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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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only fios can. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. for third weekend president donald trump faces angry protests over his policies around the united states and around the globe demonstrators make their voices heard about the now suspended travel ban. the government today suspended enforcement of the refugee and immigration ban one day after federal judge's order. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. the trump administration is vowing to appeal and the president's position on
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immigration has many around the world absolutely furious. including people right here at home. our sabina kuriakose is live in center city tonight where protesters filled the streets yet again. sabina? >> reporter: that's right, dawn and joyce. thousands of people gathered here in center city. now we're standing outside of city hall. the rally actually began at thomas pain plaza. let's go to video we gathered for you as it happened. again thousands of people this was called the march for humanity protest organized lar largely through facebook. people holding signs and chanting as they descended on center city winding their way around city hall chestnut and market streets. lasted for about five hours and of course if you were here in the city during that time, you would have noticed because traffic was at a standstill. now many people told us they were voicing their opposition, of course, to the president's executive order. spending travel into the u.s. from seven majority muslim
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nations despite a federal judge over turning the ban today, protesters their fight is far from over, and for many of them they tell us protest social security now a wave live. >> it's really nice see that, n there are means to sort of like hold things off until he proves his case. that these people are really, um, dangerous for america which i don't think he's made a case for that. >> i have a friend today, she said protest is the new brunch. encouraging other people to incorporate their voice into this as well. real people stuck on planes. it's real -- it's not just something that happens to other people. >> reporter: again, the protests that we have been seeing and the rallies they're the most vocal and visible side of all of this. but tonight cbs news poll an opinion about the travel suspension is split almost evenly along party lines with about 51% of americans majority democrats diss approving of the
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travel ban but about 45% of americans largely republicans approving of this temporary ban. so deep political and ideologically divisions continue even as tonight we learn the white house vowing to reinstate this travel ban. guys, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. protesters are taking to the streets in the nation's capitol speaking out about president trump's travel ban. >> biggest crowds assembling in washington, d.c. in front of the white house diverse group of people speaking out against the executive order. protesters sending a message that they oppose president trump's efforts to keep immigrants and refugees out of the country. chanting, you build a wall, we tear the down. huge anti trump rallies taking place in germany france the uk indonesia the philippines and australia. all of them have similar messa messages that president trump pollings policies are bad for the world. president trump remains defiant a mid the criticism of
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his immigration policy just hours ago trump tweeted, what is our country come to go when a judge can hold a homeland security travel ban and anyone even with bad intentions can come into the u.s.? meanwhile president trump is spending the weekend at his florida estate with his mel land y they reunited yesterday the first lady is living at the couple's new york home until their son barron finishes his school semester. vice-president mike pence had an appearance in old city this afternoon. he delivered a speech to members of the federal list society a conservative legal group. surprisingly he did not mention that travel ban or the federal judge's nationwide temporary injunction. >> instead the vice-president focused his remarks on mr. trump's supreme court pick. our jennifer joyce has more. >> reporter: vice-president mike pence's motorcade moved swiftly around independence mall this morning. we caught a distant glimpse of the vp ahead of his 12:00 p.m.
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speech before the philadelphia chapter of the federal list society. a group that advocates for a strictor interpretation of the constitution. >> as we keep faith with the ideals that were first minted a few steps away from here in our founding documents in that declaration and in that constitution, the best days for america are yet to come. >> reporter: the vp's visit prompt add large police presence, road closures and protesters continuing to lobby for obama care. lgbtq rights and inclusive immigration policies. at the event close closed to the public pence made no mention of a federal judge's decision friday to put temporary hold on the president's immigration ban. instead he paid homage to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> would you mind getting to your feet and just showing how much we appreciate the live and
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work and memory of the late justice antonin scalia. [ applause ] >> praised praised neil gorsuch the man president trump and chosen to replace scalia. >> he's been faithful to the constitution we with work with the senate leadership to ensure he gets a vote on the senate flor in one way or the other. in old city, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. live look into wilmington, delaware torque night. a cold afternoon moving into a cold evening around the region. but a warmup is on the way. meteorologist monica cray yann standing by with that and more. hi, monica. >> things will get much better. today it was bitter out there. we had temperatures into the 30s. and that's it. these are your highs for today. trenton at 34 degrees. just a few degrees above freezing. we reached 36 in atlantic city. philadelphia coming also into
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the mid 30s. here's where we stand right now. temperatures are dropping. we've got a cold night ahead of us. 34 in philadelphia right now. 30 degrees in millville. atlantic city right at about freezing. reading coming in at 31 degrees. look at allentown mount pock know already into the 20s. we're thinking overnight. dropping to about 25 degrees in the city. the suburbs into the low 20s. with increasing cloudiness we'll see more clouds build in overnight. so that tomorrow we are talking mostly cloudy conditions. here's a look at the headlines. tonight it's another cold one. bundle up. but not as cold on sunday. we'll be a few degrees warmer, and then we just continue to watch those temperatures soar. it's going to be more mild as we head into the new work week. i've got that forecast coming up in just a bit. guys? >> thanks, monica. the louvre museum in paris is open again a day after a man went on an attack with a mache machete. heavy police presence along with french soldiers guarding the iconic museum today. meanwhile officials have opened a terror investigation into that attack. a soldier shot the man four
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times as authorities say he ran toward group of soldiers with a machete. he's no longer in life-threatening condition according to prosecutors. investigators say the egyptian suspect screamed arabic phrase for god is greatest during the attack. but at least for some people the threat has not deterred their daily routines. >> i went around yesterday afternoon and in the evening and security was everywhere. and even now we arrive at the louvre we were check and secure. i don't see any threats. >> one soldier suffered minor injuries during that attack. now to iran where today the country's revolutionary guard carried out military exercises to test out air defense capabilities. that's according to the state television report there. the drills took place a mid rising tensions between iran and the united states over the past -- over the recent ballistic missile test by tehran. the trump administration
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announced new sanctions will be in place for several people and companies connected with their iran's missile program. >> the white house also warning it will enact more following iran's recent missile test. fox news correspondent rich edson has the details. >> reporter: trump administration has sanctioned more than two dozen iranian entities and individuals and officials warn iran they are preparing to enact more. iran launched another ballistic missile january29th. administration official calls that the trigger event for the us to enact these sanctions. officials say the economic restrictions are a response to that missile launch and what they say are iran's support for terrorism and destabilizing activities. >> i think today's sanctions really represent a very very strong stand against the actions in iran has been taking to make it very clear that the deal that they struck previously was not in the best interest of this country, and that president trump and is going to do everything he can to make sure that iran is stayed in check.
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>> reporter: administration officials say these latest sanctions against iranians are unrelate the to the nuclear agreement. that 2015 deal lifted other sanctions in exchange for curbs on iran's nuclear program. us says iran's missile launch in violation of u.s. security council resolution. iran claims its program is only for self-defense and says it is unmoved by the trump administration' as announcement. >> translator: >> today i can definitively announce that the back bone to sanctions on defense systems imposed by our enemies is totally destroyed. today we are completely self-sufficient. >> reporter: us lawmakers say they are writing legislation to require even more restrictions against iran. the pentagon has also announced the destroyer uss cole has arrived off the coast of yemen. the u.s. accuses iran of backing rebel militias in that country had they say a tabbed tacked saudi and u.s. ships. in washington, rich edson, fox news. it's a decade rosss polled mystery. one that the medical community and millions who suffer with it
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are hoping to finally solve. why race play as roll in high blood pressure. plus supe super bowl li hous away. one fan made it his mission to make every game even in the face of a medical emergency. why one man let's nothing stop him from getting to the biggest game in the nfl. and trying to find out something out of the box for your valentine's gift. how about a cockroach? >> ew. >> no. why one group says this campaign is the perfect gift for lover's day. really, sean? cockroaches, huh? >> all right. 2017nnf hall of fame class will be announced this evening. brian dawkins is on the ballot for the first time. coming up in sports hear from b dawk and how special the honor will be just to be mentioned this evening.
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>> 24 hours away from super bowl li the patriots and of course the falcons face off in houston. the big game is heavy coveted ticket. >> it is. but our bill rohrer shows us one nan who made it to every single game even in the middle of illness. ♪ >> reporter: super bowl brings football fans from all over the world to experience the best nfl has to offer. whether inside at the fan experience. >> once in lifetime. >> reporter: or outside milling around taking it all in.
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>> but among them is one fan that has never missed a super bowl. >> i guess football nut sips i've been a little kid. >> reporter: this is 75-year-old tom hen shell's 51 is the super bowl. he remembers what it was like going to his very first one. >> like going to college game. i mean, it had college band at half time if i can remember. it must have been 30,000 no shows because the end zones were empty. >> reporter: back then the tickets started at $12. these days you'll have to shell out about 2500 a piece. >> oh, my goodness. rich and famous any more. so much partying. so much atmosphere. it's like fourth of july and new year's put together, you know, it's so exciting. here i am with -- >> reporter: tom remembers all of they especially super bowl six the one he almost missed. >> you don't understand i got to go to the game today. >> reporter: allergic reaction sent him to the hospital a few hours before the big game. >> pull out the iv, got the heck
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out of that hospital, waived down cab and went to the -- ba, to the hotel went to the game. >> reporter: tom is a really big pittsburgh steelers fan but was rooting for the eagles in super bowl 39. >> oh, i wanted eagles to win that game so bad. it was down in jacksonville. of course we had steelers, we came here to help you. we want to you win. >> reporter: tom rooting are to the atlanta falcons during this one and just hopes for a good game. >> i'm just glad the cowboys aren't here. 300,000 people driving in from dallas. >> reporter: in houston covering the super bowl, bill rohrer fox 29 news. many houston residents are cashing in on the big game by renting their homes to super bowl fans. on sites like air nbn and craigslist. according to airbnb houston homeowners are expected to rake in a total of $3.7 million this weekend. tiny one-bedroom apartments are going for $1,000 a night.
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>> wow. >> luxury homes, dawn, are asking for about 4,000. >> holy cow good a night. >> we should should be in houston. >> with the big game comes the clever commercials. >> some fans look forward to them just as much as the big game. i know i do. fox's lauren blanchard has more. >> reporter: it's not just the game to be excited about on super bowl sunday. jason harris ceo of mechanism a creative agency based in new york says it's all about the ads and getting placed during the super bowl is not cheap. >> so the cost this year has really sky rocketed for 302nd media place many it's $5 million, and production on top of that is maybe 1 million if you're talking celebrities it could be upwards around three or 4 million so all in you're looking at, you know, six to 9 million for 302nds. >> reporter: from humor nostalgia to ads with message harris says mr. clean hit the mark this year.
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>> ♪ >> mr. clean ad that's a fun ad. i think it hits a broad audience which is great for super bowl viewing people watch it and social setting, and really it's about making men feel sexy for cleaning. i think it does really good job. it's entertaining and fun. >> reporter: he also liked audi. >> what do i tell my daughter? >> the audi drive progress ad i think that makes a really really good emotional statement. audi saying they're going to do equal pay for men and women. >> reporter: and skittles. >> katie, katie -- >> i really like the skittles ad. really simple. clever and really can speak to an audience from eight to 80. >> and view it. >> yes! >> reporter: but not such a fan of wendy's. >> ♪ >> their ad simply shows someone
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with a blow to have been in a freezer dee that wassing the frozen patties. i don't think you take away that wendy's is fresh beef from that. >> reporter: mechanism also has an ad rolling out this weekend. >> my kids are perfect. >> we actual dollar have two, 15 that is will be in the big game. this weekend. they just -- they just got purchased from our client war and a game called world of tanks. >> reporter: according to recent survey about 20% of people tuning in will be doing so just for the commercials. catch it all this sunday right here on fox. at super bowl li in houston, lauren blanchard, fox news. of course, you can watch the new england patriots take on the atlanta falcons in super bowl li tomorrow right here on fox 29. but the game day party starts early here on fox p join mike and alex from seven to 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. it will be fun guaranteed. >> it sure will.
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lots of food, too. as we celebrate black history month, a local non-profit is sharing the gift of reading in a very special way. today the african-american children's book project set up shop in spring garden at the community college of philadelphia for its annual book fair. books that are written by or about african-americans were sold and some of those award winning authors and illustrators were on hand reading and greeting today. and autographing their work. >> because i really believe that the children are our future and as you see these young kids coming and you see them going down the aisles looking for books to buy, not to just get a book a free book but they're here to buy books and that's encouraging, because a book opens up a world of opportunity. >> it certainly does. the literary celebration hell here for the past 25 years. more high school students are just saying no to sodas and other sugar sweetened beverages that's according to the centers
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for disease control a report from them. over one third of teenagers in grades nine through 12 drank a sweetened beverage back in 2007 but that number is down one fifth in 2015. the report shows children and adolescents get about 20% of their daily calories from beverages. it's not clear however what exactly is driving the drop in soda drinking. majority states are under a flu warning tonight including our area. what doctors are urging you to do now to protect yourself. plus a reboot of the fox hit 24 returns to tv tomorrow. a preview of the show's new lo look. ♪
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♪ in camden county, police say a five led to a shooting. police found a 25-year-old man shot multiple times along the 100 block of kirk bride road in voorhees. this was late last night. the victim is recovering in the hospital. no word on his exact condition but police say he knows the gunman who has not been arrested or identified publicly but police say that that suspect is being charged with first degree attempted murder and related charges. in chester, police have identified a man killed in a shooting along a busy street yesterday afternoon. 22-year-old dante murray was found lying in the street along
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900 block of prunell street just before 4:00 o'clock. he was rush to the hospital but doctors weren't able to save him. police do not show know who shot murray. the shooting happened on a busy intersection and they're hoping somebody will come forward with information. two men from chester delaware county behind bars tonight following undercover bust. jamar harper and kevin elliot facing several charges. police say they stole an atv and two illegal guns. the judge is holding them both on six figure bails tonight. couples are spending more on weddings than ever before. to the tune of $35,000. the big ticket items that are spiking the prices. big celebration at reading terminal this afternoon for the chinese new year. the unveiling made during all the fun. monica? >> tonight will be another cold one but don't worry, we'll be peeling off the layers. as we head into the new work week. i've got that forecast coming up. ♪
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♪ >> more tonight on our top story. the big blow to president trump after federal judge halts his controversial travel ban nationwide. thousands of people take to the streets of philadelphia and cities all over the world. they're standing in opposition to the now suspended order which banned people from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the united states. while it poses a huge set back for the trump administration, at least temporarily, it's music to the ears of protester who's don't like president trump and's executive order. >> but those protesters say the fight is far from over. they took to the streets of philadelphia for the third weekend since president trump and took office. today thousands taking part in the march for humanity and their message, president trump's executive order harms communities and treats people unfairly. >> just to really raise awareness about, um, the people's resistance to trump's ban against immigration and, um,
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refugees and just trying to say that we're all humans. we all matter, and we feel that immigrants and refugees should be kell welcomed here in the united states. >> supporters of trauma trump's executive order say in the interest of national security and keeping terrorists out. many mayors are did he vowing to fight the immigration policy by reaffirming their status to sanctuary cities. in jersey city the mayor signed an executive order into law promising to protect people living in many country illega illegally. fox's matt king has more. >> i think immigrant communities really need to hear their communities are behind them. >> reporter: new jersey alliance for immigrant justice program coordinator joanna, helps new jersey em pants with and without documentation find jobs, make friends, participate in their communities and bring interests to the ears of state politicians. on friday joanna watched jersey steer mayor sign executive order officially proclaiming jersey
6:31 pm
city a sanctuary city. we won't be bullied and we won't be mistreated and we'll stand by the values that are important to us. >> reporter: public safety director explained no jersey city police officer or any other municipal resource would pursue the immigration status of anyone in jersey city. practice took place in jersey city since the '80s but never in writing until friday. >> we do not question anybody about their immigration status. we would never want anyone to be afraid to come to this for help. >> i would say this has the strongest language compared to any other municipalities that discussing sanctuary policy right now. >> reporter: organizing organizg advocacy director for the american foreign committee also attended the signing and praised the mayor's decision but both caution celebration before critical mass of other new jersey towns and cities passed similar orders. >> this is a very monumental day. >> it actually sets the tone for what the state of new jersey is going to do to make sure that we
6:32 pm
protect ourselves from being targeted. more than 9 million people signed up for health insurance through president barack obama's affordable care act last year. that's actually down about 500,000 people from 2015. the health and human services department says their report does not include numbers from 11 states that run their own insurance health insurance markets. like california and new york. president trump has vowed to repeal the health care law which covers millions of americans. he has yet to disclose his plans to replace it. all right. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway tonight. cold winter afternoon. pretty night out there, but hang on, the weekend ahead is looking better. not quite as cold. meteorologist monica cryan is standing by with your forecast. monica. >> we're at 34 degrees. tonight promising to be a cold one. those winds out of the west not helping any. we're at about 10 miles per hour and you can see that wind chill
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actually feels like it's 26 degrees out there. again we'll need to bundle up. but things look promising. it's going start to get warmer relatively speaking. here we are looking at your ultimate doppler radar. notice cloud cover starting to move in. so i think for the rest of the evening and overnight we're calling for mostly cloudy conditions, that's how we'll start off our sunday morning. here we are looking at our future cast increasing cloudiness this is through tonight and into tomorrow morning. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies to start with but most of us dry as we head into sunday. by sunday afternoon and through the evening we may see a few break in the clouds. monday has more sunshine in store for us and also those temperatures will be warming. let's talk temperatures. your jet stream is keeping that cold pocket of air over top of us at least through tonight. sending those winds out of the west northwest and once again that's ushering in colder air. but here's what's going to happen. that mild air from the south that will start to trek more northward. so as we head into tuesday, through wednesday, we'll watch
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those winds shift shift from the north out of the south. that's going to push in some warmer air once again tuesday, wednesday we'll be nearing 60 degrees. i think you'll really going like the midweek of next week. also seeing in cooler or milder air sunday through monday. we're a little bit above avera average. says specially tuesday through wednesday. again, 55 degrees tuesday. 61 as we head into wednesday much that's the pick of the days. we're also looking at your super bowl fox cast in houston. once again mild air there as well. they'll be sitting in the 70s through the tailgate. 76 degrees. it will be cloudy and mild. 20% chance for some showers. actually could see showers and some fog as we head into the kickoff time temperatures into the low 70s. now here not as warm but not b bad. 46 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. those winds out of the southwest five to 10 miles per hour. here's a look at that seven day forecast. once we start to head into the 50s and into the 60s, we're also going to up those rain chances
6:35 pm
so notice tuesday through wednesday it's going to be rainy especially through tuesday, cloudy, temperatures into the mid 50s. wednesday some rain chances and we're talking temperatures into the low 60s much it's also going to be breezy as we head into our wednesday. after that, temperatures drop off. thursday through friday back into the low 40s. at least we've got nice sunshine to look forward to, guys. >> all right. thanks monica. the reboot of the fox hit 24 returns to tv tomorrow. we've got a preview of the show's brand new look. plus, majority of states are now under a flu warning tonight including our area. what doctors are now urging you to do to protect yourself. ♪
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♪ checking out. packed reading terminal as the community celebrates the chinese new year. the market teaming up with the chinatown development corporation to celebrate the year of the rooster all day long. in addition to authentic chinese food the community listened to music and watched dances with
6:39 pm
unique and fun celebration. the year of the rooster. >> popular fox television series getting whole new look. >> it's my year. it's 24 as you've never seen it before. fox's adam housely takes a look at it. >> everything that's happening it's on me. >> reporter: fox ground breaking series 24 being relaunched with a new cast, new hero and new threat to the u.s. >> you got to call cp. >> 24 legacy corey hawkins plays eric carter target evidence after returning home only to discover he must stop an even bigger terrorist plot with the help from the ctu. >> he's a soldier. so he's definitely well trained and he understands the rules of engage many like he -- only thing is that things are different here in america, um, he's not fight agalwar. he's not overseas. >> what's going on over there and it's not your job. >> reporter: jimmy summits is
6:40 pm
senator, miranda, plays his wife who helps keep carter out of trouble. >> suspense and tension level of the show. it was addictive. >> i keep talking about the visual template of the show. the way the show looked was way different. it changes the way i think we look at tv. >> there will be attacks all over this country. >> just like the original the story lines for the new series are very topical. >> when i read the script it very much reflected the new nature of terrorism in the world today. and the new threats and how -- and how an institution like ctu has to deal with that. >> they are continuing to be ahead of it. it's scary in that they are ahead of it and they're sort of predicting, you know, a lot of things. >> corey learned a lot watching keifer sutherland play jack bauer. >> you need to be able to go a very long time without food, um, without rest or bathroom break.
6:41 pm
[ laughter ] >> i think that's a very search skill to be jack bauer. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> well it's a decade's old mystery. one that the medical community and millions of people who suffer with it are finally hoping will be solve. why race does play a role in high blood pressure. plus trying to find something out of a box for your valentine's gift. how about a cockroach? >> ew. >> why one group says this campaign is the perfect gift for lover's day. >> we'll explain that. >> um-hmm. ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year.
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only from fios. ♪ in your health tonight decades old mystery one medical community and millions who suffer are hoping to finally solve. why do so many african-americans tendon to have early onset uncontrollable high blood pressure. >> no matter what they do, it still may lead to grave circumstances. some local folks told me how they have been fighting high blood pressure for decades with little to no improve many. ♪ >> when i was almost passed out i was rushed to the er. i had a problem with taking medicine. >> both of these men are in a
6:45 pm
baffling endangered group of patient who's doctors and tine scientists have been trying to figure out for decades. >> sometimes when we get the headaches you almost wanted to anything. >> we'll get to what spencer long finally did in a moment but first -- >> i was in my 20s. >> erol nugent was walking around with a tick, time bomb inside. he had no idea. no symptoms either. >> at that time, no. >> he found out during a routine checkup. >> it wasn't that high. >> not then but when the headaches and the dizzy spells kicked in -- >> i would say my pressure was probably 175 over 110. >> high risk for life-threatening issues like heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, vision impair many and memory loss. >> you took your medication. did you what they told you to do. you changed your diet. >> i did everything i was supposed to do. >> and he did it for more than
6:46 pm
25 years. one water pill turned into six or seven different medications. >> they were just, you know, switch medications around. and just kept adding more and then it was not controllable. >> that dizzy spell that landed erol in the emergency room led to a cat scan and a major discovery. >> right adrenal add did he noma which is a small benign tumor that grows on the adrenal gland. >> i've seen patient that is come to me off and on, you know, three to six medications with blood pressure control. he did have an overactive adrenal gland. >> the gland was removed a couple months ago. >> one arthritic over 80 that's pretty good. >> it's a slow process. i'm actually down to four meds now. it's just the luck of the draw. >> there's plenty of truth in that according to temple cardiologist dr. debra crabs. >> we know that there's about 30% of our population in north
6:47 pm
philadelphia that actually have high blood pressure. and we know that about 12% of them never had their blood pressure checked. >> it goes deeper than diet, family history and non-compliance. according to the director of u penn clinical research renal division. >> african-americans do have more hyper in general. they get hypertension at a younger age. they have a higher incidents of heart and kidney disease and about four times higher incidents than caucasian patients of going on dialysis. >> there's a lot of sleep apnea in the population. >> the american heart association is pushing for more research trying to unravel the remaining mysteries as to why one group continues to suffer so much. >> if you can see the yellow -- >> senior clinical research nurse robin explaining the trial procedure spence sr. took part in a year ago. >> they were going to put dye in. >> during the middle of a thre
6:48 pm
three-year blind study to treat resistant hypertension. this one is funded by medtronic a private company. >> it's called renal denervati denervation. >> technique not approve in the united states but it's being used overseas. >> this is actually the second study we did on a similar technology. >> the energy they're putting through is resetting the nerves at the end of your renal arteries. >> decrease activity of your sympathetic nervous system. >> dr. debbie cohen and team will monitor spencer for 18 months. so far -- >> low dose of one medication only. >> no more headaches for spenc spencer. >> i'm trying to real be healt healthy. >> no more dizzy spells for er erol. >> i get a regular checkup and follow the doctor's orders. >> look at me. >> the most encouraging words of wisdom come from dr. crabs patients. miss dorothy. >> been there, done that and i'm
6:49 pm
here and alive to talk about it. >> 86 years old fighting hypertension half her life with meds, a bypass surgery and a heart monitor. >> i love me. so she still works and walks every day good i got something to live for. >> indeed she does. now scientists are looking closer at a specific gene they just recently discovered this it's found in higher numbers of african-americans. but they still say that a diet low in sodium and higher in potassium is really key. well, some a alarming statistics released by the cdc about the flu season. the virus of continuing to spread across the country and flu activity is extremely high in both new jersey and pennsylvania. 15 children have already died with seven of them reported in the weekending january 28th. health officials say it's still not too late to get your flu shot and that vaccination is the
6:50 pm
best way to protect yourself. nature center in illinois is hoping that some people say i love in you a very special unusual kind of way this year. >> wait until you hear this. allowing people to celebrate valentine's day naming their very own cockroach. >> really? >> the name a cockroach for your valentine campaign being hosted at a nature center for ten dollars donation. your someone special will receive a personalized digital certificate. they're calling it sealed with a his and you'll get your name and cockroach after someone send them a gift box chocolate cockroaches. no thank you. >> that's awful. many women might be hoping for that proposal this valentine's day but couples could be in for some big sticker shock when they get into the planning phase of their wedding. new study shows weddings are more expensive than ever this year. the average wedding now costs $35,000 according to the knot a
6:51 pm
magazine and website. popular amenities like photo booths and food trucks and live portrait artists they're driving the costs up. but the most expensive part of the wedding appears to still be the venue. costing couples on average $16,000 for just a few hours. >> wow! sean brace is here. everyone gearing up for the big game. sean. >> don't forget about the rehearsal dinner the night before and all of that. the travel. what do i know about that? >> photo booth. >> super bowl happening tomorrow. let's not forget about the other guys in town like the flyers. the flyers look to pick right up where they left off on thursday night. they welcome the la kings and a familiar friend in jeff carter to town. we have the highlights and of course nobody plays with more hunger than brian dawkins. hear from the great b dawk being
6:52 pm
a finalist next in sports.
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6:54 pm
♪ the flyers coming off a solid win against the money tree al canadiens thursday night look to continue their strong play at home this season in saturday matinee lense the kings. fun facts when the kings come to town so does former flyer jeff carter having amazing year already with 26 goals on the year. something to keep in mind during these highlights to the wells fargo center the flyers michael second straight game. second period scoreless. vorachek turns it over. brown shoots. watch this safe. the full extension spread out got to love it. fast forward third period still scoreless. pearson with not one but two tries to get it michael and again hey, man, watch the leather. the glove safe. 27 saves on the day. all right. this one went to ot. jeff carter he was going to have an impact sooner or later at the
6:55 pm
27th on the year. game winner for the kings. flyers lose a tough one, one to nothing. here's the goalie on his performance. >> i felt good, but got only one point so, you know, not happy about it. >> it's tough, you know, i felt really good. i was seeing the puck well. it's tough when we don't score any goals. >> few big saves especially in open net where he got the glove. he did that actually a few times tonight where he saved us and it's a type of thing we need from a goalie. >> all right. let's talk super bowl. super bowl li finally here for the atlanta falcons amazing run putting up numbers in offense made them a top ten offense in nfl history. what's funny eagles had their way with them back in early november. our cameras caught up with carson wentz in houston yesterday and he asked if he was surprised atlanta is representing the nfc? >> not really.
6:56 pm
you know, they were a good team. they came in and i think for us first of all our defense held them to 15 points. i don't know. probably the lowest they were held all year and our defense played lights out. our defense plays fast and we had really good running game that day. so not surprised where they're at. because they're a good team. >> on the other side of course for the patriots all about tom brady. after tomorrow brady will own the record for the most super bowl appearance buys a player with seven. that stat alone speaks to how great brady is and matt ryan agrees. >> he's certainly one of the greatest of all time for sure. i mean there's been some great quarterbacks and tom's in that, you know, one, two or three category he's in the mix. 1a, 1b, 1c i've got ton of respect for him. he's had such an incredible career and great longevity. >> all right. if he gets in, we all get in. the 2017nfl hall of fame class will be announced tonight right here on fox 29 8:00 p.m.
6:57 pm
leading the way is eagles great brian dawkins. dawkins who will be on the ballot for the first time understands his chances are slim this evening but if he ever gets the call, of course, it would be special. >> that's a huge mon nor. that means that the effort, the pain that i put myself threw the way that isaac chris faced my body and the way i played for my teammates the way that i listened to coaches and sometimes i always didn't want to listen to coaches and get correction, that all that stuff paid off. >> nobody better. that's for sure. to don a eagles uniform. >> come on b dawk. >> that will do it for us. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we'll see you here at 10:00 o'clock. >> stay tuned for a special super bowl greatest half time show. stay tune. thanks for watching. ♪
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