasts, corks last 20, 30, maybe more than 30 years. so it will impact individuals
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lives from when they were a baby through 30 years. >> reporter: hardiman would be a rare will the on the high court a non-ivy leaguer under grad at notre dame, law school at georgetown. as for the confirmation process for harder did you man or frankly for any trump selection, democrats still fuming over the gop's happened link of merrick garland last year are spoiling for a fight. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you you can stay with fox 29 for continuing coverage of president trump's first 100 days you can watch the president's live announcement tonight 8:00 p.m. right here on fox 29. president trump immigration crack down through what he's calling extreme vetting is now the target of a federal lawsuit filed right here in philadelph philadelphia. immigration liars of lawyers file the suit and they call the administration's policy unconstitutional. the suit follows a chaotic weekend at philly international airport. the lawyers represent three families who saw their relative set back home after traveling here from countries on a short
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list of terror hot spots. >> we just want to tell that this is extremely unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughter after years, and treating her like a crimin criminal. >> this cold and callus nature of this administration's approach to this is just really disappointing as an american. >> this is not a travel ban much this temporary pause that allows us to better review the existing refugee and visa vetting system. >> white house press secretary sean spicer says white house attorneys found the executive order fully legal. the attorneys who filed the suit are calling on the courts to let the rejected families return to the us this time on the government's tab. happening right now investigation underway in a deadly fire. firefighters in bensalem pulled an elderly woman out of a burning home but she did not make it. the home was so cluttered it made things difficult for first responders this morning.
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fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live in bensalem with developing details. dave? >> reporter: iain, we can tell you fire crews say this is a problem that they're seeing more and more of. in this case, it prevented them from getting the flames knocked down a lot faster and possibly saving a life. skyfox watches from above as firefighters spend the early morning hours battling a house on fire on the 2200 block of byberry in bensalem it took crews from multiple agencies to help out. >> counted at least 15 full sized fire engines and many mo more. >> reporter: they arrived to find the house taken over by powerful flames but the hardest part was dealing with the obstacles inside. >> the amount of debris in there you can't even imagine it's floor to ceiling, wall to wall. very narrow path. the firefighters had a if you have time trying to get to the fire. >> reporter: piles and piles of belongings and momentos thrown out on the front lawn.
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>> everything you can think of, clothes, boxes, trash bags, everything. years and years and years of just keeping belongings and not getting rid of them. >> reporter: who aring so severe first responders left the inside for an exterior tack. >> something we won't don't want to do. we want to fight the fire from the inside it goes out easier that way. the 92-year-old woman was rescued boy a firefighter but tragically died at a hospital later. a man who was able to escape on his own is still hospitalized in critical condition. >> it takes longer for us the fire department to get to you. it's harder for to us put the fire out, which is the example today. >> reporter: firefighters generally see a lot of tragedy and they say there's lesson in this one, too. >> we just ask people if you have a family member or you know somebody that's hoarding, try your best to talk to them. >> reporter: we have learned the fire started in the basement. however, the cause is not clear. it's still under investigation
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tonight. >> back to you. >> all right, thank you, dave. in paulsboro, new jersey, state police are investigating what started a fire inside of a schoolbus. no students were inside when it went up in flames around noon. skyfox over the seen on i-295 and even though that looked pretty terrible the bus driver is not injured much. in germantown an armed robber bust noose a chinese take out restaurant but an employee fights back. surveillance video catches the suspect at new wok on the fifty two 5800 block of wayne avenue saturday night. police say he demands money from the employee while another employee pull out his own gun and fired at the guy. the suspect ran away without taking anything and no one is hurt. pennsylvania's auditor general had make good on his pledge to audit an operator of a city charter schools as fox 29 investigates reveals a big pay out made to a former top school official. auditor general eugene depasquale he'll begin his audit of charter operator aspira on
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february 13th. he'll probe five its schools. remember last summer jeff cole and fox 29 investigates revealed that aspira paid its former top academic officer $350,000 to settle a sexual harassment suit that she brought against the charter and its ceo alfredo calderon. he refused comment in the summer. he remains on the job. spokesperson for the charter has told fox 29 it is barred from talking about the case. new jersey man caught on video bunching a catholic bishop says he's not guilty. last night we supposed you this video of the attack at a newark church saturday. today in court charles miller pleaded not guilty. miller also says that he is a reverend meanwhile the bishop who got punched in the mouth had to get stitches. reverend manuel cruz says he's doing okay. police say they still don't have a motive for what went down right there. let's get on to fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live hock at the bensalem parkway tonight the last day of january. it definitely feels like it out
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there. >> sure d let's head on over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> hey, guys. >> hi. >> it was cold today. i'll let kathy fix that microphone of hers. apparently it's also a tad cold. >> we're shaking a little bit. >> have you warmed it up. >> we're back. we're working on it. old city philadelphia looking good. high temperature today did make it into the lower 40s. right now it's 38. 32 in trenton. 21 in the poconos. and 41 degrees in wilmington. we do have that westerly wind that's keeping it mild especia especially through dover and wildwood. dover making it to 50 degrees today. so this evening, skies will be partly cloudy. you'll see some stars out there over the city and temperatures aren't going to move all that much tonight. partly cloudy at 7:00 o'clock and 39 degrees. 9:00 o'clock 38. a light breeze at 11:00 with a temperature of 38 degrees. some changes getting underway on ultimate doppler the rain and the snow are out of here. the skies will be clearing.
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but it will be seasonably cool overnight tonight. tomorrow a bit of a mild break. but it turns windy again. and another chance of snow this time on super bowl sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks. breaking news right now. skyfox is over girard college in north philadelphia where chapel caught fire. you can see the crews on the scene there plenty of fire trucks and we're told right now there have been no injuries. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you knew information when we can. a brutal attack in south philadelphia. four people beet beat a man walking down the street. what the victim was carrying his attackers found so valuable. a childhood home of grace kelly is now back in the hands of her family owned now by prince albert of monaco. what he plans to do with it and when you can get a peek inside the famous east falls house. sean bell? lucy the falcons can actually thank the eagles for being in the super bowl. matt ryan talks about that game
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and how that propelled them to what they are today. that's coming up later in sports.
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>> on top of breaking news right now. a jury id has made decision in the civil trial connected to that deadly salvation army building collapse. jurors found the salvation army adjacent building owner and other defendants libel. they include the building owner richard bossy an know, the architect the salvation army and the jailed contractor. civil trial lasted five months. six people were killed and 13 others hurt when the building collapsed in center city in june of 2013. man in south philadelphia did not stand a chance when a group of men attacked him out of the blue. when he fell on the ground all those men continued the beat down much police want those guys off the streets right away. the attack unfolded showed anyone of us could become a victim to something like this. dawn timmeney joins us live along south broad street where it all went down. dawn? >> reporter: iain and lucy, pretty scary when you think
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about it. it happened half block from where i'm standing the victim was minding his own business when out of nowhere four guys jumped him all over a cell pho phone. >> i always thought walking broad street would be pretty safe area. um, of course i will be a little more cautious. >> reporter: more cautious when walking her grandson because of this vicious attack along the 1200 block of south broad street. police just releasing the alarminalarming surveillance of 25-year-old man being jumped from behind and beaten by four men in their teens or early 20s. >> at some point in time it looks like a game to them as you see them punching this male repeatedly and stomping him, kicking him. horrible thing to see. >> reporter: it happened on january 10th 8:00 at night. the violent assault was completely random. the group of men trying unsuccessfully to steal the victim's cell phone. >> so they may have seen him walking down the street at some point in time and thought hi he was an easy target because his
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cell phone being in his hand or he was distracted in isn't way. >> you don't rob people. you won want anybody to knock you out and rob you for your stuff that you worked hard for. it's not right. >> reporter: beverly mccann lives right around the corner from where the attack happened. and says this is exactly why she never let's her guard down. >> have to be. yes, anywhere that i go, daytime, nighttime it doesn't matter to me. you got to be careful out here. >> reporter: gary pratt is a long-time resident of the neighborhood. he's appalled by what happened to the victim who lives just a block away from where he was beatly beaten. >> does it surprise you? >> um, yes and no. um, this is happened in the past before. um, it doesn't seem quite so recently. um, but that doesn't mean i'm not still kind of shocked and concerned about it. >> reporter: now, police say if these four attackers would do something so despicable there's no telling what else they're capable of that's why they want to get these guys off the street before they hurt someone else. if you recognize these four give police a call much lucy, back to
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you. >> thank you very much, dawn timmeney. in delaware county threats against an employee at eastern university has caught the attention of police. kind of have to follow the bouncing ball on this story. police say it all started when this manna than yell reddick refused to leave the campus of radnor township after the university fired him. police say he was arguing with former employees he ended up throwing a plate on the ground. after he finally left campus, police say somebody else apparently sent reddick's employee the former one some type of text saying that apparently maybe reddick would shoot the employee. police also found on reddick's facebook that he would quote now -- that he wrote "now a lot of people are going to die" from what they say he's currently right now on the run. the university of pennsylvania getting a big name for its commencement speaker the university announcing today us senator corey booker will address the grads. the school says democratic leader is a quote defender of our nation's most important democratic ideals political
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pundants are calling booker a likely contender for the 2020 presidential election. there could soon be a new museum in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. chances are it will attract people from all over the world. that is because prince albert of monaco announced his mother grace kelly's house will open to the public. prince told people magazine the house he bought last year for $750,000 will be home to offices for the princess grace foundation and an extension of monaco's princess grace irish library. >> let's check in with fox 29 winter weather authority now. here's life look at blue mountain in the pocono mountains tonight much got some action out there. skiers would probably like a little fresh powder. will they see any this week. >> that's the big question. let's head over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> the good news, they had a little bit this morning and into the afternoon and they can make all the snow because it's so cold out there. but it's really not going to stay cold. you can see right here on market street the entrance to penn's landing it really nice evening to be outdoors. we made it to 42 degrees.
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the high still 38. temperatures not falling all that much with that east southeasterly wind about 5 miles an hour. so snow showers riding to the north and they are exiting east. we'll see a few more especially into northeastern pennsylvania tonight. it's 21 in the poconos. great packed powder making weather. and allentown it's 30. 41 in wilmington. 38 in philadelphia. 39 in lancaster. so say goodbye to the clipper that road to the north and see all the snow showers lifting into the new york and new england but for tomorrow, we get more of a southerly wind breaks in the overcast and plenty of sunshine. that means warmer temperatures. so as we do hour by hour, you can see tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures mainly in the 30s. wildwood and atlantic city waking up in the 40s. the poconos even the lehigh valley in reading berks county waking newspaper the 20s. by the afternoon, we still see plenty of sunshine temperatures warming into the 40s to the north and west we stay in the 30s. all eyes on our neck weather maker high pressure will move off the coast late saturday into sunday. we'll see an area of low
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pressure riding to the north with a chance of a few snow showers and a secondary development off the coast. we call that cyclogenesis. these two systems are not going to come to together or phase as we say meteorologically we won't be seeing a east coast snowstorm out of this one. maybe few snow showers on your super bowl. 35 in the city. 32 in the suburbs mostly cloudy and mild. tomorrow's high temperature 49 degrees. some spots will flirt with 50. the high temperature will be about 9 degrees above average. partly sunny but breezy conditions with winds still cut gusting to 25, even 30 miles an hour. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday cooler. that's groundhog day punxsutawney phil see his shadow? we'll see. friday colder the same for saturday. and then sunday some late snow showers it's out of here monday so light accumulation is possible. and then by tuesday we're up to 53 degrees. and next wednesday in one week could be even warmer than that.
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so what do you think, you going believe this guy? i'll believe kathy orr because she is the weather authority. he's awfully cute though. >> he is really cute. >> he wins on the cute factor i think. >> i agree. [ laughter ] >> thanks, kathy. i'm fine with 53 in february by the way. >> yeah, i'm fine with that also. a little run outside and a little golf if you can. >> i'd love to. >> it's too cold for him to golf. >> in houston i could play golf. >> if you were in houston, houston they're dealing way lot of craziness right now. all the players trying to avoid all those crazy questions that everyone is asking them, and right now they're giving the cliche answer much i'll have to call one guy out for lying during one of those cliche answers we take a look back at incredible january for the sixers. brett brown and the guys talk about the resurgence of the sixers franchise much that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ breaking news. let's get to sky fox live in the air over a nass tie crash in wilmington, delaware. there are from what we upped looking at wider shot of this earlier quite a few police cars on the scene there. you can see how bad that damage is. this is the intersection of ninth and maryland so if you are driving through this area, you need to find yourself an alternate route. i'm guessing there are people that are definitely injured here. but we don't have any confirmation of any of that right now. so we will bring more to you as soon as it comes in. of course, you can go to fox 24/7 for those updates. ♪ i'm just still staying true
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to the process. continue to take it day by day. haven't thought about the game yet. >> that's the falcons safety key on o'neal lying through his teeth. there's no way you haven't thought about this game for the week and a half and a game you dreamed about since you were a kid. new england and atlanta super bowl li. before the falcons got op this role they lost to the eagles back in november. how things have changed since then the falcons won seven out of their last eight. matt ryan recalled that game and what happened that day. >> we didn't play very well that day. philadelphia did a great job in terms of, upping, just -- we didn't have many plays. i think we had arrive or 46 offensive plays in that game. we got a couple shots down there. long touchdown to taylor gabri gabriel. we had some opportunities we just -- we had -- we didn't convert third downs in that game to stay on the field. but they did a good job. >> to the sixers the process is actually working. they went 10 and five in the month of january the first time they've had winning record in
6:26 pm
the month since november 2012. ♪ >> the trailer -- >> the foundation is starting to prove dividends. one of the things i'm most proud of with the 10 and five roar in the month of january it was done in a lot of different ways. >> with a tie. the sixers win it. >> it's good for us just being able to win that game. we're the team that loses those kinds of games. they were the fact that they were able to hold on is great. >> keep this going. play off coming soon i hope. >> they will. >> thing of beauty. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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will she or won't she. >> lady gaga at the super bowl. will she take a stand against president trump? >> "inside edition" special super bowl correspondent, simone biles. what happened when she met tom brady? >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> then, where is melania. >> the new first lady missing in action. >> where we found her. >> and 60 minutes oprah. her big new job. >> it's hard to keep a secret. >> then, bike crash mayhem. he is hanging on for dear life. the 30-foot drop below. >> and the teen stars from stranger things. his rare medical condition. >> that's why they call me toothless.


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