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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 4, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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vice-president mike pence heading to philadelphia just after hours to a big blow to president trump's controversial travel plan. how the white house plans fight back. a heartbroken community comes together to remember a fallen hero. i wish to god, the special honor this morning for a delaware corrections officer killed during a prison standoff. and it's black h history month. potato chips invented right here in pennsylvania by chef george croft, other creations by african-americans we use in our every day lives. for, four, three, two, and hold. ballet with a burn, it's the workout responsible for madonna
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's who the bod, the local class helping you to move like the material girl. > from the fox 92 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. good day everyone, it's saturday, february 4, 2017. thanks so much for joining us on this early saturday morning. what's up? he's ready. that's what's up. > super bowl sunday, a day away. it's as big as it gets right here on fox 29. we have a big party tomorrow with mike anallen from 7 to 10. > your atlanta falcons. >> my atlanta falcons are playing in the big game. i kind of switched up my picks, too. i'll explain a little bit. i'm coming over to the good side now. we want to hear why you switched sides. scott, let's talk about the weather outside. take a live look right there at houston at nrg stadium. the weather, they're expecting temperatures in the 70s. >> no way.
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70-degree weather in texas for the super bowl. plus, for us we're stuck with the cold. today the coldest day of the upcoming weekend. take a look at ultimate doppler. we are dry, quiet, but those winds out of the north and west ushering in some of the cold air. take a look at the current temperature right now the it's # 2-degrees in philadelphia, but that's the air temperature. you have to factor in the wind. how your body reacts. take a look at that wind chill. it feels like 12-degrees right now so that's really how you should dress on this saturday morning. as we look at the numbers in wilmington. it feels like 13. it feels like 11-degrees in reading. look at atlantic city, it feels like 9 and the pocono mountains it feel like 7-degrees blow zero. take a look at the planner across the area for today. 34-degrees in center city. wind chills are in the afternoon in the 20s. down the shore, mid 30s, wind chills in the 20s. the lehigh valley, a high today of about 30.
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once again it feels like temperatures will be into the teens. as we go hour by hour, take a look at 4:00 this afternoon. feeling like 25-degrees in philadelphia and we continue to see teens into the evening. rebounding temperatures and a rain chance coming up. scott, thank you so much. lanes still shutdown on 422 montgomery county after a deadly crash. that accident just before 12:30 this h morning in the eastbound lanes in west pots grove. police tell us at least one person died. the eastbound lanes of the highway remain shutdown, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. and a woman who died after a crash in the city's owe gone section, police say a car that was travelling on broad street attempted to make an left when an suv hit it. the woman who was driving the suv died. the man who was a passenger is in the hospital with non live threatening injuries. two women who were in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. broad street remains shutdown. the cause of that crash is still
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under investigation. > vice-president mike pence heading to philadelphia today. pence speaking to the philadelphia chapter of the federal lists so site. it's a conservative group that advocates for a stricter interpretation of the constitution. a spokesman for the group saying pence is set to talk about the role of the court as well as george neil gorsuch, president trump's pick. and just blocks away a protest is planned against the administration's controversial immigration ban. let's get out to jennifer joist who is standing outside city all, one of the locations of the demonstrations. >>reporter: good morning, lauren, as you know our city has hosted protest protest in the first couple weeks of donald trump's president of the united states and with vp mike pence the protests will continue today. let's take a look at what's been going on in our city. several different t types of protests. people continuing to secure
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lgbtq rights in this country. there were a protests outside of senator toomey's office. this was yesterday afternoon pushing for a no vote on secretary nominee betsy devos and people are continuing to march against the president's executive order on immigration. immigration will be the main reason for a protest today in the area of city hall around 1:00. according to facebook as many as 3,000 people have rsvp' saying they're planning attend. using the hashtag sanctuary every where to reinforce the idea that people can come together to keep people safe. according to the place they are welcoming refugees, making sure black lives matter and protecting all americans so injustices of the past do not repeat themselves. and then finally another protest planned outside of where vp pence is planning to speak today in the area of independent mall.
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that protest is set to begin at 10:00 this morning. lauren. joist thank you so much. the white house says as soon as possible it request plans to request any order of the stay. the blocks the week old immigration ban. the president signed an executive order keeping immigrants from seven countries from entering the us. a lawsuit was filed saying it was illegal and unconstitutional. last night a us district judge in seattle granted a restraining order. my expectation that the federal government will honor this ruling by this judge. the department of justices, office of legal compliance vetted the executive order, send it back to us saying it was completely compliant. and then the acting attorney even goes out saying i'm pot going to enforce it. you tell me how that job -- the
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white house spokesperson sean spicer said the order meant to protect the american people is legal and appropriate. hundreds turned out to a vigil for the family of floyd killed at a delaware prison. fallen with his her his objection to the form and promoted from sergeant to l. his body was found thursday morning. the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by trauma. his family, friends and fellow officers remembering a man who always thought of others before himself. correction officer joshua wilkinson telling the crowds he wishes he could switch places with that fallen officer. my name is officer wilkinson. i just wish to god it was me instead of him. we worked 17 years ago. we built a bond and a friendship and comrade i with fellow staff
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members. he was a great man. > the investigation to exactly what happened during the up rise continues. a go fund me page has been set up. you can find it at our website. > a man drove into a crowd, hit three people and then took off. it all started when a group of about 20 people got into a fight at 60th and spruce that made its what way into locust street. several people were standing in the street when police say what may be a gray impala. > pennsylvania turnpike officials say the delaware wear river bridge is expected to remain closed for re pairs for at least two more months. the bridge could open in april if the repair plan goes smoothly. crews discovered a crack in the steel beam. about 40,000 cars and trucks cross the bridge every day. convenience store wawa suing a privately owned store in paterson, new jersey. lawyers for wawa say the store
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named day what found too similar and could confuse customers thinking its wawa. in korean the word means come in and he wants everyone to feel welcome. the letter s doesn't just stand for february or football, it also stands for failure. that's because about 80 percent of us give up on your new year's resolutions by the second month of the year. resolution playing is a great way to make a positive change in your life no matter when you make it. the top five reasons experts say we fail. here we are. we're living in the moment without thinking about the future consequence. >> i could see that. being over critical of yourself. we're like just forget it. this is too much too fix. >> it's like forget it. setting goals without support. you have to have that accountability partner, right, make sure you're keeping up with things. >> eating. > or the gym for me. i need someone to say meet you there. being too vague about what you want.
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>> i can see that one because you sort of blanket statement things and then taking on way too much at one time. > agreed. i always say i'm losing 25 pounds. >> that's a lot. > and it's not necessary. > so this is why i sort of shied away from resolutions and i kind of do like a wish list and this year i got creative and put mine in a little shadow box. > here's the deal -- aren't you arts i. it's a list of things i love, what i continue to do. > and you can see it every day as a reminder. >> it sits on my on the monday right by my couch. i want to see more netflix movies what's your motivation with netflix. >> i want to see more movies. what's the eye lids. >> i want to see more things. look look, that's my nicknames, my friends call me laa. > did not know that. >> now you know. mom and everyone calls me lalaa.
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you can contact all into me that if you want. will you make me one of those boards. >> if you do it with friends, you get a whole bunch of old magazines, a pair of scissors and sit there and the words jump off the page at you. arts situate crafty. >> these are the things ttat make me happy. i would say i failed at my new years' resolution. i'm just a work in progress. > i like that. >> i wanted to eat cleaner. > that makes sense, though. >> i've had a few set backs. yesterday i had a whole batch of chik-fil-a pries. > i'm doing good. i'm sweating for the wedding. what's the count down. >> we're under 30. we're like 33, 34, something like that. > i'm going to tell you something about your wedding in the cost of weddings coming up. because i could tell you something, too. imagine how unkempt your lawn
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it's saturday morning. it's kind of early. it's 7:14, 23-degrees. scott, we heard that it was going to be sort of chill in the air this weekend and here it is. >> yeah, it is here. not only are we talking temperatures only in the 30s for today, but it feels like temperatures this morning in the single digits and teens by this afternoon despite a high temperature of 34 we're still talking about afternoon feels like temperatures in the 20sment so today the coldest day of the weekend. by tomorrow temperatures moderate into the mid-40s. so we have a cold area of high pressure that will be right on top of our area for today. so that means a lot of sunshine. but deceptive sunshine. by sunday that high shifts a little farther off to the east. we get more of a return flow around that area of high pressure. so temperatures moderate for the second half of the weekend. this is what we're talking about. the feels-like temperature. how your body reacts when you step outside president it feels
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like 9 in atlantic city. it feels like 12 in millville and philadelphia. it feels like seven blow right now as you move toward mount pocono. the bottom line cold for today, not as harsh for tomorrow and then 50s, even near 60 by the middle of the week, but it looks kind of soggy. back over to you. > only in philly, trying to make sure city leaders know the rules. bruise jordan explains. i am eve gordon when it comes to ethics and government it never hurts to be reminded of the rules, you know, seminars and classes to refresh lawmakers on what they may and may not do. yes, you can accept this gift, no, you can't do that favor. when it comes to philadelphia city council, most members seem to be playing hook i. reported wednesday that none, not one of the current 17 council members has attended ethics training classes annually over the paves fie years as is required by city
7:17 am
ordinance. in fact, not a ingle member has attended even three of the classes over that five-year period. the story reports that councilman contact national a johnson actually pushed forman dates to attend training to every four years. he was forced to i a mend his legislation when he learned that it would actually loosen the rules. of course you can't put all the blame on city council. philadelphia's ethics board which actually runs the training sessions scheduled all of one class in 2013 and none in all of 2015. the story notes that skipping these annual training sessions is technically a violation of the law. but it's also clear that those in charge seem uninclined to mandate attendance or even schedule more sessions. good to know that ethical behavior is taken social seriously in our fine city. speaking of knowing right from wrong it turns out larry fer nasi was on firm ground when he used $6,000 in campaign funds to
7:18 am
cover a cost of the study abroad program for the daughter of a democratic city exit ' woman set to vote on his race for democratic board letter back in 2011. a jury on wednesday acquitted him of bribery charges in his federal corruption trial. if a $6,000 gift sounds fishy to you, you should know that an expert witness at the trial testified that such generous use of campaign cash is both common and acceptable in pennsylvania. good to know that when your kid's college tuition fund runs short your local elected official is such a short touch only in philly. > well in celebration of black history month it's important to acknowledge the innovative contributions. here are just a few plague inventors who we use in our every day life. gordon patented the three-light traffic signal. he was inspired after witnessing a very serious collision at an
7:19 am
intersection. morgan was the first traffic light signal to include that yellow light to let cars know, slow down. > how about that. you brake for the yellow light? >> no. i observe. when people are moving in front of me, then i'm going. for the most time i slow down. > we just had read and green before. george c samson patented the first of mechanical clothes dryer in 1982. people across america, usually women were stuck with the tedious task of hanging all the laundry on a line to dry. i do love that air fresh smell, though. but that's a lot of work. > absolutely. i remember being in hawaii last year and a big gust of wind come through and you see all the clothes hanging on the line and you hold your breath but they're going to start blowing every where. we don't have to worry about
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that anymore. >> do you use the fabric softener. >> i use everything i could. the beads, my number one pet peeve in life would be static. if something is static, i can't wear it. i have to take it off. and the noise. i hate when it's run chicago. > last, but certainly the most fun, the super soaker, the water gun was created by a highly guarded engineer. however, the super soaker is the most greatest achievement by johnson in 1982. i remember how popular those were. >> especially during the '90s on. my brother used to shoot me in the face with those things, though. >> that's a pretty gooden convention right there. > that is a good one. >> super soaker. our p cameras caught up to eagles quarterback carson wentz yesterday where it's 730-degrees
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you said. >> yes. > hear what he had to say about his first season playing in philadelphia. that's coming up next in sports. rooster sounds honey, what are you doing? watching a cow. oh what's it doing? rooster sound
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are you going to sing? on and on and on. > rest in piece. i know. it was just his birthday. >> good memories. > you got the ball, ready to go ball. >> i'm excited. > i am too, of course. your team is playing. mine is not. speaking of teams, let's talk some sports and let's go ahead and talk about our quarterback, carson wentz, for eagles quarterback carson wentz who is down in houston courtesy of nrg energy there's a lot to learn everything about the super bowl. the experience is extremely valuable. also a part of that experience is being able to watch tom brady and matt ryan, two of the best at his position compete for the lombardi trophy. the way they're so composed all the time. they're still plenty of big p plays in there. the falcons' offense, they're very bald. the two running backs do a great job.
7:25 am
they're both really great to watch. we just have to see what happens. of course wentz enjoys the festivities, but would rather be suiting up instead of being a spectator. >> being here and watching the playoff games, from my house i don't want to ever have this feeling again. i want to be playing in january and maybe into february much it's just making me that much more hungry. in order to compete for a super bowl wentz understands there's more steps to be taken and more plays to be made. i think this team is real close going onto a super bowl, with you to make playoffs. we were so close. multiple games we could have been 10 and 6. that's football. i'm not makes excuses, but at the end of the day i think we're close. we're going to keep growing together. > we shall see next year, that's for sure. now it's time to beat mike after
7:26 am
a solid performance where i gave you the atlanta pal cons and the patriots. i gave you my super bowl prediction to take to the bank. let's hear it. i changed my mind. i like the falcons in this one. they have a powerful passing attack, you know the man, hull ohio jones. i expect it to compliment matt ryan's passing game. and the falcons run a classic 28 to 4. i love you. >> good. > let's talk some baseball, folks. what do you say, to the diamonds for the phillies and second base man hernandez avoided a potential hearing by agreeing to a 2 and a half million dollars contract for the upcoming season. the 26 year old broke out the second half of last year hitting 426 with a 21 on base percentage. do you know what those numbers mean, he had a pretty good run. > finally we end with the philadelphia sports writer's association 113 annual banquet
7:27 am
which took place last night in cherry hill. some of the honorees included jay wright which won team of the year aware. i don't know who else they were up against. the great eric line does who won the legend award and the stan hoffman award for the best story of the year. congratulations of all. people on twitter talk when i you and i talk. i saw netflix, but no chill. > there it is. and then we have brian talking about the game. s he said i'm sorry toll t you but the patriots have been to the super bowl so many times that they're used to it. tom brady, the most appearances in a super bowl ever. and then my girl caroline got on, she said the super soaker is still popular today. you can't have a reel wet t-shirt contest without it. look at sean's face. i wish you could see it.
7:28 am
that's how she rolls. summertime fun. i like that. sure. that's right, caroline, got to have some fun. 7:28, a family-owned bar opened for decades closing it's doors. honoring his late mother's wish to open it as something else. what i love most
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> a casual cruz like no other, pack your sun convenience and your sunglasses, but you might not really need much else for this vacation. we'll tell you all about it. it's the workout responsible for madonna's hotbed, the local class helping you move like the material girl with a little ballet burn. welcome back. thanks so much for joining us, you're watching good day weekend, i'm lauren johnson. let's turn things over to scott williams who h has a look at the frigid forecast. it's cold outside. a frigid february morning across the delaware. i'm sure a lot of folks are waking up, it feels like the teens as the cold air starts to rush in. a lot of sunshine out there. it's 22-degrees in philadelphia, but this is what it feels like. it feels like 12-degrees when you factor in those north westerly winds. it feels like 9 in atlantic city. it feels like 11 1 # in dover. look at the poconos, it feels
7:32 am
like 7-degrees blow zero. so as we take a look across the area, center city 34-degrees, wind chills in the 20s. down the shore, 35-degrees, that's it. the high in the lehigh valley. as we go hour by hour, take a look at this morning, 25-degrees in philadelphia. still feeling like 8-degrees in mount pocono and millville feeling like 25 grace. hour by hour, by 9:00 it's going to feel like 19-degrees in philadelphia. so the bottom line cold for today coming up. we'll talk about as not as harsh weather for your sunday and rain next week. while we are dealing with the cold, take a look at the super bowl sunday forecast for houston. we're talking temperatures into the 70s. that sounds good right now. it's shutdown and closed now it's bringing light to one philadelphia neighborhood, a
7:33 am
local family owned a bar in strawberry mansion for more than 20 years. after it closed the woman who ointed told her to son to do something with it. he did. now they're serving up a hoping helping of knowledge to kids. for over 20 years at the corner of 30th and dolphin there was a bar right behind me that the community was very familiar with. at some point the owner, miss shirley told her son kevin that he needed to do something to change the impact of the community. that bar transitioned into a community center and has been helping the children of strawberry mansion ever since. i was born and raised in this community. this is where my strength is here. i said i want to work from my strength here and i'm going to do all i can do. stray bring mansion is kevin's neighborhood, but it's also home to high crime rates. things that make strawberry mansion center unusual but also
7:34 am
necessary. in the entire time i was mr. kevin kept gave me the same justify facial for his decision, surely his mom. we had a building. it sounds bad, he could have cashed out. she asked me to do something, i could see the look in her eyes, even though i want to act like it's not my problem she made me know that it is your problem and it is your obligation to do something. miss shirley passed away several years ago, but her picture looks oversaw bring mansion learning center, a place that's developed from her suggestion to her son. children are there daily doing homework, reading and just taking advantage of a secure spot in their neighborhood. the place is a safe haven for kids. over the years that the learning center has been in the community, kevin's goals and dreams for the kids have expanded. they're building a play area upstairs with a donated pool table developing a lot next door where they want outdoor sports and continue to be surprised by how am share their vision. why are you supporting it in.
7:35 am
>> i am l supporting it because kevin asked. it's as simple as that. tootsie ivan has several stands in the reading terminal. ' down plays her role, but along with the terminal merchant association they teach cooking classes and donate food for the kids at the center every day. i like to plant seeds wherever i go about p just being good, just doing good. i have been blessed with the business at the terminal and i just like to give. as i left, another one of the volunteers, mr. wayne showed what the center is all b. he didn't want to speak on camera, but he's there each day for the kids and the community. enemies shirley and agreed with the feeling that kevin expressed about how his mom would feel about her request that they help their neighborhoods. sometimes even when the place is filled with kids and they're learning and the noise of the kids, it's everybody's house and it ' fun. i stand there and sometimes i walk out because i don't want
7:36 am
them to see me cry. it's a happy thing when i cry. i'm saying i accomplished something. for goodness sake. i'm bill andiron.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night.
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and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. > i'm jen frederick and this is mom log. this is the robin makeup artist
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extreme and adorable mom. good morning. i always call you, i text you and aharass you with all the stuffy see on instagram. i'm like i need to do this, and i need to do that and you have really good advice when it comes to that. don't get overwhelmed with what you see online. there are so many different trends and techniques it could overwhelm you. if you want to get a little bit of adventure try one thing at a time. don't try and do everything all at once because then you're going to get frustrated and look like a clown. i try it and i text you and you're like no, please stop. what is the number thing we should not do that we're seeing on the internet right now? >> i would say the extreme contouring. contouring really is designed for film, back stage, things like that for extreme purposes. i see people trying to do it every day for work and it's not meant for that. unless that's what you want to do and you're the makeup savvy girl, but for the average mom you don't need to contour your
7:40 am
nose, contour your checks every day, just keep it simple and enhance your natural beauty. >> thank you. i love following you on instagram. i only try things that you tell me to try. that's roin. i'm jen. you're going to be seeing some new lip color out of me. but that's it. > okay, from makeup to silly science. a zoo in the netherlands is helping an a rang tank, what's being calledder foray rang tank. push a button on the screen for those they like. researchers hope to improve breeding success. scientists say more research as to be done after one female who was given a tablet destroyed it after seeing -- she probably put that thing -- yeah. that's crazy. i can only imagine.
7:41 am
smash. can you see that, though. she probably got p mad. halfway through it i'm wondering what the heck is going on here. really. someone can hold it up to you or you can tap the screen or snatch it. sounds good. okay. i actually thought i wasn't going to like this story. but it's funny. if you're looking for another kind of adventure on the high sees, a company is offering the first clothing optional cruz leaving out of tampa bay. it's called the big new boat and it's departing today. nine days, 2,000 other nude guests stopping in key west. you got to keep that moving. don't be stopping in key west. get this, it's actually sold out. >> of course it is. > people buying into it. if you think it's a good idea, next year they're going to do it again.
7:42 am
it's a regular cruz, so it's 6,000 to 7,000, depenning on your package. now we have to ask, would you do it. >> let's talk about the people who actually go on cruzs. > i like cruzs, what's wrong with those people? >> what do you like about a cruz? you're on a cruz with a bunch of people. i can go to four or five location, there's no drinking and driving, finding the hotel, trying to find excursions, it's all planned out for you. you don't like someone telling you what to do, someone telling you to get on and off the boat at a certain time. you're predictable. >> when i'm on a vacation, i like to relax and do things at my own leisure. i don't want to have to hear a horn and race to the boat. > there's a wait list for that cruz. >> would you do it. people might freak out last minute and decide not to do it. and they call people in the last second. > i would never do that. >> i don't think i would do it. > me, neither. for those that are confident to do it, it's probably will i be
7:43 am
rating. they're happy with the way they look because i'm hur there's going to be all types of bodies out there. >> that's true. > i wish that we could have some peck terse. >> i'll pass. i might do it 30 years from now. > when you just don't care anymore. >> yeah, let's go hone, let's go on the cruz. > we're one day away from a humongous atlanta falcons super bowl win. for some people it's less about football, more about food and if you suffer from heartburn, a doctor joins us with warnings before you head to the party tomorrow. > i took one this morning. what did you eat last night. >> deand low. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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> lehigh valley ' take you to some breaking news, taking a live look at protestors near the us embassy in london. they're demonstrating against the us ban from traveler from seven must like countries. it's unclear how many people are out demonstrating right now but out demo looks like a veryw but large gathered in the streets. a judge has temporarily blocked president trump's ban nationwide. as soon as possible it plans to request an emergency stay against the judge's order. > we are planning our own protests as mike pence plans a visit to our state. we'll have more on that in a
7:47 am
second. but first scott williams. on this cold saturday we have high pressure that will move in, a lot of sunshine out there, but it's not going to warm us up at all. we're looking dry, but once again we are looking cold as the area of high pressure kind of sits right on top of us we'll keep the sunshine for today, but it will be cold by tomorrow. temperatures will moderate back into the mid-40s. right now take a look at what it feels like when you step outdoors. this is how you should dress early on this saturday morning. it's 11-degrees in trenton. it feels like 13 in wilmington. nine degrees is what it feels like in atlantic city. as we go hour by hour, take a look at temperatures feeling like the 20s for much of the day. this is 6:00 p.m. feeling like 25 in philadelphia, feeling like 4 in atlantic city. as we take a look at the temperature trend over the next several days, today the coldest of the two weekend daze. temperatures for sunday, into the mid 40s, upper 40s by monday, 50-degrees by tuesday, but by tuesday into wednesday it will be a little unsettled.
7:48 am
in the poconos it's going to be cold. highs only in itself 20s. single digit wind chills during the day. we're blow zero right now in the poconos with the feel-like temperatures. down the shore cold and breezy, wind chills only in the 20 #-s. take a look at tuesday through wednesday. we're watching some moisture that will kind of move toward our area, but temperatures once again will moderate tuesday into wednesday. in fact, by tuesday, 50, near 630 on wednesday. back over to you. okay it's that time, time to introduce our fox 29 athlete of the week. lexie here from villanova, what do you have for us. >> this week i meta young athlete. she's very impressive. she leads her team with a lot of courage, about you she can't do it alone. take a look. riley has been making quite a splash on the swim team since the eighth grade. what event i ask her to swim shows ' going to especially t up and she's pot going to complain. she just goes and does what she is supposed to do.
7:49 am
holds nine school grades, the most on the team. and is known for her butterfly stroke and natural ability. ' never seen her be negative about p anything. riley says it's her friends and teammates who inspire her to keep swimming, but it was her sister who initially brought her to a sport after a dangerous incident in the family pool. lilly did not have pretties on and she was on the -- on the ledge on the side of the pool and she stepped off and fell underwater. my mom was too far away to get her. i was already standing in the pool so i just reached in, picked her up and she enrolled us in a swim team right away. after that experience, i think it's so great that we've come all this way and we've done all this swimming just because of that one thing but it really shaped and changed our lives. riley plans to go to college in the fall where she will continue her swimming career and her
7:50 am
little sister will by her side all the way. i don't feel pressure from her. for her leadership style and her determined spirit we're naming riley fox 9 athlete of the week. so awesome. this was a good one. she's going to be a very successful swimmer in college, but her sister will be attend ting ever month. it's good to have that support. and if you'd have someone you'd like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week. tweet it, post-it on our facebook page, use the hashtag. > a new studio opens in our area and there are freebees involved with the grand opening. the owner joins us and we'll try it. right, sean? >> owe, yeah. > we have a birthday shoutout, kathy who always watches our show. there it is. a shout out, happy eighth birthday. grammy loves you. good morning to you, kathy, thanks so much for joining us.
7:51 am
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shouldn't mean choosing to spend more. dannon's whole milk yogurt is made with all natural, non-gmo ingredients with vitamin d. better food at a better cost. so we can all eat better. > i'm anthony mongeluzzo and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. we talked about before cutting the cord with direct tv and all the options that you could have on the road. a lot of people flooded our facebook and twitter. they said i need the flyers, i need the sixes and i can only see on comcast sports net, now
7:54 am
there's an olympics and a website called be when. it was initially used to show soccer around the world and other sports. they've now entered the deal so they can show that channel along with many others and you can cut the cord and still get your philadelphia sports again. again, for those of you who can safe a few bucks and now know that you can use your internet t v, contact but is a great option. from the material girl, madonna to swimming sensation michael phelps, they are addicted to the ballet inspired workout barr designed to tone your muscles. you are here because a new studio is opening in philadelphia. when and where. >> monday, 15th and sansom, barr three will be opening and we're so excited. > you have a week-long
7:55 am
activities planned, classes. starting monday we have free classes at our rittenhouse studio and we will be having fun events all week long. it's going to be a big party. > sean is like barr 3 what is that. >> you mean to tell me michael phelps, make the greatest owe limb onof all time is doing this what makes it different? talk about that. >> barr 3 is an amazing 60-minute workout set to really fun music. it's total body from head to toe. we get into small muscles, get the big tone but still kind on the joints and then we flush it out with big functional movements bringing oxygen back to the muscles, really working head to toe. > show us soggy can do that's maybe dress and heel appropriate. i was a former ballerina. > quite lying. >> maybe five years ago and i went and took a class. i'll be honest and i walked in
7:56 am
and i was come on, what is this it's intense. it doesn't look like this, but it's intense. > 60 minute is a long time. > it is. i want to feel the burn. >> let's do it. we're going to get into carousel horse. you're going to take forward with your left foot, right leg steps back, both knees and hold right here. you're pushing down through the front foot. this is all about align many in your body. you want to protect your knees, your low back. > i already feel it in my thigh is. are we pulsing. >> not yet. > bar three is all about core. you're engaging and stacking your shoulders right over the hip. > is that called the eagle? >> step one is this ice toe metric hold. we're taking to take it down one
7:57 am
inch and then lift an inch. > you got it. >> i wasn't doing anything. > and left. you like the ballet music? >> i'm showing up. i do like the ballet music, but let's turn it up just a little bit. i'm starting to feel it now. > right. >> i don't want to get too carried away. just when you can't do it anymore, we're going to do a couple more. hold here, feel the shakes. go down for two and then all the way up for two. there you go. i'm good. you got it. down for two and then lift for two. tomorrow is super bowl sunday they're going to crowd in haven't from of the tv and do it. you can sit on the couch and you can squeeze core ball. like pushing on the ball you can tighten your arms and your inner
7:58 am
thighs. push your feet into it. if you want to score a touchdown, use the ball. > i go down, up, warming up just a little bit. just like that. goodness. thank you so much for joining us. congrats on the grand opening. we'll stop by to see you guys. we'll be right back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. vice-president mike pence heading to philadelphia today just hours after a big blow to president trump's controversial travel ban, how the white house plans to fight back. and are you hosting a super bowl sunday party? it's nothing without a spread of snacks. the party platter sure to be a
8:01 am
hit with your guests. lady gagga gathering up for the billingest stage in sports. what the superstar is promising to her loyal fans. good day, everyone it's saturday, february 4, 2017. how are you feeling after that workout. >> i'm telling you scott, it looks easy because you think little pulsing movements and they look so price i, it burns. >> for 60 minutes, that's a long time. > free classes, that's exciting. for a week while we welcome them to the neighborhood. she was a good instructor. we're welcoming bar three during a really cold week. it is cold. temperatures right now are in the 20s. feels like temperatures single digits and teens out there. today is going to be the coldest day of the weekend, a lot of deceptive sunshine out there
8:02 am
because temperatures really aren't going to warm rapidly at all. in fact, we're looking at a lot of sunshine out there, dry conditions, but p it is cold as we look at ultimate doppler right now. so no snow, but once again have the shades, have the sunglasses annular up, moisturizer. we're looking at 23-degrees, but look at the wind chill. it feels like 12-degrees right now in philadelphia. so that's really how you should dress early on this saturday morning. take a look at some of the other wind chills across the area. once again, five blow is what it feels like mount pocono. it feels like 13 in wilmington and we are looking at cold weather, high temperatures in philadelphia today. 34, 35 down the shore. lehigh valley a high of only 30. take a look at future feels like temperatures as we go hour by hour. by four this afternoon it will feel like mid 20 #-s along the 95 corridor. still feeling like 18 in the
8:03 am
pocono mountains. feels like temperatures for much of the day into the 20s. coming up we'll talk much more about the entire weekend. once again, the cold is not as harsh. for sunday and then it looks like a wet pattern as we head towards next week. back to you. >> thank you so much. show down over the president's immigration ban. the white house says as soon as possible it plans to. the president signs an executive order keeping immigrants from seven countries from entering the us. the attorney general of washington state filed a lawsuit saying key sections of the order are illegal and unconstitutional last night a us district judge in seattle granted a nationwide restraining order. we're a nation of laws. it's absolutely my expectation that this federal government will honor this ruling by this judge. white house spokesperson sean
8:04 am
spicer says the order meant to protect the american people is legal and appropriate. meanwhile vice-president mike pence heading to philadelphia today. pence is speaking at congress haul in old city at noon to address the philadelphia chapter of the federal lists society, a conservative group that advocates for a stricter interpretation of the constitution. a top of the vp's visit multiple protests are planned throughout the city. jennifer joist live at independent mall to explain it all. hi, jenny. good morning, lauren, there is certainly a lot going on here at sixth and chestnut streets. security getting ready for this event. this is a closedden. so it's unclear if pence is going to discuss the latest ruling on the immigration order speaking in front of the federal list society, a group of lawyers who share radiational court values, there's a good chance he will. we know that pence will be speaking about the role of the courts, the constitution and he will be addressing president donald trump's nominee neil gorsuch. the nominee had been a federal
8:05 am
judge in denver and has himself spoken at several federal lists events. with so much going on, judicial nominees, current and future laws a concern to am people, people who have come out in full force to protest several recent orders by the trump administration. people who are urging a no vote on secretary nominee betsy devos. a focus on immigration rights is expected to bring thousands of people to the area of city hall beginning at 1:00 p.m. today. a protest here on independent mall outside of where vp pence is speaking will begin at 10:00 a.m. and with the vp's visit and demonstration schedule there will be several streets in the area shutdown. septa is advising people, anybody who is traveling through center city today should use subway service. lauren. thank you so much for that. what is expected to happen over
8:06 am
here. breaking news oversees we're taking a live look at protestors in london to protest against the us ban. unclear exactly how many people are demonstrating right now, but you can see a very large crowds gathered in the streets there. back here at home. lanes still shutdown on 422 in mount after a deadly crash. the accident just before 126789. 30 this morning in the eastbound lanes of 42 t t in west pots road. at least one person died. the eastbound lanes of the highway remain shutdown, the cause of the accident still under investigation. > a woman who died after a crash in the city's owe gone section. police say a car that was traveling on broad street attempted to make a left when an suv hit it. the woman whos what driving the suv died. a man who was a passenger is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. two women who were in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. broad street remains shutdown, the cause of that crash is now under investigation. > unhs turned out to a vigil to
8:07 am
support the family of lieutenant steven floyd who was killed during the hostage situation at a delaware prison. the fallen officer honored for his her wrist many with the medal of honor and promoted from sergeant to lieutenant. his body was found thursday morning following that inmate uprising. the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by trauma. his family, friends and fellow officers remembering a man who always thought of others before himself. corrections officers joshua wilkinson telling the crowds he wishes he could switch places with that fallen officer. my name is officer wilkinson and i was held hostage with him i just wish to god it was me in ted of him. we worked 17 years together. we built the bond and friendship and camaraderie as fellow staff members. he was a decent man. he will be truly missed. > right now they're trying to find out exactly how that uprising started. a go fund me page has been set
8:08 am
up to help lieutenant floyd's family. > a busy weekend for vice-president pence after his trip to philadelphia, he heads to texas. the vice-president mike pence will be in houston this weekend for the super bowl. not yet clear if he will rooting for atlanta falcons or the new england patriots, but when ill will be the fourth signature vice-president to attend the entitle. former george bush and his wife to do the k-9 toss. > highly anticipated super bowl half time performer lady gagga is expected to deliver a politically driven number. gagga who has remained tight-lipped about the performance did reveal that it would be about equality and
8:09 am
inclusion. > i believe in a passing for inclusion. i believe in the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country as one of love and compassion and kindness. so my performance will up hold those philosophies. > good for her. there are rumors that tony bennett could also join laid did gagga on stage. what would you guys say has been the best half time show you've seen. >> michael jackson. before what would you say. >> you got to go with michael. we are the world. we could use that again right now. honestly i thought that the stones were good. i thought bruce did good a couple years ago. i liked him. i thought last year's was good, beyonce, cold play, that mixture remember prince. when he was performing and it rained. that was in miami.
8:10 am
> that was good. i'm excited. i love the commercials. of course my team is playing this year. so that's excited. lady gagga, her concerts have constantly had that message. >> right. she might drop through the roof or something. > really. i love bringing tony bennett. >> they have a retractable roof. > what's the temperatures. >> in the 70s. there's a slight chance for a spotty shower. i think they were making the call on whether or not to close the roof or leave it open. i am he going to have -- the fallen officer cons usually play in a dome. they should close it just for good luck. i didn't know that was up for conversation. that's soggy did not know. > i would imagine they would have kept it closed to keep the controlled environment. > we'll see. i have to give a quick shut out, i went wednesday to speak to
8:11 am
christian academy. i promised the kids if they woke up early saturday morning i would put their picture up. they were a great crowd. they listened to me. they had lots of great questions. you know my favorite question, how old are you. >> you only get that with when you go visit the kids. > they were funny, they were me they were telling the kids do not ask how much money. >> miss lauren. i'm 35. lala. that's the name at home. > entitle sunday is tomorrow it's not just football, people. if you suffer from heartburn, why you will want to exercise some caution when filling your plate. we have a dr. in our studio. later, a new website promising a safer way to surf the web. you might say goodbye to google, yahoo.
8:12 am
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singing we will, we will rock you. looking live in houston. we will rock you. yeah, we're going to rock you tom brady and by we i mean the
8:15 am
atlanta falcons. that's a live look at nrg stadium. carson wentz out there. >> that's exciting. > he'll bring some tips back so we can get there. by we i peen the eagles. > tell us about the forecast. i mean we're talking 70s there in hyson but we're stuck with the cold. we're going to talk much more about what to expect for the entitle kickoff. for us high pressure is kind of dominating the weather. a lot of sunshine but once again it's going to do anything to warm the temperatures. take a look at what you're waking up to with the wind chill. it feels like 12 right now in philadelphia. it feels like 12 degrees in atlantic city. it feels like five blow in the poconos. today the coldest day over the next several days. temperatures moderate tomorrow into the mid 40s. by monday. 50 by tuesday. it looks some rainfall moves in
8:16 am
tuesday into wednesday. we're talk highs in the poconos today, single digit wind chills, so a dangerous cold. down the shore it's going to be cold and breezy, highs in the 30s. feels like temperatures stuck in the 20s. milder air moves into by tuesday and into wednesday as the storm system moves toward the delaware valley. we're looking at some rainfall, an inch to half an inch of rainfall before we're all down, but the temperatures will be moderating. super bowl forecast for tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 70s, so great weather, maybe a spotty shower out there and then by kickoff, look at that, temperature still around 70-degrees. back over to you. lucky they are. we're not so lucky here. it's kind of chilly. whether you're having a big party or just a couple of friends over we will all be eating a lot of food tomorrow right. right, sean. experts say nearly 1.3 bill chicken wings will be devoured.
8:17 am
people will spend more than $140 million on chips and as for drinks 53 percent of legal age viewers are expected on kickback a few cold beers. but before you dive in think about how you might feel after the game as you try to head to bed. doctor chef of princeton medical group to talk about heartburn or it could be something worse. how are you. >> i'm great, thanks for having me. for many people tomorrow is actually super burn sunday. we tend to over eat, over drink. we're here to talk about some tips so you can enjoy the big game without heartburn. number one, eat in moderation. there's a huge spread at the super bowl. pick the things you you like, small portions, eat slowly. >> that's my problem. i'm a fast either. especially when there's so much good food out there. number two, alcohol in moderation. a drink or two, maybe cut it off. switch on water after that. that's going to help you later on. and then my weakness, which is a
8:18 am
lot of people's weakness is who the sauce. my favorite conned did iment. we have chili, we put who the sauce on it. that not only causes heartburn during the game but you're going to pay for that it lady gaggaer on in the night. the most important tip, do your heavy eating and drinking before half time. > we like to keep three hours between when you eat less and when you go to bed. we tend to eat later and drink later and it ends 10, 11:00 at night. half time should be cut off point. cutback on the spicy foods and you should have a good rest. when you see lady gaga, cut it off. is there anything you could do like a preemptive measure. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow is my friday. i'm noting whying to take it as easy. is there any prilosec. over-the-counter medicines can
8:19 am
help for short periods of time. if you know you're going to get the extra spicy who the wing there's nothing wrong with taking the medicine earlier in the day so you're covered. these medications we used to think were save and there are millions of people out there taking these medications on a regular basis. we now know there's some potential side effects, hip fractures, kidney problems, heart disease if you're on them for many years. you don't want to rely too heavily on them. we're all going to have fun on super bowl sunday, but if you're somebody that has heartburn, reflux, two, three times a week, you're dependent on medications. speak to your gastroenterologist and there's actually new procedures to help you come off the medications, non-surgical procedures. one in particular called stretta therapy. it takes 40 minutes and many patients will be able to top their medications which they've been on for years and control symptoms as well. what are we seeing in the video.
8:20 am
>> this is the lower esophageal sphincter which separates the valve from the stomach. this is the reel problem. it gets weaker and so this procedure which we do, it takes 40 minutes. people go home the same day. it actually stimulate that muscle. over the course of six months that muscle will become stronger. it's like going to the gym and work out. that muscle gets worked out. it could relieve the heartburn symptoms. this man knows his stuff. >> he does. who are you cheering for. >> i'm an eagles fan. i got to go with the fallen officer cons, though. > before he gets out of here, i have to ask you this, tomorrow on this, mike anal ex staff began a, we're eating some inferno-style winnings. >> good luck with that. > milk, beer, pepto, does anything matter. >> nothing matters. if it's once a year, a couple times a year, enjoy it. really the concern is if it
8:21 am
happens multiple times. enjoy the burn. > speaking of super bowl foods, if you need more ideas for game-time snacks, later on, the super bowl party platter that you should get that will be a hit with your guests. closure eyes. the numbers hr in and the cost of a wedding, sean, has gone up again. >> you don't say. > how much you better have safed up when you plan to wife that butyl girl down in key west getting if it, consumers spend more than $26,000 a year on jim memberships. that's about p 5 $45 a month on average the that's a lot of money. it doesn't come with yoga pants or personal trainers. instead of spending all the
8:22 am
loot, how about p losing a if you lbs without spending any of these. first you have to shop around and negotiate. check out your local ymca, for example, you might find local rates than the fancy gym. no rock climbing wall, but it will get the gym down. you might qualify at your local gym and you might not even know it. your health insurance company might offer you a discount. for them, it's a lot cheaper than filling your medicine cabinet. how about a free business, i'm audit committing about your employer, a the look of employers offer free gym memberships as an i haven't senttives to get their employees in shape. if you are an alumni h at a local college, check it out, the gym probably free to you use. finally, listen to dr. mike. you may not even need a fancy gym. invest in a good pair of running shoes and walk 30 minutes a day. investment small, payoff big.
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jump from $32,000, that number was in 2015. the wedding website said guest lists are starting to syringe due to costs. the most expensive place to say i do up in manhattan. 8 grand. cheapest place if you go out to arkansas you can get it done for just under $20,000. > head to arkansas. that was on my list, too. >> arkansas. > a little bit rock. where are you getting married.
8:27 am
>> key west. > one of the reasons why is because the original thought was a destination wedding i thought would be a little bit cheaper, but i was mistaken. it's a little low. just some of my friends that have gotten married and i've been a bridesmaid 17, 18 times. i don't know anyone who spent $35,000. you don't have to. let's just be clear on that. you don't have to. i want to say i do, i love you, i know i do. > you can have a huge party. everyone does it how they want to do it. i guess budget is the key. watching out for bride zillion as. and the guest list. when you start to have to narrow it down. that's what i wonder. you want your family to come. she wants her family and friends. so it's like where do you start
8:28 am
cutting. you have an a list. >> we didn't do that. > that's wrong. we invited 140 and i think we'll have about 60, 64. >> that's good. > i expected about 80, but one by one they started falling off, pregnancy, the zika scared a few people. just financial. you started planning how far in advance. >> a year and a half. > you got deals for the guests coming, hotel packages. >> i did. we did reach out, plus the black friday special is really good. i called everybody ultimate doppler, put them on the he nail. we used the for our registry, so if you want to send me a gift, check me out. just tell him congrats. coming together to share personal stories, the national event giving local women and girls a voice to be heard and later it's the perfect time to warm up with drinks made from local crafts spirits.
8:29 am
cooper river spirits is sharing. the first look at everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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8:31 am
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. > whether you're having a big super bowl or just a couple of people that are coming over tomorrow night, it's all about
8:32 am
sports. but what about the snacks, the easy to make recipe sure to be a touchdown. and later, buzz words of 2017 from ship to extra. the new slang meanings for some very common words. welcome back. you're watching good day weekend, lauren johnson, sean is here. scott is also here to give us a look at the weather forecast. hi, scott. it's extra cold outdoors on this saturday morning. it feels like temperatures right now in the single l digits and teens. as we go hour by hour we're still looking at numbers in the 30s by 3. 34-degrees and tonight, look at 7:00, temperatures already 31-degrees, so high pressure will be in control. a lot of sunshine out there, but once again, deceptive sunshine. you'll need to bundle up. definitely dress for winter. 34-degrees for today, temperatures tomorrow not as harsh. we're talking numbers into the mid 40s. take a look at current feels-like temperature. 12. philadelphia 15, millville it
8:33 am
feels like 5 blow right now in mount poconos. the bottom line it's going to be cold for today, but take a look at sunday, mid 40s. 47 by monday. 50-degrees by tuesday as those temperatures start to moderate. the seven day forecast will show that as we move toward monday, 47-degrees and then temperatures 50s nearing 60 by wednesday, but cloud cover, some rainfall, maybe up to an inch by wednesday and then take a look at thursday into friday, it turns colder again. lauren back over to you. > today is a big day for women and girls in west philadelphia. local organizers have partnered to host a story circle for women and girls. a part of the national action called the people state of the union. here to talk more about the people initiative. thank you so much for joining us, ladies. >> julia, let's start with you. i saw your name when i was doing a little l research. what is this all about and why. >> sure. we are an articulation called art well, which is a community
8:34 am
arts and education organization that taps the resource of creativity to solve conflict problems and awaken dreams. we're affiliates with an organization or it's actually a people power department called the department of arts and culture whose mission is to insight creativity, to really create a culture of empathy and belonging. the us department of arts and culture initiated this national action. it's been around for a few years. around the time that there is usually the take it of the union address. >> right. > as the people's state of the union is a way to encourage democracy to be a conversation, not a monologue. and so we gathered with a bunch of collaborators because everything we do is in partnership, including the
8:35 am
childrens' community school and other individual artists and facilitators. we're inspired by our own experiences and female spaces to create a space that we thought was especially important right now. > ciera, let me ask you, what do you think today's event -- i know it's sold out. what do you hope it means for the women and girls that are involved? >> really, because this is about the community and we are really hoping to just have this time to share our experiences and varies and really up lift the voices that are often sill liensed. if you're off gender or gender identity, but it's really a community effort and i feel it's what our mission is and the mission of the community in genoise to come together and create a save and empowering space for everyone. that near a, you're going to perform for us so we're going to sit back and listen and let you
8:36 am
perform. > right now. the blackberries are so sweat because they're always picked last. to be a dark-skinned girl is to never be competition. to be black ' instead of black girl to be the woman whose kids will be as dark as nightmares, two blacks to be a part of the skin girls pretty, life can grow. god is amongst the rest of uses even though black i gave birth to her, her skin be a highlight and just in the background she is beautiful and i can't stand the site of her her pigment be less than but everybody still street her like her skin greater. the complex be greatest of equality. i walked into classes and felt
8:37 am
people walking on me. my skin may be a welcome mat allowing their words onto a private property. people talk about my skin as if i don't have to live in it. as if my skin is an abandoned house, as if their skin is the only skin that is house built. each time a shade is taken off they feel weight being lifted from their punditten they skin their skin heavy and they think mine is the heaviest. they tell me that i am pretty, but i could be brought beautiful if i dance with them. if i trip my medical anyone in my skin maybe. african-american parents always tell us to be proud of our lineage, orange white and green but never stood strong enough to race us with pride. they passed down cultures to us like he were precious stones but never appreciated our family jewels. they want us to continue to glorify skin that wasn't there. i tell my aunt, this zine is
8:38 am
mine, but i will never compromise my complex for a brighter skin tone. i still be black i, i be so black, charcoal is gray next to me. i lay down in the street and disappear. i have my shadow, had oh, i be so black they created the shade of black in my name. it's called never be a validation to be this black and this gorgeous. our skin be both the darker marker in the box and permanent you cannot erase us, we be black and dark and still beautiful. i've seen eyes orbit them as if p light were the only form of beauty. they be growing stars. light-skinned girls be bright like sun, but we be dark like galaxies. thank you. > thank you. (applause). we'll be right back. thank you.
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> i, feel it, hey, we're looking at the camel back resort. when i think resort, five blow. > what? >> there's no way that's a resort. yikes. the who the tub. that's true. and who the chocolate. it's been called the privacy pie nears, the new website search engine is promising a safer way to click without being clocked.
8:42 am
duck go is for the conservative. doesn't share any of your personal information or the content of your searches. time to"up on your voluntary cab. there's some buzz words you'll want to learn or else you might get lost in the conversation. the first one, ship, that's short for relationship. it describes approval of frictional or desirable romances between character or pop culture. aesthetic, the new vibe updated for today's visual word, how to use it. i'm obsessed with kim k's new instagram aesthetic. the new sweat, it means it's fine or cool. used in a sentence show us what the bill is. > how about that. extra when someone or something
8:43 am
isn't necessary, a bit like random, how to use this one, i left the club early last night, it was full of extras. >> okay. > i think i've heard that one used about me sometimes when people were talking about being dramatic or over the top. why are you so extra. >> i like that. > when they get retired, though, are we no longer using certain once. >> we can't say certain things. > what about bay, is bay still good. >> is that old. > do you say bay. >> i'm a boo boo. > hey, boo boo. >> is that what you call her? everybody is cheesy. you have specific names for specific people. >> i only have one pet name for one person. > i call my momma certain name. >> my duke. these are ideas for game time
8:44 am
snacks at super bowl party platters to be a hit with your guests. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot
8:45 am
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8:47 am
for the afternoon high treatment today in philadelphia, it feels like temperatures during the afternoon will be in the 20s. we moderate mid 40s by tomorrow. not as harsh and then by tuesday we're up to 50-degrees. it's going to be cold. look at the pocono mountain forecast, single digit feels like temperatures for much of the day. down the shore feels like temperatures will be in the 20s. breezy conditions as well. so milder but once again unsettled tuesday into wednesday. that's the timing for some wet weather before all was said and done likely a half an inch to an inch of rainfall before all is said and done. it's cold here, but take a look at the forecast down in houston for tomorrow. temperatures are going to be in the 70s. there's a slight chance for a spotty shower out there. by kickoff the temperatures are going to be right around 730-degrees. once again for us, roller coaster temperatures in the seven day forecast. back over to you. okay, scott. tomorrow is a bigfoot ball day, forget your team rivalries and
8:48 am
unite your super bowl guests over for some good food. that's all people part. how are you. >> what are you going to whip up. >> i've been whipping up ahead of time. winnings, obviously. > we did chilly last time. >> excellent. i know. real quick, i did a stuffed bacon rapped hail peen owe pepper and for those that want to get a little bolder i do some habanero peppers, also. > stuffed with chicken, cheese, on once, all kind of stuff. hallow out your hail peen owe peppers, it doesn't matter what you stuff it with. > show me how to hallow really quickie. >> the seeds. > your finger,s that he's it. >> take your finger, take a spoon.
8:49 am
it doesn't really matter. in and out. it's done, see you later. in a minute you'll be able to taste it, but her ' really, really good. > i did a stake case diel as, all that's in there is cheddar jack cheese, onions, bacon. bacon is its own food group. > that's like five ingredients. all you have to do is throw them on a flat top. if you can go out, throw them on a flat top, get the grill marks. very simple. > i call it a w. one, two, three. > look at mr. . grab one. let's see. don't mind if i do. i'm going on the end here. i would take those and stuff them in a shell with cheese. that's the option. if you're a vegetarian or
8:50 am
vegetable air and or whatever you want to call it. you can do whatever you need to do. here's some bacon ranch dressing. i love that people use bacon on everything. you have two things and both of them have bacon. my big is bacon is its own food group. i put bacon on donuts. i put bacon on bacon. you never had a bacon donut? >> no. incredible. there's a place in reading terminal, i don't remember who it is, try it. it's awesome. > i've done candied bacon. pepper candy bacon. it's absolutely amazing. > are these going to be super spicy. >> you don't want a habanero. > are you sure? >> i am yeah. i'm going with this h crispy guy. > is it a fancy colored peepers or is it just for the looks. >> just for the looks. let's do it together.
8:51 am
cheers. eagles. they're not playing tomorrow. great stuff as always. > thank you. good stuff. who the, spicy, heartburn. it's a little spicy. great. let's do a little bit of that. you know what you're doing. let's take a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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> it's the perfect time to warm up with cocktails made from local crafts beers, cooper river distillers, the first legal distiller in camden. today the company can introducings ' ' new buyer one. tell me what's so special about this buyer one. >> they made it. we made it. a lot of hard work for me and my crew much it's the first bourbon made in south jersey ever. it's historic in h that way. we make it from corn and right grain that's grown in salem, new jersey. local ingredients going all the way through. made in camden and then bottled up. > is it called the dark and stormy. >> it's going to be a dark and stormy made with the rum. > we'll do the bourbon at the end.
8:55 am
> if you want drinks. let's get started. > he looks like the redskins. we're open in camden every friday and saturday. we do tours. we have delicious cocktails. pick up a bottle while you are there. today's party, we have music. tell me why you chose camden. >> i wanted to be in new jersey a because i like their setup for liquor law. and then camden is part of new jersey that really has some history to it. it has some name recognition. > jersey girls, too, they know how to party. >> that's what i hear. i try to stay out of trouble. > the first step on a dark and stormy we get some ginger beer going in on here. this is the stormy part of the equation. if mr. barr tender, you want to play swirl i man. >> he's very heavy handed. this is our dream spiced rum.
8:56 am
it's definitely our crowd pleaser product. everybody likes it. are you guys doing anything special for super bowl. >> i'll be on my couch drinking one of these probably. more than likely. > some stormy action over here, scott. the hostess with the mostest. cheers. cheers to the fallen officer cons' win tomorrow. my wife is from massachusetts so i might be on the other side. i just got to say, you wanted the eagles, right? i'm not a beer or a power one or anything drinker, but that's good. it has the fresh, crisp to it p. there's about seven different spices in our rum and one of them is fresh ginger. we crank it up even more on the ginger. > you said i could put it in my coffee. >> it goes great with coffee. any who the drink. > people can come and watch
8:57 am
this process unfold. we'll so you everything from bringing in the corn, milling it down much it's kind of an interesting process 6789 i was going to say, how long of a tour would it be. >> the tour lasts about 20 minutes. you can hang out and drink as long as you want. the process for us is a lot longer. the bourbon took us -- we're almost three years old and it's taken all that time. getting the grain, distilled and getting it into barrels. > i'm going to get yelled up for picking it up again, but come on, another sip. wet the whistle. i'm not a bourbon drink. i usually stick with wine. you never had new jersey bourbon. maybe it's different. >> cheers again. good day. wet the whistle. that will warm me up on a cold
8:58 am
day. hey, we're going say tomorrow is super bowl party. join us. see you then.
8:59 am
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